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‘We planted a seed’: the Afghan artists who painted for freedom

The Taliban has whitewashed Kabul’s political murals – and those who created them have fled into exileNegina Azimi felt shock and fear like never before when she heard that Taliban fighters had entered Kabul on 15 August. As an outspoken female artist in Afghanistan, she knew they would come for her.“We heard reports that the Taliban might raid houses. I was scared because I live in a very central neighbourhood and every room in my house is adorned with the kind of art the Taliban won’t approve...
Tags: Art, Human Rights, Women, Life and style, World news, Afghanistan, Culture, Taliban, South and Central Asia, Art and design, Refugees, Kabul, Albania, Street Art, Azimi, Negina Azimi

MusiCorps seeks Managing Director

About MusiCorps: Formed in response to the crisis of returning service members injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, MusiCorps is a conservatory-level music rehabilitation program that helps injured service members play music and recover their lives. It has been praised by the Wall Street Journal as “revolutionary,” is pioneering in the field of adaptive music, and has helped countless wounded warriors learn, relearn, and perform music as a core part of their rehabilitation. The MusiCorps Woun...
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The Right To Culture: Afghanistan Bans Music

The Taliban’s stance on music forbids people from enjoying and participating in cultural activities, and violates the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Taliban, Un, Issues

Afghanistan’s Cultural Sector Goes Underground

“In Afghanistan, work in the field of arts and culture is probably one of the hardest jobs.. but we did it because we loved it. We had finally reached a stage where we were established and recognised… But everything is destroyed and we are stuck.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Issues

Burying Art, Hiding Books, Smuggling Movies: Afghans Fearfully Prepare For The Taliban’s Cultural Police

The Islamists now in control in Kabul have not yet stated any cultural policies other than that any art, music, publishing, film, and the like that’s permitted must conform to Islamic law. (As interpreted by whom?) Artists within Afghanistan are not hopeful. – The Washington Post
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"For many years, Yusuf Islam has been pretending he didn’t say the things he said in 1989, when he enthusiastically supported the Iranian terrorist edict against me and others."

"However, his words are on the record, in print interviews and on television programs. … I’m afraid Cat Stevens got off the peace train a long time ago.”: Salman Rushdie emailed Howard Fishman, the author of a long Washington Post article called "The Meaning of Yusuf/Cat Stevens/After a brilliant but turbulent career, he is reemerging on the public stage. How should we feel about him­ — and his music — now?"  Fishman, who is a culture writer, and who clearly wants to be able to indulge hims...
Tags: Art, Law, Washington Post, America, Afghanistan, University Of Houston, Hiroshima, Norm Macdonald, Stevens, Rushdie, Salman Rushdie, Fishman, Andrew Anthony, Yusuf Islam, Masculinity, Cat Stevens

The Escape Of Afghanistan’s Only Woman Whirling Dancer

Fahima Mirzaei was about to kick off a tour of Afghanistan when the Taliban took over – and she had to run. This is the story of her escape. – BBC
Tags: Art, Dance, Afghanistan, Taliban, 09.18.21, Fahima Mirzaei

Afghan Singers Recount Their Flight From The Taliban

The BBC interviewed half a dozen musicians who have had instruments smashed, relatives killed, and threats issued since the extremists took over Afghanistan last month. They now all in hiding in Pakistan, hoping to find refuge in another country. – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Bbc, Afghanistan, Taliban, Pakistan

Afghanistan’s All-Female Orchestra Goes Dark

Formed in 2014, it became a global symbol of the freedom many Afghans began to enjoy in the 20 years since the Taliban last ruled, despite the hostility and threats it continued to face from some in the deeply conservative Muslim country. – Reuters
Tags: Art, Music, Afghanistan, Taliban

Art Museums Must Tell A Richer Story About Afghanistan

What’s up with U.S. arts audiences? “We have been at war with and occupied Afghanistan for two decades, yet culturally it has been a blip.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Afghanistan, Visual, 09.03.21

What Will Happen Now To Afghanistan’s Biggest Broadcaster?

“‘I’m still surprised we are up and running,’ said Saad Mohseni, Tolo’s co-owner. … Whether its menu of pop music and female television hosts will survive in the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will be a barometer of the insurgents’ tolerance for dissenting views.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Afghanistan, Saad Mohseni Tolo

"After the Americans leave, what will happen to Afghan artists and performers, cultural workers, and nongovernmental organization staffers engaged with heritage, traditional crafts and preservation?"

 Asks WaP art and architecture critic Philip Kennicott. A young man who leads the local offices for an international cultural heritage organization said he was determined to stay in Afghanistan. “I am checking every day, and right now, things are normal and safe,” he said.... Some arts, including ceramics and woodwork, are passed on through a deeply conservative master-apprentice system which is embedded in traditional Afghan culture. Miniature painting, which has roots in Persian culture, too...
Tags: Art, Law, Artisans, Afghanistan, Ann Althouse, Philip Kennicott

Famed Music School Falls Silent As Taliban Take Afghanistan

“The students are very fearful about their future – not just of their education and their [music] programme, but also about their life. They do not feel safe in Afghanistan.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Afghanistan

UNESCO Calls For Preservation Of Afghanistan’s Heritage, But Who Will Actually Protect It?

As an executive of the Institute for Art and Law tweeted: “It would be for other states, or international bodies like the United Nations, to seek enforcement.” Uh-huh … – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Law, Afghanistan, Unesco, United Nations, Issues, Institute for Art

Fears Of Calamity For Culture In Afghanistan As Taliban Take Control

When it controlled the country before 2001, the hardline Islamist group was infamous for banning music, TV, film, and most visual art — not to mention the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas. The Taliban say they’ve moderated since then, but many are doubtful — and scared. – The Week
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Taliban, Issues, Bamiyan Buddhas

We Process Historic Events With Images. Afghanistan Is A Complicated Image

Phil Kennicott: “Countries, like travelers, want to make sense of things, which is why we reach for an image — a quick metaphor, a ready-made analogy — that will seal history in amber, give it a moral, cast it as a fable.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Visual, Phil Kennicott

A Tale Of Two Booksellers, Just Off The Kabul Bazaar

“One is a former communist, the other a former mujahid. Both have witnessed and participated in Afghanistan’s turbulent history over the past half century. They have seen the rise and fall of regimes and today sell books about the men who made and unmade them.” – Newlines
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Words, 06.29.21, Kabul Bazaar

Afghanistan Bans Girls From Singing

In a letter to school boards last week, which was leaked to the media, Kabul’s Education Department said girls aged 12 and above would no longer be able to sing at public events, unless the events were attended solely by women. The letter also stipulated that girls couldn’t be trained by a male music teacher. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Afghanistan, Kabul, Education Department, 03.16.21

'I'd like to join Pixar one day': meet Afghanistan's first female animator

Born under Taliban rule, Sara Barackzay studied abroad and now hopes to start her own schoolA woman in traditional dress breaks open the bars of a prison. A young child dances, oblivious to a backdrop of tanks and explosions. The drawings by Afghanistan’s first professional female animation artist, Sara Barackzay, reflect the struggles of her young life.Barackzay, who lost her hearing as a child, left Afghanistan to study in Turkey, but has returned with the hope of starting a specialist school ...
Tags: Design, World news, Turkey, Afghanistan, Culture, Taliban, South and Central Asia, Illustration, Art and design, Global development, Pixar, Women's rights and gender equality, Animation in film, Sara Barackzay, Barackzay

Why This Afghan-Born Poet Is ‘The Father Of Uzbek Literature’

Alisher Navoiy was born in 1441 in Herat, now in Afghanistan but historically a Persianate city. He wrote in Arabic, Persian, and Chagatai, the Turkic literary language used all over Central Asia in the Middle Ages and considered the ancestor of modern literary Uzbek. In one of his most famous treatises, he compared Persian (with a centuries-old literary tradition even back then) with Chagatai and found the latter superior — which made him a key figure in constructing an Uzbek identity in the S...
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Words, Central Asia, Herat, 02.09.21, Alisher Navoiy, Chagatai

Astad is gone, but is more alive than ever

‘Astad had the courage to plough a lonely furrow. He made a life of his own, on his own, and created a path-breaking dance style.’ ‘Only a few in the performing arts could do what he did.’‘A classical dancer can fall back on tradition, but Astad created something absolutely new.’ Article by Archana Masih | Rediff IMAGE: Astad Deboo, the legendary dancer who died after a brief illness on the morning of December 10, performs at the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. Photograph: Kind courtesy Ritam Banerj...
Tags: Art, Europe, Washington, France, Life, India, Syria, Afghanistan, Paris, Myanmar, Delhi, Mumbai, Damascus, Maya, Afghanistan Syria, Foreign Service

Afghanistan’s Most Famous Actress, And First Female Filmmaker, Shot In Kabul

Saba Sahar, who is a senior police officer and an activist as well as a performer and producer/director, was shot in her car or her way to work. She was comatose for 20 hours but is now out of danger, said her husband. The Taliban has denied responsibility. – CBS News
Tags: Art, People, Afghanistan, Taliban, Kabul, Saba Sahar, 08.26.20

Artlords, not warlords – how Kabul's artists battle for the streets

Muralists are covering the Afghan capital’s blast walls with agitprop imagery and calling out corruptionFrom the killing of George Floyd in the US and the drowning of Afghan refugees in Iran, to the signing of the US-Taliban agreement towards peace and brutal murder of a Japanese aid worker, a group of Afghan artists have taken paintbrushes to adorn Kabul’s grey blast walls with vivid imagery.The barriers have been transformed into politically inspired murals, which the artists hope will create ...
Tags: Art, Protest, US, Painting, World news, Iran, Afghanistan, Culture, South and Central Asia, Art and design, Global development, Kabul, Street Art, US Taliban, George Floyd

Some Young Afghans Turn To Writing Erotic Poetry To Get Through The Lockdown

In the land of the Taliban? Yes — Afghanistan is historically part of the Persianate world (Dari, the official language, is a Persian dialect), and metaphor-filled erotic poetry has a thousand-year history in Persian literature. Hundreds of young writers have lately been posting their amorous verse on social media, and while there has certainly been backlash, there’s no censorship by the Afghan government. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Taliban, Words, Dari, 05.11.20

Massive Interpol Stings Recover 19,000 Stolen Antiquities

Two international operations culminated last fall in the arrest of 101 suspects and seizure of trafficked objects in Spain, Argentina, Latvia, and Afghanistan. Among the items were ancient ceramics, coins, and weapons as well as a Roman limestone sculpture, three Roman columns, and hundreds of rare pre-Columbian items, including a gold Tumaco mask. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Visual, Tumaco, 05.07.20, Spain Argentina Latvia

In Afghanistan, Being an Artist Is a Dangerous Job

Despite the perils, Afghan artists have consistently portrayed their country and its many facets.
Tags: Art, News, Afghanistan, Terrorism, Museums, Latif, Eshraq, Afghanistan War (2001-, Mucem, Hassanzada, M Mahdi Hamed, Wahidy, Farzana (1984-

The 100 Greatest Films Directed By Women (An International Critics’ Poll)

“[This] is BBC Culture’s biggest and most international poll yet: 761 different films were voted for by 368 film experts – critics, journalists, festival programmers and academics – who came from 84 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. We asked the same number of women to contribute as men to create a gender-balanced poll.” (Click here to read why the number-one film on the list was chosen.) – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, BBC Culture, 11.26.19

Ten Must-See Movies Setting The Buzz At Cannes

Bill Murray and zombies, Afghanistan, football. It’s an eclectic (to say the least) lineup this year. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Afghanistan, Bill Murray, Cannes, 05.14.19

The Rise Of Book Clubs In Afghanistan

“Books clubs are an indicator of a young generation that has come of age after 9/11. Many have liberal leanings and seek a space where they can talk openly. During the Taliban, Kabul University’s library was destroyed, but it has come back to life.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Words, 05.07.19, Taliban Kabul University

7 fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are locations of high value to humanity, either for their cultural, historical, or natural significance.Some are even designated as World Heritage Sites because humans don't go there at all, while others have felt the effects of too much human influence.These 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites each represent an overlooked or at-risk facet of humanity's collective cultural heritage. None There are over 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in places ranging from Afghanistan to ...
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