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How Shakespeare By And For The Inebriated (Actors And Audience) Went From Fringe To Franchise

“Imagine Macbeth, but with a five-person cast that includes an inebriated actor in the title role. Add a prop dildo, an interpretive dance break and the president’s rousing speech from Independence Day. For the witches’ brew, stir together samples from the plentiful cocktails poured for audience members.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Macbeth, Audience, 05.10.19

Andrei Kramarevsky, One Of America’s Most Influential Ballet Teachers, Dead At 90

He had had a long and successful career as a character dancer at the Bolshoi (he danced for Stalin) when he up and left in 1975; the next year, he turned up at Balanchine’s School of American Ballet in New York. Balanchine watched him teach a class and told him, “My dear, I’ve been waiting for you for 40 years.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, America, People, Stalin, Balanchine, 05.10.19, Andrei Kramarevsky, Balanchine s School of American Ballet

What have we learned from history? A musing on arts policies and practices in the public sector, clichés included

Hilary Amnah: “While working in the public sector for much of my arts administration career, I have been complicit in adhering to largely inequitable practices — especially when it comes to grant funding. And while my fellow public sector arts administrators and I get excited by moving the needle — even just a little — to make our policies and practices more equitable, we’re still not addressing the core structures that created these inequities in the first place. We focus our attention on movi...
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How Merce Cunningham Made The Judson Dance Theater Revolution Possible

Yvonne Rainer, David Gordon, Steve Paxton, Lucinda Childs, and Deborah Hay tell Alastair Macaulay what they learned from Cunningham that enabled them to transform modern dance. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Cunningham, Merce Cunningham, Alastair Macaulay, Deborah Hay, 05.10.19

Saudi Arabia Tries To Restart Its Effort To Build A Movie Industry (After That Little Khashoggi Unpleasantness)

“Seven months after the murder of Jamal  Khashoggi derailed Crown Prince Mohammed  bin  Salman’s plan to open up the country — and its $1 billion in potential box office — the kingdom is quietly mounting a comeback.” Reporter Alex Ritman visits the Saudi Film Festival in Dhahran. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, Dhahran, Jamal Khashoggi, 05.10.19, Alex Ritman

‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Is Now Top-Grossing American Play In Broadway History

Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel has passed the $40 million mark at the box office, with advance sales lifting the total to $55 million. There are still three British imports ahead of it: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time ($68.3 million) and War Horse ($75 million), which Mockingbird will probably surpass, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ($118.7 million). – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Aaron Sorkin, Theatre, Broadway, Harry Potter, Harper Lee, 05.10.19

Indianapolis Symphony Music Director Krzysztof Urbański To Step Down In 2021

“It was a mutual decision between Krzysztof and the ISO,” sais ISO CEO James Johnson. When he departs, Urbański, now 36, will have been on the ISO’s podium for 10 years, and he’s credited with improving the orchestra’s ticket sales and wider reputation. – The Indianapolis Star
Tags: Art, Music, Indianapolis, ISO, James Johnson, Krzysztof Urbanski, URBANSKI, Krzysztof, 05.10.19

Venice Opens Its First Permanent Art District

Situated on the island of Giudecca, a traditionally industrial area away from the most heavily touristed spots, the Giudecca Art District was founded by curators Pier Paolo Scelsi and Valentina Gioia Levy and will present year-round shows of contemporary art as well as lectures and performances. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Venice, Visual, Giudecca, 05.10.19, Giudecca Art District, Pier Paolo Scelsi, Valentina Gioia Levy

Why People Were So Charmed By The Kid Who Exclaimed “Wow” After Mozart

“One of the oddities of this whole business is the unmistakable note of relief in so many discussions about it. In the odd cult of people who spend many nights sitting in front of symphony orchestras, there’s a lot of talk, sometimes amused and sometimes exasperated, about the more infrequent visitors who don’t know the rules.”  – Maclean’s
Tags: Art, Music, Mozart, MacLean, 05.10.19

Academia Is Addictive, Dysfunctional, And A Total Mess. Are We In End Days?

“Academe, as anyone knows who’s tried to leave it, is like a partner who is wrenchingly hard to quit. When it was good, it was amazing. God, the highs! The horizon of your happiness seemed unbounded. But the partner turned out to be a nut job who demanded nothing less than all of you. Move to a different city every year, they stipulated. Subsist on bread crumbs. Completely debase yourself. They constantly evaluated your “performance.” On a whim, they dressed you up in a sailor suit and beat you...
Tags: Art, Issues, Academe, 05.10.19

Rising Threat: Museums Versus Authoritarian Governments

“So far the assaults have mostly been rhetorical rather than real. Universities and the press have fared somewhat worse. But straws in the wind include the rewriting of the narrative at the new Holocaust Museum in Budapest by Viktor Orban’s Fidesz government; and a similar intervention by Poland’s Law and Justice Party government at the new Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, whose director, Pawel Machcewicz, was dismissed when he sought to resist government intervention.” – The Art Newspa...
Tags: Art, Budapest, Poland, Visual, Viktor Orban, Gdansk, Justice Party, Fidesz, Holocaust Museum, Pawel Machcewicz, 05.10.19

Fascinating: The Moral Of “Pinocchio” Was Not About Lying, But About Education

“The moral of the story, then, is not that children should always tell the truth, but that education is paramount, enabling both liberation from a life of brutal toil, and, more important, self-awareness and a sense of duty to others. The true message of “The Adventures” is that, until you open yourself to knowledge and your fellow human beings, you will remain a puppet forever — other people will continue to pull your strings.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, 05.10.19

An Amazing Legacy: Susan Wadsworth Spent 58 Years Boosting The Careers Of Young Musicians. Now She’s Retiring

Wadsworth founded Young Concert Artists in 1961 with the aim of finding great young musicians and giving their careers a boost. “The results speak for themselves: Among the more than 270 alumni, most largely unknown when they won, are major artists like Ms. Bullock; the pianists Richard Goode, Emanuel Ax and Jeremy Denk; the violinist Pinchas Zukerman; the cellists Fred Sherry and Carter Brey; the soprano Dawn Upshaw; and the composers Andrew Norman and Kevin Puts.” –
Tags: Art, Music, Wadsworth, Jeremy Denk, Bullock, Andrew Norman, Dawn Upshaw, Pinchas Zukerman, 05.10.19, Susan Wadsworth, Richard Goode Emanuel Ax, Fred Sherry, Carter Brey

This Year’s Herb Alpert Award Winners

There are five, each of whom will get $75,000 to “push their art forward.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Issues, SJ, Herb Alpert, 05.10.19

A Hair Salon Traded Its Mirrors For Contemporary Art, And Then Won Some Gallery Funding [VIDEO]

Truly not an exhibition space you see every day. – BBC
Tags: Art, Visual, 05.10.19

How To Become An Admired Playwright: First, Leave School Without Ever Having Been To The Theatre

That’s what worked for Katherine Chandler, “one of the most vital voices in Welsh theatre,” who took advantage of a Thatcher-era work for welfare opportunity, got placed at a theatre, fell for it, and eventually started writing plays. The award-winning playwright says Welsh theatre is “working class, strong, and in-yer-face. A lot of our work can be brutal and that’s because it reflects what’s happening in our country.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, 05.10.19, Katherine Chandler

Oh, You Think The Marvel Universe Has A Lot Of Movies? Try The 1000-Story Comic Book Arc

And for the 1000th issue, the comic book team had to assemble its own creative superheroes. “While most comic books are created by one writer and one art team, Issue No. 1000 will have 80 — one team for each of its 80 pages.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 05.10.19

The Radical Act Of Writing

And then, the radical (as in, going to the root kind of radical) act of figuring out what’s OK to write about – and what’s a step too far. “To present ourselves as flawed is one thing, but to write about our children’s flaws? Or our grandchildren’s? That seems a betrayal. I had to scrap a whole essay on anger because to talk about the anger I’ve felt toward my son’s sons was too complicated.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 05.10.19

How Should We Deal With Actors Who Appeared In Racist Movies?

Lillian Gish appeared in more than 100 movies, but one stands out as a dangerous, racist movie that inspired the spread of the Ku Klux Klan – The Birth of a Nation. And she never seemed to get what the problem was. So “the trustees of a student union in Ohio have voted unanimously to remove the name of Gish and her sister Dorothy from a university cinema” – with an explanatory display explaining the reasons for the change. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Ohio, Dorothy, Ku Klux, Lillian Gish, Gish, 05.10.19

Is There A ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ Book For Literally Every Person On The Planet?

The series became a juggernaut in the 1990s, but it’s not over by any means. As the years have gone on, “the books have continued to multiply, to such an extent that the titles are now, by necessity, quite specific” including, for instance, Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul. – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, Audience, Chicken Soup, 05.10.19

Are Sitcoms Doomed At The Networks?

Whew, Friday’s cancellation news was intense, so bad that Vulture called it a “bloodbath.” What’s left? Fresh Off the Boat got renewed – but star Constance Wu flat-out stated that was nothing to be happy about. So everything’s great right now in sitcom land. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, Constance Wu, 05.10.19

Yes, We Should Dismantle Facebook – But That Might Not Be Enough

Yes, Chris Hughes’ argument that Facebook needs to be broken up is strong. But it may simply be too late. “In effect, all media lives downstream of a large attention river where Facebook has dammed the flow, only to sell your water back to you—water that you used to receive naturally.” – Wired
Tags: Art, Facebook, Chris Hughes, Issues, 05.10.19

What To Read When You Want To Rethink Motherhood

Happy, or something, Mother’s Day, from The Rumpus. “Mother’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, and often the celebrations it inspires reinforce our static and outdated ideas of what it means to be a mother and to have a mother rather than pushing against those antiquated stereotypes.” – The Rumpus
Tags: Art, Words, 05.10.19

Broadband In The US Is Still Slow And Expensive, But Companies Are Racing To Change That – From Space

OK, from low orbit, anyway. Still, potentially cool (and creepy? All at once?): First of all, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has a plan for something called “Starlink,” and now, “government filings have indicated Amazon is preparing a constellation of 3,236 satellites as the backbone of its own planned service currently dubbed ‘Project Kuiper.'” – Vice
Tags: Amazon, Art, Spacex, Elon Musk, US, Ideas, StarLink, 05.10.19

The Estate Of Robert Indiana Sues To Stop Sales For Reproductions Of ‘LOVE’ And ‘HOPE’

Wow, ugh, and this sure messes with those trying to remember Indiana a year after he died. “The complex legal battle surrounding the estate of Indiana began the day before he died at his home on Vinalhaven, when the Morgan Art Foundation filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York accusing McKenzie and Jamie Thomas, Indiana’s caretaker, of fraud and elder abuse. Indiana also was named in the suit. In fall 2018, Morgan also sued the Indiana estate alleging breach ...
Tags: Art, Indiana, Visual, Morgan, U S District Court, McKenzie, Southern District of New York, Robert Indiana, Vinalhaven, Morgan Art Foundation, 05.10.19, Jamie Thomas Indiana

Artist Verna Hart, Whose Art Reflected The Rhythms Of Jazz, Has Died At 58

Hart’s creative journey began in – and probably before – kindergarten. Then, “encouraged by her parents and refusing to be confined by the contours in coloring books, she made the walls of her family’s home in Queens her canvas. She drew cartoons and other scenes on them, delighting her siblings and even her parents. By the time she was 8, her father was already introducing her as a professional artist — the very thing she would remain until her death on April 26 at 58.” – The New York Times ...
Tags: Art, People, Queens, Hart, 05.10.19, Verna Hart

Rhode Island ACLU Sues Over Tax Law That Discriminates Against Nonfiction Authors

“The suit revolves around a 2013 law designed to help creative workers by offering authors, composers and artists in Rhode Island a sales tax exemption. But in a bizarre twist, state tax officials have decided the law applies only to authors of fiction, because nonfiction is not ‘creative and original.'” – Publishers Weekly
Tags: Art, Words, Rhode Island, 05.10.19

Chinese Gov’t Is Keeping Zhang Yimou’s Latest Film Out Of Festivals — Because They Don’t Want It To Win

One Second, set during the Cultural Revolution, is said by people who’ve seen it to be Zhang’s best movie in years and a sure bet to take a prize in Berlin or Cannes. Yet, even though the completed film was approved by the censors of China’s national film board, officials have blocked it from being shown at festivals — because, say insiders, the government doesn’t want international attention drawn to the subject matter. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, 05.10.19

Wildenstein Gallery Sued For Allegedly Selling Fake Bonnard Painting

“The art collector and real-estate investor Neil Wallace, who with his brother Monte are thought to be the sellers of a $100 million Impressionist art collection at Christie’s London in February, is part of a trust suing Wildenstein & Co. over a Pierre Bonnard painting bought more than three decades ago that they now deem ‘a clever fake.'” – Artnet
Tags: Art, London, Visual, Christie, Monte, Pierre Bonnard, Neil Wallace, 05.10.19, Wildenstein Co

Conan O’brien Settles Lawsuit By Writer Who Alleged Joke Theft

“After years of buildup, a debate about the nature of humor that verged on the metaphysical and the specter of a trial featuring testimony from Patton Oswalt and Andy Richter, Conan O’Brien settled a lawsuit against him Thursday, ending a standoff with a freelance comedy writer who had accused the late-night host of stealing jokes.” (O’Brien announced the settlement in an op-ed published in Variety.) – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Patton Oswalt, Conan O'brien, Brien, 05.10.19, Andy Richter Conan O Brien

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