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5 ideas for cool coffee bar carts for your home, whatever your decorating style. Barista not included.

I’m thinking of taking my coffee obsession to the next level, with one of these cool coffee bar carts. Kind of like bar carts, only…for coffee. I’m seeing them absolutely everywhere, and I love the idea of a dedicated space for my coffee supplies — but one that’s easily moveable so that it can be […]
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American Modern Cup + Saucer

Available in nine different colorways, this round-edged and stout teacup holds six liquid ounces of your favorite brew. The cup and saucer set is a reproduction of Russel Wright’s American Modern line, which launched in 1939 and featured plenty of curvy silhouettes. While all the colors are covetable, our pick is the turquoise—one of the original Wright hues.
Tags: Coffee, Tea, Design, Dining, Ceramics, Wright, Russel Wright, Kitchenware, Teacups, American Modern

Coffee is as complex as wine. Kruve’s coffee glasses help you appreciate it.

Designed with the elegance of a fluted wine or champagne glass, and with a double-walled construction that allows you to appreciate your caffeinated beverage without burning your fingers, the Kruve EQ helps turn your quick morning fix into a multi-sensory gourmet experience.Available in a set along with an elegant double-walled carafe you can directly brew in, Kruve EQ’s glasses help activate every single one of your sense, allowing you to appreciate the golden elixir the way it was meant to. ...
Tags: Kitchen, Coffee, Glasses, Design, Caffeine, EQ, Product Design, Marek Krupa, Drinkware, Kruve, Borosilicate, Double-walled, Michael Vecchiarelli

Get cozy this season with these 7 hot vegan drinks for winter

Thoughts of snowy winter days bring to mind a toasty fire, slippers, sweaters, blankets and warm drinks. It makes sense, because they all equate to the perfect combination of coziness. While traditional tea or coffee is a lovely choice, it’s fun to explore new flavors. For those that are vegan by choice or by circumstance, traditional drinks can be limiting. We’ve conjured up a varied blend of hot drink options to fit your vegan lifestyle. Note that most of these options can also be adapted for...
Tags: Coffee, Tea, Cooking, Drinks, Design, London, Winter, Features, Recipe, Recipes, Vegan, Vegetarian, Eat & Drink, Medjool, Cider Apple

Best of CH 2018: Most Popular

From sustainable living to tech upgrades and enduring motorcycle brands, our most-read articles this year Like each year in COOL HUNTING’s history, 2018 offered an immensely varied collection of content—from Escher wallpaper to hydroponic vertical gardens, Apple Watch upgrades, sustainable architecture and beyond. With this in mind, it’s always fascinating to explore our analytics at the end of the year and find what resonated most with …
Tags: Coffee, Auto, Gardening, Design, Interviews, NYC, Environment, Cars, Sustainability, Architecture, Driving, Wineries, Escher, Silver Oak, Distilleries, Best of 2018

The Capsulier Lets You Build your Own Artisanal Nespresso Pods!

The Nespresso machine identified a pretty unique problem. Coffee makes you energetic and gets you through the day, but prior to that first cup, you’re lazy, groggy, and pretty unlikely to go and manually brew your coffee. The Nespresso therefore gives you your serving of coffee in a jiffy. Insert a coffee pod into machine, close lid, press button, and presto, great coffee in an instant. However, the Nespresso comes with its disadvantages too. It’s built to work only using Nestlé’s proprietary ...
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Dunkin' Donuts unveils a tiny home powered by recycled coffee grounds

Now this is one sweet tiny home! Dunkin’ Donuts has long claimed that ¨America Runs on Dunkin’,” but now, the company has created a gorgeous tiny home that is truly fueled with coffee. Recently unveiled at NYC’s Madison Square Park, the 275-square-foot “Home That Runs on Dunkin’” is powered entirely by an eco-friendly biofuel created out of recycled coffee grounds. The tiny home project was a collaboration between Dunkin’ Donuts and builder New Frontier Tiny Home. The custom-made home was buil...
Tags: Coffee, Design, NYC, Gallery, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Olivia Wilde, Biofuel, Sustainable Design, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Tiny Home, Reclaimed Wood, Tiny Home Design, Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin

Foster French Press

This luxurious French press, designed by Norman Foster and manufactured by Stelton, is made from stainless steel and has a one liter capacity—enough for three cups of coffee. Made with longevity in mind, this piece is sculpturally elegant and functionally simple. This is a stylish way to start your morning—especially if you’re hosting a couple friends or family members.
Tags: Kitchen, Coffee, Design, Norman Foster, Stelton, French Press, Kitchen Accessories, Coffee Machines, Coffee Makers

FrankOne Vacuum Technology Coffee-Maker

A welcome innovation in a saturated industry, this machine makes cold brew in minutes As cold brew flavors and techniques continue to evolve, many drinkers are opting for it over traditionally brewed coffee—regardless of the weather. For those looking to make their own batches of steeped, strong coffee without the bitterness of traditional processes, the prerequisite is usually patience or purchase—somewhere between eight and 20 …
Tags: Coffee, Design, Tech, Kickstarter, Food + Drink, Cold Brew, Kitchen Accessories, Coffee Machines, Coffee Makers, Coffee Culture, Craft Coffee, FrankOne Vacuum Technology Coffee Maker

The French Press’s funky cousin

Take the classic French Press and replace the glass cylinder and piston with a silicone bellow and you’ve got yourself the Palmpress. Designed to be easy-to-clean, compact, unbreakable, and a whole lot of fun to use, the Palmpress delivers French-press-style coffee using a silicone bellow to create a downward pressure on the coffee concoction. The Palmpress comes relatively the size of a hockey puck, and opens up into a vessel, thanks to the silicone midsection. Make it stand on its base and p...
Tags: Deals, Kitchen, Coffee, Design, Product Design, French Press, Drinkware, Jess Do, Palmpress, Jess DoClick

Saltwater Coffee’s Flight of Flat Whites

A trio of espresso drinks spanning from classic to sultry to sweet “Everyone comes in and says, ‘oh, Australian coffee, it must be good,'” Sid Chitnis, co-owner of Saltwater Coffee in NYC’s East Village neighborhood explains. The bright cafe, complete with a smattering of white furniture and large glass windows, has been around a little over a year—and they’ve been producing delicious drinks all the while. “We have …
Tags: Coffee, Design, NYC, Cafes, Food + Drink, East Village, Australian Coffee, Flat Whites, New York Cafes, Saltwater Coffee, Sid Chitnis

This unique vacuum-extraction coffee maker is Colombia’s own

If you had a cup of delicious coffee this morning, there’s a good chance those beans came from Colombia, which has famously been growing and selling them for centuries. But the country hasn’t produced any coffee makers — until now, anyway. The FrankOne is a clever device that puts a versatile vacuum-extraction technique in a compact, single-cup form factor. Of course, it’ll have to hit its Kickstarter goal first. Eduardo Umaña, the designer of the FrankOne, explained that he encountered the idea...
Tags: Coffee, Food, TC, Gadgets, Design, Hardware, Crowdfunding, Tech, Colombia, Aeropress, Eduardo Umaña, Umana, FrankOne, Frank de Paula

Sunup is Coffee For Tea Drinkers

The green coffee brand found the lightest roasts always tasted best—so they decided not to roast at all “It was 2011 and we were drinking a lot of traditional coffee. We noticed the best tasting coffees always came from the lightest roasts. Then it hit us: why roast at all?” Sunup boasts on its website. The idea sounds ambitious at best and worthy of never …
Tags: Coffee, Tea, Design, Latte, Food + Drink, Energy Drinks, Coffee Beans, Green Coffee, Sunup Green Coffee, Coffee For Tea Drinkers

Keepers Unveils New Can Design

The Brooklyn-based soda maker moves to a simpler look Brooklyn-based citrus coffee soda brand, Keepers has unveiled a pair of new cans designed in-house by Sam Zhou. The cans—an aesthetic upgrade from the packaging they’ve donned since launching in 2016—are minimalist and adorned with information about the coffee inside, from region to altitude, variety, farm and tasting notes. The redesign is simple, with regard to its …
Tags: Coffee, Drinks, Design, Beverages, Brooklyn, Soda, Packaging, Food + Drink, Minimalism, Keepers, Sparkling Beverage, Sam Zhou

Coffee Products for Conscious Consumers

Your habit can be kinder to the environment and farmers alike There’s no doubt that everybody on the CH team is an avid (if not a little obsessive) coffee enthusiast, but the result of being of a coffee fan is—oftentimes—excessive waste: cups, filters, lids, sugar packets, straws, plastic pods, you name it. Becoming a more conscious coffee consumer involves more than just buying better (fair trade, …
Tags: Coffee, Design, Sustainability, Soma, Composting, Food + Drink, Chemex, Eco-conscious, Kaffeeform, Coffee Products, Volcano Coffee Works

Midyett’s Smoky Premium Rub From High-Quality Coffee and Sumac

Elevate your meals with seasoning that enhances more than meat An important lesson in grilling: the less moisture that’s clinging to what’s cooking, the faster you’ll achieve that crispy, caramelized sear. Thus, dry rubs (a simple one can consist of just salt, pepper and brown sugar) make more sense than marinades when you’re choosing how to season. One of the best spice rubs you might …
Tags: Coffee, Cooking, Design, Seasonings, Food And Drink, Grilling, Food + Drink, Sumac, Midyett Premium Rub, Midyett, Smoky Premium Rub From High Quality Coffee

Robot baristas will never get your name or your order wrong

They say that preparing food requires love and a human touch, but honestly, something as mechanical as making you a cup of coffee could surely be handled by a robot, couldn’t it? Think about the methodical approach to preparing a latte or a cappuccino, and the number of steps that could go wrong because of human error. The CafeX wants to do away with that by introducing robotic arms into the mix. Your coffee order becomes a line of code that the robot follows to the absolute T, and that means ...
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Buy: Trophy Medium Roast Coffee

Drive Coffee's newest blend, Trophy, is inspired by the rally races in chase of the Camel Trophy. The races tasked drivers with surmounting the terrain of places like the Mongolian Desert, Sumatra, and Sulawesi–the latter two are also where the beans...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Sulawesi, Food_drink, Coffeeculture, Coffeebeans, Drivecoffee, Caraccessories, Mongolian Desert Sumatra

Buy: Compostable Coffee Pods

Nespresso pods have been subject to scrutiny for their impact on the environment because they can't be recycled in a traditional manner. (Facilities cannot accommodate items that small or any containing food remnants.) But Volcano is now making Nespresso...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Food_drink, Nespresso, Environmentallyfriendly, Ecofriendly, Coffeeculture, Volcanocoffeeworks

Buy: Soma Brew Bottle

Soma makes beautiful, sustainable water bottles, filters and pitchers. It was only a matter of time until their technology was used to create coffee products with the same principles in mind. The Soma Brew Bottle allows you to brew 12 ounces of hot...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Soma, Portable, Food_drink, Coffeemachines, Coldbrew

A cup for coffee, made from coffee

With Starbucks being the largest company to say no to plastic straws in favor of the environment, it’s just a matter of time before the plastic cup makes its way out of our lives, landfills, and oceans too.Virtually indestructible, biodegradable, dishwasher-safe, and reusable, Kaffeeform ditches those flimsy, mass-produced, plastic cups for a cup that’s made from a material that’s slightly closer to home… coffee! Created using the very by-product of coffee brewing, Kaffeeform’s cups are made f...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Green, Starbucks, Product Design, Drinkware, Kaffeeform, Julian Lechner, Red Dot Product 2

Delicious Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur from Australia's Mr Black : Sip it neat or lend a kick to innumerable cocktail recipes

When taking a sip of Mr Black, one immediately wonders why no brand had tried to produce something similar before. Mr Black is a cold brew coffee liqueur—a little bitter, a little sweet. It features Arabica bean coffee, masterfully pulled in the...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Australia, Alcohol, Cocktails, Black, Food-drink, Liquors, Liqueurs, Coldbrew, Australiancoffeeculture

Link About It: Climate Change Poses a Threat to Coffee

The coffee industry is actively combatting the effects of climate change. From providing seeds to monitoring production and suggesting new agricultural practices for their partner growers, larger coffee companies are using their knowledge and resources...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Starbucks, Food-drink, Climatechange, Costarica, Howardschultz

Buy: Cold Brew Bottle

Make your own cold brew at home with Blue Bottle's handy, foolproof Cold Brew Bottle—all you need is ground coffee beans, water and time. Made in collaboration with Japanese company Hario, the bottle is crafted from dishwasher-safe components made...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Breakfast, Food_drink, Coffeeculture, Bluebottle, Hario, Coldbrew

Behind the Scenes with Slayer Espresso: Inside the innovative coffee machine company's Seattle headquarters

With his father owning a roasting company, founder and CEO of Slayer Espresso Jason Prefontaine grew up quite familiar with the coffee bean. Prefontaine eventually became an espresso machine importer, selling and servicing machines. He then opened...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Seattle, Espresso, Food-drink, Prefontaine, Coffeeculture, Espressomachines, Coffeemachines, Slayerespresso, Slayer Espresso Jason Prefontaine

YD Handpicks: Your complete caffeine-kick kit!

The third most popular beverage in the world after tea and beer, coffee to some people is almost as important as the air we breathe. A dose of coffee powers you through the day like an invisible pair of batteries… and this round-up ensures you’re super-charged throughout the entire day. Starting from the most basic of processes like the roasting to the actual drinking of coffee, we’ve covered the entire cycle of the coffee brewing affair, with a surprise product right at the end. Scroll through ...
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Port of Mokha's Coffee Subscription Service, Mokha Monthly: Beans from Yemen, roasted in Oakland and delivered to doorsteps across the States

With centuries of coffee history rooted in Yemen, Port of Mokha tapped into the nation's extraordinary terrain for growing coffee and helped educate farmers to grow coffee instead of other crops for a world reintroduction. Since its launch a few...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, States, Oakland, Subscriptions, Yemen, Food-drink, Coffeebeans, Portofmokha, Yemen Port of Mokha

Oliver Coffee's CBD Oil Specialty Drinks: A menu featuring coffee-alternative beverages with an unexpectedly soothing ingredient

There's nothing ordinary about Oliver Coffee. Settled just barely inside of NYC's Two Bridges neighborhood (at 5 Oliver St) the cafe features an outside order and pick-up window, as well as a range of international (and frequently obscure) magazines...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, NYC, Cafes, Oliver, Cbd, Food-drink, Oliver St, Twobridges, Coffeeshops, Olivernyc, Cbdoil, Specialtydrinks, Oliver Coffee

Here's why you might see a cancer warning on your coffee in California

The battle has been raging for years: is coffee a carcinogen or not? A judge in California wants to put the matter to rest – and he’s declared that there’s enough evidence for risk that California coffee sellers should have to post cancer warnings. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the science is settled. For eight years, a lawsuit between the non-profit Council for Education and Research on Toxics and big coffee has been raging in the courts. The non-profit states that acrylamide, which ...
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Buy: Pourover Coffee Packets

Every pack of Dripkit pour-over coffee contains 14 grams of La Basa coffee, a small-batch and single origin medium roast ground bean from Guatemala. And each pack makes one single cup of coffee in an innovative new way, as the pack itself transforms...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Coffee, Design, Guatemala, Food_drink, Singleorigincoffee, Dripkit, Pourovercoffee, La Basa

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