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Are bioenergy facilities the solution to the growing garbage problem?

Have you ever heard of bioenergy? Or, have you ever wondered where your garbage goes once you throw it out? For many people — especially Americans — once their trash leaves the house, there is no more thought about where it goes or what happens to it. As soon as a sanitation worker picks up your garbage, there is no reason to think about the serious problems that massive amounts of waste can cause. Every year, Americans discard about 250 million tons of resources, making them the largest genera...
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7 Useful Tips For Building A Design Portfolio As A Student

Why do students take a separate class to learn the skills of building a portfolio? Is it really worth it because you can always rely on some online service that offers you to buy assignments and receive good writings? Well, the truth is that you always have an opportunity to opt for online companies like Australia PapersOwl that will create a proper paper, but you can do it on your own, thanks to the classes you can take and a few tips that you need to have in mind. Building your graphical showc...
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Amazing Portraits Of Elspeth Beard, The First British Woman To Ride A Motorcycle Around The World

In an age before sat-nav, internet, email and mobile phones – and in an age when women hardly ever traveled alone to adventurous countries – Elspeth Elspeth achieved something that is still remarkable today. In 1982, Beard embarked on a two-year solo journey that would take her around the world on her beloved motorbike – the first British woman to do so. From the outback of Australia to the... Source
Tags: Design, Australia, World, Elspeth Elspeth

Solar-powered home puts an eco-friendly twist on the farmhouse vernacular

When architect Paul O’Reilly of the Australian architectural practice archterra was asked by his mother to design a modern farmhouse, he delivered a handsome dwelling that not only takes inspiration from traditional barn architecture, but also deftly addresses the region’s climatic extremes with its site-specific, energy-efficient build. Aptly named the Farm House, the roughly 2,000-square-foot abode features a gabled roofline, a veranda and timber cladding to mimic traditional barns, while th...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, House, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Carousel Showcase, Recycled Materials, Farmhouse, Rainwater Collection, Rammed Earth, Bush, Margaret River, Farm House, Energy Efficient

Students around the world join climate strike on March 15

On Friday, March 15, tens of thousands of high school and middle school students in more than 70 countries plan to walk out of their classrooms and protest at town and city halls. Young people are uniting around the world in a coordinated demand for their leaders to take radical action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow down the impacts of climate change. How did the climate strikes start? The international youth climate strike movement began in August 2018 when 16-year-old environmen...
Tags: New York, Design, Australia, California, France, Senate, ExxonMobil, House, Nancy Pelosi, Young, George Monbiot, U K, The Nation, Diane Feinstein, Hirsi, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Word of Mouth: Hobart

Modern art, pub grub, fine dining and more in the tiny island state Whether you’re visiting Tasmania for Dark MOFO or simply to see what life’s like at the other end of the world, there’s a lot to do on this little Australian island. Hobart, the state’s capital, has a rich history despite a sometimes forgotten past and the undoubtedly inaccurate reputation that the destination …
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Street Artist Transforms Abandoned Melbourne Mansion In His Installation Empire

Located in the Dandenong Ranges, a set of low-lying mountains approximately 35 kilometres outside Melbourne, Burnham Beeches is an art deco mansion that dates back to the 1920’s. Although stately and beautiful, the building has sat abandoned for the past 20 years. This year, local artist Rone transformed the house into an interactive and immersive piece of art, and now for a limited time only... Source
Tags: Design, Australia, Abandoned, Melbourne, Mansion, Streetart, Dandenong Ranges, Rone, Melbourne Burnham Beeches

Peabody Essex Museum Names New Director

“After a five-month search, the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem has hired Brian Kennedy as its new director and CEO. Kennedy, now 57 years old, was born in Dublin and has worked for museums on three continents, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College and the National Gallery of Ireland. He currently heads the Toledo Museum of Art, where he’s been since 2010.” – WBUR (Boston)
Tags: Art, Australia, Ireland, Salem, Dublin, Kennedy, Visual, Toledo Museum Of Art, Dartmouth College, Brian Kennedy, Peabody Essex Museum, Hood Museum of Art, 03.07.19

Rugged Wilderness House optimizes bush views and passive solar principles

Drawing inspiration from the midcentury Case Study houses, Osmington-based Archterra Architects designed the Wilderness House, a contemporary elevated home with treetop canopy views. Located on a secluded bush block in coastal banksia woodland near Australia’s iconic Margaret River, the home was created to take advantage of its rich and remote environment using large windows and a natural materials palette. The client’s desires for long-term durability and low-maintenance also informed the desi...
Tags: Design, Australia, House, Bush, Archterra Architects, Margaret River, Wilderness House

Dry Island Gin

A collaboration between Four Pillars and Hernö culminates in a limited edition spirit: Dry Island Gin. Distilled with meadowsweet from Sweden and juniper, river mint and strawberry gum from Australia, the gin is deliciously bright, with notes of cut grass and pine forest. Clean and in the style of a London Dry, this gin is perfect for a martini.
Tags: Design, London, Sweden, Australia, Alcohol, Drinking, Cocktails, Gin, Four Pillars, Herno

Breezy caravan-inspired annex uses passive design for thermal comfort

In Melbourne, Australia, a 1960s family home has been updated with a new contemporary extension that draws inspiration from a traveling caravan. Flanked by lush greenery, the Bent Annexe is filled with natural light and designed to follow passive solar principles for energy efficiency. The modern addition was designed by Australian architectural practice BENT Architecture for an outdoor-loving family of four and their two active Dachshunds. The primary goal of the Bent Annexe was to open the re...
Tags: Extension, Design, Australia, Addition, Architecture, Gallery, Melbourne, Carousel Showcase, Green Renovation, Passive Solar Principles, Melbourne Australia, Annex, Passive Cooling, Passive Heating, Full-height Glazing, Northern Light

Hong Kong welcomes Veda, the first vegetarian restaurant inside upscale hotel Ovolo

Hong Kong’s vegan and vegetarian scene has proliferated in the last few years, and now the autonomous territory of China has its first vegetarian restaurant within a hotel. Veda, inside the freshly revamped Ovolo Central Hotel, is open for business. Well-known Australian vegetarian chef Hetty McKinnon devised the menu, and MALE and KplusK Associates designed the space. Despite an upsurge in the availability of veg foods, Hong Kong is still the world’s third largest per capita beef consumer, acc...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Australia, China, McKinnon, Ovolo Central Hotel, Hetty McKinnon, KplusK Associates, Ovolo

Loophole allows 1M tons of sludge to be dumped on Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest coral reef is facing a major sludge crisis. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority just approved the dumping of one million tons of sludge on the delicate reef system thanks to a loophole in the country’s law. Marine officials say that port industries have the right to dump waste that is dredged from the ocean floor wherever they want, including over the Great Barrier Reef. Environmentalists are concerned that the sludge will “smother” the reef and are looking ...
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8 sustainable innovations in construction materials

The construction industry is responsible for a large percentage of carbon emissions. From sourcing to design to material manufacturing to building construction, the carbon dioxide output from projects around the world has a significant environmental impact. This has led to sustainable construction innovations that not only reduce the production of carbon dioxide, but also improve a building’s longevity, reduce energy bills and increase the use of natural light. Here is a list of some innovative...
Tags: Design, Australia, Barcelona, Features, LED lighting, Oled, Cairo, Recycled Materials, Building Materials, RMIT University, Trudell, Institute For Advanced Architecture Of Catalonia, Sustainable Construction, Transparent Wood, Hydrogel, Eco-friendly Building Materials

Believed extinct for 38 years, the world's largest bee has been found

Measuring in at four times the size of the average honeybee, Wallace’s giant bee has been on the endangered species radar for decades and was feared to be gone forever. But after 38 years of searching, scientists have confirmed that the world’s largest bee hasn’t gone extinct just yet. A team of scientists hailing from the United States and Australia discovered a female giant bee on the North Moluccas islands of Indonesia. The bee was uncovered in a termite nest, and the team was able to captur...
Tags: Design, News, Indonesia, Australia, Animals, Bees, Britain, United States, Endangered Species, Extinction, Iucn, Wallace, Messer, Alfred Russel Wallace, Save The Bees, North Moluccas

Road Trip: Perth to Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia

On the hunt for wine, untamed landscapes, and the perfect surf break down under Many people who visit Australia stick to the continent’s well-worn East Coast—from Melbourne to Sydney, the Gold Coast or up to the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s tremendous value all over the country—and one of those less-traveled places is Western Australia. If your time and budget permit, we suggest flying to Perth (the state’s capital) and …
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Photographer Adrian Steirn’s “Pangolin Men” Series

Striking and tender portraits aimed at spreading awareness For Australia-born, South Africa-based Adrian Steirn, capturing the beauty of Africa is intrinsically linked to efforts at protecting the world’s only scaly mammal, the pangolin—of which two species live on the continent. The animal also happens to be among the world’s most trafficked. According to recent statistics, more than one million pangolins have been hunted and killed in …
Tags: Photography, Design, Australia, Animals, Africa, Culture, South Africa, Conservation, Zimbabwe, Animal Conservation, Pangolin, Adrian Steirn, Conservation Award

Compensation for conservation: water markets are economists' answer to scarcity

As cites grow and put more pressure on water sources, scarcity is an increasingly important issue. More than two thirds of the world’s population experience a water shortage every year. Just because water continues to reach your tap does not mean your area isn’t experiencing a shortage. Instead, it could mean your town is forced to tap sources, such as rivers, faster than they can renew. Economists have introduced one solution, water markets, which assign a value to usage under the premise that...
Tags: Design, Australia, San Diego California, Murray Darling

See What The Sydney Opera House Would Have Looked Like If They’d Chosen A Different Architect

The Herald offers visualizations, in situ on the tiny peninsula in Sydney Harbor, of half a dozen of the runners-up in the competition to design what was meant to be Australia’s new national opera house. (Personally, we think the panel made the right choice.) – Sydney Morning Herald
Tags: Art, Music, Australia, Sydney, Herald, Visual, Sydney Harbor, 02.14.19

Dolly Parton Expands Her Free-Books-For-Kids Program To A Fifth Country

“Ireland becomes the fifth country to benefit from Parton’s generosity, joining the US, UK, Canada and Australia. It’s another welcome step forward for a charity” — the Imagination Library — “that recently celebrated giving away its 100 millionth book (yep, you read that right: One Hundred Million books).” – Melville House
Tags: Art, Australia, Ireland, Dolly Parton, Words, Parton, US UK Canada, 02.15.19

This is how climate change will impact wine

Look at a wine label or chat with a wine connoisseur, and you will find that wine has always been intimately connected to location and climate. Grapes taste different from region to region, and even grapes from the same vineyard taste different from year to year, depending on the weather each season. So it is no surprise that drastically changing weather patterns have a huge and confusing impact on the wine industry. Increasing temperatures and climate volatility not only impact the flavor prof...
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Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert: About Conquering Berlin & Leaving It

You just know, when Joseph’s in the room. The soon-to-be 28-year-old’s personality is as immersive as his imagery. The Berlin Wunderkind has left his mark on the big city – now, after almost a decade, he’s ready to leave her behind… His cheeky charm and exceptional talent led Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert into the forefront of a new generation of Berlin creatives. The last eight years have seen him working as a portrait photographer for established publications such as Intro, Siegessaeule and Gay Ti...
Tags: Art, Photography, Fashion, Instagram, Interview, Australia, Berlin, People, Bavaria, Gay Times, Joseph, University of the Arts, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Kaey, Berlin Wunderkind, Intro Siegessaeule

Can the Caymans save the Caribbean's remaining coral reefs?

A rehabilitation program for coral reef species has proven to be successful for an ongoing project to combat a massive disease spreading throughout the Cayman’s pillar coral species, according to the Department of the Environment in the Cayman Islands. The rapidly spreading disease, called “white band disease”, was first noticed on a famous dive site called the Killer Pillars in February 2018. It has ravaged pillar coral throughout the Caribbean and destroyed almost 90 percent of the species al...
Tags: Florida, Design, Australia, Yale, Pacific, Caribbean, Cayman Islands, Department of Environment, Caymans, Joleah Lamb, Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, Bonaire Curacao Grenada the Virgin Islands, Tim Austin, Cayman 27 News

Can the Cayman Islands save the Caribbean's remaining coral reefs?

A rehabilitation program for coral reef species has proven to be successful for an ongoing project to combat a massive disease spreading throughout the Cayman’s pillar coral species, according to the Department of the Environment in the Cayman Islands. The rapidly spreading disease, called “white band disease”, was first noticed on a famous dive site called the Killer Pillars in February 2018. It has ravaged pillar coral throughout the Caribbean and destroyed almost 90 percent of the species al...
Tags: Florida, Design, Australia, Yale, Pacific, Caribbean, Cayman Islands, Department of Environment, Joleah Lamb, Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, Bonaire Curacao Grenada the Virgin Islands, Tim Austin, Cayman 27 News

After Living in Tiny NYC Apartment, Australian Industrial Designer Invents Folding Stairs (and Furniture)

As a furniture design student living in New York City, Zev Bianchi found the space constraints rather different than what he was used to in his native Australia. This "living in high priced and confined conditions," Bianchi writes, "was where I developed my passion, partly out of necessity, to design furniture and products to help create the best living environment in the least space."After returning to Australia and gaining a degree in Industrial Design, Bianchi set up shop as BCompact Design. ...
Tags: Design, Australia, Furniture Design, Bianchi, New York City Zev Bianchi

A prefab home in Sydney celebrates indoor-outdoor living

Constructed in a Melbourne factory in just 12 weeks, this elegant, prefab home in Sydney offers indoor-outdoor living without compromising thermal comfort. First designed by Sydney-based architectural practice Fox Johnston, the home’s concept was later refined by Australian design/build firm Modscape while honoring the architect’s design intent and the client’s demands. The prefabricated, two-story family home taps into solar design principles to prevent solar heat gain and to ensure comfortabl...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, Sydney, Melbourne, Modular, Carousel Showcase, Natural Light, Skylights, Solar Heat Gain, Modular Architecture, Prefab Housing, Passive Design, OAK, John Madden

A midcentury warehouse becomes a vibrant office for creatives

Australian architecture and interior design firm Studio 103 has given a tired warehouse on Melbourne’s Hoddle Street in Abbotsford a new lease on life as their new modern and light-filled workplace. The adaptive reuse project sensitively references the building’s manufacturing history, from retaining existing architectural elements to the application of an industrial-inspired material palette. The rehabbed structure now serves as a modern and agile workplace that prioritizes health and wellbein...
Tags: Design, Australia, Office, Architecture, Gallery, Melbourne, Factory, Warehouse, Carousel Showcase, Natural Light, Adaptive Reuse, Abbotsford, McCormack, Timber Trusses, Polished Concrete, Floor To Ceiling Windows

Australia will not reach its carbon reduction targets by 2030, claims new study

An international group called the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a damaging report on Australia’s energy policies, placing doubts that the government will reach its carbon reduction targets by 2030. Australia previously agreed to cut carbon emissions by around 26 percent by the year 2030. Although the country will likely reach the carbon goals it set by 2020, the OECD claims they will not hit their target in 2030. “The country will fall short of its 2030 ...
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New guest home in Estonia uses a weathered metal facade to blend into ancient castle ruins

Visitors to the the ruins of a 14th-century castle in Vastseliina, Estonia will now have a beautiful place to stay in this beautiful guest home by Estonian architects, Kaos Architects. The Pilgrims’ House was clad in a weathered steel to compliment the ancient ruins of a 14th-century castle. Located in southeastern Estonia, the complex is a medieval setting with the ruins of a 14th century castle and an old pub house tucked into the rolling green hills and valleys adjacent to the Piusa river. ...
Tags: Design, Australia, House, Estonia, KaOS, Maris Tomba, Pilgrims House, Vastseliina Estonia, Kaos Architects The Pilgrims House, Piusa, KAOS Architects Via Archdaily Photography, Terje Ugandi

Australia’s Richest Book Prize Goes To Refugee Interned In Offshore Camp

Kurdish-Iranian writer Behrouz Boochani composed his first book, No Friend But the Mountains, one text message at a time from inside the Manus Island detention center in Papua New Guinea, one of the offshore centers where Australia places refugees who try to reach the country by sea. Now that book has won the A$100,000 Victorian Prize for Literature. — The Guardian
Tags: Art, Australia, Words, Papua New Guinea, Manus Island, Behrouz Boochani, 01.31.19

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