Neuroscientists Study Blind Pianist’s Brain And Discover How It Rewired Itself

“Pretty remarkable. His entire brain is stimulated by music. His visual cortex is activated throughout. It seems like his brain is taking that part of the tissue that’s not being stimulated by sight and using it or maybe helping him to perceive music with it. It’s sort of borrowing that part of the brain and rewiring it to help him hear music.” – People
Tags: Art, Music, 02.24.20

Turns Out That People Who Are Likely To Pay For Streaming Services Are Also Likely To Pirate Shows

At least, that’s true in Australia, according to the results of a recent survey. The more services you subscribed to, the more likely you were to pirate. That’s a little weird, right? Well … “Electronic Frontiers Australia board member Justin Warren said people who were paying for multiple subscriptions were likely turning to piracy out of frustration at not being able to find what they wanted on the services they were paying for.” – The Guardian (UK)
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This geometric villa provides complete privacy without compromising the view!

Nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Sisangan Forest is a private residence designed by MADO Architects in the Sisangan province of Iran. The clients had one request, an intense focus on privacy. The architects placed concrete slabs in a tent-like manner allowing them to intersect one another. The intersecting slabs create interesting geometric angles, adding a bold and unique feel to the structure. The vernacular architecture surrounding the building was used as a source of inspiration, with...
Tags: Design, Iran, Architecture, Caspian Sea, MADO Architects, Sisangan Villa, Sisangan Forest, Sisangan

Experience Neri Oxman's Futuristic Approach to Ecology at MoMA

A new show dedicated to Neri Oxman's pioneering material explorations opened this week at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The MIT Media Lab professor and director of The Mediated Matter Group is known for coining the phrase "material ecology" to describe the way her work brings together materials science, digital fabrication, and organic design to produce techniques and objects informed by nature. The exhibition includes seven major projects created over the past 20 years in a mid-career r...
Tags: New York, Design, Exhibitions, Museum of Modern Art, Moma, MIT Media Lab, Museum of Modern Art New York, Neri Oxman, Oxman, Mediated Matter Group, Eric de Broche des Combes Luxigon

Which Language Is Most Difficult To Lipread?

“This last question, though seemingly simple, resists every attempt to answer it. Every theory runs into brick walls of evidence, the research is limited, and even the basic understanding of what lipreading is, how effective it is, and how it works is laden with conflicting points of view.” – Atlas Obscura
Tags: Art, Words, 02.18.20

When Filmmakers Make Films In Languages They Don’t Speak Well

“It is a truth universally acknowledged in world cinema that a celebrated auteur, making their first film outside their native tongue, must be preparing a dud.” But is it actually true? Well, there are a few success stories such as Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth and Alps in Greek, then The Lobster and Oscar-winner The Favourite in English), but only a few. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Alps, Yorgos Lanthimos Dogtooth, 02.24.20

Recycled shipping container cafe utilizes passive cooling in India

Southeast of New Delhi, in Greater Noida City, Rahul Jain Design Lab (RJDL) has transformed recycled shipping containers into a dynamic new cafe and gathering space for ITS Dental College. Named Cafe Infinity after its infinity loop shape, the building was created as an example of architecture that can be both economical and eco-friendly. The architects’ focus on sustainability has also informed the shape and positioning of the cafe for natural cooling. Cafe Infinity serves as a recreational sp...
Tags: Design, India, Brazil, New Delhi, Rahul Jain, ITS Dental College, Cafe Infinity, Greater Noida City Rahul Jain Design Lab RJDL, ITS Dental College Named Cafe Infinity

The Streaming Wars Are Bringing On A New Media Dystopia

The return to piracy is both a bit of a meme and a bit of a reality. And its return is absolutely the result of a market that giant companies have built to intentionally trap customers into either a single-company ecosystem (one ISP, one easy streaming service) or an annoying, expensive patchwork. And while piracy signals discontent with the system, it’s quite unlikely that these companies will react by changing their approach, let alone lowering prices. – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 02.21.20

At The Shanghai Ballet Company, Dancers Are Practicing In Masks

The dancers, including lead dancer Wu Husheng, aren’t finding it easy to train and rehearse with masks on. “Wu, 33, says he can normally train for an hour at a time, but he feels breathless in just 20 minutes with the mask on.” The dancers have seen more than 30 of their performances, especially abroad, canceled, and some dancers can’t get out of quarantines to return to Shanghai. – Reuters
Tags: Art, Dance, Wu, 02.21.20, Wu Husheng


Birds need a house, right?  Still playing with the granulating colors Daniel Smith makes. [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Daniel Smith, Rh Carpenter

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Thirty-Nine

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Thirty NineThere’s never a shortage of anything for Jon and Rob to talk about and for you to sink your teeth into when you listen.  And as usual, the boys set about trying (key word) to understand to understand a world going insane while discussing things rationally…  On this show,  they dissect the football playoffs; the nasty stanch of politics and of Gwyneth Paltrow’s candle (!); the passings of Neil Peart and Buck Henry; the u...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, Television, Film, Theatre, Sports, Cnn, Current Events, Rob, Gwyneth Paltrow, Houston Astros, Popdose

Peleg Design’s pelican is the only bird allowed in your kitchen!

I love to cook, but I hate to do the dishes after. The soaking dishes, the wet cloth, the soapy sponge – it is all so damp! Designer Gil Cohen has created Pelix for Peleg Design, a cute kitchen companion that will reduce your internal shrieks and actually lift your mood while doing dishes. This little pelican shaped cloth and sponge holder will be perched on your counter and the only thing that will fly is the time taken to do chores.Pelix’s bright break is actually a cloth holder, so hang up th...
Tags: Kitchen, Home, Cleaning, Design, Lifestyle, Dining, Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Tools, Product Design, Pelican, Peleg, Ross Geller, Gil Cohen, Minimal Design, Kitchen Products, Multi-holder

Irish Literature Was Born When The Country Didn’t Even Belong To Itself

Indeed, Ireland didn’t even get its own national poet or fiction laureate until 1998 and 2015, respectively. “Laureateships, like prizes and bursaries, recognise a coherent tradition built over time and reinforce a robust faith in the value of Irish literature as a category. Irish literature is now a term with clear meanings and resonances, institutionalised as an aspect of Irish life. … But the apparent certainty with which we now use the term should not blind us to its long birth across centu...
Tags: Art, Words, 02.22.20

Cool Stuff: Jeff Victor’s Latest Pop Culture Evolutions Art Book

We’ve been fans of artist and illustrator Jeff Victor for a long time here at /Film. We’ve especially enjoyed his “Pop Culture Evolutions” series, an illustrated timeline of famous pop culture characters as they change through the years. Now he’s compiling his most recent work into a new book called Evolutions: The Art of Jeff Victor, and he’s turning to Kickstarter to fund it. Check out his video pitch below, and find out what kinds of rewards you can get for helping to make the book a reality...
Tags: Art, Books, Movies, Instagram, Disney, Kickstarter, Cool Stuff, Victor, Billy Dee Williams, Lando, Boba Fett, Skywalker, Donald Glover, Lando Calrissian, Jeff Victor, Jeff Victor @jeffvictorart

Amazing Branding and Visual Identity for Rapscallion Soda

Amazing Branding and Visual Identity for Rapscallion Soda abduzeedoFeb 24, 2020 Daniel Freytag and Greig Anderson shared an incredible branding and visual identity project they worked on for Rapscallion Soda, a drinking company that  specializes in fresh fruit, low sugar sodas, handmade in Glasgow, Scotland. They're a new kind of soft drink - better ingredients, better tasting, better for you. Approach Rapscallion started punting handmade ...
Tags: Design, Glasgow, Glasgow Scotland, Gorbals, Daniel Freytag, Greig Anderson, Rapscallion Soda, Rapscallion com Approach Rapscallion, Rapscallion, Gregor Leckie

An autonomous robot that ensures the only thing you do in a bookstore is read

We’re all familiar with autonomous robots. The idea of little robot butlers finishing up all our household chores is simply so inviting. Well, you’ve thought of robots in your homes, but what about robot helpers at bookstores! Large bookstores can be often difficult to maneuver and manage for the employees and the customers. But Naver Labs’ AROUND B promises to handle all of it. AROUND B is a cute compact robot with wheels that will ensure the books are where they are supposed to be.When a cus...
Tags: Design, Technology, Robot, Kyumin Ha, Robots/Drones, Naver Labs, AROUND B, Kim Seungwoo

The Forger As Artist – A Superfan’s Show Of Work By Elmyr de Hory

In the 1950s and ’60s, Elmyr de Hory is believed to have forged over a thousand works by major artists. Many have been removed from museums. Others, some experts say, have not. Mark Forgy has spent years dedicated to the memory of de Hory. He has written a book, gives talks and contributes to exhibitions on forgery. It is his calling, he says, and has all led to his newest endeavor: putting on an exhibition of de Hory’s original work. No forgeries. Just de Hory in his own voice. – The Ne...
Tags: Art, Visual, Elmyr de Hory, 02.21.20, de Hory, Mark Forgy

So Far California’s New Gig Economy Law Is A Disaster For Theatres And Actors

No one is arguing that theatre artists don’t deserve to be paid or shouldn’t be treated well. As Susie Medak, managing director at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, pointed out, there’s simply a fundamental disconnect between the law and the creative process of theatre. “What concerns me the most is that this law doesn’t take into consideration at all the way creative artists work. It has a desire to codify everyone’s work. The impulse behind AB 5, in making everyone an employee, is that everyone ...
Tags: Art, California, Theatre, AB, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, 02.21.20, Susie Medak

First CLT Passive House project in Boston breaks ground

Move over steel and concrete — a pioneering cross-laminated timber (CLT) project that’s set to break ground in Boston could spearhead a greater adoption of mass timber across the country. Local startup Generate Architecture + Technologies has teamed up with progressive developer Placetailor to lead the project — the city’s first-ever CLT Cellular Passive House Demonstration Project — and provide live/work spaces in Lower Roxbury. Developed with the startup’s Model-C system for prefabricated kit-...
Tags: Design, Boston, Architecture, Innovation, Solar, Green Building, Passive House, Modular, Prefab, Cross Laminated Timber, Prefab Housing, Southern Hemisphere, CLT, Sustainable Architecture, Prefabrication, Mass Timber

This aluminum water bottle is a reusable alternative to single-use plastic

Pathwater, based out of northern California, began with a Christmas Eve run to a grocery store, where three friends lamented about the lack of truly sustainable water bottle options. So they rented a space, added two like-minded partners and got down to the business of providing water in something other than plastic. The result is a sleek, aluminum water bottle that keeps you hydrated, even when you are on the go. The team knew there were already alternatives to single-use plastic on the market,...
Tags: Amazon, Design, California, Pollution, Plastic, Innovation, Aluminum, Coca Cola, Water Bottle, Sustainable Materials, Eat & Drink, Single-use, Pathwater

Hollywood Celebrates Harvey Weinstein Verdict

Actresses and activists celebrated Monday when a New York jury found the producer guilty on two counts, in a decision that could send him to jail for up to 25 years.  – The Daily Beast
Tags: Art, New York, Hollywood, People, Harvey Weinstein, 02.25.20

Here's the Information That Companies Share About You When You Lease or Finance a Car

My wife and I recently leased a vehicle for the first time. I spent a lot of time studying the paperwork in the dealership's finance office. I cynically assumed I'd get screwed somewhere, but I wanted to make sure I got screwed in a clever and devious way, not because I missed some obvious mistake.If you want the car, you've no choice but to sign their privacy agreement, so I did. Yesterday I found a hard copy in the mailbox, spelling out the specifics. This morning I read it over breakfast and ...
Tags: Design, Cars

Trump Administration Is Moving National Archives Out Of Seattle. Native Americans Are Furious

“The U.S. government made us paper Indians — our ancestors are here,” Jack proclaimed last week at Sand Point. To close and remove the archives is to physically remove the ancestors (word is the contents of these warehouses would probably be transferred to facilities thousands of miles away in Missouri and in Southern California). – Crosscut
Tags: Art, Missouri, Seattle, Jack, Issues, Trump Administration, 02.21.20

Philippe Starck Designs Spherical, Screw-less Eyeglass Hinges Inspired by Human Collarbones

Motor Yacht A. Image by Dstnfrey - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 Whether you love or hate his stuff, the sheer range of Philippe Starck's career has got to be the envy of every industrial designer. He's worked on everything from $300 million superyachts to wind turbines, from furniture down to the infinitesimal screw-less, weld-less, spherical eyeglass hinges that are about to hit the market."The SPHERE hinge, which has no screws or welds, offers unique multidirectional freedom of movement, a natural e...
Tags: Design, Philippe Starck, Object Culture, Biolink, Madison Avenue, CC BY SA, Starck, LensCrafters, Alain Mikli

The Real Problem With That Open Letter Supporting The Fired Lyon Ballet Director Wasn’t Who Did Or Didn’t Agree To Sign It

“Unthinkingly defending one’s powerful friends has real-life consequences. What [illegally fired dancer Karline] Marion, and other dancers who may find themselves in a similar situation, will take away from this letter is that there is no winning against a well-connected director. Even if you gather the necessary evidence, play by the rules, and wait, the people you most admire may still call you crazy and obfuscate.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 02.24.20, Fired Lyon Ballet, Karline -RSB- Marion

The V3 Blaze is to wallets what Marie Kondo is to wardrobes

The genius of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David was in the way they could accurately put their finger on ‘relatable memes’ LONG before it was a thing… one of the many cases-in-point, George Costanza’s wallet. Costanza’s wallet was like a hoarder’s paradise. Filled with things he never needed, but still carried because he could possibly need it someday. Costanza’s wallet was filled with items that Marie Kondo would agree “didn’t spark joy”, but it would be wrong to blame Costanza, because the wall...
Tags: Deals, Design, Wallet, Wallets, Jerry Seinfeld, Shop, Larry David, Product Design, Accessories & Fashion, George Costanza, Marie Kondo, Costanza, EveryDayCarry, Saumiya Rachel, V3 Blaze, Valmor Design

Bent VW Bus

Volkswagen bus from 1970s modified to look like it was bent telekinetically. Bent VW-Van functional sculpture designed by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, creator of Fat Car and Fat House. Also check out: VW Beetle Sculptures
Tags: Design, Tech, Vw, Volkswagen, Erwin Wurm

Lind: Blame The Elite Managers For The Rise Of Global Populism

Once, Michael Lind observes, “trade unions, participatory political parties, and religious and civic organizations compelled university-educated managerial elites to share power with them or defer to their values.” But beginning in the 1970s, the managers “unilaterally abrogated” this power-sharing settlement. Now, “no longer restrained by working-class power,” the “metropolitan overclass” has, as Lind puts it, “run amok.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Ideas, Lind, Michael Lind, 02.21.20

Finally: A Serious Attempt To Cut Down Money Laundering In Art?

“There has long been concern over the ease with which suspect funds can be laundered through the buying and selling of art. Now, at last, we are seeing a concerted attempt to get to grips with the issue, which — even if welcomed by most — has sparked resentment and wariness. This almost unregulated sector doesn’t take easily or kindly to attempts to legislate it.” – Financial Times
Tags: Art, Visual, 02.20.20

ProtoPie helps designers translate their work to engineering without the hassles

It’s the golden age of design for software companies. Designers are becoming more visible and popular on engineering teams, figuring out everything from the visuals of color palette and fonts to the deeper interaction flows and user experience journeys that underlie products. As my colleague Jordan Crook recently described, that popularity has translated into one of the big venture gold rushes to serve this newly empowered enterprise customer. Design may be the next entrepreneurial gold rush ...
Tags: Google, Startups, Asia, South Korea, Design, China, Samsung, Tech, Korea, Kim, North America, Jordan Crook, Seoul South Korea, Japan Germany, Microsoft Google, Gangnam Seoul

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