New in Basecamp: Sort the Message Board

Basecamp 3's Message Board is a central place for your team to post updates and gather feedback on the record. It’s great for announcements, internal pitches, and just bouncing ideas back and forth.Since Basecamp 3 first launched, the Message Board has been sorted so new posts appear at the top with older ones below. That’s great most of the time, but many of you have asked for other ways to sort your posts. New ways to sort With this update, we’ve added a new sort order setting to Basecamp ...
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Floater Chair

Modern long reclining chair made of single monolithic shell allows the user to gently rock back and forth while relaxing on smooth durable surface. Floater chaise longue designed by Manuel Kretzer and Mathias Bernhard. Also check out: Spiral Lounge Chai
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As Oregon Shakespeare Festival Searches For An Artistic Director, Its Executive Director Also Announces Plans To Leave

Cynthia Rider, who has been with the festival since 2013, says the board just offered to renew her contract, and she declined, “adding that the near-simultaneous departure with Rauch will give the festival ‘new eyes, with lots of momentum’ for upcoming challenges, especially around financial loss from wildfire smoke.”
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Deconstructed Footwear of the Future

The latest from Monterrey-based SHIFT design studio, the “F1” marks the designers’ first signature sneaker silhouette. Not to compare immediately, but it’s aesthetically akin to familiar styles like the Adidas Prophere or Nike Air Trainer 3. Unlike the aforementioned, however, it features four modular construction that allows the future wearer to get it on the action as they can pick and choose custom elements in the shoe’s construction. Signature elements of the deconstructed design include a f...
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Festool's Affordable Drill Dust Collection Nozzle

Drilling into sheetrock or concrete produces a lot of fine dust. Most of us drilling a single hole to add an anchor will clean up with a dustbuster and call it a day. But for a professional tradesperson drilling dozens or hundreds of holes in a client's space, the dust produced would be unacceptable.To capture this dust at the point of creation, Festool offers a Drill Dust Collection Nozzle: For overhead applications, no more dust in the face This clever device exploits the suction pow...
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Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

The Man Booker Prize short-listed authors explain, at least a little, how their brains work.
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The Freak-Out Moment When Choreographers Start Texting Each Other To Get On Skype

Choreography, like a lot of artistic endeavors, can make for lonely, frightening times … and so you need someone to talk to about it. “Most people would glaze over on the second sentence. … You’re developing an idea while you’re talking just because someone is receiving it who understands what you’re doing.”
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[Free eBook] Branding 101 Crash Course

Download the ultimate ‘bloat-free’ guide on branding & logo design, suitable for designers & non-designers! The download includes: FREE:  ‘Branding email crash course’ over 2 weeks FREE:  ‘Branding 101 eBook’ FREE:  ‘Logo Design Inspiration eBook’ » To download, simply subscribe to my email newsletter using the form below. Already a subscriber? It will arriving in your Inbox soon.
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Cool Stuff: Gallery 1988’s Latest Show Features Fictional Products from Movies & Television

Some movies and TV shows are so iconic that even the fake products from them become well known. That’s why Gallery 1988 put together a second edition of their Product Placement show honoring some of the most beloved fake products from film and television. For the Gallery 1988 Product Placement 2018 show, artists like Danny Haas, Dave Perillo, Doug LaRocca, Joel Hunter, Jen Taylor, Nathan Ebersole, Ryan Brinkerhoff and many more creating posters, advertisements and more pay tribute to things lik...
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The Roald Dahl Museum Was Massively Flooded This Year, But It’s Reopening

Appropriately punny for a museum that celebrates the author of The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach (not to mention Matilda), “Isabelle Reynolds, from the museum, said: ‘We hope the closure hasn’t put a dampener on things.'”
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Black And Asian Theatre Artists Embrace A New British Book Of Monologues

The book is designed to avoid stereotypes – and give actors a better chance at roles outside of the terrorist, gang member, or other confining (or lazily cast) roles. “This project is special, as we are often encouraged to pick a character close to ourself for audition. But it is hard to find pieces, so we’re always having to play something that isn’t true to us.”
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Blobs of color become chickens.   Just playing with shapes and colors. [Author: RH Carpenter]
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The New Cottage in The Vine from The Vineyard Gazette

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on Martha’s Vineyard this fall, look for my upcoming book The New Cottage from The Taunton Press on page five of The Vine Fall Home and Garden 2018 issue. Three Vineyard cottages (and 21 others from across North America) are featured in the book, so pre-order your copy today ;-)by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
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My pal went into the Donmar’s Measure for Measure expecting a fight. She’d read that Josie Rourke’s production presents the cut-down text twice. The first, set at the time of Shakespeare’s 1604 premiere, where deputy governor Angelo attempts to coerce soon-to-be-nun Isabella into sex to save her brother’s life. The second, set today – same plot but with a female minister harassing a young man. Pal was having none of it.
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What The Heck: All Of The Songs From ‘A Star Is Born,’ Ranked

Alert: All of the songs are – if you like pop music, of course – pretty good. “The album has been the gift that keeps on giving.”
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Why Do Antiquities Appeal To Us So Much?

And why – when we know they’re in certain locations, like the British Museum, because of war or colonialism or both – do some of us want them to damn well stay put?
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Director of Development

Music of the Baroque, one of Chicago’s most respected chorus and orchestras, seeks a Director of Development to help deliver its ambitious plans up to and beyond its 50th anniversary in the 2020-21 season. This is a newly created position in a dynamic and visionary organization. Music of the Baroque occupies a special place in the rich cultural life of Chicago. Under the artistic direction of internationally acclaimed British conductor Jane Glover, Music of the Baroque’s professional chorus and ...
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Helena Almeida, Portuguese Artist Who Bent The Boundaries Among Genres, Has Died At 84

Almeida had a signature technique of inserting herself into her art, whether that was video, photography, performance art or other media. “‘I turn myself into a drawing,’ she said by way of describing her art. ‘My body as a drawing, myself as my own work.'”
Tags: Art, People, Almeida, Helena Almeida, 10.11.18

Deep Disagreements Over Facts And How We Form Beliefs

One particularly pernicious form of disagreement arises when we not only disagree about individuals facts… but also disagree about how best to form beliefs about those facts, that is, about how to gather and assess evidence in proper ways. This is deep disagreement, and it’s the form that most societal disagreements take. Understanding these disagreements will not inspire optimism about our ability to find consensus.
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Filmmakers Say Premium Television Has Changed The Entire Game

But is there a future for mid-budget films? “Some industry observers believe the format has been consigned to the dustbin by a Hollywood obsessed with tentpole franchises.” The producers – who can claim The King’s Speech and Lion as well as the prestige TV series The Top of the Lake – say the future is fine.
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Lake, 10.13.18

Bee hive vandalism in Iowa kills tens of thousands of honeybees

Bee vandals have struck again, this time at the Grateful Acres Farm northeast of Des Moines, Iowa. Last week, farmer Jake Knutson discovered that someone had trashed three of his strongest hives with cinder blocks, logs and bricks, causing him to lose tens of thousands of bees and 150 pounds of honey. The vandalism allowed bees from nearby farms to steal the honey from the exposed containers, and it also left Knutson’s insects to die in the rain. During the past year, hive vandalism has made ne...
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The Visual Chart Of Music Sales Over The Past 40 Years (Look At The Ringtone Blip)

Whew, don’t forget 8-tracks! The important bit is that, after a precipitous and intense decline, music sales are inching upward again.
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Sometimes, Theatre Can Feel A Bit Too Topical (Even When It’s About 1977, Or 1897)

What it’s like to go to the theatre and see a play about the Constitution right now: “The play’s concerns could hardly have felt more viscerally urgent. In the row behind me, a woman wept deep, grieving tears — a kind of crying so suffused with pain that we’re not used to hearing it in public, even in a darkened theater. But this is not an ordinary time.”
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Indeed. #business #sales #selling #graph #office #comics #andertoons

Indeed. #business #sales #selling #graph #office #cartoon #comics #andertoons via Instagram
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Could New EU Rules On Sharing Content Save The Arts’ Middle Classes?

“The reality is a lot of the profits go to a few super tech houses in Silicon Valley and the result is you lose entire segments of the cultural creation population,” says John Degen, executive director of The Writers’ Union of Canada and chair of the International Authors Forum. “You end up either with superstar authors, or a vast underclass wanting to be superstars and no middle class. It’s been completely hollowed out.”
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An Air Purifier with A Difference

We have covered air purifiers multiple times in the past, where we have seen a vast array of forms and design directions, however, this one is very different from the rest!This is Greenery, a wall mounted air purifier that introduces an element of nature into the room… but for a very good reason! When a purifier is used, the windows in the room are closed and this increases the concentration of carbon dioxide. The addition of the greenery reduces the CO2 levels and makes it a healthier place to ...
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Trump joins past Republican presidents in new version of The Republican Club painting

Andy Thomas, the artist who creates wonderful paintings depicting historical presidents from each party hanging out, has updated The Republican Club to include Donald Trump. It was spotted on the White House wall during an interview with the president on CBS News. The artist, who lives in Missouri, United States, was "ecstatic" to discover his art displayed in the White House, he told Time. Republican congressman Darrell Issa reportedly gave it to the President. "A lot of times gifts aren't rea...
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101+ Gifts for Designers & Creatives – 2018

Forget socks and undies – get your creative designer friend something they really want. I’ve compiled a list of the top gifts for designers, perfect for Christmas or even their birthday! They’ve all been vetted by me – a designer. Best Christmas Presents / Gifts for Designers, Artists & Creatives Wake-Up Light with Sun Rise Simulation ($45.99) This wake-up light imitates sunlight to wake up in a natural way, particularly useful for those with dark mornings. It also has an FM radio, with anot...
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Music That Explores What Gentrification “Sounds” Like

With an ensemble of six vocalists and 18 instrumentalists, the 80-minute “Place” obliquely yet obsessively mulls gentrification; displacement; the powers and limitations of white male privilege; and the intersection of shifts in communities and families, including the birth of Mr. Hearne’s children and the breakup of his marriage.
Tags: Art, Music, Hearne, 10.10.18

Eye Candy for Today: Levitan’s Golden Autumn

Golden Autumn (Zolotaya Osen), Isaac Levitan Link is to page with access to high-resolution image file on Wikimedia Commons. Original is in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the original, but the Tretyakov image seems a little over exposed to me, so I’m going with the Wikimedia version. A justifiably famous painting by the 19th century Russian landscape master. Brilliant use of complementary blues and oranges. The greens are more subdued than they may appear ...
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