Stop Blaming Tribalism For What Ails Us

Although the notion that group solidarity leads inevitably to prejudice, animosity, and conflict is common, it is also incorrect and potentially dangerous. – The Atlantic
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Opera House Appoints Italy’s First Woman Music Director

The Ukrainian conductor Oksana Lyniv said she was surprised to learn she was making history after receiving the offer from the Teatro Comunale opera house in Bologna. The 43-year-old begins the three-year posting as musical director on 22 January. – The Guardian
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Under The Radar Festival Is Canceled

The Public announced the cancellation on Twitter today. Considered one of the top international theater festivals focusing on new work, Under The Radar 2022 had been set to run from Jan. 12-30. – Deadline
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Latest Blockbuster Music Catalog Sale: David Bowie For $250 Million

The deal, for more than 400 songs, also includes soundtrack music; the material for Bowie’s short-lived band Tin Machine from the late 1980s and early ’90s; and other works. – The New York Times
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When Harry Reid Helped Michael Heiser Realize His Magnum Opus

A lesser-known part of his legacy—one that’s arguably just as enduring as his political feats—is his campaign to preserve Nevada land that is host to a famed Michael Heizer Land artwork. – ARTnews
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Entertainment Stocks Didn’t Have A Great 2021

Disney had its worst year since 2008. Discovery, ViacomCBS, AT&T and AMC Networks also ended down. Netflix, Fox, Lionsgate and Sony rose. Comcast was flat. Fubo, a leader last year, took a hiding. Newcomer Endeavor, which went public in April, had a great run, as did Live Nation. – Deadline
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Streaming Has Made Counting Viewers Trickier

Of course, there has been grumbling for decades about Nielsen’s methods or the validity of box office projections, but there was generally some kind of verdict once a show aired or a movie opened. Today, not so much. – Deadline
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American-Style Culture Wars Come To France

Politicians, media commentators, and scholars from both left and right all seem to agree that the French political debate has been contaminated by American ideas. – Catalyst Journal
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Hilton Als: What Joan Didion Knew About America

Global in mind but a small-town girl at heart, Didion stayed close to home because she was, first and foremost, a writer, and she was interested in what constituted an American voice. Including her own. – The New Yorker
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Much-Hyped “Harry Potter” Network Reunion Excluded JK Rowling

The network made it abundantly clear that she was not directly involved, flashing a disclaimer every time she (briefly) appeared that her interviews were filmed back in 2019, amounting to a total airtime of less than 30 seconds. – The Daily Beast
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Lost Bronte Sisters Trove Was Going To Be Sold. Fans Saved It

Sir Leonard Blavatnik, the American-British-Ukrainian petrochemical-finance-entertainment mogul, put up half the money to buy it for the public a few weeks ago — with a little help from Prince Charles and thousands of small donations. – Washington Post
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How To Define Composer Caroline Shaw?

Her work inspires articles with headlines like “Is Caroline Shaw Really the Future of Music?” and “Caroline Shaw Is Firing on All Creative Cylinders” and “Caroline Shaw Is Making Classical Cool.” – The Daily Beast
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Lessons In Creativity From Metallica

Thanks to a massive box set issued earlier this year for the 30th anniversary of Metallica’s squillion-selling self-titled 1991 album. It includes 14 versions of “Sad but True”—demos, rehearsal tapes, abandoned takes, live recordings—from the germinal itchings to the cosmic swagger of the final version. – The Atlantic
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Using A.I. to colorize a black and white photo of a destroyed Klimt painting

In 1945 Nazis burned a warehouse of paintings in Vienna because they didn't want the Russians to get them. Among the lost paintings were Guztav Klimpt's Philosphy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence. The only record of the paintings are black and white photographs. — Read the rest
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An Abusive Violin Teacher Drove Me To Give Up. As An Adult I Learned To Love Playing Again

The experience of being confined in a tiny practice room with an emotionally and psychologically threatening adult is, alas, not rare for children learning musical instruments. The necessary intimacy of one-to-one lessons can be a joy or a peril. The same could not happen now. – The Guardian
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The Canadian English Dictionary Hasn’t Been Updated In Almost Two Decades No New Words?

The entire Canadian Oxford research staff was laid off in 2008 due to declining sales, and responsibility for identifying our country’s words was placed largely in the hands of researchers in the United States and Britain (though Canadian researchers continue to add Canadian influence). – CBC
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Bob I. Retires From Running Disney. Bob C. Takes Over

Bob Chapek must simultaneously steer Disney through a cataclysmic transformation while keeping it the world’s most powerful and recognizable entertainment company — despite incursions from powerful and deep-pocketed streaming competitors Netflix, Apple and Amazon. – Los Angeles Times
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Phantom Restorer Strikes Again – “Repairs” Historic Church

While the mayor’s report this fall of a “masked restorer” had set off angry calls for an investigation to find the culprit, information that surfaced later both complicated the whodunit and emphasized just how long these errant interventions had been plaguing the country. – The New York Times
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LA Gets A Flashy New Cultural Center For “Older People”

The pavilion, a futuristic, three-story trapezoid with a wood-paneled event center, sunken garden and rooftop terrace in the center of the city, will serve Koreatown, which is among the city’s densest and most diverse neighborhoods. – The New York Times
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Machines Are Good At Reading Information. What Happens When They Read Emotion?

Since the start of the pandemic, more of our relationships depend on computer-mediated channels. Amid a churning ocean of online spats, toxic Slack messages, and infinite Zoom, could algorithms help us be nicer to each other? Can an app read our feelings better than we can? – Wired
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A Dance World Reckoning Of Liam Scarlett’s Death

The shock of Scarlett’s death has gone on causing wave upon wave of complex emotion across and beyond the dance world. Large parts of his career were effectively terminated in 2019-2020 by an ambiguous investigation. – Alastair MaCaulay
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Ben McFall, Strand Bookstore’s Heart And Soul, 73

McFall enjoyed duties and perks not given to any other Strand employee. For much of his tenure, he was the only person in charge of an entire section. Not only that, the fief he governed — the fiction shelves — provides the Strand with the core of its business in used books. – The New York Times
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Theatrefolk Featured Play – Thought Traps by Lindsay Price

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight. In the high school dramedy, Thought Traps by Lindsay Price, even happy people have issues. Will they be able to set themselves free from the past who invade their thoughts? Ariane walks around with her own personal black cloud. She throws up barriers, lashes out and refuses to tell anyone […]
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