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He Was A Child Laborer, Then A Homeless Migrant. Now He’s A Prizewinning Filmmaker Who Could Get An Oscar.

P.S. Vinothraj worked in a flower market at age nine and a sweatshop at 14. At 19 he ran to the big city (Chennai) and slept on the streets. Now his first feature is a festival hit and India’s official submission to the Oscars. – The Guardian
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Metro Station Signage Meant to Encourage Exercise

Dr. Mayilvelnathan Vivekananthan is not a medical doctor—he's a solar researcher with a PhD in Thermal Energy Storage—but he posted this amusing photo of a would-be motivational public health initiative painted on the steps of a metro station in Chennai:Naysaying commenters have pointed out that the calorie count isn't close to accurate and cannot be universally applied, but I think it's the thought that counts: Just reinforcing the idea that we can take little steps (no pun intended) each day t...
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Recreating A 2,000-Year-Old South Indian Lyre

The yazh is a seven- or 14-stringed harp, built over a wooden bowl resonator covered with hide like a drum, that’s referenced in Tamil scriptures dating back to the Sangam period (6th century BCE to 3rd century CE). There are replicas of the yazh in museums, but none are playable. In a Q&A, Chennai-based instrument maker Tharun Sekar talks about how he researched and then crafted a playable model. – Atlas Obscura
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Astad is gone, but is more alive than ever

‘Astad had the courage to plough a lonely furrow. He made a life of his own, on his own, and created a path-breaking dance style.’ ‘Only a few in the performing arts could do what he did.’‘A classical dancer can fall back on tradition, but Astad created something absolutely new.’ Article by Archana Masih | Rediff IMAGE: Astad Deboo, the legendary dancer who died after a brief illness on the morning of December 10, performs at the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. Photograph: Kind courtesy Ritam Banerj...
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This Ancient Art Form Is Practiced Every Morning In Front Of Houses All Over South India

“A physical form of prayer and symbol of protection, a daily exercise, and a moment of intense concentration and meditation, drawing kolam is an important household ritual that has a lot more to it than may first meet the eye. Two very different women living in Chennai explain their shared passion for kolam, and their involvement in the local kolam competition.” (video) – Yahoo! (BBC)
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The dancer’s guide to hitchhiking: Astad Deboo

Celebrated Indian contemporary dancer and choreographer Astad Deboo on his 50-year career, hitchhiking across the world and more Article by Samira Sood | CNN Traveller Astad Deboo in flow. Photo: Amit Kumar Astad Deboo is no stranger to accolades: from a Sangeet Natak Akademi award to a Padma Shri, he has them all. But perhaps his greatest prize is his own story. How did the boy from Jamshedpur go on to become the pioneer of modern dance in India? 8 years, 32 countries. Feat. a cargo boat ride...
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Inside The Capital Of Toddler YouTube (Oh Yes, It’s A Thing)

“Sesame Street has more than 5 billion views on YouTube … but ChuChu has more than 19 billion. Sesame Street‘s main feed has 4 million subscribers; the original ChuChu TV channel has 19 million — placing it among the top 25 most watched YouTube channels in the world.” Alexis Madrigal travels to ChuChu headquarters in Chennai to find out how they do it — and talks to a scholar of children’s media about the pluses and pitfalls of their style of video.
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Dancing on the edge: In conversation with Astad Deboo

At 71, Astad Deboo still walks with the leaping grace of a warrior Is it sweet revenge to be acclaimed as a living legend of dance right here in the most conservative of dance bastions?” I ask Astad Deboo. He is in Chennai to receive the Yagnaraman Living Legend Award for 2018 at the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha July Festival. In conversation with Geeta Doctor | The Hindu Deboo is not pretending to be a living legend. It’s still morning. He is wearing pink and grey candy-striped shorts and a T-shi...
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Newsletter – Do we still need designers?

Dear Reader, Slowly but surely things at HQ are getting back to normal although the UK’s weather (we Brits love to talk about it) has resulted in a little less doing and a little more thinking! This will be the last newsletter for the summer as I skip August when most people take a holiday. The series of short videos which I am gathering together under the title ‘Rough Cut Creativity’ are being added to but are not yet published. If you have not had a peek yet then you can find them via YouTube ...
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Mudras In Motion: The Unpindownable Mastery of Astad Deboo

Four decades ago, after a world-wide tour of the West and East that helped him expand his conceptual horizons, a young Astad Deboo returned to his native India—and went down south to train in Kathakali. The artist was close to 30, an age conventionally considered ‘too late’ to be initiated into the rigours of Kerala’s traditional ballet form, which bears no small touch of the martial art kalaripayattu. Deboo was already a self-ordained disciple of dance, though. In Kerala, he met another of his...
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Astad Deboo wins Lifetime Legend Award for his pioneering work in contemporary dance

We are happy to announce that our dear friend and legendary contemporary dancer Astad Deboo shall be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award today in Chennai. If music be the sounds between silence, dance is the language of holding stillness. And, with someone like Astad Deboo, the passing of time necessarily turns into a meditative experience. This weekend, as a part of the Yagnaraman July Fest 2018, the veteran artiste — now aged 70 — will be conferred with a lifetime achievement award. He will a...
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Astad Deboo Conferred the Yangnaraman Living Legend Award

Our dear friend and brilliant legendary contemporary dancer Astad Deboo has been credited for blending his kathak and kathakali training and creating a unique dance form that has been appreciated globally. He is also known for collaborative explorations with other artistes. This year he teamed up with rudra veena artiste Mohi Baha ud-din Dagar to create a connection between contemporary dance and Indian classical music, and performed at the Mudra Dance Festival in April. The maestro has now add...
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Remembering Shirin Vajifdar – Pioneer in All Schools of Dance

Shirin Vajifdar, who died on September 29, 2017, exhibited an unusual love for classical dancing from childhood and defied taboos to train in multiple classical dance forms. Article by Sunil Kothari | The Wire Shirin Vajifdar. Credit: Mulk Raj Anand: Shaping the Indian Modern (MARG) In the early 1930s, it was inconceivable that a young girl from the Parsi community would take up classical dancing. But that is what exactly Shirin Vajifdar did. The doyen of Jaipur Gharana Sunderprasadji had mov...
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Link About It: India's Dr Seuss, Anushka Ravishankar

Today marks the last day of Children's Literature Week and while we can easily recall the milestone books of our own developmental years, authors continue to produce prose of exceptional merit. Anushka Ravishankar, commonly referred to as India's Dr...... Continue Reading...
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Teen creates world's lightest satellite and NASA is sending it to space

An 18-year-old from Tamil Nadu in India has built what experts are hailing as the “world’s lightest satellite.” Bonus: NASA’s going to send it into space. Rifath Shaarook’s 1.5-inch cube weighs a mite 2.2 ounces—lighter than many smartphones. “We built it completely from scratch,” Shaarook told India’s Business Standard. “It will have a new kind of on-board computer and eight indigenous built-in sensors to measure acceleration, rotation and the magnetosphere of the Earth.” The satellite beat m...
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Best of 2016: 5 Interesting Homes from Architectural Digest

Sometimes you take a liking to a particular magazine, website, tune that you keep flipping/playing it over and over again. There is no formula to decipher this fondness; it just clicks and stays in the head space for days, sometimes weeks. That’s how it is with AD for me now. I’ve compiled five of the most interesting homes on AD in 2016. They all share a recurring theme: minimalist, have an abundance of wood to bring in the warmth, a flood of natural light, open spaces, embracing the outdoors, ...
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90 Of The World’s Best Press Photographs Of The Year 2016

People dressed as Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise of films pose on the Millennium Bridge to promote the latest release in the series, “Rogue One”, on December 15, 2016 in London, England. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is the first of three standalone spin-off films and is due for released in the UK today. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images) Cars drive under a rainbow near Bad Langensalza, Germany, Wednesday, November 2, 2016. (Photo by Jens Meyer/AP Photo) Flames whipped by strong...
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Atkins Ciwem Environmental Photographer Of The Year 2016 Winners

The overall awards winners have been announced in the 2016 Atkins Ciwem environmental photographer of the year competition, an annual international showcase for thought-provoking photography and video that tackles a wide range of environmental themes. The environmental photographer of the year 2016 is awarded to Sara Lindström for her imposing photograph “Wildfire”. Swedish-born Sara picked up photography while studying in South Africa, and is now based in the Canadian Rockies. Her projects ha...
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