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British, Irish Theatres Step Up Dialog As Brexit Looms

There is of course a long history of interaction between the British and Irish theatres, and this looks certain to continue into the future — however Britain’s relationship with the EU (and thus with Ireland) evolves in the years ahead. – Clyde Fitch Report
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Britain’s Biggest Bronze Statue Crosses Land And Sea To Reach New Home

Britain’s largest bronze sculpture – a giant figure of a crouching woman – glided into its new home in the coastal city of Plymouth on Monday, bolted onto the back of a sea barge. The seven-metre (23 ft) high artwork, showing an actress poised to leap into action, crossed the waters of Plymouth Sound and landed at the city’s Millbay Docks, dwarfing the hard-hatted crewmen below who did not even... Source
Tags: Messenger, UK, Design, Britain, Plymouth, Statue, Plymouth Sound, Joseph Hillier

US Supreme Court Says UK National Gallery Can Keep Contested Matisse

“Three grandchildren of Greta Moll, the muse depicted in the portrait, had argued that the painting was taken in violation of international law and demanded that the National Gallery pay $30 million in compensation for the painting or return it. But last September, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York affirmed a lower-court decision that the National Gallery and Britain were immune from the jurisdiction of US courts,” and the Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal. – The Art Ne...
Tags: Art, New York, Supreme Court, US, Britain, National Gallery, Visual, Second Circuit Court of Appeals, 03.19.19, Greta Moll

A New Mosque In The UK Connects To The Natural World

The new mosque, designed by the architects who created the London Eye, isn’t the typical style of mosque in Britain, where the driving force has usually been somewhat utilitarian. This one “is the most determined attempt yet to build in a way that is of its own place and time,” says architecture critic Rowan Moore. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, London, Britain, Visual, Rowan Moore, 03.17.19

British Actor Juliet Stevenson Calls Brexit A Retrograde Step That Will Make Collaboration Harder

Stevenson was among many other arts leaders in Britain who said Brexit was a terrible idea. She added, “I spent last year filming a series called Riviera, which had a French crew, Belgian director, German camera man, English, Swiss and American casts, and it’s particularly those sorts of things that are going to be much harder.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Britain, Brexit, Issues, Juliet Stevenson, Stevenson, 03.15.19

Jewish Theater Is A Real Thing In The US — Why Not In Britain? (There’s No Shortage Of Jews In Theatre There)

“Jewish theatre artists have been central but often unidentified.” (Harold Pinter, Janet Suzman, Antony Sher, David Lan, Tracy Ann Oberman, Nicholas Hytner, …) “Is this an immigrant people’s anxiety around unwelcome attention? ‘We’re a self-effacing community,’ says playwright Samantha Ellis, ‘we’re afraid to put our heads above the parapet.'” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, US, Britain, Samantha Ellis, 03.13.19

Anish Kapoor: 'If I was a young Muslim, would I feel angry enough to join Isis? I would at least think about it'

Britain has gone through the looking glass and the artist’s new show follows it into the abyss. He talks about the upsurge in racism, fighting for Shamima Begum – and his clash with France’s presidentAt 7.30 on the morning after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Anish Kapoor left his London flat for an appointment with his analyst. On the street, he heard two men talking. “Bet he doesn’t even speak English,” said one. “I turned around and they were talking about me. I was so furious.”Si...
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Anish Kapoor: 'If I was an angry young Muslim, I would think about joining Isis'

Britain has gone through the looking glass and the artist’s new show follows it into the abyss. He talks about the upsurge in racism, fighting for Shamima Begum – and his clash with France’s presidentAt 7.30 on the morning after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Anish Kapoor left his London flat for an appointment with his analyst. On the street, he heard two men talking. “Bet he doesn’t even speak English,” said one. “I turned around and they were talking about me. I was so furious.”Si...
Tags: Art, London, France, Religion, Race, European Union, Society, UK News, World news, Culture, Britain, Art and design, Heritage, Museums, Sculpture, Islam

Finland plans to complete its coal ban one year early

Finland is following through with its coal ban initiative and making it a top priority over the next 10 years. The country promised to eliminate its reliance on coal by 2030, and Finnish Parliament just pushed through a motion to complete the ban a year earlier than the previous goal. One year may not seem like much, but moving the ban up means Finland will be completely coal-free in the next decade. The move also means that the country will have to increase its phasing out program by around 10...
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The ‘Call The Midwife’ Star Who Was Told She Should Try To Be A Secretary

Jessica Raine is not impressed with her school career advisor. Keep in mind that this was Britain, of course, so when she said she wanted to be an actress, “The attitude that you could do anything was firmly shut down.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, People, Britain, Jessica Raine, 03.09.19

Quebec Radio Stations Pull Michael Jackson’s Music After Documentary

Jackson’s family and his estate have denounced the Leaving Neverland documentary in recent weeks through written statements, a lawsuit, and letters to HBO and Britain’s Channel 4, which also plans to air the film. Their central criticism has been the documentary’s failure to talk to family members or other defenders of Jackson, whom they insist never molested a child. – CBC
Tags: Art, Hbo, Media, Britain, Jackson, Quebec Radio Stations Pull Michael Jackson

Britain’s National Theatre Archive Gets A Quarter-Century Celebration

Some contributions to the celebratory exhibit are slightly more elaborate than others: “The security guard at the NT Archive, Slav Kirichok, who also happens to be a talented photographer and film-maker, has created a short video in tribute to Danny Boyle’s 2011 production of Frankenstein.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Britain, Danny Boyle, 03.01.19

Producers Of Broadway ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ And Publishers Of Older Play Version Could Be Headed To Court

Scott Rudin, lead producer of the Aaron Sorkin adaptation now on Broadway and likely to tour eventually, has been trying to block stagings of the older version, written half a century ago by Christopher Sergel Sr. and still published by his family firm. (One tour of regional Britain was recently cancelled after Rudin threatened to sue.) Christopher Sergel III says this is doing real damage to his business. – Crain’s Chicago Business
Tags: Art, Aaron Sorkin, Theatre, Chicago, Britain, Broadway, Scott Rudin, Crain, Rudin, Christopher Sergel, 02.22.19, Christopher Sergel III

Believed extinct for 38 years, the world's largest bee has been found

Measuring in at four times the size of the average honeybee, Wallace’s giant bee has been on the endangered species radar for decades and was feared to be gone forever. But after 38 years of searching, scientists have confirmed that the world’s largest bee hasn’t gone extinct just yet. A team of scientists hailing from the United States and Australia discovered a female giant bee on the North Moluccas islands of Indonesia. The bee was uncovered in a termite nest, and the team was able to captur...
Tags: Design, News, Indonesia, Australia, Animals, Bees, Britain, United States, Endangered Species, Extinction, Iucn, Wallace, Messer, Alfred Russel Wallace, Save The Bees, North Moluccas

NYT Charts Headaches No Deal Brexit Will Cause for British Art World

The New York Times has a piece on the increasingly real possibility that Britain leave the EU without a deal, noting in particular the challenges it poses for London’s arts scene.  “If there is no deal, it means all shipments between Britain and the E.U. will be subject to customs clearance,” says Victor Khureya, executive […]
Tags: Art, London, News, Eu, Britain, New York Times, Art News, Minipost, Victor Khureya

Here’s How Brexit Will Impact The Business Of Art

One example: Tornabuoni Art, a high-end dealership with galleries in six locations in Britain, France and Italy, now plans to close its current London exhibition of 20th-century abstracts by Alberto Burri and Lucio Fontana on March 9, three weeks earlier than scheduled. The 40 works in the show have a value of about 70 million euros, or $79 million, which would attract a tax bill of €7 million if shipped back to Italy after Britain drops out of the European Union’s free trade zone, because Ital...
Tags: Art, London, European Union, Britain, Italy, Visual, Alberto Burri, Britain France, Lucio Fontana, 02.19.19

Nan Goldin Threatens Boycott of National Portrait Gallery Over Sackler Family Support

Nan Goldin will turn down a retrospective of her work at Britain’s National Portrait Gallery if it accepts a gift of £1 million from the Sackler family, threatening to boycott the gallery over its involvement in the manufacture of OxyContin.  “I will not do the show,” Goldin says. “I have been invited to have a retrospective at […]
Tags: Art, News, Britain, National Portrait Gallery, Art News, Minipost, Nan Goldin, Goldin, Sackler, Nan Goldin Threatens Boycott

Andrea Levy, Chronicler Of Britain’s Windrush Generation, Has Died At 62

Levy didn’t start writing until she was in her 30s, but her fourth novel, 2004’s Small Island, won the Orange Prize and made her a household name in Britain and the U.S. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Britain, Levy, 02.15.19, Andrea Levy Chronicler

Is Britain’s West End Finally Stepping Up For Women Playwrights?

Looks like it. Of course, there’s always (been) Agatha Christie and The Mousetrap, but looking beyond Dame Agatha, “Changes do appear to be happening. And activism … is helping.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Britain, Agatha Christie, 02.08.19

Rosamunde Pilcher, Author Of ‘The Shell Seekers,’ Has Died At 94

Pilcher had been writing short stories and novels for decades before her most famous book made her a star, and not just in Britain and the U.S. “A string of German TV productions based on her books and short stories was so popular in that country that German tourists traveled by the thousands to Cornwall to see the area where the films were shot and where some of her stories were set.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Britain, Cornwall, Shell Seekers, 02.08.19

Britain’s Film Academy Diversified Its Membership, And Its Awards May That Change

As the BAFTAs approach, they’ll be the “first to take place since the organisation introduced a new set of eligibility rules, designed to increase diversity in the films it honours” Will that change things? – The Guardian (UK)
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Albert Finney: the most almighty physical screen presence | Peter Bradshaw

Finney was the face of the vibrant new wave of working-class postwar British cinema, and maintained a fierce vitality in his distinguished later performances Albert Finney dies aged 82From moon-faced youth to weatherbeaten later years, Albert Finney was an almighty force on screen: a clenched fist of physicality, a battering ram of uningratiating power, almost priapic with defiant confidence, with the battle-readiness of a prop forward or sumo wrestler. His presence was very different from the l...
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A Museum Celebrating Black Culture Is Long Overdue In Britain, Says David Adjaye

“The museum that Sir David is proposing would aim to make generations of black children feel like they have a place in the nation’s future. He said: ‘It is really amazingly important for the representation of people in the sort of cultural tropes of the nation.'” – BBC
Tags: Art, David, Britain, Visual, David Adjaye, 02.02.19

English National Opera Announces Plan To Diversify

Stuart Murphy recalled joining the company and and finding it “really shocking” that 39 of ENO’s 40-strong chorus were white. “We weren’t true to our values, we didn’t represent Britain,” he said. “It just felt strange to me … Young white audiences also think it is weird.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Britain, Stuart Murphy, Young, Eno, SJM, 01.28.19

With A New Sponsor, Could The Booker Prize Kick Out The Damn Americans?

With hedge fund the Man Group having announced that it will end its sponsorship of the English-speaking world’s leading literary award after this year, the literati are all wondering what changes might come to the Man Booker Prize — with some observers in Britain who are too chicken to compete worry about over-dominance by writers from the United States wondering if the 2014 decision to include them can be overturned. — The Guardian
Tags: Art, Britain, United States, Words, Man Group, 01.28.19

What, no samovars? Roman Abramovich presents a Chekhov for Russia's meltdown

The Cherry Orchard has been given an absurdist reboot – with blood transfusions, a beach party and a bed-hopping sex maniac. And thanks to Chelsea’s oligarch, it’s coming to BritainOh my goodness, what have they done to The Cherry Orchard? The grand ball has become a beach party. Madame Ranevskaya has a noose around her neck. The entire ensemble are receiving blood transfusions. And Lopakhin has become a sex maniac who begins the play in bed with the maid. There isn’t a samovar in sight – or eve...
Tags: Europe, UK, Russia, Theatre, World news, Culture, Britain, Chelsea, Stage, Moscow, Roman Abramovich, Barbican, Anton Chekhov, Chekhov, Cherry Orchard, Viktoriya Isakova

Renewable electricity could overtake fossil fuels in Britain by next year

A new report from British power analysts EnAppSys is predicting renewable electricity will overtake fossil fuels as the main source of Great Britain’s electricity generation by next year if current trends continue. In their annual market review report for 2018, EnAppSys says that the levels of power generation from coal and gas-fired power stations fell by 6.7 percent, while generation from renewables increased 15.2 percent. If renewables do pass up fossil fuels in Great Britain in 2020, it wil...
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‘Uncomfortable Art’ And #QueerMuseum: Alternative Museum Tours Are Catching On In Britain

Dan Vo leads groups on #QueerMuseum tours of Cambridge museums and the V&A, pointing out things like an Antarctic explorer’s scandalized notes on male-on-male penguin sex and a “gender-fluid” statue of Lucifer. Alice Procter’s “Uncomfortable Art” tours through the likes of the British Museum point out the ways colonialism pervades the collections. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Britain, Cambridge, British Museum, Issues, Antarctic, 01.16.19, Dan Vo, Lucifer Alice Procter

Making Jewellery Magazine Features Quilled Jewelry

In September I was contacted by an editorial assistant at Britain's Making Jewellery magazine who had come across my paper jewelry. They were planning to do a feature about quilled jewelry in an... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
Tags: Design, Britain, Quilling, Paper Jewelry, Ann Martin, Quilled Jewelry, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry

Will Anyone Buy Troubled UK Entertainment Chain HMV?

The chain, which accounts for a third of all physical music sales in Britain and a quarter of all physical DVD sales, had a terrible holiday season and is going under – but there are offers with those “hoping to buy the long-established music retailer, which employs 2,200 people, [given] a deadline of Tuesday to submit bids.” – The Guardian (UK)
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