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Brazilian Biodiversity Information System is bringing Brazil's biological diversity to the internet

As one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth, Brazil is taking steps to consolidate all of the nation’s biodiversity data and information into one place to support scientific research, as well as decision-making and creation of eco-friendly public policy. In an effort to achieve those goals, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC) has created the Brazilian Biodiversity Information System (SiBBr), which is an online platform that gives free acces...
Tags: Design, Earth, Features, Conservation, Farmers, Innovation, Brazil, Un, Biodiversity, Cargill, Endangered Animals, Sustainable, Species, Eco-friendly, Nunes, Scientific Research

Another Casualty Of Government Shutdown: Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival

“The Smithsonian Institution has canceled this summer’s 10-day Folklife Festival celebrating the music and culture of Benin and Brazil and will replace it with a smaller event.” Instead, “[there] will be a two-day event, June 29 and 30, focused on the ‘Social Power of Music,’ in keeping with the Smithsonian-wide 2019 Year of Music theme.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Smithsonian, Brazil, Issues, Benin, Smithsonian Institution, Social Power of Music, 03.14.19

This Brazilian beach house is made from locally-sourced natural materials

The architects at MNMA Studio have created a natural beachy oasis made of eco-friendly elements in the region of Pontal do Cupe, Pernambuco of northeastern Brazil. Head architects Andre Pepato and Mariana Schmidt used natural materials such as eucalyptus, certified wood, calcium carbonate rocks and even twigs to complement the concrete structure. The people of the Pontal do Cupe region have limited access to building materials and methods, so the beach house helps to symbolize an innovative and...
Tags: Design, Brazil, CUPE, Sergio Rodrigues, Pontal, MNMA Studio, Cupe Pernambuco, Andre Pepato, Mariana Schmidt

Illustration Celebrating Modernist Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer

Illustration Celebrating Modernist Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer abduzeedoMar 13, 2019 Levente Szabo shared a beautiful illustration project celebrating the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. With a set of colorful and super stylish illustrations Levent captured the modernist work of Oscar with extreme accuracy. Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect, considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture. He was best kno...
Tags: New York, Design, United Nations, Brazil, Oscar Niemeyer, BRASILIA, Levente Szabó, Levent

Typography: Brasilêro Profiça Distinguished Brazilian Typefaces

Typography: Brasilêro Profiça Distinguished Brazilian Typefaces abduzeedoMar 11, 2019 Crystian Cruz shared an awesome typography or type project that started with the analysis of hundreds of hand-lettered signs from the urban landscape in several cities of Brazil, in order to convey the impact of this popular Brazilian visual culture in a single digital typeface. It was designed in 1999, but only released to the public in 2003, as a free font. With more than...
Tags: Design, Brazil, Newcastle Australia, University of Newcastle With, University of Reading United Kingdom

Rammed earth ties a contemporary home to the rocky New Zealand landscape

Emerging out of the landscape like a series of boulders, the Kanuka Valley House set into a lush valley in Wanaka, New Zealand mimics the large schist rocks that punctuate the pristine landscape. Wellington-based architectural practice WireDog Architecture designed the angular home for a winemaker and his family, who wanted the house to respect the beauty of the natural landscape. To that end, the architects not only modeled the building off of local rock formations, but also used a natural mat...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, New Zealand, Energy Efficiency, Brazil, Passive House, Wellington, Bamboo, Carousel Showcase, Reclaimed Materials, Lake Wanaka, Rammed Earth, Triple Glazed Windows, Wanaka, Thermal Mass

Brazil’s Great Sculpture Park, Inhotim, Reopens Following Disastrous Dam Collapse

“The deadly mudslides that resulted from the [Brumadinho] accident did not reach the sculpture park, which is around 20km from the site and had been evacuated, but more than 80% of its 600 employees live in the region, and more than 40 are related to some of the 300 workers and their families who died or remain missing.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Brazil, Visual, 03.04.19

Actor Katherine Helmond, Beloved Matriarch Of Sitcoms, Has Died At 89

Helmond was the star of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and Time Bandits before becoming the affable matriarch of Soap, Who’s the Boss? and Coach – not to mention the voice of Lizzie in Disney’s Cars franchise. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Disney, People, Brazil, Terry Gilliam, Lizzie, Helmond, Katherine Helmond, 03.01.19

YD JOB ALERT: Philippe Starck is looking to recruit a Junior Interior Architect

It isn’t everyday that one gets the opportunity to meet Philippe Starck, let alone work with him! The Parisian all-round designer is probably one of the best known names in the industry. Having formed his studio ‘Starck’ in 1970, Philippe worked on a massive variety of projects spanning categories like architecture, furniture design, consumer goods, luxury goods, packaging, and even dabbling with occasional transportation design projects. Philippe has also been lauded for factoring in his philos...
Tags: Usa, Design, France, Architecture, Middle East, Philippe-Starck, Brazil, Interiors, Job Board, Architect, Paris France, Philippe, Starck, YD Job Alert, Starck Network Agency, Ecole Boulle Camondo

Bibi Ferreira, Brazilian Theatre’s Grande Dame, Dead At 96

“Ms. Ferreira, who sang in English, French and Spanish as well as in Portuguese, began acting when she was a child and continued performing well into her 90s … Her voice was powerful and protean, capable of making material identified with artists like Édith Piaf and Frank Sinatra entirely her own.” And she made history as Brazil’s first Eliza Doolittle and Dolly Levi. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Brazil, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, Dolly Levi, Ferreira, Eliza Doolittle, 02.19.19

VEJA unveils vegan sneakers made from corn waste

Ethical sneaker brand VEJA has unveiled its newest and arguably most impressive eco-friendly kicks yet — the Campo, a chic sneaker made with a new vegan and biodegradable fabric. The revolutionary material, called C.W.L., is made from a waxed canvas with 50 percent corn waste from the food industry. The Campo marks the first time C.W.L. has been used in the fashion industry. Developed by an Italian company, C.W.L. is organic cotton coated with PU and resin from the corn waste industry. With a ...
Tags: Design, Clothing, Shoes, Fair Trade, Brazil, Biodegradable, Sneakers, Green Fashion, Eco Textiles, Campo, Veja, CWL, Ethical Fashion, Recycled Plastic Bottles, Eco Friendly Fashion, Rio Branco

Roughly 2,000 Objects Have Been Recovered From Ashes Of Brazil’s National Museum

Among the items found are meteorites, bones of an ancient human and dinosaurs, gemstones and minerals, and pre-Columbian artifacts. (Curators warn, however, that some of the 2,000 items may be fragments of the same object.) – Smithsonian Magazine
Tags: Art, Brazil, Visual, 02.15.19

Smart Typography and Graphic Design Treatment for Advertising

Smart Typography and Graphic Design Treatment for Advertising abduzeedoFeb 18, 2019 I grew up watching "futebol", that's the way we call soccer in Brazil. My father was the one that introduced us to the passion behind this sport in Brazil. We used to go to pretty much every soccer game that our local team would play. In Brazil you root for your team and that's it, you don't support or even sympathize with any other team. I believe that is the root of the pass...
Tags: Japan, Design, Brazil, Gremio, Topper, Bruno Miranda, Graphic Design Treatment for Advertising

London – Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato at David Zwirner Through February 9th, 2019

Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato, Sem título (1993). All images via David Zwirner. Now through February 9, David Zwirner is presenting work by the Brazilian-born painter Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato, making the the first time Lorenzato’s work is being shown in the United Kingdom, and the first solo show by the artist outside of Brazil. One of the foremost painters of his […]
Tags: Art, London, Show, United Kingdom, Brazil, Art News, Featured Post, David Zwirner, Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato, Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato Sem, Lorenzato

National Museum Of Brazil Opens Its First Exhibition Since Disastrous Fire

The show, housed at another Rio museum, the Palace of the House of Money, features fossils found in Antarctica. Eight of the items on display, including a pterodactyl bone, were recovered from the museum’s ashes, the other 152 in the show were borrowed from other collections. — Yahoo! (AFP)
Tags: Art, Antarctica, Brazil, Rio, Visual, 01.16.19

Bolsonaro Eliminates Brazil’s Culture Ministry

“Just days into his tenure …, [new president Jair Bolsonaro] has folded it into the newly created ministry of citizenship, a portfolio that now includes social policy, sports, and culture.” And the chief of this new ministry has several controversies following him from the outgoing administration of Michel Temer. — Artnet
Tags: Art, Brazil, Issues, Michel Temer, Jair Bolsonaro, 01.09.19

Extra-Healthy, Gene-Edited Spicy Tomatoes Are Coming

Scientists in Brazil are working to reconnect tomatoes with their chili pepper relatives (they separated some 19 million years ago, but maintain much of the same DNA) in order to create a super-healthy, spicy fruit. Rather than a food fad, this research and experimentation is occurring in order to have people eat more capsaicinoids, “the molecules that give red peppers their spicy pizzazz, for their health benefits.” …
Tags: Health, Food, Science, Design, Tomatoes, Nature, Brazil, Food Science, Food + Drink, Linkaboutit

In Brazil, Female Readers Band Together To Support Female Writers (And They’re All Going To Need Each Other Now)

Book clubs with names such as “Read Women” have been growing in Brazilian cities, pushing for including more work by women authors in publishers’ lists, bookstores’ inventory, and even school curricula. Now those writers and their supporters worry about whether the new president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his far-right followers will undo the progress of recent years. — Public Radio International
Tags: Art, Brazil, Words, SJ, Jair Bolsonaro, 01.03.19

Eco-friendly guesthouse in Brazil sports a green roof and rammed earth walls

In continuation of its work on the eco-conscious Camburi community center, Sao Paulo-based architecture firm CRU! architects recently completed the Guesthouse Paraty, a sustainable social building project that provided construction jobs and training to the local community. To minimize the environmental impact of the building, the architects used natural materials sourced locally, from red earth excavated on site to the tree trunks and bamboo cut from the surrounding forest. The guesthouse was a...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Brazil, Bamboo, Sao Paulo, Carousel Showcase, Green Architecture, Rammed Earth, Paraty, Locally Sourced Materials, Cru, Black Earth, Granite, Green Wall, Cross-ventilation

Reflecting on 2018

Reflecting on 2018 abduzeedoDec 31, 2018 Here we go, the last day of another year. I remember writing the first post back in December 2006. Things were much different. I lived in Brazil, it was summer and I was running my own design studio. Fast-forward 12 years and a lot have changed. I live in another country, it’s very cold, I have a full-time job (which I love) and I’m a happy husband with a beautiful little child. But life always throws us some curve ba...
Tags: Design, Brazil, Marcus Aurelius, Francois

Louise Bourgeois Sculpture to Tour Brazil

One of Louise Bourgeois’s first large-scale Spider sculptures will leave its home in the atrium of the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo for a tour of Brazilian art museums. The tour is designed as an effort to “democratize” the museum’s holdings, according to Eduardo Saron, the institute’s cultural director. Read more at Art Newspape
Tags: Art, News, Brazil, Museum of Modern Art, Sao Paulo, Art News, Minipost, Louise Bourgeois, Eduardo Saron

2018 Best of Bicycles, Part 2: Safety & Storage

Two things that can contribute to increasing bike ridership: Ease of storage and personal safety. Here are some of the strides (and setbacks?) made in both categories this year. Bike Storage Utrecht's new, space-efficient three-level bicycle parking facility is a great example of how to fit a lot of bicycles into a very limited space. An example of bicycle storage design gone wrong? Quebec City's bike rack design competition yielded the staggering cost of $23,600 per rack. For storing your...
Tags: Design, Bikes, Amsterdam, Brazil, Quebec City, Emily Brooke

Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca to Represent Brazil in Venice Next Year

Brazil’s Ministry of Culture, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo have selected Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca to represent the nation at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, who curated this year’s edition of the Bienal de São Paulo, will curate the pavilion. Read more at Art News  
Tags: Art, News, Brazil, Venice, Art News, Minipost, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Bienal de São Paulo, Gabriel Pérez Barreiro, Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, Bárbara Wagner Benjamin de Burca

Nature-inspired art gallery is built from bamboo and reused bricks

Belgium- and Brazil-based design practice CRU! architects channeled its passion for bamboo architecture and natural building materials into an art gallery in Catuçaba, a rural community about three hours east of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Spanning an area of 1,184 square feet, the project was commissioned by the owner of Fazenda Catuçaba, an idyllic farmhouse-style hotel that includes an operational organic farm. Building on Fazenda Catuçaba’s environmentally friendly practices, the art gallery was con...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Belgium, Brazil, Community, Reuse, Art Gallery, Brick, Bamboo, Recycled Materials, Green Materials, Tulum, Sao Paulo Brazil, Peggy Guggenheim, Vitruvius

Brazil’s National Museum Embraces New Research Partnerships

A partnership with the Smithsonian Institution and Fulbright Commission will allow researchers from Brazil’s destroyed National Museum to continue their research. “We have lost part of our collection but not our ability to produce knowledge,” the museum’s director, Alexander Kellner, said in a statement. Read more at Art Newspape
Tags: Art, News, Brazil, Art News, Minipost, National Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Alexander Kellner, National Museum Embraces New Research Partnerships, Fulbright Commission

Brand Identity for Brazilian Soccer Team Goias

Brand Identity for Brazilian Soccer Team Goias abduzeedoDec 20, 2018 We have published tons of incredible brand identity articles here on ABDZ since we started. These projects were for all sorts of businesses but we never had one for a soccer team, at least until today. BR/BAUEN Design Group shared this beautiful redesign project for the visual identity of one of Brazilians big soccer teams, Goias. It’s a very thorough project that goes from the mark to unifo...
Tags: Design, Brazil, Goias, Soccer Team Goias, Rodrigo Francisco Braz de Pina, Rodrigo Francisco Murilo Pascoal Verônica Sauthier, Elson Souto, Eduardo França, Sérgio Gabriel Rassi, Marcelo Almeida Isvami Vieira Júnior

Brazil’s National Museum Ends Its Worst Year Ever With Some Good News, Thanks To Google And The Smithsonian

Google Arts & Culture has just opened a virtual recreation of the pre-fire museum, which was completely destroyed in a fire in September. In addition, the Smithsonian has launched a program that will let 14 displaced researchers continue their work with residencies at the National Museum of Natural History and the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. — The Art Newspaper
Tags: Google, Art, Smithsonian, Brazil, Visual, National Museum of Natural History, Google Arts Culture, 12.17.18

Time for a Change - Abduzeedo 12 Years

Time for a Change - Abduzeedo 12 Years abduzeedoDec 17, 2018 Abduzeedo started at the end of 2006. Exactly on December 16th. The reason I started was due to necessity. My design studio had just been robbed. I had lost my computers and had to start over. In the context of losing everything, the blog was forged and as Bob Dylan once said: “if you ain't got nothing you ain't got nothing to lose”. With that mindset, I launched the blog without any business aspira...
Tags: Design, Time, Css, Bob Dylan, Brazil, Happy Holidays, Helvetica, Sao Paulo, Abduzeedo, Gisele, Rafael Silva, François Hoang, Goonies Indiana Jones, CSS Grids

Modernist Take on Poster Design by Max Rompo

Modernist Take on Poster Design by Max Rompo abduzeedoDec 13, 2018 Max Rompo shared a set of incredible posters he created for Fito Paez tour in Brazil. The poster design style is quite modernist taking advantages of the primitive shapes that form the Brazilian flag. In addition, the colors and typography are equally well designed.  Max is a designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His portfolio is filled with inspiring graphic design projects that are def...
Tags: Design, Brazil, Max, Buenos Aires Argentina, Fito Paez, Max Rompo

Brazil’s Publishing Industry In Crisis With Wave Of Bookseller Closures

The country’s two major bookstore chains are in or near bankruptcy and are closing so many stores that many cities will be left with no place to buy books. The head of one Brazilian publishing firm has been reduced to pleading with the public to buy books as Christmas gifts. — The Guardian
Tags: Art, Brazil, Words, 12.11.18

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