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Art Historian May Have Found Two Unknown Gentileschi Paintings In Beirut

About his research at the palace, Gregory Buchakjian told Hyperallergic, “It’s a big house. There are no labels. It’s not a museum … Some paintings had labels, but they were not necessarily correct.” – Hyperallergic
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Two Unknown Artemisia Gentileschi Paintings Have Turned Up In The Wreckage Of A Beirut Museum

Art historian Gregory Buchakjian did his Master’s thesis at the Sorbonne on the art collection of the Sursock Palace, where he identified two unattributed canvases as the work of the 17th-century Italian painter. With the decades-long turmoil in the Lebanese capital, Buchakjian and the rest of the world forgot about those two paintings — until the catastrophic explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020. In that disaster’s aftermath, the paintings were found in the ruined palace, damaged but intact. ...
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Beirut's wounds on show in display of art damaged by port blast

Exhibition presents torn paintings and grazed sculptures in a museum itself hit by explosionThrough the entrance is a version of Guido Reni’s 17th-century portrait of St John the Baptist, blown to shreds. Nearby, a chandelier lies splattered on the ground where it fell. Mirrors are cracked, paintings ruptured, and roofs in some rooms half-caved in.Beirut is slowly rebuilding from the explosion on 4 August that destroyed much of its eastern seafront neighbourhoods and tore through galleries and h...
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Beirut’s Cultural Community Struggles To Rebuild After Last Summer’s Explosion

“With no support from the government, a collapsed economy that has made financial hardship a normal part of life, and a spike in coronavirus cases that has overloaded hospitals, the Lebanese have been left to fend for themselves, rebuilding and reconstructing their beloved city with grit and determination.” – Artnet
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The Lebanese Stained Glass Artist Who’s Trying To Rebuild After The Massive Beirut Explosion

Maya Husseini had celebrated her birthday and was feeling pretty good about her future as a retired artist when the explosion at a port in Beirut ripped the city, and her work, to shreds. “‘Thirty years of my professional life were gone,’ she said in an interview after the blast in her workshop near Beirut. ‘Dust!'” – The New York Times
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Beirut’s Cultural Community Is In Tatters

The port of Beirut explosion left close to 200 dead, thousands injured and more than 300,000 people homeless, but it also attacked the very heart of the cultural community of the city. The quarters most affected—Gemmayze, Mar Mikhael and Ashrafiyyeh—had previously been spared much of the full-scale destruction of the Lebanon’s long civil war between 1975 and 1990. – The Art Newspaper
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'Each day we learn about a new loss': artists unite in blast-hit Beirut

Lebanon’s performers rally to fundraise and tell stories of survival in country devastated by disasterThe deadly explosion in Beirut on 4 August was likened to 15 years of war in 15 seconds by Lebanon’s ambassador to the UN, Amal Mudallali. “It’s been hell,” says Sahar Assaf, an actor, director and professor of theatre at the American University of Beirut. “We’re still in disbelief and trying to fathom what happened. Each day we learn about a new loss, a new story.” Assaf is working to support a...
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Why Rebuilding Beirut’s Arts Ecosystem Will Be So Much Harder Than It Would Be Elsewhere

Artists and institutions in Beirut, large and small, have rebuilt several times since the outbreak of Lebanon’s 15-year civil war in 1975 and through subsequent conflict. But even before the explosion that has wrecked the city, the country’s long-dysfunctional political system was spiraling, taking the currency, the economy and even the electricity grid along with it. Now, say many key figures in Beirut’s cultural life, Lebanon could really become a failed state. – Artnet
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Even Before The Blast, Beirut’s Arts Communities Were In Crisis. Some Wonder If It’s Worth Trying To Rebuild

That’s because all of Lebanon was in crisis, with daily demonstrations, the collapse of the currency, and a gridlocked, dysfunctional political class that has been clinging to control since the civil war ended inconclusively 30 years ago. “What is frightening is that we are already so exhausted, so discouraged,” said the director of the city’s leading museum. “I don’t think we’re going to be able to pick ourselves up and move on,” lamented one gallerist. “I am 55. I have reconstructed my life s...
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Beirut Art Scene Mourns Destruction Following Explosion

A piece in the Art Newspaper traces the Lebanese art scene’s mourning after the massive explosion in the city last week. “All I hope now is for the quick recovery of those who have been injured and a safe return to the now-scattered people,” says Naila Kettaneh Kunigk, owner of Gallerie Tanit said in a statement. Read more […]
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Beirut Explosion Wrecks Galleries And Museums

“The damage rocked an already fragile Beirut to its core and wreaked havoc on the city’s renowned art scene. Major art galleries, including Marfa Gallery, located close to Beirut’s Port, and Galerie Tanit were completely destroyed. … The Sursock Museum, once the centre of Beirut’s cultural life in the 1960s and which was reopened in 2015 following a costly restoration, was severely damaged.” – The Art Newspaper
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MCC Theater to Kick Off Virtual Programming With Benefit Play Reading of BEIRUT Starring Marisa Tomei and Oscar Isaac

MCC Theater announced today the creation of MCC VIRTUAL EVENTS, the new online arm of MCC Theater programming during this period of compulsorily social distancing, and beyond. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Designer Profile: Werner Aisslinger

Designer Werner Aisslinger thinks of himself as a curator and collagist, a creator of dynamic space that speaks to both individual and communal experience: “the designer has to link the diverse dynamics and energies, the objects’ different stories without simply eliminating disparity.” Juli Jubilee for Cappellini This philosophy necessarily broadens the aesthetic: Aisslinger’s ethos is not so much that of the auteur but rather of the “DJ, Curator, and Conductor.” Tintin Table Lam...
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Designer Profile: Werner Aisslinger

Designer Werner Aisslinger thinks of himself as a curator and collagist, a creator of dynamic space that speaks to both individual and communal experience: “the designer has to link the diverse dynamics and energies, the objects’ different stories without simply eliminating disparity.” Juli Jubilee for Cappellini This philosophy necessarily broadens the aesthetic: Aisslinger’s ethos is not so much that of the auteur but rather of the “DJ, Curator, and Conductor.” Tintin Table Lam...
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Anton Alvarez - L'Ultima Cera

Milan’s historic Fonderia Artistica Battaglia launches its inaugural residency program, appointing Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte Artistic Director of the Design Department. The exhibition L’Ultima Cera features the work of the first resident: Anton Alvarez. read more
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'Supernova' Exhibition in New York Showcases the Work of Lebanese Studio david/nicolas

Described as “an interpretation of a post-explosion phenomenon”, Beirut-based design studio David/Nicolas’ solo show at New York’s Carpenters Workshop Gallery, 'Supernova', draws inspiration from both celestial and terrestrial phenomena for a collection of exquisitely crafted tables, cabinets and rugs that exemplify the beauty of regeneration.
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Solar-powered COAF SMART Center brightens the future of Armenias rural youth

The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) recently completed its flagship COAF SMART Center, a state-of-the-art facility that will empower Armenia’s rural communities through locally and globally relevant knowledge and technologies. Designed by Beirut-based architecture firm Paul Kaloustian Studio, the innovative campus features a contemporary and sculptural form powered with clean energy. Opened May 2018, the first COAF SMART Center is nestled in the rural hills of Armenia’s northern province of Lor...
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Urban Hives by Nathalie Harb at Beirut Design...

Urban Hives by Nathalie Harb at Beirut Design Week proposes to reintroduce the garden in parking lots. The proposed car-sized lightweight structure, raised above the car, is a lifted garden characterized by urban farming and beehives. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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How Strong Political Branding Can Help You Win Your Next Election

  Politics today is more polarizing than ever. Nearly every race is filled with candidates from multiple parties, and it’s tough for candidates to stand out. Good design can help. Design acts as a powerful tool for communication and persuasion, both of which are hugely important to political strategy and tactics and to political campaigns. For a long time, design in political campaigns has followed a certain set of unspoken guidelines: be safe, follow tradition, don’t stray from the red, white,...
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Beirut Design Week (BDW), now in its seventh edition, may not be as established as Milan’s or as glamorous as Dubai’s, but has something unique going in its favor, namely the city of Beirut.
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Ambitious New Arts Center Rises In The Occupied West Bank

Rising from a series of limestone terraces above a scrubby valley of olive trees, this metallic box is the new $21m (£15.95m) home for the AM Qattan Foundation, an arts centre that its founders hope will stand as a “beacon of culture” in the occupied West Bank. “It is more than just an arts centre,” says Omar Al-Qattan, the Beirut-born, British-educated chairman of the foundation. “We hope it might be a modest microcosm of urban public life, something that Palestinian cities lack.”
Tags: Art, West Bank, Beirut, Issues, AM Qattan Foundation, Omar Al Qattan, 06.29.18

Beirut's Male Belly Dancer

"Alexandre Paulikevitch is one of the few male baladi dancers in the Middle East. He learned how to dance from watching Egypt's black and white movies and now performs as a soloist, challenging his audiences to think differently about baladi – not only as a post-colonial dance that's distant from 'belly-dancing' or 'danse orientale' but […]
Tags: Art, Dance, Egypt, Middle East, Beirut, 03.21.18, Alexandre Paulikevitch

Premiere: "Auckland" by LANZ: A new song from the Beirut member comes with an Andrew Ondrejcak-directed video

Premiering here, "Auckland" is the lead single off of a forthcoming second LP from LANZ (aka Benjamin Lanz). A touring member of The National and Beirut, Lanz has a solo sound quite unlike the indie-stylings of those bands—yet anybody who's a fan...... Continue Reading...
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ListenUp: Mouse On Mars feat. Amanda Blank + Zach Condon: Foul Mouth

A study in genre collision, "Foul Mouth" by German duo Mouse On Mars—and featuring Beirut's Zach Condon and Amanda Blank—activates some severe sensory stimulation. From murmurs and glitches to ethereal vocalization, the track is the most recent from...... Continue Reading...
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Culture, clubbing and chaos: out with the locals in Beirut

Amid the city’s traffic jams and power cuts, a collaborative vibe among young Beirutis is seeing cutting-edge galleries and bars spring up, along with an emerging LGBTQ scene‘Life in Lebanon exists on a Samuel Beckett level of absurdity,” actor, writer and poet Dima Matta tells me. We are chatting on the terrace at Onomatopoeia on Jean Jalkh Street; it’s a music hub and NGO where Matta’s storytelling events have become popular with young, culturally aware Beirutis. Matta is referring to a politi...
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Beirut Has A New Civil War Museum, But Many In Lebanon Are Not Interested

Differing opinions on Beit Beirut, the new museum in a building harmed by the 15-year civil war: "'If the architects think that thing is meant to represent me, then they’re wrong,' said Saad Youssef, looking up at the building last week. 'It’s ugly. They should tear it down.' His friend Mustafa Khattib disagreed. 'It has […]
Tags: Art, Beirut, Lebanon, Visual, 01.14.18, Beit Beirut, Saad Youssef, Mustafa Khattib

Beirut's Museum Of Memory Opens Its First Exhibition (Though It Has No Board Or Director)

"The architect behind the $18m project to renovate and conserve the building as a memorial museum says it was a milestone simply for it to be open to the public during the 40 days of the show. Tangled local politics and the sensitive subject matter have left the museum without a director or governing board, […]
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Beirut Design Fair 2017

The first event of its kind in the Lebanese capital, BEIRUT DESIGN FAIR will take place at the BIEL from 20 - 24 September 2017, just next to BEIRUT ART FAIR, a highly successful event (23,000 visitors) now entering its 8th edition. read more
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The Maddening, Infuriating, Surreal Road For Syrian Actors Trying To Get To The US To Perform

"The play’s lead actor, Mohamad Alrefai, showed up for his first interview at the United States Embassy in Beirut eager to introduce himself and to show his supporting documents for a visa, only to be told by an American consular official to keep his mouth shut, he recalled, and his stack of papers to himself. […]
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'Beirut is more beautiful by bike': street art reinvents a notorious city – in pictures

The bike-unfriendly reputation of Lebanon’s capital is transforming, as the Chain Effect collective enlists locals of all ages to become pro-cycling graffiti artists Continue reading...
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