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When Actors Smash The Scenery, These Are The Folks Who Clean It Up

Take, for instance, the recent Broadway production of Sam Shepard’s True West and the wreckage Ethan Hawke left behind every show. “How would anyone, save for a skilled team of crime scene cleaners, be able to return this stage to a state of order, especially given the narrow time frame on two-show days? It turns out, as is the case with many things in the theater, the task is more than doable — you just have to rehearse it. A lot.” –
Tags: Art, Theatre, Ethan Hawke, Broadway, Sam Shepard, 04.16.19

The Choreographer Who Brought Barefoot Modern Dance To Broadway

That would be John Heginbotham, a Mark Morris alumnus who now has his own company. The show is director Daniel Fish’s revisionist Oklahoma! Gia Kourlas talks with the choreographer about what he did with the dream ballet, which is now (after a few other versions) a 13-minute solo. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Broadway, Mark Morris, John Heginbotham, Daniel Fish, 04.16.19, Oklahoma Gia Kourlas

It Implants in Your Brain and It Tells You What to Do

There are several narrative threads running through Be More Chill. One is the Science Run Amok / World Domination story. The other is Jeremy's Hero Myth (and Faust story), following his journey to Growing Up. Interestingly, as we're watching Jeremy finally grow up, finally give up selfishness in favor of sacrifice, the same thing is happening with his father. Both of these characters have to stop wallowing in self-pity and instead put their loved ones' needs ahead of their own.By the end of thi...
Tags: Science Fiction, New York, Theatre, America, Broadway, Darth Vader, Jeremy, Michael, Bmc, Broadway Musicals, Anakin Skywalker, Palpatine, Scott Miller, Faust, Ben Kenobi, Anakin

America’s Most Famous Constitutional Scholar Meets The Creator/Star Of ‘What The Constitution Means To Me’

Laurence Tribe, who’s taught at Harvard Law School for 50 years and is familiar to many a public TV and radio listener, went to see Heidi Schreck’s hit theater piece in its pre-Broadway run in Manhattan’s East Village. He loved it, and he wanted to meet her. And so he did, after a Broadway performance of the show last month. Journalist Peter Marks got to come along. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Theatre, America, Broadway, Manhattan, Harvard Law School, Laurence Tribe, Heidi Schreck, Peter Marks, 04.11.19

It’s A Brave Choreographer Who’ll Replace Jerome Robbins’s Dances For ‘West Side Story’

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is creating new steps for Ivo van Hove’s Broadway production in December, and Justin Peck is doing the same for Steven Spielberg’s movie version. But arriving before those is this spring’s new production at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, making Aletta Collins the first choreographer to replace Robbins’s work in a major professional staging. Says the director, Sarah Frankcom, “Robbins was saying something about where dance was at that time. The relationship between ...
Tags: Art, Dance, Manchester, Broadway, Steven Spielberg, Ivo van Hove, Royal Exchange, Robbins, Justin Peck, Jerome Robbins, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Aletta Collins, 04.10.19, Sarah Frankcom Robbins

How Grown-Up Actors Pull Off Playing Children Onstage

“Sometimes adults play children’s roles for absurd effect … but the bigger challenge is pulling off realism, creating the illusion that the adults onstage are plausible as the much-younger characters — a feat accomplished by two of Broadway’s biggest hits, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and To Kill a Mockingbird.” Stuart Miller talks to the performers in question about how they do it. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Harry Potter, 04.01.19, Mockingbird Stuart Miller

Be More Chill

Two years ago, I had never heard of Be More Chill, the novel or the musical. And tonight we start rehearsals for the musical -- even as it's running and breaking house records on Broadway. So what's the big deal?Some of the reviews off and on Broadway have been very positive, others more mixed. It seems many of the reviewers don't quite understand what it is they're seeing. This isn't an adult world's point of view; this story comes from the point of view of these high schools kids. And to them...
Tags: Science Fiction, New York, Theatre, Broadway, Skynet, Jeremy, Michael, Broadway Musicals, Little Shop, Scott Miller, Howard Ashman, Audrey, Fay Wray, Musical Comedy, Musical Theater, Musical Theatre

A Who’s Who Of Dancers And Choreographers In ‘Fosse/Verdun’

From Ann Reinking to Chita Rivera, from Hal Prince to Shirley MacLaine, the mini-series takes viewers on a tour of mid-century Broadway, and beyond. Here’s how to keep track of the (many) dramatis personae. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Broadway, Shirley Maclaine, Chita Rivera, Hal Prince, Ann Reinking, 04.07.19, Fosse Verdun

A New Miniseries Sets Out To Right An Imbalance In Dance History

Is Bob Fosse one of your artistic heroes? Perhaps it’s time to join NPR host Scott Simon in letting go of that idea, in learning more about Gwen Verdon, and in understanding how creative partnerships work on Broadway and in the movies. The writer of Fosse/Verdon: “In our culture, there’s this obsession with the idea of the singular genius, and the auteur, and who created this film or who created this musical. And the truth is, it’s an army of people every time.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Ideas, Broadway, Npr, Scott Simon, Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon, Fosse Verdon, 04.07.19

How ‘Hadestown’ Went From Community Theater To Concept Album To Broadway

The Anaïs Mitchell/Rachel Chavkin musical about two Greek myths — Persephone’s abduction by Hades and Orpheus’s (failed) rescue of Euridice — traveled a long road that went from Vermont and New Hampshire to Manhattan’s East Village to Edmonton to London (the National Theatre, no less) to Braodway. “Along the way [Mitchell and Chavkin] experimented with everything from the set design, to the size of the cast, to their way of thinking about the main characters’ roles in the story.” – Vulture ...
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, New Hampshire, Broadway, Manhattan, Vermont, Edmonton, Mitchell, East Village, Chavkin, 04.03.19, Anaïs Mitchell Rachel Chavkin, Braodway Along

Theatre Critic Nancy Pelosi: Broadway’s “Mockingbird” Is A Play For Our Time

“In this play, we learn something so important: decency. In our country right now there’s a craving for decency, and this play is about that,” Pelosi said at an event at the Library of Congress hosted by the Educational Theatre Association. – The Hill
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Nancy Pelosi, Library Of Congress, Pelosi, Educational Theatre Association, 04.02.19

Best shows to see in London in 2019

Putting on the world’s greatest shows since Shakespeare made his mark in the 1500s, London — along with New York City’s Broadway — is the most iconic place in the world to watch theatre. If you’ve made your way through the long list of West End giants like The Lion King and Mamma Mia, don’t worry — you’re not done just yet. From dark, heart-wrenching melodrama to all-singing, all-dancing musicals, here’s our pick of London’s hottest new shows for spring and summer 2019. 1. Waitress, Adelphi...
Tags: Travel, Hbo, London, Singapore, New York City, Theatre, Bbc, Park, South Africa, Dolly Parton, Broadway, Argentina, Harry Potter, Idris Elba, West End, Shakespeare

Downtown Theater Finds Itself On Broadway (And Finds That It’s Not All That Different)

Young Jean Lee’s Straight White Men, Taylor Mac’s Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus, Heidi Schreck’s What the Constitution Means to Me, Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown, Daniel Fish’s very revisionist Oklahoma! — all are in the Off-Off-Broadway mode of messing with both the form and content of conventional theater, and all are or have been on Broadway (the ultimate conventional theater ecosystem) this season. And such recent Broadway successes as A Doll’s House, Part 2 and Natasha, Pierre & the Grea...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Oklahoma, Gary, Natasha Pierre, Heidi Schreck, Young Jean Lee, Anais Mitchell, 03.26.19, Straight White Men Taylor Mac, Hadestown Daniel Fish

Exit Lines: “To Kill a Mockingbird”

There’s been so much drama regarding Aaron Sorkin’s Broadway adaptation of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird that the actual show may get lost in all the headlines. (There’s this, and this, and this.) Once you’ve gotten through all that hubbub, however, book your tickets to what’s become a bonafide theatrical event. It’s excellent. Mostly. Lee’s 1960 novel, the basis of the Oscar-winning 1962 film, needs no introduction. In all the best ways, it plays to Sorkin’s strengths: It’s a courtroom thr...
Tags: Music, New York, Aaron Sorkin, Theatre, Alabama, Jeff Daniels, Broadway, Harper Lee, South Pacific, Detroit, Bartlett Sher, Exit Lines, Bob Cashill, New York Theatre, Tom, Lee

Ali Stroker Talks About Doing Broadway Musicals In A Wheelchair

In the 2015 Deaf West revival of Spring Awakening, Stroker became the first wheelchair-user Broadway actor, and she’s now playing Ado Annie (the girl who can’t say “no”) in the revisionist Daniel Fish staging of Oklahoma!. In a Q&A, she talks about what she sees her job as being (and not being) as a “mainstreamed” disabled performer, how she deals with a given theater’s accessibility issues, and showing the public a wheelchair-using character who’s also a sexual being. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Annie, Oklahoma, SJ, Ali Stroker, Daniel Fish, 03.19.19

The Mysterious (And Disgusting) Pooper Of Broadway

The stealthy stink bomber struck during tryouts for the “Magic Mike” musical at Pearl Studios at 500 Eighth Ave. on Feb. 26, and again on March 6 at the Ripley-Grier space down the block. “There was a lot of disbelief,” said actress Eunice Bae of the first incident, when she saw a show rep slip on something on the floor. – New York Post
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Ripley Grier, Pearl Studios, 03.16.19, Eunice Bae

When Your World Spins Too Fast

It's an ugly time in our culture. I see pundits on cable news trying to explain why it's ugly and what we can do about it. But almost all of them miss the central point.America is changing in big ways, very quickly, and to a substantial minority, that is terrifying. And right now, for those folks, fear motivates everything in them. These people fear losing power (that they never really had), fear losing social status (that they never really had), fear losing their culture (which was never as Whi...
Tags: Gender, Musicals, Theatre, America, Gay, Broadway, Fear, Theater, Lgbtq, Joy, Drag, Scott Miller, La Cage aux Folles, Harvey Fierstein, Zak, Jean Michel

Off-Broadway’s Best-Connected, Best-Loved Talent-Spotter

“For the past 15 years, [Jason Eagan] has been the remarkably well-connected, stealthily low-profile, principal creative force shaping the innovative Off-Broadway incubator Ars Nova. … He’s the guy who plucked an obscure Billy Eichner out of one Manhattan basement and an unknown Lin-Manuel Miranda out of another; who discovered the alt-cabaret comedian Bridget Everett at midnight at a karaoke bar; who looked upon the glorious excess of Dave Malloy’s nascent War and Peace musical, Natasha, Pierr...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Manhattan, Billy Eichner, Lin Manuel Miranda, Bridget Everett, Dave Malloy, Natasha Pierre the Great Comet, 03.13.19, Jason Eagan

Leonard Bernstein Awkwardly Turns the Screws on Tenor Jose Carreras While Recording West Side Story (1984)

What have we here? Evidence that the Maestro is a monster? Or a behind the scenes reminder that Arrested Development’s wannabe actor Tobias Fünke is not too far off base when he says that to make it in “this business of show, you have to have the heart of an angel and the hide... of an elephant.” Both? Neither? Any way you slice it, the recording session above is not for your typical cast album. West Side Story, with a book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, and lyrics b...
Tags: Google, Music, New York, College, New York City, Theatre, Vienna, Stephen Sondheim, Broadway, Opera, Verona, Maria, Public Domain, Bernstein, Tony, Natalie Wood

Mine Have Naked People

Midway through Act II of La Cage aux Folles we get the number "Cocktail Counterpoint." It doesn't really feel like the other songs in the show. I used to think it was just filler because they felt like they needed a song there.I was really wrong.This is a deceptively complex piece that delivers so much information. On the surface, it feels like just an Irving Berlin style stunt, introducing several independent melodies, then combining them into counterpoint. But it's more than that. Berlin did ...
Tags: Gender, Musicals, Berlin, Theatre, Gay, Broadway, Theater, Lgbtq, Drag, Anne, Foreign Service, Herman, Jacob, Scott Miller, Marie, Irving Berlin

DHR International Places Senior Executives at Four Major US Arts Institutions

James Abruzzo and the Nonprofit Practice of DHR International recently completed searches for senior executives at four leading arts and cultural organizations: Executive and Artistic Director, Onassis Foundation USAPresident and CEO, Tennessee Performing Arts CenterExecutive Director, Sag Harbor Cinema Arts CenterSenior Director, Finance, Apollo Theater Foundation DHR is proud to have partnered with each of these organizations in recruiting leaders who will further their individual miss...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Finance, New York City, Brown University, Tennessee, Broadway, Michigan, Kelly, Gillian, ATHENS Greece, Vallejo, Jennifer, Georgetown University, TPAC, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Broadway Gets A Tech Startup Accelerator

Alongside venture capital firm Exponential Creativity Ventures and tech training company IT Mentors, the Shubert Organization is launching a startup accelerator that will provide companies with funding, training and the ability to test products in Broadway theaters or within the Shubert ecosystem. In exchange, the Broadway Tech Accelerator will take an equity stake in each company. – Broadway News
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Shubert Organization, 03.07.19, Exponential Creativity Ventures, Broadway Tech Accelerator

The Saga Of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Adds A New Chapter As Publisher Of Older Play Sues Harper Lee’s Estate

The older production, familiar to millions, is the one threatened by the Broadway play and planned national tour. The problem? Too many agreements. “The latest dispute, over whether and when the Sergel adaptation can be staged now that the Sorkin adaptation exists, pits an agreement Ms. Lee signed with Dramatic Publishing in 1969 against one she signed with Mr. Rudin in 2015.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Lee, Sorkin, Rudin, Sergel, 03.09.19, Sues Harper Lee, Dramatic Publishing

A Ballet Company Director On What Ballet Can Learn From Broadway

Marcello Angelini of Tulsa Ballet: “I think the current system for ballet companies robs dancers of their edge, whereas in Broadway, you need to remain marketable all the time. When a show opens, nobody knows how long it will run, and there is always a chance you may be unemployed in a matter of weeks. The cast needs to engage their audience show in, show out, as lackluster performances may lead to reduced ticket sales and, rather quickly, the show closing.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Broadway, Tulsa Ballet, 03.06.19, Marcello Angelini

Broadway Hit: “Network” Makes Back Its Investment In Just 15 Weeks

One of this Broadway season’s clearest successes, the play, directed by Ivo van Hove and also starring Tony Goldwyn and Tatiana Maslany, routinely posts weekly box office of $1 million or more, playing to sell-out or near-sell-out houses. For the week ending March 3, Network grossed $1,024,594, with 99% of seats filled.  – Deadline
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Network, Tatiana Maslany, Ivo van Hove, Tony Goldwyn, 03.05.19

Gender-Switched ‘Company’ And ‘Come From Away’ Lead Olivier Award Noms

Come From Away, a Broadway transfer about the Newfoundlanders who welcomed grounded airlines on 9/11, and director Marianne Elliott’s revival of the Sondheim musical Company with the commitment-shy lead Bobby changed to Bobbie, each received nine nods. Leading the play category with eight nods is The Inheritance, a seven-hour epic about a group of gay men in New York. Among the many notable acting nominees is Ian McKellen, who could receive a record sixth Olivier for his King Lear. – The Guardi...
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, Broadway, Ian Mckellen, Bobby, Olivier, Bobbie, Marianne Elliott, Gender Switched ` Company

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform the Earliest Version of Hamilton at the White House, Six Years Before the Play Hit the Broadway Stage (2009)

Another immigrant comin' up from the bottom His enemies destroyed his rep, America forgot him…  Holler if you can remember a time when few Americans were well-versed enough in founding father Alexander Hamilton’s origin story to recite it in rhyme at the drop of a hat. Believe it or not, as recently as the summer of 2015, when Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Hamilton: An American Musical exploded on Broadway, Hamilton the man was, as the Tony award winning lyrics above sugges...
Tags: Google, Music, Politics, Obama, College, White House, New York City, Theatre, America, History, Broadway, James Earl Jones, Dc, Miranda, George Stephanopoulos, Dick Cheney

After Wave Of Criticism, Those Canceled ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Productions Can Go Forward Now

So it turns out that forcing theatres across the country to cancel or take down their productions of To Kill a Mockingbird just because a new one is on Broadway isn’t the most popular move ever. Scott Rudin, producer of the new version, recanted and offered theatres the new script at no cost – but it was far too late for some of them. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Scott Rudin, 03.01.19

Broadway Producer And Harper Lee’s Estate Are Shutting Down Local ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Productions All Over America

“The theaters were planning to stage an adaptation of the novel by the playwright Christopher Sergel, which has been widely staged by adults and students for decades. Lawyers for the producer Scott Rudin, backed by the Lee estate, are telling the theaters that their productions are no longer permissible because there is a new adaptation, by the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, which opened on Broadway in December.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Aaron Sorkin, Theatre, America, Broadway, Harper Lee, Scott Rudin, Lee, Christopher Sergel, 02.28.19

The Astounding Life Of André Previn

“[He] was not only among the most charismatic performers of his day, but also enjoyed one of the greatest classical-music lives since Berlioz and Liszt.” David Patrick Stearns surveys an amazing lifetime: Not only were there film scores and Broadway shows, Oscars and Grammys, classical compositions galore, music-director posts at major orchestras and prestigious guest conducting gigs — there were comedy shows, TV appearances, five marriages to glamorous women (including a movie star and a world...
Tags: Art, People, Broadway, Berlioz, Andre Previn, 02.28.19, Liszt David Patrick Stearns

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