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Interview: GMC’s Michael Stapleton on All-New 2021 Yukon’s Interior

The brand's Director of Design for Interiors explains the vehicle's overhaul While GMC’s Denali line (which originally appeared as a trim level for the full-size Yukon SUV) has taken on a life of its own over the past  20 years and now enjoys status as a successful luxury sub-brand, the knock against them is that they haven’t quite delivered a premium-level interior. With that in …
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Women shaping the design world, India's wine industry, the recipe for black concrete and more Farewell to the Plastic Bags of NYC While the single-use plastic bag ban in New York (instated 1 March) is undeniably necessary, the bags’ kitsch designs have become synonymous with the city. Graphic designer Sho Shibuya collected more than 200 different types of bags over several years and photographed some …
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Jaguar’s Revised F-Type Surprises on the Back Roads of Portugal

Test-driving reveals much about two variations of the new-generation vehicle In Portugal, driving two variations of the new-generation Jaguar F-Type, we remembered that sometimes a car will surprise you. The F-Type R, with a 5.0-liter V-8 engine, has a starting price of more than $103,000. The other is a four-cylinder model—less interestingly named the P300—which starts at a more approachable $61,600. It’s that one—the less …
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Mercedes' New Push-Pull Steering Wheel So Effective, Formula 1 Bans it Almost Immediately

Here's an interesting bit of UI design: A push-pull steering wheel that confers a competitive advantage.Since the car was first invented, the steering wheel had a single job: To turn the front wheels. And with the exception of the tilt/telescoping feature used in modern cars to set ergonomic preferences, the only motion a steering wheel was capable of was rotating in one direction or the other.However, recent in-cockpit footage of Mercedes/AMG Petronas Motorsport driver Louis Hamilton revealed s...
Tags: Design, Cars, Mercedes, Hamilton, FIA, Das, Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport, Louis Hamilton, Autosport Sadly for Mercedes

Rolls-Royce’s Whispers App Offers Customers Exclusive Experiences, Products And Each Other

Double-R owners engage with the brand and its partners through a luxurious new community platform Owners of a Rolls-Royce from 2003 onward now have access to their own online community, Whispers, that connects them to content, experiences and products, other owners and company employees. All owners are welcome to join, but if you sell your (only) Rolls you’ll have to give up your membership in the …
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Here's the Information That Companies Share About You When You Lease or Finance a Car

My wife and I recently leased a vehicle for the first time. I spent a lot of time studying the paperwork in the dealership's finance office. I cynically assumed I'd get screwed somewhere, but I wanted to make sure I got screwed in a clever and devious way, not because I missed some obvious mistake.If you want the car, you've no choice but to sign their privacy agreement, so I did. Yesterday I found a hard copy in the mailbox, spelling out the specifics. This morning I read it over breakfast and ...
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See Cars Floating Inside That Ship That Sank (And the Technique They'll Use to "Recover" Them)

Last year a car-carrying ship called Golden Ray capsized off the coast of Georgia, in the St. Simons Sound. All 24 crew members managed to escape, but the cars inside (a mixture of Kias and GM vehicles) did not. Yahoo News says there are nearly 4,000 vehicles on board. The St. Simons Sound's Incident Reponse Unified Command managed to get a LIDAR rig (I'm guessing via submersible drone, but they haven't specified) into the hold of the ship. Using the laser, they were able to create 3D images...
Tags: Design, Cars, Georgia, Gm, Bill, Volvo, Jones, Springfield, Yahoo News, Smit International, Golden Ray, St Simons Sound s Incident Reponse Unified Command

Firebird III: One Of The Most Intriguing And Influential Concept Cars Of General Motors

GM built the Firebird III in 1958 and debuted it at Motorama in 1959. It is another extravagant concept with a fiberglass body and no fewer than seven short wings and tail fins (which were tested extensively in a wind tunnel). h/t: The car is a two-seater powered by a 225 hp (168 kW) Whirlfire GT-305 gas turbine engine, with a two-cylinder 10 hp (7.5 kW) gasoline engine to run all the... Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Cars, General Motors, Gm, Retro, Concept, 1960s, Motorama, Firebird

Understanding Where Side Airbags Deploy From Before Selecting a Seat Cover (Toyota Tacoma in This Case)

After much debate, I just leased a new Tacoma for the farm. The one I could afford has cloth seats, which will not jive well with the dirtiness of farm life.To avoid getting screwed on the lease terms, I want to protect the seats with a durable, washable cover. I know how to make patterns and sew, and I've got plenty of sewing machines, so I figured I'd DIY it. Then I remembered that the problem with seat covers and modern cars is this:That tag indicates, obviously, that the seat contains a side...
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Land Rover’s 4xFAR Festival Introduces Audiences to the 2020 Defender

Chief Commercial Officer Felix Bräutigam explains how the brand is marketing the next generation vehicle The Land Rover Defender is no ordinary vehicle. For the first hands-on introduction of the all-new generation of the 2020 Defender 110 four door and Defender 90 two door models, a two day festival—with off-road driving, music, historical vehicles, food and a range of outdoor activities—was created in Coachella Valley, …
Tags: Design, Marketing, Cars, Automotive, Festivals, Music Festivals, Land Rover, Defender, CCO, 2020 Defender, 4xFar, Brand Profile, Felix Brautigam

Torching Arctic Ice in Porsche’s First All-Electric Car

A vehicle that dominates what would otherwise be an unforgiving environment “The amount of torque in this car will simply obliterate the ice,” an instructor at the Porsche Ice Experience tells us. “So please try not to stomp on the accelerator.” We’re in the Taycan Turbo S, Porsche’s first ever all-electric vehicle. This is a revolution for the Stuttgart-based automaker—a four-door sedan using two electric …
Tags: Design, Cars, Automotive, Porsche, Electric Vehicles, Arctic, Finland, Lapland, Electric, Electric Cars, Arctic Circle, Stuttgart, Ev, Test Drive, Taycan, Taycan Turbo S

Sketching/Rendering Challenge: Can You Make This Bugatti Look Ugly, Using These Specific Design Cues?

I just read a classic "design fail" story whose three stages you'll find familiar:1. Concept is unveiled, everyone loves it2. Upper management committee gets involved, requests conflicting design changes3. Revised design is a visual disaster, project gets canceledWe've all heard this story a million times, but this one is frustrating because only parts 1 and 2 have been visible to the public. No one knows what part 3 looked like.The object in question is the Bugatti Galibier, a four-door concept...
Tags: Design, Cars, Atlantic, Bugatti, Sketching, Hagerty, Achim -RSB- Anscheidt, Anscheidt

Stuck Driver Being Towed Out of a Snowdrift Doesn't Pay Attention, Badly Damages Car

An SUV gets stuck in a snowdrift. A guy with a tractor helps by pulling him out, but minor disaster ensues. The tractor driver seems upset afterwards, but I blame the driver of the SUV here 100% for not paying attention: Tractor guy, it wasn't your fault. No good deed goes unpunished.
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How to Restore a Truck's Torn, Trashed Seat

Kim Buckminster's path as a craftsperson was shaped early: He was "introduced to needle and thread by my mother at age four," he writes, "with many people influencing me in upholstery, arts, craftsmanship and education." Today he runs Buckminster Upholstery, a Nebraska-based business that specializes in antique restoration and conservation. If you've got a Charles Limbert Arts and Crafts furniture piece circa 1900 that needs fixin', Buckminster's your guy.Which is not to say he only takes on ant...
Tags: Design, Cars, Nebraska, Object Culture, Buckminster, Charles Limbert, Kim Buckminster

Who's Got the Best-Looking Electric Delivery Van Design: Amazon, FedEx or UPS?

At this point Amazon, FedEx and UPS have all put in orders for electric delivery vans. FedEx was actually the first to make the news, ordering 1,000 vehicles from Chinese manufacturer Chanje back in 2018:Stylistically it's a mess, particularly that front end, where it looks like the designers were halfheartedly trying to rip off the worst part of a Nissan Frontier:Last month UPS announced they were getting into the electric game too, ordering 10,000 no-gas vans from the UK's Arrival, whose desig...
Tags: Amazon, UK, Design, Cars, UPS, Nissan, Chanje, Rivian, Amazon FedEx

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Unveil a Two-Part Collaboration

The brands team up for a custom G63 and a 59-foot Tirranna performance boat, on show at the Miami International Boat show Debuting this week, Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing‘s on- and off-land vehicles are an aesthetic pairing rooted in attention to detail and unprecedented power. The brands’ 12th collaboration to date, the one-of-one G63 and 59’ Tirranna were unveiled at the 2020 Miami International Boat …
Tags: Design, Cars, Automotive, Luxury, Boats, Miami, Mercedes-benz, SUVs, Amg, Mercedes AMG, Miami International Boat Show, G-wagen, Cigarette Racing, G63, G-wagon, Boat Design

The Concours d'Lemons: A Purposely Horrific Car Show, Filled with Auto Design No-Nos

The same organizers who brought you The 24 Hours of Lemons, an endurance race between shit-box cars, also has an answer to the Concours d'Elegance: The Concours d'Lemons.This annual event is where you can witness such beauties as... A stretch limousine Corvette; A Volkswagen Beetle van conversion that takes the Beetle part very seriously; A Gandalf-themed van called Vandalf; A 1979 Ford Pinto station wagon, in Squire trim; A 1988 Merkur XR4Ti that looks like it was art-directed by a pack of...
Tags: Design, Cars, Volkswagen, Gandalf, Squire, Concours, Yugo, Hagerty Insurance and Classic Motorsports Magazine

The 24 Hours of Lemons: An Endurance Race Where Your Car Must Be Worth $500 or Less

Never mind Ford v. Ferrari and your childhood dreams of competing in Le Mans; it's out of reach for most human beings. But there is a competing and much more accessible endurance race in America called "The 24 Hours of Lemons," where your team can consist of two to four drivers, unlimited crew members, and your car of choice.The catch: Your car must be worth $500 or less. All entrants' cars are inspected prior to the race, and "If our judges decide you spent over the $500 limit," the organizatio...
Tags: Design, Cars, US, America, Ferrari, Ford, Don, Hours of LeMons, Spec Miata

Pictures Of The Pontiac Club De Mer, The Jet Age-Inspired Concept Car Which Was Built In 1956

The Pontiac Club de Mer was a purpose-built, experimental car that was built by Pontiac for the General Motors Motorama in 1956 to celebrate General Motors’ commitment to futuristic design. The brainchild of GM engineer-designer, Harley Earl (Paul Gillian was also involved being the Pontiac Studio head at the time), the “de Mer” was a two-door sport Roadster that incorporated innovative... Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Cars, General Motors, Gm, Retro, Concepts, 1950s, Pontiac, Pontiac Club de Mer, General Motors Motorama, Harley Earl Paul Gillian, Pontiac Studio

Snowfall Makes Cars Happy: Someone Drew Eyes And Smiles On The Snow That Fell On The Cars

It had been snowing in St. Petersburg, Russia all night long, and early in the morning owners of cars found their vehicles very happy. They were looking from below in the windows smiling at people. Source
Tags: Design, Winter, Russia, Cars, Humor, Inspirations, St Petersburg Russia

Customer Buys Used Tesla, Tesla Then Remotely Deletes His Autopilot and Self-Driving Features

I'm currently in the market for a used pickup truck for the farm, and seeking something that's 4WD. Imagine that I buy one--and then the original manufacturer decides to magically delete the 4WD capability because I didn't pay full sticker.That's essentially happened to a guy named Alec, but with Autopilot rather than 4WD. As told by Jalopnik, a fellow named Alec purchased a used 2017 Tesla Model S (presumably at less than sticker) equipped with both Enhanced Autopilot and Tesla's Self-Driving f...
Tags: Design, Cars, Tech, Tesla, ALEC, Jalopnik, Jason Torchinsky, Tesla Tesla

Ethan Lipsitz’s Custom Painted Porsche 928

The LA-based artist's four-wheeled canvases combine two of his greatest passions After being diagnosed with stage three brain cancer after a sudden seizure in 2017, LA-based visual artist Ethan Lipsitz adjusted his outlook and focus. His main concern was healing. Surgery came first. The tumor was removed but the diagnosis remained. Radiation and chemotherapy followed, and Lipsitz was forced to step down from his job. …
Tags: Auto, Art, Design, La, Cars, Los Angeles, Painting, Culture, Custom Cars, Porsche, Artists, Sports Cars, Keith Haring, Painters, Lipsitz, Memphis Design

Extreme DIY Car Side Protection for Parking Lots

For years I've bitched that car designers don't take certain aspects of real-world use into account. Case in point are these stupid aftermarket bumperguards I'd always see when I lived in New York, to avoid scuff marks from parallel-parking contact:For suburbanites who often park in lots or garages, the damage comes from the side, as some motorists swing their doors open carelessly, dinging your car. Well, the owner of this car has apparently had enough of that, and takes the extreme step of zip...
Tags: New York, Design, Cars, Hawaii, Kalihi

Inside the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Design that reflects the fact that customers now buy cars from the inside out The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has arrived and the evolutions in both its exterior and interior design are likely to please fans. Elements of the brand’s Escala concept car from 2017 have taken root—the large curved OLED display and interior touches like fabric, for example. When we published a series on that concept, …
Tags: Auto, Design, Interviews, Cars, Automotive, Automobiles, Interiors, SUVs, Cadillac, Cadillac Escalade, Escalade, Car Design, Escala, Auto Design, 2021 Escalade

Concepts From Future Past: Autobianchi Runabout

Revealed at the 1969 Turin Motor Show, Bertone showed off this wild ride which looks a bit like what might have happened if Speed Racer’s Mach 5 mated with a powerboat. h/t: 95octane The car was designed by Marcello Gandini, and was powered by mid- mounted 1.1L Fiat 128 engine and matching 4-speed gearbox. Beyond its funky wedge shape and low profile, one of the most unusual design elements of the... Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Cars, Fiat, Retro, Futuristic, Concept, Mach, Marcello Gandini, Bertone, Turin Motor Show Bertone

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Mesmerizing footage of the sun, health benefits from magic mushrooms, the history of food photography and more 29 Nigerian English Phrases Added to the Oxford English Dictionary The latest update to the Oxford English Dictionary includes 29 words, phrases and colloquialisms from Nigerian English—most of which have been used for decades, and have been adopted by English-speakers elsewhere. Some words already exist in English, but …
Tags: Photography, Video, Space, Design, Technology, News, China, Cars, San Francisco, Architecture, The Sun, Portland, Mushrooms, Dictionary, Linkaboutit, Food Photography

Cars Banned From San Francisco’s Busiest Street

In an effort to ease congestion, improve conditions for cyclists, and make way for publicly funded restorations of sidewalks, transit lines and streets, San Francisco officially banned the presence of cars (except some official vehicles) on the city’s busiest thoroughfare: Market Street. Following similar legislation passed in cities including Paris, Madrid and NYC, San Francisco formulated a $600 million plan to revitalize its current systems …
Tags: Design, Safety, Cars, San Francisco, Traffic, Cities, Culture, Public Transit, Urban Planning, Public Safety, SF, Linkaboutit, NYC San Francisco, City Planning, Paris Madrid, Car Bans

Meet The Davis Divan: The Outrageous Three-Wheeled Sedan That Almost Made It

The history of auto design is filled with failed ideas and strange prototypes that never made it to the production line. In the wake of World War II especially, the industry kicked into high gear. Released from building tanks and munitions, large automakers like GM turned their focus back to giving consumers what they supposedly wanted most. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs like salesman Glenn Davis took... Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Cars, Gm, Retro, Glenn Davis

Layer's New Vehicle Concept Aims to Make Ridesharing More Appealing

Layer is banking on the future of rideshare with their latest concept, . The project envisions a "near-future" ridesharing platform centered around an autonomous vehicle that people will actually want to share. The design features eight S-shaped seats that create two private rows. Riders would use an accompanying app to hail a nearby ride and reserve a specific seat. The emphasis of the design is on privacy but the seats have "dynamic wings that can be either kept closed or opened out to create...
Tags: Design, Cars, Benjamin Hubert, The interior

A Demonstration of Hyundai's Automatic Parking Feature, With Thick Boston Accents

To market their Remote Smart Parking Assist technology on their 2020 Sonata, Hyundai hired a certain office worker, a certain Captain and SNL alum Rachel Dratch for a commercial to air during the Super Bowl. All three hail from Massachusetts, as quickly becomes obvious: You'd think they'd have done this commercial for the Hyundai...Accent.
Tags: Design, Massachusetts, Cars, Hyundai, Rachel Dratch, Sonata Hyundai, Thick Boston Accents

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