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How A John Denver Song Inspired A Generation Of Asian Immigrants

Over the past half century, Denver’s Appalachian anthem has also lodged in the hearts of many families in Asia, thousands of miles away from the Blue Ridge Mountains. In a 2009 , the sociologists Grant Blank and Heidi Netz Rupke published an informal survey of college classrooms in Western China that found that “Country Roads” was the most popular American song among the students. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Asia, Music, Denver, Blue Ridge Mountains, Western China, 05.03.21, John Denver Song, Heidi Netz Rupke

Watch 400+ Documentaries from German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle: Art Forgery, Fashion Photography, the Mona Lisa, and More

You’re certainly familiar with Nouvelle Vague, the “French new wave” that shook up world cinema in the mid-2oth century. You’ve probably also heard of Hallyu, the “Korean wave” of pop music and television dramas (and, increasingly, films) now crashing across not just Asia but the West. As for Deutsche Welle, literally the “German wave,” you may know the term better in its abbreviated form: DW, the brand of Germany’s public international broadcaster. Here on Open Culture we’ve previously ...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Asia, Europe, Photography, Television, College, Germany, Berlin, Africa, West, United States, Seoul, Roma, Turkmenistan, Goethe Institut

Vancouver Maritime Museum – Executive Director

For more than 60 years Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM) has been sharing stories about maritime heritage in British Columbia and the Canadian Arctic that reflect a diverse range of voices. OrganizationFor more than 60 years Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM) has been sharing stories about maritime heritage in British Columbia and the Canadian Arctic that reflect a diverse range of voices. Its mission is to be a centre for dialogue, research, expression, and experience regarding the maritime herit...
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Hong Kong’s New M+ Wants To Be One Of The World’s Great Contemporary Art Museums. Politics May Make That Impossible.

“The [West Kowloon Cultural District Authority] has set M+ the target of being the first museum of its kind in Asia and to be ranked among the top five museums in the world for visual culture. … To achieve such lofty ambitions, M+ needs international credibility. But given growing ideological tensions between China and the West, it is going to be hard for the museum to meet the expectations of its political master as well as an international art world based on the values of liberal democracies....
Tags: Art, Asia, Hong Kong, China, Visual, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, 04.07.21

Tim Kobe, CEO of Eight Inc. and designer of the original Apple Store, opens up about his approach to design and the importance of brand experience

Tim Kobe, founder of Eight Inc. Eight Inc Tim Kobe was the designer of the original Apple store and worked alongside Steve Jobs for over a decade In 2010, Kobe moved to Singapore, which is now headquarters for his design firm Eight Inc Eight's design philosophy puts the human experience up front, which in turn can drive better business outcomes Because of his work, Insider named Kobe to our annual list of the 10 leaders transforming media in Asia. Visit Insider's Tran...
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"In March last year I was sectioned and went to a psychiatric ward for six weeks, I had been diagnosed with suffering from a Psychotic episode...."

"It’s basically like an overspill of your brain’s 'stress bucket,' when your mind can’t handle it any more. In my case I went through a wave of hallucinations and delusions from thinking that I was speaking to God to being hired to doodle all over Donald Trump’s wall to believing that I had become the video game character Crash Bandicoot. In the psychiatric ward I believed I had met and become friends with Banksy and Kanye West and that we were destined to doodle the world together, in reality ...
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Cambodia is turning the tide on looted statues, but some things cannot be returned | Ashley Thompson and Stephen Murphy

While we celebrate the repatriation of $50m of ancient Khmer objects, the damage to Cambodian society is permanentAt the end of January, the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts announced the most significant return ever of stolen antiquities to south-east Asia: more than 100 ancient Khmer objects with an estimated value of $50m assembled over the course of six decades by Douglas Latchford.At his death in August 2020, Latchford was facing federal charges in the US for the alleged key role...
Tags: Art, Asia, London, US, America, World news, Culture, Thailand, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Museums, Cambodia, Archaeology, Bangkok, Stephen Murphy, Ministry of Culture

Pakistan’s Submission For This Year’s Oscars Is Banned In Pakistan

The director, Sarmad Khoosat, is (or was) a popular member of one of the country’s most beloved entertainment families; the film itself, Zindagi Tamasha (in English, Circus of Life), has been approved by three different boards of censors and a committee of senators, and it won a big prize at one of Asia’s most important film festivals. But, based on a trailer, a far-right Islamist party has declared the movie blasphemous and incited a vicious campaign against the director (including multiple th...
Tags: Art, Asia, Media, Pakistan, Sarmad Khoosat, 01.22.21

LottieFiles, a platform for the animation format, lands $9 million Series A led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund

LottieFiles, a platform for JSON-based Lottie animations, has raised a Series A of $9 million. The round was led by M12, Microsoft’s venture capital arm, with participation from returning investor 500 Startups. Based in San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur, LottieFiles was founded in 2018. The platform includes Lottie creation, editing and testing tools, and a marketplace for animations. It now claims about one million users from 65,000 companies, including Airbnb, Google, TikTok, Disney and Netflix, ...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Asia, Design, Microsoft, Southeast Asia, San Francisco, Developers, Netflix, Malaysia, Animation, Airbnb, Lottie, PNG, JSON

Kia Reveals its New Logo

Kia revealed its new logo and brand slogan while you were asleep last night, signifying the Korean automaker’s ambitions to become a leader in the industry by revamping nearly all facets of its business. Kia developed the new logo to resemble a handwritten signature, a striking departure from the oval used since its inception in […] The post Kia Reveals its New Logo appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Classical Concerts Under COVID: Where Things Stand In Asia, Australia/New Zealand, And the Americas

With governments in China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore mostly able to impose safety measures without too much pushback, case numbers are down and concert numbers are up, though usually with reduced audience. New Zealand is almost back to normal and Australia is getting there, with even a Ring cycle planned for Brisbane this month. Alas, reports David Karlin, “the contrast between Asia and the Americas could not be more stark,” though tentative returns to concert life are happening in Cana...
Tags: Art, Asia, Music, Australia, Singapore, Americas, New Zealand, Brisbane, Audience, Asia Australia New Zealand, China Japan South Korea, Canada Colombia, David Karlin, 11.02.20

What All Those English-Language Schools In Japan Really Signify

There are more than 5,000 English-as-a-Foreign-Language schools in the country — about 20% more than in China, which has more than 10 times the population. And their lessons come on top of the English classes included in Japan’s public school curriculum. And yet the Japanese rank among the worst in Asia in English proficiency. So what purpose do all the EFL schools there serve? Several purposes, actually. – Metropolis (Tokyo)
Tags: Art, Asia, Japan, China, Words, EFL, 10.19.20

Insider Retail: Stores suppress news of workplace COVID-19 cases, sneakerheads flock to Discord, and Ruby Tuesday stops paying pensions

A major avocado distributor had a "disappointing" IPO this week. olindana/Getty Images  Wake up! September is officially over!Happy first Friday of October. Congrats, it is now acceptable to actually drink your PSL in public, even though you've probably been doing so since Starbucks launched it in August. (Shade.)  I'm happy to bring you another week of Insider Retail, Business Insider's weekly round-up of everything that's happening in restaurants and retail. If you haven't already subscri...
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A futuristic glass skyscraper shaped like a blooming flower is being built on one of Hong Kong's most expensive plots of land – here's an early look

Render by Arqui9 / Zaha Hadid Architects Zaha Hadid Architects has revealed the design for a 36-story glass tower in Hong Kong inspired by a budding flower. Set to open by 2022 on a city block in Hong Kong Central, according to design magazine Dezeen, the tower will serve as an urban oasis. Here's an early look at the tower, which will come with tree-filled balconies, an above-ground running track, and rooftop banquet hall. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.   Zaha Had...
Tags: Travel, Google, Asia, Hong Kong, Real Estate, Design, Life, International, City, Trends, Features, Architecture, Urban Planning, Miami, Skyscraper, Zaha Hadid

Girl Scouts Camp Trivera combines STEM and sustainable architecture

Focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, with an architectural emphasis on integral sustainability, Camp Trivera is the first Girl Scouts campground of its kind. The space will serve as an educational and community center for the future female leaders of tomorrow in an outdoor setting. Inhabitat caught up with Shannon Evers, the CEO of Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, to learn more about Camp Trivera. The facility is set to open in September 2020 in Oklahoma City. In...
Tags: Asia, Usa, Design, Camping, Education, Activities, Stem, Nasa, Oklahoma, Green space, Inhabitat, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Mae Jemison, Oklahoma City Zoo, Evers

Burmese roofed turtle is rescued from extinction

The Burmese roofed turtle has been saved from the brink of extinction. The turtle had not been seen for over 20 years, leading many conservationists to assume that it was extinct. But in 2001, one Burmese roofed turtle was spotted in markets in Myanmar, sparking interest among scientists. From this point forward, efforts to save the endangered species were put in place by scientists in collaboration with the government of Myanmar. The efforts have paid off, with nearly 1,000 of these turtles exi...
Tags: Asia, Design, Myanmar, Turtle, Species, Wildlife Conservation Society, Endangered & Extinct, Steven Platt, The New York Times Turtles

How a tiny house couple used $35,000 to hack their 290-square-foot living space, rejecting minimalism and maximizing practicality

Tony and Charlie Perez live in a tiny house in California. CharpLenz Photography Tony and Charlie Perez live in a 290-square-foot tiny house outside of Sacramento, California.They've spent $35,000 building and designing the tiny house, which creatively maximizes space and takes on influences from their many travels.But they say they're not minimalists. Instead, they told Business Insider, they designed their home around practicality.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Tony an...
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A Virtual Cannes Is Open. Are Movies Still In Business?

Given the festival’s date shift from early May to late June, Cannes now looks far better than it did a few months ago at the beginning of a lockdown that stretched across the planet, shuttering theaters from Beijing to New York. But now, cineplexes have begun to reopen in Europe and Asia, with box office figures in some territories like Scandinavia, Japan and South Korea exceeding expectations. Adding to the cautious optimism is the fact that U.S. theaters are poised to open up in July. – The H...
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VIDEO: Watch THE WIZ LIVE! with The Shows Must Go On!- Live at 2pm!

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, THE SHOWS MUST GO ON returns today with THE WIZ LIVE 2015, which will be available for 48 hrs beginning at 2pm EDT on Friday, June 12 globally except Latin America and Asia. The Wiz Live starsQueen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, David Alan, Grier, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelly, Uzo Aduba, Amber Riley, Common, Stephanie Mills, and newcomer Shanice Williams. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Asia, Theatre, Latin America, Stephanie Mills, Shanice Williams, BWW News Desk

The Shows Must Go On! Will Broadcast THE WIZ LIVE! on June 12

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, this weekend's THE SHOWS MUST GO ON broadcast of Peter Pan Live has been postponed, but it will be back next week withTHE WIZ 2015, which will be available for 48 hrs beginning at 2pm EDT on Friday, June 12 globally except Latin America and Asia. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Asia, Peter Pan Live, Theatre, Latin America, BWW News Desk

How Asia’s Theatrical Powerhouse Has Kept Shows Running Through The Pandemic

“South Korea, which has a burgeoning theatre economy with a size and scale to rival the West End, has become the big player in Asia. … Its theatres were given the choice, rather than demanded, to close. A 15-day quarantine restriction has been applied to any theatre that remained open if a member of the audience or company develops COVID-19 symptoms, with a system in place to quickly contact and test all attendees and staff.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Asia, South Korea, Theatre, Audience, COVID, 04.30.20

The bittersweet story of Marina Abramović's epic walk on the Great Wall of China

In 1988 Abramović and Ulay trekked from opposite ends of the wall to meet in the middle, but this act of love and performance art was doomed from the startFrom the moment in 1976 that Serbian and German performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay (Frank Uwe Laysiepen, who died last month aged 76) clapped eyes on each other they were inseparable. Ulay found Abramović witchy and otherworldly; she found him wild and exciting. Even their initial encounter was propitious: they met in Amsterdam on ...
Tags: Travel, Art, Asia, Europe, Life and style, Art and design, Walking, Amsterdam, Walking Holidays, Marina Abramovic, China Holidays, Great Wall Of China, Abramović, Ulay Frank Uwe Laysiepen

Reintroducing the Eurasian Lynx to Scotland

The Eurasian lynx is so-called because it has been found in forests that stretch from Europe to central Asia, thus distinguishing it as the widest-ranging cat on our planet. Despite this, the species disappeared from Great Britain during the Middle Ages due to habitat loss and excessive hunting, according to the Journal of Quaternary Science. Now British scientists, spearheaded by the conservation group Lynx UK Trust, are pushing to have the Eurasian lynx reintroduced into the British Isles, esp...
Tags: Asia, Europe, UK, Design, Scotland, Animals, Environment, Features, Canada, Britain, Wildlife, Conservation, United Kingdom, Nature / Environment, Great Britain, British Isles

A Series Of Simple Illustrations About Coronavirus And Safety Measures From The Chinese Artist

According to Lucci Lugee Liyeung: “This set of health education illustrations amidst the recent coronavirus outbreak is in the form of a series of one-page lessons by cute animal doctors. It has been very well received in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The original version is in traditional Chinese and English, and it has been translated into many languages including Japanese... Source
Tags: Asia, Hong Kong, Design, Safety, China, Taiwan, Inspirations, Coronavirus, Lucci Lugee Liyeung

The Unit Bag 2 proves that great backpack design doesn’t have to be expensive

It’s just common sense that if one product is better than another, chances are it’s more expensive too. Form and function are usually followed by a price… but there are instances where the opposite is true, where great products don’t demand the fee associated with better design. The Unit Bag 2 aims at being one of those instances.The Unit Bag 2 is a compact-yet-spacious bag that’s waterproof, lightweight, well-padded and just costs $39. I’d normally reserve talking about the price of the bag f...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Asia, Design, Backpack, Bags, Kickstarter, SBS, Shop, Product Design, Accessories & Fashion, Briefcase, Cross Bag, Unit Bag 2, Updream, Ultimate Budget

ProtoPie helps designers translate their work to engineering without the hassles

It’s the golden age of design for software companies. Designers are becoming more visible and popular on engineering teams, figuring out everything from the visuals of color palette and fonts to the deeper interaction flows and user experience journeys that underlie products. As my colleague Jordan Crook recently described, that popularity has translated into one of the big venture gold rushes to serve this newly empowered enterprise customer. Design may be the next entrepreneurial gold rush ...
Tags: Google, Startups, Asia, South Korea, Design, China, Samsung, Tech, Korea, Kim, North America, Jordan Crook, Seoul South Korea, Japan Germany, Microsoft Google, Gangnam Seoul

Here’s what Dyson’s ‘air-purifying’ headphones could (possibly) look like…

Is it just great timing or what? Just earlier this month, Dyson filed for a patent that brings its air-purifying technology to a smaller, more portable scale. The company famous for making some of the most powerful vacuums, fans, and hair-dryers in the world just disclosed in a patent that they may be working on a portable, wireless pair of headphones with air-purifiers built right into them. Based on those patent files, here’s a concept that brings those visuals and Dyson’s form language togeth...
Tags: Asia, Design, Wearable, Safety, Audio, Headphones, Shanghai, Dyson, Product Design, Portable Audio, Air Purifier, Sarang Sheth, Green/Sustainable, Air Purifying Headphones, Sarang ShethDisclaimer, Dyson Air Purifying Headphones

Parasite Rode A Wave Of Korean Culture Across The World

K-Pop and K-Drama success wasn’t by accident. “The wave spread across Asia before reaching a global audience thanks to savvy social networking strategies and a steady stream of media with increasingly high production values.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Asia, World, Ideas, 02.22.20

This sustainable crib was made without using a single drop of fossil fuel

The challenge with designing the Fossil Free Crib wasn’t so much in the design, but was in researching the materials the crib would require. Almost every material available to designers today involves a fraction of fossil fuel… whether it’s crude oil used to make plastic or something as basic as the gasoline used in chainsaws that cut down trees. Ultimately, materials are transported from source to factory to consumer using petrol. Designing a crib is easy… designing a crib without using a sin...
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NYT Writes on Dealers Using Instagram to Sell Works

The NYT has a piece this week on the increasing focus and emphasis auction houses and dealers are placing on Instagram to sell work. “I often get contacted by collectors about specific objects I’ve shown on Instagram, and then that turns into a different conversation,” says Matt Carey-Williams, the London-based deputy chairman for Europe and Asia […]
Tags: Art, Asia, Europe, London, News, Instagram, Art News, Minipost, Matt Carey Williams

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