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Experience: I live in the 1990s

We have a Spice Girls calendar on the door and an old VHS player – I watch my Vicar of Dibley box set on itI was born in 1998, at the tail end of the decade I love. Titanic was in cinemas, Britney Spears released … Baby One More Time, Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls and Apple released the bright turquoise iMac computer.I was too young to appreciate those things, but my first home in Mansfield was full of 90s decor. I loved the fun of it. The hallway was decorated in tongue and groove wood pa...
Tags: Apple, Design, Geri Halliwell, Life and style, Homes, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Interiors, Mansfield, Dibley

The “West Side Story” Story — Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #114 Did it make sense for Steven Spielberg to remake one of our nation’s most beloved musicals (with music by Bernstein and Sondheim!), attempting to fix the parts that did not age well politically? Is the new version a modern classic or a doomed Frankenstein? Your host Mark Linsenmayer is joined by Broadway scholar, theater critic, and actor Ron Fassler; Remakes, Reboots, and Revivals co-ho...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Podcasts, Film, College, Theatre, Broadway, Steven Spielberg, Bernstein, Sondheim, Frankenstein, Leonard Bernstein, Tony Kushner, Ron Fassler, Jon Burlingame, Ed Morales

Apple Streaming Has Been Crap For Classical Music. So It Bought An Expert

With a view to improving that experience, presumably, Apple acquired dedicated classical music streaming service Primephonic in August 2021. In a press release, the company promises Apple Music subscribers “a significantly improved classical music experience.” – Ludwig Van
Tags: Apple, Art, Music, Apple Music

Some Of The Props From Apple’s ‘Dickenson’ Are Going To An Unusual Spot

The series is ending, but its costumes and other props will live on at the Emily Dickenson Museum, while the made-for-TV carefully recreated manuscripts are heading to join their real kin at Harvard. “It’s one legacy that blends into another.” – The New York Times
Tags: Apple, Art, Media, Dickenson, Harvard It, Emily Dickenson Museum

18 of the Most Stunning Credit & Debit Card Designs in Banking

Even as people use digital payment apps more often, they still love a slick-looking card that gets noticed when they pull it out. The post 18 of the Most Stunning Credit & Debit Card Designs in Banking appeared first on The Financial Brand - Banking Trends, Analysis & Insights.
Tags: Apple, Design, Finance, Lgbtq, Credit Card, Amex, Venmo, Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Debit Card, PNC, Product Marketing, Payments Strategies, Brand Identity & Design, Featured Content, Usbank

‘This is the age of waste’: the show about our throwaway addiction and how to cure it

It is now 100 times more lucrative to mine gold from e-dumps than from the ground. Yet 70 years ago, we barely threw anything away at all. Can design change our disposable culture?How will this age be remembered? After the stone age, the bronze age, the steam age and the information age, what material or innovation will most define the current era? According to a new exhibition at the Design Museum, the most ubiquitous hallmark of the Anthropocene is not a gamechanging material, nor the mastery ...
Tags: Apple, Design, London, Environment, World news, Culture, Art and design, Waste, Justin McGuirk, Cop26, Gemma Curtin, General Electric Philips

2 years after leaving Apple, Jony Ive's new design company finally has a website - take a look

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images LoveFrom, the design firm by former Apple design chief Jony Ive and Marc Newson, has a new website. The site describes LoveFrom as "a creative collective" that is "fanatically devoted to excellence." Ive departed Apple in 2019 after leading its design on products like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. A design firm from the man behind the look of many of Apple's iconic products now has an official website. Jony Ive was Apple's chief design officer and led th...
Tags: Apple, Design, Trends, Ferrari, Financial Times, Jony Ive, Ives, Justin Sullivan Getty, Ive, Marc Newson, Tech Insider, Sarah Jackson, Exor, LoveFrom, Newsroom Affiliate Link

Two years after leaving Apple, Jony Ive's new design company finally has a website - take a look

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images LoveFrom, the design firm by former Apple design chief Jony Ive and Marc Newson, has a new website. The site describes LoveFrom as "a creative collective" that is "fanatically devoted to excellence." Ive departed Apple in 2019 after leading its design on products like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. A design firm from the man behind the look of many of Apple's iconic products now has an official website. Jony Ive was Apple's former chief design officer, le...
Tags: Apple, Design, Trends, Ferrari, Financial Times, Jony Ive, Ives, Justin Sullivan Getty, Ive, Marc Newson, Tech Insider, Sarah Jackson, Exor, LoveFrom

Apple's former design chief Jony Ive is reportedly helping Ferrari design its first electric car

Jony Ive is the designer behind many of Apple's most recognizable products. Getty Ex-Apple designer Jony Ive's firm is collaborating with Ferrari on its first electric car, FT reports. The luxury carmaker plans to introduce its electric vehicle in 2025. Jony Ive designed iconic Apple products like the iPhone, Mac, and iPod. See more stories on Insider's business page. A design firm headed by Jony Ive, Apple's former chief design officer, and industrial designer Marc Newson...
Tags: Apple, Transportation, Electric Vehicle, Design, News, Steve Jobs, Trends, Tech, Designer, Ferrari, Airbnb, Electric Car, Financial Times, Jony Ive, Ive, Marc Newson

As Big Tech Gives In To Big Government, Everyone In Russia Is Harmed

Google and Apple opened offices in Russia. Then Putin pressured them to delete his opposition’s Smart Voting app – and they caved. “This episode is a powerful reminder that old-fashioned force can decisively tighten a state’s grip on the web.” – Wired
Tags: Apple, Google, Art, Putin, Russia, Issues, 09.26.21

Humans won't be able to control a superintelligent AI, according to a study

Machines already perform certain tasks without humans understanding how they learned it. Reuters A Max-Planck Institute study suggests humans couldn't prevent an AI from making its own choices. The researchers used Alan Turing's "halting problem" to test their theory. Programming a superintelligent AI with "containment algorithms" or rules would be futile. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It may not be theoretically possible to predict the actions of artifici...
Tags: Apple, UK, Science, Design, International, Trends, Strategy, Tech, Robots, Alan Turing, Ai, Nordic, Google Amazon, Isaac Asimov, Baker McKenzie, Asimov

Apple Buys Classical Streaming Service Primephonic — And Shuts It Down

The tech giant will take Primephonic offline next week and, it says, work on integrating the service’s catalog and specialized search engine, with a new Apple classical app launching next year. Current subscribers will get a refund and six free months of Apple Music. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Apple, Art, Music

The pure hell of managing your JPEGs

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. Natasha and Alex and Grace and Chris were joined by none other than TechCrunch’s own Mary Ann Azevedo, in her first-ever appearance on the show. She’s pretty much the best person and we’re stoked to have her on the pod. And it was good that Mary Ann was on the show this week as she wrote about half the dang site. Which meant that we got to include all sorts of her ...
Tags: Apple, Fundings & Exits, Startups, Design, Boston, Tech, Chicago, Austin, Dropbox, Brazil, Playbook, Equity, Alex, Fintech, Latin America, Grace

Samsung Announces Next Generation of Foldable Smartphones

This morning Samsung announced their next generation of foldable smartphones, which are on their way downwards in price and, the company claims, upwards in reliability. The fact that Apple has not released a folding smartphone—analysts' best guesses on that are for sometime in 2023—would suggest that folding screens can't be done well yet, but Samsung has been devoting a ton of resources towards proving they can.Thus Samsung pulled the sheets off of the Galaxy Z Fold3, a larger phone that unfold...
Tags: Apple, Design, Samsung, Tech, Armor Aluminum

This outdoor recyclable cooler uses wool insulation to keep your drinks cool, and comes with its own charcuterie board lid!

Wool has a pretty good reputation as an insulating material, but you don’t instantly think of wool being used to keep something cool. Sure, woolen sweaters, mitts, socks, caps, they’re all used to trap your body heat and keep you warm, but with insulation, the inverse is true too! Meet the Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler, an outdoor cooler that uses eco-friendly wool (as opposed to chemical insulants) to keep your cool drinks cool… and as an added bonus, it comes with a lid that doubles up a...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Milwaukee, Shop, Product Design, Sustainable Design, Cooler, Brook McLeod, Dave Nomura, Dave Nomura Brook McLeod, Brook McLeod Wool Street

This new AirPods Pro case takes on a barrel shape to fit in pockets with your other EDC items!

Antón visualized an AirPods Pro case concept that holds each AirPods Pro in vertical placement, swapping out a rectangular build for a barrel-shaped case. The new case for AirPods Pros is even wider than the previous generation of AirPods. Wedging that case into your pocket between your keys, wallet, and other EDC items is uncomfortable and makes our pockets too bulky. Iván Antón, a product and graphic designer based in Madrid, recently visualized an AirPods Pro Case concept that gives the case...
Tags: Apple, Design, Wearable, Madrid, Product Design, Edc, Apple Accessories, Portable Audio, Anton, AirPods, Airpod, Airpods Case, AirPods Pro, 3D visualization, AirPods Accessories, Apple concepts

This air purifier uses a plasma field to catch the germs and pollutants that your regular purifier can’t

Going above and beyond anything your HEPA-based air purifiers can do (or even some of the UV ones), OneLife X uses plasma-field technology to purify the air… yes, the same plasma energy found in our sun. The OneLife X traps and eliminates 99.99% of all airborne particles, catching particles as small as 0.01 micrometers (that’s 10 times smaller than the Coronavirus), and runs indefinitely without ever requiring a filter replacement. Designer: Christoph Burkhardt of OneLife Click Here to...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Technology, Shop, Product Design, Air Purifier, OneLife, Burkhardt, Christoph Burkhardt, OneLife X, Plasma Technology

16 Best Photoshop Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best Photoshop alternatives? We’ve got options for you. As the world continues to put a premium on good visuals and captivating designs, it makes perfect sense why more entrepreneurs and creatives are looking to explore new tools and instruments they can optimize to better produce profitable content. While Adobe Photoshop has been a leader in the design space, helping creatives design meaningful graphics and stunning logos, not everyone prefers to use Adobe’s software or pay for ...
Tags: Apple, Tools, Design, Adobe, Photoshop, Graphic Design, Canva, Hdr, Alternatives, Don, Krita, Corel, Mac Linux, LUMINAR, ProCreate, REBELLE

6 Best Wireless Chargers for Smart Phones & Devices (Apple & Android)

Charging your device wirelessly is an ingenious invention when you think about it. Simply placing your smartphone or smart device on a pad to let electricity flow through the grid in the charger and into your device while you sleep must have seemed like something out of Star Trek even a decade ago. While using a wireless charger is incredibly simple, picking the one that is best for your needs can be challenging. Options such as design, power level, and form factor can affect the effectiveness o...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Tools, Design, Samsung, Best, Star Trek, Chargers, Apple Watch, Anker, Qi, Max, Samsung Galaxy, Belkin, Ac, Don

2021 iPhone photography awards – in pictures

The 14th annual iPhone photography awards offer glimpses of beauty, hope and the endurance of the human spirit. Out of thousands of submissions, photojournalist Istvan Kerekes of Hungary was named the grand prize winner for his image Transylvanian Shepherds. In it, two rugged shepherds traverse an equally rugged industrial landscape, bearing a pair of lambs in their arms. Continue reading...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Art, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Hungary, Art and design, Istvan Kerekes

Why Are Telecom Companies So Bad At Media?

“Joseph Epstein once wrote that “Of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun at all.” He must have been talking about the telecom chief executives. Envy is the driving force behind their explorations — and the reason their efforts repeatedly fail. They are almost always envious of the success of Internet-based companies. They hated Google for making money from advertising. They hated Apple for making money from music. They were envious of Netflix making the big dollars from streaming.” Om Mal...
Tags: Apple, Google, Art, Media, Netflix, Joseph Epstein, 05.19.21

QOTD: Will Foxconn Make Fisker’s PEARs?

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Technology Group, announced that it signed a development and manufacturing agreement with Fisker. Foxconn is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, and producer of Apple’s iPhone. The cryptocurrency of car makers, Fisker has nothing to show for five years of existence. They’ve not produced anything in five years […] The post QOTD: Will Foxconn Make Fisker’s PEARs? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Apple, Asia, Design, Technology, Jobs, China, Global, Bailout, Green, Industry, Engineering, Electric Vehicles, Emerging Markets, Autos, Manufacturing, Export

NPR And PRX To Offer Paid Subscription Option For Podcasts

NPR will give listeners the choice to pay — via its own platforms, Apple, or Spotify — a yet-undetermined monthly fee in order to receive its podcasts without advertising sponsorship messages; the network will also make this option available to member stations for their podcasts. PRX will offer a $4.99 monthly subscription to podcasts it distributes via four channels on Apple Podcasts; again, subscribers will be able to bypass underwriting announcements. – Current The post NPR And PRX To Offe...
Tags: Apple, Art, Media, Npr, Audience, 04.21.21

4 Things a Marketer Learned at the Apple Event

I'm someone with a fascination with Apple. Here are the four main takeaways from Apple's event on Tuesday: Speed as always Color is back M1s are here to stay Sustainability is important Podcasts I have never been a fan of the podcast app on any Apple, but this is a game changer, and I will...
Tags: Apple, Design, Advertising, Voice

UserZoom raises $100M, acquires EnjoyHQ, to grow its platform to improve UX and other interactive design elements

Graphic designer Paul Rand once famously said that the public was more familiar with bad design than good design. While he was referring to most of the design in the world being “bad”, these days that phrase might take on a second meaning: people typically only notice and talk about (and usually complain about) design when it is ugly, or works badly. Conversely, if it’s good, and it works, you don’t hear much. Today a startup called UserZoom that has built a platform used by companies like Googl...
Tags: Apple, TC, Ecommerce, Europe, Design, Media, Developer, California, Funding, Tech, Spain, Barcelona, Ui, ERP, User Experience, Ux

Google Podcasts Has An Extremism Problem

“Even in the world of podcasting, Google Podcasts … stands alone among major platforms in its tolerance of hate speech and other extremist content. A recent nonexhaustive search turned up more than two dozen podcasts from white supremacists and pro-Nazi groups, offering a buffet of slurs and conspiracy theories. None of the podcasts appeared on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.” – The New York Times
Tags: Apple, Google, Art, Media, Nazi, 03.25.21

Tim Kobe, CEO of Eight Inc. and designer of the original Apple Store, opens up about his approach to design and the importance of brand experience

Tim Kobe, founder of Eight Inc. Eight Inc Tim Kobe was the designer of the original Apple store and worked alongside Steve Jobs for over a decade In 2010, Kobe moved to Singapore, which is now headquarters for his design firm Eight Inc Eight's design philosophy puts the human experience up front, which in turn can drive better business outcomes Because of his work, Insider named Kobe to our annual list of the 10 leaders transforming media in Asia. Visit Insider's Tran...
Tags: Apple, Asia, Design, Media, Steve Jobs, China, Singapore, Trends, Asia Pacific, Philippines, User Experience, Michael O Neill, Lincoln, Apple Store, Brand Experience, Retail Design

Good Luck Watching The Oscar Contenders In The UK

How “democratic” are these streaming Oscars when they’re almost impossible to find, and expensive to subscribe to, in the UK? The coronavirus, and attendant openings and lockdowns, is mostly to blame, of course, but also: “Streaming infrastructure in the UK is less well-established than in the US, so outside major players such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and Apple, distributors do not have the deals in place for straightforward online premieres.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Apple, Art, UK, Media, US, Netflix Amazon Disney, 03.19.21

NASA's Perseverance rover has a 1997 computer chip brain. Here's why.

A special super-tough version of an old chip made famous by Apple is running the show on NASA's Perseverance Mars rover.The chip is slow by modern standards, but meets the reliability test.The chip can be bombarded with radiation and still keeps on going. It's probably a good idea to stop and take a moment every now and then to marvel at the incredible amount of computing power in your pocket. Today's phones have processors that make the computers of the internet-boom era seem like little more ...
Tags: Apple, Motorola, Space, Design, Technology, Nasa, Earth, Computers, Innovation, Orion, Ibm, Mars, Pong, Samsung Galaxy, Matt Lemke, EEPROM

Martin Scorsese: How Streaming Is Killing The Movie Art

Scorsese acknowledges streamers benefit his career (without Netflix there would be no “The Irishman,” and without Apple there would be no “Killers of the Flower Moon” on the way), but writes “the art of cinema is being systematically devalued, sidelined, demeaned, and reduced to its lowest common denominator” by conceptualization of films as “content.” – Harper’s
Tags: Apple, Art, Media, Netflix, Scorsese, Harper, Martin Scorsese, 03.21

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