Samsung’s flexible mobile ‘unfolds’ a new future for smartphone design

The pun was just begging to happen. Unfolding the future. Ha! But wordplay aside, look at this gorgeous beauty that Samsung calls the Galaxy Fold. Launched barely an hour ago, this is the future of smartphone design, as dictated by the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It doesn’t just have a flexible screen, it has TWO screens, a beautiful colored metallic back with a lovely spine of a complementing/contrasting color, and six cameras… Three on the outer back panel, one on the outer...
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The Perfect Playing Cards for Traveling With

When we are traveling we don’t want to be carrying around excess baggage, so conserving space, no matter how small, is very important! This is precisely what makes Air Deck 2.0, the ultimate travel playing cards!This deck of travel-optimized playing cards is the successor to the wildly successful Original Air Deck… and it brings with it some improvements! These changes center around the three new eye-catching designs, which consist of Classic, Warp Speed and Astronauts themed designs. Despite ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Product Design, Rune Kippervik, Playing Card, Air Deck 2.0, Ursus Negenborn, Air Deck, Ursus Negenborn Rune KippervikClick

Google Translate Is Actually Wittgenstein In Action

“Google employees have previously acknowledged that Wittgenstein’s theories gave them a breakthrough in making their translation services more effective, but somehow, this key connection between philosophy of language and artificial intelligence has long gone under-celebrated and overlooked.” Here’s an explanation. – Quartz
Tags: Google, Art, Words, Wittgenstein, 02.13.19

6 places to find the best recycled building materials

If construction is in your future — either with a new home build or a remodel — using recycled building materials for the project is definitely the way to go. Not only is using recycled materials good for the environment, but it is often much cheaper. Sometimes, you can even find recycled materials for free! To help you with your upcoming construction or DIY project, here is a list of some of the best places to find recycled items and materials. Pawn shops You can find some pretty amazing b...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Design, United States, Sears Outlet, Goedeker, Habitat for Humanity Restore, Habitat for Humanity Restore Outlets, Poland Wood, Building Materials Reuse Association

Sidewalk Labs releases its vision for Toronto's waterfront

It is a wonderful wooden and digital world, but will it ever happen?
Tags: Design, News, Toronto

Environmental activists to take legal action against US Steel for polluting

Environmentalists are taking legal action against United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel) because of pollution in Pittsburg’s Mon Valley. The Clean Air Council and PennEnvironment are suing the steel manufacturer for violating the Clean Air Act after a fire broke out at a facility in Clairton, Pennsylvania. “We cannot expect families to sustain this kind of health burden and trauma, and we cannot expect kids to learn, grow and flourish when they are confined to their homes, unable to breat...
Tags: Design, News, California, Environment, Pollution, Air Quality, Clean Air Act, Pittsburg, U.S. Steel, Clairton, US Steel, Mon Valley, Clairton Pennsylvania, Deemer, Clean Air Council, PennEnvironment

Auto Safety Feature of the Near Future: Airbags on the Outside of Cars

In World War II, tank crews would cover their vehicles in sandbags, logs and even concrete. None of these add-ons would completely stop or deflect an incoming shell, but the idea was that the more material you have to soak up an impact, the less the explosive force would penetrate into the cabin. This principle would also be useful, if impractical, during collisions between civilian cars. And a German auto supplier called ZF Friedrichshafen AG believes they've found a way to make it p...
Tags: Design, Cars, Volvo, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

A solar-powered seaside home embraces contrast and scenic views

Melbourne-based firm Megowan Architectural has unveiled a beautiful home located in Mount Eliza in Victoria, Australia that uses strategic angles and contrast to make the most of the idyllic seaside setting. The three-story Two Angle House is not only aesthetically stunning — behind its sophisticated concrete and wood facade is a complex system that makes the home incredibly energy-efficient. Located in the seaside town of Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula, the 5,920-square-foot home’s s...
Tags: Design, Melbourne, Victoria Australia, Mornington Peninsula, Mount Eliza, Megowan Architectural, Angle House

Own the Slopes With The Knot Helmet!

Second to protection from the elements and surroundings, snow-sport gear is used to express the individual’s tastes, style and most significantly, personality… and their helmet is no exception to this! This is exactly what drove the design of the KnOt Snow Helmet!Inspired by the boldness of climbing ropes and the distinctive forms created using the Macrame technique, KnOt uses its fixation method to drive the aesthetics! Traveling through the translucent exterior skin of the helmet is a network ...
Tags: Design, Helmet, Product Design, Fitness/Sports, Marine Demeyere

Forget Living Your Best Life — Here’s An Argument For Living The Good-Enough Life

Western philosophers from Aristotle to Kant to Marx to Ayn Rand (okay, bear with us here) may have differed on what constitutes greatness, but all of them held it as an ideal. Avram Albert argues for a different goal, one espoused by Buddhist thinkers and Romantics (and which we might call the Lake Wobegon ideal): good enough. And even that is difficult. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, Aristotle, Marx, Buddhist, Lake Wobegon, Kant, 02.20.19, Good Enough Life, Avram Albert

Portland Loses An Arts Institution – And It Happened Out Of Sight Of The Community

“Closing the college and selling off the campus is the worst possible outcome for just about everybody. It ends a craft community and keeps anyone else from ever joining it. Sometimes, your community isn’t large or committed enough to go on, and then, yes, that’s the end of things. But asking your community to help you figure it all out should be the prior step.” – Oregon Arts Watch
Tags: Art, Oregon, Portland, Issues, Audience, 02.15.19

Ai Weiwei’s Segment For Anthology Film About Berlin Suppressed Out Of Fears Of Chinese Gov’t Reaction

“A contribution by the Chinese artist, film-maker and activist Ai Weiwei to a film called Berlin, I Love You, was cut by the producers on concern it could block the movie from getting distribution in China and create difficulties for them with the Chinese authorities.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Media, China, Berlin, Ai Weiwei, 02.19.19

Watching Two New York City Ballet Dancers Get Ready To Star In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ For The First Time

Anthony Huxley (the Prince): “For me [the difficult thing] always is the acting and being a presence onstage … because I’m not a natural projector with my face.” Indiana Woodward (Aurora): “The suitors are all rooting for you. They’re all like [whispers]: ‘You can do it. You can do it.’ I’m like, ‘Help.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, Dance, First Time, Anthony Huxley, 02.19.19, Indiana Woodward Aurora

Kenneth Cadwallader

Kenneth Cadwallader is a painter with a fresh, confident approach, and a vibrant use of color. The galleries on his website are divided into paintings from his travels in China, figures and floral still life. I particularly admire the strong value contrasts in many of his townscape and still life paintings.  
Tags: Art, China, Painting, Gallery And Museum Art, Kenneth Cadwallader

6 eco-friendly ways to incorporate hemp into your daily routine

After decades of “reefer madness”, the misinformation about Cannabis is finally starting to disappear, and the truth is coming out about the many benefits of the magical plant. However, many still don’t know the difference between cannabis, marijuana and hemp, and continue to believe they are one and the same — but, they are not. So, what are the many uses of hemp? Read on to find out. In a nutshell, cannabis is a family of plants that have two major classifications: Cannabis Indica and Cannabi...
Tags: Design, Clothing, Environment, Features, United States, Pesticides, Porsche, Fiber, Paper, Hemp, Plant, Green Products, Omega, Eco-friendly, Trump, Natural Products

Philosophy Need Not Be Dense And Unreadable, Does It?

Most people do not realise that Aristotle wrote works designed for the general public. If they did, then perhaps more philosophers would automatically assume that they needed to follow his example.  – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, Aristotle, 02.20.19

Bibi Ferreira, Brazilian Theatre’s Grande Dame, Dead At 96

“Ms. Ferreira, who sang in English, French and Spanish as well as in Portuguese, began acting when she was a child and continued performing well into her 90s … Her voice was powerful and protean, capable of making material identified with artists like Édith Piaf and Frank Sinatra entirely her own.” And she made history as Brazil’s first Eliza Doolittle and Dolly Levi. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Brazil, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, Dolly Levi, Ferreira, Eliza Doolittle, 02.19.19

Tretyakov Gallery’s Conservators Talk About Repairing Slashed Portrait Of Ivan The Terrible And His Son

Last May, a drunken nationalist attacked Ilya Repin’s famous painting of the crazed tsar cradling the body of the son he just murdered. “The good news is that the specialists at the museum believe that they can fully restore the painting. The bad news is that it will take years.” – The Moscow Times
Tags: Art, Moscow, Visual, Tretyakov Gallery, Ilya Repin, 02.01.19

The Campaign Against Sackler Family Cash In The Arts World May Have Reached A Turning Point

“The debate over how organizations should handle donations from members of the Sackler family has intensified in recent weeks after the revelation that specific individuals like Richard, former chairman and president of Purdue Pharma, played a far more extensive role in promoting OxyContin than previously known.” – Inside Philanthropy
Tags: Art, Richard, Issues, Purdue Pharma, Sackler, 02.19.19

Heavy Metal Has A Nazi Problem. But What To Do About It?

“Should metal stay dangerous and controversial and offensive? Is it censorship to deny bands a platform for their genocidal views? Is it curtailing their free speech to make it harder for a band to get booked or get signed versus at what point does it become critical to keep these dangerous Fascist elements out of our scene? At what point is that record worth so much to you that you would buy it knowing that you were actively contributing to something that is harming other people?” – The New Y...
Tags: Art, Music, 02.16.19

Classical Music Is Broken Online. What iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music And The Others Should Do About It

It’s difficult to find music, hard to catalog, and just an overall pain in the neck to manage. The problem? “We’re treating around 300 years of music from various countries, forms, philosophies, and so on as one genre. As far as modern commercial music, we don’t group the past 50 years together” – Mac Rumors
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, 02.15.19

Jerry Saltz: Having An Art Fair In L.A. Has Never Really Worked — Until Now

“I often say about art fairs that they are a spectacle of art having sex with money in public. At Frieze, they went at it like a gaggle of pent-up bonobo monkeys. And the sex was good. Or so I’m told. I only watch — amazed, jealous, contemptuous, self-hating, you know the drill.” – Vulture
Tags: Art, Visual, Jerry Saltz, Frieze, 02.20.19

At Home With Jasper Johns

“He has been one of the primary architects of the contemporary art world, and has also opted out of its social trappings entirely. For decades, he has divided his time between quiet towns along the East Coast and a remote retreat designed by Philip Johnson in St. Martin. Now, he rarely leaves Connecticut. The curator John Elderfield has called him ‘the hermit of Sharon.'” – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
Tags: Art, People, East Coast, Jasper Johns, John Elderfield, Sharon, Philip Johnson, 02.18.19, St Martin Now

Should We Bother Restoring Old Castles And Palaces?

Castles, in particular, were instruments of war and occupying or levelling them was the goal of invading armies. In many cases, the castles were then taken over by the victors and re-purposed, but many were dismantled, particularly when the structure could no longer repel attacks by cannon.  – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Visual, 02.12.19

Essential eco-friendly fixtures to incorporate into your home

Being a steward of the environment means evaluating how many resources you and your family consume and consistently looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make small eco-friendly fixtures to your home that can have a huge impact towards those goals. Water costs WaterSense, a federal program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency provides information about the most water-efficient fixtures for your home. Look for a label that indi...
Tags: Design, Toronto, Energy Star, Environmental Protection Agency, Skitterphoto

Hawaiian grocery store explains local culture on the side of its reusable bags

While vacationing in Kauai, my pal Otto von Stroheim spotted this informative primer on local Hawaiian culture, right on the side of a reusable Foodland supermarket bag. I dug around Ebay and discovered it's part of a series called "You Know You Local." Here's the holiday edition: lead image via Otto, 2 + 3 image via ebay, 4 +5 image via ebay
Tags: Post, Design, News, Ebay, Hawaii, Kauai, Foodland, Otto von Stroheim, Culture primer, Da Kine, You Know You Local

Topas ecolodge aims to be a model of sustainability

From conception, the goal of the Topas Ecolodge in Vietnam has been to encapsulate sustainable practices at every turn. They also carry a heavy burden of social responsibility by focusing on providing local jobs and sourcing materials from the surrounding areas whenever possible. Nestled into a mountainous region in North Vietnam, they aim to assist the five local hill-tribes that remain largely untouched by the modern world. The vast majority of the 100 employees live in surrounding villages o...
Tags: Travel, Energy, Design, Village, Recycling, Vietnam, Sustainable, Bolivia, Eco-friendly, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Eco-travel, Destination, Rustic, Eco Tourism, North Vietnam

VEJA unveils vegan sneakers made from corn waste

Ethical sneaker brand VEJA has unveiled its newest and arguably most impressive eco-friendly kicks yet — the Campo, a chic sneaker made with a new vegan and biodegradable fabric. The revolutionary material, called C.W.L., is made from a waxed canvas with 50 percent corn waste from the food industry. The Campo marks the first time C.W.L. has been used in the fashion industry. Developed by an Italian company, C.W.L. is organic cotton coated with PU and resin from the corn waste industry. With a ...
Tags: Design, Clothing, Shoes, Fair Trade, Brazil, Biodegradable, Sneakers, Green Fashion, Eco Textiles, Campo, Veja, CWL, Ethical Fashion, Recycled Plastic Bottles, Eco Friendly Fashion, Rio Branco

Recent Listening: Dave Young And Friends

Dave Young, Lotus Blossom (Modica Music)Young, the bassist praised by Oscar Peterson for his “harmonic simpatico and unerring sense of time” when he was a member of Peterson’s trio, leads seven gifted fellow Canadians. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Peterson, Oscar Peterson, Dave Young, 02.19.19, Dave Young Lotus Blossom Modica

Louisville Orchestra Names Its Next CEO

Robert Massey comes to Louisville from the Jacksonville Symphony and previously held executive positions at Orchestra Iowa and the Washington Bach Consort. – Insider Louisville
Tags: Art, Music, Louisville, Jacksonville Symphony, Robert Massey, 02.19.19, Orchestra Iowa

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