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Incredible flipbook-style animations made from dozens of people's tattoos

@philberge #Duo avec @kewpietattoo tattooed the legend ♬ I like hot moms – Thatmulletdude Montreal tattoo artist Phil Berge tattooed dozens of people with slightly different artwork to create fantastic flipbook-style animations. Above, Snoopy dancing his iconic dance. Below, the result of Berge tattooing 76 people to create a a scene from Betty Boop's Snow White (1976). — Read the rest
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Showcase of Character Illustrations Inspired by 1930s Cartoons

The art style of early cartoons from the 1920s-1930s era is known as “Rubber Hose”. It refers to the bendy limbs of cartoon characters from Disney and Fleischer Studios, such as Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and early Mickey Mouse (or Steamboat Willie) and their associated antagonists. Other characteristics that give the cartoons of the silent era their distinctive look include black bodies with white faces, pie-shaped eyes, and four-fingered hands in white gloves. In today’s inspiration showcase I ...
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Why are people sexually attracted to cartoons? Evolution.

According to Pornhub's annual statistics, "hentai" and "cartoons" were among the most popular categories in 2018.Such pornography is a supernormal stimulus, an artificial object that triggers an animal's instinctual response more intensely than natural analogs.Supernormal stimuli not only explain our heightened response to pornography, but also art, junk food, and social media.Every year Pornhub, the world's largest pornography website, releases annual statistics detailing the trends in online p...
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Celebrate the Women’s March with 24 Goddess GIFs Created by Animator Nina Paley: They’re Free to Download and Remix

As millions of women, men, and friends beyond the binary gear up for Women's March events around the world this weekend, we can’t help but draw strength from the Venus of Willendorf in Graphics Interchange Format, above. Like the pussy hats that became the most visible symbol of last year’s march, there’s a strong element of humor at play here. Also respect for the female form. As Dr. Bryan Zygmont notes in his Khan Academy essay on the Venus of Willendorf, her existence is evidence that “nomad...
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Betty Boop Was Black And White: Here Are The Two Jazz Singers On Whom The Cartoon Sex Symbol Was Modeled

Writer Gabrielle Bellot introduces us to Helen Kane, "Baby" Esther Jones, and the court case over Betty Boop that revealed her origins.
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Before anime, Japanese paper theater entertained 1-million kids a day

See sample pages from this book at Wink. Manga Kamishibai: The Art of Japanese Paper Theater by Eric P. Nash Abrams ComicArts 2009, 304 pages, 8.6 x 9.2 x 1.1 inches $29 Buy a copy on Amazon Manga Kamishibai tells and shows the fascinating history of Japanese paper theater, a lost storytelling form and the link between Edo-era Japanese ukiyo-e prints and modern day manga and television. I say “and shows” because this art form combined the spoken word with compelling visuals in uniquely J...
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