Oregon Shakespeare Festival Lays Off Staff, Cancels Through Labor Day

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, one of the oldest and largest American nonprofit theaters and a popular travel destination, said on Friday that it would lay off 80 percent of its 500 employees, cancel half of this year’s productions and postpone any live performances until after Labor Day. – The New York Times
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Mark Blum, Actor Of Stage And Screen, Has Died At 69

Blum, a consummate theatre professional who played many roles on stage and screen, including Union Bob on Amazon Prime’s Mozart in the Jungle, has died of complications from the coronavirus. – The New York Times
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Hollywood Workers And The Bailout

For actors, writers, directors, and all of the many, many thousands of craft workers, there’s a little help: “The act includes a provision known as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance that extends unemployment benefits to those who otherwise would not qualify, including the self-employed and independent contractors.” – Los Angeles Times
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Shifting Ground: Are You Ready For A New Discourse For A New World?

“These are not the end times, I mean, but nor are they business as usual, and we would do well to understand that not only is there room for a middle path between these, but indeed there is an absolute necessity that we begin our voyage down that path. To the squealing chiliasts and self-absorbed presentists, indulging themselves with phrases like “the end of the world,” I say: “Did it never dawn on you that all of human history has just been one partial apocalypse after another?” And to ...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.23.20

Online Buyers For Powell’s Are So Rapacious That Company Recalls 100 Laid-Off Workers

Some of the still laid-off Powell’s staff are unhappy with the way the company has handled the store closures and layoffs, but for others, the present is a little rosier. CEO Emily Powell wrote on Friday in a memo on the website, “Thanks to your orders on, we now have over 100 folks working at Powell’s again – all full time with benefits.” – The Oregonian
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All The World’s Living Rooms Can Be Stages, With The Right Plays

Ben Brantley: “Remember that plays — even those lofty classics that show up on college reading lists — are meant to be spoken and heard. And saying their lines aloud, no matter how clumsily, helps you hear the music and cadences in them. This is true not only of Shakespeare, but also of linguistically rich latter-day writers like August Wilson, Caryl Churchill, Edward Albee, [and] Suzan-Lori Parks.” – The New York Times
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The Pop And Classical Music Critics Traded Jobs For A Day

The classical music critic got to watch a rapper marched offstage after verbally assaulting a host and throwing a drink at the crowd. She said, “I was surprised he had his shirt off and trousers down so quickly. It takes a bit longer for a symphony orchestra.” – The Observer (UK)
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CURA is a hospital in a box

But does building it out of refurbished shipping containers make any sense?
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For Your Weekend Listening, NYT Music Critics Choose Best Recordings Of Each Of Beethoven’s Symphonies

But with live performances suspended by the coronavirus pandemic, we classical music critics decided to take matters into our own hands and create our dream cycle, featuring our favorite recording of each symphony with just one rule: No conductor or orchestra could appear more than once. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, 03.27.20

Theatres Pivoted To Digital As Fast As They Could Before Shutdowns, So What Will Come Of All That Streaming?

Could some of this be the future of online theatre? “In response to this crisis, Actors Equity Association created a new, temporary streaming agreement available for select producers to record these performances, sell tickets through the theatre’s website, then stream the production online for one-time viewing by ticket buyers. In essence, the idea is to make the patron experience as close to a true theatrical experience as possible.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Theatre, Actors Equity Association, 03.27.20

Lucia Bosé, Star Of Films By Buñuel And Antonioni, Has Died At 89

Bosé won the Miss Italy beauty pageant in 1947, which eventually led to her acting career. She worked with Italian neorealists, Jean Cocteau, Juan Antonio Bardem, Federico Fellini and many other directors. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Italy, Bose, Antonioni, Buñuel, Lucia Bosé, 03.27.20, Jean Cocteau Juan Antonio Bardem Federico Fellini

The Organist Who Kept Britain Company During World War II

Sandy, as listeners called him, spoke like a reassuring, relatable friend. “Sandy Macpherson’s quiet voice is very reassuring at a time when our ears are on the alert for warning sirens,” one family wrote in September 1939. At Christmas, fans showered him with “flowers, mufflers, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, fruit and pots of jam.” – The Conversation
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LACMA Demolition Continues Despite Calls For Quarantine

Not everyone is happy about this. “Opponents of LACMA’s building project have zeroed in on county funding that includes $117.5 million released last April, arguing that the money should be reallocated to address a pandemic that has led to mass shortages of much-needed medical supplies, such as face masks for health workers, COVID-19 test kits and ventilators for sick patients.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Visual, LACMA, 03.28.20

Defiant British Museum Appoints Mary Beard As Trustee

Despite her nomination being rejected by Downing Street last year, the British Museum appointed her anyway. “The Cambridge don, who will take up the role for an initial period of four years on Monday, said she was delighted. ‘It was a visit to the BM which first inspired me to work on the ancient world,’ she told the Observer. ‘I have been a huge beneficiary of this and other museums in the country over the past 60 years, and am now delighted to be able to give something back.'” – The Observer ...
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10 things you did as a kid that you should start doing again

Growing up doesn't mean your life has to be all about work.Studies have shown that playing and being creative has numerous health benefits for adults of all ages.Simple exercises like drawing, finishing a puzzle, or taking breaks outdoors can have a positive impact on your life. Peter Pan had the right idea: growing up is overrated. As adults we often forget to stop and have fun in between paying bills and being productive members of society. We're often stressed about our lives and the world...
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What The Literature Of Plague Tells Us

Jill Lepore: “The literature of contagion is vile. A plague is like a lobotomy. It cuts away the higher realms, the loftiest capacities of humanity, and leaves only the animal. “Farewell to the giant powers of man,” Mary Shelley wrote in “The Last Man,” in 1826, after a disease has ravaged the world. “Farewell to the arts,—to eloquence.” Every story of epidemic is a story of illiteracy, language made powerless, man made brute. But, then, the existence of books, no matter how grim the tale...
Tags: Art, Words, Jill Lepore, Mary Shelley, 03.23.20

Despite Attempts To Negotiate Rent Freezes In NY, Landlords Are Trying To Boot Small Galleries

Despite petitions with thousands of signatures and attempts at local legislation, many galleries aren’t eligible for small business loans and other relief. “April 1 is quickly approaching and small storefront gallery owners who spoke with Hyperallergic say they are feeling increasingly anxious and helpless.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Visual, Hyperallergic, 03.27.20

Nightlife Is The Soul Of A City. Now It’s Gone And We Need To Protect It

The rise of night mayors after 2012 followed the recognition by many cities that they largely ignored what many called their nighttime economies. Those who worked in the nighttime entertainment sector had long argued that their contributions to employment and city tax coffers went unrecognized. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.26.20

Original Cast Recordings To Get You Through The Pandemic

Why now? “As an adult, I’ve try to keep my performing past under wraps. Being a theater nerd was never cool to begin with, but … polite society seems to find something sad about being nostalgic for the activities you loved in adolescence. But now that we’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, shame is no longer a concern of mine.” – Slate
Tags: Art, Theatre, 03.28.20

The National Symphony Orchestra Lays Off All 96 Musicians With A One-Week Notice

Despite a $25 million stimulus package for the Kennedy Center, the musicians of the NSO were told late Friday night that their April 3 paycheck would be their last, and their health care would end at the end of May if concerts have not resumed. Unsurprisingly, given that their collective bargaining agreement requires six weeks of pay before layoffs for economic hardship, “the union has filed a grievance challenging what it believes is an illegal action.” – The Washington Post
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Michael’s Lowest Price of the Season Sale 70% Off Canvas, BOGO Paper Pads, $1.99 Yarn, & More!

Hurry, there is a a great Michael’s deal to keep everyone busy. Michael’s Lowest Price of the Season Sale 70% Off Canvas, BOGO Paper Pads, $1.99 Yarn, & More many Michael’s have Free Curbside Store Pickup too! Get 30% Off all regular priced items with code 30MAKE32820.   Don’t forget Michaels also takes competitors coupons! Learn some... Read more about
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"Pick up anything and start sketching. Your iPhone - take all those ridiculous pictures you took - all of that is a form of drawing."

"All the funny little songs you thought, oh, that's got a great lyric, those are the beginning of ideas. Every dream you have is a possible little bit of an idea. And all of that can be put into use - all of your obsessions. Yes, you like to watch dog videos. Well, maybe you might want to make one. So what if it's not that good? I'm telling you the lessons I've learned in a lifetime of doing it and being terrified of doing it and a lifetime of talking to real artists. The only way to take the cu...
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For Commercial Dancers In Los Angeles, All Revenue Streams Are Gone

There’s no touring, no practicing for Coachella, no videos filming. There’s nothing. “As the entertainment business comes to a halt, commercial dancers and choreographers — the performers who animate film, TV and music videos — said the experience has been surreal and stressful.” – Los Angeles
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Dance, Coachella, 03.28.20

Actors Are Also Out Of A Job – All Of Their Many Jobs At Once

So what are they doing instead of booking, acting, producing, and bartending? Hosting livestreamed music classes for kids in the morning and asking watchers to donate $5 if they have it; building creative communities; and, well, kicking up the “coronavirus content” subgenre. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, 03.28.20

The University Of Michigan Finally Fires Opera Singer David Daniels Over Sexual Misconduct

Daniels, once a leading countertenor and now facing a separate criminal charge for sexual assault in Texas, “was deemed not eligible for severance pay. According to the university, Daniels is the first tenured faculty member to be dismissed since it adopted its current bylaws in 1959.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Texas, Michigan, Issues, Daniels, David Daniels, 03.27.20

What Happens To This Spring’s Most Anticipated Books?

Remember last fall and winter? Well, there were plans: “Months ago, in what now feels like another era, publishers planning their 2020 schedules hoped to avoid releasing books in the fall, typically the industry’s biggest season. Editors and writers worried that new releases would be lost in the deluge of political news leading up to the presidential election, so publishers jammed some of their biggest titles into the spring.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 03.27.20

Unable To Get To Supplies Or Tools, Art Students Demand Partial Refunds

The Yale School of Art, NYU’s Tisch School, and many other art schools are witnessing students demand partial refunds for the rest of the semester since they can’t access anything they need. And at the Rhode Island School of Design, the move to cancel classes came very late. “Some students suspected that by staying open for another week, the university was attempting to circumvent its withdrawals and leave of absences policy, which guarantees a 20% refund of tuition fees for withdrawals during ...
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Broadway Rewind: Sutton Foster & More Get Ready to Bring LITTLE WOMEN to Broadway in 2005

BroadwayWorld's Richard Ridge continues the Broadway Rewind with a new edition that features Whoopi Goldberg, the late great composer Cy Coleman and starts things off with a sneak peek of the Broadway musical Little Women,which starred Sutton Foster, Maureen McGovern and Danny Gurwin. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
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VIDEO: Watch Kristin Chenoweth in STARS IN THE HOUSE Concert Series with Seth Rudetsky- Live Now!

Stars in The House continues tonight 8pm with Kristin Chenoweth [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, House, Kristin Chenoweth, Seth Rudetsky, BWW News Desk

Broadway Rewind: IN MY LIFE Rehearses for Its Short-Lived Broadway Run in 2005

We kick things off with one of Broadway's biggest flops, the musical In My Life, which was written and directed by Academy Award winning composer of 'You Light Up My Life', Joe Brooks. The coolest thing about this musical is that Jonathan Groff was dance captain, swing and standby for the two lead roles. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
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