A Literal Twist on the Flashlight

Douglas Cushing’s concept twists the archetypical flashlight on its head quite literally! Designed with a desire to stray away from the predictability of current products, the Heavy Utility Flashlight features a twisting head that turns the light source on and off.As easy as a switch might be, it’s also a cinch to operate, especially in the dark. Rather than fumble around with your fingers trying to locate the button, you can quickly guide your hand to either end and give it a small twist to act...
Tags: Design, Flashlight, Product Design, Douglas Cushing, Heavy Utility Flashlight

'The Awl' Is Shutting Down

The webzine founded by Choire Sicha, Alex Balk, and David Cho in 2009 was eclectic and quirky: "On any given day, The Awl might play host to a story about colloidal silver, a guide to killing possums before they kill your chickens, or a novella-length examination of the TV show Adventure Time; there might be […]
Tags: Art, Words, 01.17.18, David Cho, Choire Sicha Alex Balk

The Revolve Wheel is a puncture-proof tire that folds into a compact pod

It’s often said that there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, but one revolutionary designer has done just that. Andrea Mocellin’s Revolve Wheel is an airless, puncture-proof and foldable wheel that is compatible with most bicycles and wheelchairs. Mocellin says that the new take on the old wheel was inspired by the growing trend of foldable vehicles, which are typically limited in how small they can get by the size of their wheels. REVOLVE: The wheel in a new form from Andrea Mocellin | REVOL...
Tags: Design, Andrea Mocellin, Mocellin

Former Angry Bird marketing guru wants to build a $15 billion underwater tunnel

Peter Vesterbacka, the former marketing chief for the smash hit mobile game Angry Birds, has embraced a new challenge: the construction of an 80-mile-long tunnel between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. This tunnel would facilitate a high-speed rail connection between the capital of Finland, an artificial island in the Baltic Sea that Vesterbacka plans on building, and the capital of Estonia. “Digging is just a few billion [euros],” Vesterbacka told Buzzfeed News. “Let’s say $15 billion ...
Tags: Europe, UK, Design, News, Infrastructure, Train, Urban Design, Finland, Railway, Estonia, Baltic Sea, Public Transportation, Angry Birds, Helsinki, Tallinn, Green Transportation

This tent-shaped chapel in Portugal is in tune with nature

This open and inviting tent-shaped chapel by Plano Humano Arquitectos was designed to take full advantage of the majestic views and natural surroundings of Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. The chapel is a new addition to the National Scout’s Activities Camp (CNAE), and its doors are open to anyone looking for shelter or a space for contemplation and introspection. The chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, takes the form of a large tent. The gable roof is lower and narrower at the entrance and it str...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Portugal, Tents, Green Architecture, Natural Building Materials, Gable-roof, Fatima, Panoramic Views, Chapel, Wooden Beams, Tiny Building, Plano Humano Arquitectos, National Scout´s Activities Camp (CNAE, Plano Humano Arquitectos Photos

There's A Painted-Over Sol LeWitt In A Houston Dentist's House

"The site-specific Wall Drawing #679 - a grid of blue squares segmented by red and yellow lines - had been commissioned by the late William F. Stern, a local architect and the home's previous owner. It was executed on the roughly 30-by-10-foot wall in the early 1990s, and covered up years later when the house […]
Tags: Art, House, Houston, Visual, 01.16.18, William F Stern

Theater News: Music Theatre International Licenses Updated Version of Aladdin Jr.

This 60-minute adaptation of the original Broadway production is designed for middle-school students.
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Aladdin Jr

Mask to make you a deeper sleeper

It seems as though getting a good night’s sleep is somewhat of a dream these days, which is ironic. I find myself tossing and turning, trying app after product after app to “track” my sleep pattern in an effort to enhance it – but to no avail. Maybe Dreamlight’s Rechargeable Sleep Mask could be the answer to my troubles. Using light technology, Dreamlight helps you sleep and experience optimal rest.Like all good sleep tech, this sleep mask tracks your sleep patterns each time you use it. Conside...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Ces, Product Design, Sleep Mask, Ces2018, Dreamlight


[Author: Kjell Varvin]
Tags: Design, Kjell Varvin

Designing for Wood Movement, Part 2: Using Cleats or Buttons to Attach a Tabletop

In the last entry we saw a builder create a tabletop the wrong way. By not obeying the rules of wood movement, the builder has doomed the tabletop to failure.The rule that the builder ought have followed is a simple one: Design for boards to expand and contract along their width. A competent designer/builder never traps a piece of wood within a four-sided frame. For centuries, builders have known how to attach tabletops in such a way that they will not lift up off of the base, yet can still expa...
Tags: Design, Blake, Reference: Wood, Rockler, Forstner, Woodcraft Image, Peter Dettorre

Theater News: Casting for A.R. Gurney's Later Life Is Announced

Jonathan Silverstein will direct the production off-Broadway for the Keen Company.
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Jonathan Silverstein

Nike's Research-Driven "1 Reimagined" Collection is Designed by Women, For Women

Nike just announced a 10-pair sneaker collection completely designed by 14 female Nike designers, all working on either Nike's color and materials team or sneaker design team. Drawing inspiration from two of Nike's most iconic sneaker silhouettes—the Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1—the designers were put to work creating 10 reimagined sneakers, in just a few weeks. They were tasked with the one-liner design brief "Make Cool Shit," and that's exactly what they did. AJ1 JESTER XX Research Phase Ha...
Tags: Design, London, Research, Nike, Portland, Air Force, Sneakers, James, Air Jordan, Nike Sportswear, Andy Caine, Marie Crow, Nike s Research Driven, XX Research Phase Hand, Georgina James, Jacqueline Schoeffel Marie Crow

Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Legendary Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Legendary Santiago Ramón y Cajal ibby Jan 19, 2018 We were awestruck by the newly released Beautiful Brain, a companion book to a traveling exhibition showcasing hand-drawn notebook renderings by the father of modern neuroscience, Santiago Ramón y Cajal. The exhibition is the very first peek at Cajal's extraordinary drawings here in the US and is a mind-bending look at the way neurons, the building blocks of our brain, ...
Tags: Design, New York City, US, Nyu, Grey Art Gallery, Santiago Ramón, Cajal

Can A Gay French Countertenor Help Fix Classical Music's Diversity Problem?

A reporter visits Philippe Jaroussky's music academy in the banlieues of Paris, where children from working-class and immigrant families get free music instruction.
Tags: Art, Music, Paris, 01.18.18, Philippe Jaroussky

Hairy micro-office teleports you to a world of calm

We’ve seen our fair share of unusual architecture, but this “hairy” building is a first. UK-based 2hD Architecture Workshop designed a surreal structure called “Mission Control” that’s entirely clad in brown bristles and appears to be mysteriously void of any doors or windows. Created as a micro-office and haven for concentration, the workspace located in a Nottingham garden is described by the architects as “an exercise in teleportation, designed to take us from the everyday hurly burly to anot...
Tags: UK, Design, Office, Architecture, Gallery, Workspace, Nottingham, Carousel Showcase, Plywood, Skylight, Pitched Roof, Mission Control, Polycarbonate, Garden Building, Micro Office, Hairy Architecture


Beehives need to be brought back. [Author: [email protected] (kane)]
Tags: Art

Tools & Craft #81: On Apprenticeships

Craft apprenticeships never took hold in the United States in the way that they did in Europe. Why are they wearing these silly hats? I explained it here. Apprenticeships existed here but even in colonial times, an ever-expanding country and a constant demand for talent meant that anyone with a modicum of skills could get a job--even if they weren't fully trained. There was little incentive for a skilled apprentice to complete their indenture, little enforcement, and a steady stream of im...
Tags: Europe, England, Design, Germany, United States, Thomas, Joiner, Chris Schwarz, Tools & Craft

Buy: Razor Set

With soft touch grip for a smooth gliding shave, the By Humankind razor feels like brand new—even when it isn't. While the short triangular-shaped handle moves as a natural extension of the hand—offering more control—the razor also stands upright...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Wellness, Design, Beauty, Razors, Grooming, Bathroom, Grooming_health, Humankind

Smart Speaker + So much more

Amazon Alexa is inside EVERYTHING. It’s starting to become somewhat of a prison in your home, walking through the house talking to yourself and then having an inanimate object respond with “I didn’t quite catch that.” As of late, I’ve become a huge fan of companies trying to push the boundaries themselves and challenge the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant products, and nobody has done it better than the ever-creative Teenage Engineering with their release, H.Taken from their site, Teenage Eng...
Tags: Google, Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Beijing, Silicon Valley, Product Design, Portable Audio, Teenage Engineering, Amazon Alexa

Hugh Wilson, 74, Created 'WKRP In Cincinnati' And Directed 'Police Academy' And 'The First Wives' Club'

Mr. Wilson worked his way into comedy writing after starting out in advertising, and in 1978 he graduated from writer to creator when WKRP made its debut. ... [He] introduced a different brand of misfits in Police Academy, his first feature-film directing assignment, for which he was also one of the screenwriters."
Tags: Art, People, Cincinnati, Wilson, 01.17.18, First Wives Club, Hugh Wilson

What A Generation Of Broadway Choreographers Learned Dancing In 'Fosse'

Andy Blankenbuehler, Sergio Trujillo, Josh Rhodes, and Christopher Gattelli all performed in the 1999 show assembled from the late Bob Fosse's choreography. "[They] didn't appropriate the distinctive Fosse style. But it's more than happenstance that the show produced this bumper crop of choreographers. Ask them why, and they make the school analogy."
Tags: Art, Dance, Bob Fosse, Fosse, Christopher Gattelli, 01.16.18, Andy Blankenbuehler Sergio Trujillo Josh Rhodes

Designing for Wood Movement, Part 2: The Right Way to Attach a Tabletop

In the last entry we saw a builder create a tabletop the wrong way. By not obeying the rules of wood movement, the builder has doomed the tabletop to failure.The rule that the builder ought have followed is a simple one: Design for boards to expand and contract along their width. A competent designer/builder never traps a piece of wood within a four-sided frame. For centuries, builders have known how to attach tabletops in such a way that they will not lift up off of the base, yet can still expa...
Tags: Design, Blake, Reference: Wood, Rockler, Forstner, Wood Movement Part, Woodcraft Image, Peter Dettorre

Netflix Recommendations: Under an Arctic Sky

Netflix Recommendations: Under an Arctic Sky AoiroStudio Jan 18, 2018 It's been a little while since our last Netflix Recommendation, we have one for you now. It's 40 minutes short documentary I watched last Sunday during a casual cold day in Canada. The documentary is all about surfing as we are following the adventure of five adrenaline junkies on a journey to explore the unknown of Iceland and its conditions. They will have to go through many brutal...
Tags: Design, Canada, Iceland, Chris Burkard, Ben Weiland

Lynea is a minimal plug lamp created by...

Lynea is a minimal plug lamp created by Los-Angeles based designers Human home. Lynea was created to be like hardwired lighting, but without the hard wiring. Cleverly using the outlet as an anchor, the lamp is easy to install and a beautiful addition to any interior. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Los Angeles, Submitted, Lynea

What The "All The Money In The World" Salary Gap Says About Changes In Hollywood

"It’s easy to criticize Hollywood’s current moment of reckoning for coming off as superficial. You can wear black to a couple award ceremonies and say the right lines in interviews, but does it really mean you’re working to effect systemic change behind the scenes? The All the Money in the World situation served as a […]
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 01.16.18

Link About It: A New Type of Battery Inspired by Electric Eels

Electric eel power comes from cells, called electrocytes, that expel energy when needed. Eels can actually "synchronize the charging and discharging of thousands of cells in their bodies simultaneously," says Max Shtein, a chemical engineer at the...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Energy, Design, Tech, Batteries, Electricity, Eels, Linkaboutit, Electric Eels, Electriceels, Max Shtein

Video Flash: Flashback Friday: Chicago's Kandi Burruss Was "Just Kickin' It" in the '90s

See if you remember this Xscape music video, featuring Broadway's latest countess of the clink.
Tags: Theatre, Chicago, Broadway, Kandi Burruss

'The Boy Factor' - Do Young Men Get An Unfair Advantage In Dance Competitions?

It sure seems that way, various teachers and judges tell Sarah Nagle. Why? Basically, the law of supply and demand.
Tags: Art, Dance, 01.17.18, Sarah Nagle

Pacifica Radio Seeks Emergency Loan To Avoid Collapse

"[The Pacifica Foundation] is at risk of asset seizure following a judgment in October that ordered the network to pay $1.8 million in back rent plus interest to the Empire State Realty Trust. The rent is for the transmitter of WBAI, Pacifica's New York City station. ... Pacifica's total debt is roughly $8 million, including […]
Tags: Art, Media, New York City, Pacifica, Pacifica Foundation, 01.16.18, Empire State Realty Trust, WBAI Pacifica

Residency in Paris, France

Streets of Paris, France, iPhone photo by Samantha Henneke      Our residency in Paris. We have been here for two weeks..... just about the longest amount of time we have ever been away from our home in Seagrove, NC. A Big Thank You goes out to Ed and Gloria for taking care of Luna and Koi and maintaining the pottery shop business at home.     So far since we have been here we have seen a handful of museums.... still so much more to see and so much more we want to experience and do befor...
Tags: Art, Paris, Ed, Luna, Samantha Henneke, Paris France, Gloria, Koi, Seagrove NC, Parrotin Gallery, Johen Creten We, Paris Living, Samantha Henneke Streets, Streets of Paris France

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