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Canada’s Cineplex Movie Theatre Chain Sues Over Aborted Takeover

On June 12, the U.K.-based cinema giant had called off its planned $2.1 billion takeover of Cineplex, which would have created one of the world’s largest cinema companies with more than 11,200 screens globally. Cineplex, as a once friendly takeover attempt has hit the rocks, claimed that Cineworld “breached its contractual obligations and its duty of good faith and honesty.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Canada’s Internet Use Has Surged 50 Percent Since COVID

Since physical distancing measures were put in place across the country, internet usage on Shaw’s wireline network has increased by as much as 50 percent overall, and peak usage periods have climbed to twelve hours a day, every day of the week, instead of the usual three or four hours in the evening. – The Walrus
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VIDEO: Kelli O'Hara, Ann Harada, Stephanie J. Block, And More Celebrate Canada Day With Theatre Calgary

Theatre Calgary iscelebratingCanada Day To celebrate, theyasked somefriends from Broadway about their favorite Canadian artists and to share their Canada love [Author: BWW News Desk]
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On Rethinking How To Support The Arts In Canada

“We need to recognize that the business of the arts is not like an automotive assembly line that regularly turns out new homologated “products” for eager consumers. The play is not the thing. The skilled actors, directors, playwrights-in-residence, choreographers, dancers, musicians, designers and technicians of all kinds are the thing and always have been the thing. It is their daily labour that fashions and molds this creative art form we call the theatre.” – AisleSay
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It's a botch-up! Monkey Christ and the worst art repairs of all time

As another religious painting restoration goes horribly wrong, we take a look at some of the finest examples of butchered statues, art installations and frescoes In the latest instalment of the greatest genre of art news – and I write that as a lover of art – another restoration has gone awry. The word “awry” is being generous.This is the revelation that a private collector, based in Valencia, paid €1,200 (£1,070) for a restoration job on baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s Immaculate C...
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UK Cinemark Cancels Purchase Of Canada’s Cineplex Theatre Chain

The takeover would have created North America’s largest chain of movie theaters to better compete with AMC Entertainment. It would have added 165 cinemas to Cineworld’s existing 786 sites and 9,500 screens. AMC Entertainment owns or operates about 1,000 theaters around the world. – Washington Post
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Karen Kain’s Farewell To A Lifetime At Canada’s National Ballet

Kain claims she never imagined herself becoming the National Ballet’s artistic director. In this she is in a minority of one. After hanging up her pointe shoes in the fall of 1998 Kain accepted a position as part of the company’s artistic management team under then director James Kudelka. When he resigned in May 2005 it was generally assumed Kain was his obvious successor. – Toronto Star
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New Study Finds UK Theatres Have Been More Impacted Than Those in the US in Shutdown

TRG Arts and Purple Seven recentlyconducted a study that asks the question 'How are the theatre markets in the UK and America faring in the wake of the pandemic' TheCOVID-19 Sector Benchmark Insight Reportfound that the health crisis has made more of an impact on the industry in the UK than those in the US and Canada. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Pandemic Has Hurt Theatre In UK Worse Than In US Or Canada: Study

The research by TRG Arts and Purple Seven found that, compared to the same period in 2019, ticket revenue fell by 71% in North America and by 92% in the United Kingdom over two weeks in March. The key difference seems to be deeper audience loyalty in North America. – American Theatre
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Where Did “Shit Hits The Fan” Come From?

The true origins of the expression “shit hits the fan” are largely undetermined, though some sources suggest that Canada is to blame—it might have come from particularly picturesque Canadian military language of the early twentieth century. Another suggestion is that the idiom is descended from “an old joke.” – JSTOR
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A Plan To Insure Media Production In Canada

“Without the availability of insurance policies to cover future COVID-19 risks, most production in Canada will not resume. A government-backstopped insurance program will provide confidence to the marketplace, encouraging insurers to offer COVID-19 coverage, allowing producers to purchase policies, and ultimately allowing Canada’s production sector to re-open, once it is safe to do so.” – Variety
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Imagine learning empathy at school. Global Oneness Project does just that.

Stories are at the heart of learning, writes Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Education Director for the Global Oneness Project. They have always challenged us to think beyond ourselves, expanding our experience and revealing deep truths. Vaughan-Lee explains 6 ways that storytelling can foster empathy and deliver powerful learning experiences. Global Oneness Project is a free library of stories—containing short documentaries, photo essays, and essays—that each contain a companion lesson plan and learning ac...
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STARZ Announces New Series P-VALLEY from Acclaimed Playwright Katori Hall

Starz announced today that the new original series P-Valley will premiere onSunday, July 12 at 8 PM ETPT, airing eight episodes week-to-week on STARZ in the U.S. and Canada and on STARZPLAY across Europe, Latin America and Japan. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Japan, Theatre, Canada, Starz, Europe Latin America, Katori Hall, TV News Desk, StarzPlay

Theatre Calgary, Executive Director opening

Theatre Calgary is on the search for its next Executive Director. THE ORGANIZATION Theatre Calgary’s vision is to stand amongst the best theatres globally as a leader in innovative, impactful and diverse programming. Its mission is to stimulate, provoke and delight through ambitious programming created to ignite, local, national and international engagement in a sustainable manner. Theatre Calgary reflects the communities, the country, and the world we live in with ambitious programming...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Society, Canada, Broadway, Ed, Shakespeare, Alberta, Calgary, Board, Finance and Administration, Stafford Arima, Lonny Price, Communications Department, Development Department, Audience Services

Canada’s Finest Orchestra (What Does That Even Mean?)

Sir Thomas Beecham used to say that there are no good or bad orchestras, only good or bad conductors, and to an extent he has a point. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Music, Canada, Thomas Beecham, 05.08.20

How’s Canada’s Arts Sector Holding Up Through The COVID Crisis? Better Than In The States

Things are far from perfect north of the border, but overall Canadian artists and organizations say they feel relatively well taken care of, especially when they look south. Kate Brown reports. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Canada, States, Issues, Kate Brown, 05.04.20

Just In: Musicians Union Reverses Decision Waiving Disney on Broadway Concert Payments

No word yet on a rescheduled air date, but Ray Hair, International President of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada AFM, issued statement on AFM waiving all contractually required payments in connection with Broadway CaresEquity Fights AIDS benefit streaming of 'Disney on Broadway' [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Margaret Atwood Says We Are All In The ‘Better Than Nothing’ Era Now

The writer prompted the National Arts Center of Canada to launch virtual book tours for authors with new books out during the pandemic shutdown. Authors are “‘really pinched,’ Atwood said in an interview the day before she launched the authors’ series. ‘People are scrambling around, improvising and trying to get the word out there.'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Canada, Words, Margaret Atwood, Atwood, National Arts Center, 04.03.20

‘Strange Brew’ and ‘SCTV’ Hosers Bob & Doug McKenzie Immortalized As Statues in Edmonton, Canada

Canada is known for giving us maple syrup and Ryan Reynolds, not to mention their undying love for hockey and inexplicably endless politeness. But when I think of Canada, there are two lovable hosers that come to mind, and that’s beer-chugging, hockey-loving brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie, played by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis in both the Canadian sketch comedy series SCTV (or Second City Television) and the cult classic comedy feature film Strange Brew. Now the knuckleheads from the Great Whi...
Tags: Art, Comedy, New York, Movies, Los Angeles, Canada, Bob, Ryan Reynolds, Calgary, Edmonton, Cool Stuff, Thomas, Rick, McKenzie, Great White North, Edmonton Journal

2020 Summer Olympics Likely to Be Rescheduled

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are likely to be rescheduled, according to Deadline. The comes after Canada and Australia both have pulled out of the 2020 Summer Games. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Australia, Theatre, Canada, Tokyo, BWW News Desk

In Canada, The Banff Centre And The Stratford Festival Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers

Banff laid off 75 percent of its staff members as classes closed, and the Stratford Festival (reported in a separate CBC story, here) “laid off 495 people Friday and says another 440 will have their contracts or seasonal employment delayed.” – CBC
Tags: Art, Canada, Issues, Banff, Cbc, Stratford Festival, 03.20.20

Canada’s Stratford Festival Has Canceled All Performances Through April

It’s not a surprise, considering that everything else is canceling, but it’s a massive blow. “Gaffney said the decision will have a ‘multi-million-dollar impact on our organization and the surrounding tourism economy.'” (The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and its area are facing a very similar economic disaster.) – CBC
Tags: Art, Theatre, Canada, Gaffney, 03.13.20

LEED Platinum high-rise in Toronto promotes sustainable living

Aqualina at Bayside, a new multistory residence in Toronto, has just earned LEED Platinum certification — a first for a high-rise condo in Toronto and the second designation for a building of its kind in all of Canada. Developed by Hines Canada and Tridel, Aqualina was created as part of an ongoing effort to revitalize the city’s waterfront with sustainable design. As the flagship condominium residence in the masterplanned Bayside Toronto Community, Aqualina is the first of four residential proj...
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Starbucks suspends personal cup use because of coronavirus

Starbucks is putting public health first until the coronavirus situation improves. The coffee giant has announced a decision to temporarily suspend its practice of refilling people’s personal cups as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread. Because Starbucks is a popular place to socialize, with more than 30,000 stores worldwide, executives recognize the importance of being proactive in fighting the viral spread. Thus they’re opting for disposable cups indefinitely. “We are optimistic this wil...
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Canadas first net-zero carbon, mass-timber college building to rise in Toronto

The Centennial College in Toronto will soon make history with the addition of Canada’s first net-zero carbon, mass timber college building. Designed in collaboration with construction services company EllisDon as well as architecture firms Dialog and Smoke Architecture, the Progress Campus A Block expansion building will also be notable for its emphasis on indigenous culture-inspired design. The $105 million project is expected to open in 2023. Established in 1966, Centennial College is Ontario...
Tags: Design, Toronto, Architecture, Canada, Schools, Carbon Footprint, Dialog, Ontario, EllisDon, Greater Toronto Area, Carbon Sequestration, Centennial College, Engineered Wood, Mass Timber, Net Zero Carbon, Solid Timber

How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Entertainment Industry

Theaters in China, the world’s second largest box office market behind the U.S. and Canada, have almost entirely shut down. So have theme parks and film shoots. Travel bans meant to curb the global spread of the virus have affected business conferences and live events, such as concerts. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, China, Canada, Issues, 02.28.20

Reintroducing the Eurasian Lynx to Scotland

The Eurasian lynx is so-called because it has been found in forests that stretch from Europe to central Asia, thus distinguishing it as the widest-ranging cat on our planet. Despite this, the species disappeared from Great Britain during the Middle Ages due to habitat loss and excessive hunting, according to the Journal of Quaternary Science. Now British scientists, spearheaded by the conservation group Lynx UK Trust, are pushing to have the Eurasian lynx reintroduced into the British Isles, esp...
Tags: Asia, Europe, UK, Design, Scotland, Animals, Environment, Features, Canada, Britain, Wildlife, Conservation, United Kingdom, Nature / Environment, Great Britain, British Isles

Adorable baby gorilla wants you to recycle your phone

The first lowland gorilla born in the Los Angeles Zoo in 20 years is building her fan base while raising awareness about the connection between cell phone manufacturing and critically endangered gorilla populations. Baby Angela was born last month to mom N’dijia and dad Kelly. Along with Rapunzel and Evelyn, the LA Zoo is now home to five western lowland gorillas. This species is native to Central African Republic, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Con...
Tags: Design, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eco, Evelyn, Kelly, Los Angeles Zoo, Angela, LA Zoo, Rapunzel, Congo Basin, Mongabay, Baby Angela, Jamie Pham, Kelly Along, Today Show N'dijia

Incredible Photographs From The Construction Of The Forth Railway Bridge, A 19th Century Engineering Marvel

Spanning 541 meters over the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh’s Forth Railway Bridge became the longest cantilever bridge in the world when the future King Edward VII drove its final “golden” rivet on March 4, 1890. Its length was surpassed a few decades later by the Quebec Bridge in Canada, completed in 1919, but the Forth Bridge still holds second place, and remains an incredible feat of engineering. h/ Source
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A playwright wants only critics of color to review her. Here's what our own critics think

The Indigenous artist Yolanda Bonnell says criticism should ‘come from a place of knowledge’. We asked Guardian critics for their viewsWhen Yolanda Bonnell’s play Bug opened in Toronto last week, she had an unusual request for the media: that only people of color review it. Related: ‘Make films where black characters don’t die’: Queen & Slim sparks debate over ‘trauma porn’ Continue reading...
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