This aluminum spiral is hypnotic and beautiful

“This is what you get when you iron a Slinky,” said one commenter. So soothing and gorgeous. (more…)
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Artist turns words into the things they describe

Jonathan Harris uses written words as the starting point for drawings of the things the words represent. This guy should do tattoo cover ups
Tags: Art, Post, News, Jonathan Harris

Design Job: Fight Gravity as Astro Studios' Lead Industrial Designer in San Francisco, CA

Astro is currently looking for a Lead Product Designer. Lead Designers at Astro set the creative pace on multiple programs and at times, lead other designers and outside collaborators. All designers must be able to present strong points of view via killer visual & verbal skills to Astro teams and clients alike. In addition to collaborating on design, designers must have the ability to hit schedule & budget goals and support other design teams as needed.View the full design job here
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Review: Hamilton

Finally, Los Angeles audiences get to be in the room where it happened.
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I Want To Go Home by Wesley Leon Aroozoo

Photography © Jon Chan Stuck to the window of BooksActually is a poster of “I Want to go home”, a new novel by Wesley Leon Aroozoo. About four years ago, Wesley read an article in the New York Times about Yasuo Takamatsu, a man who lost his wife to the tsunami that hit Onagawa in 2011. Since that fateful day, he has been diving every week in search for her. “I felt an urge to meet this amazing man. It took me months to locate and reach out to him. Eventually I had the chance to spend time ...
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Video Flash: Flashback Friday: Jessica Keenan Wynn Goes From Heathers to Mamma Mia! Sequel

The Broadway veteran sings "Candy Store" in this clip from the making of the Heathers cast album.
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Candy Store, Mamma Mia Sequel, Jessica Keenan Wynn

Fairy Tales As Useful Caution

"I’ve been asked in interviews, in classrooms and by audiences, if I think fairy tales are feminist. I think they are, but not by our modern definition of feminism. Traditional fairy tales were created long before any such notion existed, and I’d say they help women, rather than lift up women. They warn, rather than […]
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Peninsula Classics Best of the Best 2017: A 1954 Maserati A6GCS/53 Berlinetta with coach-work by Pininfarina takes this year’s prize

The Peninsula Classics Best of the Best was created in 2016 by the Hong Kong-based luxury hotel group to add a layer of celebration on top of the world’s most important vintage car awards. It’s a complement to The Quail Motorsports Gathering which...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Cars, Pininfarina, Maserati, Vintagecars, ClassicCars, Peninsulahotels, Quailmotorsportsgathering, Pebblebeachconcours

The First Black Movie Star In Britain Is Still Here At Age 100 (And He Says He's Not Retired)

"He's appeared in Ealing dramas, a James Bond movie and played a wily dictator in Sidney Pollack's The Interpreter. But if [Earl] Cameron never quite achieved leading-man status, that was hardly his fault - there were other factors at play. ... In hindsight, perhaps, he peaked too early. He broke the mould on his very […]
Tags: Art, People, Britain, Cameron, James Bond, First Black Movie Star, Sidney Pollack, 08.08.17

Leaning on the Edge

Leaning on the Edge16.5" x 14", oil unstretched canvas [Author: Bill Guffey]
Tags: Art, Oil, Abstract, Bill Guffey, 16.5 X 14

Pickle Rick Sculpture

Realistic sculpture of the Pickle Rick from animated series Rick and Morty. Life-sized Pickle Rick made by Chewitpunchy and painted by his girlfriend. Also check out: Rick and Morty Truck
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Rick, Pickle Rick, Pickle Rick Sculpture, Chewitpunchy

Aztek, un bout de canapé par Charles Kalpakian

AZTEK – charles kalpakian ©PARISSEQUEMA Designer aux origines libanaises installé en France, Charles Kalpakian mêle dans ses créations de mobilier ou ses interventions d’architecture d’intérieur ces deux influences. Avec Aztek, son dernier projet, il livre son interprétation du bout de canapé, en faisant un objet coloré et aux contours crénelés. Un bout de canapé qui pourra par ailleurs officier en tabouret ou en table basse, seul ou des des compositions… Cette création joue sur les rencontres ...
Tags: Books, Design, France, Furniture, Table, Aztek, Deco, Mobilier, Meuble d'appoint, Tabouret, Module, Charles Kalpakian, Avec Aztek, Christophe Pillet Charles Kalpakian, Charles Kalpakian Retrouvez

Photo Flash: Santa Claus and the Rockettes Celebrate Christmas in August

The annual event kicks off the 2017 Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
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New refrigerator camera takes aim at food waste

We know food waste is an issue, but often it’s all too easy to forget about that bag of lettuce in the back of your refrigerator until it rots. It turns out 40 percent of the salad British families buy each year ends up in the trash – but a new refrigerator camera could help slash that waste. The Smarter FridgeCam helps people monitor expiration dates and even suggests recipes – for far less than the price of a smart refrigerator. London-based company Smarter says their FridgeCam can turn any ...
Tags: Design, London, United States, United Kingdom, Smarter, Christian Lane

Review: Van Gogh's Ear

The famous artist finds his sound in this new theatrical concert.
Tags: Theatre, Van Gogh

Solar-powered Bike Sharing Farm is a mobile community garden for the city (Video)

No community garden in your neighborhood? Inspired by bike sharing schemes, this portable garden can come to you.
Tags: Design, News

Scientists just created green solar cells - and they're working on white, red and additional colors

Do you love solar panels, but hate the color blue? You’re in luck – researchers in the Netherlands have developed a process for making conventional solar panels bright green, and they’re working on developing other colors as well. By making the panels more appealing, they hope to entice more people and businesses to invest in clean energy. Researchers at AMOLF devised a method of imprinting solar panels with silicon nanopatterns that make them appear green. Though the process decreases the eff...
Tags: Design, Netherlands, Pixabay, Cleantechnica, AMOLF, Verena Neder, Neder, Albert Polman

The cup that turns water magically into juice!

Have you ever tried that trick where you shut your eyes and nose and you eat a spoonful of food and you legit can’t figure out what it is? Your taste buds don’t detect much if you leave out the component of sight and smell. Try it and get back to us with your results! The Right Cup uses this very hack, but on the inverse, tricking its users into thinking they’re drinking sweet fruit juice, when in reality, it’s just good old water!Designed to bring an element of fun and excitement into water c...
Tags: Deals, Design, Fda, Popular, Product Design, Random, Drinkware, Erez Rubinstein, Isaac Lavi, Ori Mendelevich, The Right Cup, Isaac Lavi Ori Mendelevich Erez Rubinstein

A Clever Piece of Graphic Design in Protest of the Current State of Affairs

Artist Mike Mitchell actually created this back in May, but it's suddenly more relevant now that our President has waffled on whether to denounce neo-Nazis and white supremacists. "Here's a high res copy which I'm allowing for personal use (signs, shirts, buttons)," Mitchell writes. "Spread it far and wide."
Tags: Design, Mitchell, Visual Communication, Mike Mitchell, Design for Impact

Perfectly Fused Style and Sound

The latest addition to the Philips Flite family of minimalist, folding headphones, Ultrlite is the on-ear version that sets the tone for refined aesthetics and audio. The super slim design folds entirely flat. They’re ideal for tossing into your bag and taking anywhere. Worn directly over your ears, they deliver rich, crisp sound from powerful 32mm drivers for a sublime listening experience. Better yet, a Bluetooth option give you complete wireless freedom!Designer: Axel Lorsold & Ken Lam ...
Tags: Design, Audio, Headphones, Product Design, Portable Audio, Ken Lam, Axel Lorsold, Philips Ultrlite Headphones

White House kills ban on bottled water at National Parks

The Trump administration has put the kibosh on a six-year-old ban on selling bottled water at some national parks. The National Park Service announced on Wednesday that, effectively immediately, parks like the Grand Canyon will no longer be able to block the sale of plastic water bottles in a bid to reduce litter. In a statement, the National Park Service said it wanted to “expand hydration options for recreationalists, hikers, and other visitors to national parks.” The decision serves as yet ...
Tags: Post, Design, News, Obama, Colorado, Washington Post, Senate, White House, Environment, Barack Obama, United States, Pollution, National Parks, Donald Trump, Grand Canyon, National Park Service


This hour-long DVD, by Creative Catalyst Productions, shows us a leisurely painting session with Shirley Trevena.  Shirley has a signature style and a way of painting which is different from any other watercolor artist.  She rarely, if ever, draws anything on her paper before painting but looks closely at still lifes she sets up (sometimes taking an hour to set up a still life but this one is not so intense).  While looking, she chooses her colors, laying each one out individually on a white p...
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter, Winsor Newton, SHIRLEY TREVENA, Creative Catalyst Productions, Shirley Trevena Shirley

Buy: Sasawashi Slippers

Room shoes are Japanese home essentials and a tradition growing more common in the Western world. Crafted from Sasawashi fabric, these Osaka-made slippers from Rikumo absorb moisture (and odors) and won't pill. Best of all, of course, they are comfortable...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Design, Shoes, Japanese, Osaka, Clothing_accessories, Slippers, Sleepwear, Rikumo, Roomshoes, Sasawashislippers, Sasawashi Slippers, Sasawashi

Theater News: Judith Ivey, Denis Arndt, and More Join World Premiere of Fireflies

The new play by Tony nominee Matthew Barber will debut at Long Wharf Theatre.
Tags: Theatre, Tony, Matthew Barber, Judith Ivey Denis Arndt

Arts And Culture Are Big Business In San Francisco: Study

"A new economic prosperity impact report, organised by the non-profit organisation Americans for the Arts, reveals that San Francisco's arts and culture sector annually brings in $1.45 billion and supports over 39,000 full-time jobs. According to the report, the City by the Bay accounts for nearly 1% of the $166.3 billion generated by the sector […]
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Issues, Bay, 08.18.17

20170819 for Anders S.M. on his Birthday

[Author: Kjell Varvin]
Tags: Design, Kjell Varvin

There's A New Generation Of Film Composers, And You Can Hear The Difference

"If this year's Academy Award nominees for best score are any indication, new blood is beginning to course. Justin Hurwitz, who won the Oscar, is only 32 - and La La Land was his third score for a feature film. Mica Levi, 30, was nominated for her second feature, Jackie. Moonlight composer Nicholas Britell, 36, […]
Tags: Art, Music, Nicholas Britell, La La Land, Mica Levi, Justin Hurwitz, 08.17.17, Jackie Moonlight

Interactive Map Shows You the Exact Opposite End of the Globe From You

This is one of my dogs, Betsy, right before she starts furiously digging. She does it every time I take her to the beach and I joke that she's trying to get back to Japan, where her breed, the Shiba Inu, originates from. But assuming Betsy tunneled straight down from this New York beach and all the way through the planet, somehow managing to withstand the heat at the core of the Earth, would she wind up in Japan? When I was growing up in America it was common knowledge that digging straight d...
Tags: Japan, New York, Design, China, America, Earth, Manhattan, Tokyo, Ux, Jfk, Narita, Visual Communication, Betsy, Shibuya Station, Shiba Inu, Antipodes Map

The Dyson of Drones

The Bladeless Drone is aptly named for its brilliant design that ditches dangerous blades for air ducts. The resulting unit is not only safer but so quiet that neighbors and strangers alike will thank you for not bugging them with an annoying hummmmmmmm!It features four bladeless “propellers.” The main propeller (easily missed) is positioned in the center and responsible for most of the ducted flow to support take-off and landing. Three other propellers control the direction of the drone. The ...
Tags: Design, Drone, Dyson, Product Design, Robots/Drones, Bladeless Drone, Edgar Herrera

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