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Pink seesaws across US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020

Creators say they hope the work encourages people to build bridges between communitiesA collection of bright pink seesaws that allowed people to interact over the US-Mexico border has won the prestigious Design of the Year award, with its creators saying they hoped the work encourages people to build bridges between communities.The Teeter Totter Wall, which bridged across El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juárez in Mexico during a 40-minute session, was described as not only feeling “symbolically impo...
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Brazilian waxwork figures go viral after old video report is unearthed on social media – video

The human form has inspired artists for centuries for both its beauty and challenges. Now a Brazilian septuagenarian sculptor has won a surprise newfound notoriety for his celebrity waxworks. Six years after it was filmed, a local TV story on an exhibit by Arlindo Armacollo has gone viral for the distorted depictions and the gushing reporter's commentary. Armacollo's work is the latest in an increasingly long list of celebrity sculptures that have gained fame for not quite nailing the brief'Braz...
Tags: Art, Americas, Sculpture, Brazil, Arlindo Armacollo

'Brazilian horror story': internet melts down over sculptor's peculiar waxworks

Images of Arlindo Armacollo’s figures went viral after users unearthed video report about their exhibition in churchThe first household name Arlindo Armacollo smothered in beeswax was Mother Teresa. Then came Albert Einstein, Pope John Paul II and a string of global luminaries who the entrepreneur-turned-artist admired.“It might look simple, but to achieve this richness of detail was hard work,” a local television reporter gushed during a 2015 visit to Armacollo’s waxwork collection in southern ...
Tags: Art, Americas, World news, Art and design, Sculpture, Brazil, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, John Paul II, Arlindo Armacollo, Armacollo

The vagina dialogues: 33-metre artwork draws far right's ire in Brazil

Juliana Notari’s hillside sculpture sparks clash between Bolsonaro-supporting right and leftwing cultural community A 33-metre reinforced concrete vagina has sparked a Bolsonarian backlash in Brazil, with supporters of the country’s far-right president clashing with leftwing art admirers over the installation.The handmade sculpture, entitled Diva, was unveiled by visual artist Juliana Notari on Saturday at a rural art park on the grounds of a former sugar mill in Pernambuco, one of Brazil’s most...
Tags: Art, Women, Americas, World news, Culture, Art and design, Brazil, Pernambuco, Jair Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro, Juliana Notari

The Guardian view on Amazonian cave art: a story about the environment, too | Editorial

Astonishing rock paintings discovered in Colombia hold a lesson for today’s rainforestIn the past week, remarkable images of ancient cave art have hit the headlines: rock paintings made in South America around 12,000 years ago. The art, created on rock faces in the Serranía de la Lindosa, on the northern edge of the Colombian Amazon, is a riot of ochre-coloured geometrical pattern, handprints, and images of animals and humans. Until recent excavations, the works of art had been unknown to the in...
Tags: Amazon, Art, UK, Environment, Americas, World news, History, Colombia, Art and design, Anthropology, Amazon Rainforest, Archaeology, Indigenous Peoples, South America, Bering Strait

Classical Concerts Under COVID: Where Things Stand In Asia, Australia/New Zealand, And the Americas

With governments in China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore mostly able to impose safety measures without too much pushback, case numbers are down and concert numbers are up, though usually with reduced audience. New Zealand is almost back to normal and Australia is getting there, with even a Ring cycle planned for Brisbane this month. Alas, reports David Karlin, “the contrast between Asia and the Americas could not be more stark,” though tentative returns to concert life are happening in Cana...
Tags: Art, Asia, Music, Australia, Singapore, Americas, New Zealand, Brisbane, Audience, Asia Australia New Zealand, China Japan South Korea, Canada Colombia, David Karlin, 11.02.20

Quino obituary

Argentinian creator of Mafalda, Latin America’s most famous strip cartoon characterShe is a stumpy six-year old girl with a mop of black hair, innocent-looking saucer eyes and a broad smile. Like little girls everywhere, she asks awkward questions. Of her mother, busy doing the washing: “What would you be if you had a life?” Of her father: “How come in the family of man everyone wants to be the father?” The little girl is Mafalda, the creation of the Argentinian cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavad...
Tags: Design, Human Rights, Media, Americas, World news, Culture, Illustration, Art and design, Argentina, Mafalda, Quino, Latin America Continue, Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, Mafalda Latin America

Wild plants of Barbados illustrated on plantation ledgers – in pictures

Artist Annalee Davis was walking in fields once used for sugarcane in her Barbados homeland when she spotted unfamiliar plants. “I was taught to see them as weeds but now I understand their value offering biodiversity to exhausted land and their historical use in bush medicine.” Davis started pressing and using specially mixed Victorian paint to draw these plants on old plantation ledger pages. Colonialism wiped out Barbados’s biodiversity in the 17th century by replacing local vegetation with t...
Tags: Art, Environment, Americas, Painting, Culture, Art and design, Drawing, Plants, Davis, Colonialism, Exhibitions, Barbados, Annalee Davis, Haarlem Artspace Derbyshire

Blood, death and toy cars: how the Mexican Weegee makes sense of a violent world

Enrique Metinides was the greatest photographer of car crashes, crime scenes and disasters for Mexico’s sensational nota roja newspapers. He describes his life in the company of death, and why he collects emergency service toysLooking casually dapper in a grey zip cardigan, Enrique Metinides leads me up to his modest apartment in Mexico City. Now in his 80s, the frail but chatty former photojournalist, celebrated for his images of crime and catastrophe, is often called the Weegee of Mexico, afte...
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Jon Stewart Has Been Awfully Quiet These Past Few Years. What Does He Think About All This?

“The police are a reflection of a society. They’re not a rogue alien organization that came down to torment the black community. … [They] are, in some respects, a border patrol, and they patrol the border between the two Americas. … The root of this problem is the society that we’ve created that contains this schism, and we don’t deal with it, because we’ve outsourced our accountability to the police.” – The New York Times Magazine
Tags: Art, Americas, People, 06.15.20

Police seize 19,000 stolen artefacts in international art trafficking crackdown

101 suspects arrested and rare cultural treasures recovered in huge global investigation Two huge international police operations targeting the trade in stolen artworks and archaeological artefacts have led to the arrest of 101 people and the recovery of more than 19,000 items, including a pre-Columbian gold mask, a carved Roman lion and thousands of ancient coins. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Americas, Spain, World news, Colombia, Culture, Art and design, Heritage, Archaeology, Art Theft

Sad: Pictures Of The Demolition Of The Old LACMA

The work that began Monday focused on the museum’s 1965 Leo S. Bing Center, a 600-seat theater designed by architect William L. Pereira that has been used for film screenings, musical performances, talks and other events. Interior demolition of three other buildings — Pereira’s 1960 Hammer and Ahmanson buildings as well as Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates’ 1980s Art of the Americas building — is underway as well. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Americas, Leo, Visual, Pereira, LACMA, Ahmanson, William L Pereira, 04.07.20, Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates

Celia and Fidel: why the timing is perfect for a new play about Castro

Playwright Eduardo Machado discusses his revealing new play that looks at the relationship between the Cuban revolutionary and Celia SánchezFidel Castro is back in the news. Senator Bernie Sanders, favourite for the Democratic nomination for US president, recently noted that when the Cuban revolutionary gained power in 1959, he launched a massive literacy programme. “Is that a bad thing, even if Fidel Castro did it?” he asked.The political backlash was swift and uncompromising. Rival candidate M...
Tags: New York, Americas, Theatre, US, Culture, Washington Dc, Stage, US theater, Cuba, Fidel Castro, Castro, Bernie Sanders, Bernie, Fidel, Mike Bloomberg, Celia

A playwright wants only critics of color to review her. Here's what our own critics think

The Indigenous artist Yolanda Bonnell says criticism should ‘come from a place of knowledge’. We asked Guardian critics for their viewsWhen Yolanda Bonnell’s play Bug opened in Toronto last week, she had an unusual request for the media: that only people of color review it. Related: ‘Make films where black characters don’t die’: Queen & Slim sparks debate over ‘trauma porn’ Continue reading...
Tags: Race, Americas, Theatre, Toronto, Culture, Canada, Stage, US theater, Yolanda Bonnell

Critic accidentally destroys $20,000 artwork at Mexico fair

Avelina Lésper said it was almost as if Gabriel Rico’s piece knew how much she disliked itAn art critic has destroyed a contemporary piece at Mexico’s premiere art fair, sparking a debate about what constitutes art.Critic Avelina Lésper said she accidentally shattered the installation on Saturday at the Zona Maco art fair in Mexico City when she placed an empty soda can near it to express her disdain for the piece: a sheet of glass with a stone, soccer ball and other random objects suspended ins...
Tags: Art, Mexico, Americas, Culture, Art and design, Mexico City, Zona Maco, Avelina Lésper, Gabriel Rico

Scenes from Santiago: Chile's protests spill from streets to stage

The city’s theatre is emotional, indignant and polemical finds our critic on a whirlwind trip through a dozen showsThe sparky young performers on stage thank us for coming out tonight. There are so many other things we could have been doing, they tell us, before launching into their show, Too Much Sexual Freedom Will Turn You Into Terrorists. “Burning subways” gets the biggest laugh. We are, after all, in Santiago, where only three months ago people took to the streets and did exactly that. Even...
Tags: Americas, Theatre, World news, Culture, Santiago, Chile, Stage, Festivals, Political theatre, Sebastián Pinera

Vivian Suter: the rainforest-dwelling artist who paints with fish glue, dogs and mud

She was ignored for decades, but now Suter has been rediscovered as a pioneering eco-artist. We meet her, and her 97-year-old collagist mum, in the wilds of GuatemalaA large dog romps across a blue and white canvas, leaving a trail of brown paw prints. “Oh well,” shrugs Vivian Suter. “They’re part of the work now. I don’t think anyone will mind.” I realise Bonzo – one of three Alsatian crossbreeds that shadow the artist wherever she goes in her Guatemalan home – has just put the finishing touche...
Tags: Art, Climate Change, Environment, Women, Americas, Painting, Life and style, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Exhibitions, Older people, Guatemala, Madrid, Suter

Mustapha Matura obituary

Pioneering black British-based playwright who examined the effects of colonialism on his native TrinidadMustapha Matura, who has died aged 79 after a heart attack, was a pioneering black playwright who opened the doors for his successors. He was the first British-based dramatist of colour to have a play in the West End when in 1974 Play Mas, dealing with the annual Trinidad carnival, moved from the Royal Court to the Phoenix theatre on Charing Cross Road. It is also worth recalling, as Inua Ella...
Tags: Nigeria, Race, Americas, Theatre, World news, Culture, Heritage, Stage, Colonialism, West End, Trinidad And Tobago, Trinidad, Phoenix, Charing Cross Road, Chekhov, Royal Court

Don Warrington on Mustapha Matura: he brought the West Indies to British theatre

The actor and director pays tribute to the Trinidadian playwright who has died aged 79The first of Mustapha Matura’s plays I saw was As Time Goes By at the Royal Court in London. It was 1971 and I was at drama school. Until then I hadn’t seen a play dealing with immigrants in such an irreverent and funny way. It depicts the tenacity and imagination that this bunch of people found in themselves to cope with the situation they were in. Continue reading...
Tags: London, Americas, Theatre, World news, Culture, Stage, Royal Court theatre, West Indies, Trinidad And Tobago, Royal Court, Don Warrington, Talawa (theatre company, Mustapha Matura

Colombian artist wins $1m prize for work on political violence

Nomura award goes to Doris Salcedo, who focuses on exposing human cost of conflictThe Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, best known in the UK for her 167 metre (548ft) floor crack installation at the Tate Modern, has won the most lucrative contemporary art prize in the world, the Nomura Art Award, worth $1m (£770,000).The inaugural prize was awarded to Salcedo for her body of work produced over the last 25 years, which has focused on the human cost of the conflict between successive governments an...
Tags: Art, UK, Americas, World news, Colombia, Culture, Art and design, Tate Modern, Nomura, Salcedo, Doris Salcedo

'I'm almost enjoying myself!' – Frank Bowling's six-decade journey to success

Collars, car keys, poly bags – they’ve all made it into his vast and richly colourful paintings. We meet the Guyana-born painter who is finally receiving his duesPut something down in Frank Bowling’s studio and it could easily end up embedded in one of his vast paintings. Bangles, cigarette lighters, even his wife’s car keys – all have suffered this fate. So I am on my guard when I drop by his workplace in south London. And indeed, one of the first things he shows me is his latest painting: an e...
Tags: Art, London, Africa, Race, Americas, Painting, Society, World news, Culture, Art and design, Colonialism, Exhibitions, British identity and society, Tate Britain, Caribbean, Guyana

Headless self-portraits from a face everyone knew – Luchita Hurtado review

Serpentine Sackler Gallery, LondonMarcel Duchamp massaged her feet and Leonora Carrington built her kids a house. But the work of the 98-year-old Venezuela-born painter is every bit as extraordinary as her lifeFor a period while living in Chile with her artist-husband Lee Mullican in the late 1960s, Luchita Hurtado painted inside a walk-in closet, standing there and looking down over her breasts and belly to her feet and the floor below. Sometimes a bar of light came in through the slats of the ...
Tags: Art, Americas, Painting, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Chile, Venezuela, Exhibitions, Navajo, Leonora Carrington, Luchita Hurtado, Lee Mullican, LondonMarcel Duchamp

Hip-hop schools and graffiti art saved Medellin. Can they do the same for Paris?

Urban planner Daniel Carvalho says embracing youth culture can transform France’s poorest suburbsIn the hilly streets of Medellín’s Comuna 13, once ranked the most dangerous district in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Daniel Carvalho is a local hero.The urban planner is credited with helping to transform the poor neighbourhood on the western slopes of Colombia’s one-time drug and crime capital from no-go badlands into a tourist attraction. Continue reading...
Tags: France, Americas, Theatre, World news, Colombia, Cities, Culture, Paris, Young People, Daniel Carvalho

Phillips Hires David Norman as Chairman for Americas

Phillips has hired David Norman from Sotheby’s, as chairman of the Americas. “While consulting for Phillips during the past few years, I realized that I love being part of a team—and this is the team I’d love to be a part of,” Norman says. “Phillips is a 220-year-old company with the spirit of a start-up, and […]
Tags: Art, News, Americas, Norman, Art News, Minipost, Phillips, Sotheby, David Norman

Why we need to pause before claiming cultural appropriation | Ash Sarkar

The debate, tied up with racial oppression and exploitation, is a difficult one. Yet not every interloper is a colonialist in disguiseIs Gordon Ramsay allowed to cook Chinese food ? Is it OK to dress up as Disney’s Moana? Can Jamie Oliver cook jollof rice despite plainly not knowing what it is? Exactly what is cultural appropriation? To take a glance at Good Morning Britain, the ITV show that never takes its finger off the pulse of Middle England’s clogged arteries, you’d think it’s a question o...
Tags: Food, Art, Music, Race, Americas, Disney, World news, Culture, Canada, Art and design, Indigenous Peoples, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Middle England, Ash Sarkar, Gordon Ramsay (chef

Phillips Hires Elizabeth Goldberg as Deputy Chair for Americas

Phillips has hired American art specialist Elizabeth Goldberg from Sotheby’s, appointing her senior international specialist in American art and deputy chairman for the Americas.“As with other auction house categories, the market for American art has changed rather dramatically over the past 15 years, becoming highly selective at the high end with quality being key, ” Goldberg says. […]
Tags: Art, News, Americas, Art News, Minipost, Phillips, Goldberg, Sotheby, Elizabeth Goldberg

Express yourself: Mexicans in body paint – in pictures

Phyllis Galembo photographs ritual dress, from costumes to masks to body paint, expressing a rich range of political, artistic, theatrical, social and religious meanings. Her latest project focuses on Mexican traditions Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Mexico, Americas, Culture, Art and design, Art and design books, Phyllis Galembo

With New Curator, New York’s Museo Del Barrio Tries To Make Peace With Activists Who Say It Has Abandoned Its Nuyorican Roots

The East Harlem museum was founded 50 years ago by local artists and teachers who felt that the existing museums and institutions in New York had shut them out. Since then, the museum has expanded its mission to cover art from Latin American itself, and battles have periodically broken out over that change — including this week. In response, the Museo’s director announced that he’ll be hiring a new curator focused on “the art and culture of historically marginalized Latinx communities in the Un...
Tags: Art, New York, Americas, United States, Visual, East Harlem, SJ, Museo, Museo del Barrio, 03.28.19, New Curator New York

The shock of the nude: Brazil's stark new form of political protest

In a defiant riposte to president Bolsonaro and intolerance, performers at São Paulo’s international theatre festival are reclaiming the rights to be seen and to be differentIf ever there were a city where disrupting traffic felt like a political act, it would be São Paulo. Its 15 million inhabitants routinely take an hour to drive across town and can waste a month per year just getting to and from work. So when the dancers of Cia. Les Commediens Tropicales step in front of the moving vehicles o...
Tags: Politics, Americas, Theatre, World news, Dance, Culture, Stage, Festivals, Brazil, Banksy, Political theatre, Sao Paulo, Avenida Paulista, Jair Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro, Cia Les Commediens Tropicales

what i'm reading: solitary raven: the essential writings of bill reid

I'm supposed to be writing about the Jackie Robinson biography, which I finished weeks ago, but so far I haven't been motivated to do so. I finished another Wallander mystery -- my "in between" book -- but the next bio on my list, the new one about Frederick Douglass, hasn't come in yet. So I looked for something on my own bookshelf that I've been meaning to read, and found this: Solitary Raven: The Essential Writings of Bill Reid. It is fascinating, and by coincidence, feels very relevant.We v...
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