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The AEROCARRIER gives your cycle cargo-carrying-capabilities

City bicycles are diverse. Some of them are designed to carry heavy loads, others for speed. What if bicyclists want to use their bicycles for more than solely speed performance – but also for logistics. What if they don’t want to be forced, to always wear backpacks, even if they only want to carry a raincoat, EDC, or basic shopping supplies. The AEROCARRIER gives bicycles the additional storage they deserve. Just like most scooters which come with storage below the seat, the AEROCARRIER strap...
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Meet 'Blade', the world's first 3D-printed hypercar

At first glance, any motorhead would be head over heels for Blade — a sleek sportscar with shimmery deep magenta facade. The aerodynamicity of the car is obvious from its low, curved volume. Yet, this isn’t just any supercar that has just hit the market. Created by San Francisco-based startup Divergent Microfactories, Blade’s chassis was entirely 3-D printed. 3D printing is already revolutionizing the manufacturing process around the world. Printing in 3D makes products such as furniture, jewe...
Tags: Design, San Francisco, Architecture, Automotive, Gallery, 3d Printing, Innovation, Electric Cars, Sustainable Design, 3d Printed Car, Car Design, Kevin Czinger, Blade, Divergent 3D, Cars Of The Future, 3d Printed Designs

The Design Intelligence Award accelerates good project into world-class product designs

Design awards are often a mechanism to discover good design. A panel of judges help identify designs with potential, and reward them for being a good concept, or having a good execution. China’s premiere awards program, the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) operates on a slightly different path. It doesn’t just discover good design. It develops it. Working in part like an award program and in part like a product accelerator, the DIA Awards have a long, arduous, meticulous process. They identify go...
Tags: Design, Technology, China, Awards, Automotive, Popular, Sdk, Mono, Product Design, Random, Yamaha, Hexa, Zanwen Li, Marion Pinaffo, Raphaël Pluvinage, Heng Balance Lamp

Citroën’s 100th year anniversary car concept makes you feel like you’re flying!

Founded way back in March 1919, Citroën has come a long way… and to celebrate 100 years of boldness and creativity at the service of freedom of movement, Citroën revealed a thing of sheer beauty, the concept 19_19, a car that embodies the company’s vision on the future of travel. Disclaimer: It’s electric, self-driving, feels like a “living room on wheels”, and takes cues from aviation design.The car’s exterior combines the appearance of an aircraft’s fuselage, along with the transparent bubbl...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Paris, Electric, Citroën, Self Driving Car, Goodyear, Self Driving, 19_19, Citroën s Progressive Hydraulic Cushion Suspension

These self-driving robo-palettes will park your car while you go shopping

Perhaps the most useful application for self-driving tech is in the area of driving that annoys most drivers. Parking. Parking is perhaps the one reason I don’t enjoy driving. Looking for a spot, and then struggling to parallel park (and eventually take out) your car from said spot requires patience, skill, and willpower… virtues that I don’t possess, but a robot could.Hik Vision’s award-winning self-driving palette helps out by doing that task for you. Unlike other parking-assistant-robots th...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Awards, Automotive, Outdoor, Parking, Robot, Product Design, Self Driving, Design Intelligence Award, DIA2019, Hik Vision, HikRobotics

A traveling library that takes inspiration from the ladybug

Books can transport you to an imaginary wonderland, and in many ways, LUO Studio’s Shared Lady Beetle library can too! Mounted on a bicycle, and shaped out of sheet metal, this library resembles a large ladybug, something almost out of a fairytale. Open any of its wings and inside it are bookshelves filled with books. It’s truly an amazing experience that connects children to their wildest dreams and triggers their imagination, both through form, and through the books within.The Shared Lady Beet...
Tags: Design, Library, Automotive, Bicycle, Ladybird, Product Design, Ladybug, LUO Studio, Luo Yujie, Lu Zhuojian, Shared Lady Beetle Library, Luo Yujie Lu Zhuojian

The Birò O2 is the only car to be made from more than 80% recycled plastic

Apparently, in just 31 years, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. It’s an incredibly scary statistic, given how many fish exist in the sea. The car company Estrima is all poised to do something about this horrible future prediction by reclaiming some plastic and using it as raw material. The Birò O2, a special variant of Estrima’s electric-scooter is, for the first time ever in automotive history, made from more than 80% recycled plastic.The Birò O2 is a variant of Estrima’s origi...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Car, Green, Automotive, Electric Scooter, O2, Electric Car, Recycled Plastic, Biro, Mandalaki, Estrima, Mandalaki Studio

This tree branch inspired bike pump magnetically snaps onto your bike

Advancements in materials and manufacturing methods have led to bicycles carrying a sleek and aerodynamic form that slices through the air as they race down the roads, whilst being incomprehensibly lightweight. There is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted by a puncture… apart from having to carry around a bulky, under-designed bike pump that contrasts against the graceful form of the bike! This is where BRANCH comes in, as it aims to be a carefully considered and elegant solution to ...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Product Design, Bike Pump, Daniel Pokorný, Prokop Strnka

Scooter Designs that give your daily commute that much-needed upgrade

Versatile, stylish yet sleek, scooters are often hailed as the solution to current traffic woes! Add to this the updated electric scooters and we have, literally a solution to our energy problems. Scooters, in order to be taken seriously as an alternative and planet-friendly mode of transport, they need to shine above their current status of high-tech toys and to do just that, we bring you our curated collection of scooter designs that showcase powerful designs packaged as this humble two-wheele...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Scooter, Product Design, Nathan Allen, Robert Bronwasser, E-scooter, YD Design Storm, Design Storm, BMW Wooden Scooter, Martin Beinhauer, NIO Global Scrooser Electric Scooter, Jens Thieme, Van EkoHonda Snail Electric Scooter, Lior Munitz

The Renault XY-2 is a car that plays cupid

If the future of vehicles is even half as beautiful as this, then we cannot wait! This elegant concept is the ‘Renault Project XY-2’, its designer recognized the societal change that autonomous sharing cars may introduce; where strangers meet and are accompanied on their journeys. So why can’t the vehicle have a secondary purpose, one which elevates it from being simply a mode of transport? Well Project XY-2 features a rather unique and unexpected secondary function… it has been designed to assi...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Renault, Hawon Jang, Renault XY2, Renault Project XY

A bike that demonstrates how Japanese culture can influence automotive design

Artem and Vladimir believe Japan’s design ethos lies heavily on their culture and history, pulling inspiration from minimalism, origami, and traditions like the samurai spirit, but a heavy European influence has resulted in Japan’s large automobile industry following cues that aren’t originally Japanese. Setting out to design a motorbike that is indicative of Japan’s culture, spirit, and aesthetic, Artem and Vladimir designed the Motorbike for Great Japan.The motorbike’s design makes use of plan...
Tags: Japan, Design, Culture, Automotive, Japanese, Origami, Motorcycle, Samurai, Vladimir, Artem, Great Japan, Artem Smirnov, Vladimir Panchenko

This RFID-blocking case is good for car keys, nightmare for thieves

Just like your contact-less payment cards stand a chance of being tapped into by a miscreant with a POS device, your car’s key-fob stands a risk of being hacked into, its signal being boosted or duplicated, and used to unlock your car. Ever since the introduction of remote-controlled key-fobs, car theft hasn’t decreased, but rather has seen a 56% spike according to the office of national statistics.The problem with key-fobs is that security for this is easy to compromise. People have been know...
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Ford’s self-braking trolley is perfect for supermarkets and airports!

The guys at Ford believe the technology designed to operate cars has the potential of bettering life outside the vehicle too. Starting with their design for a self-rolling mattress that keeps space-hoggers on their side of the bed based on their car lane-keeping technology, Ford’s moved onto bettering the trolley, arguably the most difficult four-wheeler to control.Trolleys are notoriously stubborn. Even as an adult, it’s hard to perfectly maneuver a trolley, so imagine it in the hands of a ch...
Tags: Design, Smart, Automotive, Ford, Supermarket, Accident, Ai, Product Design, Trolley, Self-braking Trolley

This is what self-driving cars would look like in an alternate reality

Taking a page from the dystopian future presented to us by the minds at Pixar through the 2008 animated hit Wall-E, Alexander Zhukovsky asked himself why electric cars look like… cars. Why don’t they look like Segways, hoverboards, or motorized wheelchairs, products that are, in theory, exactly the same hardware packaged differently. Zhukovsky’s vision for self-driving EVs are autonomous single-seaters that elegantly travel around cities and neighborhoods, on four wheels. Fashioned to look quite...
Tags: Transportation, Electric Vehicle, Design, Autonomous, Automotive, Pixar, Electric Car, Self Driving Car, Ev, Zhukovsky, Alexander Zhukovsky, Wall E Alexander Zhukovsky

The soul of a motorbike in the body of a bicycle

Designed to be everything from your primary mode of transport, a recreational two-wheeler for adventures, to your last-mile commute device, the Maxfoot dons many hats. With its robust-yet-foldable frame, and wheels that were designed to take on any sort of terrain, the Maxfoot MF-19 is easily shaping up to be the best, most affordable two-wheeled electric ride out there.With its chunky 6061 Aluminum alloy frame and 4-inch treads, the Maxfoot sort of hovers in the intersection between being a m...
Tags: Deals, Design, Automotive, SEC, Charles, Popular, Product Design, Random, Ebike, Gordon, Shimano, Maxfoot, Charles GordonClick, Advanced Six Bar Linkage Rear Suspension

A self-parking scooter that chauffers you around

With shared scooters being the new go-to mode of transport for inner-city commuters and tourists alike, we have seen an infestation of these two-wheeled contraptions. However, their similar looks can make it a challenge to differentiate between the companies and the nature of their use leads to them littering our streets. ROL may just be the answer to both of these annoyances.ROL completely transforms the user experience by removing the scooters reliance on manual intervention completely! This h...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Scooter, Product Design, ROL, Kelly Custer

A conceptual race-chariot for gladiators of the future

Worried that closed-cockpits were taking away the enthusiasm of watching a driver control a wild beast of an automobile down a racetrack, Dong Yi designed the Concept Chariot, a vehicle that brought back the joyous fervor the Romans felt as they watched their gladiators on the race-track, behind chariots led by wild stallions, fighting vigorously for survival.While being a gladiator in 2nd Century B.C. essentially meant having a death-wish, Dong decided to take the aspect of performer-to-crowd...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Racing, F1, Formula 1, Chariot, Dong, Gladiator, Hockenheim, Moto Gp, Cockpit, Concept Chariot, Dong Yi

The newest, most efficient, and oil-saving way to lubricate your bike-chains

Ever tried painting a wall? If you had to choose between using a paintbrush and a roller, chances are you’d choose the latter, right? It’s incredibly fast, does a uniform job, and is just simply mess free. Paint doesn’t trickle or spill from a roller onto your hands, the floor, or worse, your clothes. The roller’s sponge holds the paint, distributing it in a perfect coat on the wall without any hassle. You end up wasting less paint, coating your wall evenly, and staying mess-free. Now imagine ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Automotive, Product Design, FLECTR, Chain Oil, FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE, LUBRI DISC, Jorg Neugebauer Kai WiehagenClick, Bio Chain Lube

This Tesla Pickup Concept is ‘driving’ me crazy!

It’s a shame that this conceptual Tesla pickup is fan-made, because it’s an absolute beauty! Designed with sheer attention to detail, the pickup is envisioned as a part of Tesla’s Model P series, by Istanbul-based designer, Emre Husmen.The conceptual Model P 2019 (let’s just call it that for now) is a brilliant exercise in brand and form semantics… that’s a fancy-design-jargon way of saying that it looks exactly like something Tesla would launch. With the beautiful razor thin headlamps and taill...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Tesla, Automotive, Istanbul, Pickup, Emre Husmen, Model P

The “Khan” might be the most otherworldly BMW bike ever made

Pretty much bridging the gap between concept bikes and concept art for games and movies, Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s “Khan” is an eclectic mix of unbelievable, dangerous, and beautiful. However, if you’ve followed Mehmet’s work in the past, you know exactly what level of aesthetic beauty the Turkish designer works on. Khan, in many ways is classic Mehmet, but at the same time it’s just surreal for us mere mortals who have, up until now, only seen relatively normal-looking motorbikes.Erdem’s “Khan” conc...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Bmw, Khan, Motorcycle, Mehmet, BMW Motorrad, Erdem, Mehmet Doruk Erdem, Customized Bike, R 1100 R

This RFID-blocking key-fob case works like a faraday cage to protect your car from theft

Just like your contact-less payment cards stand a chance of being tapped into by a miscreant with a POS device, your car’s key-fob stands a risk of being hacked into, its signal being boosted or duplicated, and used to unlock your car. Ever since the introduction of remote-controlled key-fobs, car theft hasn’t decreased, but rather has seen a 56% spike according to the office of national statistics.The problem with key-fobs is that security for this is easy to compromise. People have been know...
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Volvo’s More Inclusive Safety Developments

The brand's crash-test dummies and new tech continue to make it a pioneer in safety Since Volvo introduced the three-point seatbelt in 1959—which they then shared industry-wide—safety has been core to the brand. Over time, Volvo has pioneered more and more technology, and today cars from Mercedes, Ford, Audi and others have myriad safety systems. There’s ABS that pulses the brakes rather than allows them …
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Lincoln Debuts the 2020 Corsair SUV

A small luxury SUV that pampers and performs Debuting at this week’s New York Auto Show is Lincoln‘s small luxury SUV entry, the Corsair. With a S-shaped design, the Corsair is a tightly packaged offering with fine details and extras galore. Its accentuated edges and corners catch the light with purpose—rendering it a different shape and size altogether when in movement, versus when sitting still …
Tags: Auto, Design, Interviews, Cars, SUV, Automotive, Luxury, Vr, Virtual Reality, Lincoln, Corsair, New York Auto Show, Car Design, small SUV

The World’s First All-Terrain Drone!

The X-Tankcopter may just be the ultimate toy for all of us big-kids! As the name would suggest, this device is more than just a drone… it’s the highly capable combination of both a drone and a tank. This unusual hybrid gives it seemingly limitless capabilities when it comes to negotiating obstacles; whether you choose to scamper along rough terrain or gracefully fly over it, the X-TANKCOPTER has you covered!You can capture your action-packed mission via the onboard HD camera, allowing you to ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Drone, Automotive, Product Design, Witold Mielniczek, X-Tankcopter, Witold MielniczekClick, Drive Drive

Made to showcase its vintage BMW engine, the ‘Birdcage’ has a wireframe design

At first glance, the BMW Motorrad Birdcage looks like a 3D model viewed in wireframe mode. It’s easy to make that mistake, because the Birdcage, sure enough, has an incredible, wireframe-inspired design. Designed as an homage to the BMW Motorrad boxer engine the company developed 50 years ago, the Birdcage houses the absolutely stunning piece of engineering in a titanium see-through mesh-esque cage that gives the engine the attention it deserves. The titanium frame allows the curvilinear boxer...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Bmw, Titanium, Motorcycle, BMW Motorrad, Wireframe, Revival Cycles, Alan Stulberg, Birdcage, Ernst Hennes

A motorcycle-compatible bionic arm that lets the disabled ride motorbikes

Combining Honda’s expertise in robotics and in motorbikes, Tom Hylton envisions a solution that helps disabled ride bikes, perhaps even in a professional capacity.The Honda Prosthetic Arm exists in the capacity of a concept, and allows people without an arm to operate a Honda motorcycle. The arm attached at the shoulder and plugs right into the handlebar, giving you a great grip over the bike. The robotic arm is also built to send commands to the bike, allowing you to accelerate, decelerate, or ...
Tags: Design, Technology, Medical, Automotive, Motorbike, Honda, ARM, Bionic, Product Design, Motorcycle, Prosthetic, Tom Hylton

A transport designer imagines what F1 cars in 2021 will look like

For transportation designer and car enthusast Olcay Tuncay, 2021 is all set to be a very intriguing year because that’s the year Formula 1 will see radical changes, because the Concorde Agreement, which governs the sport and sets out the commercial terms on which teams compete, expires at the end of 2020.Tuncay used this opportunity to design a car that he feels suit the immediate future of F1. Envisioned in the branding of Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes AMG (the two biggest names in F1), the car...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, F1, Ferrari, Formula 1, Mercedes AMG, Scuderia Ferrari, Olcay Tuncay KARABULUT, F1 Concept Car, Formula 1 2021, Olcay Tuncay KarabulutThis

A lubricating roller for your bike-chain that lets you ‘grease with ease’

Grease, as many of my white shirts will stand testament to, is an absolute nightmare when it gets on your person. Even a drop or so on your fingers can require multiple scrubs to get rid off, because that’s precisely the nature of the liquid. It’s supposed to lubricate, but it’s also supposed to stick around, eliminating friction between moving parts for a long time, before they need a second coat of lubricant.Ideally, the grease you apply on mechanical moving parts isn’t supposed to get on yo...
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Help reinvent mobility! Lyft is looking for an Industrial Designer

The ride-sharing app that just went public with its valuation is definitely a disrupter in the mobility world. The San Francisco-based start-up locked horns with Uber early in the game, and steadily grew as its competitor, becoming the second-largest trans-national corporation with a 30% market share in the United States. Lyft’s next big move is to expand in the e-scooter business, with their hardware partnership with Xiaomi. Lyft is looking for an Industrial Designer to join its team in San Fra...
Tags: Transportation, Lyft, Design, Technology, San Francisco, Automotive, Electric Scooter, Job Board, Product Design, San Francisco California, San Francisco California USA, E-scooter, United States Lyft, Xiaomi Lyft, Industrial Designer, YD Job Alert

A Delivery Service That’s Kind on the Environment!

There are some days where we just don’t feel like cooking, and at these times it is likely that we will turn to the two-wheeled delivery services that weave through the congested city streets with staggering efficiency. But what if we could utilize this ever-growing service, and harness the power from the sheer number of riders to improve the world around us? Well that’s exactly what Aira has been designed to do!Aira is a sustainable delivery scooter that features a purifying stone to contribute...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Scooter, Aira, Antoine Beynel, MIIO Studio

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