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A Small Quirky Library Of Manuscripts Conceived In A Literary Dream

The 300-plus volumes in the Richard Brautigan Library are private creations made publicly accessible, thanks to an impractical fictional concept that became an impractical reality, and resisted oblivion through persistence, grief and — in true Brautigan fashion — a series of odd, benevolent coincidences. – Seattle Times
Tags: Art, Words, Brautigan, 04.13.19, Richard Brautigan Library

Yo Yo Ma Brings His Cello To The US-Mexico Border

“As you all know, as you did and do and will do, in culture, we build bridges, not walls,” he said. After his performance, he gestured to the bridge to his right. “I’ve lived my life at the borders. Between cultures. Between disciplines. Between musics. Between generations.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, US, Yo Yo Ma, 04.13.19

Misty Copeland Curated A Special Dance Photo Section Of The New York Times

OK, that’s pretty cool – here’s an explainer on what she picked, and why. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, New York Times, 04.13.19

What Britons (Of All Races) Talk About When They Talk About Black People

Jeffrey Boakye (that’s roughly “Bwaaaaah-ch,” by the way, he says): “The Cool Black Myth helps the white mainstream to understand and handle black identity. There’s something enigmatic about blackness that, coupled with the illicit appeal of black culture, makes black people seem cool by default, without even really trying.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, 04.13.19, Jeffrey Boakye, Bwaaaaah

Here Are The Details Of How That Black Hole Picture Came To Be

It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fast, and it involved – shock – physical material. “The dreamy photograph represents a tremendous technological achievement, assembled using eight radio telescopes in four continents—two each in Hawaii and Chile, and one each in Arizona, Mexico, Spain, and Antarctica—all synced together to scan the skies for several days in a row.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Chile, Hawaii, Antarctica, Visual, 04.13.19, Arizona Mexico Spain

With Brexit In The Background, Game Of Thrones Bids Farewell To Belfast

Like New Zealand and Lord of the Rings, Belfast became a major tourist attraction thanks to its starring role across eight seasons of Game of Thrones. One local artist who spent a year making sculptures for the farewell party: “The legacy will go on for many, many years. There’s a real pride in the whole country because of Game of Thrones.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, New Zealand, Belfast, 04.13.19

Issa Rae On Starring In A Movie With The Youngest Producer In Hollywood History

That’s right, Rae (of Insecure fame) shares the screen with a young woman who conceived of the movie when she was 10 and then executive- produced it at 14. “The bullying that the young [character] endures at school resonated with Rae, she says. ‘I really remember that moment, of being 13, and thinking: ‘How do I become someone where this doesn’t happen to me again?’'” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Rae, Issa Rae, Hollywood History, 04.13.19

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