The tiniest HDMI adapter turns your iPad into a home theater

2018 marks the year that Type-C became the big standard it promised it would be. With the iPad Pro adopting it, alongside the MacBook (and rumors that the iPhone would too), Type-C finally made its way across all dominant operating systems, from Windows, to Chrome OS, to Mac, to Android, and iOS. So if there’s a good time to start adopting Type-C (or USB-C), it’s right now.The beauty of the Type-C standard is that its compact and universal. It’s present everywhere, and works everywhere, and pret...
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Editor's 2018 Gift Guide

Editor's 2018 Gift Guide AoiroStudioDec 12, 2018 Less than two weeks before Xmas, I mean we are totally in the spirit as we speak. The tree is up and you can hear nothing but Xmas songs all over the radio. For ABDZ, it's our time of the year where we would share our gift guide, this will be the Editor's edition. Hello, it's me! François from ABDZ, I decided to take a different direction this year and I divided my hand-picked selections into imaginative type o...
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A Watch for Fidgeters!

We all fidget from time-to-time, whether it’s with the phones in our pockets or by clicking the push button at the end of our pens (the latter of the two really annoys everyone in the general area), we sometimes just can’t help it… we may not even know we are doing it! And that was the reasoning behind the Fidget Smartwatch.The fidget element has been introduced to the smartwatch through the imperfect outer bezel; by adding a notch on opposing sides combined with the ability to rotate the sectio...
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Public Radio And TV Must Reimagine Themselves Or ‘Lose Their Reason To Exist’: Outgoing CPB Board Member

Howard Husock, an executive at the Manhattan Institute, points out the ways that the media landscape has been transformed since the passage of the 1967 Public Broadcasting Act, not least the fact that non-public television is no longer a “vast wasteland” and public radio is no longer an afterthought to television. — Current
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Detroit Symphony’s Woes Seem To Be Over: Budget Is Balanced, Ticket Sales Steady

Continuing its recovery from the crises of a few years ago, the DSO announced its sixth balanced budget in a row. Box office revenue rose by 1%, the popular neighborhood concerts were renewed for five more years, and the “Live from Orchestra Hall” webcasts were seen by 400,000 people. — Detroit News
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Our “Algorithmic Music Culture” Is Making Music Poorer

On the consumer side, streaming and social-media platforms have transformed the nature of music discovery, which was previously more proactive by necessity—requiring manual effort to open up a newspaper, dig through crates at a record store, or attend a live show. Nowadays, “discovery” can be as easy and passive as scrolling mindlessly through a personalized feed or shuffling an algorithmically -curated playlist in the background of a holiday party, without help from a critic or other human gui...
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Stunning sustainable resort in Colombia built out of compressed-earth blocks and bamboo

Tucked into a protected forest within Colombia’s Central Andes, Cannúa is the country’s first upscale sustainable resort. Inspired by permaculture principles, the remote hillside retreat is built with sustainability-sourced bamboo and compressed earth blocks that were produced on site from the property’s own soil. The design also included a rainwater collection system that will allow the hotel to reach its ultimate goal of becoming a zero-waste property. Located in the mountainous region of Ant...
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A guide to the best eco-friendly holiday gifts for children

While it’s obvious that we want the children in our lives to have only the most natural, clean, organic clothes and toys, it’s also important to our planet that we introduce sustainable goods from the start. As children grow up with eco-friendly items at their side, they will naturally grow up to respect the Earth, seeking out these types of green products for the rest of their lives. To get them started on the right foot, here are some of our favorite sustainable gifts for kids and babies. V...
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They Tried Once To Save Atlantic City With Art, And It Flopped. Can It Work This Time Around?

Last time, in 2012, it was the “multimillion-dollar, casino-tax funded Art Park conceived — but indifferently received and later returned to its roots as a vacant lot — by Lance Fung, a world-renowned curator. This time, an Atlantic City art scene is being birthed by less renowned people: longtime community activists, returned locals, old high school friends, and artist/entrepreneurs.” — The Philadelphia Inquirer
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Diptyque Car Diffuser - Move of the metal grid,...

Diptyque Car Diffuser - Move of the metal grid, to adjust the intensity of the fragrance. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Delorean Hovercraft

Handmade air-cushioned vehicle designed to look exactly like Delorean time machine from Back to the Future movies. Delorean Hovercraft capable of travelling over land, water, ice, snow and sand was recently sold on eBay for $45,000.00. Also check out: DeLorean Limousine
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Tasmanian Billionaire Is Building Hotel-And-Arts-Center Next To His Modern Art Museum

Gambling mogul David Walsh, who built and opened MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart in 2011, has announced plans for a complex he’s calling Motown. In addition to 176 high-end hotel rooms, Motown will include a 1,000-seat theatre, a conference center, a library, a gallery, and a spa designed by no less than James Turrell and Marina Abramović. — The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Hobart, Issues, James Turrell, David Walsh, 12.13.18, MONA Museum of Old

In China, a billion cockroaches are leading the fight against food waste

Warning: This story could make your skin crawl. As China’s cities continue to grow at a rapid pace, problems are arising with the country’s food waste. The Chinese population is producing so much food waste that the landfills can’t keep up, and this has led to some out-of-the-box thinking — using a billion cockroaches to take care of the problem. According to a new Reuters report, a plant outside of the city of Jinan — the capital of the eastern Shandong province — is disposing of the 50 tons o...
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Hiring Hand - Creative Inquiry Interview cards....

Hiring Hand - Creative Inquiry Interview cards. This deck was created to breathe new life into the hiring process. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Design Job: Ready for Some Fun? Areaware is Seeking a Creative Director in Brooklyn, NY

Description The Creative Director is responsible for the creative leadership and management of the Company in two defined areas: product development and visual presentation. The Creative Director mentors, inspires and directs designers and production staff from concept to implementation. The Creative Director works closely with Marketing, Sales and Finance to View the full design job here
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From Xeroxed Queer Fanzine To Internationally Influential Opera Blog: The Tale Of Parterre Box

“The first issue was published 25 years ago this month and distributed in bathroom stalls at the Metropolitan Opera. Now its writers are credentialed press at the Met.” Joshua Barone looks at the history of Parterre Box and talks to its founder and doyenne, James Jorden (aka La Cieca). — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, La Cieca, James Jorden, Joshua Barone, 12.13.18

Zero-waste kit ensures reusable essentials are always nearby

The zero-waste movement has consistently gained momentum over the past ten years with many millennials focusing on minimalist lifestyles and conservation of natural resources. More than any generation in nearly a century, attitudes towards lower consumption, conscientious purchasing and limited waste are a big part of societal discussion and awareness. One advocate who has practiced a zero-waste lifestyle for several years has taken the next step in helping others do the same. Marina Qutab, a ...
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Cool Tools: The Overhead Automatic Screwdrivers That Factory Workers Use

Back when I visited Festool's factory in Germany (image below), I got to see workers assembling a variety of their power tools. At their workstations, the workers had these cool automatic screwdrivers hanging overhead. When they needed to drive a fastener, they grabbed the tool, brought it down to the work and the screw was automatically driven with the correct torque. I didn't get to see who made these wondrous driving tools, but I think I've just found out. My wife used to work in a manufac...
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A Fundraiser’s Ten Aphorisms To Live By

Longtime Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) president Karen Brooks Hopkins: “I call these tidbits ‘KBHisms,’ which I hope will guide you through the cold winter months ahead and provide some comfort.” (Note no. 6: “You Lose More Money Presenting Opera by Intermission Than You Do Presenting an Entire Season of Theater.”) — Inside Philanthropy
Tags: Art, Issues, Brooklyn Academy of Music BAM, Karen Brooks Hopkins, 12.09.18

Public Radio’s Smaller Stations Are Fading Away, And We’ll All Lose If They Disappear

“The vast majority of assets and growth lie with a relative few of the largest stations. Every year, the weakest go dark, or they are absorbed. … Or their licenses are spun off for cash. … If this continues, the consequences are profound. So how shall we think about this?” Spokane Public Radio general manager Cary Boyce offers three possibilities. — Current
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Inside The Refugee Theatre Company That Created ‘The Jungle’

The Good Chance Theatre was founded in the Calais refugee settlement known as “The Jungle,” where the touring piece by that title was created. Now that the Calais camp is gone, Good Chance has moved on to Paris, where, each week, migrants attend a workshop and create a theatre piece which they perform for visiting Parisians. Writer Verity Healey has a look. — HowlRound
Tags: Art, Theatre, Paris, Calais, Jungle, SJ, 12.13.18, Verity Healey

The One-Man Studio Who Created Some Of The Best Children’s Story Records Ever Made

Jim Copp, an erstwhile jazz performer and L.A. Times society columnist, wrote and narrated the stories, sang the songs, played the instruments, created the sound effects, and layered the tracks (dozens of them) on nine different records between 1958 and 1971. And they still hold up today, even for grown-ups. — The New Yorker
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Atlanta’s Monumental Piece Of Civil War Propaganda Art Is Being Restored To Tell The Truth

No, this isn’t Stone Mountain. It’s “the largest palimpsest of Civil War memory to be found anywhere on planet Earth — the Atlanta Cyclorama, one of the great wonders of the postmodern world.” Which is to say, it’s an enormous 360-degree painting, once a major tourist attraction, that was painted over repeatedly to change the narrative and show one side or the other as winning. — Smithsonian Magazine
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Study: How To Build Trust In The Media

It finds that news consumers are more trusting of the media—and more secure about their own ability to discern the truth—when they are exposed to a combination of fact-checking articles and opinion pieces arguing for the importance of journalism. “When one side attacks over and over again, and the other doesn’t respond, at some point people assume that journalists have conceded the point that they’re biased.” – Pacific Standard
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She Plagiarized Poetry, Tattooed It On Her Arm… And Now Her Career Is In Shreds

Ailey O’Toole’s bizarrely brazen act of plagiarism — stealing lines, phrases, and structural elements from the work of at least three other writers — was uncovered last Friday, unraveling her career at the speed of Twitter, the medium by which her fledgling reputation lived and died. Within 24 hours, the literary press Rhythm & Bones had canceled her forthcoming book of poems, and the insular world of poetry Twitter had already gone through a cycle of blame, bafflement, and measured defense. – ...
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Let There be Portable Light & Charging

I love it when gadgets disguise themselves as decor. If you look at any of Google’s home products, they make use of domestic-friendly colors, soft forms, and even fabric clads. The design team feels that a device (electronic or not) that sits in your home should blend into its homely atmosphere, not look like something from Blade Runner. Edgy, futuristic products don’t sit well in cozy homes. The Lucis 3.0 follows that thumb rule by making tech more domestic and versatile at the same time. The...
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre A Cautionary Tale For Regional Theatre?

 Liverpool’s plight is a reminder of just how close to the edge many regional theatres are operating and how perilously near many are to breaching their NPO agreements. As one leading industry insider put it to me: “There are many canaries in cages coughing, if not yet falling off their perches.” As with Liverpool, it wouldn’t take all that much to knock them off, and when one tumbles – particularly one as big as Liverpool – the fear is that more may follow. – The Stage
Tags: Art, Theatre, Liverpool, 12.10.18

What We Learned About Making Good Plays: “We Don’t Care If They’re Any Good” (At Least For Awhile)

“What we learned working on Sinan’s play, and several others at that time, completely changed our DNA. We learned that the pressure of rushing to production forced us to take safer approaches and to marginalise the most important visionary of all, the writer.” After Pera Palas, the Lark changed its approach. “We became what I like to call a ‘rehearsal company’. We would be a play lab, a think tank for theatre.” – The Stage
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12% Cash Back on Ebates! {Today Only – 200+ Stores}

Ebates Cash Back WOW! Get some holiday shopping done today! With 12 days left until Christmas – Ebates is have a 12% Cash Back Sale at over 200+ Stores TODAY ONLY! This is AMAZING! Here are just a few of the stores participating: American Eagle – was 2% now 12% Barneys New York – was 3% now... Read More Read more about 12% Cash Back on Ebates! {Today Only – 200+ Stores}
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