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Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Maximum Comfort

In 2012, a study found that we spend an average of 64 hours every week sitting on our gluteus maximus, the back to our fronts, more commonly known as our butt. That works out to about nine hours a day. That’s for an average person. If you work from home, it is likely going to be a much higher average number per day, depending on the day. While too much sitting every day can lead to health problems such as weight gain, poor blood circulation, and even diabetes having an occupation where sitting i...
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10 Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2019

According to information released by Apple at the WWDC in June 2018, there are more than 550,000 podcasts out there for people to listen to and it continues to grow. The growth of podcasts has given anybody a medium to tell their stories, build a community and connect with other people with similar interests in ways that traditional radio never could. If you have an interest in starting a podcast or even a YouTube channel, you are obviously going to need some equipment to get started. The first ...
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Paris: A list of free and discounted museums

Paris is so saturated with museums, monuments and historical landmarks that it’s difficult to know where to begin planning. But once you’ve booked your airfare and secured a good price on a Paris hotel, it’s time to start thinking about the fun stuff. For those looking to save some euros, one place to begin your research is by looking at Paris’ free museums and attractions (or those with reduced admission). It is possible, after all, to take in a lot of the city’s culture without forking over to...
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10 Best Serif Fonts for Clean & Elegant Logo Design

For many designers, when it comes to designing a clean and elegant logo for a company, using a Serif font in their designs helps to add a little bit of flair & sophistication to the brand. A serif font is easily identified by the “little feet” that appear at the ends of the letters being used. Doing a search for Serif fonts can lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole with all of the options there are to choose from. To offer a bit of help, we wanted to focus on ten of our favorite Serif fonts y...
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The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers 2019

This article was contributed by DesignBold. Graphic design is a challenging job that requires serious hardware and software. In the current digital nomad haze, laptop characteristics such as mobility and weight have also become extremely important. As with every profession, the laptop choice is always a subtle game of balance between performance and weight, large screen and portability, maximum features and affordable price. Luckily, laptop providers produce products for different categories and...
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The Best Cameras for Designers & Creatives in 2019

Looking for the best camera for photography and graphic design? Maybe you’re shooting for clients or maybe your your own portfolio? Well, we’ve got you covered! Below we list the best cameras out there for someone working in a creative field, including the best cameras for graphic design, blogging, vlogging, video, Youtube, filmmaking and more! But before we dive in, let’s see how to choose a camera and the features you should be looking out for. Related posts: Best laptops for designers Best c...
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101+ Gifts for Designers & Creatives – 2018

Forget socks and undies – get your creative designer friend something they really want. I’ve compiled a list of the top gifts for designers, perfect for Christmas or even their birthday! They’ve all been vetted by me – a designer. Best Christmas Presents / Gifts for Designers, Artists & Creatives Wake-Up Light with Sun Rise Simulation ($45.99) This wake-up light imitates sunlight to wake up in a natural way, particularly useful for those with dark mornings. It also has an FM radio, with anot...
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The Best Computers for Graphic Designers 2018

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been working as a graphic designer for a while, using the right technology to provide your clients with your best work is essential. This is no truer than the desktop computer that you use every day. Graphic designers should naturally want the best computer that helps them provide amazing colors, crisp images, and fantastic design. And desktop computers provide a larger display, and more power than laptops. If you need something more portable, see ...
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The Best Mouse for Graphic Designers in 2018/19 & How To Choose What’s Right For You

When you start your career as a graphic designer, you tend to concentrate on making a big first impression to any potential clients and delivering more than you promise. However, if the tech you’re using to create those works of art is out of date, it will affect the quality of your work. You’ll know it and your client might know it too. While it’s always a good idea to upgrade the monitor that comes with the computer you just bought, don’t forget about the little guy most people just ignore. Th...
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10 Best Tablets for Graphic Design, Drawing & Art 2018

As a graphic designer, there are many times when the project you’re working on may require you to flex your artistic muscles and pulling out sheets of paper and pencils is unlikely to satisfy the clients’ needs and unless you get it right the first time, is not going to make editing easy. These days, many artists, illustrators, and graphic designers have started to turn towards using tablets to complete their art projects. A good tablet offers an artist a light, handy, responsive and electronic ...
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Top 10 Best Graphics Tablets for Drawing, Art & Design in 2018

As a graphic designer, there are many times when the project you’re working on may require you to flex your artistic muscles and pulling out sheets of paper and pencils is unlikely to satisfy the clients’ needs and unless you get it right the first time, is not going to make editing easy. These days, many artists, illustrators, and graphic designers have started to turn towards using tablets to complete their art projects. A good tablet offers an artist a light, handy, responsive and electronic ...
Tags: Apple, Design, Best, Illustration, Drawing, Graphic Design, Tablet, Best Of, Hdr, Stratos, Pencil, Wacom, LPI, Macromedia, Huion, USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit UGEE

Tailfin Smashes Kickstarter Goal (Again) With Launch of Aeropack 

The last time we heard from British bike-rack makers back in 2016 we were in two minds as to whether their super light-weight, easy-fit, carbon-frame pannier system was an ingenious innovation or an answer to a problem that shouldn't need solving—should we really be carrying luggage on lightweight bikes not really designed for the task? Fast-forward just over two years and it seems that the Bristol-based brand have proved their concept with a successful Kickstarter campaign, numerous 5-star revi...
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June and July edition: Colours have feelings too

June and July together were months full of color! We asked how palettes made you feel on our Twitter channel, and you answered. Thank you for being so active in expressing your opinion Colourlovers! Let's review the questions that we asked and the winning palettes. Which palette was the saddest? Which palette was the most # mystical? Which palette looked most like # betrayal? Which palette screamed #jealousy? Which palette looked like #sun the most? Which palette made by Napkin guy was your f...
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What Are The Best Magazines & Journals In The Field?

We are often asked to name our favorite magazines and journals. What a difficult question! There are so many great publications about museums, interpretation, and exhibit design. But if we had to choose, which publications would we recommend? Which are the most inspiring? The most insightful? The most trend-setting? Without further ado, here are my own personal favorites. These magazines and journals are constantly at the top of their game, providing articles written by the best thought-leaders ...
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How the Eames Lounge Chair is Made

This video is unfortunately peppered with MarketingSpeak--in particular you can skip the first two minutes and 30 seconds--but it does provide a great look at how the Eames Lounge Chair is made. We urge you to ignore the poorly-written narration, as they say things like "the manufacturing process hasn't changed much in fifty years," then they show you a drag-knife-wielding CNC cutter that I'm pretty sure the Eameses didn't have access to. Okay, I'll stop complaining. And I'll ...
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Every project on was just funded by a $29 million cryptocurrency donation helps teachers crowdsource funding for education needs, with over 35,000 open campaigns asking for everything from robotics kits to field trips. At least, there were 35,000 campaigns open last week. But as of earlier this week, there were zero campaigns thanks to an incredible $29 million donation from cryptocurrency startup Ripple that fulfilled every single one. According to, this donation will provide funding for 70k books, 35k computers, 2,300 musical instr...
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Movie Comic Strips Reimagine Some of the Best of 2017

You’ve likely read a dozen or so Best Movies of 2017 lists by now, so how about a creative new way of highlighting the best films of the former year? Artist Ben Matsuya has put together some visually stunning comic strips that show off some of the best of the best that film had to offer in 2017. Check out the 2017 movie comic strips below. 2017 is over, but we’re still knee-deep in awards season, and every day it seems a new Best Movies of 2017 list washes ashore. If you’re still playing cat...
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Exercise- the 7-minute Work-out

Spiral Yunomi, made by Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC We are preparing for our upcoming Cousins in Clay annual event with Michael Kline here in Seagrove at our Bulldog Pottery studio. Our guest clay cousins are Lindsay Oesterritter and Kenyon Hansen.  On June 3-4, the weekend after Memorial Day, we open our studio to host these fabulous artists. Kenyon will make a cross country drive to North Carolina from his new home in Fayetteville, Arizona, Lindsay is joining us from ...
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How to Design Living Hinges

If you've worked with consumer electronics, you'll have come across living hinges. They are found in a wide variety of components – clamshell packaging, attached bottle caps, and electronic cases, just to name a few.They are low cost, easy to manufacture, and have little wear or friction involved in operation — understandably a popular choice! The idea is about as simple as you can get: a thin, flexible section of the same material used to build connecting parts of your product. But while the id...
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Exit Lines: Haunted

Andrew Lloyd Webber couldn’t get arrested on Broadway after Sunset Boulevard closed in 1997, as the era of glitzy British imports that floated the main stem in the 80s wound down. Twenty years later, it’s LloydWebberWorld again, as a revival of his last (and more modest) hit joins Phantom, Cats, and School of Rock as if Chicago, The Lion King, and Hamilton had never happened, besting his record of three shows running simultaneously on Broadway in his heyday. Coming back–err, “returning” with him...
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Clever Ways to Start Conversations with Nothing to Talk About

The Best (and Hardest) Way to Start a Company. That's not a bad thing; it's a good thing. Landing clients means you're generating revenue.
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Grammar Check Software - Correct, Edit & Enrich Any Text

The UK's leading provider of proofreading and editing services. Best quality, fairest prices, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get a free sample within 8
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New shaver offers the best of electric and traditional

I really like the shaver I spoke of in a past review the Panasonic but I have another shaver that I think you will love. It is called the Phillips Norelco OneBlade. I received this today from Amazon and it only cost $34! So I should say that I have tried many different brands and types of shavers and I think for the price, this OneBlade can’t be beat. The benefits start with the ease of use. One of the disadvantages of electric shavers is that they tend to take more time than traditional razors....
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Having problems with Office 365?

I used a great tool today to fix an Office 365 problem. I wanted to share it with you so that it might help you if you have Office 365 issues. You can click on the link above and it fixes things in 5 categories of Office 365 problems. It fixed a problem really quickly that I had worked on for a half hour. It was a nice experience and something I would use again. Microsoft has many issues, but sometimes they have a tool that fixes the job perfectly. This tool fixed the problem. Of course it woul...
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Workplace Design and Employee Productivity

Workplace Design and Employee Productivity An effective workplace design can maximize the employee productivity. Office space and facilities can bring a huge difference in the success of the business. A better workplace design is a cost associated process, but the benefits drawn by the minimal changes to the workplace can increase the employee motivational levels and productivity. Many studies have proven that employees in well designed physical spaces are 20 percent more productive. The physic...
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Switching to Office 365 and Airwatch

If you work in a company and are switching to Office 365 using Airwatch or Mobile Iron can make the process easier. How? It can help automate many of the things that need to be done with iOS devices like iPads/iPhones. Rather than take so much time configuring things manually, it is remarkable how things can be automatic and self-configuring. Having used Airwatch and Mobile Iron I have compared them in the link above. There is really no best tool, just a better fit for the kind of environment yo...
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Immigration reduces crime study finds

Immigration reduces crime study finds. Why share this? Some people believe that immigration causes crime. In fact it does the opposite and reduces certain types of crime. What is the data that supports this? From the article itself: The authors drew a sample of 200 metropolitan areas as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau and used census data and uniform crime reporting data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a 40-year period from 1970 to 2010. Compare this to what is said here. “When Me...
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Is the future just technological?

I hope the future isn’t just technology. It would be such a boring place. I like Star Trek and all the progress and science that it represents. I like the fact that one day we will have incredible technologies that seem improbable now. I like the fact that we are slowly increasing our understanding of the universe and growing as species. However even with all the wonderful things that science and technology bring us, it clearly isn’t the answer. We grow more capable and energy efficient, but tha...
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LinkedIn changes less user friendly

I was given access to the LinkedIn new interface and I think the changes are less user-friendly. I can understand why they would want to change the interface. The website looked stuffy and dated, and it wasn’t modern. The new website looks more modern, but it also looks generic like Facebook or twitter. I don’t think that having very similar interfaces help brand things for customer’s mind. For example, when you ask someone to connect to you a pop up window comes up and obscures the next person...
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Del La Soul – Me, Myself & I

Some videos are just classic, and this is one of them. Lets ignore the obvious skill and talent for a moment. What this album did at the time was say it was ok to be different, and different in the most hostile setting for being unique-a high school. It gave hope to anyone who was different, that different was not only ok but to be celebrated. One of the best parts of music and culture is that it can reflect the experiences that we have. I have always appreciated culture because it shows the exp...
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