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Rafael Leonardo Black, Solitary and Self-Trained Artist, Dies at 71

After laboring for years in his small Brooklyn apartment, he had his first New York gallery show when he was 64. He died from complications of Covid-19.
Tags: Art, New York, News, Brooklyn, Black, Deaths (Obituaries, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, Rafael Leonardo, Rafael Leonardo Black Solitary

He Was Thriving in New York’s Art Scene. The Virus Changed Everything.

Najee Wilson, an artist and muse living in Brooklyn, ponders the future of his New York dream, now derailed by Covid-19.
Tags: Art, New York, News, Unemployment, Brooklyn, Labor and Jobs, Real Estate and Housing (Residential, Brooklyn (NYC, Quarantines, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, COVID, Quarantine (Life and Culture, Najee Wilson

Louis Delsarte, a Muralist of the Black Experience, Dies at 75

His paintings and murals rendered the Harlem Renaissance, Martin Luther King Jr. and his Brooklyn neighbors in stunning color.
Tags: Art, News, Brooklyn, Black People, Ny, Martin Luther King Jr, Murals, Deaths (Obituaries, Atlanta (Ga, Harlem (Manhattan, Brooklyn (NYC, Louis J, Louis Delsarte, Delsarte

Is This An Art Collective Or A Private Equity Firm? Group Buys Brand-Name Artwork And Literally Breaks It Up To Sell Off The Parts

“The Brooklyn-based artists and designers behind MSCHF purchased a $30,000 Damien Hirst spot print and cut out all 88 of its dots. Starting today, they’re selling the dots for $480 each.” (That’s $42,400 in total.) “Meanwhile, the original print, now just a piece of paper with 88 holes and Hirst’s signature, is up for auction for a minimum of $126,500.” (Wow, they really are like Bain Capital.) – Artnet
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Damien Hirst, Visual, Hirst, 04.27.20

Podcast: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS with Ilana Levine and Special Guest, FLYING OVER SUNSET's Erika Henningsen

Fromgrowing up in a small northern California town to falling in love with her Mean Girls co- star, Ilana and Erika catch up on this episode of Little Known Facts in the time of StayHome.From Brooklyn to a country cabin in New Jersey the two actresses figured out the remote podcast technology and Erika takes Ilana throughher Broadwaydebut inLes Miserables and working on the musical Diner and of course a deep deep dive intowhat it's like to work with Tina Fey, Sheryl Crow and all the other icons ...
Tags: California, Theatre, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Erika, Ilana, Les Miz, Little Known Facts w/ Ilana Levine, Ilana Levine, Erika Henningsen, Tina Fey Sheryl Crow

A Brooklyn Artist Adjusts to Making Art in Solitude

Lesley Dill usually works with six to eight assistants, but now she is alone with the hundreds of yards of fabric she uses for her mixed-media art.
Tags: Art, News, Brooklyn, Native Americans, Ny, Lesley, Dill, Real Estate and Housing (Residential, Downtown Brooklyn (Brooklyn, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, Figge Art Museum, Lesley Dill

The Choreography Of Social Distancing

“In this time of confinement, we have been given one immeasurable gift — the freedom to go outside. In exchange, we must abide by a simple rule: Stay six feet away from others. As choreographic intentions go, that’s not remotely vague. Yet during my runs and walks in Brooklyn over the past few days, I’ve noticed that six feet doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody.” Gia Kourlas looks at how (and why) social distancing plays out as it does — and gives instructions to the more oblivious among u...
Tags: Art, Dance, Brooklyn, Gia Kourlas, 03.31.20


Singapore-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Slodown verbalizes exactly what countless people are feeling in his new song “CRAZY OUTSIDE.” The downtempo tune may sound a little melancholy or forlorn at first, but the lyrics soon prove to be positive and include messages of gratitude and encouragement. The languid, piano-led song incorporates crackles reminiscent of old vinyl or staticky radio, which adds to its nostalgic tinge.
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Singapore, Culture, Brooklyn, Rb, Listenup, New Music, Slodown

Premiere: “Mind High” By DOV

Textured, tantalizing R&B melodies from the Brooklyn-based, Tel Aviv-born alt-pop producer and multi-instrumentalist To access, understand or simply cope with the influence of anxiety on one’s mind, DOV (aka Dov Eagle) found that various substances lead to a quieting of the noise that makes it all so oppressive. This may be the surface subject matter of the queer pop artist and producer’s latest track, “Mind …
Tags: Music, Design, Tel Aviv, Pop, Culture, Brooklyn, New Music, Dov, Premieres, Tesha, Queer Artists, Dov Eagle

Off-grid beach retreat is 'carved' into the dunes of Cape Cod

Brooklyn-based firm Studio Vural has unveiled an incredible concept design for an off-grid beach retreat, which is embedded into the sandy dunes of Cape Cod. The Dune House is a futuristic structure that is “carved” into the sand dunes, essentially divided into two parts by an open-air walkway. Covered with a lush green roof, the idyllic home will also rely on clean energy to be completely self-sufficient. The unusual design features both modern and natural materials that add resiliency to the...
Tags: Design, Brooklyn, Maine, Cape Cod, Dune House, Studio vural, Dom Wipas

Rooftop farm grows on award-winning Denizen Bushwick building

After five years of design and construction, ODA New York has completed Denizen Bushwick, a 1.2-million-square-foot rental development centered around community, art and green space. Set on the former site of Brooklyn’s historic Rheingold Brewery, Denizen offers 911 apartments — 20 percent of which are designated affordable housing — along with 15 mega-murals created by local artists and 100,000 square feet of outdoor space. Residents also have access to a rooftop farm with hydroponic gardens al...
Tags: New York, Design, Brooklyn, Denizen, Bushwick, ODA, ODA New York, Denizen Bushwick, Rheingold Brewery Denizen, Eric Laigne

WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME Will Be Filmed For Future Release; Submit to Be in Live Audience!

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, What the Constitution Means to Me is in the process of being recordedfor eventual future release. BroadwayWorld has now learned from a production representative that in addition to being filmed at the end of the show's Broadway run in August, additional footage will be captured next week at a Brooklyn soundstage.No details have been released yet on where and when the recording may be released.i [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Brooklyn, Broadway, Constitution, BroadwayWorld, BWW News Desk

Fox Fodder Farm Opens Its Own Multifunctional Space

Taylor Patterson's Williamsburg workshop displays elegant arrangements in excellent light Floral design is an anomaly among art forms. Every stem comes with an expiration date—perhaps it’s not stamped under a petal or mentioned when it’s wrapped up, but some bouquets only technically last 48 hours. They’re a finite form of expression beholden to seasonality and availability. “It’s like a cup of coffee,” Taylor Patterson, the …
Tags: Art, Design, Shopping, Nature, Brooklyn, Retail, Stores, Flowers, Workshops, Studios, Williamsburg, Floral Design, Flower Arrangements, Fox Fodder Farm, Taylor Patterson

A Watch Frozen in Time: Why CW&T is Removing Features from a Classic Digital Timepiece

Picture a digital watch. Not a smart watch or activity tracker—the most basic digital watch you can imagine. Chances are you're thinking of something that looks like the Casio F-91W, the ubiquitous black plastic LCD watch that's been on the market since 1989. Its simplicity, affordability (it costs about $10), and accuracy (twice that of a $30,000 Rolex) has made it a favorite with hardware hackers, artists, and—infamously—terrorists building bombs.Now it's getting a radical makeover from CW&T, ...
Tags: Wearables, Accessories, Design, New York City, Watches, Brooklyn, Levy, Craft, Cw, Casio, Wang, DST, Time TIME, Che Wei Wang, Taylor Levy, Solid State Watch


JR, The Chronicles of New York City (2019) all images via Brooklyn Museum Currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum, artist JR inaugurates his first solo museum exhibition and first major North American exhibition, taking over the Main Hall of the museum with a show that traces the French artist’s artistic evolution, which began in the Parisian banlieue. His early […]
Tags: Art, New York, New York City, Show, Brooklyn, Art News, Featured Post, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Museum Currently, Main Hall of the museum

Pensa Tackles Aluminum Luggage Redesign for Zero Halliburton

Erle P. Halliburton wasn't an industrial designer, but he was both an industrialist and a designer. In the 1930s he traveled to various oil fields in America, implementing the new method of oil well cementing he'd invented; the frequent travel led him to design his own suitcase, which was made from a then-newfangled material called aluminum.The suitcases caught on, and in 1938 Halliburton launched his own company to produce them. Movie star Marlene Dietrich was a fan, and either Halliburton form...
Tags: Hollywood, Design, America, Brooklyn, Bags, Halliburton, Marlene Dietrich, Dietrich, Pensa, Erle, Zero Halliburton, Mark Prommel Partner

Tender Details Define Brooklyn’s Latest Japanese Restaurant, Rule of Thirds

Located inside of A/D/O by MINI, a design-forward restaurant that emphasizes interactivity A collaborative project from Brooklyn-based Sunday Hospitality, George Padilla and JT Vuong, the restaurant Rule of Thirds lies just beyond the nARCHITECTS-designed courtyard at A/D/O by MINI, a mixed-use creative space in Greenpoint. To remain consistent with the venue’s overall ethos, careful attention was paid to design—both of the restaurant itself and of …
Tags: Japan, Design, Brooklyn, Japanese, Dining, Ceramics, Mini, Craftsmanship, Rule Of Thirds, Food + Drink, Japanese Food, Pottery, Greenpoint, A/D/O, ADO by MINI, JT Vuong

CW&T’s Clever Solid State Watch

Housed inside a permanent resin case, the watch features no buttons or knobs and can never be adjusted Funding on Kickstarter now and already beyond its goal, Brooklyn studio CW&T‘s Solid State Watch emphasizes the fact that the passing of time is one of life’s few constants. Using the “guts” of a Casio F-91W watch, Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy (CW&T’s founders) construct a timepiece …
Tags: Design, Watches, Brooklyn, Kickstarter, Cw, Casio, 3D printed, CWT, Taylor Levy, Che-Wei Wang, Casio F-91W, Solid State Watch, Clever Solid State Watch, CW T s Solid State Watch, Che Wei Wang and Taylor Levy CW

Can A Theater Function With Four Artistic Directors? Philadelphia’s Wilma Theater Will Try It

Blanka Zizka, who founded the company with her ex-husband Jiri about 40 years ago and has been sole artistic director since a couple of years before his death in 2012, “has recruited three new co-artistic directors — noteworthy local playwright/director James Ijames, Russian-born director Yury Urnov (who’s had a long association with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington), and Morgan Green of the New Saloon theater in Brooklyn — to share the AD responsibilities with her starting this sum...
Tags: Art, Washington, Theatre, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Blanka Zizka, Jiri, Morgan Green, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, New Saloon, 02.18.20, James Ijames Russian, Yury Urnov

Beth Morrison Projects seeks Director of Development

Beth Morrison Projects (BMP) is a unique arts organization that is driven to push the cutting-edge of opera-theatre and music-theatre for a contemporary world. BMP is searching for a Director of Development who will be responsible for spearheading and implementing an imaginative, strategic and effective development program for BMP, an unconventional arts organization. OUR WORK: Beth Morrison Projects (BMP) is a unique arts organization that is driven to push the cutting-edge of ...
Tags: Art, Jobs, New York City, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, United States, BMP, Board, Company, New York Los Angeles, Beth Morrison, Fundraising Committee, Board of Directors the Director of Development, Board Staff the Board Development Committee

Ikea Hosting In-Store Sleepover Parties Next Month in Brooklyn and Costa Mesa

When Ikea first opened in China, the company was dismayed to learn some customers were coming in not to shop, but to take naps on the beds in the showroom.Perhaps they've taken a lesson from that. On Friday, March 13th--which is "World Sleep Day," apparently--the company is hosting an Ikea Swede Dreams Sleepover event at their Brooklyn and Costa Mesa outposts, where guests will actually crash in the showrooms."The custom sleep experience will offer unique games and activities relating to sleep,"...
Tags: Design, China, Brooklyn, Ikea, Furniture Design, Costa Mesa, Ikea Family, Insomniac Lounge, Costa Mesa Ikea

Could These Tree-Like Vertical Farms Be the Future of Urban Farming?

Norway and New York City-based design studio Framlab ("fram" means "forward" in Norwegian) have come up with an intriguing solution for urban farming that combines modular design with soilless, aeroponic growth systems. The conceptual project—titled Glasir ("gleaming")—is designed with Brooklyn in mind, a borough where the foodie destinations along the gentrified waterfront neighborhoods stand in stark contrast to some of the biggest food deserts in the city in low-income neighborhoods like East...
Tags: Design, New York City, Urbanism, Brooklyn, Norway, East New York East Flatbush Canarsie

Review Panel

Review Panel convened this week with artcritical editor and host David Cohen. Invitee critics were Ariella Budick, Noah Dillon and Laila Pedro and they discussed the following exhibitions: Gabriele Evertz: Exaltation at Minus Space, DUMBO/Brooklyn Susan Rothenberg at Speroni Westwater,...
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Review Panel, Susan Rothenberg, David Cohen Invitee, Ariella Budick Noah Dillon, Laila Pedro, Gabriele Evertz

Two Napoleons in Brooklyn, One in Timberlands

The Brooklyn Museum has hung Jacques-Louis David’s “Bonaparte Crossing the Alps” alongside an adaptation by Kehinde Wiley. It’s a face-off between two visions of the political power of art.
Tags: Art, News, David, Brooklyn, Museums, Wiley, Napoleon, Kehinde Wiley, Bonaparte, Brooklyn Museum, Jacques Louis David, Race and Ethnicity, Brooklyn (NYC, Kehinde, Jacques-Louis, Apes**t (Song

ROMEO & BERNADETTE Will Transfer to Theatre Row

Producer Eric Krebs, has announced today that theOff-Broadway production of Romeo Bernadette A Musical Tale of Verona and Brooklyn with book and lyrics by Mark Saltzman, music adapted from classic Italian melodies, and directed and choreographed by Justin Ross Cohen will move from the 99-seat Mezzanine Theatre at A.R.T.New York Theatres to the 199-seat Theatre 3 formerly The Acorn at Theatre Row 410 West 42nd Street - between 9th and Dyer Avenues for an open-ended engagement. [Author: BWW News D...
Tags: Theatre, Brooklyn, Broadway, Verona, ACORN, Mark Saltzman, BWW News Desk, Eric Krebs, Romeo Bernadette, Justin Ross Cohen, BERNADETTE Will Transfer, Mezzanine Theatre at A R T New York Theatres

Art21 Documents Jacolby Satterwhite’s Artistic Advancements

One of the non-profit's five winter films features the imaginative multi-disciplinary artist Through their documentary-style digital films, NYC-based non-profit Art21 amplifies the voices of contemporary artists at turning points in their careers. With their latest release, The Incredulity of Jacolby Satterwhite, the organization revisits mixed-media visionary Jacolby Satterwhite as he prepares for and builds into exhibitions at Brooklyn‘s Pioneer Works and Philadelphia‘s The Fabric Workshop …
Tags: Art, Videos, New York, Design, Interviews, NYC, Films, Culture, Brooklyn, Artists, Documentaries, Philadelphia, Final Fantasy, Pioneer Works, Short Films, Jacolby Satterwhite

This Artist Gives Animals A Rainbow Makeover

Ramzy Masri is a talented Brooklyn-based graphic designer who uses rainbow colors as a major inspiration for his artwork. Masri made a name for himself on social media for his colorful works on which he gives landscapes, cityscapes, people, food, and all sorts of other subjects a rainbow makeover by injecting warm colors to ordinary photographs and making them pop. More: Instagram h/t: Source
Tags: Design, Animals, Brooklyn, Rainbow, Inspirations, Makeover, Masri, Ramzy Masri

Podcast: BroadwayRadio's 'Tell Me More' Chats with Eden Espinosa about Unplanned Concerts, Fighting for LEMPICKA

On today's episode of 'Tell Me More,' Matt Tamanini talks to one of his favorite Bradway performers, Eden Espinosa. Whether you were first exposed to her via the original, live cast album for the musical 'Brooklyn,' you saw her as Elphaba in 'Wicked' on Broadway, you have her albums 'Look Around' and 'Revelation' in heavy rotation on your streaming service of choice, you know her as the voice of Cassandra on the Disney animated 'Tangled' series, you saw her touring the country as Trina in 'False...
Tags: Theatre, Brooklyn, Broadway, Cassandra, Trina, Eden Espinosa, Elphaba, Matt Tamanini, Bradway, BroadwayRadio

General Manager – Theatre for a New Audience

THEATRE FOR A NEW AUDIENCE (TFANA) in Brooklyn, NY invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become its next General Manager. The General Manager is a trusted confidant and peer, a top executive who oversees all producing duties within TFANA’s season of plays and humanities activities at TFANA’s permanent home, Polonsky Shakespeare Center (PSC), in the Brooklyn Cultural District. OPPORTUNITY Theatre for a New Audience (TFANA) seeks a savvy and experienced theatre profes...
Tags: Art, Usa, New York, London, Jobs, New York City, Brooklyn, United States, Broadway, Gm, Manhattan, Houston, Lincoln Center, Shakespeare, Jonathan West, Stratford

VIDEO: From Italy to Brooklyn- Watch Highlights from ROMEO & BERNADETTE!

Amas Musical Theatre's Off-Broadway premiere of Romeo Bernadette A Musical Tale of Verona and Brooklyn is underway at the Mezzanine Theatre at A.R.T.New York Theatres 502 West 53rd Street. With book and lyrics by Mark Saltzman, music adapted from classic Italian melodies, and directed and choreographed by Justin Ross Cohen, performances continue through February 16, 2020. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: New York, Theatre, Brooklyn, Italy, Broadway, Verona, Bernadette, Mark Saltzman, BWW News Desk, Romeo Bernadette, Justin Ross Cohen, Mezzanine Theatre

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