Music & Artistic Director, KKBE, Charleston, SC

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim seeks a dynamic, creative, engaging individual to bring musical and visual artistry to our congregational worship and programming, and be an integral member of our worship planning team. Responsibilities: Introduce and share melodies/arrangements for liturgy that reflect the goals, themes, and target demographics of particular worship services and continue to build a diverse repertoire for the congregationDevelop congregational resources to lead that music, inclu...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Charleston, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, KKBE Charleston SC, Paige Williams KKBE, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim KKBE

Director of HGOco – Houston Grand Opera

HOUSTON GRAND OPERA (HGO) is seeking applications from talented individuals who will passionately lead expansive efforts to build upon and broaden the company’s commitment to its community as its next Director of HGOco, the company’s well-regarded initiative to creatively connect to the broader Houston population. As HGO looks to the future, the significance of HGOco and its active presence throughout the greater Houston community becomes an even more vital part of the company’s vision and long-...
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Artistic Director – Seattle Children’s Theatre

SEATTLE CHILDREN’S THEATRE (SCT) invites committed, creative, and highly collaborative theatrical leaders to submit their interest for consideration as the company’s next Artistic Director. The Artistic Director will work in partnership with SCT’s Managing Director to ensure that the vision for the company is defined by joy, optimism, and a high bar of achievement and relevance balanced with a responsible and realistic approach to operations. Always looking for innovative new ways to produce...
Tags: Art, Usa, Jobs, Seattle, Board of Trustees, Seattle Children 's Theatre, Courtney Sale, SCT, Million Budget, SEATTLE CHILDREN 'S THEATRE SCT, Linda Hartzell, Actors Equity Association IATSE SDC

Managing Director – Bucks County Playhouse

BUCKS COUNTY PLAYHOUSE (The Playhouse) welcomes applications from driven, ambitious executive leaders who are excited about the possibility of serving as Bucks County Playhouse’s new Managing Director. The Managing Director role is a new one to the Playhouse and will shepherd the strategy for continuing growth of a company with a much heralded past and energized approach to an even more exciting future. Reporting directly to BCP’s Producing Director, the Managing Director will form a strong ...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Bucks County Playhouse, BCP

Top 100 Innovation and Transformation Articles of 2021

2021 marked the re-birth of my original Blogging Innovation blog as a new blog called Human-Centered Change and Innovation. Many of you may know that Blogging Innovation grew into the world’s most popular global innovation community before being re-branded as … Continue reading →
Tags: Design, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Change, Healthcare, Innovation, Top 100, Transformation, Top 10

Eighty Factcheck Groups Worldwide Protest YouTube Policies

The letter lists worldwide examples which have the potential to cause real-life harm, which went under the radar of YouTube’s content policies. It says these are “insufficient” and not working. – BBC
Tags: Art, Issues

NPR Responds To Loss Of Hosts

NPR’s senior vice president for news, Nancy Barnes, wrote in a letter to staff on Tuesday that, taken together, the resignations have “created a hole in the heart of the organization.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Media, Npr, Nancy Barnes

Do Our Digital Lives Need An Intervention?

It’s clear that the internet needs design innovations—and brake mechanisms—to reduce its noxious impact. Our suffering arises, in part, from the speed and volume of our social interactions online. Maybe we can build our way toward fewer of them. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Ideas

Inside The Healing Art Of Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy is premised on the idea that books can be healing tools. The main distinction is between clinical bibliotherapy, where texts, including fiction and nonfiction, are recommended by a clinical therapist, and nonclinical bibliotherapy, as practised by a facilitator such as a librarian. – The Walrus
Tags: Art, Words

Gideon Arthurs Chosen As New Director Of Soulpepper Theatre

Arthurs joins Soulpepper after eight years as the chief executive officer of the National Theatre School of Canada. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Theatre, Arthurs, Gideon Arthurs

It Seems Dogs Can Distinguish Between Different Human Languages

Researchers in Budapest using fMRI machines found very different activity in different parts of the brain when dogs heard Spanish, Hungarian, and nonsense words. This is the first study in which such an ability has been found in a non-primate species. – CNN
Tags: Art, Budapest, Words

Four Books That Recently Came Our Way

Here they are, with excerpts from each . . . by Leia John, from Newington Blue Press REGRETS Love is something I always regret; giving someone time, energy, and words on beautifully thick acid-free paper that doesn't bleed under a fountain pen. Good ink is expensive, more precious than a ride on someone's dick. The dick feels pretty good, though. • • • by William Cody Maher, from Moloko There are many uses you can put a body to You can embrace it You can discard i...
Tags: Art, London, Paris, Basel, Ajblogs, Ira Cohen, Don Cherry, Moloko, Tom Verlaine, Brion, Theo Green, Leia John, Newington Blue Press, William Cody Maher, London Brion, Ramuntcho Matta

The Screen Actors Guild Nominations Are Out. Here’s What They Portend For Oscars

OK, let’s just says awards season actually starts now. The SAG Awards nominations, voted on by two panels of 2,500 randomly selected SAG-AFTRA members (one for film, another for TV), offer a reliable indication of how the Oscar acting races will take shape. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, AFTRA

TimeLine Theatre Company – Executive Director

Organization Founded in 1997, TimeLine Theatre Company (TimeLine) is one of Chicago’s leading cultural institutions. From the moment its six founders each pitched in $50 to launch the company, TimeLine has worked to create theatre experiences that extend far beyond the stage. Its team of Company Members works collaboratively to present riveting stories that link past, present, and future—exploring today’s social and political issues through the lens of the past and inspiring audiences to re-...
Tags: Art, Asia, Jobs, Time, Chicago, United States, Conde Nast, Mark Twain, Second City, Argyle Street, Chicago Public Schools, Lake Michigan, Uptown, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Chicago Transit Authority, Broadway Avenue

LA’s Bold New Event Space Is… Well, I Need A New Word For It

The history and location are why I wanted to love — love — the new Audrey Irmas Pavilion (which bears the name of the patron who gave the lead gift on the $95-million project). But OMA has delivered a building that is hard to love. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, La, Visual, Oma

Rescuing The Iconic Floor Tiles Of Barcelona

The decorative cement tiles were used in most residential buildings that went up from the late 19th-century construction boom to 1950, and they became a Barcelona trademark. But as those buildings are remade into luxury apartments, the tiles go into dumpsters — whence Joan Moliner rescues them. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Barcelona, Visual, Joan Moliner

The Arts and Social Justice — Bedfellows?

Diego Rivera, Triumph of the Revolution (1926) Today’s online edition of The American Purpose – an indispensable centrist voice pondering the
Tags: Art, Social Justice, Ajblogs, Diego Rivera

A 30-Hour, Three-Day Theatre Piece Staged On A Three-Ton Ice Block Suspended Over Sydney Harbor

The work, titled Thaw and conceived by physical theatre company Legs on the Wall and Alaskan composer Matthew Burtner, “features an acrobatic performer balancing, grasping and watching her frozen home melt away.” (Yes, it’s about climate change.) – The Sydney Morning Herald
Tags: Art, Theatre, Sydney Harbor, Matthew Burtner

For The First Time In Three Years, The Oscars Will Again Have A Host

Names like Dwayne Johnson believed to be among those on their wish list. Popular former hosts such as Chris Rock also have been approached we hear though securing someone is proving challenging during the pandemic. – Deadline
Tags: Art, Media, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Rock

10 Top Book Cover Design Trends for 2022

If you want your book to stand out online or on physical bookshelves it must have a great cover. Here are the ten biggest book cover design trends for 2022.
Tags: Design, Sales, Graphic Design, Print Design, Design Trends

Global Disarray Is Growing. Do We Have The Creativity To Stop It?

The gap between global challenges and responses is large and growing. And the resources needed to turn things around – especially collective will and skillful diplomacy – are in short supply. – Project Syndicate
Tags: Art, Ideas

Where Films’ Set Design Illuminates The Struggles Of Working-Class Folks

“Those struggles can be seen in water-stained walls, amid the brick piles of a bulldozed neighborhood or on the tattered carnival tents of The Humans, West Side Story and Nightmare Alley. We spoke to the production designers of those movies about (those) solemn, living backdrops.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media

Art As Transporting Experience? Sure — But Where To?

The idea of artworks as portals to other worlds dates back several centuries, and it has become a commonplace way of talking about our experiences with art. – Psyche
Tags: Art, Ideas

There’s One Region Where The Clubhouse App Isn’t Fading Away (It’s Being Used For Artsy Stuff)

The audio-based social media app has been dissed by First Worlders as a glorified telephone and outflanked by Twitter and Facebook adding audio. But in South Asia, groups are gathering on Clubhouse to do things like chanting a classic Sanskrit hymn and reciting Urdu verse. – Rest of World
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media, South Asia

Do We Really Need Art To Be Relevant? Should It Be? Maybe Not.

“By making the mistake, no matter how well-intentioned, of chaining works of art to politics or demanding that they address issues of social justice, we have ‘failed to account for their free-standing value.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues

Does We Really Need Art To Be Relevant? Should It Be? Maybe Not.

“By making the mistake, no matter how well-intentioned, of chaining works of art to politics or demanding that they address issues of social justice, we have ‘failed to account for their free-standing value.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues

The “Freedom Libraries” Of The Jim Crow South

Starting in the “Freedom Summer” of 1964, impromptu libraries (the majority in Mississippi) using donated materials opened up at homes and churches, providing places where Black patrons could read and browse, things they weren’t allowed to do in public libraries. – JSTOR Daily
Tags: Art, Mississippi, Words

Joy and nakedness at San Francisco’s Dyke March: Phyllis Christopher’s best photograph

‘The march is like our Christmas – the biggest night of the year, where women celebrate half naked and anything goes’In San Francisco, the night before the annual Pride parade is reserved for the Dyke March, a celebration of lesbian life throughout the city. It was like our Christmas – the biggest night of the year – and half of us would be so hungover we wouldn’t make it to Pride the next day.I remember getting a call from an editor at On Our Backs, a lesbian magazine run by women that billed i...
Tags: Art, Photography, San Francisco, US news, Culture, Art and design, Sexuality, LGBT rights, Aids and HIV, Phyllis Christopher

Here’s Just How Lord Elgin Got Those Marbles Out Of Greece And Into England

It was an even uglier, more dishonest project than some of us had realized. (At least Elgin was heavily criticized for it at the time, even within Britain.) – Smithsonian Magazine
Tags: Art, England, Greece, Britain, Visual, Elgin

Tamara Rojo, Now Headed To San Francisco, Genuinely Transformed English National Ballet

To put it succinctly, she’s responsible for “turning ENB from a respected but unexciting touring company into a news-making organisation.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Dance, Tamara Rojo

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