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Brazil’s New Gov’t Redirects Culture Funding Away From Rio And São Paulo — Sharing The Wealth? Or Punishing Bolsonaro’s Enemies?

The maximum amount granted for a project has been slashed from $15 million to $250,000, which is a blow to the largest arts projects in the two metropolises, and the government says explicitly that it wants to spread funding to underrecognized artists and underserved regions of Brazil. (Some 90% of federal arts funding has been going to São Paul and Rio.) On the other hand, the arts communities of those two cities campaigned furiously against the election of President Bolsonaro, and many wonder...
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How Belief Turned Into Opinion

‘The Reformation and Counter-Reformation participated in parallel projects of religious discipline: while Catholics disciplined populations to believe, Protestants disciplined populations of unbelievers.’ Belief in the modern sense of the word was bred of the resulting strain. The demands imposed on Christians by inquisitors and Puritans alike proved too much for many of them. Dissidents emerged in both the Catholic and Protestant traditions, who emphasised the subjectivity of religious convic...
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Have You Picked The Music For Your Funeral Yet?

Data by Co-op FuneralCare suggests that 24% of UK adults (in a survey of 2,000) have already made clear what music they want played at their funeral – up from 19% in 2016 – with one in four opting for songs that will make mourners laugh. – The Guardian
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The Dentist Who Collected His Way To Deep Expertise

Across the next six decades, on his dentist’s salary, he built a collection that made him what The Washington Post has called the world’s “pre-eminent private collector of Kollwitz.” The first print led to purchases of more than 650 works, many rare working proofs and drawings by her, and works by artists related to Kollwitz, including the social satirist George Grosz (1893–1959) and the proto-surrealist Max Klinger (1857–1920), among others. – The Forward
Tags: Art, Washington Post, Visual, George Grosz, Kollwitz, 05.05.19, Max Klinger

Podcasts Are Internet For Your Ears

Does that sound good to you? Because now you can be plugged in online even when there are no screens around? Okay, but at least be aware of the distraction costs… n+1
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The Book-Review-Is-Dying Essay Is A Familiar Trope. Anything New To Report?

Is relentlessly sunny book “coverage” replacing honest book criticism, or merely supplementing it? Are listicles, Bookstagram, and literary Twitter nothing but treacly promotion puddles on the surfaces of which books can float unscrutinized and unchallenged; or are they in fact vibrant and necessary new arenas of discourse wherein previously silenced critical voices can finally be heard? Has the age of the algorithm truly killed the intellectually rigorous book review? – Bookmarks
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Audio-Only Porn Becomes A Business (How Did This Not Happen Before Now?)

“These recordings — half-erotica, half-radio play — have long flourished on Reddit communities like GoneWildAudio or PillowTalkAudio. Now, entrepreneurs bet it can go mainstream — and make money. … Anyone looking for the classic tropes — for example, a pizza delivery boy’s romp with a bored housewife, or any sex that starts with ‘I’m sure we can figure out some form of payment’ — should look elsewhere.” – The Daily Beast
Tags: Art, Media, Reddit, Audience, 05.05.19

Dr. Ruth At 90: How Little Karola Siegel Escaped The Holocaust And Became The Grandma Goddess Of The Sexual Revolution

“For a woman who, on arriving in New York, had worked as a housekeeper for $1 a day — and a woman who had taught herself English with the help of romance novels (‘because I always wanted to read to the end to know what happened’) — it [has been] a remarkable reversal. But it was also a logical one: There was a market for treatments of sex that prioritized truth over timidity. And there was, in an even broader sense, a need for those treatments.” – The Atlantic
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The Strict Rules That Celebrities Have To Follow At The Met Gala

Anna Wintour rules with an iron fist. No selfies (yeah right). No unattractive food. No cellphones or smoking. And don’t even think about declining the invite if you ever want to attend again… – New York Post
Tags: Art, People, Anna Wintour, 05.05.19

Find Yourself Reading Novels Less? Maybe It’s The Way You’re Reading Them…

“John Gardner, the literary critic, wrote that the job of the novelist is to create a ‘vivid and continuous dream’ for the reader, but I’d somehow developed a case of readerly sleep apnea. I’d gotten into the habit of consuming novels so fitfully that I was all but sealed off from their pleasures. It was as if I’d been watching movies in a special buffering-only mode, or listening to music through the world’s balkiest Bluetooth headphones. This style of reading had, I realized, shunted me into ...
Tags: Art, Words, John Gardner, 05.05.19

After 40 Years, NPR’s Morning Edition Gets New Musical Theme

The original theme – played in many versions since the program’s launch in 1979 was composed by BJ Leiderman. So why the update? The show’s current producers wanted to “freshen” the sound. “I wanted a sound and a mood and a tone and a feel and a vibe all mixed in one,” says executive producer Kenya Young. – The New York Times
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The Saatchi Gallery Covers Some Art After Muslim Visitors Explain That It’s Blasphemous

The artist was SKU and “the exhibition, Rainbow Scenes, was billed as exploring ‘how we, as individuals, are subjected to wider cultural, economic, moral and political forces in society.'” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Visual, Saatchi Gallery, 05.05.19

In Writer Helen Hoang’s World, Autism Is A Key To Love And Happiness

Hoang’s first novel, The Kiss Quotient, had an autistic main character – and so does her second. She says, “There was this website I looked at — I don’t want to tell you what it is, because I don’t want to drive traffic there — but it, basically they say that autistic people are heartless, and that we don’t experience empathy, we are selfish and cold, and anyone who’s had a relationship could go on there and kind of air their grievances and say how horrible it was. And I’m sure that those situa...
Tags: Art, Words, Hoang, Helen Hoang, 05.05.19

The Rockefeller Center Goes Back To The Land

Really. “The botanist David Hosack transformed this landscape into the country’s first public botanical garden in 1801. His creation, the 20-acre Elgin Botanic Garden, would come to contain about 3,000 species of plants. … It was a space where New York City residents were exposed to exotic flora and fauna like kumquats and figs.” And now? Well, it’s a garden again. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, Visual, 05.05.19, David Hosack, Elgin Botanic Garden

Alex Trebek, Host Of ‘Jeopardy’ Who Recently Revealed He Has Cancer, Gets An Emotional Win At The Daytime Emmys

If you ignore the controversies surrounding some “sloppiness” in the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Emmy awards last year (and maybe this year too), you can just focus on the positive: Alex Trebek! Also, a lot of other winners (the whole list, indeed), in this post. – Variety
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Medieval Studies (Yes, Medieval Studies) Is Actively At The Heart Of Debates Over White Supremacy

The fault lies in contemporary politics, of course, but also in the origins of the discipline: “In Europe, academic study of the Middle Ages developed in tandem with a romantic nationalism that rooted the nation-state in an idealized past populated by Anglo-Saxons and other supposedly distinct ‘races.’ In the United States, universities, cultural institutions and wealthy elites drew on Gothic architecture, heraldry and other medieval trappings to ground American identity in a noble (and implici...
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