The Rodgers & Hammerstein Sound

So once in a while, I write parody lyrics. As a working writer and lyricist, I think of it as good exercise. Some of these parodies are surely funny only to me. But I always try very hard to stick exactly to the rhythm and scansion of the original lyric, and to comically dip into the original lyric now and then just for fun. Here's one I wrote during the Great Pandemic, only a totally random whim. I just came across it, and it made me laugh, so I thought I should share... If you really love R&H...
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Download Great Works of Art from 40+ Museums Worldwide: Explore Artvee, the New Art Search Engine

Dilbert creator Scott Adams once wrote of his early experiences introducing the World Wide Web to others. “In 1993, there were only a handful of Web sites you could access, such as the Smithsonian’s exhibit of gems. Those pages were slow to load and crashed as often as they worked.” But those who witnessed this technology in action would invariably “get out of their chairs their eyes like saucers, and they would approach the keyboard. They had to touch it themselves. There was something about t...
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Jennifer Packer Talks About How Painting Works

I’ve never seen a painting that looked real, but I’ve seen paintings that felt real. – Cultured Magazine
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Of Course Networks Are Sexy Right Now. But You, Yourself, Are Not A Network

The network idea is so powerful in our connected world, that it’s tempting to apply it to everything. But not to us… – 3 Quarks Daily
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Big Thinker Edward de Bono, 88

Through his 60-plus books, including The Mechanism of Mind (1969), Six Thinking Hats (1985), How to Have A Beautiful Mind (2004) and Think! Before It’s Too Late (2009), as well as seminars, training courses and a BBC television series, De Bono sought to free us from the tyranny of logic through creative thinking. – The Guardian
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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s New ‘Cinderella’ Could Start Performances Despite Extension Of UK Shutdown

Declaring “Come to the theatre and arrest us,” Lord Lloyd Webber vowed last week to reopen all his West End venues at full audience capacity on June 21, “come hell or high water.” At the beginning of this week, with caseloads of the Delta variant of COVID rising, Boris Johnson postponed the lifting of theatre restrictions from the 21st until at least July 19. Even so, Johnson and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden have offered to make Cinderella part of a pilot scheme of public performances in the...
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MacKenzie Scott Is Now A Major Arts Philanthropist, Too

The total of $2.7 billion in grants announced this week “marks the third time in 12 months that Scott … has issued a wave of donations worth a combined ten figures. It’s also the first time she has funded arts organizations at scale. (The latest round of recipients also includes racial justice groups, universities, and other organizations.) Absent from the list of arts recipients are big names that wealthy donors often favor, such as the Museum of Modern Art or Lincoln Center. Instead, Scott op...
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Running A Theatre From The Kitchen Table During A Pandemic

Marissa Wolf was midway into her first full season as artistic director at Portland Center Stage and had just opened The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Night-time in March of 2020. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Marissa Wolf, Portland Center Stage, 06.11.21

New Study: What Accounts For The Lack Of Women In Jazz?

Among audiences, the government survey data showed that more men than women report attending jazz concerts, and that the gap is larger for jazz than for rock. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Music, 06.15.21

Is Twitch The Future Of Music Streaming (That Pays)?

Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, attracts an average of 30 million visitors a day, and its users watched more than one trillion minutes of content last year, according to the company. – The New York Times
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CNN Is Selling News Clips As NFTs

In an initiative called the Vault by CNN, “the WarnerMedia-owned cable news channel … will ‘mint’ NFTs on the Flow blockchain of memorable moments from CNN’s 41-year history. It will then sell them to the public as digital collectibles.” Yes, TV coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the inauguration of Donald Trump, or the death of Anna Nicole Smith could be yours. – The Hollywood Reporter
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California Removes COVID Restrictions On Arts Venues

“The reopening means the end of mandatory [capacity limits and] mask requirements for vaccinated patrons of California movie theaters, gyms, restaurants, stores and family entertainment centers. However, businesses may choose to retain mask requirements or opt to implement a vaccine verification system, but those verification systems have not yet been developed. ‘It’s the honor system,’ [Gov.] Newsom admitted. ‘We’re not requiring passports.'” – Variety
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Choreographer Cathy Marston Will Be Next Director of Zurich’s Ballet

“Particularly noted for her narrative work, … Marston will take over as new Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer for an initial period of two years, starting from the 2023-24 season. … Marston has previous directorship experience in Switzerland, having been Ballet Director at the Konzert Theater Bern from 2007-2013. There, she created several world premieres including Wuthering Heights (2009), and led the ballet from the brink of closure to a flourishing period of ensemble work.” – SeeingDan...
Tags: Art, Dance, Switzerland, Zurich, Marston, Konzert Theater Bern, Cathy Marston, 06.15.21

Has The Jazz Scene Survived The Pandemic?

The tentative return of gigs could not have come soon enough for jazz performers. A 2008 study on the economics of the genre found that 49% of jazz musicians’ income came from live performances. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, 06.15.21

Rethinking “Lord Of The Flies”

Responses to Golding’s work tend to be polarised, varying from the adulatory to the contemptuous. – 3 Quarks Daily
Tags: Art, Words, Golding, 06.15.21

Why This SF Symphony Cellist Is Eager To Perform In-Person Again

Whether you’re singing along with “Messiah” or rocking with Metallica, the common auditory input of the rhythm and melody, plus the visual input of musicians and conductor, causes our brains to “entrain” or synchronize to this shared sensory awareness. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Music, Metallica, 06.16.21

New Yorker Union Members And Condé Nast Agree On Contract

“After a protracted battle that nearly led to a workers strike, the staffers at three Condé Nast publications — The New Yorker, Ars Technica and Pitchfork — have come to an agreement on their first union contracts. … In the end, the unions got what they wanted. They secured salary floors of $55,000 a year upon the contracts’ ratification and an increase to $60,000 by 2023. There will be guaranteed annual raises of 2% to 2.5% and all units have organized compensation structures.” – CNN
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Will Paris Supplant London As Europe’s Art Capital?

It could indeed happen. Christie’s is owned by François Pinault, CEO of luxury-goods conglomerate Kering (which includes, among others Yves Saint-Laurent and Gucci) and major art collector; French media magnate Patrick Drahi purchased Sotheby’s two years ago; mega-collector and LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault (a rival to Jeff Bezos for the title of world’s richest man) is based in the city as well. New museums and commercial galleries keep opening in the French capital — which is, of course, home...
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‘Choking On Sanctimony And Lacking In Compassion’: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Slams Social Media’s Social Justice Warriors

“The assumption of good faith is dead. What matters is not goodness but the appearance of goodness. We are no longer human beings. We are now angels jostling to out-angel one another. God help us. It is obscene.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, People, 06.16.21

Justice Dept. Drops Trump Administration’s Case Against John Bolton And His Book

“The Justice Department has closed its year-old criminal investigation into former Trump national security adviser John Bolton and dropped a related lawsuit connected to the publication of his book about the ex-President’s diplomatic bungling. The … criminal investigation had scrutinized whether Bolton’s book illegally revealed national security information, while the lawsuit had sought to grab royalties from Bolton for publishing his book without the administration’s full approval.” – CNN
Tags: Art, Words, Bolton, Justice Department, Trump, John Bolton, 06.16.21, Justice Dept Drops Trump Administration

Why Newspapers Should Revive The Vanishing Art Of Obituaries

“We all know people who we think are so cool, or interesting, or exciting, but a lot of times those stories vanish if no one is there to tell them.” – Poynter
Tags: Art, Words, 06.15.21

Literary Novelists Rediscover Historical Fiction

As students of history know, fashions ebb and flow; it’s increasingly clear that the historical novel is being embraced and reinvented. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 06.13.21

‘Miniature Pompeii’ Unearthed Under Derelict Movie House In Verona

“Construction workers renovating an abandoned cinema in the northern Italian city of Verona have stumbled upon what’s been dubbed a ‘miniature Pompeii’ during excavations of the building’s basement. The ancient site was probably abandoned after a fire, but ‘the environment was preserved intact, with the magnificent colors of the frescoed walls dating back to the second century,'” said the local preservation authority. – Artnet
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What Was Said

In May and June the Community Engagement Network hosted Conversations addressing the topic Benchmarking Equity. While we did not take the advisability of benchmarking as a given, the premise of the discussions was that without some form of accountability, statements committing to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can easily be as toothless as “thoughts and prayers” about gun violence. – Doug Borwick
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‘A Star Is Born’: The History Of The Asterisk

The little mark’s use in texts goes back at least to Aristarchus, the second-century BC compiler and editor of Homer’s epics; it continued through the Middle Ages, the birth of printing, the mass market for books, and the advent of text messaging. And it meant something different in each of those times; these days, it seems to serve at least three separate purposes. – Lapham’s Quarterly
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Marin Alsop Is Proud Of Her Baltimore Symphony Tenure — And Frustrated, Too

“If I had it to do all over again, I would not have tried so hard to move the BSO out of the Ivory Tower. Sometimes you have to say, ‘OK, this is not where people want to go. Try to enjoy the orchestra and community as much as you can.’ … I didn’t have problems with any one individual. It’s more about an ethos and a philosophy of how you want to exist in a community. I had pushed as hard as I could push.” – The Baltimore Sun
Tags: Art, Music, Marin Alsop, BSO, 06.11.21

Tensions Seethe Inside America’s Biggest Public Radio Station

“Employees at [WNYC] are terrified that criticizing their station’s leadership could result in being singled out for layoffs and reprimands by human resources.” Employees express particular concern about editor-in-chief Audrey Cooper, hired away from The San Francisco Chronicle one year ago this month. Says one staffer, “I can’t remember a time when newsroom morale has been lower.” – The Daily Beast
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New streetwear line with art by legendary Black Panther designer Emory Douglas

From 1967 through the 1980s, Emory Douglas was the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, the revolutionary social justice and political organization founded in Oakland, California. Douglas was the art director, designer, and primary artist for The Black Panther Newsletter and created the iconic Black Panther flyers, handouts, and posters. — Read the rest
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Seattle Art Museum To Ditch “Greatest Hits” Narrative To Be More Inclusive

“The way the [American] galleries are organised now is a greatest-hits presentation very much focused on masterworks” by white artists from the 1600s to 2000s, she notes, including oil paintings, works on paper, sculptures and the decorative arts. “It’s very traditional and focused on a march through history that is ahistorical.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Visual, 06.16.21, Seattle Art Museum To Ditch

Why NYC Was Such A Creative Time For Music In The 1980s

“It was still a gritty city, before gentrification really took over. Artists could afford to live in the city – they didn’t have to scramble to make rent, so they could concentrate on their work. You could afford to experiment.” – The Guardian
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