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Big Date Research: Left And Right Literally Speak Different Languages

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University collected more than 86.6 million comments from more than 6.5 million users on 200,000 YouTube videos, then analyzed them using an AI technique normally employed to translate between two languages. – Wired
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Big Data Research: Left And Right Literally Speak Different Languages

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University collected more than 86.6 million comments from more than 6.5 million users on 200,000 YouTube videos, then analyzed them using an AI technique normally employed to translate between two languages. – Wired
Tags: Art, Youtube, Words, Carnegie Mellon University, Big Data Research

Academics launch petition against 'racist' mural in French parliament

Mural was created in 1991 to commemorate France’s abolition of slavery in 1794Two French academics have launched a petition to remove a parliament mural commemorating the abolition of slavery, which they said was a racist, humiliating and dehumanising depiction of black people.Mame-Fatou Niang, assistant professor of French at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and Julien Suaudeau, who lectures in Pennsylvania, said the vast mural which has hung in a corridor of a building at France’s Nat...
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Critic’s Notebook: Pittsburgh Report: Five Places for Healing Through Art

A vibrant visual arts community offers museums and alternative spaces in which to commune and ponder how to move forward.
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The Future Interfaces Group is Designing the Everyday Devices of Tomorrow

There’s a lapse in smart technology where human context and cues exist in real life. Things like gestures, expressions, noises and secondary movements are all missed by tech that can only respond to vocal commands and touch. In the Future Interfaces Group lab, located just off Carnegie Mellon University’s campus, the devices of tomorrow—ones that can detect when you’re sawing, cooking or even tuning a …
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When Steve Jobs Taught Andy Warhol to Make Art on the Very First Macintosh (1984)

When Andy Warhol first became famous, few knew what to make of his art. When Apple first released the Macintosh — dramatically promoted with that Ridley Scott Super Bowl commercial — few knew what to make of it either. The year was 1984, when almost nobody had seen a graphical user interface or even a mouse, let alone used them, and the Macintosh looked as strange and compelling when it entered the computing scene as Warhol did when he entered the art scene. Both seemed so casually to re...
Tags: Apple, Google, Art, Facebook, Technology, Mac, Steve Jobs, College, John Lennon, History, Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Warhol, Ridley Scott, Seoul, Lennon

DARPA’s wheel switches shapes with terrain!

Designed as a collaborative project between Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center and DARPA researchers, the Reconfigurable Wheel Track, dubbed the RWT, helps vehicles move on any sort of terrain… and it does so in spectacular fashion, by shapeshifting to turn from a rotary wheel to a track system.On much harder terrain, the RWT works like a regular wheel, rotating to help move the vehicle from point A to B, but the minute it reaches terrain that’s softer, like mud,...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Nasa, Automotive, Darpa, Wheel, Carnegie Mellon University, Product Design, Tire, Shape-shifting, RWT, NREU

National Survey of Emerging Digital Fundraising Tools

Calling all fundraisers: What is your favorite emerging digital fundraising tool? AMT Lab is conducting a national survey of arts organizations through April 6. Tell us about your work and in May read the report to see how you compare. A graduate student research team at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Arts Management program is […]
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Assistant Teaching Professor of Arts Management - Carnegie Mellon University

We invite experienced arts administrators/educators to join us in fostering the growth of arts leaders through arts, analytics and action-based learning – all at a top-ranked university, in a city that loves the arts. Apply by 3/31. Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Arts Management (MAM) program, offered jointly through the College of Fine Arts and the Heinz College of Information Systems, Public Policy and Management, invites experienced arts administrators/educators to apply for the posit...
Tags: Art, Jobs, University, United States, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Mam, University of Bologna Italy, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University s College of Fine Arts, Heinz College, University of Pittsburgh MAM, University of Bologna MAM, Innovation and Organization of Culture, Arts Management and Technology Laboratory, School of Urban and Public Affairs

Andy Warhol’s Seven Hand-Illustrated Books: Charming, Little-Known, and Now Available for the World to See (1952-1959)

Got a knack for drawing, painting, sculpting, creating handmade objects of any kind? You’re maybe more likely to monetize your skill—with an Etsy or Pinterest account, for example—than move to New York and try to make a go of it. Were such convenient means of setting up shop available in the late 40’s, when Andy Warhol studied art education and commercial art at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively, one wonders whether the often bedridden, introverted artist...
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This Hoverboard Does Not Want to Stop Exploding

You'd think no one would buy hoverboards anymore, given the stories of exploding batteries that have burned peoples' entire houses down. Apparently no one told the owner of this hoverboard, who brought it into a mall just last month. Once it started smoking, things went sideways for almost two minutes, despite people's efforts to kill the thing with fire extinguishers: So why does the darn thing keep exploding, even after being extinguished? Well, this isn't like a burning piece of paper, w...
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A Business Incubator Service that Comes to You

Three years ago we started prototyping a new kind of incubation as a service. Not a building filled to the brim with young guys and their high tech, high growth app-building ventures, but instead, a kind of service that comes to you—and gets plugged into centers, workspaces, labs, makerspaces and bars. One of our first programs was in a bar called Crate in Hackney Wick, East London. The service is called Upstarter, and we help creative producers, designers, theater makers, social innovators, and...
Tags: Business, Design, London, NYC, US, Silicon Valley, Bristol, Carnegie Mellon University, Service Design, Design For Social Impact, Business Incubator Service, Hackney Wick East London, Upstarter, UK Design Council, Technikio Museum, Fab Lab Barcelona Machines Room

Be Inspired By This Roaming Fish Robot

Have you been having a rough week or two? Probably! In case you're feeling as claustrophobic or erratic as the rest of the world, let yourself be moved (emotionally) by this (literally) moving fish tank robot. Scuba Suresh is the intrepid aquatic pilot of this distinctive fish-powered autonomous vehicle. Unlike the divisive Korean mech unveiled a month ago, Scuba and its robo-whip (named the Just Keep Swimming™) are both fun and bona fide real. This footage of the voyage was captured at the Buil...
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Oklahoma earthquake activity up 4000%, locals sue oil and gas companies

Earthquake activity in Oklahoma has increased by around 4,000 percent over the past eight years, according to Carnegie Mellon University. Concerned about the dramatic rise, Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh researchers published two studies scrutinizing the connection between heightened seismic activity and wastewater injection into the earth after hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Meanwhile, Oklahoma residents are suing 27 natural gas and oil companies over earthquake damage. Jus...
Tags: Design, News, Fracking, United States, Earthquakes, Oklahoma, Carnegie Mellon University, Nature / Environment, Hydraulic Fracturing, Wang, Oklahoma Earthquakes, Cushing Oklahoma, Seismological Society of America, Pawnee Oklahoma, Fracking Earthquakes

Theater News: Tony Awards Open Submissions for Excellence in Theatre Education Award

The Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University team up to honor theater educators.
Tags: Theatre, Carnegie Mellon University

Uber launches self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Uber riders now have a chance of being greeted by a self-driving car. Uber just rolled out a fleet of autonomous cars to test the technology in the real world. They'll also watch how passengers and other drivers respond to the autonomous vehicles. Uber's self-driving cars are outfitted with a Lidar unit, which is provides a 360 degree view, and cameras so the cars can respond to the unexpected along the road. While the technology is advanc...
Tags: Uber, Design, Technology, News, Cars, Automotive, Autonomous Cars, Lidar, Carnegie Mellon University, Self-driving Car, Self-driving, Green Technology, Pittsburgh, Green Transportation, Autonomous Car, Self Driving Cars

Celebrate Leslie Odom, Jr.'s Album Release at Barnes & Noble 7/11

Multifaceted performer Leslie Odom, Jr. can currently be seen on Broadway starring as 'Aaron Burr' in the blockbuster hit musical, 'Hamilton.' He is a Grammy Award-winner as a principal soloist on Hamilton's Original Broadway Cast Recording, which won the 2015 award for Best Musical Theater Album. Odom, Jr. made his Broadway debut at the age of 17 in 'Rent,' before heading to Carnegie Mellon University's prestigious School of Drama. [Author: Contests - Broadway]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Carnegie Mellon University, Hamilton, Barnes, Aaron Burr, Leslie Odom Jr, Contests - Broadway, Odom Jr

Link About It: Use Your Skin as a Smartwatch Interface With SkinTrack

With their project “SkinTrack,” researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a way to expand the interface of smartwatches outside of just the screen and onto human skin. SkinTrack requires users to tie a slim, ring-like device to their...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Gadgets, Wearables, Design, Technology, Smartwatch, Tech, Watches, Carnegie Mellon University, Linkaboutit, Applewatch

Yea or Nay? Super-Fast Fingernail-Painting Machine Meant to Engage Females With Technology

The issue of females being underrepresented in STEM fields isn't an easy one to unpack. The dismal statistics can also place an undue burden on the minority of females that do make public strides in STEM, unfairly asking them to represent their entire gender in addition to achieving their personal dreams. So I have mixed feelings about the following female-targeting invention, and want to see what you think: The Nailbot is currently in development by Walia's company, Preemadonna, which has ...
Tags: Design, Technology, Nasa, University Of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Santa Clara University, Schulz, Walia, Casey Schulz

Colorful Installation in Tokyo by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux, dont nous avons déjà parlé à de nombreuses reprises, continue d’étoffer sa série 100 Colors, qu’elle a lancé pour le 10ème anniversaire de son studio : le numéro 4 de sa collection est une installation au Carnegie Mellon University, à Pittsburgh. C’est la première fois que l’artiste expose hors du Japon, où elle est désormais basée, et qui l’a inspirée dès le début : elle explique qu’en arrivant à Tokyo, elle a été tellement frappée par les couleurs, et leur vivacité, que ce...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Installation, Tokyo, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Emmanuelle Moureaux, 100 Colors, Emanuelle Moureaux, Carnegie Mellon University à Pittsburgh C

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