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The Best-Selling Books Of 2020 – Obama Tops The List

“A Promised Land, the first volume of Barack Obama’s presidential memoirs, was the top print title in 2020, moving nearly 2.6 million copies at outlets that report to NPD BookScan. That number is lower, however, than the 3.4 million copies of Michelle Obama’s Becoming sold in 2018, and the former first lady’s book hit the top 25 overall list yet again this year, selling almost 596,000 copies.” – Publishers Weekly
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The Play That Understood The Trump Era

Though researched and written during Barack Obama’s presidency, Sweat, which opened at New York City’s Public Theater days before the 2016 election, became a definitive work of Donald Trump’s. In a 2017 profile of Lynn Nottage, the New Yorker called the play “the first theatrical landmark of the Trump era.” – BBC
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In the Age of Authenticity, What Role Does Design Play in Presidential Campaign Branding?

Can great creative and professional branding and design win an election? In 2008, many designers said yes--but in 2016 Donald Trump proved that less polished design can have a power of its own to unite voters behind a cause when it is unified with reflexive messaging. These two campaigns--Barack Obama's in 2008 and Trump's in...
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Clarinetist Anthony McGill Wins $100,000 Avery Fisher Prize

Mr. McGill was the Philharmonic’s first Black principal musician when he joined in 2014; he is currently its only Black player. He appears at David Geffen Hall and elsewhere as a concerto soloist, and is in a trio with his brother, Demarre McGill — the principal flute of the Seattle Symphony — and the pianist Michael McHale. In 2009, he performed at Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Barack Obama, Mcgill, Seattle Symphony, Philharmonic, David Geffen Hall, Anthony McGill, Demarre McGill, Michael McHale, 09.15.20

Broadway Ponders The Scope Of Issues Before Shows Can Reopen

Actors’ Equity Association is rethinking almost every direction: How can more space be added to dressing rooms? Which costume fabrics resist the virus better? How many people need to touch a prop in a 10-minute period and how can that prop be cleaned? They’ve hired David Michaels, who ran the Occupational Safety and Health Administration under President Barack Obama, to advise. – AP
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Jimmy Carter's solar plant powers half his Georgia hometown

Half of Plains, Georgia’s energy comes from solar panels, thanks to former President — and former farmer — Jimmy Carter. Since installing a solar plant on his former farm in 2017, Carter’s nearly 4,000 solar panels have kept the lights on for many of Plains’ 727 residents. The company SolAmerica first approached Carter with the idea to turn his land into a solar farm. SolAmerica Energy President George Mori recently told People that this experiment is still fueling the town a few years later. On...
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Farewell to Mathematician Katherine Johnson, Crucial “Hidden Figure” at NASA in the ’60s Space Race

From her time as a childhood math prodigy in West Virginia to her crucial role as a “computer” at NASA, where her calculations helped lead astronauts into orbit and then the moon, black mathematician Katherine Johnson was a pioneering figure in spaceflight. Johnson’s work was critical to NASA’s earlier successes—especially during the space race—but they wouldn’t get mainstream recognition until President Barack Obama awarded her …
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Is E.L. James The Best Writer Of The Past 30 Years?

Or is it Barack Obama? How about Hilary Mantel? That’s right, all of them are squaring off in a new book prize in Britain. (But seriously: Who put the author of Fifty Shades of Grey on the same list as the author of Wolf Hall?) The British Book Awards “celebrate the best of writing and publishing: the books that defined their genre or launched a trend” (in which case, we’re pretty sure E.L. James is the actual winner here). – The Guardian (UK)
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When Barack Obama’s Half-Sister Brought L.A. Teenagers To Do Shakespeare In Small-Town Kenya

Actor and educator Kila Packett writes about the Los Angeles Drama Club’s Shakespeare Youth Festival (active year-round in Watts and East L.A.) and the trip by four students and six teachers, at the invitation of Dr. Auma Obama, to give a week of workshops to disadvantaged young people in the Luo heartland of western Kenya. – American Theatre
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Even Comic Book Characters Created In 2011 Need A Makeover After *That* Decade

Marvel’s Miles Morales – the star of Into the Spider-Verse and a lot of comics, books, animated series, and a game – needed help as the decade went on. See, “despite Marvel’s financial interest in expanding the diversity of its characters during and after the election of President Barack Obama, they initially charged very few writers and editors of color with the creation and development of these characters.” (Things have been improving, but there’s a ways to go.) – Los Angeles Review of Books ...
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Barack Obama Releases The List Of His Favorite Books Of 2019

As usual, it’s “an eclectic mix of fiction and nonfiction,” and the former president included the collected works of Toni Morrison, who died in August. – Los Angeles Times
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We wore Allbirds' Tree Runners around the world here's how they performed

Shoes made from wood pulp that are actually comfortable? Count us in! Allbirds took the internet by storm after its Wool Runners, made using New Zealand merino wool and tested by numerous consumers, were deemed “the world’s most comfortable shoes” by almost everyone. After selling 1 million pairs of shoes just two years after officially launching in March 2016, the brand developed a cult following pursued by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and former President Barack Obama. At $95 a pair (the...
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November linkfest

The wildfires have barely been extinguished here in California, but it’s already word-of-the-year season across the pond, where three prominent dictionaries chose words or phrases with a common theme: climate change, or preventing it. Cambridge Dictionary went first, with upcycling: “the activity of making new furniture, objects, etc. out of old or used things or waste material.” Collins Dictionary chose climate strike: “a protest demanding action on climate change.” And Oxford Dictionaries pic...
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Turns Out Barack Obama, On Top Of Everything Else, Is An Excellent Editor

Adam Frankel, a former member of Obama’s speechwriting team: “‘Something about this draft just doesn’t feel right.’ That, or something like it, is probably the most frequent feedback a speechwriter ever receives, and it is typically accompanied by precisely zero suggestions on what to do about it. I never heard Obama utter those words. In fact, I was always struck by the precision of his edits. If a certain sentence or structure had problems, he’d tell us exactly how to fix them.” – Literary Hu...
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How ‘The View’ Became A Genuinely Important Political Television Show

When Barbara Walters launched the show in 1997, it was seen as mildly scandalous that someone with her journalistic prestige would go to daytime TV; when President Barack Obama appeared on it in 2010, there were sniffs about the “dignity [of] the presidency.” Now ambitious politicians see The View as a must-do. Why? Because “it offers the tantalizing promise of reaching the unconverted.” – The New York Times Magazine
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Crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse being eliminated by the White House

The White House is eliminating crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse. The protections, originally put in place by President Barack Obama, are being rolled back to open millions of acres of land for gas and oil development. Conservationists warn the move could land the sage grouse back on the endangered species list. The Donald Trump administration’s new plan targets 8.7 million acres of Sagebrush Focal Areas, an important habitat for the sage grouse and hundreds of other wildlife. ...
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Senate approves major public lands bill

On Tuesday the U.S. Senate reversed the trend of shrinking protected space by approving a public lands bill that adds 1.3 million acres of wilderness, creates five new national monuments, expands some national parks and reauthorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This major new public lands bill is a hodgepodge of more than 100 individual bills related to conservation and outdoor recreation. Now more than 350 miles of river will attain the designation “wild and scenic,” which safeguards ...
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Vulnerable nuclear waste stockpiles are becoming a "global crisis"

Nuclear waste is quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest problems. Earth’s growing stockpile of radioactive waste is troublesome, because these chemicals remain in their radioactive state for several millennia — and we have yet to come up with a foolproof storage solution. A new study explored facilities that store nuclear waste in seven locations around the world, including the United States, France, Japan, Belgium, Britain, Finland and Sweden. Officials discovered that the majority of nuc...
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Vulnerable nuclear waste stockpiles are becoming a"global crisis"

Nuclear waste is quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest problems. Earth’s growing stockpile of radioactive waste is troublesome, because these chemicals remain in their radioactive state for several millennia — and we have yet to come up with a foolproof storage solution. A new study explored facilities that store nuclear waste in seven locations around the world, including the United States, France, Japan, Belgium, Britain, Finland and Sweden. Officials discovered that the majority of nuc...
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The Books (And Movies, And Music) That 44th President Barack Obama Enjoyed In 2019

No surprise, his favorite book was Becoming, by Michelle Obama. But of course, many of us who enjoy streaming platforms live for his playlists, and this year’s no different. – The New York Times
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How environmental policies changed in 2018 under Trump

There is no doubt that President Trump has significantly changed environmental policy since taking office that have caused a great deal of public outcry. The current administration’s decisions have affected everything from rolling back on policies enacted by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to cutting funding for different environmental and scientific programs. With so much to keep up with, here is a rundown of the Trump Administration’s environmental action in 2018 and how it ha...
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Kehinde Wiley Explains How He Deals With Self-Doubt, And Fame, As A Painter

Wiley, who painted the presidential portrait for former President Barack Obama: “My first thought was that no one makes it as a painter. I was just looking around at the landscape of contemporary art, which was pretty dry in Southern California during the ’90s. There was no modeling for success when it came to a job in the arts. So I thought that my best option would probably be in arts education. … I just knew that that would enable me to support my art habit.”
Tags: Art, Barack Obama, Wiley, Southern California, Visual, Kehinde Wiley, 11.04.18

The ‘tacky’ Trump painting artist created similar work for Obama

The artist Andy Thomas, a self-taught painter living in Missouri, said he was surprised to learn Trump has hung the painting in the White House.Thomas also created a similar painting depicting former President Barack Obama alongside past Democratic presidents.Thomas said there's a hidden feminist message lying in both of the paintings. On Sunday's episode of CBS's 60 Minutes, President Donald Trump joined reporter Lesley Stahl for an interview that covered many topics, including his doubts abou...
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‘I spent seven years fighting to survive’: Chelsea Manning on whistleblowing and WikiLeaks

Seen as both hero and traitor, the US army analyst turned data activist talks about fitting into the world since her prison releasePerhaps the most revealing part of my conversation with Chelsea Manning is what she doesn’t say. What she can’t or won’t talk about. It’s not that she doesn’t have a whole lot to say – she does, particularly about technology and how it can be used against us. Her job as an intelligence analyst for the US army, using data to profile enemy combatants – to be targeted a...
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Exit Lines: “Cyprus Avenue”

I’d hoped to ease into the 2018-2019 theatre season, but Cyprus Avenue had other plans. True, the Public advertised it as a black comedy–but there’s black, and there’s the black of three a.m., when everything’s uneasy and fear seeps into the bones. We’re not five minutes in when the n- and c-words are launched in the direction of a black psychiatric case worker by her patient. He’s testing her, and the playwright, David Ireland, will test us for the next 100 minutes. Crude language is the least ...
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Months After His Death, Major Body Of Jack Whitten’s Art Comes Into Public View

Sebastian Smee: “When Whitten died this year, little more than a year after being presented with the National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama, almost no one knew about the half-century of sculpture he had under his belt. That’s partly because the sculptures were made, and remained, mostly in his home in a small village on the Greek island of Crete, where he had spent almost every summer since 1969.”
Tags: Art, Barack Obama, Crete, Visual, Whitten, Sebastian Smee, 07.20.18, Body Of Jack Whitten

DNC votes to ban fossil fuel company donations

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently adopted a ban on donations coming from fossil fuel companies, HuffPost reported. The executive committee voted unanimously on a resolution proposed by political strategist Christine Pelosi that doesn’t allow the organization to accept contributions from corporate political action committees (PACs) connected to the oil and gas industry. The text of the resolution says, “…fossil fuel corporations are drowning our democracy in a tidal wave of dark o...
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ABC Cancels "Rosanne" After Star's Racist Tweet

ABC’s cancellation announcement came hours after Barr announced she was “leaving” Twitter – again – after apologizing for calling former President Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett an offspring of the “Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes.” Barr came back to Twitter about 5 minutes later to expand on her apology.
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America's Concert Ticket-Selling Business Is Effectively A Monopoly (Screw The Consumer)

Live Nation is by far the largest ticket provider in America, thanks in part to President Barack Obama’s Justice Department, which approved the company’s merger with Ticketmaster in 2010. Ticketmaster controlled over 80 percent of the market before the merger, and that holds true of Live Nation today, buttressed by its role as the nation’s largest concert promoter […]
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What Kendrick Lamar's Win Means For Hip Hop

"Lamar’s historic win figures in the grander, affected consecration of blackness within élite spaces—exemplified, I think, by the “thousand flowers of expectation” blooming in Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of Barack Obama. It was Obama, with his caucuses of rappers in the White House, who accelerated the conclusion that hip-hop had earned a prestige as a great American […]
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