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With Brexit In The Background, Game Of Thrones Bids Farewell To Belfast

Like New Zealand and Lord of the Rings, Belfast became a major tourist attraction thanks to its starring role across eight seasons of Game of Thrones. One local artist who spent a year making sculptures for the farewell party: “The legacy will go on for many, many years. There’s a real pride in the whole country because of Game of Thrones.” – Los Angeles Times
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Famous Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci Celebrated in a New Series of Stamps

No special occasion is required to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci, but the fact that he died in 1519 makes this year a particularly suitable time to look back at his vast, innovative, and influential body of work. Just last month, "Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing" opened in twelve museums across the United Kingdom. "144 of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest drawings in the Royal Collection are displayed in 12 simultaneous exhibitions across the UK," says the exhibition's site, with each venue's dra...
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The Belfast Photographer Who Tries To Find New Ways Of Seeing Women

Hannah Starkey didn’t start out with a feminist agenda, but she did go to art school when photography, especially portraiture, was dominated by men. “Though her photographs appear at first glance to be traditional observational documentary, they are deftly choreographed. Often she reimagines what she has observed on the street or in cafes, clubs and bars, using women she has hired to meticulously create stilled moments of female reverie, togetherness or fleeting interaction.” – The Observer (UK...
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With A New Orchestra In San Diego, Conductor Rafael Payaré Is Leaving His Old One In Belfast

Little more than a week after the San Diego Symphony announced that it had hired the 37-year-old Venezuelan as its music director, the Ulster Orchestra has announced that Payaré will step down as music director at the end of next season.
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Switzerland rules lobsters must be stunned before they are boiled

Lobsters may not really scream when you boil them – they don’t possess vocal cords – but research shows they can feel pain, and Switzerland’s government decided to do something about the common culinary practice of boiling lobsters alive. According to the government order, the crustaceans “will now have to be stunned before they are put to death.” Lobsters in Switzerland now have to be stunned before chefs plunge them into hot water to cook them. The government banned the practice of boiling ...
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Belfast Arts Centre Says It Needs Extra £300K Or It Will Shut Down

The Metropolitan Arts Centre received £40,000 in unannounced emergency funding in October from Belfast City Council "to keep the doors open"; the venue now says it needs an additional £300,000 by March and a further £270,000 for the 2018-19 season.
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Game of Thrones Tapestry in Northern Ireland

Tourism Ireland has won the Grand Prix at the Kinsale Shark Awards for the second year in a row, following on from the Doors of Thrones campaign to the Game of Thrones Tapestry. After seven years of production, Game of Thrones® has truly become a part of Northern Ireland’s heritage and culture. In order to celebrate this, Tourism Ireland have created the Northern Ireland Game of Thrones® Tapestry – a giant, 77 metre long medieval wall-hanging that brings to life the events, locations and story o...
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Researchers turn recycled aluminum foil into cheaper, eco-friendlier biofuels

Don’t toss your bagel wrapper in the trash just yet; scientists at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland say they have discovered a way to turn used aluminum foil into a catalyst to create cheaper, eco-friendlier biofuels. Working with engineers from the university, Ahmed Osman, an early career researcher at the school of chemistry and chemical engineering, has developed a technique that extracts 100 percent pure single crystals of aluminum salts from contaminated foil, without creatin...
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Astrophysicist warns asteroid strike is not a matter of if, but when

We humans have done a pretty good job of trashing the Earth all by ourselves, but we don’t often stop to consider external threats – like asteroids. A 1908 asteroid explosion over Tunguska, Siberia ravaged 800 square miles, and Queen’s University Belfast astrophysicist Alan Fitzsimmons said another asteroid collision is simply a matter of time, which could have devastating consequences if we remain unprepared. He said most of us don’t think about asteroids as a threat to our existence. We now ...
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Should Every Day Be 'Baby Day' At The Theatre?

Perhaps. Check out Belfast's Young at Art theatre festival to see what it could be like instead of what theatre often is like. "Parenthood can leave even the most ardent theatregoers feeling unwelcome as theatres seldom court families, often seeing prams and young children as a burden not a blessing. Too often theatres present themselves as grownup spaces, cut off from everyday life."
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Doors of Thrones in Ireland

Doors of Thrones, a set of ten carved doors, won the Outdoor Grand Prix at the Epica Awards. For over 6 years Northern Ireland has been the home to the filming and production of the HBO series Game of Thrones®. It has become a part of Northern Irish culture and it’s landscape. On January 2016, the Game of Thrones® filming location, and 400-year-old tourist attraction The Dark Hedges, was hit hard by Storm Gertrude. Over ten weeks, Publicis worked with Tourism Ireland to transform the trees that ...
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The lights & menu at Established

I always look at the lights in shops, restaurants and public places… little details. Established, Belfast. – sketched/painted on an iPad with the apple pencil.
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Public Art Or Giant Gas Company Logo? Belfastians Duke It Out

“The 11-metre high structure was funded by Creative Belfast, a partnership between Belfast City Council and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, which invested £900,000 in seven large-scale projects showcasing the city’s cultural heritage. But Origin, which cost £100,000, has attracted poor reviews, with one critic accusing the project of ‘financial frippery’.”
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Exit Lines: Theatres of War

My first Shakespeare in the Park experience was 20 years ago. The night was beautiful, the Delacorte Theater sublime. The play was Timon of Athens. As a poet centuries removed from the Bard sang, two outta three ain’t bad. First-time visitors to the Public’s annual revelries in Central Park are no doubt wrestling with Troilus and Cressida the same way I wrestled with that other outlier in the First Folio. Othello they aren’t. Still, I’m fond of Timon of Athens, which is not the sort of thing Jud...
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Mysterious object near Neptune just made space a lot weirder

With each new space discovery, we realize how much we still don't know about the solar system. Astronomers recently detected a mysterious object near Neptune that doesn't move through space as expected. The trans-Neptunian object (TNO) actually moves backwards around the sun, and it has scientists scratching their heads. Using the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System 1 Survey (Pan-STARRS 1) in Hawaii, a team of astronomers discovered the mysterious object. They nicknamed the ...
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Love Wins

Despite overwhelming public support in Northern Ireland for equal marriage, it’s the only region of the UK and Ireland where gay couples can’t legally marry. The Northern Ireland assembly voted in favour of equal marriage in 2015, but the country’s largest political party, DUP, blocked the motion using a petition of concern. Love Wins mural going up (photo by Neil Harrison) Irish street artist Joe Caslin got some press during the 2015 equal marriage referendum in the Republic of Ireland, and h...
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Cyprus Avenue: the most shocking and relevant play in London today

David Ireland’s story about a Belfast loyalist is a blackly comic examination of sectarian hatred – and a subversive drama that has never been more relevant Related: Cyprus Avenue review – complex study of sectarian paranoia What is the most shocking, subversive and violent play in London? Most theatregoers would cite Sarah Kane’s Cleansed at the National’s Dorfman. But David Ireland’s Cyprus Avenue, which has arrived at the Royal Court after an earlier showing at the Abbey in Dublin, left me ...
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'I want to be a threat': Jo Clifford on her transgender Christ and overcoming fear

When acting in a female role at an all-boys school, Jo Clifford began to explore her gender identity and theatre became a place of shame. After transitioning, and beginning to perform her own plays, she now feels totally at home on stageJo Clifford thinks playwrights are dangerous people. Some think that Clifford is pretty dangerous herself. When a film of her play The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven, in which she portrays a transgender Christ, was shown in Belfast in November there w...
Tags: Theatre, Society, Transgender, Culture, Stage, Jesus, Edinburgh, Belfast, Christ, Clifford, Jo Clifford, Jesus Queen of Heaven

Cyprus Avenue review – complex study of sectarian paranoia

Abbey, DublinStephen Rea is riveting as a troubled Ulster loyalist whose hatred of ‘the Fenians’ drives him to breakdown in this compelling Irish playThe therapist in David Ireland’s latest play, a co-production between the Abbey and the Royal Court, is understandably wary. Bridget (Wunmi Mosaku) knows exactly why Eric (Stephen Rea) is in her Belfast consulting room, and it is not because he uses racially offensive language towards her. Eric, an Ulster loyalist, freely vents his hatred of Cathol...
Tags: Theatre, Culture, Stage, Belfast, Gerry Adams, Eric, Abbey, Royal Court, David Ireland, Cyprus Avenue, Abbey DublinStephen Rea, Bridget Wunmi Mosaku, Eric Stephen Rea

Belfast-based designer transforms oil barrels into bright furniture

Designer Phil Davidson said he began working with barrels after learning that they weren’t being recycled in his area.
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Daughter of one of Northern Ireland’s ‘hooded men’ wins MAC arts prize

Mairéad McClean won arts centre prize using drawings and letters to her father, who was interned in Long Kesh prison, as part of filmA daughter of one of the 14 “hooded men” the British army is accused of torturing at the start of Northern Ireland’s Troubles has turned her family’s trauma into a video that has won one of the world’s newest art prizes.In the same year as a number of the detainees subjected to white noise and death threats successfully persuaded the Irish government to take their ...
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Artist Oliver Jeffers destroys portraits of Bono and others … all in the name of art

In a clandestine ceremony in New York, the Belfast-born artist dipped his pictures in red paint. It was all a meditation on the theme of lossOur instructions came via email. We were to meet at Barbuto, a trendy restaurant in New York’s West Village, at 7:45pm sharp. There we would be met by “a man in a brown fedora and a moustache” who would lead us to a desolate building nearby, where we would watch the Irish artist and illustrator Oliver Jeffers destroy a piece of his work. The mysterious man ...
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