How The Pandemic Has Changed Cities (Perhaps For Good)

Even with those opinions on the books, the pandemic—or really, the haphazard response to it—has shifted people’s perceptions of what a city can be. – Wired
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Seattle Musician Shares The Scoop On Streaming: 80,000 Plays = $90

“I just mean to really expose what these numbers mean and what they don’t mean.” After splitting the revenue with a collaborator, those 80,000 streams only made him around $90, just over $0.001 per stream. – Seattle Times
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Ways To Think About Death (It Might Not Be So Bad?)

This is not an argument that death is not bad. This is the titular argument that death is probably not as bad as you think it is. – 3 Quarks Daily
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TikTok Is Now The World’s Most-Trafficked Website (Beating Out Google)

Regardless of where it sits, TikTok is no joke when it comes to popularity. It had a surge of growth during the pandemic which has seen its demographics expand from mostly just Gen Z to countless people around the planet looking to connect and kill time. – PC Gamer
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David Wagoner, Leading Poet Of The Pacific Northwest, Dead At 96

“(He) turned a keen eye on nature, his childhood and numerous other subjects in more than 20 volumes published across half a century.” – The New York Times
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Puzzling Over What To Make Of 2021 In The Movie Business

For Hollywood studios, 2021 was a year of great experimentation and the rare chance to relentlessly test movie distribution patterns in ways they had salivated over prior to the pandemic. – Variety
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“The View” Is Having Trouble Finding A Conservative To Replace Meghan McCain

“They don’t want another NeverTrump Republican who will chummily respond to the liberal hosts’ musings with ‘yes, but’ qualifications (their focus groups suggest that viewers like clash). But they also don’t want an unvaccinated authoritarian who’s going to spit venom in Joy Behar’s face.” – New York Magazine
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Why Are NYC’s Public Monuments Crumbling From Neglect?

Dozens of monuments and artworks await repairs and conservation that may never be forthcoming because of rising maintenance costs and shifting priorities to newer memorials. – The New York Times
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Japanese pop artist Murakami developing a Tamagotchi for today

It's the 25th anniversary of the Tamagotchi, the digital pet that lives (and dies) in an egg-shaped keychain and took the world by storm in the 1990s. While Bandai has reissued the original Tamagotchi, the hypertalented Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami is developing his own similar electronic companion. — Read the rest
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“Nutcracker” As Political Allegory

A foreign policy scholar suggests (with some evidence) that the Tchaikovsky/Petipa/Ivanov adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story was intended as a portrait of the calming of formerly hostile relations between Europe and Russia under Tsar Alexander III. – World Politics Review
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Proposed Oklahoma Law Would Punish (And Fire) Librarians If They Don’t Remove Books

Under Senate Bill 1142, if just one parent objects to a book it must be removed within 30 days. If it is not, the librarian must be fired and cannot work for any public school for two years. Parents can also collect at least $10,000 per day from school districts if the book is not removed as requested. – McAlester News
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Trying To Get More Women Into India’s Growing Standup Comedy Scene

That’s as both audience members and performers. – Deutsche Welle
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“Don’t Look Up” Critics And Defenders Go To War

It shouldn’t have to be restated every time a lackluster movie is released that a critic’s job is to evaluate a film’s quality and how well it conveys the ideas it presents, not applaud filmmakers on the basis that the ideas they present are correct. – The Daily Beast
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Romance Novels About Nonwhite Characters Are Finally Breaking Through In The Marketplace

And the authors of those books — who, not long ago, couldn’t get a single look from publishers — can thank social media: Booksgram, BookTube, and BookTok. – The Guardian
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What Public Radio Stations Use Ratings For

Says one exec, “While we don’t live or die by ratings, as at commercial stations, learning when and for how long people are listening helps us make programming decisions. Since we sell sponsorships, being ranked in the top 10 is helpful especially when approaching media buyers.” – Inside Radio
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Uffizi Director Says Museums Must Confront “Toxic” Past

Eike Schmidt says it is now crucial for museums to play a role in highlighting the issues of today and confront the “toxic social structures” of the past rather than simply glorifying its artists. – The Guardian
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Authors And Publishers Win Almost $8 Million In Suit Against E-Book Pirates

“A federal judge has issued a default judgment against a major overseas e-book piracy operation known as the KISS Library after its operators failed to answer a lawsuit filed in July, 2020 by the Authors Guild, Amazon Publishing, Penguin Random House, and a number of authors.” – Publishers Weekly
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Are Critics Missing The Point Of “Don’t Look Up”?

 This is not the film Idiocracy, depicting us all as dumb consumerist sheeple. This is a film with great faith in humanity, and cynicism only about the institutions we have built and the particular people who hold power.  – Current Affairs
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Censored Versions Of Books And Films Released In Spain Under Franco Are Still In Use There

The dictatorship’s censors were all too thorough: scenes were even cut from It’s a Wonderful Life — and the doctored version of that film is turning up on television. Same with books. Here’s how and why this has happened … – The Guardian
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Jeanine Tesori And The Art Of Musical Storytelling

Tony Kushner: “She either comprehends or intuits, not what necessarily is the most obvious choice for dramatic action, but what’s under the surface, where the real meaning of a piece lies. … She has this absolutely uncanny ability to translate that into music.” – The New York Times
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AI Robots Are Digitally Reconstructing Lost Works Of Great Art

It’s happening with works by the likes of Klimt, Picasso, Rembrandt. Most controversially, if the only surviving photos of a lost work are in black-and-white, the software adds color. – The Washington Post
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The Art World’s Biggest Controversies Of 2021

“The public continued to interrogate museums over their treatment of workers, their attachments to patrons with problematic sources of wealth, and their dragon-like hold on items of questionable provenance.” And then there’s Hunter Biden … – Artnet
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Brian Eno Shares His Critical Take on Art & NFTs: “I Mainly See Hustlers Looking for Suckers”

Image via Wikimedia Commons It can feel, in our inequality-addled world, that we have little left in common — that there is no “we,” just us and them. But multiple crises driving us apart have the potential to unite the species. After all, a rapidly warming planet and global pandemic do threaten us all, even if they don’t threaten us equally. Do solutions exist in the creation of new forms of private property, new ways of moving capital around the world? Can the extinction-level byproducts of c...
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