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Porcelain Pomegranate

Symbolizing abundance, fertility and love in various religions and cultures, the pomegranate promises good fortune and health. These handmade porcelain pomegranates from Tel Aviv’s SIND Studio appear delightfully abstract thanks to their hand-painted patterns and colors. While no two are the same, all feature real gold paint contrasting more subdued hues.
Tags: Design, Tel Aviv, Ceramics, Unique, Decor, Porcelain, SIND Studio, The Jewish Museum

Richard Notkin's teapots

Ceramic artist Richard Notkin is famed for his clay teapots, inspired by the traditional Yixing style from China but forming a vehicle for political commentary in the west. In the interview above, you can see him work: "the vessel is the primary canvas of ceramics and the teapot is the most complex of vessels." [via Abigail Larson]
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Your Eyes Big Mug

Handmade in London, artist Louise Madzia’s ceramic Your Eyes Big Mug contrasts an elongated handle with an equally unusual figurative artwork on its body. The screen-printed character bears more than a dozen eyes along its face and body—and a reach that also defies normal proportion. Yowie recommends that you only hand wash this mug to refrain from breaking the handle.
Tags: Art, England, Design, London, Limited Edition, Stoke-on-Trent, Ceramics, Mugs, Yowie, Louise Madzia, Yowie Shop

Tender Details Define Brooklyn’s Latest Japanese Restaurant, Rule of Thirds

Located inside of A/D/O by MINI, a design-forward restaurant that emphasizes interactivity A collaborative project from Brooklyn-based Sunday Hospitality, George Padilla and JT Vuong, the restaurant Rule of Thirds lies just beyond the nARCHITECTS-designed courtyard at A/D/O by MINI, a mixed-use creative space in Greenpoint. To remain consistent with the venue’s overall ethos, careful attention was paid to design—both of the restaurant itself and of …
Tags: Japan, Design, Brooklyn, Japanese, Dining, Ceramics, Mini, Craftsmanship, Rule Of Thirds, Food + Drink, Japanese Food, Pottery, Greenpoint, A/D/O, ADO by MINI, JT Vuong

Dango Daruma Wishing Doll

Shaped like a Japanese Dango dumpling, these ceramic Daruma wishing dolls are made by Manchester-based artist Amy Victoria Marsh. Available in two sizes, each doll is crafted from stoneware clay and comes with an instruction card for use. As with the traditional Daruma, users think of a goal or wish and color in the doll’s left eye and, once the goal has been achieved, they …
Tags: Design, Manchester, Japanese, Handmade, Ceramics, Dolls, Decor, Daruma Dolls, Amy Victoria Marsh

The bones of grass-fed cows were used to create this sustainable collection of tableware!

The restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, in Tarrytown, New York follows a very unique and intriguing philosophy. Its food is wholly nose-to-tail, this means they believe in utilizing all parts of the animal and are dedicated to culminating creative methods for eating the entire animal. No waste, nothing left behind. Since they were paying so much attention to food, the way it’s grown and utilized, ceramist Gregg F Moore decided to create a line of tableware that was in tune with their philosophy...
Tags: Design, Dining, Ceramics, Barber, Product Design, Tableware, Moore, Dan Barber, Blue Hill, Tarrytown New York, Drinkware, Green/Sustainable, Grass-Fed Bone China, Gregg F Moore, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Dan BarberMoore

Parametric ceramics that ditch the potter’s wheel for algorithms

I’d make some wise remark about spinning wheels versus spinning hard-disks, but it would probably require a fair bit of explanation. Parametric design is a term often used in industrial design and architecture to describe computer-aided design where algorithms become a part of the design process, and is a relatively new concept to ceramics and pottery (although to be true, it is gaining popularity). Jimmy Jian and Jack Liu’s use of parametric modeling in ceramics results in some stunning piece...
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CH Japan: Kiun Incense

Fifth-generation incense maker Kazushi Iwasa's indigo-inspired scent In Takamatsu, artisan Kazushi Iwasa—a fifth-generation incense maker—steers IWASA, his family’s business that’s been in operation since 1872. Long-inspired by indigo, we commissioned Iwasa to craft a scent around the natural color and its traditional dyeing process for our 2019 Omakase box. Pulling from the brand’s reservoir of scents, Iwasa assembled 400 limited edition incense sets, bearing notes …
Tags: Japan, Design, Gifts, Limited Edition, Ceramics, Indigo, Fragrances, Incense, Takamatsu, CH Japan, CH Omakase, CH Omakase 2019, Iwasa, Kiun, Kazushi Iwasa

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The planet's oldest asteroid crater, Pigalle basketball court's revamp, moon cars, musical archives and more Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact is Two Billion Years Old The oldest asteroid collision on the planet, the Yarrabubba impact crater in Western Australia, is a whopping 2.229 billion years old. After analyzing minerals at the crater site, researchers have found the asteroid hit at the end of an era called …
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One of a Kind Machine-Made Ceramics

Israeli designer Ofri Lifshitz’s “Industrial One Of” addresses our fear of automation overtaking craft. Lifshitz created a machine-run reproduction of a ceramic jigger that can produce impressive plates and bowls—complete with unique inclusions and a maker’s signature. The deviation is made using a string she programmed to stroke at a particular moment in the process, but each remains slightly different due to the jigger’s sporadic …
Tags: Design, Tech, Robots, Craft, Robotics, Ceramics, Machines, Linkaboutit, Plates, Bowls, Lifshitz, Ceramicists, Industrial One Of, Ofri Lifshitz

Great Lash Mascara Pipe

Made by artist Seth Bogart, this ceramic piece is both an objet d’art and a functional pipe. An ode to what is perhaps the most recognizable mascara ever, each Great Lash Mascara Pipe is handmade in Bogart’s California studio, and is therefore unique. Each piece measures approximately four inches tall.
Tags: Art, Design, California, Marijuana, Cannabis, Ceramics, Decor, Seth Bogart, Bogart, Pipes, Cannabis Connection

Designer Richard Brendon Rejuvenates the Crystal and Tableware Industries

Ideas on innovation pass from a London studio to Stoke-on-Trent potteries To gaze at London-based designer Richard Brendon‘s Reflect collection offers substantial insight on the history and future of an industry in transition. For the series, Brendon pairs gold- and platinum-gilded teacups of his own invention with patterned saucers found at antique dealers across Britain. Brendon honors his discoveries and intensifies their beauty with his …
Tags: England, Design, London, Britain, Stoke-on-Trent, Ceramics, Crystal, Plates, Pottery, Cut Crystal, Potteries, Richard Brendon, Tableware Industries

Inspired By the East: fertile fascination – or racist pastiche and plunder?

The British Museum show is a bold attempt to look at orientalist art as a cultural exchange that influenced paintings, ceramics, travel books and fashion. Our writer gauges its successThe British Museum’s new exhibition, Inspired By the East: How the Islamic World Influenced Western Art, attempts to present orientalist art as not only one where western artists traded in cliche, but also to show how portrayals of the east in the west were more than just racist pastiches. It attempts to present or...
Tags: Art, Religion, Painting, World news, Turkey, Culture, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Art and design, Heritage, Islam, Exhibitions, Ceramics, British Museum, Edward Said

Going In Deep & Hard: This Queer Artist Designs Porcelain Sex Toys

photos: Vismante Ruzgaite.  We got a chance to meet Jessie Keane who makes ceramic fine arts – for your kitchen, plants and… private parts. Jessie is laying on the floor of our photo studio. Coming in for a normal interview, spotlights and cameras were probably not what the 27-year-old expected from this otherwise ordinary Thursday night. But we couldn’t resist photographing the charming artist with her kinky creations. “Oh god, I’m dressed way too casually for this,” she replies when we ask h...
Tags: Fashion, Florida, Design, Australia, California, Sex, Berlin, Ceramics, Products, Kinky, Jessie, Northern Australia, Queer, Porcelain, Sextoys, Tupper

A library of exile: Edmund de Waal on Venice's Jewish Ghetto

In 1516, Venice’s Jewish population was forced into one small area of the city. Now the writer and artist has created artworks expressing a history of displacement and lossMy day begins in the Campo di Ghetto Nuovo. It is early morning and I am nursing a cup of coffee and the first of my bag of almond dolci ebraici veneziani, still warm from the bakery. They are rather too good, a hardness that gives way to almond crumbs. It is quiet but I can just make out the sound of the water from the founta...
Tags: Art, Europe, Religion, World news, Culture, Art and design, Judaism, Italy, Installation, Exhibitions, Venice, Ceramics, Venice Biennale, Campo, Edmund de Waal

Single Stem Vase in Pisces

Part of Heath Ceramics limited edition summer 2019 collection, a beautiful single stem vase in the brand’s Pisces glaze. Each of the vases is unique, as they are hand-dipped in white clay slip and then spray-glazed—so the color line on each piece will be different. Just under seven inches tall, these vases are designed and handcrafted in Heath’s Sausalito studio.
Tags: Design, Handmade, Ceramics, Pisces, Decor, Vases, Sausalito, Heath, Heath Ceramics

Handmade Fruit Bowl

Reiko Yamamoto’s handmade fruit bowl (measuring six by 15 inches) is a sturdy and versatile piece that doesn’t sacrifice style. Its shape and feel are pleasantly natural—with clean lines and a sleek silhouette. Because each one is individually handmade, they may differ slightly in shape and finish—custom glazing ranges from high-gloss to matte.
Tags: Design, Handmade, Ceramics, Kitchenware, Fruit Bowl, Reiko Yamamoto

American Modern Cup + Saucer

Available in nine different colorways, this round-edged and stout teacup holds six liquid ounces of your favorite brew. The cup and saucer set is a reproduction of Russel Wright’s American Modern line, which launched in 1939 and featured plenty of curvy silhouettes. While all the colors are covetable, our pick is the turquoise—one of the original Wright hues.
Tags: Coffee, Tea, Design, Dining, Ceramics, Wright, Russel Wright, Kitchenware, Teacups, American Modern

Skull Candle Holder

Crafted by London-based ceramicist and illustrator Lucy Kirk, each of these skull candle holders is entirely handmade and unique. Much like her other ceramic work, there’s an intentional imperfection to the black and white painted lines, and it only adds charm. Price is in GBP.
Tags: Design, London, Candles, Handmade, Ceramics, Decor, Candle Holders, Lucy Kirk, Skull Candle Holder

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Last Minute

Fast shipping for those about to panic over presents this year The holidays seem to sneak up on us every year. Suddenly it’s past mid-December, the time to shop for gifts is slim and the opportunities to stress are bountiful. If you’re currently panicking about presents, take a breath and click through to our Last Minute Gift Guide, where all the items are available for …
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Multi-Stem Vase

Part of beloved California studio Heath Ceramics’ limited edition winter series, this stunning vessel has been “dipped and flipped” many times to create unique colors and lines—rendering each one unlike any other. Standing at nine inches high, it features their new “Basin” glaze, crafted trough a proprietary technique.
Tags: Design, California, Ceramics, Decor, Vases, Heath Ceramics, Vessels

B-Sides Vase

One of her many “B-Sides,” this white and gold vase by LA-based artist Meegan Barnes is just as eye-catching without any flowers inside. Made from slipcast porcelain with ceramic decals, it stands at 10 inches tall and cheekily celebrates empowered women.
Tags: Design, La, Los Angeles, Ceramics, Decor, Vases, New Museum, Vessels, Meegan Barnes

MaliArts designs city-chic beehives to save solitary bees

We’re big fans of beautifully designed urban beehives on Inhabitat, and Mexico-based design studio MaliArts’ new shelters for solitary bees are just as buzz-worthy. Dubbed ‘Refugio,’ the project currently consists of three distinct and sculptural beehives aimed at attracting different species of solitary bees. Built with natural materials, each shelter offers a resting place and access to food and water for the insects. When most of us think about bees, it’s the sociable honey bees and bumbleb...
Tags: Design, Mexico, Animals, Bees, Gallery, Food System, Ceramics, Insects, Steel, Carousel Showcase, Pollination, Pine, Refugio, Dezeen, Pollinators, Insect Hotel

Freddie Mercury Antique Plate

An antique ceramic plate adorned with a hand-placed decal of Freddie Mercury, this creation is one of a kind—and exudes just the right amount of kitsch. Made for decoration only, it’s not safe for the dishwasher but it’s ideal for display. Depending on your musical taste, there are also versions with Grace Jones, Prince, Bowie and others available.
Tags: Music, Design, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Handmade, Ceramics, Decor, Plates, Bowie, Beatup Creations, Third Drawer Down, Freddie Mercury Antique Plate

Speckled Pet Bowls

These bowls from BTW Ceramics are a deco-inspired upgrade for your furry friend. With a speckled pattern on a soft blush hue and high-gloss finish, they’re not an eyesore on the floor. Available in two sizes, each one is hand-thrown and hand-painted, meaning no two are ever the same.
Tags: Design, Cats, Dogs, Pets, Handmade, Ceramics, Decor, Pet Bowls, BTW Ceramics

DABSMYLA’s “Things That Can’t Be Seen” Exhibition, LA

A colorful, fantastical study across paintings, prints and ceramics For husband-and-wife art duo DABSMYLA’s latest show, the pair has transformed a corner of Los Angeles into a vibrant, playful wonderland. Curated by Beyond The Streets founder Roger Gastman, the show—titled Things That Can’t Be Seen—combines bright, cartoonish floral studies with imagined scenes that ruminate on creative life. The 20+ large-scale works evolve their characters and world from the …
Tags: Art, Design, La, Los Angeles, Culture, Artists, Exhibitions, Ceramics, Galleries, Art Exhibitions, Roger Gastman, Beyond the Streets, DABSMYLA

These vases are arguably more attractive than the flowers they’re meant for

With its simplified shape that acts as a neutral base to the signature flair that is the vase handle, the Symbol bud vases by Nicolette Johnson are quite literally a symbol of beauty. The handles act as decorative halos to the flowers and buds that you place in the vase, and they come in a variety of designs, from simple circles and ellipses to much more complex, elegant shapes.The vases come with distressed, grunge-ish finishes too, that don’t really subtract from the beauty but rather add to i...
Tags: Home, Design, Lifestyle, Ceramics, Handle, Bud Vase, Intricate, Nicolette Johnson, Symbol vases

Picasso Bong

In a limited edition run of 50, Guy Overfelt has created near-exact replicas of Picasso’s ceramic work from the 1950s—and made them functioning bongs. This one, dubbed “Picasso,” was made in Jingdezhen in southern China—a region known for its porcelain production. Whether used as a bong, displayed as an objet d’art, or even a vase, it’s a playful take on an artwork originally made by a …
Tags: Art, Design, China, Cannabis, Ceramics, Picasso, Bongs, Jingdezhen, Cannabis Culture, Guy Overfelt, Park Life Store, Picasso Bong, Overfelt

Pottery with Personality from Asheville's East Fork: Creative Director Connie Matisse on seasonal collections, function and color

"In Asheville, you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a potter," says Connie Matisse, Creative Director of East Fork—ceramics producers unlike any other. Nestled into North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, the city itself harbors crafts and...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Crafts, Design, Ceramics, North Carolina, Decor, Plates, Dinnerware, Pottery, Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, Bowls, East Fork, Northcarolina, Stoneware, Eastfork, Conniematisse

Elon Musk drawn into farting unicorn dispute with potter

Tom Edwards was thrilled to hear the CEO was a fan of his work, until he saw Tesla using a copy without permissionTom Edwards, a Colorado potter, was thrilled when Elon Musk tweeted a photo of one of his original mugs featuring his cartoon drawing of a unicorn farting electricity. The Tesla CEO called it “maybe my favorite mug ever” in a February 2017 post – leading to a bump in sales from around the world.Edwards was surprised however, when, a month later, Musk tweeted a copy of his cartoon ima...
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