Tenure Track Faculty – Critical Theory, Dramatic Literature, and Practice in Theatre

Job No: 509203 Work Type: Instructional Faculty – Tenured/Tenure-Track Location: Sacramento Categories: Unit 3 – CFA – California Faculty Association, Faculty – Fine/Performing Arts, Tenured/Tenure-Track, Full Time COLLEGE: Arts and Letters DEPARTMENT: Theatre and Dance POSITION TITLE: Assistant Professor of Theatre in Critical Theory, Dramatic Literature, and Practice DEPARTMENT SUMMARY: The Sacramento State Department of Theatre and Dance, one of 10 departments housed...
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Met Museum, Having Difficulty Finding Guards To Staff Galleries, Increases Pay

Until last month, guards starting at the Met had been paid $15.51 an hour, just above the $15 minimum wage for fast food workers in New York state. Now guards are paid a starting wage of $16.50. – The New York Times
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Why Thomas Dausgaard Abruptly Quit The Seattle Symphony?

Dausgaard, 58, had seemed a good fit for his position, which he had held just since fall 2019. But he was separated from the acclaimed orchestra for much of 2020 and 2021 because of pandemic-related travel restrictions. – The New York Times
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San Francisco Ballet Looks To Europe For Its New Artistic Director

Tamara Rojo will be the first woman and only the fifth director to lead the troupe, the oldest professional ballet company in the United States, founded in 1933. Her appointment comes after a yearlong search for a successor to Tomasson, who has led San Francisco Ballet for 37 years. – The New York Times
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A History Of Tackiness

Tackiness, it would seem, has always been in the eye of the beholder—a disapproving audience, real or imagined, clicking their proverbial tongues. They usually judge from the other side of some perceived divide, whether cultural, socioeconomic, or generational. – BookForum
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Finagled Finances: A MetMuseum-ologist (me) Fleshes Out Our Premier Museum’s Anorexic Annual Report

The Metropolitan Museum’s pandemic-related “Emergency Relief Fund” (ERF), parsed by me in this post, was just one of several
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A New Molière Play (?!) At The Comédie-Française For The Playwright’s 400th Anniversary

The world’s oldest operating theatre company has pieced together what it says is the original version of Tartuffe, premiered in 1664 and promptly suppressed by the enraged Catholic Church; it was the playwright’s overhauled version of 1669 which became the classic we know today. – The Guardian
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Australian Arts Facing Labor Shortages

There is growing evidence of worker shortages for live shows. It’s clear there is a gap left by workers who left the arts during 2020/2021 lockdowns, resulting in a reduced pool of staff to call on when someone falls ill. – ArtsHub
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In South India, Weddings Are Becoming Great Big Dance-A-Ramas

In the state of Kerala, the actual ceremony may be brief and subdued, but the celebrations often include professional choreographers directing a mix of relatives and professional dancers in routines that range from traditional local forms to Bollywood, Sufi, and even Mexican styles. – The New York Times
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How A Major Gift Turned Into A Shiny New Gallery For Indigenous Art In And Unlikely Australian Town

Against the promise of his holdings of Aboriginal art, Gantner urged Shepparton to build a standalone gallery and for it to become a not-for-profit company independent of the council. Councils are “not natural operators of major arts facilities”, he says. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Visual, Shepparton, Gantner

Slippery Slope? Artists Are Boycotting This Year’s Sydney Festival Over Its Funders

If an arts organisation accepts money from a donor, there is always a price to pay. It’s a question of how high the price is. – The Conversation
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It’s Not Just Vinyl: CDs Made A Comeback Last Year, Too

“The recorded music industry may no longer be laser-focused on the compact disc, but the format’s sales grew in 2021 for the first time in 17 years, driven by superstar product boosted by retailer-exclusive collectibles, as well as by older catalog titles.” – Inside Radio
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Of Norman Mailer And Cancel Culture

A culturally and politically monotone graduate class, on board with just about every woke nostrum going, not only dominates publishing houses’ workforce – it is now trying to dominate publishers’ output, too. – spiked
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Modernizing China’s Ancient Writing System Has Always Been A Political Project

Through the centuries, the complexity of classical Chinese characters functioned as a powerful class barrier, since mastering reading and writing took so much work. Attempts to simplify it go back to the Ming Dynasty, but those efforts got serious, and contentious, throughout the 20th century. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, China, Words, Ming Dynasty

Why I Quit Being A Classical Musician

“I’ve been working to know myself apart from my identity as a musician, which I always held in higher regard than my inherent worth as a human being. Even for musicians, life is much bigger than music, but I never really understood that until now.” – Medium
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Marcel Dzama's surreal drawings have "one foot in the subconscious"

Learn about Canadian artist Marce Dzama in this video, and check out some of his amazing drawings on his Instagram page @marceldzama. Dzama's richly imaginative drawings have always spoken to me. They are filled with fantastical creatures and animals, which take me back to a child-like state of mind. — Read the rest
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Now Boris Johnson Corruption Accusations Extend Even To Arts Festivals

Texts from the Prime Minister’s phone indicate that the man paying for renovations to Boris’s apartment at 10 Downing Street was pitching him on a new version of the 1851 Crystal Palace Great Exhibition — and getting a favorable hearing. – Artnet
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Prehistoric Rock Art In Texas “Irreparably Damaged” By Jackass Vandals

The petroglyphs, at least 4,500 years old, in Big Bend National Park were ruined by “Isaac, Ariel, Norma, (and) Adrian,” who carved their names on the rock on the day after Christmas. – Texas Monthly
Tags: Art, Texas, Featured, Adrian, Visual, Big Bend National Park, Isaac Ariel Norma

Are NFTs Facilitating Theft Of Artists’ Work?

As the NFT art market takes off, systems to ensure a buyer is making a legitimate purchase of digital ownership have failed to keep up. – NBCNews
Tags: Art, Media, NFT

What Does Germany’s New Culture Minister Have Planned? “Green Culture”

“Claudia Roth has taken office pledging to continue her predecessor’s work in decolonising museums, to set up a central ‘green culture’ desk, to boost funding for the arts and to rethink both the Humboldt Forum and a planned new 20th-century art museum in Berlin.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Germany, Berlin, Issues, Claudia Roth, Humboldt Forum

The Magic Of A Rare Bach Recording

Of vinyl, Ralph Kirkpatrick, a perfect winter for merging records – and a desire for order. “The forms and functions of the WTC offer something like an architectural experience — you wander through Bach’s arches, the keys catching and coloring the light.” – MSN (The Washington Post)
Tags: Art, Music, Bach, WTC, Ralph Kirkpatrick

President Of America’s Largest Public Radio Station Departs After Two Difficult Years

Goli Sheikholeslami, who’s leaving to become CEO of Politico, faced a firestorm over a program cancellation the week after she arrived at WNYC, where she went on to deal with bullying accusations against well-known hosts and staff fury at her choice of editor-in-chief. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Politico, America, WNYC, Goli Sheikholeslami, Largest Public Radio Station Departs

The Reason Audie Cornish Left NPR Was To Take A Job At CNN

“Cornish will host a weekly show for the network’s subscription streaming service, set to debut in the spring, and will contribute to its live programming. She also will host a new podcast and will appear on CNN covering breaking news.” – Deadline
Tags: Art, Media, Cnn, Cornish, Audie Cornish

Mezzo-Soprano Maria Ewing Dead At 71

Perhaps best known these days as the mother of Rebecca Hall and the ex-wife of Peter Hall, she had a stellar career in the 1980s and early ’90s, admired for singing and acting, and known as the first opera star to finish Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils nude. – BBC
Tags: Art, People, Rebecca Hall, Peter Hall, Mezzo Soprano Maria Ewing

Behold Medieval Snowball Fights: A Timeless Way of Having Fun

You can’t get too much winter in the winter — Robert Frost, “Snow” Snowy winter then responded with a voice severe: May the cuckoo not come, let it sleep in dark hollows. He is accustomed to bring hunger with him. — Anonymous poem in Medieval Latin, translated by Heather Williams Winter may starve and freeze, but in each place where snow accumulates, we also find depictions of informal holidays — snow days — and one of their most exuberant pursuits. “Few seasonal activities are as universal — a...
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An Introduction to the Painting of Caspar David Friedrich, Romanticism & the Sublime

When Denis Villeneuve was announced as the director of the latest cinematic adaptation of Dune, few could have objected on aesthetic grounds. The blasted sand planet of Arrakis, with its storms and worms, demands a sense of the sublime; to a unique degree among filmmakers working today, the auteur behind Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 seemed to possess it. Though long since vulgarized to mean little more than “highly enjoyable,” sublime has historically denoted a richer, more complex set ...
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Never mind the nose: what makes Cyrano de Bergerac a hero for all time?

Edmond Rostand’s great romantic has drawn actors including Ralph Richardson, Antony Sher and James McAvoy to its lead role. It is a tale of glorious theatricality, glittering poetry and heroic self-sacrificeEdmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac is never far away. In February Martin Crimp’s radical adaptation, starring James McAvoy, returns to London, then tours to Glasgow and New York. Then follows the release of Joe Wright’s new movie, with Peter Dinklage in the lead. Although in both cases the a...
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‘He was a handful’ – Hunter S Thompson’s PA and photographer relives her wild job

She cooked his weird dinners, dealt with his volcanic rants, and read his prose back to him from dark till dawn. As Chloe Sells’ photographs of the gonzo writer’s chaotic Colorado cabin are published, she remembers an invigorating, inspirational figureOne evening towards the end of 2003, Chloe Sells was entering the J-Bar in Aspen, Colorado, in search of a late night drink, when an older woman approached her. As Sells recalls in her new photobook, Hot Damn!: “She looked me up and down and said, ...
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