Behold the Newly-Discovered Sketch by Vincent van Gogh Sketch, “Study for Worn Out” (1882)

Having been dead for more than 130 years now, Vincent van Gogh seldom comes up with a new piece of work. But when he does, you can be sure it will draw the art world’s attention as few works by living artists could. Such has been the case with the newly discovered Study for Worn Out, an 1882 sketch that recently came into possession of the Van Gogh Museum, according to Margherita Cole at My Modern Met, “when a Dutch family requested that specialists take a look at their unsigned drawing.” The f...
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Humans won't be able to control a superintelligent AI, according to a study

Machines already perform certain tasks without humans understanding how they learned it. Reuters A Max-Planck Institute study suggests humans couldn't prevent an AI from making its own choices. The researchers used Alan Turing's "halting problem" to test their theory. Programming a superintelligent AI with "containment algorithms" or rules would be futile. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It may not be theoretically possible to predict the actions of artifici...
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Last Suspect In Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Robbery Dead At 85

Robert Gentile, a Hartford mob figure who did several stints in prison on unrelated charges, refused for decades to speak with FBI agents about the 1990 theft — even after a handwritten list of the stolen artworks, with estimated values, was found in a raid on his home. – Artnet
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How Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates and others in the tech elite see themselves and the world

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's wealth increased substantially in 2020. Nick Wass/Associated Press From Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, the tech elite is "a class for itself," according to a PLoS ONE study. One researcher said they deny their role in influencing democracy with their financial capital. The researchers claimed the tech elite's view of the world was shaped by a meritocratic ideology. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The tech elite is "a class for itself...
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Updating Books For The TikTok Era

Amazon’s Kindle Vella spotlights the growing market for episodic stories, designed for mobile devices, unfolding as larger narratives over time. – GeekWire
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Newly Discovered Fossil Footprints Suggest Humans Were in North America 21,000 Years Ago

Until now, scientists believed humans travelled south into the Americas when this ice barrier began to melt –  16,500 years ago. But we have discovered  fossil footprints that suggest humans first set foot on the continent thousands of years earlier. – The Conversation
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Vice President – Finance at Workhouse Arts Foundation, Inc.

Position OpportunityVice President – FinanceWorkhouse Arts Foundation, Inc.Lorton, Virginia Workhouse Arts Foundation, Inc., which runs the Workhouse Arts Center, invites applications and nominations for the position of Vice President of Finance, available in the Fall of 2021. About Workhouse Arts Center The Workhouse Arts Center is a regionally and nationally recognized innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts, education, community eng...
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Turnaround: Benin Artists Offer Contemporary Bronzes To British Museum

The Ahiamwen Guild of artists and bronze casters says it wants to change the terms of the debate by giving the British Museum contemporary artworks, untainted by any history of looting, that showcase Benin City’s modern-day culture. – Reuters
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You Can Now 3D-Print Yourself A Whole Gallery’s Worth Of Miniature Historical Statuary

A user of the 3D-printing platform Sketchfab has assembled digital renderings, ready to download and print fabricate, of artworks ranging from an ancient Egyptian funerary mask to Bernini’s fountain in Rome’s Piazza Navona to Hussar armor. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Rome, Sketchfab, Bernini, Visual, Piazza Navona, Hussar

Is Social Media Eroding Our Appreciation Of Art?

From influencing creation, curation and perception, there’s no denying social media is changing the way we experience art. It’s an effective tool for generating excitement and keeping audiences engaged. But is it standing in the way of a genuine appreciation of art? – ArtsHub
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Somalia Gets Its First Public Movie Showing In 30 Years

“The event was held at the National Theatre of Somalia, whose history reflects the tumultuous journey of the African nation. It has been targeted by suicide bombers and used as a base by warlords – and until Wednesday it had never screened a Somali film.” – The Guardian (AFP)
Tags: Art, Media, Somalia, National Theatre

Riccardo Muti Extends Chicago Symphony Contract For One More Season

His term as music director was set to expire next summer, but with the pandemic having shut down CSO concerts for the period when guest conductors would have auditioned to succeed him, Muti will stay on until August of 2023. – AP
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E.M. Forster’s Most Influential Novel Was The One He Couldn’t Publish

As it circulated in manuscript (it was only published posthumously) from the author to Christopher Isherwood and onward, Maurice “became first an open secret and eventually the center of a sort of private reading club for gay male writers, critics, and friends, for decades.” – The New Republic
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Pennsylvania School Board Reverses Ban On Black Authors’ Books, Children’s Bios Of MLK And Rosa Parks

The vote by the Central York district board came after weeks of protests by students and unflattering reports in national media. The list of banned titles also included books by Jacqueline Woodson and Ibram X. Kendi, Malala Yousufzai’s autobiography, and a documentary about James Baldwin. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Rosa Parks, Jacqueline Woodson, Central York, Ibram X Kendi Malala Yousufzai

Melvin Van Peebles, Dead At 89, Was So Much More Than The Maker Of “Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song”

Over 60 years, he was a master of self-reinvention: Air Force navigator; a cable-car operator in San Francisco; indie filmmaker; author (in English and French); playwright, composer, and TV writer (nine Tony nominations and an Emmy); the only Black floor trader at the American Stock Exchange. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, San Francisco, People, Air Force, Tony, Melvin Van Peebles

A Gigantic Violin Floats Down Venice’s Grand Canal with a String Quartet on Top

It looks like something out of a Fellini movie: a string quartet floating down the canals of Venice on a gigantic violin. Not a boat masquerading as a violin, like when you dress up your pet for Halloween and just slap some funny ears and coat on it, but an actual 39-foot long violin, made of several kinds of wood and metal by master boatbuilder/wood sculptor Livio De Marchi. “Noah’s Violin,” as it is called, did have a tiny motor inside to propel it, and its trip down the Grand Canal wa...
Tags: Art, Facebook, College, China, Noah, New York Times, Venice, Times, Vivaldi, Grand Canal, KCRW, De Marchi, Apocalyptica, Livio De Marchi, 18th Century Instruments Ted Mills

Joint Acquisition: Some Museums Are Starting To Purchase Art Together

As museums struggle to regain financial stability after pandemic lockdowns, answer calls to diversify their collections, and watch art prices soar ever higher, the option of splitting costs and sharing possession of new artworks is catching on. – ARTnews
Tags: Art, Visual

“Where True Authority Resides” — Oprah Winfrey And The Power Of Confession

“What sets Oprah apart … is her understanding that we crave not only the thrill of seeing secrets exposed but also the pretense that therapeutic peace inevitably follows. Oprah makes money on our hunger as well as on our hunger’s aspiration to be resolved.” – The Yale Review
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French Pianist Colette Maze, 107, Releases Her Sixth Album

It’s that humor, a sense of optimism and her beloved piano that have buttressed and comforted this centenarian through an often difficult life. Maze has just released her sixth album at the age of 107. – NPR
Tags: Art, People, Colette Maze

Poetry: The New Digital Divide

Online discussion has created a new landscape for the consumption and production of poetry. To outsiders, there is either a swarm of names or a narrow row of critically-touted volumes; to insiders, as in any subculture, the little differences are everything. – The Drift
Tags: Art, Words

Big Changes In Theatre During The Pandemic, Right? Well…

In many interviews I’ve included a simple question: Apart from a pandemic-necessitated lockdown and now a tentative reopening, have you actually seen change in the industry over the past year? Too often the answer has been a simple “no.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre

A Revolution In How/Why We Work

The moral structure of work is up for grabs. And with labor-friendly economic conditions, workers have little to lose by making creative demands on employers. We now have space to reimagine how work fits into a good life. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas

Twitter As A Critical Medium?

I learned a lot about myself as a critic while live-tweeting, and a lot about criticism: about how and when opinions are formed, and about the effort we critics often put into shaping our initial reaction into more polished and professional forms. – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre

London Arts Orgs And Audiences Are Jeopardizing Their Comeback By Being Lax About COVID

Mark Pullinger finds that, while venues’ staff may be masked themselves, they’re not requiring patrons to have face coverings or proof of vaccination (to be clear, they’re following the lead of Boris Johnson’s government), and he looks with envy at safety measures in Europe and New York. – Bachtrack
Tags: Art, Europe, London, Boris Johnson, Issues, Audience, Mark Pullinger

It’s Just Too Much Trouble For EU Groups To Hire British Musicians Post-Brexit, Warns Simon Rattle

“People who are normally hired by organisations abroad are being told, ‘I’m sorry, we just don’t have the capacity to bring somebody from the United Kingdom, it is too complicated and too expensive.” – London Evening Standard
Tags: Art, Music, London, United Kingdom

Kerry James Marshall To Design Stained Glass Windows For Washington National Cathedral

The new work, which will replace windows depicting Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson which were removed in 2017, will be Marshall’s first in stained glass. The windows, accompanied by a poem by Elizabeth Alexander etched on stone tablets, will be installed in 2023. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Visual, Marshall, Elizabeth Alexander, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Kerry James Marshall

The Battle For Good Sentences

A sentence might sound promising in your head but crumble during its translation to the page. It might get maimed when shaved or become disfigured when tweaked, rejigged, or retrofitted. It might not be compatible with its neighbors. – Hedgehog Review
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Ebony Magazine’s Former CEO Committed Fraud To Keep It Alive, Alleges SEC

Willard Jackson, who was forced out in 2020, is one of several men accused of diverting crowdfunded investment money raised for marijuana-related business ventures; he allegedly used his share to keep Ebony out of bankruptcy (which it ended up declaring anyway). – MarketWatch
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Was An Exploding Space Rock The Inspiration For The Story Of Sodom And Gomorrah?

Archaeologists report that the destruction, circa 1650 BC, of the city of Tall el-Hammam was caused by a large meteor disintegrating in the atmosphere — a blast, 1,000 times larger than Hiroshima, that would have fit the Biblical description of fire raining on the evil cities. – Smithsonian Magazine
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Dutch Police Arrest Suspect In Thefts Of Van Gogh And Frans Hals Paintings

DNA evidence at the crime scenes, museums in suburban Amsterdam (van Gogh’s The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring) and Leerdam (Hals’s Two Laughing Boys with a Mug of Beer) led investigators to a previously convicted thief. The artworks have not been recovered. – The New York Times
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