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As If British Bookstores Aren’t Having Enough Trouble, Books Can’t Get Into Port

Yes, it’s partly due to Brexit, and partly due to the pandemic, but the port at Felixstowe backed up so far that some companies won’t even try to import. “People are contacting us saying they’ve paid for books on pre-order as gifts, and we ultimately can’t guarantee delivery.” – BBC
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The New GBBO Is All About Flowers

In a time of pandemics, wildfires, long election seasons, Brexit, and more, little can reassure a tired viewing audience, one that has seen every episode of The Great British Bake-Off (or The Great British Baking Show, in Netflix terms) and perhaps is jaded about the handshake. But then Britain comes through again with Full Bloom. – Los Angeles Times
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Boris’s ‘Festival Of Brexit’ Is Now Accepting Proposals

“Critics have dubbed it a ‘festival of Brexit’ and pilloried it as a waste of £120m of public money, but the first plans for the festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland … will officially launch on Wednesday. Using the working title Festival UK * 2022 organisers have opened applications for teams who wish to be commissioned to come up with ideas for the event.” (In fact, Theresa May first proposed the arts festival, but just about everyone associates it with Boris Johnson.) – The Guardian...
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How We Get Facts To Bend To Our Prejudices

“We keep hearing that this is a post-truth era, that feelings beat facts, people no longer care what’s true, and we’re heading for ruin. Opponents of Brexit and Donald Trump not only found those victories intolerable, but many refused to believe them to be legitimate, instead supposing that lies had swayed a docile population. This idea of a gullible, pliable populace is, of course, nothing new. Voltaire said, ‘those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities’. But no, ...
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Is This A Craft Renaissance?

People in Britain – perhaps spurred on by Brexit fears, or perhaps it’s just a cyclical thing, this “return to traditional craft” – are learning everything from vase painting to making spinning wheels and clay pipes. – The Observer (UK)
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English resort town to get giant white palm tree sculpture

Cleethorpes is a faded northern English resort town whose inherent grimness is leavened by low rainfall and a nice sandy beach. And now it is to become home to a giant white metal palm tree, to the dismay of some locals. Artist Wolfgang Weileder has said the sculpture will serve as a "warning for the future" on climate change. It will feature a black shadow underneath, partly made from recycled material collected from Cleethorpes beach. The project, due to be installed by the end of the year, a...
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The Royal Shakespeare Company Hires Its First Spanish Actor

David Luque, a 47-year-old actor from Madrid, has been working steadily in theatre for decades, starting when he was a student using the EU’s programs to study in Germany. But really, right as Brexit hits? He says, “The RSC is in an opening moment, breaking old schemes to try to reflect on the stage the diversity. …  It may seem paradoxical at this time when Brexit has just taken place, although perhaps it is precisely the reaction of the art world.” – El País (Spain)
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AO Auction Recap – London: Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist Sales, February 4th-5th, 2020

Tamara de Lempicka, Portrait de Marjorie Ferry (1932), final price: £16,280,000, via Christie’s With the UK now into its first days of Brexit, attention turned to London this week for a string of Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist Sales that looked to take the first test of the market.  Considering the results this week, a path forward seems uneasy […]
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The Grim ‘Secular Funeral’ Music Of Brexit

So this is how Great Britain’s time in the EU ends, not with a bang, but … “Edward Gregson, the British composer charged by Radio 4’s PM programme with the tricky task of composing a piece to mark the UK’s departure from the union, uses Beethoven’s theme as the basis for his ‘Notes Between Friends,’ a brief, melancholic duet for piano and cello (played by the composer and Peter Dixon, principal cello of the BBC Philharmonic). Gregson insists he has been even-handed in his treatment – the brief...
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This Brexit Mug By Lee Cartledge Is Completely Useless

The UK has officially left the European Union after 47 years of membership – and more than three years after it voted to do so in a referendum. The historic moment was marked by both celebrations and anti-Brexit protests. North Yorkshire potter Lee Cartledge has designed a commemorative Brexit mug that cannot be used and therefore “sums up the whole Brexit negotiations”. More: Source
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So What Is This ‘Festival Of Brexit’ Going To Be, Anyway? Here’s What Its Director Says

“It has been mocked and pilloried as a ‘festival of Brexit‘, but the newly appointed boss of the £120m nationwide celebration planned for 2022 has said he is going to embrace the cynics – and prove them wrong. In his first interview as the director of Festival 2022, Martin Green said the aims would be to bring the nation together, showcase British creativity, and on a basic level bring some ‘joy, hope and happiness’.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Brexit, Issues, Martin Green, 01.12.20

The Observer Christmas puzzles special: bumper quiz of the year

Test your mettle against our writers’ questions on film, music, politics, theatre and more• Try your hand at the Observer’s literary picture quizWhich of these bestselling novels has not been seen on British stages this year?Life of Pi – Yann MartelThe Line of Beauty – Alan Hollinghurst Grief is the Thing with Feathers – Max Porter Small Island – Andrea LevyA hugely successful revival of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal transferred from the West End to Broadway this year. Tom Hiddleston's casting in the...
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UK Conservative Party Plans £120 Million Cultural ‘Festival Of Brexit’

“The Conservative Party confirmed in its manifesto that it plans to move forward with the cultural Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland if it wins the UK general election on 12 December. … But arts professionals have raised concerns about this proposed showcase of Great Britain’s talents, once dubbed ‘the festival of Brexit’ by the [hardline anti-EU] Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, UK, Eu, Northern Ireland, Conservative Party, Brexit, Issues, Great Britain, Jacob Rees, 11.26.19

Brexit #2: The Pre-Election Update

The government has revved up all its advice pages on Brexit on the GOV.UK website ready for going into "purdah" when Parliament rises tomorrow, prior to the General Election on 2012. This post is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark on Art]
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NYT Spotlights Post-Brexit Future for EU Art Market

David Zwirner is in the NYT this week, talking about Brexit and how it has affected the future of the European art market. “I thought of having a second leg in Europe since a few years, but Brexit did accelerate that process,” he says. “There were opportunities in Europe we weren’t grabbing in the way […]
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Sculptor Antony Gormley plans Brexit giants off the French coast

Iron figures would extend four miles out to sea to celebrate shared Celtic and neolithic heritage of UK and BrittanyStark on a hill over Gateshead, Sir Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North stands as a symbol of Britain’s northern identity. And across the country, on the Mersey estuary, the sculptor’s group of imposing solo figures at Crosby beach has become part of the landscape.Now, on the eve of Britain’s potential departure from Europe, Gormley is planning a new and dramatic intervention on th...
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Brexit #1: Do or Die?

I'm going to start writing periodic posts which either provide: pointers on things to think about re. Brexit feedback on what seems to be happening / changing (or not) post 31 October - should that... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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If There’s A No-Deal Brexit, Many British Performers May Have To Give Up Touring In Europe At All

“Music industry figures have said a no-deal Brexit would make touring ‘simply unviable for many artists’, after new government guidelines for cultural, heritage and sporting professionals touring Europe signalled … [that] touring parties would face extra issues with documentation, travel and the transport and sale of goods as they take their work to individual EU member states.” – The Guardian
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The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson review – satire fails to skewer

Park theatre, LondonChurchill, Blair and Thatcher drop in on Jonathan Maitland’s vacillating hero, but the jokes fall flat in this topical comedyThe problem with creating a play about Boris Johnson is that it reinforces his inflated sense of his own importance. Jonathan Maitland’s topical satire has a few good gags and sharply improves in its futuristic second half but, while suggesting that Johnson is a vacillating opportunist, it leaves its subject unskewered and adds to the media infatuation ...
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Proposed UK Passport Design By Mark Noad “Truly Represents Our Standing In The World”

With the UK mired in Brexit crisis, this is a good time to revisit this design submitted for our Brexit passport design competition, which seems to sum up how a lot of people feel about the political situation. More: Mark Noad h/t: dezeen Designer Mark Noad submitted this humorous series of three passports for a rebranded UK, called the Full United Kingdom (FUK). Under his proposal... Source
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Europe's unflinching tales of #MeToo and xenophobia land in London

A Piece of the Continent, a festival celebrating the unifying influence of European theatre, includes dramas about patriarchy, dogmatism and dementiaAs Britain seeks to finalise its divorce from the EU, an inaugural festival celebrates the best of European theatre and its influence on the UK. A Piece of the Continent was created by the Actors Centre as a response to Brexit and the idea of putting a picket fence around Britain’s creative life. It shows that culture is at its greatest when it cros...
Tags: Europe, UK, London, Theatre, Eu, Society, World news, Culture, Britain, Stage, Dementia, Puppetry, Brexit, Francois, Angele, MeToo Movement

Brexit Will Have A Debilitating Effect On British Pop Music

Brexit’s greatest impact on music looks likely to be on the live sector, both on British musicians going abroad, and on foreign artists and fans travelling to the UK.  – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Brexit, 04.03.19

Scary Bikers review – John Godber saddles up for a bumpy Brexit ride

Trafalgar Studios, LondonIn his funny and perceptive two-hander, Godber and his wife play a quarrelsome couple on a tandem trip to EuropeAlthough it dominates our lives, Brexit has so far made surprisingly few appearances on stage. It is, however, a key topic – along with grief and cycling – in this humane, funny and perceptive two-hander written by John Godber and performed by him and his wife, Jane Thornton. This is certainly the first play I’ve seen that seeks to explain why so many people vo...
Tags: Europe, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Florence, Carol, Brexit, Don, Pontefract, John Godber, Trafalgar Studios, Godber, Jane Thornton

“La Forza Del Destino,” “Alice in Wonderland,” And A World-Gone-Mad Brexit

“Everything is in confusion,” sings Fra Melitone. That was also true for the world outside of the opera house during Brexit week. As many have commented, English political life is hurtling “down the rabbit hole,” and it’s perhaps worth noting that “La Forza del Destino,” in 1862, was an unlikely cultural sibling of that quintessentially British masterpiece “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” which Lewis Carroll began writing in that same year and was published soon after, in 1865. Brexit is th...
Tags: Art, Music, Lewis Carroll, Brexit, Cheshire, 04.02.19

Van Gogh Show Faces Threats from Brexit

A blockbuster Van Gogh show at The Tate Britain is under pressure from foundering Brexit negotiations, as British and Dutch governments work to assure the show’s lenders that their works would not be subject to hefty import taxes when they are shipped back from the UK following a possible no-deal Brexit. “Going to the UK was never […]
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'England became smaller and bigger': what 'home' means in Brexit Britain

Headlong theatre company’s latest production, Acts of Resistance, plugs into people power in four communities across the countryIn the days after the EU referendum, Headlong theatre company’s artistic director Jeremy Herrin was struck by the dividing lines fracturing the UK. “It was just a massively clear exposure that the country was in disagreement,” he says, “and the old party lines – north/south, working class/middle class, Tory/Labour – all of those divides seemed to be foxed completely by ...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, England, Theatre, Eu, European Union, UK News, World news, Culture, Stage, Brexit, Bristol Old Vic, Brexit Britain, Herrin, Jeremy Herrin

British Actor Juliet Stevenson Calls Brexit A Retrograde Step That Will Make Collaboration Harder

Stevenson was among many other arts leaders in Britain who said Brexit was a terrible idea. She added, “I spent last year filming a series called Riviera, which had a French crew, Belgian director, German camera man, English, Swiss and American casts, and it’s particularly those sorts of things that are going to be much harder.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Britain, Brexit, Issues, Juliet Stevenson, Stevenson, 03.15.19

The Scandalously Mismanaged Garden Bridge

The Garden Bridge, somewhat, one might say, like Brexit, has so far not appeared (and the bridge, at least, never will). “An itemised bill for its failure has just arrived: £53m in total, of which £2.76m(including VAT) went to the designer Thomas Heatherwick; £12.7m to the engineers Arup; £2.3m to lawyers; and £1.7m went on the salaries of the executives who didn’t in the end execute the project. It cost £1.3m to survey the riverbed and look for unexploded wartime bombs. The project’s adequate ...
Tags: Art, Thomas Heatherwick, Brexit, Visual, Arup, Garden Bridge, 02.17.19

And So It Begins: English-Language Theatre In Germany Won’t Audition British Actors Because Of Brexit

Due to uncertainty over what visa and employment regulations will be in place after March 29, “the English Theatre of Hamburg said it was only interested in seeing actors who held a passport for a European Union member state, and that UK performers must also have an EU passport to be seen for a part.” — The Stage
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London: 20 free museums in London

Planning to visit London on a budget could initially give any Cheapo a nervous breakdown. Everything just costs more than most other European destinations in this international city. And despite the oncoming Brexit issue, with the British pound still holding fairly strong against other currencies, we don’t expect prices to be dropping anytime soon. However, as documented throughout our London guide and our list of the best cheap hotels in Central London, it is possible to live it up in London on...
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