This bike reflector with true 360° visibility instantly makes night riding safer

You know what’s more eco-friendly than a fuel car, and cheaper than an electronic vehicle? Good-old man-power! Countries are slowly and surely realizing how much easier and healthier it is to commute via cycles. You can drive on footpaths, bike-lanes, roads, off-road, you can carry your bike into the subway to cover larger distances, and most importantly, you stay healthy. The only drawback to bicycling is that it’s difficult to spot a rider in low-light settings, and FLECTR’s award winning ad...
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The future of food: Imaginary brands cooked up in ghost kitchens

We will all be poor, fat and buried in plastic.
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How Did A Promise For A Less Eurocentric Nobel Prize In Literature Turn Into Two European Winners?

And that’s not even taking into account the genocide apologist stance of the man who won. This two-year award “decision fails to demonstrate the widened perspective that Olsson promised. Taking him at his word, it invites questions about how diligent their search can have been, how knowledgeable the jury, and indeed how global a literary prize the Nobel can claim to be.” – The Guardian (UK)
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How Much Should Family Members Be Able To Edit Memoir?

Dan Kois wonders if, in the age of the internet, his daughter should have the kind of editorial control she wants. “The lesson of sharing your work with a family member is that sometimes the story you wrote in private becomes less precious to you when you face the possibility of hurting someone you love with it.” – The New York Times
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Hannah Svensson And Friends

One of the highlights of the 2019 Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival was a concert by Hannah Svensson. Now, Ms. Svensson’s new album, Places And Dreams, presents her along with the colleagues who backed her at Ystad. – Doug Ramsey
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Designers made this pavilion out of upcycled paper waste

Originally created for the Copenhagen Art Fair to showcase a new sustainable method of design, the Paper Pavilion is made out of upcycled paper collected from the city itself. The art fair, in its fifth season, had a specific focus on pavilion designs that spotlighted sustainable construction, urbanization and recycling.  The pavilion was created by Denmark-based Japanese architects, PAN- PROJECTS. The architects wanted to combine sustainability with the appropriate amount of durabilit...
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Are You One Of Those Who Has Strong Feelings About Semi-colons?

Punctuation – and especially semicolon use – is more art than science, in other words. – Times Literary Supplement
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A Massive Sculpture Of An African American Last Supper Was Hidden Behind Drywall Until A Theatre Moved In

The Studio Acting Conservancy was just starting demolition work at a former church that will be its new home in Washington, D.C.’s Columbia Heights when the crew boss called the theatre’s founder, Joy Zinoman, to tell her about a discovery, “an enormous frieze of the Last Supper that was hidden behind drywall for more than a decade.” And now there’s a bit of a problem: “Acting studios are supposed to be bare.” – Washingtonian
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Boris Johnson’s Government Proposes £250 Million In Culture Infrastructure Support

The bulk of the new fund is being directed towards “major infrastructure and maintenance work at local and regional museums” and capital and technology upgrades at public libraries. – Arts Professional
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Why Is The Paris Art Scene Roaring Back To Life?

Brexit. Or maybe Macron? In any case, “London galleries are launching new spaces in Paris, and US dealerships, who would once have chosen London as their European base, are going to Paris instead.” – The Observer (UK)
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Why Theatre In Los Angeles Is Missing Its Potential

Charles McNulty: “What is the distinctive stamp of L.A. theater? In posing this question to myself, I find my answer to be dismayingly similar to what I would have said when I moved to Los Angeles from New York 14 years ago to be The Times’ theater critic. The theater has remained decentralized, widely variable in quality and ambition, and sorely in need of institutional leadership able to meet the self-regard of a city that, long out of New York’s shadow, has come to recognize itself as ...
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Is ‘Porgy’ A Stereotype? Take Two

Part of the reason we think so is Sidney Poitier’s depiction of Porgy in the Otto Preminger movie. – Joe Horowitz
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A Crash Course In Hitler Satire

Taika Waititi’s new movie Jojo Rabbit is far from the first movie to satirize the genocidal leader. But many people object to the movie on pure concept. “Is it right to make comedy of a man who did such transcendently horrible things?” – Slate
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[Author: Unknown]
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An Artist Figures Out Why Mathematicians Just Can’t Quit Their Blackboards

Photographer Jessica Wynne: “When I was talking to [mathematicians] about their work, I realised that their thought process and what they do is extremely creative – and I never really thought about mathematics in that way.” – The Observer (UK)
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MoMA’s Opportunity To Tell New Stories

Peter Schjeldahl: “The renovation is a big deal for the global art world, and certainly for New York. It runs up against problems old and new. Generously enlarged quarters will only marginally relieve a chronic crush of visitors, the museum victimized by its own charisma. Enhanced representations of art by women, African-Americans, Africans, Latin-Americans, and Asians can feel tentative, pitched between self-evident justice and noblesse oblige. But such efforts are important and must con...
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Win Airfare to NYC: Open House Design Challenge 2019!

For its fourth annual challenge, SVA's MFA in Products of Design program has announced its Open House Design Challenge questions. The challenge is for people interested in learning about the program and attending their Open House and Info Session in New York City on November 13th."We know that so many people are keen to learn more about grad school and about the unique aspects of our program, but it can be pricey to come to New York City," offers Products of Design chair Allan Chochinov. "So our...


Strathmore offers free online courses in a variety of mediums and techniques.  I recently signed up for, and started, the painting with gouache course.  These are just a mix of exercises and a beginning painting using gouache.  I didn't have the colors required but used what I had on hand. I didn't have black paper so used the grey toned Strathmore paper I had to see how the gouache works over colored paper to cover - can't do this with watercolors. If you're inter...
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Common product designs reimagined to create uncommon humor-filled results!

Do you remember how as kids (and me as an adult too!) you would lie down on the grass and looked at the sky to decipher shapes out of clouds? Designer Jose Navarro’s work brings the same childlike curiosity with some expert photo manipulation to make us see the other side of the objects we use in our everyday life! Mixing concepts, images, and colors, Jose is setting Instagram on fire with his handle @j.m.navarro with illustrations that bring us a touch of humor, inspiration and basically make y...
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An Historian Says To Be Wary Of Written History

Why? “People say: history will exonerate me! But history never exonerates anyone. In fact, this makes me very wary about the role of written history – how unfair written history can be.” – Irish Times
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This skateboard uses less than half the material but provides more than double the strength

This porous skateboard may seem outwardly fragile, but it’s designed and engineered to be as strong as any other regular skateboard, if not stronger. Designed to be more sturdy and ecologically conscious than wood, the Lightweight Skateboard is die-casted using a magnesium alloy that’s finished using CNC Machining. The high-strength, low-weight skateboard comes with an adjustable wheel-base too, giving it even more of an edge over your regular wooden skateboard!Designer: Wang He of Hanma Creativ...
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The Photographer Who Shot New York’s Real Garbage Fires

In this case, “That’s a trash fire!” was not a metaphor: In 1969, Puerto Rican and other Latinx activists used garbage fires to get city services to finally take them seriously, and Hiram Maristany took photos of it all. – The New York Times
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What Does It Mean To Be An Audience, And How Does An Arts Institution ‘Develop’ It?

The idea of audience development as a solution has taken over everything in arts organizations, but there’s more to it, at least from the audience side. “Being an audience member means being a citizen, customer, community member, and worker. It is a sort of control interface for ruling.” – HowlRound
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Britain Bets On The Man Booker Prize Shortlist, And Here Are The Odds

Margaret Atwood’s new book is running at 2/1, while Ducks, Newburyport is at 6/1, and so forth for the other short-listed books. Put your money where you see fit. – The Observer (UK)
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How David Hockney Self-Promoted Himself Into The Art World When He Was Young

Hockney, as a brash young artist in the 1960s, made some bold moves. “In the previously unknown letter, scrawled by Hockney while he was studying at the Royal College of Art in London, the 23-year-old brazenly adopts the tone of an established artist and invites Helen Kapp, the curator of the Wakefield gallery, to see his work as if she were an old friend.” – The Observer (UK)
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What’s The Difference Between Self-Confidence And Narcissism?

In the 1990s, teens were learned things that turned out not to be true. “Self-esteem would keep us from doing drugs, teachers told us; self-esteem would keep us from having premarital sex. (The first time I had sex with a confident stoner, I was very confused.)” But what is self-esteem? And how is it different from narcissism? – The Atlantic
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Beer Mug Socks

Hand knitted socks designed to look like large glass mugs filled with beer. Beer mug socks made by Vicky Djokic for Octoberfest and Halloween. Also check out: Pizza Socks and Sushi Socks
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The Hong Kong Protesters Are Making Excellent Use Of Instagram-Ready Art

What defines the protests in the public’s memory might just be the art, including statues likening protesters to the Statue of Liberty and pop-art posters of Chinese officials and the city’s leader, Carrie Lam. “Street art and graphic design are defining features of the pro-democracy demonstrations that have roiled the semiautonomous Chinese territory since June. Artists often work quickly and anonymously, and present their oeuvres either in Reddit-like internet forums or public places with hea...
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[Author: Unknown]
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Cottage kitchens from The New Cottage in The Vine from the Vineyard Gazette

Pick up a copy of The Vine from The Vineyard Gazette for a story I wrote about three cottage kitchens found in my latest book The New Cottage from The Taunton Press. Better yet, pick up a copy of the book ;-) Available at Bunch of Grapes on Martha’s Vineyard, local bookstores near you, and Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
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