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Ten Must-See Movies Setting The Buzz At Cannes

Bill Murray and zombies, Afghanistan, football. It’s an eclectic (to say the least) lineup this year. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Afghanistan, Bill Murray, Cannes, 05.14.19

Mel Gibson Is Playing A Character Called ‘Rothchild’, And Folks On Social Media Aren’t Having It

In the movie in question, titled Rothchild and currently being pitched to buyers at the Cannes marketplace, Gibson is to play the patriarch of an extremely rich New York family. The similarity to Rothschild, the name of a wealthy European Jewish family that has been the target of anti-Semitic invective for centuries, has (one might say) not gone unnoticed or unremarked-upon online, given Gibson’s history of (one might say) unfortunate utterances. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, New York, Media, Mel Gibson, Cannes, Gibson, Rothschild, Rothchild, 05.14.19

Cannes Has Some Rules, Like ‘Wear Heels,’ That Strike The 2019 Sensibility As A Tad Retrograde

It’s the festival’s “sensibility” that must be maintained, after all. (Cue eyerolls.) “If your shoes are deemed unworthy of the Cannes red carpet, you can console yourself with the thought that not only the celebrities must dress up for occasion, but also the press photographers who crowd the adjacent gantries. Yes, they, too, have to wear black tie.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, 05.13.19

Cannes Festival Still Bans Netflix, Except For This Part That Doesn’t

“The long-running row between the Cannes film festival and Netflix has taken an unexpected turn as the Directors’ Fortnight, one of the key strands of the festival that runs in parallel to the official selection, has selected a Netflix film for its lineup. This is in marked contrast to the official festival, which has maintained its exclusion of films distributed by the streaming giant for the second year in a row.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Cannes, 04.23.19

This Director Made A Film About Young Lesbians In Kenya, And Her International Career Is Soaring. At Home, She Gets Death Threats.

Wanuri Kahiu’s Rafiki won raves at Cannes and beyond, and she’s now become the first African woman to get a major Hollywood studio deal. In Kenya, “Kahiu has been trolled on social media, threatened with arrest and suffered endless offensive comments, sometimes from members of her own family. ‘I have seen the vilest of comments come out of people I love,’ she says.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Kenya, Cannes, Rafiki, SJ, Wanuri Kahiu, 04.12.19, Kenya Kahiu

Expect Greatness from These Movie Posters

Movie and its poster are two inseparable entities that work in tandem for the sake of promoting the product. Much attention is given to a movie poster so much so that every detail put into it is crafted so masterfully to leave everyone in awe. In some cases, a movie poster is even more tantalizing than the actual movie it represents. In other cases, both the movie and the poster complement each other, forming a unity that is a masterpiece of entertainment agen sbobet marketing. Without further a...
Tags: Design, Movies, Netflix, Guillermo Del Toro, Takashi Miike, Cannes, Edgar Wright, Wright, Miike, Bong Joon Ho, Safdie Brothers

Why The Cis Director Of The Trans-Themed Film ‘Girl’ Says He Has The Right To Tell This Story

Last year, Lukas Dhont’s debut feature won four prizes at Cannes and a Golden Globe nomination for best foreign film; Netflix bought the US rights. Then came the backlash — not only were a cis director and actor appropriating the story, but the film focused too much on the character’s body — and the US release was postponed. And then the woman on whose story the film is based spoke up — for Dhont. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, US, Netflix, Cannes, Golden Globe, SJ, Lukas Dhont, 03.12.19

How Indie Films Went Mainstream

What was new here was that formerly fringe filmmakers were now getting big crossover deals and gushy reviews, redefining indie cinema in the public consciousness. This began a snowball effect with other newer and younger would-be writers and directors. Sundance and Cannes 1989 were the first major “Yes We Can!” moments for those who had had studio and network gates slammed in their faces in the past or who’d never had the confidence or connections to go that far in the first place. – The Americ...
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, 01.31.19

Can The Toronto International Film Festival Adapt To How The Movies Are Changing?

TIFF was  conceived as North America’s audience-friendly answer to the black-tie formality and Olympian competition of the Cannes film festival. By now, it has upstaged Cannes as the launching pad for sending movies into Oscar orbit. North American producers have become wary of risking their fortunes on the French Riviera.
Tags: Art, Media, North America, Cannes, 08.30.18

Filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos’s Archives Destroyed In Greek Wildfires

“‘My husband’s books, his letters from celebrities, all the texts that authors had dedicated to him’ were destroyed in the fire, Phoebe Angelopoulou told local television. … The filmmaker, who won the prestigious Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1998 for Eternity and a Day, often spent summers with his family at the house in Mati, east of the capital.”
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, Mati, 07.26.18, Theo Angelopoulos, Phoebe Angelopoulou

A New New Wave Of Queer Cinema

"This year's strong queer showing [at Cannes] was indicative of a larger watershed moment for LGBT cinema across the industry, as stories and artists once confined to rarefied corners of the arthouse are being gradually welcomed into the mainstream. ... The last couple of years, however, have kicked that evolution into fast-forward, helped along by […]
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, 06.15.18

A Paris Court Of Appeal Rules Against Terry Gilliam, Yanks Away Rights To 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote'

The decision means that producer Paulo Branco owns the rights to the film, which premiered at Cannes. "Friday’s decision also demands Gilliam pay Branco’s Paris-based production house Alfama Films €10,000 ($11,600) towards the costs of launching the appeal."
Tags: Art, Media, Paris, Terry Gilliam, Cannes, Don Quixote, Paulo Branco, Gilliam, Branco, Alfama Films, 06.15.18

Picasso And War Photographer David Douglas Duncan Has Died At 102

Duncan, who had lived near Cannes since the 1960s, "became close to Picasso, gaining rare access and capturing the Spanish artist in relaxed and playful poses at his home and studio, with one of the most emblematic showing him eating a fish clean off the bone in his kitchen."
Tags: Art, People, Cannes, Picasso, Duncan, David Douglas Duncan, 06.08.18

Using Tools to Build Absurdly Complicated Objects Out of Chocolate

Swiss-born Amaury Guichon was just 14 years old when he moved to France to pursue culinary training. Six years later he had five apprentices of his own at Cannes' high-end Lenotre restaurant, and the following year he became Executive Chef of Paris' Hugo & Victor patisseries.Now 'Stateside, Guichon teaches pastry masterclasses and has gained a gigantic social media following. It's no surprise why--watch his incredibly artful construction of this gramophone, where he employs woodworking, metalwor...
Tags: Design, France, Paris, Cannes, Object Culture, Lenôtre, Amaury Guichon, Guichon

One Of The Most Popular Movies At Cannes Is (Partly) About Korea, Trump, Men, And Anger

The film stars a famous actor from The Walking Dead and is based on a short story by Haruki Murakami - and it got a very high rating at Cannes. But the director left the festival without an award.
Tags: Art, Media, Haruki Murakami, Cannes, 05.27.18, Cannes Is Partly About Korea Trump

At Cannes: Big Movies Do Fine, But Indie Film Market Declines

Whichever way the 2018 Cannes Film Market is taken, heartening signs of continued market traction have to be placed in a context of a longer-term attrition in the independent theatrical market affecting both many mid-sized English-language movies and arthouse titles alike. The bottom hasn’t fallen out of either market. But their theatrical space, in domestic […]
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, Cannes Film Market, 05.22.18

Cannes Crowns A Winner. But Can The Festival Stay Relevant?

The Grand Prix went to Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman,” an American racial drama that just about pops with relevance. From the lofty heights at the top of the carpet, Cannes carried on business as usual. Yet that didn’t stop a great many people, throughout the festival, from asking: Has Cannes lost its luster, its excitement, its […]
Tags: Art, Media, Spike Lee, Cannes, 05.20.18

Magnum Ice Cream, a Chic Hit in Cannes, Returns to NYC

Unilever’s premium Magnum ice cream brand is returning to New York with a summer pop-up (open June 1-Aug. 1) in Soho. Opening in the former home of Vosges chocolates at 132 Spring Street, this year’s haute ice cream experience will invite guests to design their own creations with even more decadent elements. Each $8 bar begins with the customer’s choice of ingredients including a vanilla bean or chocolate ice cream base; a dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate dip; and a trio of toppings out of...
Tags: New York, Design, NYC, Uncategorized, Advertising, Unilever, Luxury, Cannes film festival, Cannes, Fmcg, Brand Experience, Magnum, Soho, Ben Jerry, Bella Hadid, Alexander Wang

Cannes Closes With A Fury As Asia Argento Says Harvey Weinstein Used It As His 'Hunting Ground'

"The fierce, unwavering Ms. Argento added that there were those in the auditorium who needed to be held accountable for their conduct toward women. 'You know who you are,' she said, 'but, most importantly, we know who you are, and we are not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.'"
Tags: Art, Harvey Weinstein, Cannes, Issues, Argento, 05.19.18

Le Fizz Cocktails at the Cannes Film Festival: Grey Goose serves up a variation on its bottle and hosts celebratory drinks at a villa in the picturesque hills

Every classic cocktail comes along with stories of its advent and those that have sipped it across the last century—and then some. Le Fizz, and its siblings Le Grand Fizz and Le Grand Fizz Croisette, aren't historic yet. Combined, they've got under...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Drinks, Design, Alcohol, Cocktails, Vodka, Cannes, Food-drink, Filmfestivals, Grey Goose, Cannesfilmfestival, Greygoose, Quentinmonge, Le Grand Fizz

Salma Hayek Says It's Time For Men In Hollywood To Take A Pay Cut For Equality

At Cannes, she said, "If actors ask such inflated fees it will leave nothing for actresses. If the movie’s budget is $10m, the (male) actor has to understand that if he is making $9.7m, it is going to be hard for equality."
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Salma Hayek, Cannes, Issues, 05.13.18

At Cannes, Women Join Arms In A Silent Protest Over A Lack Of Woman Directors

After the 82 women, including Jane Fonda, Selma Hayek, Ava DuVernay, Cate Blanchett, and Agnes Varda, climbed the steps on the red carpet, Blanchett and Varda read a statement. "The group said that the number of women present was chosen to match the total number of films made by female film-makers that have appeared in […]
Tags: Art, Cannes, Issues, Agnes Varda, Blanchett, Varda, 05.12.18, Jane Fonda Selma Hayek Ava DuVernay Cate Blanchett

Terry Gilliam's Ill-Starred Don Quixote Film Is Finished And Has The Closing Slot At Cannes - Yet *Still* Its Problems Aren't Over

Reporter Nicholas Barber gives a refresher on the calamitous three-decade long history of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, the run of good luck that finally saw the movie completed, and the last-minute monkey wrench that has been thrown into the works.
Tags: Art, Media, Terry Gilliam, Cannes, Don Quixote, Nicholas Barber, 05.08.18

This French Film, And Its Director And Star, Are Just Slightly Ahead Of Time

Jeune Femme took Cannes by storm last year, and its writer/director still says her star "was at once totally the character, and not the character at all. When I write a script, I can be a bit precious, so I need someone who’ll come in and blow the whole thing apart."
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, Jeune Femme, 05.05.18

There Are Only Three Women Directors At Cannes

However: "The 2018 juries feature two female heads this year (Cate Blanchett and Ursula Meier), and the festival has announced efforts to gain parity in its administrative staff."
Tags: Art, Media, Cate Blanchett, Cannes, Ursula Meier, 05.05.18

The First Kenyan Film To Debut At Cannes Is Banned In Its Home Country Thanks To Homophobia

The film, Rafiki, was banned, and the film classification board even issued threats. "The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) said the film 'seeks to legitimize lesbian romance.' KFCB warned that anyone found in possession of the film would be in breach of the law in Kenya, where gay sex is punishable by 14 years."
Tags: Art, Kenya, Cannes, Issues, Rafiki, Kenya Film Classification Board KFCB, 04.27.18, KFCB

Embattled Director Kirill Serebrennikov Gets A Film Into Cannes - So Russia Extends His House Arrest

The director of Moscow's acclaimed Gogol Center theater, Serebrennikov has been under house arrest since last August, awaiting trial on embezzlement charges that his allies call absurd and trumped-up. Seemingly in response to the news that Serebrennikov's latest film, Summer, will be screened in competition at the Cannes Festival next month, authorities in Moscow extended […]
Tags: Art, Russia, People, Moscow, Cannes Festival, Cannes, Kirill Serebrennikov, Gogol Center, Serebrennikov, 04.19.18

Uh-Oh - After Seven-Year Ban, Lars Von Trier Is Returning To Cannes

"Von Trier was made persona non grata by Cannes after jokingly declaring himself a Nazi and expressing sympathy for Adolf Hitler during a 2011 press conference for his Palme d'Or-nominated film Melancholia. ... However, speaking to French radio station Europe 1, festival director Thierry Frémaux suggested that negotiations to lift Von Trier's outcast status were […]
Tags: Art, Europe, Media, Thierry Fremaux, Adolf Hitler, Cannes, Von Trier, 04.17.18

Future Of Movies: Battle Between Cannes And Netflix Is Bad - But It's Hard To Root For Either

France’s protectionist laws, which require a 36-month window between a film’s theatrical opening and its streaming debut, seem like the last gasp of a rapidly dying era. And the manner in which Frémaux handed down the Cannes ban, at the same time as the festival announced it was putting the kibosh on red-carpet selfies, was […]
Tags: Art, Media, France, Cannes, Audience, Fremaux, 04.16.18

Future V. Past: The Stakes In The Netflix V. Cannes Battle

By putting its movies online immediately, the streaming service represents an existential threat to the French theater industry’s business; the Cannes rule change is just the latter’s mode of resistance (as the festival director, Fremaux is under tremendous pressure from French exhibitors). In announcing his decision to pull the company from Cannes, which is widely viewed […]
Tags: Art, Media, Cannes, Audience, Fremaux, 04.16.18, Cannes Battle

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