Inside Thomas Dausgaard’s Sudden Departure From The Seattle Symphony

Yes, music directors quit all the time, but virtually never in the middle of a season and, in the modern era, not effective immediately. – Post Alley
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Toronto Symphony Picks A New Executive Director

Mark Williams currently serves as chief artistic and operations officer of the Cleveland Orchestra, reporting to music director Franz Welser-Most. – The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
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Wordle Copycats Are Multiplying. Apple Is Taking Them Down

It’s exceedingly hard to copyright an abstract game mechanic like “guessing five-letter words and giving hints based on correct letters.” – Wired
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Time To Take Play More Seriously

“You’re making connections between different parts of the brain which haven’t necessarily been connected before and then you’re repeating it. It’s through this process of repetition that you’re helping to strengthen the connections between these different brain areas.” – BBC
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Rethinking The Entire Subscription Model In The Wake Of The Pandemic

After having performances cancelled over and over (and if they’re not, performers and programming changing last-minute) — especially in Australia, which has had some of the world’s strictest lockdowns — some groups are trying options beyond the rigid pre-packaged subscription. Here’s a look at some experiments. – Arts Hub (Australia)
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A Video Of An Egyptian Woman Dancing Went Viral, Her Husband Divorced Her, Her Bosses Fired Her, And All Egypt Is Arguing About It

“The short video of Aya Youssef, a 30-year-old primary school teacher, shot on a mobile phone shows her wearing a headscarf, trousers and a long-sleeved top as she dances alongside colleagues, smiling as she enjoys a river cruise on the Nile.” – Al Jazeera (AFP)
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Jon Podhoretz Remembers Terry Teachout

“Terry’s ability to bounce month to month from film noir to the crisis of the symphony orchestra to the talents of Robert Mitchum to the musicality of Nat King Cole to the ever-sticky problem of how and when and whether to separate an artist’s noxious views from his art were the ultimate testament…” – Commentary
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World’s Second Largest Movie Theatre Chain Reports Sharp Rebound In Ticket Sales

Box office and concession revenues saw significant growth across the second half of 2021. Notably, group performance was at 50% of 2019 levels in July, increasing to 90% in October and with December reaching 88%. – Deadline
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Winter Wassailing Is Having A Comeback

Traditionally, wassailing wasn’t just a matter of going house to house at Christmastime, singing and extorting drinks. Crop-blessing wassails in England involved special clothes, marching to an apple orchard by torchlight, yelling to chase away evil spirits, and (yes) singing and drinking. And it’s undergoing a revival. – The Guardian
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Group Calls On Seattle Art Museum To Treat Homeless People Better

A collective of anonymous workers called Decolonize SAM is calling for a boycott and demanding the museum stop removing unhoused people from museum property, provide de-escalation training for frontline staff, and other intervention strategies that center around harm-reduction and mutual aid. – Hyperallergic
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NBC Universal Picks New Audience-Measuring Service

The company announced today it will use data from, a Bellevue, Wash.-based company that measures audiences across linear TV and streaming platforms to provide viewing information on the two major events next month. – Los Angeles Times
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Omicron Is Soaring. Is It Ethical To Go To Concerts?

Is it a good or an ethical idea to go to a concert in the vortex of this unprecedented surge, what with local hospitals overwhelmed and understaffed and worse certain to come in the next weeks? Like so many questions during the last two years, we don’t have easy answers. – MSN (LATimes)
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Hot Topic Du Jour: Why Is Everyone Upset About “Don’t look Up?”

Critics, audiences, and activists have both savaged and praised the movie, and the backlash has highlighted the difficulty of conveying an urgent message with comedy. Has political satire lost its power? Or has reality become so absurd that it’s now beyond parody? – The Atlantic
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The “Intangible Sludge”: Why Do So Many Movies Have Washed-Out Color These Days?

“Desaturation is not in and of itself bad. It’s a tool that can be used poorly or well. But why is it everywhere now? There’s no one answer to that question, but here are my five best guesses as to what might be behind the desaturation of Hollywood.” – Vox
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Why Classical Music Folks Should Stay Away From NFTs

Besides the fact that “the NFT market is essentially a game of hot potato: Ditch it before the music stops, or you’re stuck with some lines of code and a hefty financial loss. … The question is whether NFTs are the right medium to encourage connections” between artists and audiences. – Van
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Reassembled Papyrus Fragments Shed Light On The Lives Of Workers Who Built The Pyramids

The fragments are accounts and logbooks from the port from which blocks of white limestone (now long gone) that encased the Great Pyramid were sent to Giza. They record how supplies were loaded and shipped, the size of the crews, how they were fed, etc. – History Today
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The Pope Is Caught Shopping For CDs. Here’s What’s In His Collection

While it is mostly made up of classical music, it also includes: an old album of Édith Piaf’s greatest hits; Argentine tango tunes, especially by Astor Piazzolla; and a 25-disc collection of Elvis Presley’s Gospel songs, said Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture. – Catholic Sun
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Wkipedia Editors Decide Not To Classify NFTs As Art (And The Crypto Guys Are Furious)

As one of the six editors who made the decision (the vote was 5-1) put it, “Wikipedia really can’t be in the business of deciding what counts as art or not, which is why putting NFTs, art or not, in their own list makes things a lot simpler.” – Artnet
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She Gave Her First Piano Recital At Age Four. She’s Releasing A New Album At Age 97.

Ruth Slenczynska, the last surviving student of Sergei Rachmaninoff, will see her new recording of his music and that of Chopin issued on the Decca label, which first recorded her 66 years ago. – BBC
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National Gallery In DC Will Close East Building All Spring

The I.M. Pei-designed wing, which contains the museum’s collection of Modern and contemporary art, will shut down from the end of February through June in order to replace the 23,000-square-foot skylight in the atrium. – DCist
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British Theatres Are Reeling From The Losses They Took Over Christmas Panto Season

The performances cancelled and ticket prices refunded when performers caught COVID and had to isolate, along with, when the show did go on, the audience capacity restrictions reintroduced as omicron spread, turned the shows theatres count on as cash cows into money pits. – The Guardian
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The Armorer For “Rust”, Which Had That Fatal Shooting On Set, Sues Supplier For Mixing Live Bullets With Blanks

Star Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza on October 21 with a prop gun that was supposed to be loaded with dummy ammunition. The film’s armorer is suing PDQ Arm and Prop for false and deceptive labeling and trade practices. – CNN
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Making the most of moments that matter

The creation of a commonplace book As perhaps we all have, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting in the last few months about how to make those precious moments when people are together really matter. For a lot of people, the working week has been transformed by the pandemic, of course. Moving into this year, it feels that businesses now must learn to live in a world where shadows of this pandemic and future ones will hang over daily operations to some degree. Pining for a return to the pa...
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The princess and the Caravaggio: bitter dispute rages over Roman villa

‘It’s like a museum’, says princess caught in inheritance feud over sprawling property in Italian capitalAs legend goes, tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain guarantees a return visit to Rome. When, as a 16-year-old American tourist, Rita Carpenter participated in the ritual and made a wish to one day marry a Roman and live in the Italian capital, little did she know that almost five decades on she would return to marry a prince and home would be a 16th-century villa stuffed with history, incl...
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Experience: I live in the 1990s

We have a Spice Girls calendar on the door and an old VHS player – I watch my Vicar of Dibley box set on itI was born in 1998, at the tail end of the decade I love. Titanic was in cinemas, Britney Spears released … Baby One More Time, Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls and Apple released the bright turquoise iMac computer.I was too young to appreciate those things, but my first home in Mansfield was full of 90s decor. I loved the fun of it. The hallway was decorated in tongue and groove wood pa...
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The “West Side Story” Story — Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #114 Did it make sense for Steven Spielberg to remake one of our nation’s most beloved musicals (with music by Bernstein and Sondheim!), attempting to fix the parts that did not age well politically? Is the new version a modern classic or a doomed Frankenstein? Your host Mark Linsenmayer is joined by Broadway scholar, theater critic, and actor Ron Fassler; Remakes, Reboots, and Revivals co-ho...
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