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Words matter: The Guardian announces updated climate crisis language

Words matter, and last week The Guardian announced it will start using more appropriately strong words that reflect the magnitude of the climate crisis. Instead of “climate change,” which editor-in-chief Katharine Viner said sounds passive and gentle, staff writers will now use the terms “climate crisis” and “climate emergency”. “What scientists are talking about is a catastrophe for humanity,” Viner said in a statement sent to all Guardian staff. “Increasingly, climate scientists and organizat...
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Design fiction: The business value of designing imaginative new worlds

Over the years we have prided ourselves on having produced numerous great examples of ‘futures world building’ for innovative clients like BAT, Dimension Data, UCT’s Graduate School of Business, Santam and Woolworths; so we totally get and buy into the immense power that fictional narratives can play for companies wanting to explore possible imaginative futures. Although now, with a far more holistic understanding of the science behind futures studies, we can retroactively see the value of c...
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Ocean explorer finds plastic waste during worlds deepest dive

This May, American Victor Vescovo broke the standing record of the world’s deepest solo dive, venturing 7 miles into the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, where he discovered four potential new species as well as plastic waste and candy wrappers. Vescovo is a wealth equity investor with an interest in ocean exploration. He traveled in a high-tech submersible that can withstand enormous amounts of pressure from the 35,849-foot descent. In fact, the submarine is capable of withstanding the weight o...
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BBC Wants To Pry Listeners From Their Bubbles (Possible?)

The broadcaster is developing a “public service algorithm” that’s “built to surprise you,” said the BBC’s director of radio and education James Purnell.His hope is that audiences will stumble onto something new, instead of content that simply reinforces their views. Algorithms “do not have to create echo chambers,” he added, “they can open them up”. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Bbc, James Purnell, Audience, 05.13.19

After Being Turned Down By A Woman Of Color, The UK Picks A White Man As Poet Laureate

The man in question is 55-year-old West Yorkshire poet Simon Armitrage, who’s aware of the issues. “Armitage told the BBC that he believed there had been ‘a lot of discussion behind the scenes’ about whether it was right for the job to go again to a white man, and that he wanted to use it to amplify the voices of those from ‘diverse and disadvantaged’ backgrounds.”- The New York Times
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Engaging In A Creative Activity Really Does Make You Feel Better: Report

“Almost 50,000 people took part in the BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test. It suggested that being creative can help avoid stress, free up mind space and improve self-development, which helps build self-esteem. The findings also said there are emotional benefits from taking part in even a single session of creativity.” – BBC
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How David Bowie Used William S. Burroughs’ Cut-Up Method to Write His Unforgettable Lyrics

Why do David Bowie's songs sounds like no one else's, right down to the words that turn up in their lyrics? Novelist Rick Moody, who has been privy more than once to details of Bowie's songwriting process, wrote about it in his column on Bowie's 2013 album The Next Day: "David Bowie misdirects autobiographical interpretation, often, by laying claim to reportage and fiction as songwriting methodologies, and he cloaks himself, further, in the cut-up." Anyone acquainted with the work of Wil...
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A Choir For Dementia Patients Shows Real Therapeutic Benefits

Actress Vicky McClure got the idea to form the choir after seeing how much her ailing grandmother was helped by singing together. A BBC crew watches the choir rehearse, perform, and take part in a research study, with a focus on Daniel, a 30-year-old former engineer diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. (text and video) – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Bbc, Daniel, Vicky McClure, 05.02.19

New Ways of Seeing: James Bridle's BBC radio show about networked digital tools in our "image-soaked culture"

James "New Aesthetic" Bridle (previously) is several kinds of provocateur and artist (who can forget his autonomous vehicle trap, to say nothing of his groundbreaking research on the violent Youtube Kids spammers who came to dominate the platform with hour+ long cartoons depicting cartoon characters barfing and murdering all over each other?). So there's no one better poised to comment on the way that the meaning of images is changing thanks to networked digital tools that have created an "...
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Commission an artist: 'Home is where the Art Is' (Episodes 1-5)

If you're interested in the artwork produced by artists pitching for a commission in the BBC's new afternoon show "Home Is Where the Art Is" you can find out below: What their names are  Links to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Designer Advice: Creating Image Boards That Fuel Design Ideas

Back in 2003, I was invited back to my alma mater, The Cleveland Institute of Art to give a talk hosted by the Industrial Design department. It coincided with a time when image searching on the internet was beginning to be a possibility. I wanted to cover a topic that wasn't formally taught in a class, but is a skill that arguably every designer across all disciplines relies on. I titled the presentation "Source" and it aimed to show some methods for kick starting ideas based on non-related imag...
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Home Is Where the Art Is - needs a makeover!

Yet another programme from the BBC about art and crafts - this one is called (groan!) Home Is Where the Art Is. The Title Image for the Programme This one's a bit different - because it's being... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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When the Nazis Declared War on Expressionist Art (1937)

The 1937 Nazi Degenerate Art Exhibition displayed the art of Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Georg Grosz, and many more internationally famous modernists with maximum prejudice. Ripped from the walls of German museums, the 740 paintings and sculptures were thrown together in disarray and surrounded by derogatory graffiti and hell-house effects. Right down the street was the respectable Great German Art Exhibition, designed as counterprogramming “to show the works that Hitler approved of—de...
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In Its Biggest Deal Ever, BBC Sells Streaming Rights To Its Nature Docs For $391 Million

The ten-year, £300 million agreement will allow a new worldwide streaming service operated by the Discovery Channel to stream both new and archived natural history shows by the BBC to viewers everywhere but the UK, Ireland, and China. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Bbc, Discovery Channel, UK Ireland, 04.01.19

Best shows to see in London in 2019

Putting on the world’s greatest shows since Shakespeare made his mark in the 1500s, London — along with New York City’s Broadway — is the most iconic place in the world to watch theatre. If you’ve made your way through the long list of West End giants like The Lion King and Mamma Mia, don’t worry — you’re not done just yet. From dark, heart-wrenching melodrama to all-singing, all-dancing musicals, here’s our pick of London’s hottest new shows for spring and summer 2019. 1. Waitress, Adelphi...
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Threshold Festival reveal this weekend’s full Visual Arts line-up

Threshold Festival reveal this weekend’s full Visual Arts line-up Following an already stellar raft of acts across the music & arts spectrum being revealed, Threshold has announced the full and final Visual Arts line-up for their festival taking place this week. Taking place on March 29th & 30th across Liverpool, amidst a packed weekend of BBC 6 Music Festival […] The post Threshold Festival reveal this weekend’s full Visual Arts line-up appeared first on
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Mount Everest's melting glaciers expose the bodies of long-lost climbers

Close to 300 climbers and explorers have died trying to summit Mount Everest, and the bodies of those that remain on the mountain are starting to become exposed because of melting glaciers. Around two-thirds of the people who have passed on the mountain are believed to be encased in the ice and snow. Authorities are starting to remove the exposed bodies on the Chinese side of the mountain range, and efforts are picking up as spring arrives. To date, more than 4,800 mountaineers have summited Mo...
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Celebrity Painting Challenge on BBC1 - who's taking part?

Celebrity Painting Challenge is the second new art series on the BBC - on BBC1. Following on from my post TWO NEW BBC Art Shows last November, I can now reveal who's going to be doing the real work -... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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How To Juggle A Hit Reality Dance Show And A West End Choreography Gig

Oti Mabuse is one of the professional dancers on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing – and then she got the call to choreograph a new production of Ain’t Misbehavin’. – BBC
Tags: Art, Bbc, Dance, Oti Mabuse, 03.17.19

Art and Authencity

On the way to the studio this morning, listening to BBC/Melvin Bragg's In Our Time episode Authenticity. Notes on the fly: 1. I thought of Ryman when the discussion turned to Heidegger, about how the singularity of his brushstrokes...
Tags: Art, Bbc, Heidegger, Melvin Bragg

Plastic waste has met its match with the viral #Trashtag challenge

It is rare when a social media trend actually results in a physical change to the environment, especially when it comes to picking up plastic waste. But a new viral challenge has thousands of people from around the world coming together to clean up places that have become overrun with plastic. The new challenge, #trashtag, encourages people to clean up litter and share photos from before and after the clean-up job is over. So far, tens of thousands of individuals have participated in the social...
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The BBC Isn’t Into Netflix’s Claims About ‘The Crown’

In what seems a twist worthy of season 65 of the Netflix show The Crown, the BBC has started mocking the numbers, or rather lack of numbers, Netflix shares about one of its most expensive shows. The Beeb’s director general acknowledged that Netflix had a huge budget compared to the BBC, and also urged the BBC to get ready for people never to watch live TV. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Bbc, Netflix, Beeb, 03.07.19

BBC And ITV Join Forces To Launch Rival Service To Netflix

“BritBox will mainly feature archive BBC and ITV shows, alongside new British commissions made especially for the service. There were no details on pricing; the announcement said it would be ‘competitive’. … Other broadcasters are expected to join the service later.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Bbc, Netflix, BritBox, 02.27.19

Loophole allows 1M tons of sludge to be dumped on Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest coral reef is facing a major sludge crisis. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority just approved the dumping of one million tons of sludge on the delicate reef system thanks to a loophole in the country’s law. Marine officials say that port industries have the right to dump waste that is dredged from the ocean floor wherever they want, including over the Great Barrier Reef. Environmentalists are concerned that the sludge will “smother” the reef and are looking ...
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Discover the KattenKabinet: Amsterdam’s Museum Devoted to Works of Art Featuring Cats

Image by T_Marjorie, via Flickr Commons There’s been quite a bit of barking in the media lately to herald the reopening of the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog, relocating from St. Louis to New York City’s Park Avenue. What’s a cat person to do? Perhaps decompress within Amsterdam’s KattenKabinet… In contrast to the Museum of the Dog’s glitzy, glass-fronted HQ, the Cat Cabinet maintains a fairly low profile inside a 17th-century canal house. (Several visitors have noted in their Trip Advi...
Tags: Travel, Google, Art, College, New York City, America, Bbc, Nature, Malaysia, Amsterdam, Rembrandt, St Louis, Morgan, Edward Gorey, Ken, Minsk

Botswana considers lifting elephant hunting ban due to overpopulation

Botswana is contemplating removing an elephant hunting ban that has successfully boosted populations over the past four years. The country has seen the number of elephants increase over the years and officials believe culling is needed to prevent conflicts between the mammals and people. Experts believe there are around 130,000 elephants in Botswana, a number that has steadily grown since the country adopted a hunting ban in 2014. Although Botswana’s tourism sector has benefited greatly from th...
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February linkfest

Why are some companies, like publishers and fashion businesses, called “houses”? Includes a delightful explanation of how Random House got its name. (Grammar Girl) * I’m a pushover for specialized slang dictionaries, and this is a good one: a guide to carnival lingo. Warning: many irresistible rabbit holes on that site. (Good Magic) A razzle dazzle game (Stevens Magic Emporium) * Have startup names gotten less weird? (Techcrunch) * Speaking of weird: This is an article about ...
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Scientists believe lab-grown meat may be more harmful to the environment than farms

Scientists and environmentalists are always looking for ways to make meat consumption more environmentally friendly, but lab-grown meat may not be the solution. Scientists now say that synthetic meat might be more damaging to the environment than traditional cattle farms. Research has shown that cattle farms have played a role in global warming. In fact, scientists estimate that 25 percent of all greenhouse gases can be attributed to agriculture, with beef production leading the way in methane ...
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The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
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Northern artists to be commissioned for the New Creatives project

TYNESIDE CINEMA LAUNCHES NEW TALENT DEVELOPMENT SCHEME IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BBC ARTS AND ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND  NORTHERN ARTISTS TO BE COMMISSIONED FOR THE NEW CREATIVES PROJECT  Emerging artists will be commissioned to make fresh and innovative short films, audio and interactive works in a new talent development scheme being launched today by BBC Arts and Arts Council England, with […] The post Northern artists to be commissioned for the New Creatives project appeared first on
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