City Ballet’s Season Remains Just Out Of Reach

Thanks a lot, omicron. Not only is the season delayed, but “the canceled performances will not be made up; the season will still end as originally planned.” – The New York Times
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The Department Of Justice Is Stopping Sellers On Amazon From Price-Fixing

But it’s price-fixing of … DVDs? Yes. There’s millions in BluRay and DVD sales, apparently. “The conspirators communicated with each other to eliminate competition and raise prices.” – The Verge
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Do Today’s Golden Globes Matter?

We can’t watch them – for very good reason, as the organization that put them on is … problematic, to say the least – and publicists have been avoiding them. Do they matter to Hollywood? – Vulture
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When A Critic Can’t Resist The Pull Of One Favorite Play

This New York Times critic didn’t set out to see Caroline, or Change seven times. It just kind of happened. – The New York Times
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You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Assemble A Collection Of Art

Search out painters, sculptors, and other artists you like, and buy what you can. For fun. For your own space. For falling in love with art. “If a vaguely affordable picture speaks to me, the tips of my fingers seem to tingle and burn.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Max Julien Became A Cult Star After The 1973 Film The Mack

Julien starred as an ex-convict turned pimp, but he also wrote and co-starred in a feminist western. He didn’t like the name “blaxploitation” and wanted every aspect of Black life portrayed on screen. – The New York Times
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Tilda Swinton Says She Never Wanted To Be An Actor

The star of many films says that she’s ashamed she didn’t go into poetry, and that she’s thinking about retraining to be a caretaker (or carer). – Irish Times
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The Rise And Fall Of A Worldwide Dance Phenomenon

The year is 1995. And, well. “Every part of that song is a hook. That song broke every conceivable barrier in pop music. You can’t deny that.” Then there was the dance. – Slate
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One Potential Future For Giving Art Back

That is, the future of restitution. “Each object is a symbol of countless others lost to systemic cultural devastation.” – Hyperallergic
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You Can’t Change Your Self

So don’t try. Instead, “figuring out how to do something a little less or a little more is likely to yield the best results for most people, even if it’s not going to turn you into a different human.” – The Atlantic
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Sidney Poitier Changed Hollywood, But Also Broadway

“When he returned to Broadway in 1959 for the premiere of Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, he was already famous” – and the play might not have been mounted without him. – Los Angeles Times
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What It’s Like To Be A Chicago Software Engineer Dropped Into An Emergency Role On Broadway

File this under Covid stories: A woman who performed with Wicked‘s national tour and Broadway ensemble as Elphaba’s understudy but left theatre in 2015 got the call in late December, flew to New York, and stepped into the cast. – Vulture
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Portland Loses One Of Its Brightest And Best Behind-The-Scenes Cultural Workers

Una Loughran had a strong guiding hand for decades with Oregon Shakespeare Festival/Portland, its successor Portland Center Stage, and BodyVox Dance. One artistic director said, “She was powerfully important to the arts community here, and she was highly regarded around the country.” – Oregon ArtsWatch
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In Britain, Indie Bookstores Had Another Fantastic Year

Can this last? “For the first time in almost a decade, more than 1,000 indies are open for business: it is a sector thriving against the odds.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Non-Disney Version Of Winnie-the-Pooh Is In The Public Domain

What does that mean for artists who love the OG Pooh Bear? – Washington Post
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Why A 2004 Two-Muppet-And-A-Rock Clip Went Absolutely Viral In Early 2021

Perhaps it’s obvious, but just to be clear: “The rock is a metaphor for pandemic denialism, and Elmo represents the vaccinated — those who, now in year three of pandemic life, are fed up with the false beliefs surrounding Covid-19.” – The New York Times
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Feels Like 2020 And 2021 All Over Again As A Pixar Film Skips Theatres For The Home Screen

Of course, the Mouse – Pixar’s parent company – is putting a good spin on it: “Subscribers around the world enthusiastically embraced Pixar’s Academy Award-winning Soul and the critically-acclaimed Luca when they premiered exclusively on the service.” – Variety
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Bookcore Is A New (Old) Look For A Weary New Year

“Bookcore is an amalgamation of the last five years of trends: normcore, gorpcore, dadcore, vintage, 1990s sportswear, American trad, Westernwear, Native American jewelry, pleats, dad caps, wide-legged trousers, oversized eyewear, Balmacaans, leather blazers, Patagonia, chunky sneakers, intentionally ugly shoes, etc.” – LitHub
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Mystery of the second world war ‘trophy’ and the Royal Court founder

When George Devine’s family discovered a Japanese battle flag among his belongings, it led to a three-year quest for answers“I am not a man for soldiering, although I do tolerably well at it in a very minor role. But there is nothing about it that pleases me, and much that offends … It is a corrupter of morals in the widest sense and a gross waste of man’s time and effort.”These words were written by George Devine, the actor and founding artistic director of the Royal Court theatre, in a letter ...
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Los Angeles Arts Groups Are Trying To Figure Out How To Go On Through Omicron

Center Theatre Group and the LA Phil aren’t canceling – and aren’t planning to cancel – shows, at least not at the moment. CTG’s managing director says, “We are trying to avoid changing too often and creating audience whiplash.” – Los Angeles Times
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Art historian discovers that £65 painting on his wall is work of Flemish master

Picture of Isabella Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain, is likely to be by Sir Anthony van Dyck, finds Courtauld’s reportAs a leading art historian, Christopher Wright has uncovered several old master paintings in public and private collections over five decades. Now he has discovered that a copy of a painting by Sir Anthony van Dyck, which he bought for himself for £65 in 1970, may actually be an original by the 17th-century Flemish court painter to King Charles I.“I bought it from a jobbing deale...
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