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Italian TV employees suspected of thieving dozens of works of art

‘Priceless’ pieces removed from Rai’s offices by employees and replaced with fakes, police believe“Disloyal employees” at Italy’s public broadcaster, Rai, are suspects in the theft of dozens of works of art from its offices thought to date back to the 1970s.In what the daily newspaper Il Messaggero has described as “the sack of Rai”, the “priceless” artworks were removed from the broadcaster’s headquarters in Rome and units across the country and replaced with fakes. The works included original ...
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Chichu Art Museum: ‘A site to rethink the relationship between nature and people’

A visit to Japanese art island Chichu is both a meditation and an education The post Chichu Art Museum: ‘A site to rethink the relationship between nature and people’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Family of late Samsung chair offload Picassos and Dalís to cut inheritance tax bill

Relatives of Lee Kun-hee to donate 23,000 artworks to South Korean national museumsThe family of the late Samsung Electronics chair Lee Kun-hee have said they will pay more than 12tn won (£7.8bn) in inheritance tax and donate his collection of more than 23,000 artworks – including pieces by Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat and one of Claude Monet’s water lilies paintings – to South Korean national museums.Lee, who is credited with transforming Samsung into the world’s largest s...
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Cocktails with a Curator: The Frick Pairs Weekly Art History Lectures with Cocktail Recipes Once upon a time, not so long ago, First Fridays at the Frick were a gracious way for New Yorkers to kick off the weekend. Admission was waived, participants could take part in open sketching sessions or enjoy live performance, and curators were on hand to give mini lectures on the significance and historical context of certain prized paintings in the collection. Rather than pull the plug entirely when the museum closed due to the pandemic, the...
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Two Museums Tried To Deaccession Some Art Through Sotheby’s Last Week

But only the Baltimore Museum caught so much grief that it “paused” its sale. The Brooklyn Museum? Well, its sales were “almost $20 million for seven works by artists including Henri Matisse, Joan Miró and Claude Monet.” What’s up with the tale of two museums? – The New York Times
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Banksy's Monet tribute to go on sale for up to £5m

Tribute that adds abandoned shopping trollies to the impressionist image of water lilies to be sold at Sotheby’s auction Street artist Banksy’s version of Claude Monet’s impressionist masterpiece will go on sale at Sotheby’s London gallery for an estimated £3-5m.The painting, called Show me the Monet, was created in 2005. It is framed around Monet’s famous water lilies picture but is filled with jarring images of upside-down shopping trolleys and a traffic cone bobbing in the water. Continue rea...
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How the Visionary Artist Christo (RIP) Changed the Way We See the World

Husband and wife team Christo and Jeanne-Claude produced what is arguably the most grandiose body of work in modern history. Their temporary monuments to the very idea of hugeness were viewable from space and impossible to ignore on the ground: Entire islands wrapped in miles of pink fabric. Gargantuan yellow and blue umbrellas placed up and down the coasts of California and Japan. The Reichstag bundled up in white fabric like a massive, shiny Christmas gift. These projects left an indel...
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How to Paint Water Lilies Like Monet in 14 Minutes

Some of us are using this period of self-isolation to make sourdough. Others are learning to play an instrument or initiating a daily yoga practice. For those considering taking up painting, David Dunlop's Emmy-Award winning PBS series Landscapes Through Time offers an excellent alternative (or supplement) to the well-established joys of cult figure Bob Ross, the eternal king of television art instruction. Like Ross, Dunlop has a mellow onscreen temperament that pairs beautifully wit...
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Christmas Books: Big New Titles & More

Most everyone knows that many of Claude Monet's paintings were inspired by his own garden at Giverny. But you may not know that many other painters, from Cezanne to Frida Kahlo to Impressionists on the coast of New England, were inspired by beautiful gardens. In The Artist's Garden: The secret... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Sotheby’s to Offer Monet Haystacks at May 14th Auction in NYC

Sotheby’s will offer Claude Monet’s Meules from 1890 at its May 14th auction in New York, an impressive work carrying a $55 million estimate.  “It is a privilege to present one of Claude Monet’s defining Impressionist paintings in our Evening Sale this May,” says August Uribe, Sotheby’s head of Impressionist & Modern Art. “Monet’s Haystacks series has long […]
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Notes on the Culture: From Claude Monet to Banksy, Why Do Artists Destroy Their Own Work?

Whether as a disavowal of one’s early output or because of simple frustration, some creative souls have relegated important pieces to history’s dustbin.
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Improve Your Art By Seeing in Black and White

Improve Your Art By Seeing in Black and White Training your eyes to see values of black and white before painting will help improve your paintings. But, what does seeing in black and white mean? In this article, I will explain… For centuries, the Japanese have understood the importance of seeing in black in white for design purposes. During my plein air painting workshops, I introduce my students to the Japanese design principles of Notan. (This concept is fresh on my mind, having recently re...
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Christie’s Has $50 Million Klapper Collection for New York Impressionist Sale

Christie’s is offering 16 pieces from the collection of Herbert and Adele Klapper in its upcoming evening sale of Impressionist and modern art on November 11 in New York, Art News reports. The collection, estimated at $50 million, includes Claude Monet’s L’escalier à Vétheuil, (1881), estimated at $12 million–to–$18 million.  Read more at Art News  
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Christie’s New York Modernist Sale to Feature Iconic Monet Water Lillies

Christie’s November sale in New York will include one of the series of 14 Nymphéas works that were among Claude Monet’s last paintings, estimated at $30 to $35 million.   “By the turn of the 20th century, the pond became the almost-exclusive subject of Monet’s art, inspiring an outpouring of creativity that, for many, marks the summit of his […]
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Wanna A Piece Of A Warhol?

The art fund that will allow people — you, me, most everyone we know — to invest as little as $20 to purchase a share of an artwork. Masterworks acquires artworks that its leadership team believes to be undervalued — its first two offerings are an oil and silkscreen Colored Marilyn by Andy Warhol (bought for $1.8 million) and an oil Coup  de  Vent by Claude Monet (bought for $6.3 million) — for which investors may purchase a fraction.
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Buy Shares in Masterpieces For $20

For those of us who could never afford a Warhol or Monet for ourselves, there is another option: purchasing a stake in newly acquired, soon-to-be-resold art. On Masterworks, a new platform aimed at opening art up to a broader investing audience, shares begin at $20, with a number of investors entering in with investments in the thousands. Investment value could jump well beyond the initially …
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Why Med Schools Are Requiring Students to Take Art Classes, and How It Makes Med Students Better Doctors

I have followed several debates recently about the lack of arts and humanities education in STEM programs. One argument runs thus: scientists, engineers, and programmers often move into careers designing products for human use, without having spent much time learning about other humans. Without required courses, say, in psychology, philosophy, sociology, literature, etc., students can end up unthinkingly reproducing harmful biases or overlooking serious ethical problems and social inequitie...
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A Colorful Abstract Approach to Acrylic Painting Inspired by Monet

As a representational artist, I have appreciated the ingenuity of abstract painters. I’ve tried my hand at abstract acrylic painting and found it fun, liberating, yet challenging. However, the abstract approach toward painting is in many ways the same approach used by representational artists, including Claude Monet. There are some universal values or “rules” in painting, regardless of the technique or subject. In this article, Jeffrey Olson, the Director of Art Education for Royal Talens of No...
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Paint with Lori McNee in Giverny at Monet’s Garden May 2019

Announcing a rare and magical opportunity to Paint with Lori McNee in Giverny at Monet’s Garden, May 22 – 29, 2019! But there are only TWO SPOTS LEFT! Morning light at 7:30am in Monet’s flower garden. Join me (Lori McNee) and Art Colony Giverny for an exclusive week of landscape painting in Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France! I’m honored to be an Art Colony Giverny guest instructor for the third time in May 2019. My Monet’s Garden workshop has become so popular, May 2019 is already almost full...
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Christie’s to Try Monet Market Again Next Month in London

Following the success of a Claude Monet sale this week at Christie’s, the auction house will try its hand at the higher end of the artist’s market next month in London, announcing a second work depicting La Gare Saint-Lazare for £22-£28 million. “The paintings represent a dialogue between Monet and the increasing modernity of everyday life in […]
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Watch 9 Iconic Artists at Work: Vintage Videos of Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Renoir, Monet, Escher & More

Claude Monet, 1915: We've all seen their works in fixed form, enshrined in museums and printed in books. But there's something special about watching a great artist at work. Over the years, we've posted film clips of some of the greatest artists of the 20th century caught in the act of creation. Today we've gathered together nine of our all-time favorites. Above is the only known film footage of the French Impressionist Claude Monet, made when he was 74 years old, painting alongside ...
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'An exceptional sale': dazzling Rockefeller collection could fetch $1bn

Sprawling private collection of 1,600 of David Rockefeller’s items will go on auction at Christie’s – and could break recordsThere was a hushed sense of awe among the spectators perusing the nearly 1,600 items prepared for auction at Christie’s in Manhattan. Elderly New York society doyennes walked through the collection with private guides, stopping for a second to admire the Monets and Picassos, as tour groups crowded by the ornate porcelains and decorative arts, spanning centuries and contine...
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Artistic License: Three Outfits Inspired by Impressionism [Updated 2018]

Perfect inspiration for fun Spring outfits.Last week, I wrote about being spontaneously inspired by the world around you, and I made three outfits inspired by Shakespeare's plays. It was such a fun way to practice creativity that I decided to try it again -- this week's theme is the Impressionist painters.Impressionism is all about light, color, and breaking free from rules. Here are three outfit ideas, each inspired by an iconic painting from one of the great Impressionist masters. Vincent Van ...
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Meet One Of The All-Too-Rare Women Running A Major World Art Museum

"Laurence des Cars is an anomaly in the male-dominated world of French museums. Since March 2017, she has been running the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, with its envied collection of French 19th-century masterpieces, and the Musée de l'Orangerie across the river, for which Claude Monet produced a celebrated series of water lilies. Ms. des Cars […]
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Thanksgiving DinDons

Best wishes to all my American Readers who are celebrating Thanksgiving. Les Dindons a.k.a. The Turkeys at Montgeron (1877) by Claude Monet oil on canvas, 174 x 172cm Musee d'Orsay This is my... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Katherine Tyrrell]
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Rare 1915 Film Shows Claude Monet at Work in His Famous Garden at Giverny

Long ago, we showed you some startling footage of an elderly, arthritic Pierre-Auguste Renoir, painting with horribly deformed hands. Today we offer a more idyllic image of a French Impressionist painter in his golden years: Claude Monet on a sunny day in his beautiful garden at Giverny. Once again, the footage was produced by Sacha Guitry for his project Ceux de Chez Nous, or "Those of Our Land." It was shot in the summer of 1915, when Monet was 74 years old. It was not the best time in...
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Iridescent Monet-inspired Mtropole building catches the light on the River Seine

Fish scale-like colored glass clads the iridescent headquarters of Métropole Rouen Normandie, a stunning new landmark for a “future eco-district” in France. Designed by Jacques Ferrier Architecture, the eye-catching building takes inspiration from the impressionist works of Claude Monet, who produced many paintings of the nearby Rouen Cathedral. More than just good looks, the multifaceted structure emphasizes smart energy consumption with passive thermal protection and rooftop solar panels. Lo...
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Exclusive Monet’s Garden Landscape Painting Workshop 2018

Follow in the footsteps of the French Impressionists. Back by popular demand, join artist Lori McNee for an exclusive week of landscape painting in Monet’s Garden! You will have the unique opportunity to paint and photograph in the magical garden of Claude Monet – without the general public, September 5 – 12, 2018. In 2018, space is limited to only 8 workshop participants (all painting levels are welcome and photographers are too) in this new, exclusive workshop format.  Get your spot now b...
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Trove of rare Monet artefacts to be sold at auction

Objects and artworks including artist’s spectacles, correspondence and a terracotta pot to be auctioned by Christie’sPreviously unknown objects and artworks from the personal collection of Claude Monet, which have remained with the artist’s family, are to be sold at auction.The trove of objects includes artworks by Monet himself and his friends such as Édouard Manet, Auguste Rodin and Paul Signac; Japanese prints that he owned and that inspired him; and more personal items such as photographs, h...
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Classical Paintings Are Getting A Geeky Makeover And It’s Better Than The Original

“The Swing” By Jean-Honore Fragonard Classical art is beautiful to look at, but some of us have a hard time relating to it. A digital artist on Tumblr named Lothlenan is changing that by turning some of fine art’s most timeless pieces into geeky fantasy settings. More info: Tumblr (h/t: boredpanda) “Woman With A Parasol” By Claude Monet So far, they’ve revamped 7 tableaux, inspired by fandoms like Sailor Moon, Adventure Time, and The Legend of Zelda. It’s amazing how century-old paintings t...
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