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LA MoCA Makes it Official: Johanna Burton Will Be Its Solo Director

Two weeks ago, she was named executive director, working alongside Klaus Biesenbach, whose title was changed to artistic director. Last Friday, Biesenbach was appointed to lead Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. Now MoCA says Biesenbach won’t be replaced and Burton will be the sole director. – Los Angeles Times
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At LA’s MoCA, Johanna Burton Isn’t Just Executive Director, She’s Now The Only Director

Two weeks ago, she was named executive director, working alongside Klaus Biesenbach, whose title was changed to artistic director. Last Friday, Biesenbach was appointed to lead Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. Now MoCA says Biesenbach won’t be replaced and Burton will be the sole director. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, La, Berlin, Visual, Burton, Klaus Biesenbach, Biesenbach, Johanna Burton

That Didn’t Take Long: LA MoCA Leader Flees To Berlin

Just eight days after the Museum of Contemporary Art said Klaus Biesenbach would run the Los Angeles institution with a newly named co-leader, Biesenbach was announced Friday as the new director of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. – Los Angeles Times
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Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie Reopens At Last

“Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, an iconic modern art museum designed by Bauhaus pioneer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, reopened to the public Sunday after a six-year refurbishment of the glass-fronted building.” – AP
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Last Suspect In Dresden Green Vault Robbery Arrested

Six men took part in the theft of priceless historic jewelry from the city’s Residenzschloss in 2019; all are now in custody. While their names have not been released, the six are believed to be members of Berlin’s Remmo crime family. – ARTnews
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Visitors Are Flocking Back To Berlin’s Museum Island

Free admission on Sundays certainly helps: tens of thousands are showing up on weekends. – Bloomberg CityLab
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Vegan, natural soaps include limited-edition art prints by female artists

Art Bar founder Jen Black has been a creative director and designer for international brands since 1996. Her idea for the Berlin-based company came to life in 2018, after she made the concrete decision to live and create in alignment with her values. The main mission of the Art Bar is to encourage self care and body positivity by providing organic soaps with natural ingredients, like plant-derived base oils, glycerin and essential oils. There are no chemicals, preservatives or toxins, and all so...
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After Two Decades And $800 Million, Berlin’s Humboldt Forum Is Finally Welcoming Visitors

“The museum’s programs are to reflect three core themes: the history of the site, the brothers Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt’s global discoveries, and an examination of colonialism and its consequences.” – Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle
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‘Writer Directory’ Offers More Than Information

Few books have come my way as generous and wise about writers and writing as this one. The title Writer Directory: A Book of Encounters takes as its model the phonebooks of long ago. But forget that. Remember this: The author, A. Robert Lee, is a British-born, globe-trotting, retired professor now living in Spain, whose heavy academic laurels disguise a common touch so light that reading him feels as charmed as floating on air. EyeCorner Press, 2019 His encounters with more than two ...
Tags: Art, UK, England, New York, Mexico, Berlin, America, San Francisco, Spain, University, Austria, United States, Ronald Reagan, Paris, Jimmy Carter, Oxford

Meet Spoleto Festival USA’s First New General Director In 35 Years

Succeeding longtime chief Nigel Redden in October is Egyptian-American musicologist Mena Mark Hanna, a teacher, composer, Coptic Orthodox cantor (!), and former administrator at Houston Grand Opera. He is currently dean at the Barenboim-Said Akademie in Berlin. – The Post and Courier (Charleston) The Post and Courier (Charleston)
Tags: Art, Post, Berlin, Houston, Issues, Spoleto Festival USA, Nigel Redden, Barenboim Said Akademie, Mena Mark Hanna, Courier Charleston The Post

Rare Rubens drawing bought at small French sale up for auction

Surviving page from notebook all but destroyed in fire in 1720 expected to fetch as much as £600,000A drawing bought in a small French sale by a buyer with a hunch has been identified as a rare surviving page from an important notebook made by a young Peter Paul Rubens.If Rubens’ original Theoretical Notebook still existed it would be a true art wonder, but it was all but destroyed in a fire in 1720. Only two pages were thought to have survived, treasures of collections in London and Berlin. Con...
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"Throughout most of the ’60s and ’70s, [Brigid Berlin] dragged her Polaroid 360 and a bulky cassette recorder everywhere, though she once said, 'No picture ever mattered, it was the clicking and pulling out that I loved.'"

"Running out of film, she insisted, was worse than running out of speed. Warhol became equally addicted to documentation and, though his pictures became more well known, hers are arguably as revelatory, often the product of double exposures and lighting both flat and vivid, and featuring such friends as Lou Reed, Roy Lichtenstein, Dennis Hopper and Cy Twombly.... Her recordings — there are more than 1,000 hours of tape... — range from the mundane (chatter about her near-constant doctors’ appoint...
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Where Is The Art World After COVID? Look To Documenta

Documenta is also a barometer for changes in the world around it, as a major new exhibition in Berlin demonstrates. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Berlin, Visual, Documenta, 06.19.21

Prizewinning Composer Sara Glojnaric Talks About How Music And Identity Intersect

Sara Glojnarić, who won Berlin’s “Neue Szenen” competition last year, explains that being a woman, being queer, and working against racism all intersect in her work, and she believes others’ identities are reflected in their work as well. When she was in school at Stuttgart, she says, “our professor, Martin Schüttler, encouraged us to engage with that, to work with our identities in our music. He made it clear that we mustn’t run away from who we are when we’re composing. It was a really cool p...
Tags: Art, Music, Berlin, Croatia, Stuttgart, 05.27.21, Sara Glojnaric, Martin Schüttler

Final Suspect In Dresden Jewel Robbery Arrested

Police in Berlin have captured Abdul Majed Remmo, the fifth and final suspect connected to the shocking 2019 jewel heist at Dresden’s Green Vault Museum. … Authorities had been searching for the 22-year-old man since he evaded capture in a sting operation late last year. He is the twin brother of fellow suspect Mohammed Remmo; … [they are part of] one of the nation’s most notorious crime families.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Berlin, Dresden, Visual, Green Vault Museum, 05.19.21, Abdul Majed Remmo, Mohammed Remmo

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai: An Introduction to the Iconic Japanese Woodblock Print in 17 Minutes

When woodcut artist Katsushika Hokusai made his famous print The Great Wave off Kanagawa in 1830 — part of the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji — he was 70 years old and had lived his entire life in a Japan closed off from the rest of the world. In the 19th century, however, “the rest of the world was becoming industrialized,” James Payne explains above in his Great Art Explained video, “and the Japanese were concerned about foreign invasions.” The Great Wave shows “an image of Japa...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Europe, Japan, College, Berlin, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Goya, Monet, Claude Debussy, Vincent Van Gogh, Josh Jones, Mount Fuji, Kanazawa, Hokusai

Architect Helmut Jahn, 81, Killed In Bicycle-Car Collision

He’s best-known for a series of major buildings in Chicago, including the Thompson Center, the Xerox Center (now 55 West Monroe), the addition to the Chicago Board of Trade, and the United Airlines Terminal at O’Hare Airport, as well as the Liberty Place towers in Philadelphia, the Sony Center in Berlin, and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. – CNN
Tags: Art, Berlin, People, Chicago, Philadelphia, Bangkok, United Airlines, Chicago Board of Trade, Hare Airport, Sony Center, Helmut Jahn, 05.10.21, Thompson Center the Xerox Center

Daniel Libeskind To Redesign Pittsburgh’s Tree Of Life Synagogue, Site Of 2018 Shooting

“Libeskind, who designed the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa, has experience responding to traumatic events through architecture. He also served as masterplan architect at New York’s World Trade Center site as the city looked to rebuild following 9/11.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Berlin, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Visual, Daniel Libeskind, Libeskind, New York s World Trade Center, 05.05.21

Watch 400+ Documentaries from German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle: Art Forgery, Fashion Photography, the Mona Lisa, and More

You’re certainly familiar with Nouvelle Vague, the “French new wave” that shook up world cinema in the mid-2oth century. You’ve probably also heard of Hallyu, the “Korean wave” of pop music and television dramas (and, increasingly, films) now crashing across not just Asia but the West. As for Deutsche Welle, literally the “German wave,” you may know the term better in its abbreviated form: DW, the brand of Germany’s public international broadcaster. Here on Open Culture we’ve previously ...
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Dancer Who Sued Berlin State Ballet For Racial Discrimination Gets Settlement, New Contract

“Chloé Lopes Gomes filed a lawsuit in 2020 against the expiration of her temporary contract. She [alleged she had been] discriminated against because of the color of her skin. Now the State Ballet and the dancer have agreed to a court settlement: The ballerina will stay with the State Ballet for another year and receive a compensation payment of €16,000 ($19,240).” – Deutsche Welle The post Dancer Who Sued Berlin State Ballet For Racial Discrimination Gets Settlement, New Contract appeared firs...
Tags: Art, Berlin, Dance, Deutsche Welle, State Ballet, Chloé Lopes Gomes, 04.22.21

Is Hollywood Trapping Women Directors In The Franchise Machine?

Or are Chloé Zhao, Emerald Fennell, and others just getting their due like their young male counterparts? Hm. “Marvel, DC and co have awoken to the viability of female-led stories, which has meant a demand for women to direct them. Patty “Wonder Woman” Jenkins was an early example, but there are others. Cate Shortland, purveyor of thoughtful, female-centred stories such as Somersault and Berlin Syndrome, has directed Marvel’s Black Widow. Cathy Yan went straight from her promising Chinese-langu...
Tags: Art, Media, Berlin, Marvel, Patty, Jenkins, Cate Shortland, Cathy Yan, Nia DaCosta, Chloe Zhao Emerald Fennell, 04.05.21

Kurt Weill Was Destined For Broadway All Along

Joshua Barone: “Kurt Weill is often described as if he were two composers. One spun quintessential sounds of Weimar-era Berlin in works like The Threepenny Opera, and the other wrote innovative earworms for Broadway’s golden age. His career was bifurcated, so the story goes — split not only by a shift in style, but also by the Atlantic Ocean, when he fled Nazi Germany and eventually settled in the United States. Yet it’s possible to trace an unbroken line from Weill’s earliest works, as a teena...
Tags: Art, Music, Germany, Berlin, United States, Broadway, Weimar, Atlantic Ocean, Kurt Weill, Weill, Joshua Barone, 03.25.21

Behold the Elaborate Writing Desks of 18th Century Aristocrats

Sitting or standing before an esteemed writer’s desk can make us feel closer to their process. Virginia Woolf’s desks — plywood boards she held on her lap and sloped standing desks — show a kind of austere rigor in her posture. “Throughout her life as a writer,” James Barrett points out, Woolf “paid attention to the physical act of writing,” just as she paid attention to the creative act of walking. The bareness of her implements tells us a lot about her as an artist, but it tells us not...
Tags: Google, Design, College, Germany, Berlin, History, David, Virginia Woolf, Central Europe, Ernest Hemingway, Marie Antoinette, Facebook Twitter, Prussia, Josh Jones, Goethe, Woolf

Berlin Philharmonic Sells Out Tickets In Three Minutes For First Concert Back

At the Philharmonic’s concert, strict rules were in place to reduce the risk of contagion. Spectators were required to give their names when purchasing the tickets, which were not transferable. – The Local (Germany)
Tags: Art, Music, Berlin, 03.24.21

Germany In Talks To Return Benin Bronzes To Nigeria

As the issue of repatriating art and artifacts looted by European colonizers came to the fore over the past few years, Berlin came under pressure not to include its holdings of Benin bronzes in the new Humboldt Forum. Now high-level officials are negotiating the return of the bronzes — taken by British soldiers who destroyed the Benin royal family’s palace in 1897 — for the new Edo Museum of West African Art, now being designed by architect David Adjaye in Benin City. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Germany, Berlin, Nigeria, Benin, Visual, David Adjaye, 03.23.21, Humboldt Forum Now, Edo Museum of West African Art

Berlin Does Series Of Dry Runs For Reopening Performance Venues

“The pilot project, backed by Berlin Culture Senator Klaus Lederer, includes a series of nine events, held at seven different venues, including theaters, opera houses, concert halls and even a club, from March 19 to April 4. The Berliner Ensemble theater launched the test phase’s first weekend.” – Deutsche Welle
Tags: Art, Berlin, Issues, Audience, Klaus Lederer, 03.20.21

Yet Another Director Forced To Resign From Berlin’s Volksbühne

Three years after Chris Dercon ended his brief, dissension-plagued tenure at the theatre, his successor as artistic director, Klaus Dörr, quit after it became public that 10 women at the Volksbühne had made formal complaints to the Berlin city government about Dörr’s alleged sexual harassment of younger actresses and humiliation of older ones. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Berlin, Theatre, Chris Dercon, Dorr, Volksbühne, 03.16.21, Klaus Dörr

Theatre Leaders In Five Countries Talk About How Their Companies Have Coped With The Pandemic

Ivo van Hove at the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Stéphane Braunschweig at the Odéon in Paris, Thomas Ostermeier at the Schaubühne in Berlin, Kajsa Giertz at the Helsingborg (Sweden) City Theatre, and Saheem Ali and Shanta Thake at the Public Theater in New York talk about government support, programming while their buildings are closed, and reopening plans. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, New York, Berlin, Theatre, Paris, Ivo van Hove, Odeon, Public Theater, Saheem Ali, Thomas Ostermeier, Schaubühne, 03.14.21, Kajsa Giertz, Helsingborg Sweden City Theatre, Shanta Thake

Berlin Volksbühne theatre director resigns over harassment claims

Klaus Dörr steps down with immediate effect after accusations including humiliating older actorsThe director of Berlin’s Volksbühne theatre has resigned after allegations of sexual harassment and the humiliating treatment of older female actors.The theatre said that Klaus Dörr would give up his post with immediate effect, after the intervention of Berlin’s culture senator Klaus Lederer, whose office also confirmed the decision. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Gender, Germany, Berlin, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Sexual Harassment, Klaus Lederer, Berlin Volksbühne, Klaus Dörr

Germany To Start Reopening Museums

“Chancellor Angela Merkel and German state leaders have agreed to start easing restrictions. If coronavirus cases are below 100 per 100,000 people over seven days – as in Berlin with a rate of 67.8 – people should be able to visit museums from Monday after booking a slot.” – Reuters
Tags: Art, Germany, Angela Merkel, Berlin, Visual, 03.04.21, Start Reopening Museums

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