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Bringing Design to CES: A Look at Audi’s Booth Design

At an event where products take center stage, an excellent booth can steal the show Audi first decided to present at the Consumer Electronics Show eight years ago, and was the first auto manufacturer to do so. This year at the show the entire North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center was dedicated to automotive, with many brands choosing to exhibit there over the flagship …
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Smart Products Abound at CES 2019

From mirrors to coffee machines, assistants are migrating into nearly every product At this year’s CES, countless products on display promoted their assisted capabilities. Last year’s show delivered us the first glimpses of virtual assistants embedded into everyday devices, but 2019 previewed the phenomenon’s mainstreaming—Google Assistant in a mirror, Amazon’s Alexa taking queries from inside your toilet and more. There is valid skepticism about the possibility of …
Tags: Google, Amazon, Design, Tech, Ces, Devices, Alexa, Consumer Electronics Show, Smart appliances, Amazon Alexa, Smart Tech, Google Assistant, CES 2019

Testing ZF’s Autonomous Ride-Hailing Taxi

We try out a robo-taxi at CES, and learn where the industry really is at on the road to autonomous lifts As Silicon Valley and the car industry continue to converge, we’re seeing an increasing presence of autonomous cars at the Consumer Electronics Show, including an autonomous robo-taxi that we caught a ride in this year. The ZF Autonomous Ride-Hailing Taxi is a prototype that’s meant …
Tags: Design, Tech, Ces, Silicon Valley, Autonomous Cars, Taxi, Consumer Electronics Show, Autonomous Driving, ZF, CES 2019

Electric Mobility Innovation at CES 2019

Beyond cars, some of our favorite one- and two-wheel vehicles At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the attendees were hovering, around many major car brands’ electric vehicles and the numerous future-fantasy aircrafts on show. Audi and Mercedes-Benz unveiled theirs, while Nissan debuted a revision of an earlier debut, and Bell collaborated with Uber. But, some of the most practical innovations on exhibition this year plan to solve …
Tags: Design, Tech, Ces, Bikes, Scooters, Electric Vehicles, Mobility, Segway, Bmw, Audi, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Bell, Yamaha, Mercedes Benz, Personal Mobility

Lenovo’s ultraportable speaker is as slim and small as your phone

The Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker is quite literally the most portable one ever. Most portable Bluetooth speakers are portable alright, but they aren’t slip-into-your-pocket portable. Audio drivers tend to have depth/thickness to them, resulting in speakers that may be small and lightweight, but are almost always chunky too, making them ideal for laptop bags, but not pant pockets.Lenovo’s latest offering wants to be the kind of Bluetooth speaker you carry around with you, the way ...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Ces, Bluetooth Speaker, Nfc, Lenovo, Portable Audio, Ultraportable, 700, Ces2019

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Arthouse films, glitter, CES, space, food and more in our internet round-up Communicating From the Far Side of the Moon The far side of the moon (often mistakenly referred to as the “dark side” of the moon) never faces Earth due to the sphere’s elliptical orbit and synchronous rotation. For the first time, information—including a photograph—has been transmitted from the hemisphere by way of China’s National Space …
Tags: Food, Space, Design, China, Films, Ces, Cinema, Denmark, Bmw, Lg, Concepts, Hyundai, Linkaboutit, Link About It, The North Face, Gene Editing

Highlights From CES 2019

At the annual event we found health-improving tech, mobility-driven innovation and everything between This year at the Consumer Electronics Show—CES—there was significant chatter about acclimating the public to the future of technologies like virtual assistants and autonomous vehicles. But, while it seems that nearly every company in the industry is working on, integrating or supporting one or the other, there was plenty of technology on display …
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These security cameras are monitored by AI as well as a human surveillance team

Do you remember that viral video of the engineer that designed this glitter bomb for parcel-thieves? It was this over-engineered box that contained a motor, a centrifugal cup with glitter, a fart-bomb, and four smartphones that recorded the incredibly cathartic experience of seeing your parcel thief open the box only to be doused in glitter and sprayed with fart-spray. Thieves would see an unsuspecting box on a porch and pick it up. Once they opened it, the motor would trigger, sending glitter...
Tags: Amazon, Home, Design, Safety, Ces, Cameras, Product Design, Mark Rober, Rober, Deep Sentinel, Robert Brunner, Ammunition Group, Ces2019, LiveSentinel Surveillance Guards

This AI food truck could bring fresh produce directly to you

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is trending worldwide, which is why it is also a prominent component of CES 2019. But as interest in futuristic tech grows, so does consumer interest in fresh, local food. The farm-to-table concept continues to gain popularity, which is why Panasonic has proposed an innovative mash-up of these two seemingly polar opposites — an AI mobile delivery service that operates like an ice cream truck to bring local fruits, vegetables and other grocery items di...
Tags: Food, Design, Produce, Ces, Gmo, Panasonic, Food Delivery, Local Food, Eat & Drink, Food Truck, Fresh Food, CES 2019

The Gaze Tray is Apple’s AirPower Charger with a Lifestyle-design Touch

The Gaze Tray joins an already powerful design movement to make tech and tech accessories more home-friendly. Technology that is present inside an interior space must recognize and respect the space it is in. Flashy, edgy technology doesn’t sit well in a subtle, minimal, Scandinavian interior space, and companies are now beginning to make use of interior-friendly colors, materials, and forms to make these products complement the spaces they are in.The Gaze Tray is a wireless charger with multi...
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The LUCI Immers wants to be the first style-conscious VR headset

My strongest visual memory of VR headsets is this image of Mark Zucerkberg walking past an entire audience wearing VR headsets. There’s a lot to discuss about this picture. Especially the element of dystopia, where masses have these large cuboids strapped to their faces, completely absorbed in their virtual world, oblivious to their surroundings. This feeling is brought about by the VR headsets, which are enormous, and truth be told, ugly.VR’s always had this bad rap, thanks to their hulking des...
Tags: Design, Ces, Accessibility, Vr, Headset, Product Design, Luci, AR / VR, Immers, LUCI Immers, Mark Zucerkberg

Bell has begun building Uber’s Air Taxis

The Nexus is a 6-propeller, 4-seater eVTOL from Bell. Showcased in part last year at CES, the company has now built the entire vehicle to scale, much to the delight of its viewers. Bell hopes to have the Nexus ready for flight by the mid-2020s, which means we aren’t far from Uber’s air-taxi takeover.The Nexus comes with a hybrid-electric propulsion system that allows it to travel further than a full-electric eVTOL. It seats 4 passengers and a driver, and coming from a company that practically ...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Uber, Design, Ces, Automotive, Nexus, Bell, Air Taxi, Air Taxis, Ces2019, Bell Showcased

BMW Designworks Partners With The North Face on a Super-Light Camper

To highlight The North Face’s new Futurelight material, produced by a “nanospinning technology” that allows for air-permeability, the brand debuted a super-light camper co-designed with BMW Designworks. More than futuristic looking, the waterproof, light and breathable Futurelight fabric stretches across a geodesic-dome frame on a function, mobile platform. It’s just the start for Futurelight, which is bound to shake things up in many industries—including apparel and …
Tags: Design, Camping, Ces, Bmw, The North Face, Campers, BMW Designworks, CES 2019, Futurelight

LG’s 65-Inch Rollable 4K OLED TV Will Hit the Market Soon

Referred to as the OLED TV R, LG’s groundbreaking 65-inch rollable 4K television will be released to consumers this spring. The TV offers many different functional modes, each with a different screen size—one of which, known as zero view, sees the entire screen descend into the base but audio functions still active through the 100W front-firing Dolby Atmos audio system. LG, who presented the TV at CES …
Tags: Design, Television, Tech, Ces, Lg, Tvs, Linkaboutit, Dolby Atmos, CES 2019, Rollable TVs

We tried the new Impossible Burger at CES heres what we thought

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is in full swing in Las Vegas. While smart home technology, televisions and wearable tech takes center stage, many surprising innovations are grabbing media attention. Take, for instance, the latest iteration of an Inhabitat favorite — the Impossible Burger. We tried the newest recipe from Impossible at this year’s CES; keep reading for our thoughts. Delicious in tacos or served as a classic burger, the Impossible Burger has become a favorite for vegeta...
Tags: Meat, Design, Ces, Innovation, Las Vegas, Carbon Footprint, Vegan, Impossible Foods, Vegetarian, Eat & Drink, Meat Alternatives, Las Vegas While, Mike Minor, Impossible, Impossible-burger, CES 2019

Hyundai’s Walking Concept Car, Elevate

Designed as a first responder for natural disasters, automaker Hyundai’s Elevate concept car sets wheels on robotic legs that can stretch to walk or climb across challenging terrain. Unveiled at CES (as a small toy-like model), the vehicle’s “active suspension” employs an electric actuator technology, allowing the leg architecture freedom of movement in six directions. Further, the modular passenger unit opens in all four directions. Read …
Tags: Design, Cars, Tech, Ces, Concept Cars, Hyundai, Natural Disasters, Linkaboutit, Ces2019

Wacom's New Drawing Tablets Are Cheap Enough For Aspiring Artists

There’s long been a far-fetched rumor that Adobe intentionally leaks pirated copies of Photoshop and Illustrator to hook young, aspiring artists on its software before they transition into careers as professional designers. Still, many of the professional design hardware remains quite expensive for students and other…Read more...
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Science, Technology, Tech, Ces, Tablets, Wacom, Consumer Tech, CES 2019, Ces2019

Wacom's New Touchscreen Drawing Tablets Are Cheap Enough For Aspiring Artists

There’s long been a far-fetched rumor that Adobe intentionally leaks pirated copies of Photoshop and Illustrator to hook young, aspiring artists on its software before they transition into careers as professional designers. Still, many of the professional design hardware remains quite expensive for students and other…Read more...
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Science, Technology, Tech, Ces, Tablets, Wacom, Consumer Tech, CES 2019, Ces2019

holoride: A Virtual Reality Platform For In-Car Entertainment

Launched at CES 2019 as an Audi spin-off, the first demo impresses The problem with most virtual reality experiences is that there’s a disconnect between the action you see on the screen and your movement (or more likely, stasis) in the real world. Omni-directional treadmills like the Inifnadeck and immersive experiences like The Void successfully map what you see to how you move, but until now there …
Tags: Gaming, Design, Disney, Tech, Ces, Vr, Virtual Reality, Audi, Avengers, Start-ups, CES 2019, Holoride

CES Survival Guide: How To Properly Take Power Naps in Public

I never thought I would become someone who slept on the floor at trade shows. It's gross, people can steal your stuff, and I will repeat one more time that it's gross. As a general principle, I also believe that naps are a waste of time. As Drake once reiterated, "I don't take naps. Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that." In fact, I used to be the person who took photos of people sleeping at trade shows for entertainment. So what broke me? How did I become the person I've been ...
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Hyundai is building a ‘walking car’

Wheels have the advantage of speed, but can’t move as efficiently on rough terrain. Legs, on the other hand, can move on any terrain, but can’t move as fast as wheels can. Combine both and you’ve got yourself the best of both worlds… the ability to traverse through rough land as well as glide on smooth roads. That’s what Hyundai seems to be teasing with the Elevate, an EV concept that they’re being extremely hush-hush about, but plan to reveal more at CES in Las Vegas next week.The Elevate creat...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Safety, Medical, Ces, Automotive, Las Vegas, Hyundai, Mandalay Bay South Convention Center, Elevate, Ces2019, UMV

Samsung’s latest space-saving design-driven monitors are an absolute win

I remember some 3-4 years ago when Samsung released their Serif TV and I couldn’t possibly imagine what the company was thinking. The TV was hideous, as it tried to tread the line between domestic appliance and gadget. Then one year later, Samsung debuted their QLED TVs with the Ambient Mode that, rather than making the TV stand out, made it blend in. The Ambient Mode was a work of genius, and showed that Samsung took research and design seriously rather than just coming up with eye-catching f...
Tags: Design, Television, Samsung, Ces, Desktops, Product Design, Ces2019, Space Monitor

The DP-2 is probably the most beautiful earphone ever made

Towing a fine line between consumer electronics and ornamentation, the DP-2 is exactly what I want trend-setting technology to look like. Designed quite unlike any wireless earphone you’ve seen or you’ll ever see, the DP-2 by Dotcom Creation comes in obsidian black, in an open loop. Wearing them may not feel intuitive at first, but they’re designed to stay on your ear and look incredible as they do.In a world where we’ve got in-ear, on-ear, and around-ear style headphones, the DP-2 breaks the mo...
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From Incredible to Incredibly Weird: The Best of CES Asia 2018

At the beginning of every year, the Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas, and towards the middle of the year, its Asian counterpart is held in Shanghai. CES Asia found itself being held across five football stadium sized exhibition halls at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and multiple ballrooms at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, the urban half of Shanghai.There’s a marked difference between the CES in Las Vegas and the CES in Shanghai, and most of it stems from the techno-cultura...
Tags: Asia, Design, Technology, China, Ces, Shanghai, Tencent, Nvidia, Skynet, Las Vegas, Lenovo, Gpu, Black Mirror, Editorial, Product Design, Intel Core

Material Implications for the Future of Mobility

The following is a sponsored post, courtesy of Covestro. It used to be that the lines between various key industry sectors, such as automotive, electrical/electronics, appliances and healthcare were relatively clear and distinct. No more. Current trends—as underscored by various pronouncements and product introductions at the CES 2018 trade fair in Las Vegas and the recent North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit—indicate a convergence of technologies and industries on a scale n...
Tags: Europe, Design, London, China, Singapore, Cars, Ces, Materials, United States, Vw, Toyota, Las Vegas, Volkswagen, North America, Detroit, Mercedes

Pixels of the past, in a display for the future!

With its feet on the ground but eyes affixed upward, the Vestaboard is a beautiful combination of past and future. If you’re the kind of person who’s tired of seeing pixels and displays everywhere you go, Vestaboard is honestly the best-aboard (I couldn’t resist). Literally a massive flip-board display, the Vestaboard has 161 individual flipping modules that can iterate text and even color.Connecting to your smartphone, the Vestaboard becomes the enchantingly dynamic display that shows you eve...
Tags: Design, Technology, Ces, Display, Flipboard, Product Design, Ces2018, Vestaboard

LG’s new ‘tablet’ has surround sound

It appears as though the days of just walking into Best Buy and buying a simple speaker might just be up. Smart speakers are popping up all over the place, and this is no surprise with how advanced Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are becoming. So what happens when the market for smart speakers becomes densely populated? Stick a screen on it.This may or may not be the design thought behind the LG ThinQ Google Assistant Touch Screen Speaker, but I kind of like it. The ThinQ boasts a high sound q...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Design, Audio, Speakers, Ces, Chromecast, Lg, Product Design, Portable Audio, Amazon Alexa, ThinQ, Ces2018, W9

Mask to make you a deeper sleeper

It seems as though getting a good night’s sleep is somewhat of a dream these days, which is ironic. I find myself tossing and turning, trying app after product after app to “track” my sleep pattern in an effort to enhance it – but to no avail. Maybe Dreamlight’s Rechargeable Sleep Mask could be the answer to my troubles. Using light technology, Dreamlight helps you sleep and experience optimal rest.Like all good sleep tech, this sleep mask tracks your sleep patterns each time you use it. Conside...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Ces, Product Design, Sleep Mask, Ces2018, Dreamlight

Link About It: "My Special Aflac Duck," a Robot Companion for Children with Cancer

Insurance company Aflac and health research company Sproutel unveiled a robot duck companion at this year's CES, made for children going through cancer treatment. More than just a plush toy, the animated robot features a chest sensor with a chemotherapy...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Design, Tech, Ces, Robots, Robotics, Linkaboutit, Aflac, Ces2018, Sproutel, Cancerresearch, Healthandwellness

Imagine having a fitbit in your ear

CES brings out the best in us all, and when I say that, I mean it showcases products that could probably make us better individuals. Take Soul Electronics, for example, debuting two in-ear headphones (the Run Free Pro-Bio and Blade) at CES with built-in gait analysis specifically for runners. Soul Electronics boasts having built-in sensors and a kickass accompanying app that can you tell you, while you’re running if your strides/form is off and how to correct it.Being a long distance runner myse...
Tags: Design, Audio, Ces, Portable Audio, Fitness/Sports, Ces2018, Soul Electronics

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