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Land Rover’s 4xFAR Festival Introduces Audiences to the 2020 Defender

Chief Commercial Officer Felix Bräutigam explains how the brand is marketing the next generation vehicle The Land Rover Defender is no ordinary vehicle. For the first hands-on introduction of the all-new generation of the 2020 Defender 110 four door and Defender 90 two door models, a two day festival—with off-road driving, music, historical vehicles, food and a range of outdoor activities—was created in Coachella Valley, …
Tags: Design, Marketing, Cars, Automotive, Festivals, Music Festivals, Land Rover, Defender, CCO, 2020 Defender, 4xFar, Brand Profile, Felix Brautigam

Torching Arctic Ice in Porsche’s First All-Electric Car

A vehicle that dominates what would otherwise be an unforgiving environment “The amount of torque in this car will simply obliterate the ice,” an instructor at the Porsche Ice Experience tells us. “So please try not to stomp on the accelerator.” We’re in the Taycan Turbo S, Porsche’s first ever all-electric vehicle. This is a revolution for the Stuttgart-based automaker—a four-door sedan using two electric …
Tags: Design, Cars, Automotive, Porsche, Electric Vehicles, Arctic, Finland, Lapland, Electric, Electric Cars, Arctic Circle, Stuttgart, Ev, Test Drive, Taycan, Taycan Turbo S

A Bentley 6 in 1 limited-edition stroller that grows with your child!

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Bentley stroller trike is “Woah! This baby is going to have some serious swag!” and unlike other strollers that have a short life span, this one transforms into a pedal-powered bike so the baby can continue having some serious swag. The Bentley stroller trike is an innovative 6-1 model that was created in collaboration with Posh Baby and Kids.This limited-edition bike is from the Bentley centennial collection and there are only 570 units. Just...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Lifestyle, Automotive, Toddlers, Limited Edition, Baby, Bentley, Continental, Product Design, Baby Stroller, Babies/Childcare/Toys, Bentley 100 Year Anniversary, Bentley Bike, Bentley Stroller, Bentley Trike

Jaguar Land Rover’s Project Vector is a self-driving pod that focuses on zero emissions/accidents

Joining the ranks of companies like Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Volkswagen, and many more, Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled its hitherto secret Project Vector, a self-driving pod that aims to usher the company into the future of mobility and achieve its goal of reaching Destination Zero. What is Destination Zero, you ask? “Jaguar Land Rover’s Destination Zero mission is an ambition to make societies safer and healthier, and the environment cleaner. Delivered through relentless innovation, the company’s ...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Automotive, Jaguar, Jaguar Land Rover, Land Rover, Coventry, Autonomous Car, Self Driving Car, Vector, Ralf Speth, Project Vector, Jaguar Land Rover 's Project Vector, Toyota Honda Volvo Volkswagen

The Ferrari GT Cross concept integrates the company’s racing DNA with SUV-design

The Ferrari GT Cross isn’t just a large, red SUV with the raging-horse logo on its front. It isn’t a Lamborghini Urus or Maserati Levante-styled SUV that dilutes their respective brands’ DNA to build something more conservative. It’s every bit a Ferrari. Styled as a raised coupe in the spirit of a classic GT Ferrari, the Ferrari GT Cross concept from Jean-Louis Bui (you may remember his Citroen SUV concept from a couple of years back) stays every bit true to the evergreen Ferrari racecar. The SU...
Tags: Transportation, Design, SUV, Automotive, Ferrari, Jean Louis Bui, Coupe, Maserati Levante, GT Cross, Ferrari GT Cross, Jean Louis BuiThis

The Polestar 1K is a self-driving robocar concept that really looks down upon human drivers!

Meet the Polestar 1K, a concept that went from design-challenge to fully-detailed concept prototype. The Polestar 1K’s journey started on Instagram as a part of the Polestar Inktober Challenge. Designer Fabian Breës took it upon himself to reinterpret the automobile company’s simple, almost architectural form language into something aggressively racy.The Polestar 1K is a racing car no doubt, but without a driver. Its Speed Racer-inspired aesthetic doesn’t include a cockpit, is developed entirely...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Instagram, Automotive, Polestar, 1K, Fabian Breës

3-wheeled electric truck doubles as a sweet tiny camper

The worlds of electric vehicles and tiny campers have collided to bring us the Elektro Frosch — a tiny, three-wheeled electric pickup truck that has a fold-out camper. The cute little “Electric Frog” campers have everything you need to enjoy a minimalist outdoor excursion, including a camper that sleeps two and a large tarp that pulls out from the vehicle to cover the cooking and dining space. Designed by the German company Elektro Frosch, the electric truck comes in two sizes: the Big and the ...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Gallery, Electric Vehicles, Tent, Electric Cars, Post-format-gallery, Electric Truck, Camper Design, Tiny Campers, Electric Vans, Electric Campers, Elektro Frosch

The Gruzovikus is an ‘intelligent’ freightliner truck that transports cargo without a driver

Without context, if you looked at the Gruzovikus, your first instinct would be to wonder why its cockpit is so slim. You’d then notice that the Gruzovikus has no doors… or windows. The Gruzovikus doesn’t need a driver, because it IS the driver. Designed by Art Lebedev Studio, this freight-carrying semi-truck comes with an incredibly slim profile, and is fully autonomous i.e., it doesn’t need a driver operating it, even remotely.The lack of a designer really informs the Gruzovikus’ design proce...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Autonomous, Automotive, Lebedev, Art Lebedev Studio, Robots/Drones, Semi-truck, Gruzovikus, Self-driven

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Unveil a Two-Part Collaboration

The brands team up for a custom G63 and a 59-foot Tirranna performance boat, on show at the Miami International Boat show Debuting this week, Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing‘s on- and off-land vehicles are an aesthetic pairing rooted in attention to detail and unprecedented power. The brands’ 12th collaboration to date, the one-of-one G63 and 59’ Tirranna were unveiled at the 2020 Miami International Boat …
Tags: Design, Cars, Automotive, Luxury, Boats, Miami, Mercedes-benz, SUVs, Amg, Mercedes AMG, Miami International Boat Show, G-wagen, Cigarette Racing, G63, G-wagon, Boat Design

A trauma surgeon redesigned the age-old car-jack to make it much safer to use

The CrossJack’s birth has a remarkable story to it. Invented by James Flippin, a trauma surgeon, the CrossJack came as an instinct to make life better… a trait doctors and designers both share with equal passion. Flippin was a young surgeon, tending to a trauma case where a man was gravely injured after a car fell off its jack and onto him. Flippin had to eventually deliver tragic news to the man’s family, and given that it was his first time delivering news of this nature, it impacted him pro...
Tags: Deals, Design, Automotive, Shop, Product Design, Flippin, Car Jack, Crossjack, James Flippin, Scissor Jack, James FlippinClick, Edgard Cremieu Javal, Joseph Jack Lafrance Interestingly, James Flippin Founder of CrossJack

The X-Scooter LOM solves vehicular congestion by just making mobility smaller

In almost every other industry, progress is always followed by adoption. Vinyls were followed by Cassettes, which were then dethroned by CDs, MP3 files, and finally online streaming. Progress leads to adoption, leads to optimization, followed by evolution, and then more progress. It’s a healthy cycle that allows technology and innovation to constantly provide a better experience to its end-user. Somehow that growth-cycle hasn’t seemed to make its dent in the automotive industry. We’re still, a...
Tags: Deals, Japan, Design, Automotive, Electric Scooter, Panasonic, Electric, Shop, Product Design, Lom, Glafit, X-Scooter, Safety Stability and Sustainability Your

The Airbus MAVERIC aircraft’s unique design helps reduce drag while providing more cabin space

Before we address the Airbus MAVERIC’s unique blended-wing form, let’s take a minute to appreciate Airbus’s abbreviation skills and the fact that MAVERIC stands for Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovative Controls.Unveiled at this year’s Singapore Air Show, the Airbus MAVERIC features an almost singular form where the main body and wings blend into each other, rather than being visually distinct forms. This blended-wing design, according to Airbus, significantly he...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Singapore, Automotive, Airbus, Airplane, Jean Brice Dumont, Blended-wing Body, BWB, MAVERIC

The International Design Excellence Awards 2020 are open for entries – Here are a look at last year’s winners

The International Design Excellence Awards are considered to be the most prestigious design accolade in the world. The year 2020 marks the 40th edition of the award program, conducted by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Originally conceived to reward industrial design, the award has blossomed into one of the biggest interdisciplinary design awards with a 4-decade long, illustrious legacy. IDEA winners include both exceptional design students and designers from world-class brands li...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Technology, Awards, Competitions, Automotive, Logitech, Lighting, Product Design, Tupperware, Seattle Wa, Henry Ford Museum, Draper, TETRA, IDSA, Sprout Studios

Inside the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Design that reflects the fact that customers now buy cars from the inside out The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has arrived and the evolutions in both its exterior and interior design are likely to please fans. Elements of the brand’s Escala concept car from 2017 have taken root—the large curved OLED display and interior touches like fabric, for example. When we published a series on that concept, …
Tags: Auto, Design, Interviews, Cars, Automotive, Automobiles, Interiors, SUVs, Cadillac, Cadillac Escalade, Escalade, Car Design, Escala, Auto Design, 2021 Escalade

If Tesla designed houses, this is what they would look like

I am an all-time architecture content consumer and nothing fascinates me more than seeing concept homes designed for the future! While we imagine it to be all Jetsons and some Avatar, designer Ivan Venkov has created a concept home that makes me curious – is this what homes would look like if Elon Musk was in charge?Venkov mentions that the original idea was for the modular aspect to only be included in the interior spaces, but the exterior sculptural look could also be shaped differently if des...
Tags: Architecture, Automotive, Home, Interiors, Lifestyle, Living, Luxury, Concept Home, Concept House, Elon Musk, Futuristic Designs, Futuristic House, Interior Design, Modular House, Smart Home, Tesla

The Lexus Design Award’s 2020 Finalists

Six innovations offer solutions for problems that include air pollution, visual impairment, flooding and more Now in its eighth year, the Lexus Design Award honors innovators around the world who formulate clever solutions for everyday challenges. This year’s theme “Design for a Better Tomorrow” prompted applicants “to envision solutions to 21st-century challenges that anticipate, innovate and captivate.” Narrowing the field from more than 2,000 submissions …
Tags: Design, Awards, Designers, Automotive, Lexus, Innovation, Concepts, Architects, Design Awards, Milan Design Week, Design Competitions, Lexus Design Award, Design Fairs, Milan Design Week 2020

Layer Design’s Joyn ride-sharing concept lets you choose between private and public transportation

The great thing about public transport is that it’s cheap and eco-friendly. The not-so-great thing about it is the word ‘public’. Unless you’re with company, transportation is all about keeping to oneself, whether it’s listening to music, browsing the internet, playing a game, working, or catching some crucial shut-eye. LAYER Design’s Joyn brings privacy to public transportation, more popularly known today as ‘ride-sharing’. Pulling inspiration from airplane-style seating (an area LAYER has work...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, Automotive, Ride Sharing, Product Design, Seating, Benjamin Hubert, Layer Design, Joyn, Airbus Joyn

When the vintage Volvo 240 merged with a winter family cabin…

Attention all automobile fanatics…and design enthusiasts! If your love for automobiles and architecture have never met before, well they have now in Chris Labrooy’s Winter Cabin. Labrooy wedged the classic Volvo 240 into a quintessential cabin. The Volvo 240 was a vintage wonder, though long and slow, it was considered the ideal family car. Honest and dependable, the 1974’s car became a member of a number of households.Hence it’s no surprise that Labrooy merged it with an adorable little red and...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Automotive, Chris Labrooy, Volvo, Volvo 240, Labrooy, Winter Cabin

Future needs designs like this flat-packing electric scooter that comes with its own automated storage system!

In a world that is getting more crowded by the day, where there’s hardly any place to walk, let alone drive our cars, compact means of personal transportation have gained immense momentum. Innovative and exciting designs have been coming up for electric scooters, e-bikes, and even skateboards! There could be a world where everyone will be zipping by on their little electric vehicles. Upholding such a vision in mind, and to meet the needs of such a world, Ekaterina Tiholova designed her version o...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Electric Scooter, Automated Storage, Ekaterina Tiholova, Ekaterina TiholovaTiholova, Tiholova

This retro-future 6-propeller racing drone is inspired by Ferrari’s F1 cars from the 50s

There isn’t really much to say about the Lazzarini FD-One that isn’t said in the title. Designed by Italy-based studio Lazzarini, the FD-One is a conceptual racing tricopter drone with 6 propellers, a V12 gas engine, and 3 battery packs. Featuring a cockpit big enough for two, the FD-One takes a lot of inspiration from Ferrari’s F1 and F2 racing cars in the 50s, with a very close resemblance to the tubular framed Ferrari 500 F2.The FD-One comes with three pairs of co-axial electric propellers po...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Drone, Automotive, Ferrari, Italy, Hybrid, Robots/Drones, Lazzarini, Lazzarini Design Studio, FD One, Tricopter

Advancements in Mobility That Will Change Travel

From air cabs to cars that can converse, innovations to take us on all kinds of journeys The convergence of mobility and technology is one of the most interesting topics on our minds, especially during CES. Be it electric scooters and drone taxis or electric vehicles and autonomous road-assistants, transport-related innovations that have debuted at the show have eventually become part of everyday life, while …
Tags: Transportation, Uber, Design, Air Travel, Cars, Tech, Ces, Autonomous, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Sony, Hyundai, Mophie, SUVs, Voice Assistants, Lamborghini

Harman is redesigning its in-car audio systems specifically for electric vehicles

I bet you didn’t know this but car stereos can often be power guzzlers. A decent car audio setup can pull anywhere from 200 to 500 watts RMS of power depending on the number of speaker units, the size of the car, and the bass module. That isn’t really much of a concern when you’ve got a fuel-powered automobile but in an electric vehicle, any sort of efficiency can go a long way in making a car perform better. Harman (which got acquired by Samsung in late 2016) is looking to redesign its audio ...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Samsung, Ces, Automotive, Product Design, Jbl, Harman, Harman Kardon, CES2020, Harman The Ecotect

This uniquely colorful scooter comes with an ergonomic twist!

A bundle of fun and quirkiness meets personal transportation in Désormeaux/Carrette Studio’s creation, La Galoche, a feisty kick scooter. Crafted from aeronautical aluminum, La Galoche possesses a geometrically curvaceous form, slithering through the air, while occupying minimal space. If everyone were to hop on a La Galoche, traffic congestion would reduce considerably. Its colorful and cheerful aesthetics are reminiscent of a race car from the 60s or 70s, with a wide option of customizations a...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Bike, Scooter, Product Design, Gifts For Men, Désormeaux/Carrette studio, Kick Scooter, La Galoche

Giorgio Moroder and the Future of Sound in Transportation

At CES, the iconic musician speaks about his collaboration with FPT Industrial Within the rows and rows of consumer-facing products at CES, business-to-business innovations and releases work double-time to impress. For instance, John Deere delivered an entire R4038 self-propelled sprayer to the show floor. Towering other booths, the tractor spotlighted the company’s commitment to furthering agricultural technology. Another exhibitor, FPT Industrial, transported attendees to a …
Tags: Music, Design, Interviews, Future, Tech, Ces, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Italy, Electronic Music, Giorgio Moroder, Hydrogen, Electric, Engines, Sound, Diesel

Bosch’s Virtual Sun Visor uses an LCD screen to cut the glare without cutting your view

Its animated-PowerPoint video editing aside, Bosch does make a pretty good point. We’ve innovated in every part of the car, except the sin visor. The visor, although designed with good intent, is often obstructive, as it reduces your visibility in its effort to shade your eyes. The fact that you can’t wear heavily tinted sun-glasses while driving (in most parts of the world) just further aggravates the matter because you’re faced with one of two issues when you’re driving with the sun shining ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Ces, Automotive, Lcd, Bosch, Product Design, CES2020, Virtual Visor, Sun Visor

Sony just launched a self-driving electric car, and it may sound bizarre, but it makes absolute sense.

If you were previously wondering what carmaker logo that was… Sony stunned everyone today by announcing a concept electric vehicle! Sony’s definitely had a history of launching absolutely weird products from dancing egg-shaped speakers to robotic dogs… and at first glance, its concept sedan, the Vision S would seem like the perfect product to make it to that list, but the more and more I think about it, the more it makes sense. No, Sony isn’t entering the rapidly saturating EV market. The clue t...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Technology, Ces, Car, Automotive, Sony, Automobile, Self Driving Car, Kenichiro Yoshida, CES2020, Vision S

A Tesla truck concept and more automotive designs that you loved the most in 2019!

If you feel the need for speed, you must be pretty familiar with the thrill one experiences on seeing a refreshingly new Automotive design. Some turn into a reality, zipping through streets all over the world, whereas others remain concepts, however still managing to make our hearts skip a beat. So here at Yanko Design, we’ve compiled some of the best Automobile designs we’ve seen throughout the year, just for you!Emre Husmen designed the Tesla Model P 2019 as a part of the Tesla Model P Series....
Tags: Spacex, Design, Tesla, Automotive, Ducati, Khan, Dyson, Volvo, Bugatti, Product Design, Nawa, Yanko Design, Chiron, Ant Man, Saharudin Busri, Mehmet Doruk Erdem

With a 186 mile range (and a hub-less rear wheel), NAWA’s e-bike shows what innovation looks like

The NAWA e-bike’s a pretty interesting concept to talk about. Here’s what you need to know. This prototype exists as a one-off build. It’s created by a company that doesn’t make automobiles and doesn’t plan on selling this one-time prototype. Why would a company make a bike that it doesn’t intend on mass-producing or selling? Why, as a proof of concept. NAWA wants to bring attention to a crucial detail within the bike… its ultracapacitor, which can convert as much as 80-90% of the bike’s braking...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Product Design, Motorcycle, Nawa, Racer, E bike, CES2020, Ultracapacitor, Ulrik Grape

Meet Dragonfly, the luxurious and sporty ‘hypercar of the scooter world’

Each brand and product category always has a niche for high-adrenaline users. You’ve got gaming laptops and accessories, sportscars, monster trucks, action-movies, nitro-brew coffees, energy drinks, it’s high time the scooter got its own version worthy of the ‘hyper’ prefix.Designed and developed by London-based D-Fly group, the Dragonfly is the world’s first and only hyperscooter. Think of it as a hypercar you ride while standing. With a dual-powertrain that provides high speeds of up to 38mp...
Tags: Transportation, Design, London, Automotive, Scooter, Product Design, Dragonfly, E-scooter, D-Fly Group, Hyperscooter

The EVE LUX’s “silver-surfer aesthetic” makes it a class-apart motorbike!

A combination of aerodynamics and futurism, with an overwhelming amount of chrome-finishing, the EVE LUX by Bandit9 is a bike that’s better enjoyed as a spectator than as a rider. Probably one of the most visually memorable bikes of the decade, especially when viewed from the side, the EVE LUX was designed exclusively for Hong Kong-based luxury house, Lane Crawford. Channeling a futuristic, feminine energy with its elegant sideways-teardrop design that seamlessly goes from tank to tail, the bike...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Automotive, Motorcycle, Bandit9, Eve Lux

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