Review: Rules of Seconds

John Pollono's world premiere black comedy skewers the facade of machismo.
Tags: Theatre, John Pollono

Street Artist Buff Monster's Air-Ink Mural and Gallery Show : This exhibition for Tiger Beer features work made using ink produced from air pollution

It seems almost impossible: ink and paint made from recycled air pollution. In fact, it's a reality known as Air-Ink, invented by Anirudh Sharma, the co-founder of innovation hub Graviky Labs. Their technology processes up to 95% of air captured...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Design, Culture, Publicart, Murals, Graviky Labs, Anirudh Sharma, Streetartists, Buffmonster, Airink, Tigerbeer, Anirudhsharma, Gravikylabs

Watch MC Escher make art in this short documentary

M.C. Escher: Adventures in Perception (1971) is a 20-minute Dutch documentary about the artist and includes scenes of him working in his studio. From Open Culture: Obsessed with perspective, geometry, and pattern (Escher described tessellation as “a real mania to which I have become addicted”), his images have, by the count of mathematician and Escher scholar Doris Schattschneider, led so far to eleven separate strands of mathematical and scientific research. The twenty-minute Adventures...
Tags: Art, Video, News, Netherlands, Artists, Documentaries, Perception, Optical Illusions, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Escher, MC Escher, Doris Schattschneider, Laren North Holland

A Diverse Arsenal of Vector Resources You Can Rely Upon for $29

Time is money for a designer, so equipping yourself with the right library of tools ensures you can hit the ground running on any creative project. This new bundle of vector resources brings you an incredibly varied, endlessly versatile collection of professional grade vectors that will equip you for any project that comes your way. Whether you’re working on a vintage extravaganza or a super modern corporate brief, this bundle has you covered! This is a fantastic chance to upgrade your toolkit w...
Tags: Design, News, Deal, Bundle, Vectors, Design Resources

20170327 four drawings by my guest Ingeborg Annie Lindahl at Kunstnernes Hus

[Author: Kjell Varvin]
Tags: Design, Kjell Varvin, Kunstnernes Hus, Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

Era, le stylo sculptural de Daniel Kamp

Daniel Kamp, designer et artiste de Nouvelle-Zélande, présente Era, un stylo sculptural conçu grâce à l’impression 3D et coulé en argent ou en bronze. Conçu pour être chéri pour toujours, Era est un stylo de bureau sculptural qui célèbre la longévité et le rituel. Le stylo est imprimé en 3D à partir de cire, puis coulé à la main en argent sterling massif ou en bronze et laissé avec une finition brute qui est unique dès le premier jour. Les deux modèles de stylo viennent ensuite à se patiner av...
Tags: Books, Design, Bronze, Impression 3d, Daniel, Rotorua, Deco, ERA, Minimaliste, Objet, Urbaine, Argent, Stylo, Tendance, Daniel Kamp, Nouvelle-zelande

My Life With Oliver Sacks

"Not long after I moved to New York, Michael Jackson died. O had no idea who Michael Jackson was. 'What is Michael Jackson?' he asked me the day after the news – not who but what – which seemed both a very odd and a very apt way of putting it, given how much the brilliant singer had transmuted from a human into an alien being. O often said he had no knowledge of popular culture after 1955, and this was not an exaggeration. He did not know popular music, rarely watched anything on TV but the news...
Tags: Art, People, Michael Jackson, Oliver Sacks, 03.26.17, New York Michael Jackson

Hermitage Museum's Deputy Director Arrested For Fraud

"Mikhail Novikov, a deputy director in charge of construction at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has been placed under house arrest on charges of suspected fraud ... connected to a larger case of over Rb100m in embezzled funds during major Russian Ministry of Culture restoration projects."
Tags: Art, St Petersburg, Visual, State Hermitage Museum, 03.30.17, Mikhail Novikov

Designer’s Most Hated & Loved Fonts

There was a time when you only have to choose between Arial or Times New Roman. Now that there are thousands of fonts, it can be daunting choosing the perfect one for your project. To inspire you, 8 designers share their most loved and hated fonts. At the end of the day, it comes down to context, overuse or misuse. Select a typeface based on the message it communicates. More font resources: The Best & Most Popular Google Fonts The Top 100 Best Fonts of All Time 10 Fonts Designers Love to Hate ...
Tags: Design, Typography, Gotham, Fonts, Type, Times, Warsaw, Exo, Poppins, Dieter, Hannah Grant, Times New Roman, Futura, David Carson, Paul McCarney, Coalition Technologies

Order Before Midnight Tonight!

I'm lucky to be pretty equally both right- and left-brained, so I'm roughly equally good at both running New Line and creating art for New Line. (Now I just have to learn how to find and develop bigger donors...)One thing I've always been both fascinated and baffled by, is arts marketing, how we market differently from for-profit companies, and also what we do the same. One lesson I learned stands out among the rest.It was quite a few years ago. I was late-nite channel surfing, and being a poli...
Tags: Musicals, Theatre, Advertising, Marketing, Live, Performing Arts, Theater, Audience, American University, Institute, Scott Miller, Musical Theatre, Campaign Management Institute

Link About It: Scientist Invents a Drip-Free Wine Bottle

Forget purchasing a wine spout, a Brandeis University biophysicist has done the impossible by inventing a wine bottle that does not drip. Daniel Perlman designed a bottle that features two-millimeter groove just below the tip which catches the droplets...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Design, Daniel Perlman, Brandeis University

Clean energy jobs outnumber fossil fuel jobs in most US states

Clean energy is increasingly providing work for people across the United States, contrary to what the president might think, and a new Sierra Club report reveals just how much of an impact on the economy it has made. Renewable energy jobs now exceed jobs in coal, oil, and gas in 41 American states and Washington, D.C., according to the report. Sierra Club drew on 2017 Department of Energy jobs data to discover clean energy jobs exceed those in fossil fuels by more than 2.5 to one. The energy ...
Tags: Design, Washington, US, America, Walmart, United States, Donald Trump, Department Of Energy, Sierra Club, Trump, Michael Brune, U S Department of Agriculture, Via Sierra Club

Tesla to start taking solar roof orders in April

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is continuing in his quest to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy by announcing via Twitter on Friday that the electric carmaker and clean energy storage company will start taking orders for its solar roof shingles in April. The solar roof shingle product will be offered by Tesla's SolarCity division. Tesla aquired the solar panel maker last November. Musk's vision of a Tesla-powered home includes the solar roof turning sunlight into renewable electrici...
Tags: Elon Musk, Design, Tesla, Solarcity, Musk, Tesla Solar Via Greentech Media Images

Build your own tiny home or treehouse with these stackable wooden micro-units

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own tiny home or treehouse, this wild design might give you some ideas. These self-contained wooden living units can be stacked both vertically or horizontally to create the shelter of your dreams. Ofis Arhitekti teamed up with C+C, C28 and AKT and contractor Permiz to develop the basic unit to comfortably hold two people, and they’re presenting a vertical version, which is also available for purchase, at the 2017 Milan Design Week this April. The Living Uni...
Tags: Design, Colorado, Architecture, Gallery, Carousel Showcase, Treehouse, Green Architecture, Plywood, Modular Architecture, Milan Design Week, OFIS Arhitekti, Living Unit, Flexible Design, Micro Cabin, Modular Living Unit, Timber Frame

Review: Church & State

A U.S. Senator has a crisis of faith following a school shooting in this new comedy.
Tags: Theatre

How to Create a Danish-Cord Seating Surface

A bench is a great entry-level piece of furniture to build. It's useful and not as difficult to make as a chair. You can easily build a plank-seat bench, like one of the wonderful designs Joel showed us in Tools & Craft; you could upholster it if you've got access to fabric and foam and want to get fancy; or you could go with a classic Scandinavian option, the Danish-Cord seat.What's nice about the Danish-Cord option is that it looks fantastic and doesn't require a lot of tools to execute, just ...
Tags: Design, Materials, Furniture Design, Joel

ListenUp: Cende: Bed

With refreshing force, Cende's singer Cameron Wisch delivers direct, emotive vocals in the band's new single "Bed" (which premiered today on The Fader). The pop-rock track bounds forward, carrying plenty of lyrical baggage and stirring up quite the...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Design, Culture, Listenup, Cameron Wisch, Rockmusic, Cende, Doubledoublewhammy

Video Flash: First Look at Midwestern Gothic at Signature Theatre

The new musical by Royce Vavrek and Josh Schmidt is now running at the Virginia theater.
Tags: Virginia, Theatre, Royce Vavrek, Josh Schmidt

Mondo Announces New Disney-Themed Gallery Show ‘Never Grow Up’

Just when you thought you could put your wallet away and stop fretting over the dwindling wall space in your home, Mondo has to go ahead and announce a new gallery show built around Disney animated movies. A collaboration between the ever-popular pop culture art company and Cyclops Print Works, Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show will open to the public next month. But three posters have arrived with the announcement: 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, and Big Hero 6. The gallery is set to open in Austin...
Tags: Art, Movies, Disney, Big Hero 6, Cool Stuff, Mondo, Austin Texas, Austin TX, Aladdin, Ken Anderson, Ken Taylor, Jonathan Burton, Disney/Pixar, Guadalupe Street, 101 Dalmatians, San Fransokyo

Mock Trial In Chicago Debates Fate Of Parthenon Marbles

"The opposing forces were represented by two powerhouse teams of Chicago attorneys: former U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick M. Collins, and Tinos Diamantatos represented the British Museum; former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb, Sam Adam Jr., and Robert A. Clifford argued for Greece. And each side produced an expert witness."
Tags: Art, Greece, Chicago, Visual, 03.24.17, Patrick J Fitzgerald, Patrick M Collins, Tinos Diamantatos, Dan Webb Sam Adam Jr, Robert A Clifford

Milan Design Week 2017: Preview Highlights: What's on our "Don't Miss" list for this year's festival

Milan Design Week lives up to the hype of being a world class design destination; it's the most important design event on our calendar and is made up of many, many, many fairs and exhibits spread all over Milan. While Il Salone is the traditional fair...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Design, Milan Design Week, Milan While Il Salone

A Culture Of Offense Has Crept In To Canadian Universities

"An increasingly sensitive and fine-grained vocabulary for registering and opposing forms of sexism, racism, ableism and religious intolerance has undeniably been developing within higher education. Recent events in Canadian universities suggest not only that freedom of speech does not include the freedom to offend, but that those who position themselves as “offence takers” currently hold the balance of power at all levels of campus politics."
Tags: Art, Ideas, April 2017

Singularity Watch: Elon Musk Wants To Send Your Brain To The Cloud

Did you naively think cyborg technology was relegated to anime and future generations? Think again, and consider investing. The new Neuralink Corp. made waves yesterday after a report in the Wall Street Journal announcing its intention to advance Brain Computer Interface (BCI) systems via cortical implants. Their proposed type of BCI tech can be applied to health systems, addressing conditions like epilepsy and chronic depression, but the long goal is brain-powered computing, as well as computer...
Tags: Elon Musk, Design, Technology, Medical, Wall Street Journal, Musk, Neuralink Corp, Cool UX Elon

Does Power Corrupt? Not Necessarily - But It Brings Out Your True Self

As Michelle Obama told the 2012 Democratic National Convention, "Being president doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are." Mathew Hutson unpacks that statement.
Tags: Art, Ideas, Michelle Obama, 03.23.17, Democratic National Convention Being, Mathew Hutson

A Tetrahedral Levitating Yacht Design

Do you enjoy geometry, the high seas and being rich? If so, take a gander at this yacht concept. Designed by architect/designer Jonathan Schwinge, the HYSWAS (Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship) Tetrahedron Super Yacht is sure to be the talk of the marina: And that's just what it looks like sitting still. Once the HYSWAS starts moving and picks up speed… …you get some hydrofoil action going: And it's not just because it looks cool, says Schwinge:Long distances are achievable w...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Jonathan Schwinge

Urban Ears branches out from their rainbow of...

Urban Ears branches out from their rainbow of headphones to wireless speakers in 6 popping colors and three sizes. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Urban Ears

Gainsborough Painting Back On View, Just Ten Days After Attack

"The much-loved 1785 painting, Mr and Mrs William Hallett (‘The Morning Walk’), received two scratches of about 1-metre and 65cm long in the incident, which happened on a busy Saturday afternoon."
Tags: Art, Visual, Mrs William Hallett, 03.28.17

The "Fearless Girl" Statue On Wall Street Will Now Stay In Place

“In her short time here, the Fearless Girl has fueled powerful conversations about women in leadership and inspired so many. Now, she’ll be asserting herself and affirming her strength even after her temporary permit expires—a fitting path for a girl who refuses to quit.”
Tags: Art, Visual, 03.27.17

Roberta Knie, Wagnerian Soprano, Dead At 79

She was known particularly for her performances of Brünnhilde (including at Bayreuth) and Isolde (opposite Jon Vickers at the Met). She had to give up performing in 1991 when her retinas began to detach from the sheer force of the vibrations from her larynx.
Tags: Art, People, Bayreuth, Brunnhilde, Jon Vickers, Isolde, 03.28.17, Roberta Knie

Event: OFFF Barcelona 2017

Event: OFFF Barcelona 2017 AoiroStudio Mar 28, 2017 We would like to share a really awesome event that is coming up next week and it’s the OFFF Barcelona 2017. Our friends over OFFF have been cooking up 3 days of pure inspiration with many speakers coming from all over the globe. This year with the theme named: A Sensory Overload Experience where the attendees will experience with all five of their senses in results of an unforgettable experience. We w...
Tags: Design, Barcelona, Lance Wyman, Stefan Sagmeister, OFFF Barcelona, OFFF, Abduzeedos, OFFF Barcelona 2017, Leta Sobierajski, Wade Jeffree Vaughan Oliver, Karin Fong, Michelle Dougherty

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