Konstantin Grcic and Aeance Designed the Ultimate Industrial Designer Starter Pack

What would a clothing collection based on the principles of good industrial design look like? That's what esteemed industrial designer Konstantin Grcic set out to discover during his collaboration with performance sportswear brand Aeance.  The result? It's sleek. It's minimal. It's tailored. It's functional. It's sophisticated. It's made from mostly recycled textiles. It's almost meme-worthy how spot on Grcic portrays the elevated aesthetic every industrial designer aspires to achieve in orde...
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Is Amazon Killing Incomes Of Writers? No, Protests Amazon

Amazon is frequently blamed for not just disrupting the way people buy books, but for making it difficult for writers to make a living. Now the company is fighting back, taking aim at an Author’s Guild report last week that detailed a catastrophic drop in author incomes. – The Guardian
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How Performing Arts Centers Are Evolving For The 21st Century

‘We really see that we have a role in creating pathways for creative people who are local and who are in the community to create work, have their ideas and get their work onto a stage – pathways for their work to find its way out into the wider world. And then the other way is pathways into this region, bringing work from the rest of the world to Geelong to keep us excited about what the arts are. That’s one of the ways that we’re starting to think about it for ourselves.’ – ArtsHub
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Instagram-worthy black and white sketched chapel for you to say “I Do”

The mythical tale of the perfect wedding! Most of us have at least once, imagined ourselves getting married, from the most picture perfect pastel scenario to the most daredevil version of ourselves that can ever be. Given the latest Insta-worthy demand, people are certainly going the extra mile to get some unique, envy-inspiring, photo-ops!Adding to your bucket list, we have an artist inspired wedding scenario in Las Vegas that looks like it has stepped out from the artist’s sketchpad. It’s not ...
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New European Internet Content Law Will Be A Disaster For The Internet

“Taken together, these two rules will subject huge swaths of online expression to interception and arbitrary censorship, and give the largest news companies in Europe the power to decide who can discuss and criticise their reporting, and undermining public-interest, open-access journalism.” – Electronic Frontier Foundation
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“Exciting Future”? Monitoring the Uncertain Condition of the Embattled National Academy of Design

“Get updates about our exciting new future,” proclaims the homepage of the long-dormant NAD, which closed its doors to the public on June 1, 2016, at the age of 190, with the stated intention of reopening in a “new home.” Two and a half years later, the nature of that “exciting future” has not yet been revealed and a “new home” has not yet materialized. — Lee Rosenbaum
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Not Your Mama’s Sack Lunch

Designed for delis, this elegant packaging design provides a quick and easy way to pack up sandwiches to take on the run. Optimized for the food item’s traditionally flat shape, the cardboard packaging sports a slim profile that’s easy to carry, tote, and store in any refrigerator. Better yet, its rigid material its rigid material is more effective at keeping sandwiches from getting squished than your average paper bag. When users are ready for lunch, it unfolds and doubles as an eating surface...
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Generational Change: Regional Theatre Pioneer Emily Mann Leaves McCarter

Mann didn’t just lead Princeton’s $23 million theatre from a respected regional outpost to a Tony-winning incubator of new work and new talent. While there she also built on an already ground-breaking career as a documentary-play creator and feminist director to create signature American works as Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years. Her stamp is on not only generations of theatre artists but creative administrators as well. – American Theatre
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Split Sink by Emo Design

Modern sink features integrated storage drawer for your bathroom towel. Split Sink: multi-functional space-saving bathroom sink by Emo Design. Also check out: Fishbowl Sink Concept
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Netflix Refuses To Remove Footage Of Quebec Rail Disaster From ‘Bird Box’ And ‘Travelers’

Video of the 2013 derailment and explosion of an oil-tanker train that killed 47 people in the town of Lac-Mégantic features in both Netflix original productions, and, despite heavy criticism, the company says that the footage will not be cut. (Company reps say they’ll be more sensitive in the future.) — CBC
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Poet Mary Oliver Dead At 83

“Often compared to her literary idol Ralph Waldo Emerson, with whom she shared an abiding interest in the natural world, Ms. Oliver combined a precise, unfussy style with an almost religious devotion to examining nature. … Ms. Oliver was a rarity in modern American literature — a best-selling poet, so popular she was interviewed by journalist Maria Shriver in O, the Oprah Magazine.” — The Washington Post
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Stylish Use of Textutre in Illustration: Wizje Magazine

Stylish Use of Textutre in Illustration: Wizje Magazine abduzeedoJan 18, 2019 Tomasz Woźniakowski shared a beautiful project on his Behance profile. It’s a set of illustrations he recently created for the newest Wizje magazine publication which is a polish collective of young people promoting poems of various writers. The illustration style is top notch, I especially like the usage of texture and depth. I feel that is a much better alternative to the ultra f...
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How Four Guys Who Thought They’d Be Playing Cymbals In Orchestras Turned Into Sō Percussion

A look into the backstory of a quartet that became two rare things: a star classical percussion group and a genuinely hip chamber ensemble. — Ludwig van Toronto
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I have discovered a kooky old drawing studio in east chinatown that has tons of life drawing classes. It's a relic of a bygone era. The place is always full of men with white goatees, hands covered with pastel chalk, and multiple oil paint streaks on the upper thighs of jeans. I'm actually a youngster in this joint. The woman running it loves bones, so there are skulls, a full skeleton, and plenty of other relics about to sketch. Decided to incorporate them into my life drawing session. If the m...
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Permaculture feeds and empowers refugees in Uganda

Refugees arrive at Palabek refugee camp in Northern Uganda with the clothes on their back and what little they carried. New arrivals, many from South Sudan, receive a tarp, tent poles, a water can, a cooking pot and a ration card for enough food to make starvation a slower process. While aid agencies swarm Sub-Saharan Africa, home to more than 26 percent of the world’s refugee population, few make their desired impact. But African Women Rising (AWR) is having startling success. The organization...
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‘Crown Jewels’ Of Pre-Colonial South African Art To Get New Museum In Pretoria

“One of Africa’s pre-colonial treasures, the Mapungubwe gold collection, discovered in the 1930s near what is now the South Africa-Zimbabwe border, will take pride of place in … the new 280m rand ($19.7m) Javett Art Centre.” — The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Africa, Visual, Pretoria, Mapungubwe, South Africa Zimbabwe, 01.16.19

Last Words — What Do People Really Say Before They Die?

“We have a rich picture of the beginnings of language, thanks to decades of scientific research with children, infants, and even babies in the womb. But if you wanted to know how language ends in the dying, there’s next to nothing to look up, only firsthand knowledge gained painfully.” — The Atlantic
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UK's Guardian switches to biodegradable wrapping for newspapers

The Guardian — a national newspaper in the U.K. — has ditched its polythene packaging and replaced it with a compostable wrapper in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The newspaper and its inserts are now packaged in a clear, biodegradable material made from potato starch that will completely compost in just six months. The choice to scrap the plastic packaging makes The Guardian the first national newspaper in the U.K. to make such a switch, following publications like the National Trust membe...
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New Multi-Million-Pound Regional Cultural Fund To Compensate For Local Funding Cuts

Administrators in the UK culture ministry took proposals for specific projects of up to £7 million. The first five winners, to share £20 million, are the Thames Estuary, Wakefield in Yorkshire, Worcester in the English Mindlands, Grimsby in northeast England, and Plymouth in the southwest. — The Guardian
Tags: Art, UK, England, Plymouth, Issues, 01.18.19, Thames Estuary Wakefield, Yorkshire Worcester

New Film Shows Us An Actual Soviet Show Trial

In The Trial, Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa and his team use only rare, recently-discovered film (with sound) of a full 1930 show trial in Moscow. Masha Gessen explains just how fitting the term show trial is: “the judges, the prosecutor, the court clerks, and the defendants are all members of the cast. They are performing their assigned roles. The rest of the people in the hall — men and women of different ages, some dressed in military uniforms and some in civilian suits, but all wearing...
Tags: Art, Media, Moscow, Sergei Loznitsa, Masha Gessen, 01.15.19

The Renoir Family Had Daddy Issues

“The filmmaker Jean Renoir made a career of dismantling the beliefs of his absentee father, the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Jean satirized the aristocracy and upended his father’s saccharine scenes of leisure.” — The Paris Review
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Inventing A Podcast To Bridge Different Cultures

Make-Believe is a new podcast company in Chicago, and is, as Jeremy McCarter likes to put it, is a podcast that’s “one part live theater, one part TV production, one part social science… Chicago is multiple cities. The discourse becomes more authentic when you can bridge — let’s call it what it is — segregation.”
Tags: Art, Media, Chicago, Jeremy McCarter, Sj1, 01.17.19

UK Think Tank Report: Restrict Access To “Low Value” Arts Degrees

Low value? The right-leaning group says that some arts degrees offer poor income prospects for graduates and little economic return for the government that supports such degrees. This thinking, of course, assumes that “value” is purely economic… – The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 01.15.19

Where Dance Meets Physics (Where? Yale, Of Course)

For eight years now, a pair of Yale professors, Sarah Demers (particle physics) and Emily Coates (ballet), has taught a course called “The Physics of Dance.” “Their partnership has involved everything from directing a short film to presenting a TedX Talk and performing a piece that Coates created, commissioned by Danspace Project. This month, they’re publishing a book.” — Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Yale, Coates, Emily Coates, 01.17.19, Yale Of Course, Sarah Demers

Hell in a Handbasket: Louis Vuitton's Exclusive "Glow in the Dark" Bags

The main problem with expensive Louis Vuitton bags is that they don't waste any electricity, contain difficult-to-recycle electronic components nor require charging. Well, the problem has been solved with the announcement of these completely necessary objects: Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 Glow in the Dark Monogram Bag— xmfstudios (@xmfstudios) The bags contain fiber optic lights--but excited and clueless fashionistas are referring to this as a "glow in the dark" bag...
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Developing Authentic Disability Theatre, And Bringing It To The Public

“Theatre has the power to help us recognize the social forces that we have created as a society and allows us to envision how we can change them. To incite positive social change and critically alter the way society views differences, voices from the disability community must be included in what we present onstage.” Seattle dramaturg Andrea Kovich, who identifies as disabled, writes about two projects focused on the work of Deaf and disabled playwrights that she recently did with Sound Theatre ...
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Beautiful tiny home boasts passive design features and resilient materials to withstand frigid climates

Due to limited space, designing a tiny home can be a very complicated task, but when designing a structure that can withstand extremely frigid temperatures, its a different beast entirely. Just ask Canadian tiny home builders, Minimaliste Houses, who specialize in creating durable tiny homes built to withstand Canadian winters. The designers have just unveiled the gorgeous Ébène Tiny Home, which was designed to be energy-efficient thanks to tight thermal insulation and a hydronic heating floor ...
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Volvo Living Seawall - made of tiles designed...

Volvo Living Seawall - made of tiles designed to mimic the root structure of mangrove trees this seawall turns into a viable marine habitat that attract filter-feeding organisms. Fifty have been installed in Sydney Harbour to combat urbanisation and pollution. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Trip to Japantown

After visiting the American Bookbinders Museum, we headed over to Japantown. Most Japanese immigrants to the United States arrived via San Francisco. According to Wikipedia, there used to be 43 distinct Japantowns in California, but that number has dwindled down to three. In addition to San Francisco, you can find Japantowns in both San Jose and Los Angeles. When you arrive at the San Francisco Japantown, you’re greeted by a torii gate (Sacred Bird gate) built in 1976. I had seen several torii g...
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