AJBlogger And Wall Street Journal Theatre Critic Terry Teachout, 65

Very very sad to announce the death of one of ArtsJournal’s original and most prolific bloggers. – The Wall Street Journal
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Terry Teachout, 65

I regret to write that Terry Teachout, one of ArtsJournal’s original bloggers since 2003, has died unexpectedly at his home in New York at the age of 65. The Wall Street Journal, where Terry was the longtime theatre critic, has an I will write more about Terry in the days to come. He was a generous and valued friend. Though we spoke rarely, we had an active correspondence over the years and he was one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever known. He will be much missed. More later. D...
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Claim: UK Government Funding Of Theatre Makes No Sense

Even before Covid, the government’s (and Arts Council England’s) approach to the complex private/public ecology of the sector felt confused and outdated. Now, it feels positively antediluvian. – The Stage
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Should Art Be “Relevant?” Jed Perl Thinks Not

Perl’s thesis, most succinctly framed in his concluding chapter, is that the arts, rather than being obliged to convey utilitarian messaging, must instead remain “the products of a process that stands apart from so much of our social, economic and political life.” – The New York Times
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Norman Mailer Wasn’t “Canceled.” (Dumb)

Instead, the publishing conglomerate’s decision to back away from Mailer points to a different set of financial imperatives, as well as a growing impulse among publishing executives to blame business decisions on junior staff—the industry’s version of inventing someone to be mad at. – The New Republic
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Insisting That Art Focus On Social Justice Is A Narrow View Of How Art Works

Consider those charitable foundations that have decided to stop funding the arts, or to only fund arts activities that explicitly promote diversity, equality, and justice. This is the reductionist notion that has steered philanthropic giving away from traditional “high culture.” – American Purpose
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NFTs? A Really Dumb Idea

It’s possible to see a purpose for cryptocurrencies, but NFTs are (for now) almost comically bereft of anything most of us would associate with social or cultural value. At the moment it’s Pudgy Penguins for the masses. – Nautilus
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The Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against UNC School Of The Arts Dance Dept. Has Gotten Big And Messy

There are now 56 plaintiffs, male and female former students, and 30 defendants, including some female as well as male former faculty and administrators. Most of the alleged abuse dates from the 1970s through 1990s, though one claim dates as late as 2008. – Dance Magazine
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United States Artists Chooses Its Next President

Judilee Reed is currently the program director of creative communities for the William Penn Foundation, where she leads the organization’s arts and culture and public space grant portfolios in Philadelphia and its surrounding region. – ARTnews
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Why Writers Can Keep Adapting And Readapting Greek Myths, Generation After Generation

Charlotte Higgins: “Greek myths don’t exist in canonical forms: they are to be retold in the moment, and exist only as contaminated, and endlessly recontaminated, versions of themselves. That makes it a realm, I think, of creative invitation rather than of austere exactitude.” – Literary Hub
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Workers At The Art Institute Of Chicago Unionize

The Art Institute union will be the first group of its kind at a major museum in Chicago. It comes amid a larger push by workers in institutions across the U.S. Earlier this week, workers at the Jewish Museum in New York announced a push to unionize. – ARTnews
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Arkansas Symphony Announces Plans For New HQ (At A Surprising Price)

While the orchestra isn’t changing performance venues, the 20,000-square-foot Stella Boyle Smith Music Center will include a 300-seat auditorium for rehearsals and student and chamber performances as well as offices, practice and education rooms, and instrument storage. The projected cost: only $9 million. – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
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How Jazz Grew And Flourished In Japan

American troops brought jazz records with them; Japanese musicians picked up work entertaining the troops. There was a proliferation of jazz kissa (cafes), a distinctly Japanese phenomenon where locals could sit and listen to records for as long as they wanted. – The Guardian
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How The Whole Earth Catalog influenced Japanese magazine design

In 1969 a Japanese illustrator and an editor came to New York to report on American youth culture, and they happened on a copy of The Whole Earth Catalog. Neither of the men understood what the book was about but they were intrigued by the design. — Read the rest
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This Troupe Of Performers With Learning Disabilities Goes Far Beyond Workshops In Schools And Hospitals

The London-based company Corali does, in fact, do programs in those places, but they’ve also worked with Sadler’s Wells theatre and the Tate galleries and created a piece about filmmaker Derek Jarman. Their latest project will see them all impersonating the singular poet Edith Sitwell. – The Guardian
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UK Book Sales Set Records In 2021

Driven by booming appetites for crime novels, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and personal development titles, sales last year showed an increase of 5% on 2020. The sales were worth £1.82bn – a 3% increase on 2020. – The Guardian
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Would Paul Gauguin Care About The Moral Condemnation He Gets Today? Just Read His Final Journals

As writer Laura Gascoigne puts it here, “Is Gauguin redeemable? By today’s standards, no. Would he want to be redeemed? Almost certainly not.” – The Spectator (UK)
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Medieval Runes Discovered In Oslo For First Time In Three Decades

Researchers found two objects, a rune stick with text in both Latin and Norse and a piece of bone with a Norse inscription, in the Norwegian capital’s Medieval Park. The pieces are thought to date from between 1100 and 1350. – Smithsonian Magazine
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A Conversation with Novelist Andrew Krivak

Andrew Krivak’s novel The Bear, which is a recent NEA Big Read title, is a story about the last of humanity. Yet the book somehow is remarkably hopeful. Set far into the future, it’s a fable that seems as old as time with a sense wonder that weaves throughout it. Without humans, or with the last of humans, nature has reclaimed its prominence and its rhythms once again prevail. The last two humans, a father and daughter, understand and live within those rhythms, which they must in order to survi...
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Shaping The Noises Of Animals Into A Grand Symphonic Sound Installation

Composer-performer and “soundscape ecologist” Bernie Krause has used 5,000 hours of field recordings, made over 50 years and featuring 15,000 species, to create The Great Animal Orchestra, commissioned in 2016 by the Fondation Cartier in Paris and opening this year in the US and Australia in 2023. – Artnet
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Image Of Maya Angelou To Be Featured On US Quarter

The quarter features an image of Angelou with her arms uplifted, a bird in flight and a rising sun behind her, with a portrait of George Washington on the “heads” side. The US Mint said the image of Angelou was “inspired by her poetry and symbolic of the way she lived”. – The Guardian
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Even The Louvre Is Creating An Immersive Art Show — And With The Mona Lisa

The world’s most visited museum is teaming up with another Paris institution, the Grand Palais, to crate the light show, which will debut in Marseilles beginning in March. – Artnet
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Royal Shakespeare Co. To Perform On Cunard Cruises

The RSC has signed a three-year contract with Cunard that will see a group of actors from the company performing two programs and offering workshops on board the Queen Mary 2 beginning this summer. – Daily Mail
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Netscape Founder James Clark Surrenders Millions Worth Of Cambodian Antiquities Now Thought To Be Looted

Clark, who gave up 35 items he bought between 2003 and 2008, is “the latest in a line of people taken in by Douglas A.J. Latchford, a British art dealer who died in 2020 while facing charges of antiquities trafficking.” – The New York Times
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NPR Does Its Own Report On How It Is “Hemorrhaging Hosts From Marginalized Backgrounds”

The job went to media reporter David Folkenflik, by now quite experienced in, and respected for, stories about his employer — and he finds that the situation there is more complex than the quote in the headline (from ATC host Ari Shapiro) might indicate. – NPR
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‘Sidney Poitier was the only light at the end of the tunnel’: Don Warrington on his lifelong hero

The Trinidadian-British stage actor – and star of Death in Paradise and Rising Damp – pays tribute to a Black Hollywood pioneerWhen I was in my late 30s, someone came up to me in the street and started talking to me as if I were Sidney Poitier. To the extent that they called me “Sidney”. I said: “I’m sorry – my name is Don.” And they looked at me and said: “Oh Sidney, when did you change your name?” They simply would not accept I was somebody else.Even if you didn’t model yourself after Poitier,...
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