The art of hiring a Product Designer – Part 3

Design is a highly subjective field, wherein the individual’s design sense is a high contributing factor to the final product created by the team. It is important to vet the candidate in a manner that ensures the time spent of the employees in the process is not a waste. The key here is to be focused and decisive – if you are not quite sure about the candidate, then just let them go!(Psst! Having trouble recruiting a designer?  Yanko Design Job Board will connect you to our targeted product desi...
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What's Wrong With Tolerance? Plenty

"Tolerance is deeply rooted in the canon of apparent modern ideals: as an inherent good, a necessary individual ethic, a pillar of Western civilisation and proof of its superiority. ... Yet tolerance, as an idea and an ethic, obscures the interaction between individuals and groups on both a daily basis and over the longue durée; […]
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Transparent Suitcases – Yay or Nay?

The Rimowa X Off-White Transparent Carry-On Case has some rather obvious pros and cons. It’s just a question of which of them outweighs the other, and that’s completely subjective.Made from transparent yet extremely resilient and impact resistant PolyCarbonate, the carry-on suitcase is completely see-through, although the ribbing on the surface to give it structural integrity obscures one’s direct view of the insides of the suitcase. With accented black handles, wheels, and labeling on the handl...
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A New New Wave Of Queer Cinema

"This year's strong queer showing [at Cannes] was indicative of a larger watershed moment for LGBT cinema across the industry, as stories and artists once confined to rarefied corners of the arthouse are being gradually welcomed into the mainstream. ... The last couple of years, however, have kicked that evolution into fast-forward, helped along by […]
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A 'West Side Story' That Moves Beyond Jerome Robbins's Choreography

Guthrie Theatre artistic director Joseph Haj: "I really wanted to make a production where we could believe the difficulty of these young people's lives a bit more than we're typically given to when we see this musical. ... It's really the choreography where we thought, this is where we can shorten the distance between then […]
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Knight Foundation Launches Program To Fund New Performing Arts Work In Miami

"Tuesday, the foundation announced it will invest $500,000 in Knight New Work Miami, an open call for 'ground-breaking, innovative works of dance, theater and music.' Choreographers, playwrights and composers based in Miami and those with with strong Miami connections are eligible to apply. The caveat: The works must premiere in Miami."
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Presentation Design Hacks: How to Look Like a Pro

From making your presentation more engaging to improving audience retention to ensuring you appear polished and professional, the importance of quality presentation design can’t be overstated. If you don’t have formal training in design, then figuring out what you should and shouldn’t do can be a little intimidating, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. There are a ton of simple and easy-to-apply design hacks you can take advantage of that’ll elevate your presentation to professional-looking ex...
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Reconstructing The Lost Musical Instruments Of Indigenous Communities

When Caleb Byerly was a young Christian missionary in the jungles of the Philippines, the indigenous tribe among which he lived told him about their old, traditional music - which had faded away after a previous generation of missionaries had told them it was profane. "'I felt that if it was my people who helped […]
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Joffrey Ballet's Winning Works Gives New Opportunities To Nonwhite Choreographers

"This choreographic competition gives emerging ALAANA (African, Latino(a), Asian, Arab and Native American) choreographers the opportunity to hone their skills creating on the Joffrey Studio Company and Academy Trainees. ... The program was originally funded for just one year by the Sara Lee Corporation in 2011. Yet the artistic staff at Joffrey was committed to […]
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International Art Dealers Slam Proposed EU Import Licensing Rules

"The European Union is considering stringent new import licence regulations on cultural goods over 250 years old in order to help fight the funding of terrorism through illicit trade. The proposal as it stands is being fiercely opposed by international dealer associations, whose lobbyists argue that it is ill thought out and will damage the […]
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A striking concrete home in Ontario targets minimal environment impact

Toronto-based Teeple Architects has paired a beautiful but unusual site in Ontario with the sculptural Port Hope House, an award-winning residence that boasts a wide array of sustainable features. Located east of Toronto, the single-family rural home takes inspiration from the client’s 75-acre property that consists of a woodlot, a fallow field, an abandoned Grand Trunk railway cut and a steep cliff that falls into Lake Ontario. Built with long concrete walls, the Port Hope House appears like a...
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Indianapolis's Phoenix Theatre, Having Gotten A New Building, Dumps Its Founder-Director

"Bryan Fonseca, who founded the Phoenix Theatre in 1983, is leaving the organization after 35 years of serving as the group's principal director and main artistic force ... The stunning move comes in the midst of a major transition for the theater, which just moved into a newly built, $11 million downtown facility." A press […]
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India ink in my Strathmore sketchbook.  It bleeds through a bit - and then you can create something differnt from the bleed through on the other side - like this next one :) A Picasso-ish creation?  This one on the back of the previous inked one but this one using charcoal. (Have you been watching the NatGeo series Genius: Picasso?  What an ass the man was!! ) Charcoal in the sketchbook. Again, the the sketchbook but using charcoal and conte crayons (chalk) along with blue pencil. ...
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New Drawings by Ben Tolman opens June 23, 2018...

New Drawings by Ben Tolman opens June 23, 2018 at the Jonathan LeVine Projects! (Showing 'Curious'.) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Can drone aesthetics apply to cars or vice-versa?

Drones don’t quite have a ‘visual language’ set yet. Some look like books that open up to become drones (take the Hovercam, for instance), others have four distinct legs, with propellers mounted on them (like the DJI Phantom), and some come with a relatively small, boxy design that folds down and fits into a bag, or even to the underside of your phone… so no, drones don’t have a distinctly streamlined visual language yet, so what about borrowing from another automotive category?The DJI Mavic Car...
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The Famous Magazines That Depend On Philanthropy To Keep Publishing

"A new study offers a better sense of how much funding has been flowing to this media niche in recent years. ... The results only offer a partial look at philanthropic support for these publications, since the study just tracks foundation funding. But the numbers are still illuminating for anyone who's ever wondered how outfits […]
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The Changing Of The Guard At 'The Band's Visit': Tony Shalhoub Hands Off The (Actual) Baton

"'It was beautiful. You brought your own character to the role,' Sasson Gabay is telling Tony Shalhoub, who recently won a Tony for starring in the musical The Band's Visit. Gabay is the Israeli actor who originated the character of the stern and melancholy police officer Tewfiq, playing the role in the 2007 film from […]
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Quite Simply, Tea and Toast

As you might guess from the name, Tea & Toast is a kitchenware product line consisting of a water kettle and toaster designed as aesthetic compliments to one another. For many people, these are the only two appliances one needs for a favorite breakfast. These two are married by a clean, modern design language that merges seamlessly with your kitchen interior. The set also takes inspiration from traditional tableware – for instance, the water kettle’s base is akin to a teacup saucer. The base cha...
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Creator (a culinary robotic company) in San...

Creator (a culinary robotic company) in San Francisco has a robot making burgers to order! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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An EDC to maintain your EDCs

Even the best blades lose their shine after months of use, which is why CRKT’s Knife Maintenance Tool is such a heaven sent. Made to accompany your favorite EDC knife, the Knife Maintenance Tool is small enough to fit right into your pocket, strapped to your keychain.The Glass-reinforced nylon body holds a T6 and T8 Torx screwdriver, a bottle-opener, and most importantly, a knife sharpener and honing edge. A perfect companion to your outdoor knife, the Knife Maintenance Tool gets to work when yo...
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Striking 160 sq. ft. Urban Cabin features hidden hanging garden

This conceptual design for a micro-house in Los Angeles fluidly mixes the indoor with the outdoor.
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Lynn Nottage And Christopher Wheeldon To Create Michael Jackson Broadway Bio-Musical

"The pop singer's estate, along with Columbia Live Stage, said Tuesday that it had agreed to develop a stage musical about his life, aiming for Broadway in 2020. ... The book is to be written by Lynn Nottage, a playwright who has won two Pulitzers, for Ruined and Sweat. And the show is to be […]
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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The Neuroscientist On Staff At An Art Museum

Dr. Tedi Asher of the Peabody Essex Museum of Salem, Mass.: "When I first got to PEM,” says Asher, “we knew what the objective was, which was to create more compelling exhibitions for our visitors, by drawing on findings from the neuroscience literature, but we didn't know exactly how to do that. ... I see […]
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New-Age Gaming with an Old-World Charm!

Nyko’s Nintendo Switch Labo inspired kit ticks all the right boxes! A beautiful combination of cutting-edge handheld gaming tech and nostalgic design, the Nyko PixelQuest Arcade Kit turns Nintendo’s latest gaming device into something that takes you down memory lane.The Pixelquest comes made out of cardboard, like all of Nintendo’s Labo accessories, but rather than transforming your handheld gaming device into an instrument, a mecha, or a moving toy, the PixelQuest takes you back in time to an e...
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New EU Copyright Law Could Block Legitimate Legal Content

The effect would be similar to how YouTube tries to detect and block copyrighted audio and video from being posted on its site, but it would be applied to all types of content, including text, images, and software, as well as audio and video. Critics say this section of the proposal, Article 13, would lead to legitimate […]
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The largest solar farm apiary in the US opens this week

An important feature of permaculture is the concept of stacking functions, or finding multiple uses for the same space or resource. North Carolina-based PineGate Renewables is taking this principle to a new level with the opening of the largest solar farm apiary in the U.S. Starting this week, the Eagle Point solar farm in Jackson County, Oregon will host 48 hives of honey bees underneath and between the solar panels. John Jacob of Old Sol Apiaries helped to determine the site’s suitability and...
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Exploring The Wild Costumes In Ted Shawn's And Ruth St. Denis's Touring Trunk

"The modern dance tree has abundant roots, and two of its thickest and oldest belong to Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn. Their Denishawn company and school in Los Angeles, which lasted from 1914 to '29, toured the world with a new spirit of dance — barefoot and weighted, exotic and spiritual. They were celebrities […]
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Pride Style 2018: From socks to T-shirts and shorts, products with proceeds going to LGBTQ+ organizations

One way to show support and celebrate Pride and the community as a whole is by wearing your rainbow-colored heart on your sleeve, but it's also important not to let Pride be reduced to said rainbows and vague concepts about love. The LGBTQ+ community...... Continue Reading...
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