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Broadway’s Next Evan Hansen Is An Actual Teenager

“The role is wrenching, vocally and emotionally, and [Andrew Barth Feldman] will be the first teenager to tackle it on Broadway. The character is 17, but adolescent boys are often thought to be too immature to play adolescent boys, and all of his predecessors have been in their 20s.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, EVAN HANSEN, Andrew Barth Feldman, 01.16.19

La Cage aux Folles

"We are what we are,And what we areIs an illusion."That's the first lyric in La Cage aux Folles, and though on the surface, it's talking about drag, it's saying way more than that. Just like the show it introduces. Those few line encapsulate the entire story and all its themes.Nobody realizes that the first time they hear it, but it's all there.It introduces us to two ideas that will permeate every moment of the show. First, "we are what we are" -- in other words, we accept and embrace ourselve...
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When Broadway Captured The Popular Imagination

When exactly did Broadway theatre become a popular phenomenon? When it embraced other media that spilled into the public consciousness. – Commentary
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Carol Channing, 97

“The blonde, saucer-eyed Broadway musical comedy star … was associated with one role — Dolly Gallagher Levi in Jerry Herman’s Hello Dolly! … Ms. Channing was said to have never missed a performance in Dolly during its first Broadway run beginning in 1964, and played the part countless other times over the years in a variety of national tours.” — Playbill
Tags: Art, People, Broadway, Dolly, Carol Channing, Channing, Dolly Gallagher Levi, Jerry Herman, 01.15.19

Hamilton in Puerto Rico: a joyful homecoming ... but it's complicated

Musical is dividing residents on island where creator Lin-Manuel Miranda spent childhood summersJavier Ortiz likes to look on the bright side in San Juan, the pretty and gritty capital of Puerto Rico. “I’m an optimist,” he says. “I’m the owner of a bookstore, so I have to be.”Ortiz has survived not only the onslaught of Amazon but also Hurricane Maria, which forced him to close for 10 days then manage the store without electricity – running a cash machine off a battery – for two months. Now, as ...
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Fascinatin' Rhythm

When I wrote my history book, Strike Up the Band, I had two primary agendas. One was to reject the premise of all other musical theatre history books, that the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical was the pinnacle of the art form. It wasn't. The other agenda was to include in the story of our art form all the people of color, the women, the people with disabilities who helped shape the American musical theatre but get left out of almost all history books. I hope I did a decent job of re-balancing our ...
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How Did A Quiet Belgian Director Become ‘The Most Important Auteur On The International Stage Circuit’? Three New York Times Critics Debate Ivo Van Hove

“In this edited conversation, Ben Brantley, co-chief theater critic for The Times, and the critics Elisabeth Vincentelli and Jason Zinoman aim to make sense of Mr. van Hove’s ascent, from Off Broadway to a Tony Award, David Bowie to All About Eve.” — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, David Bowie, Broadway, The Times, Ivo van Hove, Van Hove, Ben Brantley, Jason Zinoman, Elisabeth Vincentelli, 01.09.19, International Stage Circuit, New York Times Critics Debate

A Hot Cup of Murder

One time, the Archbishop of St. Louis tried to shut down a New Line show called Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. I'm not kidding. He failed. Well, he successfully shut down our preview, but we were open again for opening night. You can read about that here.Our show was just a revue of theatre songs on those topics, three of the most powerful forces on humans, including songs from Rent, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Avenue Q, Songs for a New World, Hair, The Rocky Horror Show, Kiss of the Spider Woman,...
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Broadway Hot Damn!

I am in love with the BroadwayHD channel on Amazon Prime Video. I'm convinced that HD stands for Hot Damn!When we were working on Yeast Nation, last summer, Greg Kotis told me that he and Mark Hollmann had based their story loosely on both Macbeth and Antigone. So I watched both plays on video, and it helped me a lot with Yeast Nation.And then I wanted to see the rest of the Oedipus trilogy, which includes Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone. One way to see them was to subscribe ...
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Things to do in the San Fernando Valley, Jan. 4-11

    Winter Sunrise by Mardi Georgio is part of an exhibit at the reopening of the Santa Clarita Artists Association Gallery in Newhall. (Photo courtesy of Mardi Georgio)     There’s always something fascinating to do in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. Here is a sampling of entertainments this week and also save-the-date events to put on your calendar.   EVENTS   Flashlight Safari at Wildlife Learning Center: View nocturnal wildlife during 30-minute tours of the ce...
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In A Record-Breaking Week, ‘Hamilton’ Smashes Another Broadway Record

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s juggernaut grossed more than $4 million last week alone, a first for any musical. “The period between Christmas and New Year’s always brings boffo business to Broadway, but even so, the week ending Dec. 30 was the best-attended (378,910 seats filled) and highest-grossing ($57.8 million) in Broadway history. An astonishing 28 shows grossed over $1 million” — including, most unusually, five straight plays. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Hamilton, Audience, Lin Manuel Miranda, 01.02.19

Broadway Pop!

I have fallen in love with Funko Pops figures -- they're so odd but so wonderful. In recent months, Funko has released several Little Shop of Horrors figures, as well as two versions of both Danny and Sandy in Grease, and big collections of figures from Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.But wait, there's more! I was fortunate enough to happen upon Amanda Tang's Broadway Pop store on Etsy, and it was like I had died and gone to musical theatre memorabilia heaven. She has custom Funko Pops for Ham...
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Does The Injustice In America Make You Want To Scream? Head To Off-Off-Broadway

One piece that Peter Marks saw there let the audience do exactly that. “But the activity struck me as a vocalization of what I’ve been sensing in theaters all year: a potential for imminent explosion, wrought by the grappling with injustices that make many onlookers want to, well, scream.” — The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Theatre, America, Broadway, Peter Marks, 12.28.18

Thank You, St. Louis!

I know 2018 was a rough one in many ways, but in my position as artsy-cynic-optimist, I can't help but see a lot of awesomeness in 2018. What a year of New Line shows! One of my most loved shows, the classic Anything Goes; the wild, new(-ish) rock musical Yeast Nation (from the Urinetown team); and my own Zombies of Penzance. Wow, talk about variety!So many people came up to me after Anything Goes performances, saying some version of, "This has always been one of my favorite shows, but I didn't...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Musicals, Theatre, Zombies, Broadway, John, Cole Porter, Gilbert, Louis, Sullivan, Scott Miller, Pirates of Penzance, Ryan Day, Sarah Nelson, Rock Musicals

'Twas a Year Full of New Line 2018

'Twas a year full of New Line, rambunctious and swell,And the New Liners kept themselves busy as hell:A reading, a classic, a new show, and then,An old show that substitutes zombies for men.The new shows were cool, and the old shows seemed new,A year full of crazy surprises for you,'Cause that is exactly what New Liners do.The year started off with a reading, one nightOf a Gilbert and Sullivan cheeky rewrite,With zombies and daughters (as hunters of such);And response was so warm and it cheered...
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Actor-Director Hunter Foster, New Artistic Director Of Redhouse In Syracuse

The 49-year-old is a Broadway veteran, with leads in Urinetown and Little Shop of Horrors under his belt, but he didn’t start directing in earnest until five years ago, at Bucks County Playhouse, where he stayed on as artistic associate until this job came up. — The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Syracuse, Little Shop, Bucks County Playhouse, Urinetown, 12.27.18

For The First Time In A Seven-Decade Career, Rosemary Harris Is A Replacement Actor

The 91-year-old theatre legend talks about stepping in for Diana Rigg as Mrs. Higgins in the Broadway revival of My Fair Lady. (No, she wasn’t at all insulted, and she found the prospect daunting.) — TheaterMania
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Diana Rigg, Rosemary Harris, 12.23.18

“To Kill A Mockingbird” Sets New Broadway Box Office Record

The new Broadway adaptation from Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin made Broadway history for the week ending December 23, taking in $1,586,946 at the box office, shattering the house record at the Shubert Theatre for the highest weekly gross of any Broadway play (non musical) in the Shubert Organization’s 118-year history. – Playbill
Tags: Art, Aaron Sorkin, Theatre, Broadway, Audience, Shubert Organization, 12.27.18

When Lin-Manuel Miranda Brought Hamilton To Puerto Rico (And Things Got A Bit Complicated)

As rare as it is for touring Broadway shows to visit the island, there was little doubt that Miranda would take his hit to the place where his parents were born and raised and where he visited grandparents every summer. Yet, as Michael Paulson reports, things haven’t gone entirely as expected. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Miranda, Puerto Rico, Michael Paulson, 12.26.18, Lin Manuel Miranda Brought Hamilton

Sono Osato, Star Of Ballets Russes And Broadway, Dead At 99

“[She] toured the world with the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo, performed with the Ballet Theater in New York and then gained acclaim on Broadway in the World War II-era musicals One Touch of Venus and On the Town,” in which she played “all-American girl” Ivy Smith. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, People, Broadway, Town, Monte Carlo, Ballet Theater, Ivy Smith, Sono Osato, 12.26.18

Lin-Manuel Miranda & Emily Blunt Take You Through 22 Classic Musicals in 12 Minutes

Watching James Corden, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Emily Blunt donning bad wigs to mug their way through a 12-minute salute to 22 movie musical “classics” is a bit reminiscent of watching the three most popular counselors ham it up during an overlong summer camp skit. Their one-take performance was part of Role Call, a regular feature of the Late Late Show with James Corden. Usually, this fan favorite is an excuse for Corden and a megastar guest—Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Samuel L. Jackson—to...
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What's That Playing On the Radio?

It hurts me when people disparage Grease. Party because I love it dearly (and have done it three times!), and partly because almost everyone -- including people who love it -- underestimate both the show's authenticity and the writing craft.It's so much better and darker and smarter and subtler than you think.Many people scoff, but it's true -- the score of Grease is remarkable in its craft and authenticity, even referencing actual songs of the period. Many of the actual period songs that influ...
Tags: Movies, Sex, Theatre, America, Debbie Reynolds, Korea, Broadway, Army, Penguins, Tammy, Bronx, 1950s, Jack Kerouac, Smith, Richard, Elvis

Exit Lines: Standouts

The Broadway phenomenon of the year…is on Netflix, where you (and, finally, I) can see Springsteen on Broadway. But if you care to leave the comfort of your screen at some for the (colder) comfort of Times Square this holiday season, there are other shows that are “boss” along the Great White Way. Chief among these is The Ferryman, a show that is outsized in every way, with live animals and a baby (an actual baby, not a prop) vying with a cast of nearly two dozen adult performers for our attenti...
Tags: Music, Theatre, Jerusalem, Indiana, Netflix, Northern Ireland, Broadway, Sam Mendes, Ira, Las Vegas, Quinn, Barry, Jones, Paddy Considine, Exit Lines, Bob Cashill

Exit Lines: Mad as Hell

I’ve watched Belgian director Ivo van Hove deconstruct and reupholster classic texts since an outstanding Off Broadway production of The Misanthrope in 2007. It used video to immerse us more fully in the world of Molière, and broke the fourth wall in novel ways, as when the actors headed outside the theater for a scene, followed by videographers. Since then Broadway has embraced his vision, with acclaimed, award-winning productions of A View from the Bridge and The Crucible blowing the dust of d...
Tags: Music, Kerry Washington, Washington, Theatre, Fbi, Marlo Thomas, Oscar, Broadway, Diana, Network, Jordan, Spike Lee, Jeremy Jordan, Tatiana Maslany, Santacon, Arthur Miller

‘It's what makes the city your city’: Sydney’s battle for public art

Would a huge archway over George Street be Australia’s ‘most significant artwork’ in decades or a ‘ridiculous vanity project’?The sun is setting over evening commuters on Broadway in central Sydney. Several businessmen turn off the main thoroughfare and find themselves suddenly taking showers in coloured light. One man is so enamoured that he drops his briefcase and begins stretching, collecting the wild swirl of reds, blues and purples along his arms. It’s like watching an impromptu gym session...
Tags: Art, Australia, Australia news, Culture, Art and design, Sydney, Broadway, George Street

Exit Lines: “The Waverly Gallery”

It’s been close to 60 years since Elaine May has officially headlined on Broadway, the last time in tandem with Mike Nichols, her partner in comedy. (Yes, there was Jerome Robbins’ The Office, in 1966, but that closed in previews.) She had other things to do: writing movies (like 1978’s Heaven Can Wait and 1998’s Primary Colors, for which she received Oscar nominations), directing movies (four, all of them worthwhile, including, yes, 1987’s Ishtar), and occasionally acting in them, most recently...
Tags: Amazon, Music, Office, Theatre, Manchester, Broadway, Ellen, Mike Nichols, Woody Allen, Exit Lines, Bob Cashill, Nichols, New York Theatre, Howard, Daniel, Greenwich Village

Actor Philip Bosco Dead At 88

While he appeared in roughly a dozen films (including Working Girl, Children of a Lesser God, Three Men and a Baby, and The First Wives Club) and guest-starred on many a television series, his great love was live theatre: he acted in 50 productions on Broadway alone and garnered six Tony nominations, winning in 1989 for Lend Me a Tenor. — Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, People, Broadway, Tony, First Wives Club, 12.04.18, Philip Bosco

How Mike Birbiglia Lived Out His Recurring Nightmare On A Broadway Stage

“My recurring nightmare was me, onstage, in this 1,100-seat theater, with no people in it. I’ve had it ever since we even talked about doing the show [The New One] on Broadway. Strangely enough, that became a reality in rehearsal, because it’s just the designers and the crew in the audience. There’s eight people in a room that seats 1,100, and so I do the show from start to finish with no laughter. It’s really empowering to live your nightmare.” — New York Times Magazine
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Mike Birbiglia, 11.28.18

Jeanine Tesori’s Musical Revolution

Tesori, who wrote the music for 2015’s Tony Award-winning Best Musical (and Best Score, not incidentally) Fun Home (oh, and 2004’s Caroline, or Change, and Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Shrek: The Musical, and, and, and), is having quite a moment. Here’s how she got to Broadway from pre-med.
Tags: Art, Music, Broadway, Jeanine Tesori, Caroline, Millie, Tesori, 12.01.18

The King And I Is Whistling A Happy Tune As It Rakes In The Money For A Theatrical ‘Event’ At The Cinema

Nothing’s more amazing than a musical, we guess: More than 135,000 people watched the cinematic broadcast of the West End musical (which transferred from Broadway), and it took in nearly 2 million pounds – and it’s getting yet more screenings.
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, 11.30.18

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