How Hobbies Took Over America (For Good And Bad)

“Hobbies take on this aura of being good, useful, appropriate, and socially sanctioned. Something you should—the word here is should—be doing. And if you’re one of those slackers that doesn’t have a hobby, then you are suffering from some kind of a moral weakness or failing.” – The Atlantic
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Yes We’re Productive. But Burned Out Too. A Revolution Is Under Way

For knowledge workers, the biggest sign that the status quo is broken is the rise in self-reported burnout. McKinsey and Lean In collaborated on a survey of knowledge-sector jobs. They found a significant increase in those describing themselves as feeling burnt out “often” or “almost always.” – The New Yorker
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We’re Awash In Stories. We’re Addicted To Stories. To What Effect?

Now that we have more storytelling than ever, has empathy increased apace? If stories have such sunny effects, why has the big bang of storytelling coincided with an explosive growth of hostility and polarization rather than harmony and connection? – Boston Globe
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Art World Trends That Will Build In 2022

Above all else, the popularity of Immersive Everything spoke to the way in which a year-long period of cultural life existing mostly on tech platforms rewired how people think about culture, giving “art” a permanent cyborg makeover. – Artnet
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An Economist Wonders: Why In The Arts Are “The Greatest” All Oldies?

Why are composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach widely regarded as the greatest of all time?  Why is it that in a 1985 survey of art experts by the Illustrated London News, only 2 of the 20 greatest paintings of all time were from the 20th century, one from the 18th century, and none at all from the 19th century? – EconLib
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Engagement Manager, Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech

Are you passionate about arts education for youth? Join the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech’s energetic, creative programming team in this new Engagement Manager position! Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our mission: visit for more information. Position Summary The Engagement Manager works closely with the Associate Director of Programming, the Exhibitions Program Manager, and other Moss Arts Center staff to develop and manage educationa...
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Reflections on 2021 & Questions at the Top of 2022

In 2021 I took a hiatus from Jumper. I didn’t set out to do so; but 2021 was, to a great extent, a year spent strengthening my skills in listening and holding space for others; reading books that had been sitting for months if not years on my nightstand; figuring out with others how to “do” collective leadership; and tending to relationships—strengthening them, (re)-building them, transforming them, or consciously (and with as much care as possible) letting them go. I continually felt myself, by...
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Sydney Festival’s About To Begin, And More Than 20 Artists Have Backed Out

“More than 20 acts have pulled out of the 2022 Sydney festival, just 48 hours before opening night, boycotting the festival over a sponsorship deal with the Israeli embassy.” – The Guardian
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The Most Overlooked Or Underrated Film Performances Of 2021

The list includes a couple of huge movie stars whose work this year hasn’t caught fire, a few lesser-known talents, a couple of very respected actors who ought to be more famous, and an English heartthrob performing an entire role in German. – The Guardian
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No, Your Attention Span Didn’t Just Shrink. It Was Stolen

A small study of college students found they now only focus on any one task for 65 seconds. A different study of office workers found they only focus on average for three minutes. This isn’t happening because we all individually became weak-willed. Your focus didn’t collapse. It was stolen. – The Guardian
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Club To Harness Dancers’ Body Heat To Power Building

What if dance-floor catharsis could be good not only for the soul but also for the planet? This month, SWG3 and the geothermal energy consultancy TownRock Energy will begin installing a new renewable heating and cooling system that harnesses the body heat of dancing clubbers. – The New York Times 
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Stephen Lawrence, Composer Of Sesame Street Music, 82

From Muppets to major stars, Lawrence composed the music for hundreds of Sesame Street songs. He also served as music director for Free to Be… You and Me, the beloved children’s music album conceived and produced by actress Marlo Thomas. – NPR
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Why Are Some Comedians In China Performing In English?

It’s not (or not just) to try to fly under the censors’ radar. (video) – BBC
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Egyptians Love Belly Dancing, But They Give The Dancers No Respect

The roots of raqs sharqi go back centuries, but its practitioners are treated more like sex workers than artists. (Parents will happily hire a belly dancer for their son’s wedding, but they won’t let their daughter become one.) Amie Sultan is trying to change that. – The Guardian
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Boston-Area Church Pays “Royalties” For Performing African-American Spirituals

“Today, we as a church will begin the practice of collecting ‘royalties’ … for the spirituals we sing and worship. Whenever we sing Negro spirituals. we will collect an offering that will support the development of Black musicians.” – WGBH
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Sinclair Lewis, The Writer Who Nailed Middle America

He had a difficult personality, an unseemly personal life, and a late-life plunge in the quality of his work, writes editor Robert Gottlieb, but at his best — the 1920s novels that earned him a Nobel Prize — he captured what made the U.S. tick. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, Sinclair Lewis, Middle America, Robert Gottlieb

Designers Are Actually Making Solar Panels Attractive To Look At

In the hope that improved aesthetics will lead to wider adoption, solar technology companies and their designers are creating panels with decorative patterns, various colors and shapes that can be installed on building façades, and even solar-energy-generating textiles. – Fast Company
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2022’s Hottest Color Trends And How To Incorporate These Hues For Your Brand 

Shayen Tilley of 99 designs shares a few of the biggest color trends you’re likely to see everywhere this year in 2022. The post 2022’s Hottest Color Trends And How To Incorporate These Hues For Your Brand  appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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Talents of Madonna’s son divide critics after he is revealed as secret artist

Rocco Ritchie, 21, has been selling his paintings for up to five figures under the mysterious pseudonym RhedHe is a mysterious, up-and-coming artist whose work has been championed by the likes of Madonna and sells for up to five figures.But there were raised eyebrows when it was revealed that “Rhed” was none other than the singer’s eldest son, Rocco Ritchie. Continue reading...
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Sandra Jaffe, Co-Founder Of Preservation Hall In New Orleans, Dead At 83

She and her husband were driving home to Philadelphia from their honeymoon, stopped in New Orleans, heard traditional jazz, and basically never left. Their venue became a jazz mecca, and they helped turn the house band into stars who’ve toured the world. – AP
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Venice’s Calatrava Footbridge Is A Visual Surprise in An Ancient City. But Pedestrians Have Been Falling…

The glass floor of the bridge is slippery, and locals have learned to be careful. Warning signs posted by the city didn’t help. So now the walkway will be replaced… – The New York Times
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Film Festival To Try Mass Hypnosis On Its Audience

In prior years, the Göteborg Film Festival, in Sweden’s second city, has put viewers in coffins and kept one lucky attendee alone in an island lighthouse. For 2022, at three gala evenings, a professional hypnotist will attempt to mesmerize the entire room before the screenings. – The Hollywood Reporter
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There Will Be No McDonald’s At Rome’s Baths Of Caracalla (Phew!)

The fast-food behemoth had originally obtained the city’s permission to build the outlet on the site of a former garden center near the baths. Public outrage changed the city council’s mind, and McDonald’s (which already has 54 locations in Rome) has lost every appeal since. – Smithsonian Magazine
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New York’s Three Big January Avant-Garde Festivals Are All Cancelled

The Under the Radar Festival (theater), Prototype (opera), and Exponential Festival (multiple genres) — much-anticipated events in what was once a barren January calendar — have called off this year’s live performances due to the staffing and logistical problems caused by the Omicron variant. – The New York Times
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Classical Music Can Help Society Recover From The Pandemic, Says Director Of London’s Wigmore Hall

“Throughout the crisis, the industry has begun to construct a new narrative shaped to accommodate great artistic expression for everyone. As we rebuild our society and our economy, I’m convinced, more than ever, that participation in music is part of the solution for national recovery.” – The Guardian
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Metteson: the Norwegian theatre kid embracing pop, pleasure and pain

Sverre Breivik took a lead in Angels in America while crafting masterfully melodramatic music, and this omnivorous new talent is now set on creating the perfect gigWhen Norwegian pop star Metteson was 18, he had an experience at a festival that made him understand the visceral impact music can have. While Emeli Sandé was performing Heaven, he kissed the boy he’d had a crush on for ages.“I wasn’t on drugs but I was as high as I’ve ever been and I had what was sort of my first sexual experience,” ...
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