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Ennead designs a striking nature preserve to protect Chinas most important river

Ennead Architects and Andropogon Landscape Architects have won an international competition for the Shanghai Yangtze River Estuary Chinese Sturgeon Nature Preserve. The proposed design takes the shape of an undulating sculpture mimicking the curves of Asia’s longest river while referencing “biomorphic anatomy.” The building will be clad in translucent PTFE panels and engineered with sustainable, energy-efficient technologies such as geothermal heating and cooling loops. The purpose of the Shan...
Tags: Architecture, Landscape Design, China, Carbon Sequestration, Shanghai, Wetlands, Native Plants, Ennead Architects, Gallery, Carousel Showcase, Constructed Wetlands, Yangtze River, Cross Laminated Timber, Andropogon Landscape Architects, PFTE, Chinese sturgeon

Karim Rashid Designs a Single-Serving Wine Bottle for Usual Wines

From ancient Egypt to Greece and China, civilizations have produced their own wines with local ingredients fir generations. Back then, clay vessels and oak barrels were the best ways to transport the precious liquid. Today, we've turned to our standard glass wine bottles to transport (and more importantly protect) the 'nectar of the gods.' Our wine glass has even gotten bigger as our appetites for wine have increased, but let's be honest with ourselves: how many bottles of opened, unfinished win...
Tags: Food, Design, Greece, China, Egypt, Object Culture, Karim Rashid

Where Classical Music Has Become An Obsession

Inna Faliks: “Seventy-five percent of my students at UCLA are Chinese or Chinese American. Pianists from China, after graduating from the best music schools in Europe and the United States, return home to pass on classical music traditions in their own distinct ways. This musical exchange is exponentially growing. Concert halls may remain empty in our nation’s cities, especially when traditional classical recitals are offered by a non-household name, but in China, playing a Beethoven or Chopin ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, China, United States, Ucla, Audience, 03.22.19, Inna Faliks

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Write Fiction. Should Novelists Be Worried?

Maybe not, not yet. Garbage in (this AI was fed a lot of Reddit recommendations, ahem), garbage out: “Right now, novelists don’t seem to have much to fear. Fed the opening line of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four – ‘It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen’ – the machine continued the narrative as follows: ‘I was in my car on my way to a new job in Seattle. I put the gas in, put the key in, and then I let it run. I just imagined what the day would be like. A ...
Tags: Art, China, George Orwell, Reddit, Seattle, Issues, Fed, 03.25.19

Courtroom Face-off Ends in a Win for Jaguar Land Rover; China Declares the Landwind X7 a Copycat

A legal battle waged since 2016 ended with a historic win for Jaguar Land Rover on Friday. In 2015, China’s Jiangling Motor Corporation debuted the Landwind X7, a compact crossover that looked a lot like the Range Rover Evoque. Okay, not “a lot” — the near was damn near identical, but priced well below the […] The post Courtroom Face-off Ends in a Win for Jaguar Land Rover; China Declares the Landwind X7 a Copycat appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: News Blog, China, Copycat, Court Cases, Design, Jaguar Land Rover, Jiangling Motor, Landwind X7, Lawsuit

An Insight at the User Interface for Everyday Wifi

An Insight at the User Interface for Everyday Wifi AoiroStudioMar 21, 2019 Let's take an insight at the user interface for Everyday Wifi, a design by Linwu Wang. A designer based in Hangzhou, China. Unlike any Wifi helper application, the Everyday Wifi has been revamping the entire experience to facilitate the connection to a secure network without any effort. Especially knowingly when you are living in a country like China where there are billions of people,...
Tags: Design, China, HANGZHOU China, Linwu Wang

Site-sensitive Woodhouse Hotel promotes agricultural tourism in Guizhou

In China’s southwest province of Guizhou, Shanghai-based architectural practice ZJJZ has completed the Woodhouse Hotel, a government-backed agricultural tourism project that consists of 10 single-story timber cabins embedded into the hillside in the remote village of Tuanjie. As one of the first projects carried out under the government’s policy to help alleviate rural poverty through environmentally sensitive tourism, the Woodhouse Hotel was designed and constructed with as little site impact ...
Tags: Design, China, Architecture, Gallery, Cabins, Carousel Showcase, Eco Tourism, Rural Poverty, Cabin Architecture, Guizhou, Chinese architecture, Charred Timber, Rural Architecture, Minimize Site Impact, Laurian Ghinitoiu, Agricultural Tourism

China’s Art Collectors Open Up About How China’s Art Market Works

China now has around 5,000 museums, of which around 1,500 are privately run. Asked why they opened private museums, the collectors canvassed are candid. “It was good for my collection. It is easier to acquire high-quality works as an institution.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, China, Visual, 03.15.19

Plastic waste has met its match with the viral #Trashtag challenge

It is rare when a social media trend actually results in a physical change to the environment, especially when it comes to picking up plastic waste. But a new viral challenge has thousands of people from around the world coming together to clean up places that have become overrun with plastic. The new challenge, #trashtag, encourages people to clean up litter and share photos from before and after the clean-up job is over. So far, tens of thousands of individuals have participated in the social...
Tags: Facebook, Design, China, Bbc, Canada, Mount Everest, Butler, Mark Butler, Pacific Southwest, Ecology Action Centre EAC

Transparent bubble domes in China allow guests to immerse themselves in nature

For those who need a little respite from the hustle and bustle of life and who may find themselves in the Guangxi region of China, there is an entire glamping site comprised of transparent bubble domes. Created by designer ChengWei Chiang of PL Interior Design Studio, the Wow Bubbles are made of special transparent PVC material to let visitors truly immerse themselves in the idyllic landscape that surrounds the site. Located in the mountainous area of southern China bordering Vietnam, Guangxi ...
Tags: Design, Zen, Hotels, China, Gallery, Iceland, Guangxi, Bubble domes, Dome Designs, Wow Bubbles, Chiange Cheng Wei, PL Interior Design Studio, Bubble Huts, Transparent Bubble Lodgings, Bubble Hotels In China, Unique Lodging Options

These 5 animals are being consumed into extinction

Humans have a long history of wiping out animal populations, and we continue to do so even to this day. According to a new study published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, people around the world are eating hundreds of animal species into extinction. If we don’t make some changes, the authors of the study warn that the food security of hundreds of millions of people could be threatened. Currently, we are in the middle of mass extinction that rivals the wiping out of the dinosaurs 65 m...
Tags: Design, China, Africa, Earth, Zimbabwe, University of Oxford, Vietnam, International Union For Conservation Of Nature, National Geographic, Iucn, MacDonald, David Macdonald, Bushmeat, Danilo Cedrone, Petr Hamerník

Finland plans to complete its coal ban one year early

Finland is following through with its coal ban initiative and making it a top priority over the next 10 years. The country promised to eliminate its reliance on coal by 2030, and Finnish Parliament just pushed through a motion to complete the ban a year earlier than the previous goal. One year may not seem like much, but moving the ban up means Finland will be completely coal-free in the next decade. The move also means that the country will have to increase its phasing out program by around 10...
Tags: Design, News, Sweden, Climate Change, China, India, Renewable Energy, Britain, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Finland, Norway, Parliament, Renewable Enegry, Coal Ban, TreeHugger LEGO

LACMA Acquires 12-Foot Long Zeng Fanzhi Work

LACMA has acquired an untitled Zeng Fanzhi painting from 2018 for its permanent collection, following on its commitment to expanding its collection of works from China. “Chinese contemporary art has emerged as one of the most compelling areas of the global art landscape,” says Dominic Ng, CEO of East West Bank. “The addition of a piece by […]
Tags: Art, News, China, Art News, Minipost, LACMA, Zeng Fanzhi, East West Bank, Dominic Ng, Foot Long Zeng Fanzhi Work

China hopes to bring solar power to space

China is looking to be the first country in the world to install a solar power outlet in space. Scientists at the China Academy of Space Technology are working on new technology to make solar power in space a reality, and they hope to have something in place by the year 2050. The story of China’s ambitious solar power initiative was first published by a newspaper ran by the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The scientists working on the project believe that installing solar power in...
Tags: Apple, Japan, Design, China, Nasa, Earth, Chongqing, Ministry of Science and Technology, China Academy of Space Technology, Pang Zhihao, Dezeen Zhihao, Zhihao

Historian Li Xueqin, Who Helped China Embrace Antiquity, Has Died At 85

Li, who wrote more than 40 books and 1000 articles, had to walk the line, including attacking his mentor both personally and professionally during the Cultural Revolution. But inside China, “Li was better known as the country’s leading historian. He participated in some of the most important Chinese archaeological digs of the 20th century, like one at Mawangdui, which yielded texts that helped reshape scholarly understanding of ancient China.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, China, People, Li, 03.01.19, Li Xueqin

This Made-In-Taiwan Video Game Has Hidden Jokes About China’s President. The Wrong People Found Them

“Devotion, by the Taiwanese indie developer Red Candle Games, was released on 19 February and was initially popular among horror enthusiasts. However, the discovery of a number of hidden jokes” – in particular, a Chinese pun on the names of PRC president Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh – “has ignited a firestorm of online criticism.” Devotion has now been pulled from worldwide distribution. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, China, Taiwan, Xi Jinping, Winnie, PRC, 02.27.19

Hong Kong welcomes Veda, the first vegetarian restaurant inside upscale hotel Ovolo

Hong Kong’s vegan and vegetarian scene has proliferated in the last few years, and now the autonomous territory of China has its first vegetarian restaurant within a hotel. Veda, inside the freshly revamped Ovolo Central Hotel, is open for business. Well-known Australian vegetarian chef Hetty McKinnon devised the menu, and MALE and KplusK Associates designed the space. Despite an upsurge in the availability of veg foods, Hong Kong is still the world’s third largest per capita beef consumer, acc...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Australia, China, McKinnon, Ovolo Central Hotel, Hetty McKinnon, KplusK Associates, Ovolo

Micro-Serialized Novels Are Big In The Far East – Can They Catch On In The States?

“In China and Korea, millions of fans make micropayments to writers for incremental updates in their serialized stories.” Now a Korean entrepreneur has launched Radish, which offers a similar service to the American market: writers for TV soap operas develop serialized stories, mostly romance and horror, that get regularly updated in installments that take ten minutes to read on a smartphone. – Publishing Perspectives
Tags: Art, China, Korea, Words, 02.22.19

China closes Mount Everest base camp after overwhelming trash problem reports

China is taking steps to clean up Mount Everest amid growing concerns about trash accumulation. The base camp at the foot of the world’s tallest mountain is officially closed to tourists until further notice. The closure of the base camp comes after a surprising report from the Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, which claims it has picked up over 8 tons of trash from the site, including human waste and general garbage, last year alone. It is unclear when the base camp will open to tourists....
Tags: Design, China, Everest, Nepal, Mount Everest, Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, Mount Qomolangma National Nature Reserve, Tibet Qomolangma, Rongbuk Monastery, Mount Everest Via

Ai Weiwei’s Segment For Anthology Film About Berlin Suppressed Out Of Fears Of Chinese Gov’t Reaction

“A contribution by the Chinese artist, film-maker and activist Ai Weiwei to a film called Berlin, I Love You, was cut by the producers on concern it could block the movie from getting distribution in China and create difficulties for them with the Chinese authorities.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Media, China, Berlin, Ai Weiwei, 02.19.19

Ai Weiwei Part of “Berlin, I Love You” Pulled from Final Cut

Artist Ai Weiwei has had his contribution to the film Berlin, I Love You, pulled after concerns over distribution in China. “It was infuriating to find our involvement had been erased,” Ai said on Deutsche Welle television. “The reason we were given for the episode’s removal was that my political status had made it difficult […]
Tags: Art, News, China, Berlin, Ai Weiwei, Art News, Minipost, Deutsche Welle

Ivory Queen sentenced to 15 years for illegal ivory smuggling

The Ivory Queen of China was just hit with a 15-year prison term for smuggling illegal ivory in Asia. A court in Tanzania found Yang Feng Glan, who earned the nickname “Ivory Queen” for her unlawful business activities, guilty of illegally trading close to 2 tons of ivory tusks, which represents more than 350 elephants. This is not the first time Glan has been charged with ivory smuggling. Back in the fall of 2015, she was busted for shipping 860 ivory pieces through Asia from 2000 to 2004. The...
Tags: Asia, Europe, Design, News, China, Animals, Elephants, Tanzania, Ivory, Ivory trade, Reuters, Yang Feng Glan, Ivory Queen, Huruma Shaidi, Illegal Ivory, Glan

Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies List for 2019

An undertaking of immense proportion, that initiates inspiration of equal magnitude for readers, Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list shines a light on businesses impacting both culture and their respective industries. This year, China’s tech platform Meituan Dianping takes the top spot for facilitating 27.7 billion transactions through 2,800 cities—ultimately affecting 350 million people. Others on the list include household names like Walt Disney and …
Tags: Apps, Design, China, Disney, Tech, Companies, Innovation, Nba, Lists, Fast Company, Walt Disney, Linkaboutit, Meituan Dianping

Kenneth Cadwallader

Kenneth Cadwallader is a painter with a fresh, confident approach, and a vibrant use of color. The galleries on his website are divided into paintings from his travels in China, figures and floral still life. I particularly admire the strong value contrasts in many of his townscape and still life paintings.  
Tags: Art, China, Painting, Gallery And Museum Art, Kenneth Cadwallader

The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Design, China, India, CSR, Bloomberg, Bbc, Netflix, Furniture, Canada, Brooklyn, New York Times, Ikea, Switzerland, Manhattan

Russia Is Cutting Itself Off From The Rest Of The Internet (Temporarily). But Is This Prelude To Something Bigger?

Ostensibly the goal of the legislation is to protect the Russian internet from the US, which has an offensive cybersecurity strategy and lists Russia as one of the major sources of hacking attacks. However, many observers think the creation of a Russian intranet is a further step towards a goal of duplicating the Great Firewall of China to restrict the access of the country’s internet users to content deemed harmful by the authorities. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, China, Russia, US, 02.12.19

Your Lighting Design Moodboard: Winning Lighting Projects from A’ Design 2018

Trust us, the guys in the business of curating design content, to put together a pretty neat list of products to watch out for! This is the Lighting Design Showcase from the A’ Design Award and Competition 2018, the Italy-based, international design award program that spans virtually every design category, country, and doesn’t just award design, but creates an environment for the design to grow from a concept to a product, or from a product to a well-known, profitable project.We look at the top ...
Tags: Design, China, Awards, Italy, Best Of, Lighting, Product Design, Tutu, Guilin, Wu, Ming, Davide Oppizzi, A' Design Award and Competition, JAL Lamp, Igor Lobanov, A' Design 2019

The Doogee S90 is basically a smartphone designed for Batman

What normal person would want a smartphone that is designed to A. be practically unbreakable and shatter-proof, B. be waterproof enough to be submerged for 2 weeks, C. work at ridiculous temperatures of -80°C (-112°F) D. dock a night-vision camera module, E. dock a walkie-talkie module with a 10km range, F. dock an external 5000mAh battery module, G. dock a gamepad module (for casual gaming when you’re not using the night-vision camera to snipe out Joker’s henchmen), and finally H. have a dual...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Design, China, India, Cellphones, Outdoor, Sony, Batman, Product Design, S90, Doogee

China's $9,000 Electric Pickup Truck is Coming to the U.S.

Pickup trucks are big business in the U.S. Never mind annual statistics, which can be mind-numbing; consider that 6,500 brand-new pickup trucks are sold in America every day. The math shows that Ford sells a pickup truck about every 30 seconds, while GM and Dodge each average roughly one pickup truck sale per minute. (Toyota and Nissan lag behind but are still significant players, together moving about 500 trucks per day.)Is there room for another competitor in this space? China-based Kaiyun ...
Tags: Design, China, Cars, America, Ford, Gm, Dodge, Honda, Nissan, Detroit, Wang, Wang Chao, Pickman, Electric Pickup Truck, U S Never, Kaiyun Motors

C.Y. Lee, Author Of ‘Flower Drum Song’, Dead At 102

“Over a career spanning seven decades, Mr. Lee wrote nearly a dozen volumes of historical fiction, but his best-known work was his debut novel, The Flower Drum Song, which brought instant literary stardom upon its release. He was called an overnight sensation, but in fact, he had spent years toiling in obscurity after having arrived in the United States from China on a student visa during World War II.” — The Washington Post
Tags: Art, China, People, United States, Lee, 02.03.19

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