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The JBL Jr Pop is a wireless bluetooth speaker just for the kids

“Big Sound for Music’s Tiny Fans” is perhaps the best way to describe the JBL Jr Pop, a conceptual speaker created by Shenzhen-based Kim Hyojin.A winner of both the Red Dot Design Concept Award and the iF Design Award for the year 2019, the JBL Jr Pop is a junior speaker, designed to be child-friendly, and give children their dedicated music-listening device. The Jr Pop is small, light, rugged, and comes with a leash that the child can use to carry their sound with them. A comforting ring of lig...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Awards, Shenzhen, Product Design, Portable Audio, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, iF Design Award, Red Dot Concept 2019, JBL Jr Pop, Kim Hyojin, Jr Pop

Earphones for when you don’t want to be disturbed

Earphones are a great tool to use when we want to close ourselves off to the outside world and for those time when we are just feeling a little less talkative. However, some people just don’t get this hint as they persistently try to be heard over your music. This issue led to the development of Gem; the wireless earphones that communicate your desire to not be disturbed.Gem’s method of showing this derives from the technology used within electrochromic smart windows; its outer-shell changes fro...
Tags: Design, Technology, Audio, Earbuds, Product Design, Earphone, Robbie Lillquist, Robbie LillquistIf

New Ways of Seeing: James Bridle's BBC radio show about networked digital tools in our "image-soaked culture"

James "New Aesthetic" Bridle (previously) is several kinds of provocateur and artist (who can forget his autonomous vehicle trap, to say nothing of his groundbreaking research on the violent Youtube Kids spammers who came to dominate the platform with hour+ long cartoons depicting cartoon characters barfing and murdering all over each other?). So there's no one better poised to comment on the way that the meaning of images is changing thanks to networked digital tools that have created an "...
Tags: Art, Post, Gender, UK, New York, Isis, News, Audio, Bbc, Surveillance, Infrastructure, Radio, Ai, Media Theory, Berger, Youtube Kids

This 3D-Printed Metal Guitar is Absolutely Indestructible.

A lot of moments in rock history are defined by the iconic guitar-smash… and while I personally don’t think it’s particularly nice to smash musical equipment, what if you designed a guitar that, if you look at the image immediately below, couldn’t be smashed?That’s what Sandvik decided to do. Designed to show off their advanced titanium additive printing techniques (and also their engineering prowess), they designed the world’s first guitar that can’t be smashed. Literally. Many have even trie...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Guitar, Steel, Titanium, Product Design, Unbreakable, Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy Holt, Sandvik, Malmsteen, Printed Metal Guitar

With its adjustable ring position, losing an earphone is a thing of the past!

As technology advances and popularity increases, the size of wireless earphones is dramatically decreasing. Whilst this not only makes the devices appear visually very similar to each other, more significantly it makes them extremely easy to lose! Both of these issues have been addressed with Pretzel, a unique and intriguing concept that certainly looks like a more practical alternative for the real world!Pretzel’s distinguishing feature is the ring that sits on the external side of each device;...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Audio, Product Design, CMF, Earphone, Jaekyu Jung, Pretzel earbuds

A microphone and speaker with a gentle aesthetic!

This product oozes sophistication, quality and a high level of refinement, that have each been captured within a device that doesn’t shout about its presence… this is the Microphone Speaker by Zhao Hu.Unlike conventional microphones, this device carries a far more considered aesthetic, that been achieved through its soft, flowing curves and muted colors. Consisting of three, equally as beautiful components, the microphone, charging base and the main base, that each carries dedicated functions to...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speaker, Product Design, Microphone, Zhao Hu

Nokia’s Home Assistant encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle

Now if a Google Home or an Apple HomePod could give me inputs on how to stay healthy, by collating my information and giving me tips on how to live a better life, I’d definitely consider it. If a home assistant could tell me if my sleeping patterns needed improvement, or that my diet could use some tweaking, or perhaps some outdoor time for my heart-rate, that’s what I’d really value in a home assistant. Nokia’s Home tries to be that guardian. Designed as a conceptual device by Rik Oudenhoven du...
Tags: Android, Home, Music, Design, Fitness Tracker, Privacy, Audio, Speakers, Nokia, European Union, Health Tracker, Product Design, Sleep Tracker, Smart Speaker, Home Assistant, Google Home

The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

Designed by IKEA, and Powered by Sonos, you’re looking at the Symfonisk, a range of offerings by the two collaborating companies. Designed as a table-lamp-speaker and a bookshelf-speaker, the Symfonisk aim at merging home-decor with smart-technology, and powerful audio to create products that simply enrich houses. The table-lamp comes with a lamp and lampshade at the top and a speaker at the bottom, while the bookshelf speaker is designed to occupy the spatial footprint of an encyclopedia (somet...
Tags: Apple, Home, Music, Design, Bluetooth, Audio, Lamp, Ikea, Wireless, Speaker, Sonos, Product Design, Bookshelf, Airplay 2, Symfonisk, Ikea Speaker

The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

Cavalier’s approach to audio is best described as classic. It uses classic materials and styles to create audio devices that don’t look particularly uber-tech. The Air, Cavalier’s latest offering, much like its ancestor, the Maverick showcases an absolutely retro-hipster attitude by ditching the boring plastic for knit fabric, wood, and leather.The Air is essentially a combination of three things. A smart-speaker, a clock, and a wireless charger. Its unique shape allows it to be all three, as th...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Music, Design, Bluetooth, Audio, Speakers, Wireless, Speaker, Air, Qi, Alexa, Hipster, Product Design, Cavalier, Wireless Charger

A Nostalgia-Creating Smart Speaker!

We have smart-home technology coming at us from all angles now, as its popularity and presence is ever increasing. However, this product still manages to stand out from the sea of competitors, as it takes a rather retro approach to smart-design.The smart-screen speaker references the form of the original portable televisions; the blocky, angular form with the prominent control dials and two-tone finish was a familiar sight in homes of the 1970s, and now it has been brought into the modern-day! S...
Tags: Design, Technology, Audio, Speaker, Product Design, Wanheng Chen, Konka

Turn your wired Bose headphones into a truly wireless headset!

There’s a higher likelihood of your headphone having a 3.5mm jack than your phone having a 3.5mm input… but don’t ditch your headphones for wireless ones yet! It’s exactly what these large corporations want! To have you adopt standards that help them further their vision. Your wired set of headphones are more than capable of being your primary headphones, the only hurdle is turning them wireless. The AirMod by Bolle & Raven helps that happen. Designed here for the Bose QuietComfort QC25 headphon...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Music, Design, Bluetooth, Audio, Wireless, Bose, Product Design, Portable Audio, QuietComfort, AirMod, Bolle Raven, QC25, Bolle RavenClick

Speakers that let you design your own surround sound

The Museg is a pretty neat looking guitar-pick-shaped speaker. Unlike most speakers that are either squarish, cylindrical, or circular, the Museg’s use of a triangular form feels slightly unusual, but makes it deservingly eye-catching.However, it isn’t Museg’s shape that’s worth lauding, it’s its ability to use its shape along with modularity to be portable when you want it, and an immersive music setup when you need. When used individually, the Museg is a slim speaker that’s great to use solo. ...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Wireless, Speaker, Modular, Product Design, Jake Naish, Museg

The Eames Radio is making a modern comeback after over 70 years

After a little over 70 years, Vitra is doing a special reissue of Ray and Charles Eames’ iconic radio design, but bringing it back with a slight modern twist. The Eames Radio, if you look at it, looks quite like the icon of a radio. It’s perhaps the most natural design ever, featuring a use of geometry, proportion, and just pure sense, to make something so clear and so beautiful, it looks stunning even after 70 years. Vitra’s reissue takes that design and puts a modern spin on it. The radio stil...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Radio, Product Design, Ray, Portable Audio, Vitra, Eames, Ray Eames, Charles Eames, Eames Radio, Vitra Eames Radio

This colorful, marbled speaker is made from non-recyclable plastic waste

While plastic waste, to a certain degree, can be recycled, it’s just a small percentage of the total waste out there. Certain polymers grow past their ability to be recycled because of additives, impurities, stickers, prints, etc. and this is the plastic that causes the biggest problem because it just can’t be recycled.Brighton-based design studio Gomi is trying to be a part of the solution. The Gomi speaker, designed by the studio, uses these unrecyclable plastics as its primary raw material, t...
Tags: Music, Design, Bluetooth, Audio, Green, Plastic, Brighton, Speaker, Waste, Product Design, Portable Audio, LDPE, Gomi, Tom Meades

An Undeniably Scandinavian-Inspired Speaker

This speaker has a strong essence of Scandinavian design about it… and that much is indisputable! The Scandinavian Philosophy prides itself on flowing, clean lines, harmony with the surrounds, and above all, functional simplicity…. This is all present within the design of this perfectly balanced speaker.By being elevated from the base plate it creates more of a presence as well as adding a sense of suspense to the product. The internals are housed within the main body of the product, and are con...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speaker, Product Design, Arthur Bonneaud

What if Apple made hi-end Siri-enabled smart headphones?

Probably the only thing missing from Apple’s product roster is a pair of over-the-ear headphones. Apple has already developed and seen a fair share of success in the Airpods, and the Homepod (although the Homepod’s acceptance has been slightly underwhelming). The two products are immaculately engineered, and feature Apple’s very own Voice AI, Siri. The Airpods work with the iPhone, while the Homepod works independently, like all smart speakers. There is, however, a puzzle piece missing. The Ai...
Tags: Apple, Music, Design, Audio, Siri, Headphones, Popular, Product Design, Portable Audio, Airpod, HomePod, CURVED/labs, Studiopod

A Record Player That’s Fit for the Modern Day

Vinyl Records have been given a new lease of life in recent years, with the market steadily growing again since the rapid decline in the early-mid 2000s. This has seen a fresh influx of record players that are finding themselves being introduced into our homes. However, a lot has changed in the audio-world within the last two decades, and so we now expect much more from our Hi-Fi systems.The concept design, BEOFUSION, is intended to cater to all of your audio needs; the elevated Hi-Fi system bec...
Tags: Design, Audio, Vinyl Records, Product Design, Hifi, Olufsen, Beofusion, Hanyeon Lee, Hanyeon Lee Designed

A Different Method of Listening to Music

Music is a powerful medium, it harnesses the power to alter our emotion, and thus have an impact on our lives. The Sound Project, by Pascal Grangier, offers a new way of interacting with music using color tones.Colour and emotion are directly linked to one another, from subtle, pastel blues which are associated with calmness and a state of relaxation, through to vibrant reds which symbolize excitement and energy. Protruding out of the top of the speaker is a polycarbonate layer, where the mood a...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speaker, Product Design, Pascal Grangier, Sound Project

Treat YOYO Self To a Sweet Speaker

The YOYO speaker earns its namesake for the innovative strap design that makes it easy to carry. The strap can be concealed simply by wrapping it around the middle and released with one swift pull. Once released, the wireless device can be hung on your bicycle handles, a tree while you picnic, or a backpack during a hike. Covered in a waterproof tweed-like fabric that comes in a variety of vibrant hues, there’s one to match every user’s distinct taste and style.Designer: LASCH+PRILLWITZ DESIGN ...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Product Design, Portable Audio, Yoyo, Lasch, LASCH+PRILLWITZ DESIGN, YOYO Portable Speaker

YD JOB ALERT: Join the Bose team as a Hardware User Experience Designer!

Arguably one of the most valued companies in its industry, Bose is responsible for producing some of the most high-end consumer audio equipment internationally. Founded by Amar Bose in 1964, Bose is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise-canceling headphones, professional audio systems, and automobile sound systems. The company has also conducted research into suspension technologies for cars and heavy-duty trucks, and even into the subject of cold fusion. Bose is looking to h...
Tags: Music, Design, Hardware, Audio, Bose, Job Board, Framingham Massachusetts, UX designer, Amar Bose, YD Job Alert, Framingham Massachusetts USA

Lenovo’s smart speaker also doubles as your bedside alarm clock

Imagine your Google Home Mini grew a screen, and displayed the time. That’s what the Lenovo Smart Clock is, and it’s positioned as the perfect smart speaker for your bedside. With a 4-inch IPS touchscreen display alongside the smart speaker, the Smart Clock accepts voice commands, and replies back to you not just with voice, but occasionally with visual data too. Designed to be the smart speaker that wakes you up and gets you ready for the day, the Lenovo Smart Clock is like a dedicated Google-b...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Design, Audio, Ces, Lenovo, Product Design, Smart Clock, Google Home Mini, Ces2019

The Accessport Air brings Bluetooth 5.0 to your trusty wired headphones

The world changed as we knew it in 2016 when Apple announced that their phones would no longer carry the 3.5mm headphone jack. They were obviously pushing for wireless audio, as they also launched the AirPods that year. As with everything Apple does, the entire industry followed, dropping the jack from their smartphones, resulting in an awkwardly high amount of wired headphones now becoming undesirable. See, wired headphones may be a sort of nuisance, but some of the best headphones in the wor...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Gadgets, Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Air, Product Design, Portable Audio, Peter Yoon, Accessport, Accessport Air Built, Accessport Air

A Speaker and Headphones in Coexistence

An evolution of this original design by Deepanjan Sinha, the Plus/Nest 2019 makes the switch from headphones to speaker a seamless experience. Imagine that you’re just getting home from work and in the middle of your favorite song or tuned in to breaking news on your headphones. You want to change out of your work clothes but don’t want to miss anything by removing your headphones. Well, now you don’t have to! As soon as you get home, simply toss your headphone on the Nest and your audio will au...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speaker, Product Design, Headphone, Deepanjan Sinha, Deepanjan SinhaPlus

A New Spin on the Speaker

In a world full of square speakers, the Dial Sound stands out with its irregular round shape. Minimalistic and modern, the form actually harkens back to a familiar fragment of music’s past — the gramophone.It’s elevated speaker design delivers high-definition audio in whichever direction the user places it. Better yet, it features intuitive controls that include a small on/off switch on the side, a large dial that encompasses the speaker to adjust volume, and hidden LEDs at the front and rear in...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Product Design, BKID Co, Dial Sound

Lenovo’s ultraportable speaker is as slim and small as your phone

The Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker is quite literally the most portable one ever. Most portable Bluetooth speakers are portable alright, but they aren’t slip-into-your-pocket portable. Audio drivers tend to have depth/thickness to them, resulting in speakers that may be small and lightweight, but are almost always chunky too, making them ideal for laptop bags, but not pant pockets.Lenovo’s latest offering wants to be the kind of Bluetooth speaker you carry around with you, the way ...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Ces, Bluetooth Speaker, Nfc, Lenovo, Portable Audio, Ultraportable, 700, Ces2019

This little speaker-cap hacks your smart speaker to give you back your privacy

Project Alias looks and behaves like a parasitic fungus, in the sense that it latches onto its host, feeding off it and inhibiting its functions for its own gain. It may sound a little extreme, but it does it all for the sake of privacy. Smart speakers now sit in one out of three American homes… and while they’re great in terms of convenience, they’re a privacy nightmare. Smart speakers are always listening in on everything you say or do around your home, and companies create databases and pro...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Home, Echo, Design, Audio, Speakers, Popular, Alexa, Product Design, Brad, Now, Smart Speaker, Google Home, Bjørn Karmann, Project Alias

Evolution of the Wall Clock

Designer Daeun Joung’s latest concept looks like nothing more than a three-dimensional piece of wall art… but it’s that and more. The sculptural design actually triples as a short throw projector and wireless speaker.Disguised as art on your wall, it frees up the surface real estate that most wireless speakers occupy. Working in tandem with the COZY app on your phone, the design can stream your favorite tunes and display a variety of customized notifications on your wall. Sync it up to preview a...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Projector, Product Design, Cozy, Daeun Joung

Guess what Sony’s latest bluetooth speaker looks like…

You may constantly need to explain yourself to your parents or conservative family members when they first take a look at the Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker, because trust me, it looks uncannily similar to something you’d find in a college-going teenager’s room.Mary Jane reference aside, this product, weird as it may look, is classic Sony. Sony as a company is famed for creating products that are state of the art, but also weird (Verge has chronicled most of them down)… and the LSPX-S2 or th...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Sony, Wireless, Bluetooth Speaker, Product Design, Candle, Mary Jane, Sony Sony, Sony LSPX, Glass Sound Speaker, LSPX-S2

Rock Solid Audio With a Soft Side

The STOCKHOLM speaker/charger/dock is designer Sanjay Yadav’s stab at Danish electronic maker Vifa’s uniquely Nordic aesthetic. The three-in-one unit instantaneously makes the user’s preferred listening application or personal library available for wireless streaming once the phone has been docked. Meanwhile, a recessed top makes for a convenience place to store your keys, wallet, or other small items. Attempting to channel the brand’s minimal yet soft vibe, the design is clad in woven textile w...
Tags: Design, Audio, Speakers, Speaker, Stockholm, Product Design, Vifa, Sanjay Yadav, Sanjay YadavThis

The Modern Day Discman

Things have come a long way from the Sony Diskman from the ’80s! No larger than a watch face, the Skinny Player is exactly as it sounds. Designed for those moments you want to take your music on the run but don’t want headphones and don’t want to lug around a large Bluetooth speaker, it can attach anywhere from your shirt collar to your backpack for quick, light, and easy listening that won’t weigh you down. Synced with your phone’s library, it packs a powerful punch in a pint-sized package that...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Product Design, Portable Audio, Ju-Huai Lin, Skinny Player

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