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A Banksy Valentine for Bristol

I don't think Banksy has sent us a Valentine before. This one - of a young girl using a catapult to send lots of plastic red flowers and petals - appeared yesterday in the Barton Hill area of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Bristol, Banksy, Banksy Valentine, Barton Hill, Making A Mark

Banksy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day inspired artwork painted on the side of a building in Bristol, England by famous street artist Banksy. Banksy artwork features a girl with a slingshot firing three-dimensional red flowers onto the building. Happy Valentine’s Day from Banksy! Also check out: Banksy Season’s Greetings
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Banksy, Bristol England, Banksy Valentine, Banksy Season, Banksy Banksy

There’s a Lot to Love About the Banksy Art That Popped Up for Valentine’s Day

One lucky home in England got a huge Valentine’s Day surprise. It wasn’t an unexpected bouquet or a box of heart-shaped chocolates from a secret admirer, but a piece of art by the artist Banksy on the side of their building. The work of art that now adorns a wall in Bristol, the home city of the artist known as Banksy, shows a stenciled girl firing an explosion of red flowers into the air using a slingshot. Kelly Woodruff, who co-owns the property had no idea her house had been hit by the artist...
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How Banksy retains control

There is an absolutely fascinating article in the New York Times - Banksy Is a Control Freak. But He Can’t Control His Legacy - which unpicks the business model Banksy uses to remain in control of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Banksy, Making A Mark, New York Times Banksy

Banksy Is Brilliant At Manipulating The Media And Art Market. But Is He A Brilliant Artist?

The one part of the art world that has seemed resistant to him is the ultimate conferrer of status: museums. Will he be remembered as an important artistic figure? And if so, will that be as a painter, an activist, or a Duchamp-like “conceptual prankster”? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, 02.05.20

Banksy Is a Control Freak. But He Can’t Control His Legacy.

He’s a master of manipulating the news media and the art market. But will he be remembered as a significant artist?
Tags: Art, News, Germany, European Union, Museums, Auctions, Banksy, Sotheby's, Graffiti, Steve, Stuttgart, Great Britain, Pest Control, Copyrights and Copyright Violations, Lazarides, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Art Record Covers: A Book of Over 500 Album Covers Created by Famous Visual Artists

The list of musicians who are also visual artists goes on and on. We’re all familiar with the biggest names: David Bowie, Patti Smith, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Captain Beefheart, etc, etc, etc. Lesser-known alternative and indie artists like Stone Roses guitarist John Squire and Austin singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston created iconic imagery that adorned their album covers and merchandise. Such multitalented individuals embody the kinship of sound and vision. But so too do the many collabora...
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How Did The Banal Banksy Make It Big In The Art World?

“Banksy is a talented graphic designer with a flair for self-promotion, no more or less. He is not an artist. His work lacks the breadth and ambiguity to carry multiple interpretations vital to serious art. Banksy makes one-liners that are mildly amusing, sometimes clever, but never more than one-liners. There is a place for comedy and satire, but mistaking that for art or insightful social critique is foolishness.” – The Critic
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, 01.20

Banksy’s Depressing Holiday Mural Taken Off View By Welsh Government

“The Welsh first minister has defended his government’s handling of the festive Banksy work Season’s Greetings, which is to be locked behind closed doors in a former police station after being briefly put on show to the public.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, 12.20.19

The Banksy Of Las Vegas?

Wait, if you let yourself be photographed for a feature story, aren’t you already out of the running for being the “Banksy of” anything? Well, it’s Vegas, y’all. Frankie Aguilar says that on his canvas, he creates “Neon, colorful, dinosaurs, giant robots and fun stuff. It’s a big playground for your eyes.” – Las Vegas Weekly
Tags: Art, Banksy, Vegas, Visual, 12.19.19, Banksy Of Las Vegas, Frankie Aguilar

Welsh first minister defends locking away Banksy mural

Port Talbot artwork Season’s Greetings removed from public display after brief showingThe Welsh first minister has defended his government’s handling of the festive Banksy work Season’s Greetings, which is to be locked behind closed doors in a former police station after being briefly put on show to the public.Mark Drakeford said the Welsh government had preserved the Banksy, which appeared on a steelworker’s garage in Port Talbot just before last Christmas, and continued to work on the best way...
Tags: Art, Politics, Wales, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Banksy, Street Art, Welsh politics, Port Talbot, Mark Drakeford

'We were lawless!' Banksy's photographer reveals their scams and scrapes

Steve Lazarides was the art renegade’s strategist, photographer and minder. As his shots are published, he recalls the politics, parties and soaring price tags of ‘Matey Boy’One Christmas, Steve Lazarides and Banksy decided to kill Santa. “Reject false icons,” read the slogan hastily spray painted across their shopfront, behind a highly festive effigy they had created of Father Christmas dangling from a noose. Dotted around were signs intended to lure passersby into their shop, in the hope that ...
Tags: Art, Books, Painting, Culture, Art and design, Banksy, Street Art, Santa, Self-publishing, Art and design books, Steve Lazarides, Lazarides

How Banksy And I Got Away With Amazing Pranks

Steve Lazarides has now self-published a book of his photographs from the time he travelled the world tasked with making sure Banksy didn’t get arrested or duffed up and didn’t run out of spray paint. “I had the time of my life,” he says as he sits on the roof of his London office, talking about the man he calls Matey Boy. “We were lawless and did just what we wanted. Matey Boy had a political agenda that you can see very clearly in everything he does, but I just had a fucking blast.” – T...
Tags: Art, London, People, Banksy, Steve Lazarides, 12.16.19, Matey Boy

Banksy’s Ex-Dealer Releases Photos Of Installations From Back In Banksy’s Pre-Fame Days

Steve Lazarides also recalls the early days, including the day Banksy strapped a helium-filled sex doll to a McDonald’s-branded balloon and released it into the sky. Many different police officers, he says, saw the stunt, “thought we could do something about this, but 1,000 tourists are going to take our picture and we’re going to look like absolute dicks, so they just drove off.” – HuffPost
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, McDonald, Steve Lazarides, 10.13.19

Banksy Work Withdrawn From Sale After Complaint

Banksy’s The Drinker, a piece removed from the street by artist Andy Link, has been withdrawn from sale at Sotheby’s after Link complained of the work’s theft from his garden.  The work had been in storage for several years prior. Read more at Art Newspape
Tags: Art, News, Link, Banksy, Art News, Minipost, Sotheby, Andy Link, Banksy Work

Sotheby’s pulls ‘stolen’ Banksy sculpture The Drinker from auction

Last-minute move follows claim by artist Andy Link that he is rightful ownerA Banksy sculpture called The Drinker, a comic riff on Rodin’s The Thinker, has been withdrawn at the last minute from a major London auction – two days after an allegation it was stolen.The artist Andy Link, also known as Art Kieda, said the sculpture, which is more than 180cm tall was taken from his garden a number of years ago and he regarded himself as the rightful owner. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, London, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Banksy, Rodin, Sotheby, Andy Link, Art Kieda

The Seven Road-Tested Habits of Effective Artists

Fifteen years ago, a young construction worker named Andrew Price went in search of free 3d software to help him achieve his goal of rendering a 3D car. He stumbled onto Blender, a just-the-ticket open source software that helps users with every aspect of 3D creation—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking. Price describes his early learning style as "playing it by ear,” sampling tutorials, some of which he couldn’t be bothered to complete. ...
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Banksy Launches a New Online Store: Make Purchases Through October 28

Has Banksy sold out? Fans and critics alike of the street-art provocateur-turned-globally recognizable brand can argue that question endlessly. But we do know, at least, that Banksy sells: earlier this month he broke his own record when his 2009 painting Devolved Parliament went for £9.88 million (about $12.20 million USD) at Sotheby's. Not all the followers attracted by Banksy's anti-capitalistic, anti-corporate, anti-wealth image can afford to pay quite so much for a Banksy of their ow...
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A British Greeting Card Company Says It Isn’t Trying To Own A Banksy, Just Use It To Sell Cards

The Yorkshire greeting card company said it wasn’t trying to own his work, but “Banksy claimed he had been forced to open a shop in Croydon, south London, this week, as a result of the dispute. … The street artist was advised by his legal team to sell his own merchandise to avoid his trademark being used by someone else under EU law.” – BBC
Tags: Art, London, Eu, Yorkshire, Banksy, Visual, Croydon, 10.04.19

Banksy painting just sold for $12 million

Banksy's massive "Devolved Parliament," a 2009 painting of chimpanzees in Britain’s House of Commons, just sold for $12.1 million at a Sotheby's auction. It was put on the block by a private, unnamed seller. The painting was previously titled "Question Time" but that was before Banksy made subtle changes to it after it was included in an exhibition at the Bristol Museum. From the New York Times: After a dramatic 13 minutes of competition, in which as many as 10 bidders were involved, at le...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Britain, House Of Commons, Artists, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Sotheby, Monkey Business, Art Market, Devolved Parliament, Bristol Museum From the New York Times

Banksy Painting ‘Devolved Parliament’ Sells for $12 Million

The artistic evolution revolution, with chimps in the role of members of the House of Commons, set an auction high for the artist.
Tags: Art, News, Auctions, House Of Commons, Banksy, Sotheby's, Devolved Parliament (Artwork, Banksy Painting ` Devolved Parliament

Banksy Shows Up In Venice Anyway…

Never invited to be the part of Venice Biennale, undeterred, Banksy once again invited himself to showcase his work. Using the pop-up stand that typically sells tacky paintings and souvenirs, he assembled a selection of 9 works that collectively built the image of a massive cruise ship blocking the city. – Juxtapoz
Tags: Art, Venice, Banksy, Venice Biennale, Visual, 05.25.19

Brexit, Banksy and Cold War Steve

This morning I've spent some time looking at artistic commentary on contemporary life - with  Cold War Steve and 'McFadden's Cold War' Banksy vs Bristol Museum revisited - with Devolved... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Banksy, Steve, McFadden, Bristol Museum, Making A Mark, Brexit Banksy

Banksy's art authentication system displays top-notch cryptographic nous

Banksy's anonymity makes it hard to authenticate his pieces and prints, so Banksy has created a nonprofit called "Pest Control" that issues certificates of authenticity: you send them an alleged Banksy print and £65 and if they agree that it's authentic, they'll return it with a certificate that has a torn-in-half "Di-faced" fake banknote with Lady Diana's face on it, with a handwritten ID number across the bill. As Clinton Freeman points out, this is a great piece of cryptographic enginee...
Tags: Security, Art, Post, Happy Mutants, News, Authentication, Cryptography, Banksy, Pest Control, Lady Diana, Joe Bloggs, Clinton Freeman, Banksy How Banksy, Clinton Freeman Reprage

The shock of the nude: Brazil's stark new form of political protest

In a defiant riposte to president Bolsonaro and intolerance, performers at São Paulo’s international theatre festival are reclaiming the rights to be seen and to be differentIf ever there were a city where disrupting traffic felt like a political act, it would be São Paulo. Its 15 million inhabitants routinely take an hour to drive across town and can waste a month per year just getting to and from work. So when the dancers of Cia. Les Commediens Tropicales step in front of the moving vehicles o...
Tags: Politics, Americas, Theatre, World news, Dance, Culture, Stage, Festivals, Brazil, Banksy, Political theatre, Sao Paulo, Avenida Paulista, Jair Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro, Cia Les Commediens Tropicales

'Thai Banksy' tests boundaries with gallery show before election

Headache Stencil’s work portrays Thai democracy as a game for the ruling eliteHis works began appearing overnight on the streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai five years ago: incendiary satirical depictions of the military officials who took power in Thailand in the 2014 coup.Although the authorities would work quickly to erase all trace of the graffiti, there was no stopping the artist, who calls himself Headache Stencil and is often referred to as the Banksy of Thailand. Pictures of his works port...
Tags: Art, World news, Culture, Thailand, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Banksy, Street Art, Bangkok, Chiang Mai

Notes on the Culture: From Claude Monet to Banksy, Why Do Artists Destroy Their Own Work?

Whether as a disavowal of one’s early output or because of simple frustration, some creative souls have relegated important pieces to history’s dustbin.
Tags: Art, News, John, Banksy, Cather, Abramović, Marina, Saul, Claude Monet, Willa, Vladimir, Nabokov, Books and Literature, Bellow, Baldessari

Artist Zehra Doğan Freed After More Than Two Years In Turkish Prison

The Turkish-Kurdish painter and journalist was jailed for a watercolor she made depicting a Kurdish town destroyed by the Turkish military. The charge: “spreading terrorist propaganda.” (The painting was made from an official military photograph.) Her cause was taken up by artists in the West, with Banksy putting up a mural in New York counting the days she was imprisoned. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, New York, People, West, Banksy

Banksy mural stolen from Bataclan in Paris

This weekend, thieves stole the Banksy mural painted on the emergency exit door of the Bataclan concert venue in Paris. The Bataclan is where on November 13, 2015 Islamic State militants launched a terrorist attack by killing 90 people during a Queens of the Stone Age concert before continuing with shootings and suicide bombings that resulted in 130 deaths total and more than 400 injuries. From the BBC News: The theft, which occurred overnight on Friday, involved "a group of hooded individua...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Islamic State, BBC News, Queens, Paris, Banksy, Thieves, Graffiti, Bataclan, Afp, Paris The Bataclan, Bob Pescovitz

Banksy Mural Is Stolen From Bataclan, Site of Paris Attacks

The venue said the work, painted on an emergency exit door, was a memorial to the victims of the 2015 terror attacks.
Tags: Art, News, France, Paris, Banksy, Murals, Robberies and Thefts, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Paris (France, Paris Attacks (November 2015, Bataclan (Paris

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