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Once, Community Housing Architecture Was A Utopian Dream

“When the housing scheme opened in 1938, it offered 3,000 residents modern kitchens with integrated waste disposal, as well as communal nursery and launderette facilities in what was then the largest social housing complex in Britain.” Fifty years later? All gone. – The Guardian (UK)
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Britain’s Collins Dictionary Declares “NFT” Word Of The Year 2021

It’s hard to believe now, but it was only this March that Beeple sold his original non-fungible token artwork for $69 million, setting off the NFT madness. Collins reported that it’s one of the few words that’s “broken through the COVID noise,” with usage up 11,000%. – The Guardian
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Come On, Britain: Give The Marbles Back

This is important to Greece: “The missing Parthenon frieze in its original state is a reminder of the country’s humiliation by the Turks, and by a British aristocrat.” And guess what? Britain can just scan the marbles and 3D print some replacements. – The Guardian (UK)
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Patrick Reyntiens, Who Worked Miracles With Stained Glass In Britain’s Bombed-Out Cathedrals, Dead At 95

While he did a great deal of high-quality work, his most admired projects were in two modern monuments which replaced medieval landmarks destroyed in World War II: Coventry Cathedral (the baptistry) and Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (the lantern tower.) – The Guardian
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The Prime Minister Of Greece Tries To Broker A Return Of The Parthenon’s Marbles From Britain

Ahead of talks with Boris Johnson, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, “Our position is very clear. The marbles were stolen in the 19th century; they belong in the Acropolis Museum and we need to discuss this issue in earnest.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Greek prime minister tries to broker deal for return of Parthenon marbles

Kyriakos Mitsotakis offers to loan Greek treasures to British Museum if ‘stolen’ sculptures are returned to AcropolisThe Greek prime minister has demanded that the 2,500-year-old Parthenon marbles, which he accuses Britain of stealing, be returned to Greece, and even offered to loan some of his country’s treasures to the British Museum in an attempt to broker a deal.Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the Daily Telegraph that the sculptures, also known as the Elgin marbles, belong in the Acropolis Museum i...
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Boris Johnson’s Government Is Using Britain’s Cultural Institutions As Culture War Battlefields

Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian‘s chief arts writer, comments on how the current Tory administration is applying loyalty tests and generally interfering with every single decision and appointment it can make — and is doing so with remarkable shamelessness. – The Guardian
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The Enormous Marketing Power Of BookTok

“BookTok is passionate. It is also profitable—at least for publishers. Bloomsbury, a publishing house based in Britain, recently reported record sales and a 220% rise in profits, which Nigel Newton, its boss, put down partly to the ‘absolute phenomenon’ of BookTok.” – The Economist
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A Row Over A Potentially Antisemitic Name At The Royal Court Theatre

Playwright Al Smith says he didn’t mean one of his characters – a zillionaire Silicon Valley bro meant to represent Elon Musk – named “Hershel Fink” to read as Jewish, but after protests, Britain’s Royal Court theatre has changed the name. – The Observer (UK)
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“Utterly Astounding”: Well-Preserved Roman Statues Found On Route Of Britain’s Planned High-Speed Railway

“Statues of a Roman man, woman and child have been uncovered by archaeologists at an abandoned medieval church on the route of the HS2 high-speed railway.” – The Guardian
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Abdulrazak Gurnah Won The Nobel Prize For Literature. Why Wasn’t His 2020 Book Published In The US?

“Afterlives,” which explores the brutality of Germany’s colonial rule in East Africa, came out in Britain in September 2020 and was hailed as a masterpiece. But it failed to reach a wide readership and wasn’t even published in the United States. – The New York Times
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In Britain, Subtitles May Finally Be Returning After Fire

“Hundreds of hours of Channel 4 programming have been affected by the outage, which began when fire suppression devices destroyed hard disks at a west London broadcast centre on 25 September.” But some are back – only some, for instance on Great British Bake-Off. – BBC
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Little Amal in Britain: giant puppet of Syrian refugee reaches Folkestone – video

The giant puppet representing a nine-year-old Syrian girl has reached the UK, making her first stop in Folkestone, Kent, after walking thousands of miles across Europe.Choirs sang and children greeted Little Amal on the beach on Tuesday. She had made the same cross-Channel journey taken so far this year by more than 17,000 people seeking refuge from conflict, hunger and persecution.On the last leg of her journey, Little Amal will visit Canterbury, London, Oxford, Coventry, Birmingham, Sheffield ...
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Little Amal in Britain: giant puppet of Syrian girl reaches her journey’s end

Three-metre tall figure will land on Folkestone beach after walking thousands of miles across EuropeThe transcontinental odyssey of Little Amal will begin its final stage this week when the giant puppet of a nine-year-old Syrian girl reaches the shores of the UK after walking thousands of miles across Europe.Bells will chime and choirs will sing as Little Amal appears on the beach on Tuesday in Folkestone, Kent, after making the same cross-Channel journey that has been taken so far this year by ...
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Inside The Battle For Britain’s National Trust

Many National Trust properties rest on profits from the labor of enslaved people. “The charity seems to have become a lightning rod for the boiling emotions of a nation in flux, racked by arguments over national identity, social justice, pride and guilt.” – The Guardian (UK)
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UK Museums Show Impacts Of COVID Shutdown

More than 18 months since the coronavirus pandemic hit Britain, its long-term effects on the country’s museums are becoming clear. Months of closures have caused havoc with their finances, and as a consequence, many museums expect to be strapped for years. – The New York Times
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Nobel Prizewinner Abdulrazak Gurnah Has Some Strong Words For Europe

Gurnah, who is from Tanzania and lives in Britain, said, “People don’t come with nothing, they come with their youth, their energy, their potential. … Just to stay on the idea ‘they are there, they are coming to steal something of our prosperity’ is inhumane.” – Le Figaro
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Book Sales Soared In Britain During Lockdown

Can the physical, print book continue its run this year? Independent bookstores would really like books to keep selling, even when people aren’t trapped at home. – BBC
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Why Does Classical Music Humor Keep Getting More And More Lame?

Time was, Dudley Moore could dash off a witty parody of a Beethoven sonata or Britten folk song arrangement. These days, NPR Classical and Britain’s Classic FM tweet cartoons about John Cage’s 4’33” or, god forbid, the sort of viola jokes we told in middle school. – Van
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Songlines and stolen children: lessons from Indigenous Australians

The UK/Australia Season is the largest ever cultural exchange between the two nations, including shell-covered slippers, a 19th-century Indigenous cricket team and uprising anthems linking Brixton to Palm IslandMargo Neale is feeling proud. “Here we are,” she says, “250 years after the British set out to colonise and civilise us, taking our culture to the British – to teach them how to survive in this fragmenting world.” Neale, an Indigenous Australian from the Gumbaynggirr and Kulin nations, is...
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‘We will teach the British how to survive’: Indigenous Australian culture hits the UK

The UK/Australia Season is the largest ever cultural exchange between the two nations, including the sacred knowledge held in songlines, a 19th-century Indigenous cricket team and uprising anthems linking Brixton to Palm IslandMargo Neale is feeling proud. “Here we are,” she says, “250 years after the British set out to colonise and civilise us, taking our culture to the British – to teach them how to survive in this fragmenting world.” Neale, an Indigenous Australian from the Gumbaynggirr and K...
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Britain Has A New Culture Secretary (And It Looks Like She’s A Doozy)

“Boris Johnson has appointed Nadine Dorries as culture secretary, giving a first Cabinet post to an outspoken MP who has previously accused the BBC of being biased and claimed comedy is being killed by ‘leftwing snowflakes’.” – The Guardian
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Is Elaine Mitchener Britain’s Boldest Vocalist?

Mitchener is “a vocalist (arguably the UK’s boldest operatic voice), movement artist (‘dancer’ isn’t quite right) and composer whose work cuts across music, theatre, dance, art and research. Her power is in her ability to generate intense collective empathy in a room.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The ‘Netflix Of Italian Culture’ Is Coming (And A Lot of It Will Be Free)

Operating along the lines of France TV’s Culturebox, the streaming service offers concerts, theater, dance, opera, virtual museum tours, cinema, and documentaries. It’s already online in Italy and Britain and will debut in the rest of Europe and the US in coming months. – Variety
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Banksy’s Great British Spraycation: The Artist Spray Paints England’s Favorite Summer-Holiday Destinations

“We’re all going on a summer holiday / no more working for a week or two,” sings Cliff Richard in one of his most famous songs. “Fun and laughter on a summer holiday / no more worries for me or you.” Like The Beatles’ ultra-northern “When I’m Sixty-Four,” with its cottage rentals on the Isle of Wight (“if it’s not too dear”), Richard’s “Summer Holiday” dates from a time in Britain when tourism was, as a rule, domestic. And so it has become again over the past couple of years, what with t...
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Amazing Grace: artist’s tribute casts new light on Victorian rescue heroine

Grace Darling’s role in saving the survivors of a shipwreck off Northumberland is to be commemorated on the anniversary of the featA ferocious gale blew across the north-east coast of Britain on the night that made Grace Darling a star of popular history. She was to become a beacon of bravery for the Victorians when she set out in a small rowing boat to help the distressed passengers of the sinking SS Forfarshire.Now she is to be celebrated with a large art installation in Northumberland, commis...
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Dandelion Sketches

I have decided to write the occasional post about some of the plants featured in my sketchbooks. It seems a shame to present a painting without all of the 'other stuff' or back stories, such as the description, history, process of painting or whatever, it's one of the many reasons why keeping a sketchbook is so appealing to me. Of course a finished painting is a stand -alone piece and takes a lot of time, but the process of learning about a plant in a sketchbook study is much more than the visua...
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The Revolving Reputation Of Terence Rattigan, Once Britain’s Favorite Playwright

“His fall from grace in the mid-1950s was sudden and unexpected. From the mid-1930s he’d been the darling of the West End.” Then along came the British theatre’s Angry Young Men, followed by critic Kenneth Tynan, whose savaging torpedoed Rattigan’s plays for a generation. –
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Discover The Grammar of Ornament, One of the Great Color Books & Design Masterpieces of the 19th Century

In the mid-17th century, young Englishmen of means began to mark their coming of age with a “Grand Tour” across the Continent and even beyond. This allowed them to take in the elements of their civilizational heritage first-hand, especially the artifacts of classical antiquity and the Renaissance. After completing his architectural studies, a Londoner named Owen Jones embarked upon his own Grand Tour in 1832, rather late in the history of the tradition, but ideal timing for the research ...
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What’s Holding Back The Vinyl Revival?

Record Store Day 2 was Saturday, but between production issues and the pandemic (and Brexit, for Britain), vinyl isn’t doing as well as it should be. – The Guardian (UK) The Guardian (UK)
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