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Well, England Didn’t Re-Start Indoor Performances On August 1 After All

“Indoor English venues were scheduled to open on 1 August with social distancing measures in place for audiences and performers – emulating the pilot run performed at The London Palladium last week.” But, with the novel coronavirus raging on, at noon on July 31, Boris Johnson told the nation, “Our assessment is that we should squeeze the brake pedal.” (The sensible Scots are waiting until October to reopen their theatres and concert halls.) – WhatsOnStage
Tags: Art, England, London, Boris Johnson, Issues, Audience, 07.31.20

Is Standup Comedy Theatre?

Standup comedy is not created purely by the performer, but as a collaborative production between the performer, the audience, the venue and the promoter. In the same way a theatre is arranged to support dramatic performance or a gallery is lit to display paintings, so too must a standup comedy gig be presented in such a way that it contextualises the performance to come – the iconic image of the single microphone on a stand in a spotlight is evocative of standup comedy without anything needing ...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 08.03.20

Coronavirus Prevention Measure: Intermission

In China, some areas of the country can require movie theatres to give an intermission in the middle of movies that are more than two hours long. Hurray for bathroom breaks? “There is not yet official clarity as to how long the break should be and whether facilities must be disinfected again during that time frame.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, China, Audience, 07.31.20

Salzburg Festival Will Happen This Year, And Here’s How They’ll Do It

“A sprawling, 44-day anniversary program has been mostly postponed until next year. It has been replaced with a reduced, 30-day schedule, through Aug. 30, of concerts, plays and two (instead of seven) staged operas.” Artistic director Markus Hinterhäuser says “we have measures for cultural institutions — which are 200 percent necessary — that respect the health of the people working and the audience.” And those measures, it turns out, were designed partly by a baritone-otolaryngologist. – The N...
Tags: Art, Music, Salzburg, Audience, Markus Hinterhauser, 07.31.20

As COVID Cases Continue To Rise, South Carolina Reopens Performance Spaces And Cinemas

“Venues newly allowed to reopen to customers include movie theaters, auditoriums, stadiums and performing arts centers. Those represent the last of the business restrictions not rolled back two months ago. However, they must keep capacity at 50 percent or 250 people, whichever is less.” – The Post and Courier (Charleston)
Tags: Art, Post, South Carolina, Issues, Audience, 07.30.20

Want A COVID-Safe Space For Your Play That’s Easy, Quick, And Cheap? Try A Circus Tent

“Every day we read about a new proposed seating plan or air-filtering system being trialled in an Edwardian playhouse to enable safe, socially distanced theatre in a building designed for the opposite. A big top is far more spacious.” You can fit in hundreds of people with plenty of social distance, and raised sidewalls provide plenty of air circulation. What’s more, argues Circus250 ringmaster Dea Birkett, a big top offers plenty of advantages in terms of diversifying your audience. – The Stag...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 07.28.20, Dea Birkett

Think TikTok Is Ultimately Too Silly To Matter? Think Again

“The ubiquitous app built on short video clips seems frivolous at first, with its lip-synching, dance challenges and goofball celebrities. But this is how a rising generation communicates across the globe.” (It is also, writes Daniel Malloy, “the uncut heroin of social media apps.”) “And the app — thanks to its obscenely valuable Chinese parent company — now is at the heart of geopolitical strife between the world’s biggest powers. Today’s [OZY] Sunday magazine explores TikTok’s rise, its addic...
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, Daniel Malloy, 07.25.20

Regal Cinemas Says It Will Reopen In August

Along with AMC and Cinemark, Regal closed down U.S. sites in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic — which profoundly altered the spring and summer slate. “Wonder Woman 1984” was moved to October and James Bond title “No Time to Die” has been slotted for November while many major titles have been taken off the schedule, gone out on streaming services or dated for 2021. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Amc, James Bond, Audience, 07.28.20, Cinemark Regal

Hollywood Finally Gives In – Will Release Big Movie Outside US First

Warner Bros. finally acknowledged reality: The U.S. is simply not ready for big films to return, and the country has lost its position as the most important movie market in the world. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, US, Warner Bros, Audience, 07.27.20

New Orleans Without Live Music Is A Weird, And Economically Devastated, Place

New Orleans has more than 130 live music venues, most of them smaller (some far smaller) than the average size venue in the country. The city’s restaurants and tourist industry rely on the live music, of course. And “until there’s a vaccine, an entire musical ecosystem is in suspended animation—and with it, the rest of the city.” – Slate
Tags: Art, Music, New Orleans, Audience, 07.24.20

How I Got Audiences To Pay More For Streamed Performances Than I Would Have Asked Them To

Kahlil Ashanti began his performing career as part of an elite U.S. Air Force unit that did shows for servicepeople at military bases and in battle zones all over the globe. One thing he heard over and over from audience members, both soldiers and civilians (in his post-Air Force life), was “I would have gladly paid more for that.” Here’s how he got them to actually do it. – Arts Professional
Tags: Art, Air Force, Issues, Audience, U S Air Force, Kahlil Ashanti, 07.22.20

Andrew Lloyd Webber Tries Putting On A Socially Distanced West End Show

It was a one-time pilot project, performed in front of 640 people spread out through the Palladium, one of London’s biggest theatres. The program: one singer, Beverley Knight, doing two half-hour sets separated by an intermission. Alex Marshall reports on how it went. (ALW’s reaction on seeing the “full” house: “I’ve got to say this is a rather sad sight.”) – The New York Times
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Audience, Alex Marshall, Beverley Knight, 07.23.20

Kick The Cars Off 7th Avenue And Turn It Into An Outdoor Arts Center, Says Carnegie Hall Chief

Clive Gillinson: “What would it mean to close Seventh Avenue from 47th to 57th streets to vehicular traffic, creating a pedestrian mall for the arts, anchored by Carnegie Hall to the north and the TKTS Broadway ticket booth to the South. This space could be lined with restaurants, sidewalk cafes, jazz clubs, art galleries and the like, serving as a central area for people to gather — not only those headed to performances in the theater district and concert venues such as Carnegie Hall, Radio Ci...
Tags: Art, Broadway, Lincoln Center, Issues, Audience, Carnegie Hall, Clive Gillinson, Seventh Avenue, Carnegie Hall Radio City Music Hall, 07.22.20, Outdoor Arts Center Says Carnegie Hall

Twelve Ways The Pandemic Will (Okay, Might) Change The Classical Music Business

“1. The old song ‘Rip it up and start again’ applies to sardine-seating business models not only for airlines but also theatres. …5. International touring productions will be reimagined via boots-on-the-ground co-productions with locally sourced talent.6. Audience sizes will be between 50-70% smaller, and multi-day performance runs will become the norm.” – Ludwig Van
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, 07.22.20

Virtual Theatre Is Changing The Notion Of Theatre

Given social-distancing protocols that prohibit physical gatherings, theatre makers have responded creatively to the COVID-19 pandemic by turning to online, digital and lo-fi or “non-embodied” modes of performance that use radio and phone. This change in how to perform theatre has required a reconsideration of longstanding ideas of what it means to be a theatre audience member: How has access to theatre changed? What etiquette is expected? How have ideas of privacy and intimacy shifted? – The C...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 07.21.20

Cord-Cutting Really Is Starting To Strangle Cable TV. So What Are The Cable Networks Doing?

“The decline of cable isn’t a new story, but what has started to take hold is a change in narrative inside the industry. Rather than try to prop up what they all know to be a decaying linear business, cable executives are instead focusing on their still-healthy intellectual properties and the brands behind them. Some of those cable brands are even aiming to carve out a space in the streaming world.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 07.21.20

There Are Four Kinds Of Streaming Video Viewers, Says Hulu Report

A new study, titled “Unpacking the Streaming Experience” and released by Hulu to launch its “Generation Stream” audience research platform, found that consumers watch in four different ways, which Hulu calls therapeutic streaming, classic streaming, indulgent streaming, and curated streaming. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, Hulu, Audience, 07.20.20

What Netflix’s List Of Ten Most-Watched Shows Tells Us

Netflix’s once heavily guarded vault of secret statistics has slowly opened up over the last couple of years, a gradual juicy reveal of viewer habits with some major caveats. – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Audience, 07.20.20

How’s The Met’s Quest For Paying Subscribers Going?

Sure, people might pay $20 for a concert – but will they do what’s even better, what the Met would like them to do? “The recitals are intended to stimulate donations. ‘Fund-raising ebbs and flows according to activities and events,’ Peter Gelb, the company’s general manager, said.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, Peter Gelb, 07.19.20

Longing For Outdoor Theatre, Yes, Including Bugs And Rain

OK, we just miss it. A lot. “It’s a different absence than the loss of indoor theater, partly because of how fondly we cherish summer traditions. But as the director Anne Bogart said in a phone interview, outdoor performance by its nature involves a fuller embrace of life, and of accidents.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, Anne Bogart, 07.16.20

How The Met Museum’s Reopening Will Work

The Fifth Avenue flagship will welcome visitors — only those with masks, and only up to a quarter of the building’s regular capacity — five days a week beginning Aug. 29. The Cloisters will reopen in September. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Fifth Avenue, Audience, Visual, 07.15.20

On Opera Over The Phone, Just For Me

It wasn’t quite like being in a recital hall, but it did give me a chance to enter another romantic world in real time with a real person on the other end of the phone line. – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, 07.14.20

In The Last Big Pandemic, New York’s Theaters Stayed Open (But It Wasn’t Business As Usual)

“Royal S. Copeland, the powerful health commissioner of New York City when the [1918] Spanish flu crept in, looked askance at pandemic responses elsewhere … [and] was philosophically disinclined to intrude much on ordinary life. He also didn’t want to freak people out.” So the shows went on, but Copeland instituted some major changes in how they did so — and kept the toll in the city relatively low. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York City, Theatre, Audience, Copeland, 07.14.20

Telluride Film Festival Was Trying Hard To Make Itself COVID-Safe. Here’s Why It Was Just Canceled Anyway

The September festival happens in a small, relatively isolated town, and management had planned a new reservation system, distanced seating, more outdoor venues; they’d even sourced a big supply of 15-minute coronavirus tests. “Our audiences go along with what the rules are,” executive director Julie Huntsinger said, “and we thought we could have great compliance.” Here she tells a reporter when and how she realized that wouldn’t be enough. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, Julie Huntsinger, 07.14.20

Audiences Are Feeling Even More Reluctant To Come Back Than They Were Three Months Ago

“As coronavirus numbers continue to rise in most U.S. states, the willingness of theatre patrons to return to their old theatregoing habits has plummeted, two tracking surveys show. … The earliest date most theatregoers say they’d be comfortable returning, according to [one] report? May or June of 2021.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Issues, Audience, 07.14.20

Some Ideas To Reconfigure Theatres In The COVID Age

“The West End is full of wonderful historic theatres, but they’re now completely outmoded. People are four inches taller than when they were built, so the seats are too small, the sight lines are terrible and a huge number of seats are restricted by columns. The air is bad and the loos and bars are always too small to cope. With the government’s funding announcement, now is the time to make them fit for purpose.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 07.14.20

The Problem With The “Right” Kind Of Theatre Fans

“What is wrong with the theatre fandom is the belief that objectively, some musicals are better than others, and that if you like a certain show, you aren’t the right kind of theatre fan. Gatekeeping is the practice of musical theatre fans who feel that they have the authority to determine who belongs and who doesn’t belong based on whether or not someone is a “true fan.” – OnstageBl31
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 07.12.20

Podcast Growth Cut In Half By Virus Shutdowns

The exploding audio medium is forecast to generate nearly $1 billion in 2020 advertising revenue, with an expected growth rate of 14.7%, according to the fourth annual Interactive Advertising Bureau Podcast Ad Revenue Report prepared by PwC. Before the pandemic, the industry was expected to grow as much as 29.6% this year. Revenues are expected to rebound in the third and fourth quarters. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 07.12.20

When You Can Actually Be What You Can’t See, But Then You Finally See Yourself Onscreen

Author Candice Carty-Williams (she of the hilarious, sexy, sad, and moving 2019 novel Queenie) says that Michaela Coel’s new series is the first (and perhaps only) screen depiction of what it truly means to be a writer in today’s world. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, Audience, Queenie, Michaela Coel, Candice Carty Williams, 07.11.20

Nielsen Reverses Course About Measuring Who’s Watching TV

They weren’t going to include bars, airports, hotel lobbies, and other public places for a while – because, after all, what kinds of numbers are in those places now? Then the studio ad execs got involved. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 07.10.20, Nielsen Reverses Course About Measuring Who

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