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The Armorer For “Rust”, Which Had That Fatal Shooting On Set, Sues Supplier For Mixing Live Bullets With Blanks

Star Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza on October 21 with a prop gun that was supposed to be loaded with dummy ammunition. The film’s armorer is suing PDQ Arm and Prop for false and deceptive labeling and trade practices. – CNN
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What Would Possess Alec Baldwin To Give An Interview In The Middle Of Investigations And Lawsuits?

One trial lawyer said, “There’s no reason you should ever give an interview like that. It can only backfire.” – Los Angeles Times
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A Question In The Wake Of The Alec Baldwin “Rust” Shooting: Who Or What Is A Movie’s Armorer?

“An armorer is tasked with managing all firearms used on set, ensuring they look realistic and are appropriate for the setting. More importantly, they’re tasked with ensuring weapons are correctly loaded, properly kept up and safely handled.” There’s no formal training for the job. – MSN (The Washington Post)
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Crew Member Who Handed Alec Baldwin Fatal Prop Gun Had Been Fired For Mishandling Weapons Before

“The assistant director who handed Alec Baldwin the gun that killed a cinematographer last week had been fired from a previous job after a gun went off on a set and wounded a member of the film crew, a producer said Monday.” – AP
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Moments Before Fatal Shooting, Baldwin Was Told Gun Was Safe

An assistant director, Dave Halls, handed actor Alec Baldwin a prop gun during rehearsal. “‘Cold gun,’ Halls yelled. But it was not.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Alec Baldwin, Firing Prop Gun On Set, Kills Cinematographer And Wounds Director

While filming a scene on location near Santa Fe for the feature Rust, which he co-wrote, is producing and stars in, Baldwin discharged a prop pistol loaded with blanks and hit director of photography Halyna Hutchins, now dead, and director Joel Souza, hospitalized. – Santa Fe New Mexican
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"The pro-appropriation people will say, 'well, Johns is an artist and anything that Johns does is going to be transformative.'"

Said the intellectual property lawyer, quoted in "How did this teenager’s drawing of his knee wind up in a Jasper Johns painting at the Whitney?/A new work debuting in a major exhibition raises complex questions about artistic license and appropriation" (WaPo).  The teenager, Jéan-Marc Togodgue, had made an anatomical drawing of a knee (because, he says, he wanted to understand an injury to his knee). The artist saw the drawing hanging in Togodgue's doctor's office and copied it as part of a p...
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Alec Baldwin Pulls His Podcast From WNYC, Alleging Interference With Woody Allen Interview

Baldwin launched his popular interview show, Here’s the Thing, at New York Public Radio (WNYC) in 2011 and is moving it to iHeartRadio as of January. He says that station management insisted that, for an interview with Allen that aired in June, Baldwin ask the director about Dylan Farrow’s accusation of child sexual abuse. “Once WNYC said, ‘We won’t air the interview unless you ask these questions’ and forced that editorial content on me like that, I knew I was out of there.” – Billboard
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Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin Will Lead Virtual Performance of SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR to Benefit Guild Hall

Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin will lead a virtual performance of Same Time, Next Year to benefit Guild Hall. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: Alec Baldwin Chats Working With the Roundabout as Part of the OFF-SCRIPT Series

As part of Roundabout'sOff-Scriptseries, Alec Baldwinis reflecting on working with the company on past productions. [Author: Stage Tube]
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Red Line Productions Presents Live Streamed Reading of ORPHANS Featuring Alec Baldwin & More

By special arrangement with Concord Theatricals, Australian Theatre Company Red Line Productions will present a live streamed reading of Lyle Kessler'sOrphans, featuring Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Alec Baldwin, Aaron Glenane 68 Whiskey and Red Line Productions Co-Founder Andrew Henry with stage directions read by Judy Jerome. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Red Line Productions Will Stream ORPHANS, Starring Alec Baldwin

By special arrangement withConcord Theatricals, Red Line Productions will present a live streamed reading of Lyle Kessler's visceral masterpiece Orphans. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #18: September 2019 editorial

From 9th April to 7th June next year, Candice Breitz brings Love Story, an international story of migration and displacement to Tate Liverpool. The exhibition asks ‘if a refugee’s story was told by a celebrity, would you pay more attention?’, and opens with Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore performing fragments of stories borrowed from people […] The post Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #18: September 2019 editorial appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
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"Her gallery was considered by many to be at, or near, the white hot center of the ’80s art boom. The works she displayed there... were 'seen as slanting heavily toward an overtly macho form of Neo-Expressionist painting.'..."

"In 2016, the actor Alec Baldwin sued Ms. Boone, saying she had defrauded him by promising him one painting by Mr. Bleckner, but then providing another, similar Bleckner painting with the same name. Mr. Baldwin’s case was eventually settled... In the tax case, Ms. Boone was charged with filing false returns.... [Boone's lawyer] told the judge that she committed her crimes 'not because she was greedy, but because she was frightened.'... [Prosecutors] cited the many personal expenses Ms. Boone had...
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How to Make a Strong Sales Pitch

I was recently working with some college graduate. On a break in the training I overheard one of the graduates ramble off an old movie quote “Coffee is for Closers!” After a good laugh it struck me. This quote has never been more important than it is today. With a workforce that is inundated with college educated millennials ready to accept lowering paying roles for a chance to climb the corporate ladder. The ability to close deals has never been more important. The reality is, closing the deal ...
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Dealer Mary Boone Settles Art Dispute With Alec Baldwin

The actor received a seven-figure settlement from Boone over a $190,000 Ross Bleckner painting he bought in 2010 that turned out to be a different painting than the one she promised to deliver. The agreement, reached last month and finalized on Friday, concludes a civil fraud case that was scheduled to head to trial next year.
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Mary Boone Settles Lawsuit with Alec Baldwin

Gallerist Mary Boone has settled her lawsuit with actor Alec Baldwin over a Ross Bleckner painting, the New Yorker reports. The piece features an interview with Baldwin in which he outlines his doubts over a work he thought was a copy of the piece he originally wanted.  “When I called up Mary and asked, ‘Why do these paintings look so […]
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TV News: Alec Baldwin to Star in A Few Good Men Live on NBC

The 30 Rock star will take on the role that Jack Nicholson famously played in the 1992 film adaptation of Aaron Sorkin's stage drama.
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Breaking: Can You Handle the Truth? Alec Baldwin Will Star in NBC's A FEW GOOD MEN Live

According to the Hollywood Reporter, casting is at last underway for Aaron Sorkin's A Few Good Men on NBC. Alec Baldwin has signed on to playCol. Nathan Jessep, played by Jack Nicholson in the 1992 movie. [Author: TV News Desk]
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VIDEO: More Poise, Less Noise: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Tom Hanks Are on the 2020 Presidential Ticket

Last night's SNL monologue saw Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson inducted into the Five Timers Club by none other than Alec Baldwin. In his velvet smoking jacket, The Rock found it the most apropos time to announce his intention to run for president alongside unexpected guest Tom Hanks. According to their logic, there are two things the nation agrees on pizza, and JohnsonHanks. [Author: Stage Tube]
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Theater News: Alec Baldwin and More Complete Casting for All the President's Men?

The work is composed of verbatim transcripts from recent Senate appointment hearings.
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SNL's Trump Satirist Alec Baldwin and More Round Out Cast of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN? at Town Hall

New York's Public Theater and London's National Theatre announced final casting today for the special one-night-only public staged reading of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN Scenes from the Senate Confirmation Hearings of President Trump's Cabinet on Thursday, May 11 at 800 p.m. at Town Hall 123 West 43rd Street. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: Alec Baldwin and Stephen Colbert Present 'Too Much Exposition Theatre'

On last night's LATE SHOW, any Broadway actorcan develop characters over the course of an entire play. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Alec Baldwin Criticizes Memoir Publisher for Editing Flubs; Will Reveal Extras on Facebook

Following the release of his new memoir NEVERTHELESS, Alec Baldwin took to Facebook to criticize his publishers at HarperCollins for 'several typos and errors' and for being 'too busy to do a proper and forensic edit of the material.' [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Alec Baldwin, F Murray Abraham, Ian McKellan and More Join Salute to Peter Shaffer

Stars of stage and screen will gather Monday, April 3rd to celebrate the life and legacy of Sir Peter Shaffer , much-beloved English playwright and screenwriter known for such iconic works as Equus , Amadeus , and Lettice and Lovage . Shaffer, a Manhattan resident for his last 40 years, died last May at 90, leaving behind loving family and friends, and a body of work that has shaped and influenced the theater scene for decades. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Where Saturday Night Live's Trump Administration Satire Goes Flat

While the bits with Alec Baldwin (as Trump) and Melissa McCarthy (as press secretary Sean Spicer) tend to be solid, argues David Sims, "the rest of SNL's political satire, such as Saturday's cold open that framed Attorney General Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump, often leans on presenting the Trump administration as cheerfully unaware or low on brainpower. It's a more toothless approach that's far easier for viewers of all political viewpoints to dismiss."
Tags: Art, Media, Alec Baldwin, Melissa Mccarthy, Trump, Forrest Gump, Jeff Sessions, Sean Spicer, David Sims, 03.06.17

STAGE TUBE: Run, Jeffy, Run! SNL and Kate McKinnon Take on Jeff Sessions with Forrest Gump Bus Stop Confessionals

The absence of Alec Baldwin's Trump did nothing to slow the hilarity in Saturday Night Live's cold open this week. [Author: Stage Tube]
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How Alec Baldwin Gets Inside Donald Trump's Head

"To me, Trump was someone who, he's always searching for a stronger, better word, and he never finds it."
Tags: Art, People, Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Trump, 03.02.17

Saturday Night Live Garners Its Highest Ratings In Six Years, Thanks To Its Impressions Of Trump And Spicer

Not only did this weekend top ratings for the comedy sketch show, which starred Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin as the president, but the season overall is doing really well. "Viewership of the show for the season to date is up 22% in total viewers (10.6 million) and 19% in adults 18-49 (3.5) compared to the same period last season. That makes it the most-watched 'SNL' season in 22 years, since the 1994-95 frame."
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VIDEO: Un-Aired Footage - Barbra Streisand/Alec Baldwin TONIGHT SHOW Duet Goes Off the Rails

On last night's show, Jimmy Fallon surprised his guest, Alec Baldwin with unaired footage of the performance in which he and Streisand end up breaking into laughter. [Author: TV News Desk]
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