Round-up: Best costuming advice for a new director

Costumes are a fabulous part of theatre — they help tell the story, they help actors get into character, and they immediately tell the audience something about what’s going on. But whether they’re extravagant or simple and functional, sometimes it can seem overwhelming to know where to start.  So we went straight to the source […]
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Furniture ads

Why does furniture always look great in ads? The beautiful castle or villa as its backdrop is only a small reason. The big visual trick is space: lots of it, not only square meters, but also very high ceilings.Most houses and apartments are designed functionally, rooms with just enough space to put a sofa and chairs against the wall to sit a normal sized family with a few guests. If there is more floor space available, we tend to add rooms rather than giving the furniture more space to breathe.T...
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Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts – Executive Director

Organization Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts (The Bray) was founded at the foothills of the Montana Rockies in 1951 by entrepreneur, brickmaker, and avid arts patron Archie Bray, who intended it to be a place to “make available for all who are seriously interested in the ceramic arts, a fine place to work.” The primary mission is to provide an environment and connection with other serious artists that stimulates creative work in ceramics. Located on the site of the former Western...
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Festival & Special Events Producer

Festival and Special Events ProducerFLSA Classification: ☒Exempt ☐Non-ExemptEmployment Type: ☒ Full Time ☐ Part Time ☐Intern ☐Temporary/ContractSalary Range: $71,791 – $107,687 Position Summary Envision bold, impactful festival and special event programs that actively engage the entire community. Research, view and evaluate possible programs and projects. Negotiate deal terms and contracts. Cultivate agents, artists, and providers of festival and special event programs. Work productively...
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Concert & Events Booking Manager

Concerts and Events Booking ManagerFLSA Classification: ☒Exempt ☐Non-ExemptEmployment Type: ☒ Full Time ☐ Part Time ☐Intern ☐Temporary/ContractSalary Range: $71,791 – $107,687 Position Summary Plan and manage a dynamic variety of Blumenthal Performing Arts (BPA) events that may include concerts, attractions, speakers, and fine arts events. Develop and execute plans for a designated niche of presented programs that balance artistic ambition with strong financial management. Research, view...
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American Shakespeare Center Names A New Director

Brandon Carter, a resident actor with ASC since 2018, assumes the directorship in a new management structure that the company describes as “a coequal group of individuals” running other departments such as operations, production and engagement. – Washington Post
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Fascinating: Have We Got So Much Data That We’re Entering Into A Post-Hypothesis Era In Science?

The complexity that this wealth of data has revealed to us cannot be captured by theory as traditionally understood. “We have leapfrogged over our ability to even write the theories that are going to be useful for description,” says computational neuroscientist Peter Dayan. – The Guardian
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It’s Hollywood Awards Season. But It’s Awfully Quiet…

The AFI Awards were postponed. The Critics’ Choice Awards — scheduled to be televised Sunday night in hopes of filling the void left by the Globes’ absence — were pushed back. The Palm Springs Film Festival was canceled. And most of those star-driven award favorites bombed at the box office. – The New York Times
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Thriller: How A Famous Music School Was Airlifted Out Of Afghanistan

“It became clear, just in a matter of days, that the only way to salvage the school was to actually do a mass evacuation and airlift of the entire school community.” – Berkshire Eagle
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This Year’s Golden Globes Event Was an Embarrassing Mess

Given the award show’s banishment from longtime home NBC and its failure to secure a new broadcaster, this year’s Globes were tweeted out from its official Twitter account. – The Daily Beast
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Ho AI Is Replacing Millions Of Jobs

While AI job automation has already replaced around 400,000 factory jobs in the U.S. from 1990 to 2007, with another 2 million on the way, AI today is automating the economy in a much more subtle way. – VentureBeat
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How AI Is Replacing Millions Of Jobs

While AI job automation has already replaced around 400,000 factory jobs in the U.S. from 1990 to 2007, with another 2 million on the way, AI today is automating the economy in a much more subtle way. – VentureBeat
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How Traditional Architecture Has Become A Right-Wing Culture Wars Battleground

This time around, the traditionalist lunatics have succeeded in taking over the asylum. Reactionary ideas hostile to the cosmopolitan, to Modernism, to modernity itself, are in the ascendant. – The Art Newspaper
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We Hardly Knew Ya: Dausgaard Abruptly Quits Seattle Symphony

Seattle Symphony music director Thomas Dausgaard has abruptly stepped down from his post, midway through his third season at the top of Seattle’s flagship orchestra. – Seattle Times
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The Game’s Afoot: Why Did Conan-Doyle Sign A Pirate Version Of His Holmes Novel

Why did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sign a pirate edition of “The Sign of the Four,” the second of the four Sherlock Holmes novels? Conan Doyle hated pirate editions. He was as famous for denouncing pirate publishers. – The New York Times
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The Irish Government Is Planning To Pay A Basic Income To Two Thousand Artists

The artists – visual and performing – will earn a basic payment each week to pursue their arts, for up to three years. – BBC
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Artists In Canada Say They’ve Lost Half Of Their Incomes, Or More, In The Pandemic

One arts council president says bluntly that the artists need more funding, or “this situation is definitely going to have long-term consequences.” – CBC
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How Do You Change Dance’s Culture Of Injury?

From a very early age, dancers are taught that pain comes with the territory. “Dance is not natural. We’re stretching our bodies to extremes.” Think of a young, impressionable dancer developing their splits or breaking in pointe shoes for the first time—basically everything hurts. – Dance Magazine
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‘I wanted to present a human side’: West Midlands police’s artist in residence on building bridges

Kay Rufai hopes to reduce youth violence and racial stereotyping in his project for Coventry city of cultureStories of the disintegrating relationship between the police and young black people are endless, but an artist behind an unlikely new project hopes he can help break down barriers.Kay Rufai was enlisted by West Midlands police last year to be their artist in residence – thought to be a first for a police force. He has spent several months taking photographs and film of officers and young,...
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Why A New Version Of Citizen Kane Proves That Technology Is Making Movies Better

And that tech isn’t just for action films. Citizen Kane‘s 4K changes are “clear even before the first shot. In the 4K transfer, the bold capital letters that spell out Kane’s title beam like white neon against a jet-black background. The effect is bold, electrifying.” – Slate
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The Tutu, In Decline

What’s the issue with the classic ballet costume? Well, they’re just a costume, says one former prima ballerina – and a restrictive one, at that. Leanne Benjamin: “I think we all expect and enjoy evolution and so will welcome what comes next.” – The Observer (UK)
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Broadway Producers And Unions Are Not On The Same Page About Omicron Cancellations

We’re not all in this together, clearly. The Broadway League “proposed to the unions representing Broadway workers that those workers take a 50 percent pay cut during so-called ‘COVID pauses.'” That’s not going well. – The Daily Beast
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Where To Stream Sidney Poitier’s Movies

Probably you watched many of them already (you did, didn’t you?), but if you want to see, for instance, In the Heat of the Night again, here’s your info. – Los Angeles Times
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The List Of Golden Globes Winners

Just in case you care, after all of the info of last year that tanked “one of the glitziest awards shows in Hollywood,” the info was delivered via Twitter. – The New York Times
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Starring In ‘Wit’ While Dealing With Terminal Cancer

Erin Cronican says, “It’s a very complicated acting challenge. In rehearsals when I open up, I just start crying. We don’t want to create that situation where I’m so fragile all the time.” And omicron has made it all so much more fraught. – American Theatre
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Thanks, Pandemic, For Probably Another Depressing Year At The Box Office

Even before omicron hit, “the red flags were flying low back in 2021. The monstrous success of Spider-Man helped paper over the cracks of what was an underwhelming final quarter at the box office.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Oscar Winning Actor Mark Rylance Very Much Prefers Theatre To Film

Hey, there’s money, and then there’s art. Rylance: “Theatre is so flexible and it’s so different from being an actor in a film. It’s a thousand times more enjoyable.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Paris’s ‘House of Molière’ wishes happy 400th birthday to French theatre legend

The Comédie-Française is celebrating the 17th-century dramatist by recreating Tartuffe, the play that outraged the Catholic church and almost ended his careerFrench theatre is gearing up to pay tribute to one of its founding fathers: Molière, the 17th-century playwright whose biting comedies still form many French schoolchildren’s introduction to drama. On 15 January, 400 years after his baptism (the exact date of his birth is unknown), the venerable Comédie-Française company will open this anni...
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Sydney Poitier Gave A Lot More To Film And Theatre Than He Ever Got Back

James Baldwin got it. “Baldwin acknowledged the restrictions placed on Poitier and other Black actors at the time, but he also recognized Black agency in these performances. Poitier ‘smuggled in reality,'” Baldwin wrote, no matter what was on the page.- The Atlantic
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Writing Without A Plot, This Author Wrote One Of Barack Obama’s Favorite Books

Raven Leilani, author of Luster: “I knew I was going to write about Edie’s experience in the middle of this open relationship, but the book kept changing as I was writing.” – The Guardian (UK)
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