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Rare gemstone particles found in an 8th-century nun's mouth shatter a historical misconception

It turns out medieval religious manuscripts were not exclusively the domain of male monks. Fleck of a rare gemstone pigment in fossilized teeth prove women were involved in the making of religious manuscripts. We'll never see these exquisite books the same way again. Surviving medieval religious manuscripts can be quite beautiful, with impeccable calligraphy and adorned with intricately detailed and brightly colorful illustrations. By and large, their authors remain unknown, and they've been as...
Tags: Art, Books, Gender, History, Afghanistan, Christianity, Innovation, Faith, Salzburg, Radini, Anita Radini, Fleck, Max Planck Institute, Ancient World, Badakshan, Alison Beach

Teeth prove women helped produce 8th-century religious manuscripts

It turns out medieval religious manuscripts were not exclusively the domain of male monks. Fleck of a rare gemstone pigment in fossilized teeth prove women were involved in the making of religious manuscripts. We'll never see these exquisite books the same way again. Surviving medieval religious manuscripts can be quite beautiful, with impeccable calligraphy and adorned with intricately detailed and brightly colorful illustrations. By and large, their authors remain unknown, and they've been as...
Tags: Art, Books, Gender, History, Afghanistan, Christianity, Innovation, Faith, Salzburg, Radini, Anita Radini, Fleck, Max Planck Institute, Ancient World, Badakshan, Alison Beach

The YD Guide to Pocket Knife Design

We’ve covered quite a few EDC knives over the years without realizing that there’s no resource that guides you through the types of knives. Knife blades have evolved from culture and from need. Some knives are designed for everyday tasks, some for rough outdoor use, some for hunting, and some for combat/self-defence. Each blade design has a distinct silhouette, and has developed over the years based on need and on use. Knife materials have evolved over time too, ranging from the various alloys o...
Tags: Deals, Design, Southeast Asia, Afghanistan, Outdoor, Knife, Best Of, Product Design, Edc, CRKT, Tanto, Special Forces Group, Gerber, Sandvik, Gator, SOG

‘I spent seven years fighting to survive’: Chelsea Manning on whistleblowing and WikiLeaks

Seen as both hero and traitor, the US army analyst turned data activist talks about fitting into the world since her prison releasePerhaps the most revealing part of my conversation with Chelsea Manning is what she doesn’t say. What she can’t or won’t talk about. It’s not that she doesn’t have a whole lot to say – she does, particularly about technology and how it can be used against us. Her job as an intelligence analyst for the US army, using data to profile enemy combatants – to be targeted a...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media, US, America, Barack Obama, US news, Afghanistan, Culture, Art and design, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Chelsea Manning, Bradley Manning, Cambridge Analytica

Afghanistan’s Orchestra For Young Women Faces Continual Threats And Pressure. Nevertheless, They Persist

“Violence and social pressures have not deterred members of the country’s nascent orchestra of mostly young girls from using music to ‘heal wounds’ and promote women’s rights in the strictly conservative Muslim society. The ensemble, known as Zohra, was founded in 2014 as part of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) in Kabul.”
Tags: Art, Music, Afghanistan, Zohra, 09.22.18, Afghanistan National Institute of Music ANIM

Textiles from around the world

Many countries around the world are known for their traditional textiles, often bright and intricately embellished fabrics showcasing designs unique to their nations of origin. Examples of famous textiles can be seen in iconic traditional dress, from Scottish kilts to Japanese kimonos, as well as decorative pieces meant to be enjoyed for their artistic value. For insight into cloth creations from across the globe — and some serious souvenir inspiration for your next trip — check out these nin...
Tags: Travel, Asia, Europe, Post, Fashion, Japan, Design, Scotland, China, Afghanistan, Unesco, Austria, West Africa, Armenia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Java

Risking Death To Sing Pop Music

Aryana Sayeed on the pushback when she performs despite Taliban death threats in Afghanistan: “I am very aware of the danger. Nobody can really protect me there. But if I give up hope to millions of people who feel lost because everyone else has left, then it is worth it.”
Tags: Art, Music, Afghanistan, Taliban, Aryana Sayeed, 08.15.18

Graffiti has been a part of military life for at least 5,000 years

War is a thing of terror, traditions, heartache and often, boredom. Passing the time between patrols, and the banality that comes from life in the field, is a constant challenge. Some people read. Most exercise. Everyone complains about the food. Soldiers write, train and call home--if there's someone there that'll pick up the phone. Video games? Totally a thing, in some instances. If you have a Sharpie, or a knife, there's a good chance that you might wind up doodling, scratching or scrawling s...
Tags: Art, Europe, Post, News, History, War, Afghanistan, Military, Soldiers, Street Art, New York Times Magazine, Stalin, National Guard, Kilroy, Kilroy Was Here, Folk Art

A Photojournalist Killed In Libya Left Behind Tender Portraits Of Soldiers At Play

Tim Hetherington, killed on assignment in 2011, "abhorred violence, but he took it upon himself to explore the subject of war on the front lines, alongside soldiers in Liberia, Afghanistan, and Libya. While embedded in Afghanistan on assignment for Vanity Fair (for which he won the 2007 World Press Photo of the Year), Hetherington came […]
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Libya, Vanity Fair, Visual, Tim Hetherington, Hetherington, 04.20.18, Liberia Afghanistan

How Earth Day began and how it helps the planet

Earth Day is April 22nd, and to get prepared for the big day, here are a few Earth Day facts that you may not know. Founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, the first ever Earth Day was held on April 22nd, 1970. Earth Day not only marks the beginnings of moving toward a more sustainable world, it’s a time to come together and contemplate our global environmental situation, as well as participate in community and global “green” activities. Read on to find out...
Tags: Design, Climate Change, California, China, New York City, Environment, Global Warming, Nasa, Earth, Features, Afghanistan, United States, Innovation, United Nations, Un, Fifth Avenue

Flight - Putting A Human Face On A Hot Button Issue

Reviewed by Judd Hollander The McKittrick Hotel, home to such artistic triumphs as Sleep No More and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, has another winner with their latest offering, Flight. Created by the Scottish theatre group Vox Motus, the production at the McKittrick marks the North American premiere for this immersive, intimate, and sadly, all-too topical tale. Based on the novel "Hinterland" by Caroline Brothers, and brilliantly adapted by Oliver Emanuel, Flight is the ...
Tags: London, France, Theatre, Turkey, Afghanistan, Vox, Kabir, Jamie Harrison, McKittrick Hotel, Judd Hollander, Rebecca Hamilton, Mark Melville, Prudencia Hart, Oliver Emanuel, Aryan, Vox Motus

Polar Music Prize 2018 Goes To Afghanistan's National Institute Of Music

"Dr. [Ahmad] Sarmast founded ANIM in Kabul in 2010 in response to that country's civil war destruction of centuries of rich musical tradition. In the 1980s the pop music and film industries were thriving in Afghanistan, with hundreds of ensembles and a national radio orchestra playing Western and Afghan musical instruments. Between 1996 and 2001, […]
Tags: Art, Music, Afghanistan, Kabul, Anim, National Institute of Music, 02.14.18, LSB- Ahmad -RSB- Sarmast

Cool Stuff: Mondo’s ‘Predator’ Poster by N.C. Winters Lunges into Action

The Predator may be one ugly mother fu*ker, but he makes for a good looking subject for these new Mondo posters. Artist N.C. Winters created a slick new Predator poster, which depicts the alien trophy hunter in all his glory. Check out the Mondo Predator poster below. Shane Black‘s The Predator will be hitting theaters sometime later this year, but if you’re impatient and want some new Predator stuff now, you can try to snag these new Mondo posters. Artist N.C. Winters, who also created Alie...
Tags: Art, Movies, Iraq, Sci-fi, Afghanistan, Sequels, Va, Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Winters, Collectibles, Cool Stuff, Mondo, Danny Glover, Thomas Jane, Shane Black

Afghanistan's Lost Ancient Cities Are Being Discovered By Spy Satellites

"For archaeologists, Afghanistan is virtually off-limits for fieldwork, as Taliban forces battle the Kabul government in far-flung provinces and security remains tenuous even in the capital. Yet U.S. and Afghan researchers are now finding thousands of never-before-cataloged ancient sites in the country, which for more than a millennium served as a crucial crossroads linking East […]
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Taliban, Kabul, Visual, 12.13.17

Design Experience That Matters: How to Build a Prototype User Interface

For this summer's alpha prototype project, we were most excited to implement a new UI design to the Otter Warmer. Firefly, Otter's sister device, has a membrane switch UI with blue domed buttons labeled with CE mark icons and a tinted window atop a 7 segment display. We designed Otter to match. Prototyping the membrane switch was a new challenge for us. Using the machines we have in-house, an Othermill CNC, a 3D printer, and a home InkJet printer, we were able to fabricate a UI that looks and...
Tags: Design, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Timothy Prestero, Design Experience that Matters, Othermill

This 78-Year-Old French Avant-Garde Theatre Director Is Just Trying To Get More (A Lot More) Done

Ariane Mnouchkine, a founder of the Théâtre du Soleil (the founders got the theatre's acreage in 1970 by squatting at a building the army abandoned), lives her values, including getting ready to cancel a hugely expensive trip to the U.S. if three Afghanistan-born actors can't get visas. "Among the 100 members of her troupe, 26 […]
Tags: Art, Theatre, Afghanistan, 12.01.17

Design Experience That Matters: The Internet of Terrifying Things

Here's a quick story about unintended consequences in design, specifically when product capabilities exceed our design specifications. Voice-commands with audio feedback are becoming a more common user interface for cellphones and digital "personal assistants" like Google Home and Amazon's Echo. Many of these devices are always on, listening for a wake-up word or command. South Park played a prank on Amazon Echo owners by having the cartoon characters shout the Alexa wake-up word and then rattle...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Design, South Park, China, Siri, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Voice, Amazon Echo, Otter, Alexa, Gene Hackman, SilverPush, Zhejiang University, Siri Alexa

Book Review: Crossing the Chasm

You might consider each year's raft of new social impact design startups to be what Samuel Johnson called "the triumph of hope over experience." Unfortunately, many social impact organizations and for that matter many startups follow a similar and discouraging trajectory:- bootstrapped "beautiful baby" prototype attracts design awards and newspaper articles - PR leads to initial wave of seed funding - funding allows a pilot of dozens or even hundreds of units - product enters awkward adole...
Tags: Amazon, Design, Ge, Boston, US, Afghanistan, Bill Gates, Zimbabwe, Otter, Moore, Samuel Johnson, Zaire, Geoff Moore, Geoffrey Moore, Timothy Prestero, Design Experience that Matters

Tutorial: How to Create Tough, Lightweight and Waterproof Gear Bags From Dyneema and Tyvek

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a variety of useful zippered gear bags that are incredibly tough, lightweight and waterproof. This tutorial is intended for someone like me: familiar with rapid prototyping tools like 3d printers and laser cutters, reasonably competent with hand tools, but pretty clueless about sewing and sewing machines beyond emergency repairs and hemming the odd pair of pants.I promise that after less than an hour of trial and error on a sewing machine, you'll be...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, US, Nasa, Afghanistan, Materials, Zimbabwe, William Gibson, Howto, Prototyping, Dyneema, Timothy Prestero, Design Experience that Matters, UHMW, Sailrite, Ripstop

Book Review: Notes on the Synthesis of Form

We like Christopher Alexander's Notes on the Synthesis of Form for the way he takes a sledgehammer to the fetish over aesthetics and artistic pretension in design. We're often mystified by the design community's enthusiasm for uncomfortable chairs and weird-ass light fixtures. If the goal is to apply design principles to achieve social outcomes, aesthetics are only useful in that they help us achieve our purpose.We love Notes on the Synthesis of Form for Alexander's rational and systematic ap...
Tags: Amazon, Design, Book Reviews, Afghanistan, Ikea, Zimbabwe, Paul Graham, Alexander, Saharan Africa, Christopher Alexander, Timothy Prestero, Ryan Singer, Design Experience that Matters, Alfred Korzybski

Afghanistan's Cinema History, Some 7,000 Films, Saved From The Taliban

"When the Taliban charged in to Afghanistan's state-run film company in the mid-1990s intent on destroying all the movies, Habibullah Ali risked everything to save them. He hid thousands of reels of footage showcasing Afghanistan's rich cultural history ... Two decades later those reels, which include long-lost movies and documentary images of Afghanistan before it […]
Tags: Art, Media, Afghanistan, Taliban, 09.07.17, Habibullah Ali

Design Experience That Matters: Cultivating Design Mind

Summary In designing Firefly newborn phototherapy, Design that Matters used human-centered design to transform Vietnamese manufacturing partner, Medical Technology Transfer and Services (MTTS), expanding their impact on newborn health within Southeast Asia and Africa, and positioning their designs to go global. Through multiple meetings with our manufacturing partner in the U.S. and Vietnam, collaborative field research, joint brainstorms, industrial design exercises, and design reviews, Des...
Tags: Apple, Design, Boston, Southeast Asia, Africa, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Ghana, Hanoi, Ideo, Design Business, MTTS, Will Harris, Timothy Prestero, Design Experience that Matters

Breitbart — now with Bannon — covers Trump's Afghanistan speech.

A screen shot of the front page right now:Key word: "Flip-flop."Seemingly ready-made joke that contains a pop-culture reference you might need to be over 40 to get: "…HIS MCMASTER’S VOICE."Whether you get the reference or not, you might be interested to know that Wikipedia has a page for "His Master's Voice": His Master's Voice, abbreviated HMV, is a famous trademark in the music and recording industry and was the unofficial name of a major British record label [parent of RCA]. The name was coin...
Tags: Amazon, Art, Science Fiction, Headlines, Law, Dogs, Wikipedia, Gambling, America, HMV, Metaphor, Afghanistan, Frogs, Francis, Paul Klee, Voice

In Serbian Refugee Center, a ‘Little Picasso’ Dreams of Art and Asylum

Farhad Nouri, 10, originally from Afghanistan, has won acclaim for his artwork, but he spends his days dreaming of asylum for him and his family.
Tags: Art, News, Asylum, European Union, Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa Migrant Crisis, Immigration and Emigration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, Right of, Farhad Nouri, Belgrade (Serbia

Design Experience That Matters: What to Do When FDA Approval Doesn't Mean Equipment is Safe

Summary Does United States FDA regulatory approval mean a medical device is safe and effective in low resource settings? The short answer is no. In developing countries, 95% of western medical equipment is broken within 5 years. In fact, only 30% of this donated equipment is ever even turned on. To enable Firefly phototherapy to work well in remote hospitals, we had to develop a novel cooling solution and a more robust electrical system that exceed FDA requirements. A More Sustainable Coolin...
Tags: Asia, Europe, Design, Southeast Asia, India, Afghanistan, United States, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Fda, Vietnam, Skype, Mark, Don, Duke University, Michael O Brien

Tadao Ando embeds open-air prayer hall around massive 15-year-old Buddha statue

Japanese architect Tadao Ando‘s amazing work usually impresses, but his latest project is particularly breathtaking. Charged with creating a more serene environment for a beloved 44-feet-tall Buddha sculpture, which had stood as a solitary figure in Sapporo’s Makomanai Takino Cemetery for 15 years, Ando carefully embedded an amazing open-air prayer hall in the natural landscape around the iconic statue, keeping the Buddha’s head above ground as sign of reverence. Holding court on a large slopi...
Tags: Design, Afghanistan, Sapporo, Buddha, Tadao Ando, Ando, Makomanai Takino Cemetery, Shigeo Ogawa

Design Experience That Matters: How Focus Leads to Bigger Impact

Summary At the beginning of each new project, Design that Matters creates a point of view statement to focus the project on the need, users, and contexts will be included AND excluded from our design. During Project Firefly, we focused on treating otherwise healthy newborns with jaundice using a phototherapy device that rural district hospital staff with little training could use in the mother's room. Our evolving point of view statement was an invaluable tool to guide the design and inventi...
Tags: Design, Afghanistan, Healthcare, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Vietnam, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Breath of Life, Timothy Prestero, Design Experience that Matters, Medical Technology Transfer, East Meets West Foundation, Luciano Moccia, National OBGYN Hospital Vietnam, Tonlebaty, East Meets West Breath of Life

Design Experience That Matters: Saving Babies and the Environment Using Human-Centered Design

Summary When designing Firefly newborn phototherapy with East Meets West Foundation and Vietnamese manufacturing partner MTTS, we used the human-centered design process to create an environmentally friendly product that truly benefits people living in poverty. The resulting Firefly device: - Lasts for five years, avoiding the medical equipment junkyard seen in so many low resource hospitals. - Has no disposable or consumable parts, eliminating unaffordable, ongoing costs which put most medi...
Tags: Europe, Design, Afghanistan, United States, Zimbabwe, Peru, World Health Organization, Myanmar, Vietnam, The Philippines, Sapiens, KATHMANDU Nepal, India Indonesia, MTTS, Health Systems, Lemelson Foundation

A Netflix Movie That Everyone (In The U.S. And U.K.) Needs To Watch

Hollywood plus Afghanistan equals ... nothing. "Hollywood movies do not ask the difficult strategic questions. Should the US invade or interfere in countries it knows little about, how do US troops win over local support, is nation building and promotion of democracy feasible by one part of the US government while another part pursues a […]
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, US, Afghanistan, 07.02.17

Book Review: Digital Apollo

We love David Mindell's Digital Apollo: Human and Machine in Spaceflight. Mindell's book tells the story of "human pilots, of automated systems, and of the two working together to achieve the ultimate in flight." From our perspective, the book explains the link between what rocket scientists in the 1950s called "systems engineering" and what the cool kids in skinny jeans now call "design thinking." Whether we're designing the first spacecraft to land on the moon, or the first phototherapy de...
Tags: Amazon, Design, Book Reviews, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, David Mindell, Mindell, Timothy Prestero, Design Experience that Matters, Alex -RSB- Kosmala, David Mindell Digital Apollo, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, Draper Laboratories MIT Museum The Apollo

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