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The ZTE Axon V doesn’t have a notch… It has a tab.

I’m not sure how I feel about the ZTE Axon V, but it sure is inventive as hell. For starters, it’s managed to crack the notch and camera punch hole problem and delivers on a complete bezel-less screen experience without moving parts… but its lack of a notch has led the front-facing camera to manifest somewhere else. This is the ZTE Axon V, and it’s the world’s first smartphone… with a TAB.Reminiscent of folders that have tabs in the side (to let you open to a particular category), or for the mor...
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I could really get used to this notch-less Google Pixel 4 design…

It’s good to see the Pixel surrender that incredible notch it managed to acquire last year. The Pixel 3 was considered the pinnacle of Google’s smartphone tech, and actually housed the best smartphone camera in 2018, but it left a lot to be desired. For starters, the Pixel 3 still had pretty thick bezels on the top and bottom, and the Pixel 3XL had a massive notch on the top, much bigger than any other notch on any other phone (Google said this was because of the wide-angle selfie camera). Based...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Smartwatch has competition… from Samsung!

Now I’m usually the kind of guy to be excited by new tech, but this conceptual design literally has me scratching my head. Why, Samsung? Why have another device when you’ve already got so many! There’s the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Smartwatch series, the newly launched Galaxy Fold, and now this. What would you even call this tech-filled friendship bracelet?! The Galaxy Bend? Sounds too much like the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Band? That sounds like people would confuse it ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Samsung, Cellphones, Lenovo, Product Design, Flexible, Foldable phone, LetsGoDigital

The Windows OS is perfect for gadgets with folding displays

Think about it. We’ve been using Windows with large screens almost all our life. It still remains the most popular desktop/laptop OS, used by people of all ages, and even though Google’s ChromeOS and Apple’s MacOS are strong contenders, there’s a certain framework that Windows uses that’s universal. A start button and taskbar at the bottom, files and folders appearing as windows that can be minimized and maximized, and a screen that’s conducive to power-usage and multitasking. Windows is the per...
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How do you design smartphones for teens?

There are some parents who believe in limiting their child’s access to sufficiently advanced tech. Technology empowers, but it also means a lot of things. You can lose your privacy, your data, end up on wrong parts of the internet, and just be exposed to something you’re not ready for. For teenagers, that can be a pretty damaging experience. Especially considering Facebook was actually caught paying teenagers to spy on them just a month ago. I don’t blame parents for wanting to be connected to t...
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This concept Tesla Smartphone has an expanding conveyor-belt screen

As outrageous as it sounds, if this format is even remotely possible (and works well), it’s surely the format to beat. This the conceptual Tesla C1 by Jeffrey Lee. It’s not a folding phone… it’s a sliding phone. A sliding phone with a sliding flexible screen. Part of the screen faces the back when the phone’s collapsed, acting as a notifications zone, while the remaining majority of the phone lay on the front, ready to be used normally. However, if you’re in the mood for something more than just...
Tags: Design, Tesla, Smartphone, Cellphones, Screen, Lg, Display, Product Design, Jeffrey Lee, Sliding, C1, Flexible Screen, Conveyor, Tesla Smartphone

This foldable iPhone concept has the soul of a MacBook

Let’s ignore the fact that this conceptual iPhone XFold has the exact same format as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, because this who-did-it-first battle between iPhone and Samsung isn’t worth our time. It should be, however, more of a who-did-it-better battle. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is absolutely gorgeous, but the iPhone XFold looks like it would be a bigger commercial success… and that’s because the XFold’s design is instantly familiar.If you look at the iPhone X Fold’s OS, you see that it’s essenti...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Design, Samsung, Smartphone, Macbook, Cellphones, Display, Product Design, Foldable, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Foldable News, Roy Gilsing, xFold

Maybe we don’t need folding displays. Maybe we just need tactile keyboards…

Folding displays are innovation, but what positive impact do they bring to a smartphone? What does a larger screen achieve? Tablets are a dying tech category, and not many apps are optimized for a massive squarish display (Instagram still doesn’t exist for the iPad OS). The folding display only has two foreseeable benefits. Bigger screen for media (still strange, considering 16:9 media on a square screen means a waste of space), and bigger screen to facilitate multitasking.The folding displays a...
Tags: Design, Smartphone, Keyboard, Cellphones, Sony, Product Design, Qwerty, F(x)tec, Pro1

Huawei’s folding phone marks an interesting turning point for Android

As of now, we stand at a rather interesting junction. Samsung, Huawei, Apple. These three companies are the largest manufacturers of phones, and up until now, the leading two were playing catch-up to Apple in terms of innovative design. With Huawei’s Mate X, we can officially say that the two companies have finally moved onto bigger, more different things. Following Samsung’s Galaxy Fold launch, the Mate X is the world’s second-biggest smartphone maker’s attempt at folding phones.The Mate X fe...
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When battery manufacturers make smartphones…

This isn’t really what I had in mind when I was complaining about how my phone’s battery didn’t last long enough, but I guess Energizer’s product does count as a solution to the smartphone’s battery problem.This is the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a smartphone, but it certainly has smartphone-like features. The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop, according to the guys at The Verge, is a massive 18,000 mAh battery with a smartphone attached to it. Measuring at a stag...
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Samsung’s flexible mobile ‘unfolds’ a new future for smartphone design

The pun was just begging to happen. Unfolding the future. Ha! But wordplay aside, look at this gorgeous beauty that Samsung calls the Galaxy Fold. Launched barely an hour ago, this is the future of smartphone design, as dictated by the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It doesn’t just have a flexible screen, it has TWO screens, a beautiful colored metallic back with a lovely spine of a complementing/contrasting color, and six cameras… Three on the outer back panel, one on the outer...
Tags: Design, News, Samsung, Cellphones, Oled, Galaxy, Product Design, Fold, Flexible Display, Folding Phone

What if Microsoft made a smartphone 15 years before Apple did?

The year is, well 1995, and Windows has just released an operating system that defines the company’s future, and pretty much the future of computing too. I’m talking about the extremely revolutionary (for its time) Windows 95. The graphical user interface based software spread like wildfire, becoming arguably the first professionally and personally used OS for Microsoft. Just for a second imagine if the past were different. If mobile computing devices did exist in 1995, and Microsoft beat Apple ...
Tags: Apple, Design, Microsoft, Windows, Smartphone, Cellphones, Product Design, Henrique Perticarati, WinPhone 95, 95, Henrique Perticarati. Microsoft

Every dongle you’d possibly need, around your keychain

In a world full of technology that is fragmented between USB, Micro-USB, Type-C, and Lightning connectors, something as small and unsuspecting as the High Five cable helps in uniting all technology. It’s amazing that something as small as this, barely 7 centimeters in length, packs every single port combination you’d need for your smartphones, tablets, power banks, and laptops. Packed with a USB, Type-C and a one-of-a-kind Micro-USB/Lightning hybrid port. This arrangement practically works for...
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The Doogee S90 is basically a smartphone designed for Batman

What normal person would want a smartphone that is designed to A. be practically unbreakable and shatter-proof, B. be waterproof enough to be submerged for 2 weeks, C. work at ridiculous temperatures of -80°C (-112°F) D. dock a night-vision camera module, E. dock a walkie-talkie module with a 10km range, F. dock an external 5000mAh battery module, G. dock a gamepad module (for casual gaming when you’re not using the night-vision camera to snipe out Joker’s henchmen), and finally H. have a dual...
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An origami-style tablet stand that’s thinner than your credit card

Crafted from environmentally friendly PVC and PP, the FODI is a nifty little stand for your tablet and smartphone. When flat, it measures a cool 1mm thick, and uses the powers of Origami to fold open into a convenient stand that lets you dock your smartphone or tablet onto it at a convenient angle for watching videos, movies, or just regular video-chatting.The FODI is made from polymers that provide strength over periodic use (the PP gives it its flexible ability). Designed with alluring patte...
Tags: Design, Phone, Smartphone, Stand, Cellphones, Tablet, Laptop, Laptops, Origami, Product Design, Fodi, Kade Chan, Kiho Satoshi

A mobile tripod that’s small enough to fit on your keychain

Tell me if this scenario feels familiar. You’re alone, you’ve got your hands occupied, and you need to film something on your smartphone. You prop your phone against something on your table or counter, perhaps a tin of coffee, or any stationary object you find around you. You switch on the camera, and as soon as you compose your shot, you tap the screen to hit record and your phone shakes. It’s inelegant, and is what Indians call jugaad, or a lifehack. Engineer and ex-rocket scientist Jeremiah...
Tags: Design, Smartphone, Cellphones, Keychain, PLA, Product Design, Tripod, Jeremiah McCoy, Ultimate Kickstand

The Moto Razr 2019 is the perfect fusion of futurism and nostalgia

The interweb has been buzzing with a certain piece of news leaked by the Wall Street Journal only last week. Motorola plans to build a 2019-appropriate version of their iconic Razr phone. Details are incredibly scarce, and the only taste of the phone we’ve got is via images from their patent registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation in December 2018.The 3D visualization of the 2019 Razr bases itself on these patents. The new Razr will be more squarish (when closed) than its ...
Tags: Apple, Motorola, Design, Cellphones, Wall Street Journal, Editorial, Product Design, Random, World Intellectual Property Organisation, 2019, V4, YD Talks, Moto Razr, Sarang Sheth

Spigen’s Classic C1 case for the iPhone is a delightful tech throwback!

The iMac G3, in its translucent, colorful, flavorful glory is considered to be the starting point of Apple’s aesthetic dominance in the tech industry, and also the product that sealed Jonathan Ive’s reputation as a designer to be reckoned with. Available in thirteen different ‘flavors’, the iMac G3 looked absolutely stunning, offering a candylike color scheme and a translucent housing that let you peer into the ‘mind of the computer’.Spigen’s Classic C1 pays tribute to that glorious phase in App...
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This playfully unique wireless charger isn’t a pad or a dock

Designed with a toyish charm that totally makes charging much more entertaining as an activity, Mr. Charger isn’t shaped like your usual pad or phone-dock. In fact, it looks like a simple-minded lad sitting on the pier with his legs dangling above the water. Place your phone upside down and Mr. Charger on top, and he simply whiles away his time, while your phone gets charged. You’ll almost not want to lift him up to use your phone, lest Mr. Charger get disturbed.However, if you DO want to go ahe...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Office, Smartphone, Cellphones, Charger, Product Design, Wireless Charger, Dawn by SJ, Ki-Beom Hwang, Mr Charger

No buttons, no ports, the all-glass Vivo Apex 2019 is the purest smartphone ever built

A triumph of minimalism, the Vivo Apex 2019 concept phone is, in many ways, what the iPhone should have become. Pure and pristine in every sense, and made completely from glass (something Apple even patented in 2014) with no trims or embellishments, barring the cameras, the Vivo Apex 2019 is quite literally flawless. It ditches the buttons and the ports (completely functional details, if you think about it) and puts aesthetics on a pedestal. Obviously, this raises a few questions… like how do yo...
Tags: Apple, Design, Smartphone, Glass, Cellphones, Pure, Vivo, Concept, Product Design, Random, Apex, 2019

Your smartphone’s very own bed-side single-bed

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who keeps my phone right beside my bed. Not only do I feel a strong need to browse Instagram till I lull off to a deep sleep, but my phone’s position is also crucial to my hearing the alarm and waking up in the morning.I’m pretty sure I’m also not the only one who’s felt the need to have a product like the Phone Bed. The attachable caddy fixes to the side of your bed by latching onto your mattress, giving you a convenient bedside phone-dish to keep your smart...
Tags: Deals, Design, Netflix, Cellphones, Product Design, ATECH, Chong Yong Khong, Phone Bed, Chong Yong KhongClick

Three concept designers visualize what the 2019 iPhone will look like

Leaks have become a very common part of Apple’s launch process. When you’re as big as Apple is, it’s difficult to keep everyone quiet. Somewhere in some part of the world, a factory worker clicks a picture of the iPhone Gorilla Glass being prototyped, or the aluminum frame being machined, and the rumors spread like wildfire. Helping bring some sort of depth to these rumors are concept phone designers, who quickly put together renders that, after a couple of rumors, end up looking exactly like th...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Twitter, Design, News, Samsung, Cellphones, Leaks, Rumors, Lenovo, Huawei, Editorial, Concept, Product Design, Xi, 2019

Soap Beam: So Fresh and So Clean

The aptly named Soap Beam might take inspiration from the shape of a soap bar, but it has next to nothing to do with getting fresh and clean. The device is actually a portable projector designed to be used with a smartphone. No larger than a phone itself, the design is easy to tote, carry, and pack. Better yet, it features a simplistic and intuitive interface that makes it possible to plug and play in seconds. Simply hook it up to your smartphone and instantly share your favorite movies, music v...
Tags: Design, Cellphones, Projector, Product Design, BKID Co, Soap Beam

The wireless gadget that can charge your phone through the table

An effective wireless charger is a wireless charger that does its job without being around your phone. Imagine sitting at the table, just placing your phone on the counter and it begins charging. No pads, no branding, no products. Just the promise of invisible charging. That future isn’t far off, especially with the Archon promising to do just that. The Archon works like normal wireless chargers, but rather than having you place it on the table and then put your phone on top of it, the Archon ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Cellphones, Charger, Product Design, Wireless Charger, Archon

The tiniest HDMI adapter turns your iPad into a home theater

2018 marks the year that Type-C became the big standard it promised it would be. With the iPad Pro adopting it, alongside the MacBook (and rumors that the iPhone would too), Type-C finally made its way across all dominant operating systems, from Windows, to Chrome OS, to Mac, to Android, and iOS. So if there’s a good time to start adopting Type-C (or USB-C), it’s right now.The beauty of the Type-C standard is that its compact and universal. It’s present everywhere, and works everywhere, and pret...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Design, Television, Macbook, Cellphones, 4k, Desktops, Adapter, Popular, Hdmi, Product Design, Nonda, Usb C, Type C

Enough With the Gigantic Smartphones Already

The line between tablets and smartphones is all but blurred with the seemingly endless super-sizing of our mobile devices. This concept is a refreshing twist in the opposite direction.Aptly named ‘iPhone X Mini,’ it packs a powerful punch of iOS in a pint-size package. More than 40% smaller than the XS Max, the Mini is dwarfed by just about every other device on the market but packs many of the same features users have come to expect. Perfect for kid hands or elderly individuals with limited th...
Tags: Design, Technology, Smartphone, Cellphones, Product Design, iPhone X Mini, Krystofer Dongjae Kim, XS Max the Mini

Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves are winter-ready and smartphone-ready

Now that winter’s upon us, it’s time to bust out the woolens. The cap, the hoodie, the galoshes, bomber jackets, scarves, and gloves. Winter is perhaps my favorite time of the year. I hate the cold, but I love the warm fuzzy feeling that you get from trapping body warmth between a thick blanket, or sipping on a piping hot chai. However, there’s one issue that seems to counter my love for winter. It’s the issue of the glove. I wear gloves because it’s cold… and then I promptly take them off every...
Tags: Deals, Fashion, Design, Smartphone, Cellphones, Outdoor, Gloves, Touchscreen, Product Design, Accessories & Fashion, Mujjo, PUBG, Thinsulate

YD JOB ALERT: OPPO is looking for an Industrial Designer

Oppo is at the forefront of the smartphone and consumer electronics movement in the east. A company that has pushed for innovation alongside its sister company Vivo, and is also the parent company of OnePlus, Oppo doesn’t shy away from innovation. With phones that boast of advanced electronics, cameras especially (Oppo is widely considered the selfie expert), and overall builds, Oppo ranks 8th in the world’s top smartphone companies. Their electronics division is also known to make some of the w...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, London, Cellphones, Vivo, Job Board, Product Design, Oppo, Yanko Design, Product Designer, Industrial Designer, YD Job Alert, OnePlus Oppo, LOCATION London UK

Is this the Next Samsung S10?

This Samsung S10 concept brings together many of the leaks and rumors floating around out there to give us a glimpse of what we might expect from the brand’s next Galaxy smartphone lineup. They’ve just confirmed the release of the 10th anniversary edition and along with 5G network capability, there are a few far-out features many people are already looking forward to.In this exploration, the S10 and S10 Plus will feature a curved design with Infinity-O display and camera cut out in the center....
Tags: Design, Samsung, Smartphone, Cellphones, Product Design, Petar Trlajic, Samsung Galaxy S10, Phone Industry

The Infinitely Expandable Smartphone Case

The Clap Series of smartphone cases goes beyond just protecting your precious device. The 4-part collection — which consists of the Clap ’n’ Shield, Clap ’n’ Deco, Clap’n’ Charge, and Clap ’n’ Listen — provides users with security, style, supplemental power, and wireless headphone recharging depending on their preference. Just install the main case and choose the peripheral that you need. Collect them all to use them interchangeably or select the one (in one of many chic color combinations) that...
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