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Reconsidering the period room as a museum-made object

For those of us used to visiting historical houses and encyclopedic museums, the word “period room” will sound familiar. A period room is a display combining architectural components, pieces of furniture, and decorative objects organized to evoke—and in some rare cases recreate—an interior, very often domestic and dating from a past era.Period rooms were widespread among European museums during the last decades of the nineteenth century, and became popular in North American institutions in the e...
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Interview: Jerico Mandybur, Author of Neo-Tarot

We discuss empowerment and self-care through an ancient practice Writer/editor/speaker/podcast host, Jerico Mandybur is also the editorial director at Girlboss and the author of the brand new Neo Tarot: A Fresh Approach to Self-Care, Healing & Empowerment. Officially releasing 2 April (but available for pre-order now), the book comes with a deck of tarot cards, and the set offers a unique, contemporary and thoughtful guide to …
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David Bailey: 'Deneuve said it's great we're divorced – now we can be lovers!'

As he powers into his 80s, the photographer recalls shooting everyone from Kate Moss to Andy Warhol, shares his regrets over voting leave – and reveals how Gordon Brown pulled a fast one on him‘You look knackered,” says David Bailey, greeting me at his studio. It’s up a small mews and sprawls so casually across two floors that it still feels like the 60s inside. “Look at you,” he says. “Your buttons aren’t even done up right.” I look down at my jacket: that bit is true. But I tell him: “I’m not ...
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Nick Brandt's best photograph: elephants and building workers share a crowded Africa

‘We photographed the animals with motion sensors, then the humans. In the final edit, the exchange of looks between mother elephant and man was a wonderful surprise’ Poaching in southern Kenya is largely under control now, thanks to the numbers of rangers in place, but there is a bigger issue these days: the invasion of humankind into the wildlife habitat and the conflict that ensues. There is only so much space for people and animals to coexist. That is what I wanted to depict in This Empty Wor...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Farewell to two cultural pioneers, debunking myths about women's bodies, our co-founder at SXSW and more Four New Statues of Women for NYC While NYC is scattered with statues of notable men, there are very few of women—just five, in fact. She Built NYC is commissioning four new statues of historical and influential women: Billie Holiday, Dr Helen Rodríguez Trías, Elizabeth Jennings Graham and Katherine …
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Reprinting 1927’s The Bolted Book

Depero Futurista (oftentimes known as The Bolted Book) is a 1927 design book by Fortunato Depero—bound together by two aluminum bolts. A testament to ingenuity and creativity, the book was acclaimed and referenced for many years, but very few copies remain. A Kickstarter by Design & Books hopes to publish it once again. The bolts will bind it still—locking in the early 20th Century typographic …
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Is there room for creative imagination in science?

Not just once, but repeatedly, I have heard something like “I just didn’t see in science any room for my own imagination or creativity,” from young students clearly able to succeed at any subject they set their minds to. It is a tragedy that so many people do not perceive science as a creative. Yet it doesn’t take an Einstein to observe that without that essential creative first step of re-imagining what might be going on behind a natural phenomenon, there can be no science at all.Einstein had s...
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Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum and Other Cocktails for ’90s Kids

Writer Sam Slaughter on concocting childhood drinks replicas with booze Nostalgia manifests in untold ways when we order at the bar or stock our liquor cabinets at home. There’s the “I drink it because it’s my father’s drink” or, of course, “I won’t ever touch it because it was the first thing I got drunk on.” So many more sentiments hinge upon the past. Sam …
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Lynn Enright Destroys Myths About the Female Body

In her new book Vagina: A Re-Education, Lynn Enright (journalist and “accidental vagina specialist”) is debunking the myths, theories and lies that many women grew up believing. From gender bias in sex education to pain, pleasure, pregnancy and beyond, Enright explores the female body and the experience of living inside one—with many personal anecdotes. Enright spoke with Kelly Pigram about the book, which is fascinating …
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Two

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Two And once again, Rob and Jon are at it, with another freewheeling, off-the-cuff conversation that just flows and entertains.  Listen in as they discuss the current political climate, new music, sports, current events around the country, a stellar “In Our Heads” and so much more! With the boys being back in top form, how can you resist?  You can’t – so sit down, get comfortable and enjoy this latest installment of the wildly succes...
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When Modern Love Meets Classic Comic Books

Peter Nidzgorski is the artist provocateur behind the site This isn’t Happiness. Under the name Peteski, he blogs about art, photography, design, and disappointment. One of the big attractions of his site is his clever manipulation of images like these altered panels from classic love story comic books. Nidzgorski asks his followers to suggest sentences or quotes which he then adds to a specific... Source
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That’s How Bored Bookstore Employees Entertain Themselves

If you ever decide to visit Bordeaux, France make sure you visit this Instagram-famous bookstore Librairie Mollat that is well-known for its ongoing photo series called Book Face. Its employees have found an activity that brightens the day for them and their customers. Book Face is based on a technique called trompe l’oeil (deceive the eye) and its main goal is to use realistic images to create an... Source
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Anya’s Secret Society

From author and illustrator Yevgenia Nayberg comes an artistic tale of otherness, Anya’s Secret Society. With a left-handed protagonist who moves from a place where her difference must be hidden to another where it’s accepted, the book celebrates triumph over adversity and all around artistry. Nayberg’s story inspires (especially for us lefties) as do her pages of beautiful illustrations.
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Martin Woodcock obituary

Artist admired for the illustrations that grace the pages of the monumental The Birds of Africa, first published in the early 1980sAmid the economic uncertainty of the mid 1970s not many people gave up a job in the City of London. But in 1974, Martin Woodcock did just that, swapping life as a stockbroker to become a freelance bird artist.He never looked back. Martin, who has died aged 84, spent the rest of his distinguished career travelling through Asia and Africa to observe, draw and paint som...
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“The Endless Beyond”: Superb Fantasy And Creative Inspirations By Adrian Chesterman

Born in London of Scottish descent, Adrian Chesterman, British painter and illustrator, was educated at the William Harvey School in Kent. It was here that he first discovered his burning passion for the visual arts. More: Adrian Chesterman Adrian Chesterman studied fine art at Norwich School of Art and illustration at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London. Since leaving the R.C.A. Source
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred One

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred One The first all-new episode after the hiatus that halted Radio City… for a few weeks, this is undoubtedly the most powerful and personal installment yet.  Listen in and you will fully understand why the show stopped for a while – and during those revelations, you may cry; you’ll laugh – but this is a conversation that will make you think.  And if you have a heart, you’ll definitely be able to relate. Here are Jon and Rob, as human as...
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Four Passionate Italian Women Artists

Win a pre-publication bound galley of LA PASSIONE from Goodreads! Click to enter the raffle. The giveaway ends March 13. Italy’s dazzling pantheon of artistic geniuses seems a man’s world. Yet as I discovered in researching my upcoming book, a few women with singular passion defied all obstacles and created important works of art. As a way of celebrating International Women’s Day, here are four artists whose stories I recount in LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World: Plautilla Nelli (1524-...
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The Medieval Masterpiece, the Book of Kells, Is Now Digitized & Put Online

If you know nothing else about medieval European illuminated manuscripts, you surely know the Book of Kells. “One of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures” comments, “it is set apart from other manuscripts of the same period by the quality of its artwork and the sheer number of illustrations that run throughout the 680 pages of the book.” The work not only attracts scholars, but almost a million visitors to Dublin every year. “You simply can’t travel to the capital of Ireland,”...
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Lust for Los Angeles: A Lifestyle Guide to LA

Photographer Olivia Lopez brings an insider eye and impeccable design direction to her debut book Lust for Los Angeles: A Lifestyle Guide to LA. With 200 pages of imagery and copy, the book acts as both a guide and a sociological study of the city. From architecture and landscapes to dining and style destinations, Lopez’s journey covers a wide swath of neighborhoods and cultural necessities.
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Guy Kawasaki, Brand Evangelist in Chief

Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz and an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. He is also the author of The Art of the Start 2.0, The Art of Social Media, Enchantment, and several more books, including his latest, Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life. Kawasaki is using Canva to its fullest to help promote […] The post Guy Kawasaki, Brand Evangelist in Chief appeared first on Adpulp.
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A new Dr. Seuss book — 'Horse Museum' — is coming out this fall

The new book will be titled Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum.Author of 45 children's books, Dr. Seuss's profundity mixed seamlessly with his simplicity. Revisit and explore these timeless classics by yourself and with your children. Publisher Random House has announced that a new Dr. Seuss book, Horse Museum, will be released this fall. In it, a horse guides children through a tour of an art museum, teaching them how we all see the world in different ways.The book's release on September 3 will mark ne...
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Dapper Dan’s Harlem

Created in collaboration with Gucci and limited to an edition of 500, Dapper Dan’s Harlem is a leather-bound book centered around the influential designer/haberdasher’s influence on hip-hop culture. Printed in Italy, the book features photos of friends, admirers, street scenes in Harlem and some of Dan’s work—shot by Ari Marcopoulos. Reminiscent of a bible, the book is an essential for style enthusiasts.
Tags: Books, Photography, Fashion, Design, Style, Italy, Street Style, Gucci, Harlem, Dan, Dapper Dan, Ari Marcopoulos

Things to do in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, March 1-8

  Zoe, the Mexican rock band and Grammy Award winners, perform on March 6 at the Hollywood Palladium. (Photo courtesy of Zoe)   There’s always something fascinating to do in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. Here is a sampling of entertainments this week and also save-the-date events to put on your calendar.   EVENTS   Bianchi Planetarium at Cal State Northridge: “Winter Sky” show, 7:30, and “The Search for Life in the Universe,” 8:30 p.m. March 1. Minimum age 8. Ticke...
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Lebird oiseau d’intérieur par Pierre Baryga

Pierre Baryga, designer diplômé d’Arts Graphiques à Saint Luc (Tournai, Belgique) nous présente Lebird, véritable oiseau d’intérieur en bois aux lignes épurées ! Entièrement fabriqué en made in France, à partir de bois français FSC, le tout soigneusement emballé dans un packaging en papier recyclé… Une chose est sûre, le designer ne laisse rien au hasard et décide de se lancer dans l’auto-édition en créant ByPAN! ...
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Zachary Knoles imagines video games as pulp novel covers

Artist Zachary Knoles created a wonderful series of illustrations that pay tribute to video games by imagining them as pulp novel covers, with the game writers' names in the by-line slots (a very nice touch indeed!). (via Gameraboy)
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The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space.

To celebrate the organization’s first 60 years in space, The NASA Archives features 400+ photographs and rare renderings—spanning the moon landing, rovers on Mars and more. Launched in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was the world’s first civilian space agency with a focus on peaceful exploration—despite it being founded as part of the Space Race. With notes from science and tech journalists, NASA historians, …
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Book review: The Beauty of Everyday Things, by Soetsu Yanagi

Soetsu Yanagi (1889 – 1961) was a philosopher and art historian who came to specialise in the folk crafts of his native Japan. The Beauty of Everyday Things collects several of his essays into one volume celebrating the simplicity and anonymous artistry of Japanese handicrafts. For the author, the humble beauty of well made household […]
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Folia par Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance pour Saint-Louis

Presque deux ans jour pour jour après la sortie de la première collection Folia, la célèbre cristallerie française renouvelle sa collaboration avec le designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance pour une nouvelle collection Folio qui se décline en luminaires. Née en 1586, devenue « verrerie royale » en 1767 et spécialisée dans la production de cristal depuis 1829, la manufacture de cristal Saint-Louis rayonne mondialement par son savoir-faire ancestral et enrichi de génération en génération: cristal souff...
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February linkfest

Why are some companies, like publishers and fashion businesses, called “houses”? Includes a delightful explanation of how Random House got its name. (Grammar Girl) * I’m a pushover for specialized slang dictionaries, and this is a good one: a guide to carnival lingo. Warning: many irresistible rabbit holes on that site. (Good Magic) A razzle dazzle game (Stevens Magic Emporium) * Have startup names gotten less weird? (Techcrunch) * Speaking of weird: This is an article about ...
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FUNGI le banc recyclé par Akos Huber

Akos Huber, jeune designer hongrois passé par l’Angleterre, actuellement du côté des Etats-unis où il a imaginé pour le Street Seats International Design Challenge, FUNGI un banc recyclé ! « The bench, which is made of recycled and renewable materials is currently exhibited in the city center of Portland, Orgeon. During the design process of FUNGI I found the inspiration to consider mushrooms, mosses and parasites. I observed their connections to tree trunks and their structural properties. I ...
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