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LES MISERABLES Anthem Adopted by Protesters In China and Hong Kong

Les Miserables revolutionary anthem, Do You Hear the People Sing has been adopted as a protest song in both Hong Kong and mainland China. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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“Les Miz” Song Has Become A Defiant Protest Anthem In China

Do You Hear the People Sing?, the defiant chorus from the musical Les Misérables, has become a song of protest in Hong Kong and, more recently, mainland China. Explicit references to Li Wenliang, the Wuhan doctor censured for his warnings about the coronavirus outbreak, and to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, are stamped upon – but lines from the song slip through the net on China’s social networks Weibo and WeChat, fostering a community of covert opposition. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, China, Theatre, Les Miserables, Wuhan, Weibo, Li Wenliang, 02.13.20

Coronavirus Is Devastating The Arts In China

“Movie releases have been canceled in China and symphony tours suspended because of quarantines and fears of contagion. A major art fair [and a performing arts festival] in Hong Kong [were] called off, and important spring art auctions half a world away in New York have been postponed because well-heeled Chinese buyers may find it difficult to travel to them.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, New York, China, Issues, 02.13.20

Another Coronavirus Catastrophe: China’s Cinema Box Office Down By 99.75%

That’s not a typo. The country’s total movie ticket revenue for the past 20 days is down from $1.52 billion for the same period last year to $3.9 million, and the movie industry there may need a government bailout. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, China, Audience, 02.12.20

Abandoned amusement park to gain new life as a nature park in Suzhou

In Suzhou, China, an abandoned amusement park is being transformed into a 74-hectare nature park that will include a decommissioned roller coaster transformed into a habitat for birds. The innovative, adaptive reuse project is the work of international firm Tom Leader Studio Landscape Architecture, who won a design competition for the park and brought on California-based Kuth Ranieri Architects for help with the design. Named ‘Shishan Park’ after its location at the foot of Shishan (Chinese for ...
Tags: Design, California, China, Park, Parks / Wildlife, Pavilion, Unesco World Heritage, Aviary, Adaptive Reuse, Landscape Architecture, Suzhou, Suzhou China, Urban Park, Stormwater Management, Urban Regeneration, Amusement Park

As Virus Tightens Grip on China, the Art World Feels the Squeeze

Movie theaters have closed, art fairs have been canceled and orchestra performances called off as the epidemic has curtailed travel and foot traffic on the mainland and beyond.
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You still hear the people sing: Les Mis protest anthem blazes from France to China

The defiant lyrics to the classic Les Misérables track are reverberating through uprisings in Hong Kong and ChinaIt has soared during an airport sit-in, united street protests and drowned out the Chinese national anthem at a school assembly. Do You Hear the People Sing?, the defiant chorus from the musical Les Misérables, has become a song of protest in Hong Kong and, more recently, mainland China. Explicit references to Li Wenliang, the Wuhan doctor censured for his warnings about the coronavir...
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How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus: Visual Guide Wth A Style & Twist

How-To Survive A Deadly Global Virus” is a project by Max Siedentopf, a Namibian-German visual artist, and inspired by masks found on social media during the Corona Virus outbreak where people shared photos of alternative solutions to the conventional air mask. Since the virus is currently spreading globally, the series offers handy solutions how you can use simple everyday objects to protect... Source
Tags: Design, Safety, China, Masks, Max Siedentopf, Coronavirus

Ikea Hosting In-Store Sleepover Parties Next Month in Brooklyn and Costa Mesa

When Ikea first opened in China, the company was dismayed to learn some customers were coming in not to shop, but to take naps on the beds in the showroom.Perhaps they've taken a lesson from that. On Friday, March 13th--which is "World Sleep Day," apparently--the company is hosting an Ikea Swede Dreams Sleepover event at their Brooklyn and Costa Mesa outposts, where guests will actually crash in the showrooms."The custom sleep experience will offer unique games and activities relating to sleep,"...
Tags: Design, China, Brooklyn, Ikea, Furniture Design, Costa Mesa, Ikea Family, Insomniac Lounge, Costa Mesa Ikea

Beautified China series, the Architectural Revolution

Beautified China series, the Architectural Revolution AoiroStudioFeb 11, 2020 Our good buddy Kris Provoost have recently released his first book titled: 'Beautified China: The Architectural Revolution', it's a striking 'recueil' of a selection of modern buildings that Kris has been photographing for the past decade. In this book, you will get a glimpse of buildings located in well-known cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Harbin, Wuhan (!) and many more...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, China, Kris, Kris Provoost, Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong Harbin Wuhan, Kris Provoost Kris

The Saints Wear White: Artist Pays Homage To Chinese Medical Workers With Chapel Mural In Hubei Province

With the outbreak and spread of coronavirus dominating news headlines across the globe, designer Duyi Han decided to pay tribute to the medical workers who are risking their lives to help those in need. The project sees the walls and ceilings of a historic church in China’s Hubei province – where the epidemic began – transformed into a large mural depicting figures dressed in white decontamination... Source
Tags: Design, China, Medical, Workers, Inspirations, Hubei Province, Coronavirus, Duyi Han

This lamp purifies the air you breathe using photons

Is it a lamp? Or a sculpture? Or both? The Guilin is most appropriately described as a ‘lampscape’. With etched acrylic mountains that sit on an illuminated base, the multiple award-winning Guilin lamp lights up your room with an ambient glow, while also adding sculptural beauty to one’s space… and it purifies the air too.Principally, the Guilin lampscape comes with a base that uses edge-lit acrylic mountains to disperse light around the room. The abstractly designed edge-lit mountains come ma...
Tags: Design, China, Shop, Lighting, Product Design, Guilin, Kevin, Coli, Guilin Mountains, Kevin Chu, Kevin ChuClick, Guilin Dawn, Giulia Di Bonaventura, Guilin Lamp

Our top 10 Lighting Design Projects from the A’ Design Awards 2019

We’re kicking off 2020 with inspirational lighting designs to help ‘spark’ your imagination! Perhaps the most ‘lit’ amongst the A’ Design Award’s multiple categories, this list looks at winning designs from the past year, celebrating good design from the year gone by. The Italy-based A’ Design Awards and Competition has always tried to be more than an award, by creating a multi-disciplinary program that rewards designers while also creating an environment that helps designers grow their products...
Tags: Design, China, Awards, Italy, Lighting, Thorn, Product Design, Da Vinci, Estelle, Imperial Palace, RGB, A' Design Award and Competition, Luminaire, Foglia, A' Design 2019, Yilmaz Dogan

Art Basel Hong Kong Cancelled

After much back and forth over whether or not Art Basel Hong Kong would attempt to continue in the face of the coronavirus outbreak in China, parent company MCH Group announced today that the 2020 edition of ABHK is cancelled.  “Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak all around the world. We are acutely aware of the […]
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Ancient Chinese Artists Give Advice On How Not To Get Infected With Coronavirus

A series of portraits with characters from the Beijing Opera has received a new vision. The characters put on masks and give instructions in the form of a libretto. Wise artists advise to put on a mask, do not meet anyone and measure temperature in time. Originally painted by unidentified artist, these hundred portraits of Peking opera characters from the late 19th–early 20th century collected by... Source
Tags: Design, China, Inspirations, Beijing Opera, Coronavirus

The 15 Best Brushes for Procreate 

The Procreate app is quickly becoming one of the most popular programs for creating art that the iPad offers. By turning the iPad into a drawing table, it opens up the possibilities for any artists who might not consider the iPad a viable design option. Part of the appeal is designers’ ability to create and make available their brushes that they use to create their artwork. That can open up many different avenues for artists. We wanted to highlight some of the best Procreate brushes available, w...
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Coronavirus Outbreak Leads Washington’s National Symphony To Cancel Three Concerts In China

Said the NSO’s executive director, “The combination of warnings from the State Department and the CDC, and our flights were canceled; there was no way to get there and no way to get home.” The orchestra’s March tour will still include five concerts in Japan. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Japan, Cdc, Washington, China, State Department, NSO, 02.04.20

Pablo Escobar’s new smartphone aims at taking on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

No, this is nothing like those cheap Airpods knockoffs you find on Aliexpress. The Escobar Fold 2 is a ‘legit’ folding phone with an eerie similarity to the Samsung Galaxy Fold… and with a $399 price tag. Launched by Roberto Escobar’s ‘tech company’ which debuted with a Flexpai-mimicking smartphone last year, the Escobar Fold 2 is a direct dig at Samsung, promising to ‘ruin the big brand’ as Roberto believes these brands steal from the common folk. Pot and kettle, am I right? Although seriousl...
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Director of Artistic Planning, Sydney Symphony Orchestra (Australia)

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra seeks an experienced Director of Artistic Planning to curate its classical and pops symphonic programming, chamber music, educational programming and regional touring. The Director will partner with new Chief Conductor Simone Young, who begins in 2022. Please download the candidate materials on our website at: The Sydney Symphony Orchestra in Sydney, NSW, Australia, seeks an exper...
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ZHA unveils LEED Gold-targeted OPPO headquarters in Shenzhen

Zaha Hadid Architects has won an international competition to design Chinese tech giant OPPO’s new headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Defined by the firm’s signature curvilinear features, the new office complex will comprise four interconnected towers with rounded shapes evocative of giant missiles. Wrapped in glass and filled with natural light, the tapered towers will target LEED Gold certification and are expected to break ground later this year, with completion planned in early 2025. Since la...
Tags: Design, China, Office, Architecture, Beijing, Shenzhen, Natural Light, Oppo, Leed Gold, Shenzhen China, Atrium, LEED, Shenzhen Bay, Plaza, Open-plan, Zaha Hadid Architects

Scared Of Coronavirus, Chinese People Have Started Putting Masks On Their Pets

Zhou Tianxiao According to the live map that tracks the spread of coronavirus (#2019-nCoV), there are thousands people currently infected with the virus. There have also been over 200 deaths after people contracted the virus which causes such symptoms as fever, cough and shortness of breath and conditions varying from people being mildly sick to people being severely ill and dying. h/t: Source
Tags: Design, China, Animals, Pets, Masks, Coronavirus, Ptotect, Zhou Tianxiao

Creative Solutions People Came Up With To Try To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

The coronavirus is spreading further and further every day, prompting the World Health Organization to declare a global emergency. There are now thousands cases of people infected with the virus in China, at least 213 have died due to the illness, and the sickness has now spread to 19 countries around the globe. So it’s natural that people want to protect themselves and their loved ones. However... Source
Tags: Design, Medicine, China, World Health Organization, Epidemic, Coronavirus

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Mesmerizing footage of the sun, health benefits from magic mushrooms, the history of food photography and more 29 Nigerian English Phrases Added to the Oxford English Dictionary The latest update to the Oxford English Dictionary includes 29 words, phrases and colloquialisms from Nigerian English—most of which have been used for decades, and have been adopted by English-speakers elsewhere. Some words already exist in English, but …
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Another beautiful book space appears in China, this one in a paddy field

Beijing based Trace Architecture Office has devised this beautiful bookshop to sit between the walls of an old abandoned building in rural China. The shop sits on a paddy field on the outskirts of Xiadi Village in Fuijian province and will be operated by Librairie Avant-Garde, an independent book shop with locations across China. You might remember the name Librairie Avant-Garde, for many believe their shop beneath Wutaichan Stadium in Nanjing is the most beautiful bookshop in China.  ...
Tags: Books, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Interior Design, Nanjing, Hauser, Wirth, Books In Design, Bookshops, Trace Architecture Office, Xiadi Village, Fuijian, Librairie Avant Garde, Wutaichan Stadium

January linkfest

I’ll get to the regularly scheduled links in a bit, but I wanted to lead off with some recommendations from my 2019 media diet (a term I’ve borrowed from Jason Kottke, whose blog always makes for tasty consumption). A couple of magazine articles: “What I Learned in Avalanche School,” by H eidi Julavits for the New York Times Magazine. The story is indeed about avalanche school, but because Julvaits is a brilliant writer, it includes passages like this one: “The pursuit of joy, even if tha...
Tags: Books, New York Post, Science, Design, Television, Writing, Film, China, New York City, Advertising, Sports, Tel Aviv, America, Domains, Amazon Prime, Chinese

China Closes Down All Its Movie Theatres In Coronavirus Scare

In the wake of a coronavirus outbreak that has infected thousands and claimed more than 100 lives in China, the movie industry is grappling with the unthinkable: Nearly every cinema in the country, totaling about 70,000 screens, has shut down. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, China, Audience, 01.28.20

China and Hong Kong Shutter Arts Institutions Indefinitely

Following the outbreaks of corona, Hong Kong has shuttered its public art institutions indefinitely, a move that creates even more challenges for Art Basel’s upcoming fair in the city. “We are closely monitoring the developments and recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and national governments, as well as consulting directly with relevant experts. We will […]
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, News, China, World Health Organization, Art Basel, Art News, Minipost, Hong Kong Shutter Arts Institutions Indefinitely

Many Of China’s Arts Venues Shut Over Coronavirus Fears

The largest potential casualty of the closings is the Hong Kong Arts Festival, which is scheduled to open on February 8 with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s world premiere of Alexander Goehr’s The Master Said at City Hall. – Musical America
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, China, Issues, Alexander Goehr, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, 01.28.20

Trace Architecture’s Stunning Bookstore in a Tiny, Rural Chinese Town

Located on the outskirts of Xiadi, a tiny town in China’s Fujian Province, a stunning new Trace Architecture-designed bookstore occupies a once-abandoned residence. A model for sustainable structural reuse, the pre-existing building’s two foundational concrete walls act as bookshelves—and a stark contrast to natural wood accents and skylight. Outside, guests are greeted by a glass-walled cafe at ground level (with panoramic views of the surrounding …
Tags: Books, Design, China, Architecture, Reuse, Sustainable, Linkaboutit, Bookstores, Fujian province, Librairie Avant-Garde, Trace Architecture, Xiadi

An Update on China's "Six-Day Hospital Build" to Tackle Coronavirus in Wuhan

It's remarkable that you can speed up footage of humans building things in a group, and it totally resembles insect behavior: That's footage of construction workers in Wuhan, racing to build a 25,000-square-meter (270,000-square-foot) hospital to handle the sudden rise in Coronavirus-infected patients. The South China Morning Post and others reported on January 24th that the hospital would be built in just six days, but an update from the Chinese government says it will be ready by February 2n...
Tags: Design, China, Architecture, Wuhan, South China Morning Post, China Global Television Network, Xinhua Either, Huoshenshan Hospital

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