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Cottage kitchens from The New Cottage in The Vine from the Vineyard Gazette

Pick up a copy of The Vine from The Vineyard Gazette for a story I wrote about three cottage kitchens found in my latest book The New Cottage from The Taunton Press. Better yet, pick up a copy of the book ;-) Available at Bunch of Grapes on Martha’s Vineyard, local bookstores near you, and Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
Tags: Design, House, Katie Hutchison, My cottage book, Martha 's Vineyard, Web tours, Taunton Press Better

Could You Imagine Earning an Industrial Design Degree Online?

Like many design schools, the Rochester Institute of Technology offers degrees in both Industrial Design and Architecture. Unlike most design schools, however, R.I.T. recently announced they're rolling out a Masters of Architecture degree program…online.They're not alone. In fact, according to the Guide to Online Schools, "Online architecture degrees are available at the bachelor's, master's, and certificate levels." The site lists 31 accredited schools offering such degrees.Which begs the quest...

Public Furniture That Makes a Statement: Snøhetta and Vestre's Peace Bench, a/k/a "The Best Weapon"

Yes, I reflexively almost put this into the Design Roast, before reading up on the intent of the design. This is the Peace Bench, designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta and manufactured by Vestre, a company that bills themselves as the first carbon-neutral outdoor furniture manufacturer.To be honest, from a practical standpoint the design makes no sense to me. The anodized aluminum bench is over 21 feet (6.5 meters) long, yet appears to seat only two. Furthermore, physics presumably in...
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Three Ways to Create the Photocopy Glitch Distorted Type Effect

The warped and distorted text effect is a classic technique artists would use when creating collages, posters and flyers with photocopiers in the analog days. The effect is still used today to create abstract art, but we can now also use digital creative software to reproduce the distorted appearance with text, logos and other graphics. In today’s guide I show three ways to create photocopy style glitch distortions. Firstly the manual way using a scanner, then techniques to mimic the effect in P...
Tags: Design, Photoshop, Tutorials, Illustrator, Glitch, Optionally, Photocopy, Glitch Text Effect, Photocopy Distortion, Photocopy Glitch, Scan Glitch

How to see these six fascinating animals in the wild while aiding in their conservation

If you’re going to travel, travel responsibly. The best way to show animals that you love them is by respecting their habitats and aiding in the conservation of their species. Here’s how to ethically view six animals in their natural habitats in ways that benefit them rather than disturb them. Sharks on Viti Levu, Fiji There are hundreds of different species of sharks who call earth’s waters home, and a trip to Fiji will give you the chance to see at least eight of them in their natural habi...
Tags: Eco Tourism, Wildlife, Eco Travel, Animals, Environment

What To Read When You’re Ready To Burn It All Down

If you’re angry and you want to know what to read, remember, books can help you channel it into something less general and more focused. – The Rumpus
Tags: Art, Words, 10.11.19

Ang Lee Just Can’t Quit His High Frame-Rate Obsession

Uh-oh, Ang Lee, what happened to you? “If you’re wondering why a filmmaker as good as Ang Lee couldn’t, in this case, see the forest for the schlock, the answer may be that Gemini Man, which was shot at 120 frames per second, indicates that he’s become an apostle of technology first and a filmmaker second. He’s been to the mountaintop and has seen the light of high frame rate. He wanted a big dazzling action movie to hang his new world on, and he found one.” – Variety
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Still following along with the Val Webb online course on carbon pencils.  Still too heavy-handed, especially when seeing how lightly Val works with her graphite and carbon.  I would like to learn to be lighter in my application, so maybe that will come with time.  Or maybe this is just the difference in an artist's hand?  So far, these have all been done on hot press watercolor paper.  We'll see if that changes as we go along or if this is the best foundation for carbon pencils.  Th...
Tags: RH Carpenter

How A Group Of Artists Created A ‘Breakout Fall’ For Themselves In Detroit

The Vanguard Artists Collective is “a tight-knit group of like-minded members of the creative class looking to push each other in their artistic practice while nurturing the next generation of great Detroit artists.” And their success hasn’t come overnight. – Detroit Free Press
Tags: Art, Detroit, Visual, 10.12.19, Vanguard Artists Collective

Dance Company From Barcelona Denied Entry To US For LA Dance Festival

The company, Perra da Nadie, released a statement: “Marta and 3 gentlemen who accompany her on this tour, flew from Barcelona with an overlay in Seattle where we were denied access to enter the country. Without knowing why they took us to a secluded room, they warned us from touching our phones, they took our passports.” – Broadway World
Tags: Art, Barcelona, Dance, Seattle, MartA, 10.10.19, Dance Company From Barcelona, LA Dance Festival, Perra da Nadie

What The Collapse Of A Plan For A Contemporary Art Museum Says About Art In Hawaii

Challenging, international contemporary art has always struggled to capture the attention of any but a very small share of the local population in Hawaii. (There are no galleries specializing in anything but decorative, genre, or antique paintings.) – Hyperallergic
Tags: VISUAL, 10.08.19

Stunning green-roofed home in Poland is embedded into the idyllic landscape

Lush green rooftops are becoming more and more common within the architectural world, but this gorgeous house in a remote area of Poland is truly an example of next level green goodness. Designed by architect Przemek Olczyk from Mobius Architekci, the Green Line is a stunning family home that has been almost entirely tucked into its landscape and covered with a thick layer of greenery. Located in the remote region of Warmia, in northern Poland, the 5,380 square-foot family home sits on an expa...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Poland, Natural Light, Passive Home Design, Green Roofs, Sustainable Home Design, Post-format-gallery, Family Home Design, Embedded Homes, Green-roofed Homes, Nature-inspired Home Design, Mobius Architekci, Przemek Olczyk, the Green Line home

Booker Prize Jury Deadlocks, Picks Co-Winners

The chair of judges, Peter Florence, emerged after more than five hours with the jury to reveal that the group of five had been unable to pick a single winner from their shortlist of six. Instead, despite being told repeatedly by the prize’s literary director, Gaby Wood, that they were not allowed to split the £50,000 award, they chose two novels. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Peter Florence, Gaby Wood, 10.14.19, Booker Prize Jury Deadlocks Picks Co Winners

A pocket-friendly DIY cardboard drum kit to kickstart your music production journey!

“Starting music production can be quite confusing and intimidating. Gears can get expensive. You don’t even know if you’ll be good at it yet to make a serious commitment. What do I need exactly? Which audio workstation software to use? How do I start performing? I mean, what do DJs actually even do?!” These are some of the issues that the guys at Rhythmo know music novices face. They know things can be confusing. Hence, they created the Beatbox.Beatbox is a build-it-yourself MIDI controller dr...
Tags: Gadgets, Portable Audio, Product Design, Speakers, Technology, Beatbox, Diy, Drum Kit, Rhythmo

Paper Planes Wall Hangers

Creative hangers designed to look like paper airplanes stuck inside the wall. Paper Planes wall hangers made out of metal by Artoridesign. [more info] Also check out: Unique and Creative Wall Hooks
Tags: Tech

A wearable 4K Action Camera that was designed to fit around the contour of your head

The Cambox V4 Pro literally sits where your metaphorical third eye would be, capturing your world through your unique point of view. Its ergonomic and lightweight design, crafted specially for PoV action filming, puts it on a pedestal above most cameras because the Cambox V4 Pro fits right around your forehead, underneath your visor. The Cambox V4 Pro is compatible with all helmets and peaks, and films from a perspective that is much closer to your eye level, allowing you to capture your bike ...
Tags: Deals, Product Design, Technology, Transportation, Cambox Vision, Helmets, Shop

A Dance Critic Assesses Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Moves

Gia Kourlas: “You can’t completely banish your true self when you dance; Arthur Fleck is still somewhere inside of Mr. Phoenix, even after Arthur transforms himself into the Joker. What makes Mr. Phoenix’s performance so confusingly poignant — and not just a tale of good vs. evil — is the way in which he has essentially placed two characters within one dancing body.” – The New York Times
Tags: DANCE, 10.11.19

Multiple award-winning design firm Bould needs an Industrial Designer!

Bould Design is a strategic partner for bringing highly functional, beautiful and successful products to life through a professional, user-centric design process. Their focus on function, simplicity, quality, and character has achieved outstanding results for clients ranging from stealth mode startups to diversified multi-nationals. They also have several awards to their names including multiple Red Dot Design Awards in 2018 and a couple of IDEA Gold Awards through the years. Apply now to be a p...
Tags: Job Board, Product Design, Bould Design, Computational Camera, Light L16, YD Job Board

William Burroughs Meets Francis Bacon: See Never-Broadcast Footage (1982)

The writing of William S. Burroughs and the paintings of Francis Bacon take us into often troubling but nevertheless compelling realities we couldn't possibly glimpse any other way. Some of that effect has to do with the inimitable (if often unsuccessfully imitated) styles they developed for themselves, and some with what was going on in their unusual lives as well as the even wilder realms of their minds. And though no scholars have yet turned up a Burroughs monograph on Bacon's art, or...
Tags: Google, Art, Television, College, Spain, Bbc, Morocco, Literature, Francis Bacon, Bacon, Seoul, Facebook Twitter, Burroughs, Arena, Gus Van Sant, Jane

Have The Movies Gotten Too Loud?

Many filmgoers say they believe sound levels have been crawling up the decibel scale, and not just for the adverts and trailers. Several sufferers also argued that a lack of balanced settings in an auditorium can create an unpleasant booming sensation. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, 10.13.19

Hong Kong Has A New Protest Song Anthem

The orchestra wear hard hats and gas masks, the choir emerges from a swirl of tear gas-like smoke, and as the music swells, cutaway shots show crowds thousands-strong marching through the streets of Hong Kong. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Music, 10.13.19

A Prison Production Of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ Goes On Tour

“The cast was strip-searched before boarding the bus to their show. The leading man was shackled so tightly that he performed with abrasions on his wrists. And the moment the men finished their bows and the house lights came up, they had to slip out of costume and back into green prison uniforms.” – The New York Times
Tags: THEATRE, 10.11.19, Sj

Engineers Develop a Hyper-Compressible Material Using Artificial Intelligence

You may not realize that among more conventional applications of artificial intelligence like apps and search engines, emerging technologies are transforming yet another unexpected area of design: materials. A fascinating new material study released by Delft University is showing how machine learning may upend our assumptions of how materials are capable of behaving.The Delft study, led by assistant professor of materials science and engineering Miguel Bessa, has developed a new meta material th...
Tags: Materials, Science, Tech, Machine Learning, Artificial Intellige


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Another Book Award Changes Its Name (This One Due To A Murder-Suicide)

Originally the James Tiptree Jr. Literary Award was meant to give encouragement to writers with new or creative thinking about gender, but the award’s focus has changed – and now the award name is changing too. “We entered into this discussion as a conversation about how to interpret what happened at the end of Alice and Huntington Sheldon’s lives. … But the responses to our post made us realize that this was in fact a conversation about whose lives and voices we value. And that’s a matter abou...
Tags: Art, Words, Alice, James Tiptree Jr, 10.13.19, Huntington Sheldon

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Between High Culture And Low Culture

There’s a difference between the two, for sure. But a Marvel movie is marvelous art, and high art helps us appreciate it. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Issues, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 10.11.19

Old bus is converted into a mobile greenhouse to teach students about sustainable eating habits

Sometimes, a little hands-on education goes a very long way when it comes to instilling sustainable and healthy eating habits in children. Parents in New Jersey are rejoicing thanks to a refurbished bus that is on a mission to educate young students on a variety of food education issues, from better eating habits to urban gardening. Designed by Tessellate Studio, the Mobile Food Lab is a 300-square-foot bus that has been customized with a built-in greenhouse, classroom science lab and art exhibi...
Tags: Sustainable Gardening, Urban Gardening, Sustainable Food, World Food Supply, Social Impact, Food Education, Design, Eat & Drink, Sustainability Initiatives, Urban Farming, Converted Bus, Mobile Food Lab, Tessellate Studio, Sustainable Eating Habits, Meadowlands Environment Center, Mobile Greenhouse

Why Two Booker Prize Winners This Year? Perhaps Some Lessons

The danger is that the Booker effect that propelled last year’s “difficult” winner, the brilliant Milkman, to a wider readership will be dissipated. Perhaps it’s best understood as a reminder of how impossible it is, in the end, for the subjective process of weighing one novel against another to come to an objective conclusion. – The Guardian
Tags: WORDS, 10.15.19

The Nobel Literature Prize Has Lost Its Way

Once the ultimate arbiter of great literature, it has struggled to remain relevant at a time of cultural fragmentation. It could not continue on its historical course—awarding unknown European poets who would fail to stir excitement in the media (and social media)—and remain relevant. – The New Republic
Tags: Art, Words, 10.10.19

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