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Roundabout Theatre Company – Director of Human Resources

Organization Founded in 1965 and based in New York City, Roundabout Theatre Company (Roundabout) has grown to become one of the country’s largest nonprofit theatrical institutions. Roundabout operates three venues on Broadway— American Airlines Theatre, Stephen Sondheim Theatre, and the historic Studio 54—and two venues off-Broadway—Laura Pels Theatre and Roundabout Underground Black Box Theatre, which are housed in the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre. With a mission to cel...
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Meeting (Potential) Audiences Where They Are… With A Mobile Barbershop

That’s what Keenan Scott II did to attract new people to his recently opened Broadway play, Thoughts of a Colored Man, one of eight shows written by Black authors (a record) that will be on Broadway this season. And the tactic may be working. – The New Yorker
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Let Me Tell You a Story About Alvin

The Story of My Life has been a genuine pleasure to work on, for several reasons. First, it's just great to work on smart, interesting, original shows like this. We New Liners are very lucky because we get to do that all the time. Second, the response from the audience and critics has been so wonderful. People are really moved by it. They love the characters, the songs, the whole premise of the show. Third, my favorite thing in the world is introducing musical theatre lovers to shows they don't...
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Once upon a time on Wall Street

I review the Broadway transfer of The Lehman Trilogy in today’s Wall Street Journal. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * “The Lehman Trilogy” tells how the three original Lehman brothers emigrated from Bavaria to Alabama in the mid-19th century and started a general store that traded with slave-holding plantation owners (a fact that is discreetly underlined in the play’s newly revised version) and evolved into a New York-based cotton brokerage. In due course, the firm grew into a financial empire...
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“The Worst Idea In History” — ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ At 50

That phrase is how one potential investor rejected Andrew Lloyd Webber’s proposal to stage the rock opera he wrote with Tim Rice. (That’s why it first appeared as a concept album.) Here’s how Superstar got to Broadway— and what happened when it did. – The New York Times
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Jim O’Quinn, 75, Founding Editor Of American Theatre Magazine

The magazine’s mandate was to cover not only the nation’s nonprofit theatre scene but, as O’Quinn promised in his  , to shine a light also on “Broadway, international theatre, and a wealth of related art forms.” – American Theatre
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A feel-good family funeral

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review two Broadway transfers, Chicken & Biscuits and Is This a Room. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * Douglas Lyons’s “Chicken & Biscuits,” the third of an unprecedented eight shows by Black playwrights that are set to open on Broadway this season, bills itself as “a feel-good comedy that will feed your soul.” This production, which is extremely well directed by Zhailon Levingston, originated at a theater in Queens but was forced to close after less than two weeks bec...
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Here I am again

Pardon my absence, but I’ve been grappling with a combination of technical problems, personal distractions, and a flood of back-to-back openings on and off Broadway, and I simply haven’t had time to post on this blog for the last three weeks. I’m glad to be back! Here are links to the pieces I’ve published in The Wall Street Journal since my last posting: • I reviewed a superb streaming webcast of A Phoenix Too Frequent, Christopher Fry’s rarely produced three-character verse play, direc...
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How Julie Taymor Went From Directing Opera And Off-Broadway To Disney

She was reluctant to do Lion King. “I was interested in the avant-garde. I didn’t have any interest in commercial theatre. I hadn’t even seen the animated cartoon, which surprised [producer] Tom Schumacher.” But then … the animals called. – Irish Times
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Verbatim Drama, Straight From Real Life, Comes To Broadway

Tina Satter, whose Is This A Room is a transcript of the FBI interrogation of intelligence leaker Reality Winner, and Lucas Hnath, whose Dana H. is his mother’s account of her months-long abduction, talk about the importance of telling living people’s real stories onstage. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Fbi, Broadway, Lucas Hnath, Tina Satter, Dana H

Every Time a Bells Rings...

I've been working on The Story of My Life for about six weeks, and I've been listening to the cast recording, now and then, for about ten years. And yet, every night I watch our production, I see and understand something new. Driving home in my car after performances, I'm often hit with a revelation about something in the show that had just then coalesced in my head.Jeff (who's playing Tom) and Chris (who's playing Alvin) have these surprising revelations as well. Just a few days before opening...
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It's Life.

When I write Director's Notes for the program, for each of our shows, I always try to imagine what about this particular show might be the most challenging for the audience to understand or key into. We often do very smart, unconventional, complex shows that demand a lot from our audience. Then again, Life itself is quite often challenging and complex and demands a lot from us. Art reflects Life,, right? We often do very confrontational shows, sometimes very vulgar or intentionally offensive sh...
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22 small gifts to help friends who are self-isolating or social distancing feel less lonely

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. People are still social distancing and isolating thanks to the Delta variant and unvaccinated risks. Isolation and loneliness are quite harmful for both your mental and physical health. Sending your lonely loved ones a quarantine gift can go a long way to boosting their spirits. While U.S. cities aren't in lockdown as if October 2021, plenty of people are still self-isolating or social distancing to minim...
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Netflix’s Diana: The Musical is the year’s most hysterically awful hate-watch | Stuart Heritage

The filmed Broadway show has crash-landed early on the streamer with hilariously awful songs, a musical mess to rival CatsLogically, it makes perfect sense that Diana: The Musical should exist. After all, Diana, Princess of Wales lends herself extraordinarily well to musical theatre. Hers was a story of wealth and betrayal, of high camp and tragedy, plus she also happened to be an enormous fan of the medium. If you built a time machine and used it to tell Diana that she would one day get her own...
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As Six Reopens On Broadway, Who’s It For?

The hip, fannish crowd is almost the same as it was at shutdown, with a large fillip of relief joining the giddy thrills. “The color pours down your eye holes right into your serotonin receptors — all that warmth without heat triggers something deep in your lizard brain.” – Vulture
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I'm a Butterfly

One of the central themes of The Story of My Life is The Butterfly Effect, the idea that a tiny, seemingly trivial act can have profound implications. The centerpiece of the show is a song called "The Butterfly," in which a butterfly learns about the Butterfly Effect.But what we've realized while working on this incredibly rich, layered, complex show is that there are examples of the Butterfly Effect everywhere in our story. And by the end of the show, the audience realizes that the Butterfly E...
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Assessing The Pause On Broadway

“I always say the pandemic was the universe telling everyone to go to their room and think about what they’ve done. And while we’ve been in this season, it’s gifted—at least for me, it’s gifted me the opportunity to truly reflect on the why I wanted to do this in the first place.” –NonProfit Quarterly
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A Tonys Ceremony Full Of Apprehension

What you had all night was a temporal mash-up: Broadway’s past jockeying for space with Broadway’s future — a future that at the moment looks frightfully uncertain. – Washington Post
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Jagged Little Pill’s Producers Apologize For Problems With Trans And Nonbinary Actors

The producers apologized and said they had “hired a new dramaturgical team (which includes nonbinary, transgender and BIPOC representation), to revisit and deepen the script” before the musical reopens on Broadway. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, 09.26.21

Tony awards 2021: Moulin Rouge! triumphs in a Broadway celebration

The adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s musical picked up 10 awards in a ceremony that also acted as a comeback for New York theatreTony awards 2021: Broadway stars hit red carpet and stage – in picturesMoulin Rouge! swept the board at the 2021 Tony awards, picking up 10 trophies during a ceremony that also acted as a celebration of the return of Broadway.The adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 Oscar-winning musical, which reopened on 24 September, became the first Australian-produced show to win a Tony ...
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Tony awards 2021: Australian musical Moulin Rouge! triumphs in a Broadway celebration

The adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s musical picked up 10 awards in a ceremony that also acted as a comeback for New York theatreMoulin Rouge! swept the board at the 2021 Tony awards, picking up 10 trophies during a ceremony that also acted as a celebration of the return of Broadway.The adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 Oscar-winning musical, which reopened on 24 September, became the first Australian-produced show to win a Tony for best musical, beating Jagged Little Pill and Tina: The Tina Turner ...
Tags: Musicals, Theatre, Australia news, US news, Culture, Awards and prizes, Stage, Broadway, US theater, Baz Luhrmann, Tony, Tina, Jagged Little Pill, Tony Awards, New York theatreMoulin Rouge

Angels in the Snow

The Story of My Life is about Tom's quest for The Answer -- though arguably, Tom is asking the wrong question. In many ways, this is a Hero Myth story, but an entirely interior one, taking place entirely inside Tom's head. We know, from the beginning of the show, that Alvin is dead, and Tom is trying to write his eulogy.But each of those two facts carry with them powerful meaning, subtext, pain, and serious symbolic heft. And as Tom works through all he has to work through, the images and phras...
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What’s Going On With Jagged Little Pill On Broadway?

Trans and nonbinary actors have recently made a range of claims about the show, including a claim from one actor saying that “multiple higher-ups” pressured the actor to postpone a critical surgery. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, 09.24.21

Wave Of New Plays By Black Playwrights…

The plays are arriving at an existentially challenging moment for Broadway, when theaters have been closed for a year and a half, when the Delta variant has   from Covid, when  . – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, COVID

Seeing Steinbeck anew

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review a streaming webcast of the stage version of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * Streaming webcasts of theatrical performances are growing increasingly scarce as Broadway producers and drama companies begin opening their doors once more. Yet their value remains undiminished, for streaming video gives regional companies a national profile and makes shows available to viewers who either find it difficult to go to the theater o...
Tags: Art, Connecticut, Broadway, Wall Street Journal, Ajblogs, George, John Steinbeck, Steinbeck, Westport Country Playhouse, Lennie, Brian Hutchison, Mark Lamos, Lamos, Mark Mineart

The Story of My Life

We never stop discovering hidden treasures in The Story of My Life, the Broadway musical that New Line opens in a couple weeks at the Marcelle Theater in Grand Center. We ran the whole show for the first time last night, and for the first time on the set, and it went really well! Putting all the pieces together, even in a slightly rough form, reveals so much about this wonderful, intricately constructed, richly detailed musical! We originally (and over-optimistically) planned to do Something Ro...
Tags: Theatre, Live, Performing Arts, Broadway, Alvin, Alison, Hamilton, Broadway Musicals, Tom, Jeff, New World, Andrew Jackson, Scott Miller, Jeff Wright, Brian Hill, Grand Center

There’s Lots Of Complex, Intricate Movement In The Broadway Play ‘Pass Over’. Don’t Call It Choreography

“There’s not even blocking,” says director Danya Taymor (Julie’s niece). “I mean, there’s a little blocking.” That was worked out by the director and actors with Broadway’s great clown, Bill Irwin. He and Taymor talked to Lauren Wingenroth about the play’s non-choreography. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Taymor, Lauren Wingenroth, Danya Taymor Julie, Bill Irwin He

Producing Artistic Director – Classic Stage Company

CLASSIC STAGE COMPANY (CSC) in New York, NY seeks a Producing Artistic Director to lead the organization and bring current and future supporters and fans along on an exciting journey to challenge the traditional perception of classic work by reimagining great stories across the world’s repertoire that illuminate our common humanity. The Producing Artistic Director will possess a flair for thoughtful artistic curation combined with entrepreneurial zeal and a talent to execute plans that celeb...
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Broadway’s Biggest Hits Are Back Onstage At Last

Eighteen months after the novel coronavirus shut them all down, the long-running audience favorites — Hamilton, Wicked, The Lion King, Chicago — resume their runs on Tuesday. Reporter Michael Paulson looked in on the preparations. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Chicago, Broadway, Michael Paulson

‘It’s the balm we need right now’: how Broadway fought its way back

The long theatre shutdown in New York has taken its toll on the industry but a renewed and reinvigorated outlook towards diversity could have a major impactWhen Ruben Santiago-Hudson walks on stage at the Manhattan Theatre Club on Tuesday night, the electric charge between actor and audience will spark back to life. Then the healing will begin.“It is the balm that we all need right now, not just on stage, but in our city,” says Santiago-Hudson, writer, performer and director of Lackawanna Blues,...
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