Musician John Cohen Of New Lost City Ramblers Dead At 87

“[He] was distinguished in at least three fields. As a photographer in the 1950s and ’60s he made memorable images of contemporary American writers and painters, and of the young Bob Dylan soon after the singer’s arrival in New York. As a film-making musicologist he documented traditional arts in the American South and in Peru. And as a musician, particularly as a founder member of the New Lost City Ramblers, he had an incalculable influence on the American folk revival and all that followed.” ...
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Where Is The Missing Leonardo?

And will it ever appear again? With less than two weeks to go before the Louvre’s Leonardo exhibition, “there are now serious doubts as to whether the star of the exhibition will be included, as the Paris museum had hoped.” – The Observer (UK)
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Should People Have The Legal Right to Change Their Age?

If chronological age doesn’t matter, as I have argued, then people should be allowed to change this ‘age’ in their IDs to match their biological rather than their chronological age. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 10.09.19

A Great Example of Better Data Visualization: This Voting Map GIF

Done properly, the art of data visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool for educating people. It allows us to understand things that would otherwise be ungraspable due to their sheer complexity.Done improperly, data visualization can be incredibly misleading. It's important that we have talented and hopefully unbiased (I know, what are the odds) designers presenting the information. As one example of how bad data visualization can mislead, take a look at this map below. What you're seein...
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Here and There

Yet another mix of photos from various places in Paris. A rainbow seen from our apartment the other day after a fast moving rain storm. Entrance to the American Church of Paris. The interior of my daughter in law’s new store. She does interior designing now. Happy Hour. I found a lively street market fairly close to us that operates on Fridays. Also, some boulangeries so Maurice can find a good baguette. He’s a connaissuer of baguettes.
Tags: Travel, Photos, Paris, Market, Rainbow, Interior Design, Daily Life, Maurice, American Church of Paris

The Details Reflected In Our Eyes In Smartphone Photos Can Tell Everyone Where We Are, Where We Live, And More

Scary: “A Japanese man was arrested for reportedly stalking a pop star and attacking and groping her at her home, according to Japanese news organization NHK. Allegedly, this man found the woman’s home by studying photos she posted on social media, observing a train station reflected in her eyes, finding that train station using Google Street View, waiting for her at the train station, and following her home.” – The Verge
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Books that made me

Clive James recently filled out the Guardian’s “Books That Made Me” questionnaire. I was so struck by his answers — as well as the questions themselves — that I decided to play along. – Terry Teachout
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[Author: Unknown]
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An Ingenious, Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Lighter

An indispensable piece of EDC kit, whether you're on a camping trip or prepping for the apocalypse, is a lighter. French company Solar Brother has designed the Suncase, an inexpensive and lightweight alternative that requires no fuel. Instead, two mirrored wings flip out, focusing the sun's rays towards a protrusion in the center of the device, in which you stick a twig, a rolled up piece of paper or a cigarette (which it appears to be sized for; this was invented in France, after all). Once the...
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John Giorno, Who Starred In The Andy Warhol Movie ‘Sleep’ And Tried To Move Poetry Off The Page, Has Died At 82

Giorno wanted more for poetry than simply the page, good as that is. He “turned to the world of art and the mechanisms of mass media to shake poetry loose from the page and embed it more deeply in the fabric of everyday life.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Andy Warhol, John Giorno, Giorno, 10.13.19

This stationery holder and charging unit is inspired by cliffs

It’s very poetic to say that you have been inspired by a landscape and pin the translation to abstract art and mediocre execution. However, this is not the case with NIO Cliff, a stationery holder case with a wireless charging unit at its base. Inspired by the “Blue Sky Thinking” global community of designers and the location for the same, three designers Edo Kim, Yu Shan Huang and Ye Seul Kim, have conceptualized this project.Staying true to the landscape of a cliff (with a ^ peak that reminds ...
Tags: Design, Kim, Stationery, Product Design, Martin, Central Saint Martins, Yanko Design, NIO, Edo Kim, Ye Seul Kim, Yu Shan Huang, Edo Kim Yu Shan Huang, Ye Seul KimNIO

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar: Between High Culture And Low Culture

There’s a difference between the two, for sure. But a Marvel movie is marvelous art, and high art helps us appreciate it. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Issues, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, 10.11.19

“Fortnite” Season Ten Ends In Destruction: Video Games (And Storytelling) Will Never Be The Same Again

In the game’s final moments on Sunday evening, a giant explosion took place, sucking the world into a black vortex, leaving players stunned and confused. Brilliantly, Epic took the explosion out of the “fiction” of the game, so that the menu pages and user interface were also pulled into the black hole. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, 10.14.19

Is Porgy a “Stereotype”? — Take Three

Kevin Deas, the exceptional bass-baritone who is the anonymous “Porgy” of my previous blog, has written to me at greater length about singing the part – and the importance of the view “from below.” – Joseph Horowitz
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What The Wild Success Of Silicon Valley Says About The American Success Story

The question of fixing Silicon Valley is inseparable from the question of fixing the system of postwar American capitalism, of which it is perhaps the purest expression. Some believe that the problems we see are bugs that might be fixed with a patch. Others think the code is so bad at its core that a radical rewrite is the only answer. – The Nation
Tags: IDEAS, 10.14.19

How To Pick The Best Seat In The House To Hear An Orchestra

The idea of a “best seat” is subjective and depends on how important a good sightline is to you and what sort of instrumental blend you enjoy. While describing sound in terms of “warmth” and “clarity” and “resonance” may seem subjective, these are in fact quantifiable acoustic terms. – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tags: MUSIC, 10.15.19

If At First You Don’t Succeed… Nobel Winners Who Faced Early Rejection

In literature, some of the most celebrated writers were once considered too strange, too limited or just too boring. Several publishers turned down Toni Morrison’s first novel, “The Bluest Eye,” and she was chastised for years by white critics for focusing too much on black characters. – Washington Post (AP)
Tags: PEOPLE, 10.15.19

Design Job: Jump on This Project Designing Snowboard Boots for Vimana Snowboards

We are looking for a shoe designer with former experience in snowboard boot design. We have a single boot project with a tight deadline and after that to moving forward with designing our new line. The shoe designer should have some snowboard boot design experience. View the full design job here
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Australian Booksellers Take Ronan Farrow Book Off Shelves After Pressure From National Enquirer Parent Company

Dylan Howard, who remains a top executive at the Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., has hired several high-powered law firms on three continents, including the Sydney-based McLachlan Thorpe Partners, to suppress Farrow’s book, which chronicles the extraordinary lengths the Australian tabloid muckraker had gone to help his friend, criminally charged alleged serial rapist Harvey Weinstein. – The Daily Beast
Tags: WORDS, 10.15.19

House of Donuts Playful Visual Identity System

House of Donuts Playful Visual Identity System abduzeedoOct 15, 2019 Donuts, oh donuts! It’s hard to resist the temptation of those little fried pieces of dough. To make things even harder Mariana Font and César Romero created a colorful and fun visual identity for House of Donuts. By playing with typography, colors and pattern they created a beautiful system that is playful but super modern and elegant. I personally love the packaging and printed materials. ...

World’s Biggest Movie-Theater Chain Moves Into Streaming Video

“[AMC Entertainment’s new] service, AMC Theaters On Demand, will offer about 2,000 films for sale or rent after their theatrical runs, just as iTunes, Amazon and other video-on-demand retailers do.” – The New York Times
Tags: AUDIENCE, MEDIA, 10.14.19

Robert Forster, Oscar Nominee For ‘Jackie Brown,’ Has Died At 78

Forster started strong but faded and had a hard time finding work for decades. But “the drought ended with a chance encounter with Tarantino at a West Hollywood coffee shop where Forster regularly had breakfast. Tarantino told him he was writing an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch, which would become Jackie Brown, and asked Forster to read the book.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, People, Tarantino, West Hollywood, Jackie Brown, Forster, Elmore Leonard, 10.11.19, Robert Forster Oscar

The Hollywood Of Utah

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is making a lot of movies and TV in Utah. “This year, BYU Broadcasting, which owns BYUtv, is in production on 25 shows including TV movies, scripted dramas, reality shows, religious content and a cooking show. It is staffed by 158 full time employees, more than 200 students who work part time, and a small army of freelancers who operate in just about every job, from directors and producers to grips and production assistants.” – The New York Times ...
Tags: Art, Utah, Media, Jesus Christ, BYU Broadcasting, 10.13.19, Hollywood Of Utah

Your Living Room Is The Stage

Well, what the heck: “Agreeing to host an immersive show when not connected to the company is a daring step. The spaces are not – for obvious reasons – designed for it. The host is not a professional. The address may be anywhere and so guarantees of ticket sales for any given postcode may be complicated. But people came. Strangers came into my home.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 10.11.19

How Curators Took Over Creativity

In fits and starts, the professional curator arrogated responsibilities once held by the artist, the collector, the historian, or indeed the critic, becoming the figure who assigned meaning and importance to new art: someone the art historian Bruce Altshuler has called “the curator as creator.” Soon after, the curator stepped beyond the single museum or institution to become a roving organizer and analyst of contemporary art. – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, Ideas, 10.24.19, Bruce Altshuler

Hero Complex Gallery’s NYCC 2019 Artwork for ‘Lost Boys’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Seinfeld’ & More

New York Comic-Con 2019 has come to a close, but if you weren’t able to make it to the Big Apple for the pop culture convention, you can still get your hands on some of the outstanding artwork that debuted there. This year’s collection from Hero Complex Gallery included pieces paying tribute to The Lost Boys, Seinfeld, Starship Troopers, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hellraiser, Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Ghostbusters, and more. Check o...
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Coca-Cola using recycled marine plastic waste in it’s latest bottle is an inspiration for FMCGs!

In 2019, the need for sustainability, recycling, and eco-friendly products has reached an all-time high. With the advanced technology that is available nowadays, letting your carbon print run amok is simply not an option anymore. And it seems like Coca-Cola has decided to hop onto the wagon as well! In 2018, a Greenpeace report showed that Coca-Cola was found to be the world’s largest corporate plastic polluter. The report consisted of a survey of 239 cleanups in 42 countries, across six conti...
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Pacido Domingo’s Career Continues Apace In Europe

In contrast to the United States, so far no theater in Europe, where the #MeToo movement has had little impact, has canceled any of the singer’s planned performances on calendars running through the fall of 2020. In continuing the performances, European venues have cited an absence of allegations in their venues, the lack of a judicial case against him and the singer’s well-known affability and undeniable popularity. – Yahoo! (AP)
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A striking new gateway to Copenhagen celebrates green transit and Danish design

Earlier this summer, Copenhagen officially opened Køge Nord Station, a stunning new transportation landmark that raises the bar for beautiful urban infrastructure. Designed by COBE and DISSING+WEITLING architecture, the transit hub features a futuristic 225-meter-long covered footbridge that connects the new double-track high-speed rail line between Copenhagen and the city of Ringsted with the existing commuter urban-suburban S-train line. The 9-meter-wide footbridge spans the width of the Køge ...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Train, Gallery, Denmark, Bridge, Copenhagen, Carousel Showcase, Green Transportation, Timber, High Speed Rail, Henriksen, COBE, Anodized Aluminum, Footbridge, Rasmus Hjortshøj

Streaming Wars: Challenging The Binge-TV Model

“Having had roughly six years to figure out how to best attract TV viewers trained to feast on content, none of the streaming services set to debut between now and next spring will be exclusively adopting the binge model, and veterans like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have tried different release strategies themselves.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Hulu, Audience, Netflix Amazon, 10.14.19

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