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Dror Benshetrit is Joining We Company as Co-Founder of New Smart Cities Initiative

After recently expanding into co-living with WeLive and education with WeGrow, the We Company—formerly known as WeWork—has announced it will also be launching a smart cities program, led by former Waze executive Di-Ann Eisnor and designer, futurist and 2018 Core77 Design Awards Jury Captain Dror Benshetrit. Together the two will "build a team of engineers, architects, data scientists, and biologists who will work to fuse nature, design, technology, and community in our cities in order to measura...
Tags: New York, Design, Turkey, Urbanism, Architecture, Canada, Waze, Buenos Aires, Euclid, Ann Eisnor, Holland Park, Design Business, Dror, Montreal Dome, Dror Benshetrit, Benshetrit

Behind the Scenes at the Acura Design Studio

This is a story about how Acura lost their way, then refocused on design to successfully reinvigorate the brand. If you're a designer, a car fan or simply someone who follows the sector, we think you'll enjoy and/or learn from this look at what's been going on, behind the scenes, over at the Acura Design Studio. Roughly four years ago the company started making some major changes and now, with the recent release of the new RDX, have had their renewed focus on design validated by some startling s...
Tags: Japan, New York, Design, California, Cars, America, Los Angeles, General Motors, Canada, Lexus, Gm, Kelley Blue Book, Tokyo, Ohio, Bmw, Mclaren

Edith Iglauer, A Keen, Intrepid Interpreter Of Canada For The US, Has Died At 101

Iglauer, a staff writer at The New Yorker, went to Canada for an assignment about the salmon fisheries of British Columbia, and she fell in love. She was also a war correspondent and, between the war and Canada, one of the first to write about the health effects of air pollution. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, US, People, Canada, British Columbia, The New Yorker, 03.15.19, Edith Iglauer, Iglauer

Plastic waste has met its match with the viral #Trashtag challenge

It is rare when a social media trend actually results in a physical change to the environment, especially when it comes to picking up plastic waste. But a new viral challenge has thousands of people from around the world coming together to clean up places that have become overrun with plastic. The new challenge, #trashtag, encourages people to clean up litter and share photos from before and after the clean-up job is over. So far, tens of thousands of individuals have participated in the social...
Tags: Facebook, Design, China, Bbc, Canada, Mount Everest, Butler, Mark Butler, Pacific Southwest, Ecology Action Centre EAC

Top 5 Job Openings at YD Job Board for this week

As a part of our careers-related columns, these are our top five picks of the best industrial design opportunities on Yanko Design’s recruitment platform YD Job Board. This week brings you openings at the leading Motorola Solutions, home appliance innovator Bosch and kitchen goods transformer -Tupperware along with other interesting opportunities!Check out Yanko Design Job Board for more design openings.Want your requirement to be featured along with these global design-driven companies? Post a ...
Tags: Design, Canada, United States, Bosch, Schwarzkopf, Tupperware, Yanko Design, Yanko, Motorola Solutions, Right Guard, Yanko Design Job Board, YD Job Board, Loctite Technomelt, Orlando Florida Tupperware, Motorola SolutionsAt Motorola Solutions, Gaggenau BSH Home Appliances Corporation

what i'm reading: solitary raven: the essential writings of bill reid

I'm supposed to be writing about the Jackie Robinson biography, which I finished weeks ago, but so far I haven't been motivated to do so. I finished another Wallander mystery -- my "in between" book -- but the next bio on my list, the new one about Frederick Douglass, hasn't come in yet. So I looked for something on my own bookshelf that I've been meaning to read, and found this: Solitary Raven: The Essential Writings of Bill Reid. It is fascinating, and by coincidence, feels very relevant.We v...
Tags: Travel, Art, London, Americas, Toronto, History, Canada, Indigenous Peoples, Vancouver, North America, Cbc, Picasso, Jackie Robinson, Robert Bringhurst, Reid, Haida Gwaii

Arts Consulting Group – Senior Vice President, Revenue Enhancement

Reporting to ACG’s President as a member of the Executive Leadership Team, the Senior Vice President, Revenue Enhancement (SVP-RE) will oversee ACG’s contributed and earned revenue enhancement practice areas as well as the firm’s external marketing and communications activities. OrganizationArts Consulting Group (ACG) is the leading provider of hands-on interim management, executive search, revenue enhancement, facilities & program planning, strategic planning, and capacity building servic...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Microsoft, Office, Canada, United States, North America, Bruce, Marketing Communications, SVP, United States Canada, Cross, ACG, OrganizationArts Consulting Group ACG, Business Development Build ACG, Advise ACG 's Executive Leadership Team

150 year old wood used to build Riverwood Acoustics' sound system of tomorrow

Canadian birch hauled out of Canada's Ottawa river adds resonance and tone.
Tags: Design, News, Canada, Ottawa

Come and Investigate the Dark Side of Your Soul

As I wrote in my first blog post about this show, the title La Cage aux Folles can be translated a few different ways, but the one that makes most sense to me is The Cage of Madwomen. And yet, while folles usually means crazy or foolish, it's also a slang word for effeminate gay men. Think about that for a second.The name of the show -- and the name of the club at the center of our story, and the name of our show's title song about that club -- is all about ambiguity. As Georges quips in Act I,...
Tags: Gender, Musicals, Theatre, America, Gay, Canada, Paris, Broadway, Theater, Lgbtq, Shakespeare, Alice, St Tropez, Givenchy, Drag, Mack

The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Design, China, India, CSR, Bloomberg, Bbc, Netflix, Furniture, Canada, Brooklyn, New York Times, Ikea, Switzerland, Manhattan

Canada’s National Gallery Gets A New Director

Alexandra Suda comes to the position from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), where she is currently the curator of European art and the R. Fraser Elliott chair of prints and drawing. – CBC
Tags: Art, Canada, Visual, Art Gallery of Ontario, 02.14.19, Alexandra Suda, Fraser Elliott

Gallery Insider - Rejection is a good thing

Bottoms Up 36" x 36" oil on canvas Click here for purchase details It's not until you own an art gallery that you truly appreciate the work that goes into making art available to the public.  Running an art gallery is not for the faint of heart, but that is true for any entrepreneurial undertaking.  Artist partnerships are the backbone of the business and developing relationships over time is crucial.  While hard and firm contracts are not always the norm, especially in a seasonal galle...
Tags: Art, Canada, Jeanette Jobson, Don

Bottle recycling in Oregon hits 90 percent record high

Oregon is seeing record-breaking recycling rates for their progressive movement dating back to 1971. As the first state in the nation to initiate a bottle return bill, residents of the west coast state are long-accustomed to paying a bit more for their canned and bottled beverages. The idea is simple — pay a deposit when you purchase a six-pack and get that money back when you return the container to the store, but 48 years after the bill was introduced, the state is experiencing high recycling...
Tags: Japan, Design, Oregon, Environment, US, Legislation, Features, Beverages, Canada, Hawaii, Efficiency, Plastic, Grocery Stores, Recycle, Cans, Recycling

Vancouver Art Gallery Staffers Out On Strike

“Workers at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Canada went on strike on Tuesday over claims that the museum’s wage policies are unfair. According to members of the union CUPE Local 15, tension between workers and the Vancouver Art Gallery has been mounting since a previous contract expired in June 2017, with attempts at negotiation mired in institutional politics.” — ARTnews
Tags: Art, Canada, Visual, Vancouver Art Gallery, CUPE, 02.06.19

UK’s Last Record Store Chain, HMV, Saved From Bankruptcy By New Buyer

“Doug Putman, who runs the Canadian retailer Sunrise Records, has bought the UK music and film retailer, … [which] collapsed into administration just after Christmas, blaming tough conditions on UK high streets and competition from streaming sites such as Netflix and Spotify.” Two years ago, Putman and Sunrise bought Canada’s HMV stores, rescuing them from closure. — The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, HMV, Netflix, Canada, Putman, Sunrise Records, Doug Putman, 02.05.19

Is Netflix A “Colonial Power” Subverting Foreign Cultures?

That’s the contention of the CBC’s Catherine Tait. Netflix is such a force in Canada it’s difficult for homegrown productions to compete. As countries struggle to protect their national cultures, streaming services such as Netflix have threatened the media ecosystem. – Toronto Star [paywall]
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Canada, Cbc, Toronto Star, 02.03.19, Catherine Tait Netflix

Time-saving supersonic airplanes could be a disaster for the environment

Supersonic airplanes might be making a major comeback, but environmental scientists warn these time-saving transports will add even more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than ever before. A group of regulators from around the world are scheduled to meet in Canada next week to discuss the impacts of supersonic travel on the environment. Ahead of the meeting, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) published an article about how supersonic planes impact the environment. Accordi...
Tags: Usa, New York, Design, News, Canada, Atlantic, United States, Paris, Atmosphere, Usa Today, British Airways, Air France, Greenhouse Gasses, Rutherford, International Council on Clean Transportation ICCT, Dan Rutherford

Crayola Colorcycle initiative offers free recycling for markers used in K-12 classrooms

In the blur of school activity, students read, write, calculate and doodle. With that vision in mind, no company has created a bigger connection with the educational world than Crayola, monarch of colored pencils, crayons and markers. With that title comes a wave of concern regarding toxins and waste. After all, Crayola manufactures 465 million plastic markers alone each year, which begs the question of corporate responsibility. Fortunately, Crayola’s ahead of the curve on this one with the int...
Tags: Design, Technology, Education, Children, Canada, United States, Community, Crayola, Recycling, Packaging, Colors, Pencils, Coloring, PTO, Markers, Classrooms

Laurie Campbell Perfectly Captures Winter in the City

~ Making one’s way through almost any busy city during snowy winter days requires a certain hunkered-down and focused steely resolve.  Montreal realist painter Laurie Campbell beautifully captures this feeling in her cityscapes of Montreal and elsewhere.  The chill in the air, the wetness of walkways covered with snow and slush, and the occasional icy slipperiness […]
Tags: Art, Winter, Religion, Inspiration, Urban, Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Cityscapes, Laurie Campbell

Laurie Campbell Captures Winter in the City

~ Making one’s way through almost any busy city during snowy winter days requires a certain hunkered-down and focused steely resolve.  Montreal realist painter Laurie Campbell beautifully captures this feeling in her cityscapes of Montreal and elsewhere.  The chill in the air, the wetness of walkways covered with snow and slush, and the occasional icy slipperiness […]
Tags: Art, Winter, Religion, Inspiration, Urban, Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Cityscapes, Laurie Campbell

Laurie Campbell and Winter in the City

~ Making one’s way through almost any busy city during snowy winter days requires a certain hunkered-down and focused steely resolve.  Montreal realist painter Laurie Campbell beautifully captures this feeling in her cityscapes of Montreal and elsewhere.  The chill in the air, the wetness of walkways covered with snow and slush, and the occasional icy slipperiness […]
Tags: Art, Winter, Religion, Inspiration, Urban, Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Cityscapes, Laurie Campbell

Nissan's Mobile Workshop Van for Woodworking Pros, with Solar Charging for Power Tools

Nissan's creatives have been busy. In addition to their from Canada, they've turned an NV300 into a workshop on wheels. Conceived of as "a mobile workshop for creative woodworking professionals," Nissan produced the vehicle in collaboration with UK-based design/build firm Studio Hardie. The vehicle is kitted out with portable worksurfaces and tool storage, as well as a killer feature: Roof-mounted solar panels hooked up to their Energy ROAM portable powerpacks, creat...
Tags: UK, Design, Cars, Canada, Nissan, Power Tools, Tools & Craft, William Hardie

Beyond Snow Tires: Nissan's AWD Altima-te Features Tank Treads

With a snowstorm walloping a large swath of the U.S., more than a few drivers are undoubtedly wishing they'd invested in winter tires. Many have probably resolved to buy more snow-capable vehicles. In that latter category, Nissan has created something that will be tough to beat: The Altima-te AWD, which has been tricked out with continuous-track propulsion, i.e. tank/caterpillar treads. Unsurprisingly, it looks pretty darned fun to drive: Sadly it's not a production model, but a ...
Tags: Design, Cars, Canada, Montreal, Nissan

Vintage ski posters – in pictures

A collection of vintage ski and winter sports posters up to a century old – some worth thousands of dollars – is about to be auctioned in New York. The resorts advertised range from Europe’s Alpine jewels to the mountains of Canada, and all offer fun in the outdoors Continue reading...
Tags: Travel, Europe, New York, Design, Media, France, Advertising, Sport, World news, US news, Culture, Austria, Canada, Art and design, Skiing, Switzerland

Ottawa’s National Gallery CEO Steps Down After Ten Years

“I’m especially proud of pumping up the volume on all things indigenous. We’re playing a leadership role in the world here in Canada [recognising indigenous work]. We talked about that since I first got here.” Mayer says it was an “emotional moment” when the museum opened its Canadian and Indigenous Galleries in June 2017, covering 5,000 years of creative output in the region, from First Nations art and objects to contemporary work. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, First Nations, Canada, Ottawa, Visual, Mayer, 01.16.19

Driving to the Arctic Circle in Mazda SUVs

Conquering threatening terrain and a race against time to experience this remote corner of the world A car in our caravan of Mazdas careened into a snow drift, the sun wouldn’t emerge for another 30 days, and we were still hours from Inuvik—the last Canadian city before the banks of the world’s northernmost ocean. Welcome to the Arctic Circle. Temperature: -22 Fahrenheit. The Mazda CX-5 …
Tags: Auto, Design, Canada, Road Trips, Arctic, Driving, Arctic Circle, SUVs, Mazda, CX-3, Inuvik, CX-5

Students Invent Machine to Harvest Microplastic from Beaches

Here's a sobering fact pointed out by a team of students in Canada: Every piece of plastic that has ever been manufactured is still somewhere on Earth. (Actually that's not entirely true; we've probably managed to launch some of it into space on now-derelict satellites.) Rather than biodegrading, plastic simply breaks down into smaller and smaller particles over time, and that's when real trouble starts. It's relatively easy for a plogger to pick up a plastic bottle on a beach; it's not so ea...
Tags: Design, Canada, Hawaii, Sustainable Design, Kamilo Beach, University of Sherbrooke Here

Retooling Scott Joplin’s ‘Treemonisha’ For The 21st-Century

That’s the project of Toronto theatre company Volcano, which hopes to tour its adaptation — with “an entirely new story” — of Joplin’s 1911 opera to California, D.C., Canada, and Britain next year. Says Volcano’s artistic director, “As far as I can find, the libretto has never been touched. We’re just giving Joplin the help he was denied.” — The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, California, Toronto, Canada, Britain, Volcano, Joplin, SJM, Scott Joplin, 01.05.19

Recent Listening: O Canada

Let’s mention just a few recent recordings by Canadians whose work has caught the ears of the Rifftides staff. — Doug Ramsay
Tags: Art, Canada, Ajblogs, 01.03.19

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