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The New Hot Spot For Art In Athens Is — Piraeus (?!)

Yes, the Greek capital’s grotty old seaport, which has been busy, industrial and unpleasant for 2,500 years, is seeing serious art galleries, and the high-end restaurants that service gallery patrons, bustin’ out all over. – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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Greece Closes Acropolis As Wildfires Burn And Athens Chokes On Smoke

“Across southern Europe, large wildfires have so far killed eight people and caused mass evacuations while also threatening to damage ancient cultural sites. In Greece, authorities have partially closed the Acropolis and other major archaeological sites while battling with dozens of conflagrations around Athens.” – Hyperallergic
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Picasso and Mondrian paintings found as builder arrested over Athens gallery theft

Works by 20th-century masters recovered nearly a decade after audacious burglaryA Picasso gifted to the Greek people by the artist in honour of their resistance to Nazi rule has been found in a gorge after a builder admitted to stealing the masterpiece and two other artworks in an audacious theft from the National Gallery in Athens nearly a decade ago.For nine years, Head of a Woman had lain hidden in the home of the self-described art lover alongside Stammer Windmill, a work by the Dutch painte...
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Stolen Picasso And Mondrian Works Recovered In Greece

Picasso’s Head of a Woman and Mondrian’s Stammer Windmill, taken from the National Gallery of Greece in 2012 in a seven-minute robbery, were seized in Keratea, a country town outside Athens. A suspect has been arrested and has reportedly confessed. – BBC
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Greek police recover two stolen paintings by Picasso and Mondrian

Works by the 20th-century masters recovered nearly a decade after their theft from the country’s biggest state art gallery in AthensGreek police have recovered two paintings by 20th-century masters Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian, nearly a decade after their theft from the country’s biggest state art gallery in Athens.A statement late on Monday said the two works were in the hands of the police, but provided no detail on their condition and on whether any arrests had been made. Continue reading....
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Greek Island Plein Air Painting Workshop in 2022 with Lori McNee

Escape to magnificent Greece for a very special painting adventure with me, Lori McNee – April 24 – 30, 2022! (COVID-19 REFUND GUARANTEE – 100% FULL REFUND Should we have to cancel due to COVID-19) For this workshop I am teaming up with Walk Europe who created this luxury, 5-star tour. Greece has been on my personal bucket list and I am thrilled to offer this trip to you! This plein air painting workshop will be filled with inspiration and a lifetime of memories for all level of painters. I w...
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New Lead In Case Of Picasso Stolen In Athens

“Almost nine years ago, two thieves carried out a near-perfect heist at the National Gallery in Athens, taking two works by modern masters Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian, as well as a a sketch by Italian Mannerist artist Guglielmo Caccia. … The case remains unsolved, but a new investigation suggests at least one work — Picasso’s Head of a Woman — may still be in the country.” – ARTnews
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SOPHIE, Innovative Music Producer, Electronica Musician, And Trans Icon, 34

She died in what her team said was a “terrible accident” in Athens while celebrating the full moon. “SOPHIE was a trailblazer in almost every respect. The Scottish-born, L.A.-based producer transformed underground dance music, melding the worlds of house, techno, trance, pop and the avant-garde into something brazenly new and undeniable.” – NPR
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Athens Workers Find A Bust Of A Greek God While Doing Sewer Work

The Greek Culture Ministry was calm about it. “The head, one of many that served as street markers in ancient Athens, was found Friday and it appears to be from around 300 B.C. — that is, either from the late fourth century B.C., or the early third century. It depicts Hermes at ‘a mature age.'” – Seattle Times (AP)
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VIDEO: Watch The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Perform in Greece

Odyssey presents the extraordinary musicians of the The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in a special broadcast across iconic settings like the Ancient Amphitheater of Larissa, the historic Church of the Taxiarchon in Pelion, and the newly opened Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens. [Author: Stage Tube]
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EU Will Demand UK Return Parthenon Marbles To Greece As Part Of Brexit Deal

The European Union will demand that Britain gives a collection of ancient marble sculptures back to Greece as part of a post-Brexit trade deal. Greece has long argued that the Parthenon Marbles — also called the Elgin Marbles — were unlawfully removed from the Parthenon temple in Athens in the early 19th century by the British diplomat Lord Elgin. – Business Insider
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For 13 years, this photographer has been building an incredible 3D digital model of Athens

Starting in 2007, photographer and visual effects artist Dimitris Tsalkanis has been building a digital 3D model of ancient Athens. The result is an immersive historical recreation where everyone online is invited. How did Tsalkanis handle this Herculean (rather, Heraklean) task? He learned as he went. From Sarah Rose Sharp's article about Ancient Athens 3D in Hyperallergic: “I had no previous experience on 3D and I started experimenting in my spare time,” said Tsalkanis in an email int...
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See A 3D Recreation Of Ancient Greece

Visitors to the site can browse reconstructions that date back as early as 1200 BCE, the Mycenaean period — or Bronze Age — through Classical Athens, featuring the rebuilds made necessary by the Greco-Persian War, and ages of occupation by Romans and Ottomans. Tsalkanis traces the evolution of sites like the Acropolis throughout the ages, the rise and fall of the city walls, the Agora, which served as center of city life, and various temples, libraries, and other fortifications. – Hyperall...
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A futuristic transparent residential space on the bustling streets of Athens!

314 Architecture Studio recently designed an enthralling architectural project on a bustling street in Athens, Greece or more specifically Spefsipou Street. H1002 or Euphoria Rise stands tall amidst neoclassical buildings originating from the 1870s. It’s a refreshing touch of modernity, and a hint of the future slid in between quintessential structures of the past. However, what makes the building even more intriguing is the usage of frosted glass.H1002 features frosted glass predominantly, crea...
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Grand Café d'Athènes Celebrates Greek Gastronomy with Parisian Charm

Located at the heart of the 10th arrondissement, Grand Café d’Athènes is a Parisian bistro of Mediterranean charm and Greek zest. Inspired by the burgeoning culinary scene in Athens, the restaurant combines a contemporary, easy-going vibe with a menu of traditional Greek dishes cooked with French finesse. This is the second venture from Chef Chloé Monchalin and Benjamin Rousselet, whose...
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Sinister Sunrise Captured By Photographer Elias Chasiotis During An Eclipse In Qatar

Athens-based photographer Elias Chasiotis was visiting Qatar in late December 2019 when he captured a photo of an annular eclipse that has since gone viral. Taken at sunrise as a part of a series, the image shows the moon covering the center of a red sun. The timing of the photograph turns the crimson star into curved horns emerging from the horizon. More: Flickr, Facebook h/t: Source
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Turns Out Lord Elgin Actually Did A Bit Of Good With The Parthenon’s Marble Friezes

Yes, he looted much of the statuary at the ancient Greek monument (his booty now sits in the British Museum), but he also had Athenian craftsmen take plaster casts of much of what he left in Athens. Now those casts reveal a lot of detail that has since been worn away by the corrosive effects of air pollution. – The Guardian
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Arguments For Returning The Parthenon Marbles To Greece Are Compelling

Maybe it’s true that if Lord Elgin had not taken the sculptures they would have been destroyed, by the Turks or the Venetians or the pollution in Athens. And it is true that, as stated in the Times article, the Parthenon sculptures are accessible, and free to six million visitors a year. But Athens gets visitors, too, and Greece is no longer under the Ottoman Empire—in 2021, it will celebrate two hundred years since the beginning of its war of independence—and it can take care of its he...
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A Test Drive, and the Design Story Behind Range Rover's Most Unusual Vehicle

SoHo is one of New York City's most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods--and paradoxically, the best place in Manhattan to see every car design on Earth. On Lafayette, bland rideshare Toyotas share lanes with Teslas. On West Broadway's restaurant row, delivery trucks are wedged in with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, the odd Bugatti. The streets in between are the parking lot of the upper middle class, awash with everything else--primarily crossover SUVs of German and Japanese heritage, so numerous and si...
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Are There Really Any Reasons Left Not To Repatriate Plundered Cultural Artifacts?

“The British Museum is currently facing repatriation demands from Italy, Greece, Egypt and the Easter Island; the idea that it is a better host to the Parthenon Marbles than Athens’ state-of-the-art Acropolis Museum is preposterous, as is the idea that the Rapa Nui don’t know how to look after Hoa Hakananai’a, the Easter Island stone statue they believe is the living incarnation of a prominent ancestor.” – Prospect
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A Tale of Two Cities: Athens & New York-Based Design Studio ‘Objects of Common Interest’

It would be unfair to label Objects of Common Interest simply as a design studio, since its founders, Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis, are mostly interested in the story before its incarnation, focusing on abstract shape before its material manifestation and light before its spatial dynamic.
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Word of Mouth: Athens Culture + Shopping

Vintage clothing, records, art and more in our guide to adventures in the Greek city The references to Greek heritage in the Western world are endless. But zooming in on Athens culture reveals a diverse and talented group of artists, designers, shop owners and gallerists. Enlisting the help of CH friends Kiya and Demitra Babzani (experts of the area and the owners Self Edge), we have …
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Bombay Sapphire's Zestful Mission to Stir Creativity Arrives in Athens

Creativity is usually associated with artists, architects and designers but the truth is that it is something that everyone can tap into. This is the tenet of premium gin brand Bombay Sapphire’s mission to “Stir Creativity”, a clarion call for promoting self-expression and unlocking people’s creative potential.
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The Ruins Of Plato’s Academy, Where Everybody’s Getting Stoned

Philosopher Simon Critchley visits the Athens park that’s still called “Akadimia Platonos” and ruminates on what the site and its ancient proprietor were and were not — and what the place is now. (Yes, almost everyone he saw there was smoking weed.) — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, Athens, Plato, Simon Critchley, 02.06.19

The Powerful Role Of Gossip In Ancient Greece

While Aristotle suggests that gossiping was frequently a trivial, enjoyable pastime, he also makes clear that gossiping could have malicious intent when spoken by someone who has been wronged. This evaluation of words as weapons in the hands of the wronged is particularly pertinent when thinking about how the Athenians made use of gossip in the law courts in Athens, because Ancient court cases were based heavily on character evaluation of those involved in the case rather than on hard evidence...
Tags: Art, Greece, Ideas, Athens, Aristotle, 01.31.19

Let's not lose our marbles over the British Museum boss's remarks | Jonathan Jones

Hartwig Fischer said that removing the Parthenon marbles from Greece was a ‘creative act’ – but there is a logic to this provocative view that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand The British Museum has tended to keep its lips sealed about its most controversial set of treasures: the sculptures removed from the Parthenon in Athens by Lord Elgin at the start of the 19th century. I know, because I’ve taken part in public debates to put its case – without anyone from the museum to back me up – most r...
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Word of Mouth: Athens Food + Drink

Drinking, dancing and dining in the Greek capital To experience some of the best food and drink in the Greek capital—long a CH favorite for its energy and thriving start-up scene—through a local’s perspective we enlisted the help of Kiya and Demitra Babzani, who recently moved there part time. The owners of CH favorite Self Edge, they have impeccable taste and a holistic point of …
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Nat Geo's Incredible 2018 Photo Contest Finalists (Which Can Be Downloaded as Free Wallpapers, BTW)

National Geographic's photo contests always draw incredible submissions from around the world, and this year is no different. Perhaps the best part is that entrants willingly yield the rights to their photos, allowing NG to make each one freely downloadable as wallpapers for your desktop, tablet or phone.You can check out the 2018 Finalists here. We've just gone through the list, and here are our ten favorites. (The captions are written by the photographers themselves, with our enlightening comm...
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Documenta Lost Even More Millions On Athens Than We Thought

“A final audit has revealed that the deficit caused by overspending in the 2017 edition of Documenta, the contemporary art exhibition that takes place in the German city of Kassel every five years, is more than €2m wider than originally calculated.” The total deficit on the event, €7.6 million, is attributed on overspending on Documenta’s extension to Athens.
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This off-grid home on a Greek island provides 'cinematic frames' of the sea

Located on a remote hillside on the Cyclades islands off the coast of Greece, the Parallel House pays homage to the beautiful sea that surrounds the island. But behind its stunning design lies a completely self-sustaining home. Designed by Athens-based En Route Architects, the contemporary, concrete residence runs entirely off the grid thanks to solar panels, a rainwater collection system and energy-efficient insulation. The 1,000-square-foot home uses traditional building methods to become c...
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